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PERSONALITY QUIZ TEMPLATE Quiz Title: Which Cocktail are you? Quiz Description: Sophisticated and sparkling or foul tasting and flat? Take the test and discover you really are what you drink. General Image:

Results: A. The Cosmopolitan – For the City Slickers Crazy for Cosmopolitans (a delicious blend of Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime) and the buzz of City Life. You sip from the glass of wealth, power, success and status. Nothing gives you more of a rush than hanging out in a cool bar with your superrich friends, chatting about who isn’t pulling their weight in the office, your end-f-month bonus and where you’re next jetting off to on business.

B. The Zombie – For the Unique Geek Like the cocktail, you’re an odd combination of ingredients. As unusual as the subtle mix of dark and light Rums, as quirky as the single shot of Apricot Brandy and as curious as the fruit juices to finish. The Zombie is a unique and acquired taste and so are you. A complex cocktail appreciated by connoisseurs and definitely not for the brain dead.

C. The B52 – For the Party Animal Pour Kahlua, Grand Marnier and Amarula Cream one on top of the other to create a luscious B52. And, like this much-loved shooter, you too are a potent mix. Something to suit everyone’s taste buds, great for parties, reckless and wild and a popular face on the cocktail party circuit.

D. The Margarita – For the Intrepid Traveller This drink is exotic (Cointreau, lime juice) with an adventurous Tequila kick, and always best served with a pinch of salt. You also have a zest for far flung places, like to try everything once and all with a carefree, relaxed attitude.

E. The Screaming Orgasm – For the Sexy Siren Like your favourite drink of Vodka, Amaretto, Kahlua, milk and cream, you too are a frothy mix. Drinking is all about losing your inhibitions and, after a couple of Screaming Orgasms slipped down your throat, you’re the flirtiest person in the pub.

Questions: (between 6 and 10) 1. Which attitude to ‘work’ best describes you? a. Success, status and salary are my key motivators b. Who needs people with the right system in place? c. People are what makes going to work worthwhile d. Taking time off for holidays makes the job bearable e. I’m too busy in the stationery cupboard too care 2. Where would you most like to enjoy a refreshing cocktail right now? a. A stylish, up-market bar in the city b. Alone in my room with my chums on Facebook c. Don’t care as long as there is lots of people and good music

d. On an tropical beach under a palm tree e. In bed 3. You arrive at a cocktail party and spend the evening…? a. Seeking out people who are as successful as you b. Alone in the corner playing with your mobile phone c. Chatting to everyone as the life and soul of the party d. Swapping travel tales with other likeminded adventurers e. Flirting with all the hot guys/girls 4. What is your favourite alcoholic drink? a. Vodka b. Rum c. Kahlua d. Tequila e. Amaretto 5. Which birthday gift would you most like to receive? a. A new Blackberry b. The new Harry Potter book c. A big party with guest in your honour d. A flight to somewhere you’ve never visited before e. Can you gift wrap Johnny Depp/Angelina Jolie? 6. Name the movie you’d most like to watch while sipping your favourite cocktail? a. Wall Street b. Lord of the Rings c. Grease d. Raiders of the Lost Ark e. Basic Instinct


heyletsgetquizzical_ SAMPLE_Cocktail_Quiz  
heyletsgetquizzical_ SAMPLE_Cocktail_Quiz  

Results: A. The Cosmopolitan – For the City Slickers Crazy for Cosmopolitans (a delicious blend of Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lim...