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Michael Heyn Undergraduate Architecture Selected Works

Selected Works First-year Foundations

Threshold - Spring 2018 Armature - Fall 2017 Folly - Spring 2018 Insertion - Spring 2018 Personal Works Resume

Threshold Design Lab II / Spring 2018 Professor Jungwoo Ji An exploration of anthroprometrics in a threshold space on campus.

To clarify the human dimensions of the space, I measured every element of the threshold in relation to my hands, arms, legs and torso, and expressed these relations in the following set of hand-drafts.

Pen and ink. 22x22 inches. 1/8” = 1-0’

Pen and ink. 15x22 inches. 1/8” = 1-0’

Pen and ink. 11x30 inches. 1/8” = 1-0’

Armature Design Lab I / Fall 2017 Professor Meghan Minton An encasing display for a volumetrically-composed cube; a marriage of the encasement and volume cube as a single composition.

15x22 inch planar study in gouache

Encasement study

22x30 inch parti abstraction in acrylic paint

Rear view. Casted plaster and poplar wood, 9x9x12 inches.

Front view. Casted plaster and poplar wood, 9x9x12 inches

Folly Design Lab II / Spring 2018 Professor Jungwoo Ji

An inhabitable structure to be built in the University of Cincinnati’s Schneider Quadrangle. To be constructed with limited quantities of OSB sheets and 2x4 pine-wood within an 8x8x8 ft boundary. Connections restricted to screws.

The folly serves as an opportunity to incorporate basic lessons of anthropometrics, composition and craft into one structure. Sixteen groups were given a master plan and location in which to build; the follies were designed to connect and form a “snake�, the snake expressing a transition of components from volumetric to planar to linear, and back from linear to planar and volumetric. Our group was folly 16, composed mostly of planar and volumetric elements.


The Schneider Quadrangle, Colored pencil, 14x17 inches.

Final iterative models above, 12x12x12 inches. Sketchup models below; OSB skin and 2x4 skeleton.

Insertion Design Lab II / Spring 2018 Professor Jungwoo Ji

An addition to the existing Frederick C. Alms building within the College of Design, Architecture Art & Planning. The addition must be on the West side of the existing building and serve as a gallery/critique space.

Section and cross-section drawings of existing building

Atmosphere - Qualities of Light

Casting light

Concentration of light


Program model and iterative section

Personal Works

Autocad, Rhino3d and Photoshop. Spring 2018

Scratchboard, 8x14 inches Spring 2016

Graphite on paper, 14x17 inches. Freehand drawing, fall 2017

Charcoal on paper, 18x24 inches Fall 2016

Graphite on paper, 18x24 inches. Fall 2016

Contact 513-833-4390

Skills Personable Mature in personal skills and communication.

Creative Creative thinker and gifted in technical artistic talent.

Well-read Interested in a wide variety of subjects and able to carry an intellegent conversation.

Manual labor Young, healthy, and able to complete a task involving manual labor.

Technical Skills Highly Experienced in // Graphite, Pen & Ink Familiar with // Charcoal, Watercolor & India Ink, Gouache

Digital Skills Highly Experienced in // Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign Familiar with // Rhino 3d, Sketchup, Autocad

References Jeremy Hensley // Employer Founder of J Hensley Services LLC 513-319-2664 or

Jungwoo Ji // Studio Professor Principal, EUS + Architects 1-914-419-4589 or

Education The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning Bachelors of Science in Architecture Graduating Spring 2021

Experience J Hensley Services LLC // Interior House Painter

Responsible for prepatory work on surfaces and application of paint to walls and ceilings.

University of Cincinnati Photolab // Desk Attendant

Responsible for checking out equipment and facilitating printing for students and faculty.

University of Cincinnati Office of Student Affairs // Desk Attendant

Provided students and parents with college-specific information and scheduled meetings for academic advisors.

Blue Ash Recreation Center Daycare // Caregiver Assistant

Responsible for overlooking and engaging children six months to nine years of age.

Service Miami Lighthouse for the Blind // 100 + hours

Assisted peers with visual-disabilities through summer-long daycamp in Miami, Florida Chapman Partnership Homeless Shelter // 15 hours Served food and facilitated shelter’s annual christmas eve celebration with members of Temple Israel in Miami, Florida Temple Beth Adam // 75 hours Served as assistant Sunday-school teacher to first-grade class Loveland Food Pantry // 8 hours Organized food donations with members of Temple Beth Adam Flying Pig Marathon // 20 hours Distributed water to racers of Cincinnati marathon Gorman Heritage Farm // 20 hours Fed morning meal to farm animals and cleaned stalls & pens

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Selected Works / Michael Heyn  

Architecture Portfolio: A selection of works from the 2017-2018 school year at the University of Cincinnati.

Selected Works / Michael Heyn  

Architecture Portfolio: A selection of works from the 2017-2018 school year at the University of Cincinnati.