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1st October 2007 NSPCC Assembly—On Friday 21st

School Events -

September a lady from the NSPCC came to talk to us about cruelty to children. She told us a story about a child and her sister where their parents were really mean to them and now, on the children’s request, NSPCC made sure they will never see their parents again. We will be supporting this charity this year. Reporter George Johnston 6RC

Walk to School Month

Dear Hey Presto, We have a lot of missing and lost

Harvest Assembly 5th International Evening 18th October Black History 12/10 Parents Evening w/c 15/10

lunchboxes. Every morning I go round the whole school and collect all leftover lunchboxes and bring them to the front office for collection. It would be extremely helpful if children’s names and classes were written on the lunchboxes so I can return them. If yours is missing come to the front office and see me. Thank you Nicki.

PPPS’s very own Orlando Bloom!! Adam Payne, 6JC, is our school’s very own Orlando Bloom!! He has starred in 4 films which are Sixty Six, The Simpsons (human version), Hyper Drive and don’t forget his newest one yet that was released not long ago on the 23rd September called Stuart: A Life Backwards. In this movie he was one of the main actors as he played Stuart aged 7-12. Interviewed he was asked ‘‘what is it like seeing yourself on T.V?’’ He replied with the answer ‘‘quite weird because you see yourself in two places at once.’’ He was also asked ‘‘how do you keep up with your school life and acting’’ and he answered with ‘‘usually I get tutored when I’m not doing my scenes.’’ Thanks for that, so don’t forget the name Adam Payne you might see it on the T.V someday!!

Reporter Aaron B 6JC

Family Learning 18th Half Term children break up Friday 19/10 and return Tuesday 30th October Halloween Ball 31/10

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LAPTOPS TO LOAN — take one home on loan for a week it costs £3.50, please request a laptop rental agreement form from Miss Anazodo. Practice your keyboard and ICT skills.

To see the HEY PRESTO in colour check out the school website or email


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With Mr Redpath head of the school and his two assistant head teachers Ms Dillette and Mrs Michaelides, children at Preston Park wanted to know what they were like when they were at school, so we sent reporters to interview them, read on to find out more……..

MR REDPATH - was a very well-behaved child and rarely got into trouble, apart from when he was at secondary school, He threw some snow and got the cane. When Mr Redpath was at school, his uniform was a purple blazer, a white shirt and tie. His favourite subjects were History and German. Mr Redpath thought that his teachers were very strict. Other than a head teacher Mr Redpath wanted to be an M.P. (Member of Parliament). He enjoys his job, well, most parts especially when we do really well. Reporters Heenal and Adam H 6DA

When Ms Dillette was

at school, her teachers were very strict and her school uniform was green and white striped. On interviewing her she said that she was normally a good kid but was sometimes naughty!! She also told Hey Presto that her favourite subjects were English (Literacy) but she didn't want to be a teacher, in fact she wanted to relax and chill at home but then she wanted to be a fashion designer! Maybe she could design a new school uniform for Preston Park!

Mrs Michaelides was very

good when she was at school ..or so she said. Although she would have had to be with some of the strict teachers she had. Her uniform was blue, in fact she said it looked a lot like ours. She said her best subjects were maths and art and ever since she was three she always wanted to be a teacher, nothing else. From the start of her teaching career, last year she was teaching year six and has recently been promoted to assistant head, has never once thought she didn’t like teaching. She said she really loves it, ‘I thought if I worked at Preston Park I would never want to leave, working with all the great children’. Reporter Monique Reporter Taylor Ann 6JC Anthony-Johnson 6RC

NEW ICT SUITE AN E-LIBRARY– children are now enjoying using the e-library keeping up with technology to support their learning. They can listen to audio talking books, electronic books, newspapers, music and watch DVDs on up to date ipods. Miss Anazodo has created this library and much of the funding will come from money raised by you, supporting the PTA.

Halloween Ball 31st October 6-7.30pm

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Make A Difference—staff at Sainsbury’s came to our school to make healthy sandwiches with some of the children in year 2 and 5. Sainsbury’s are committed to food education and support the need for children to understand nutrition and we have joined Active Kids Get Cooking on their website. Thanks Sainsbury’s we had fun and learnt a lot.

International Evening Class of the week trophy : On Friday

Thursday 18th October as 28th September (Miss Badassy’s Birthday) 4SB part of our celebration of Nawon the class of the tional Family Learning Week. week trophy. They reWith a variety of entertainceived this award for ment and taster workshops turning over a new leaf for parents and children to on their behaviour, it try. We would like you to was a wonderful birthbring a dish of food to share day present for our to make a very enjoyable inteacher. ‘I am very ternational family evening. proud of them’ comLook out for the letter and mented Miss Badassy. Reporter Tianna 4SB posters around the school. PARENTS EVENING 16th year 1 and 2, 17th - year 3 and 4 and year 5 – 18th October.


day 19th September some children in year 5 were chosen to go to Preston Manor, we had to walk there. We worked on their computers in the CLC ‘computer learning centre’ on software called 'photoshop'. We were taught by a teacher Fish News Our class fish there called Paulette, she showed us how to make our own are called Tom and Jake. advert posters using pictures of healthy eating we found on We had a vote to name the google website. We had to save our work in a numbered them. They swim around file. It was great fun and we will go every Wednesday to continue our work Reporter Apiramy and Aneeka 5SV

and are gold and orange, small and cute. If we are good Mrs Joslin at the end of the day lets us feed them, they love fish flakes, reporters Sajith and Asha and 2SJ.

Then there were five!! Introducing our new chicken who needed a new home. We now have Henny Penny, Cornflakes, Balamory, Kenny (Kensington) and ??? Please let Robert or Mrs French know your suggestions for a name for her.


SPORTS NEWS WIMBLEDON DAVIS CUP-BRITS V CROATIA On Friday 21st Britain verses Croatia in the Davis cup. Andy Murray played against teenager Marin Cilic in a match which was to determine who entered the World Group competition and some of us were lucky enough to be there to watch. It was a brilliant game. First we took the train to Wimbledon which took roughly an hour and a half. Out of the station it took a 15 minute walk to the stadium. Andy Murray won the final set to great applause. The final score was 3-6 6-4 6-2 4-6 6-3.HURRAY! By Florence MacDonald 6DA

NEW PORTACABIN- this month we had a huge crane lift a new classroom into our school next to the new early years centre. In the portacabin we have music lessons, BACES Family Learning and booster classes. It will have a sensory corner and new reception children will have lessons in it. Reporter Zhane 5NP

would like everyone to try and walk to school (cycling is ok) to help our environment. By walking you will be exercising your bodies and making less pollution. There will be an assembly, more badges to collect if you walk and some competitions to enter. So if you can walk great, but if you drive try walking a least once, or park the car a little further away and walk the rest of the way in. Badges on Wednesday 3rd

Swimming for fives. In year five we have been going to Vale Farm Sports Centre for swimming lessons every week. We are split into three groups, low medium and high. Swimming is good because it is an exercise and keeping fit is healthy. Do you swim? If not give it a go it is FUN!! Reporters Diana and Saumiya 5JJ. Year 3 are also swimming

Ted loves the new design of the school logo.

Happy Eid Mubarak on the 13th HEY PRESTO CHALLENGE CORNER CHASING TIME At this very moment, the two hands of the clock are exactly on top of each other. How much time will pass before this occurs again? The large hand of the clock moves exactly 12 times as fast as the small one. It covers 360˚ in an hour, while the small hand covers only an angle of 30˚. The hands line up 11 times. The twelfth time they line up will be the start of a new circle. So we divide 12 hours or 720 minutes (12 x 60) by 11. We find that 65 minutes and 27.3 seconds will pass before both of the clock’s hands are again at the same point on the dial.

REBUS PUZZLES S T O (Tall Story) R Y Man Board (Man overboard)

Hey Presto 13 Oct/2007  

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