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Hailey Walleck   Warren   8:00-­‐8:50   12  November  2010             Midterm       My  original  idea  was  to  use  the  song  Mrs.  Potter  by  the  Counting  Crows,  I   especially  wanted  to  focus  on  the  lines  “If  you  have  never  stared  off  into  the   distance,  then  your  life  is  a  shame,”  however  I  had  trouble  with  this  because  in  order   for  this  to  work  I  wanted  to  have  several  pictures  of  wide  open  scenery,  which  at  the   time  I  didn’t  have.  (IU  is  beautiful,  but  lacking  in  wide  expanses  of  nature).       I  then  found  out  that  a  trip  for  my  dorm  was  coming  up,  rock-­‐climbing  and   hiking  and  I  came  up  with  the  idea  to  use  the  song  The  Taste  of  Ink  by  the  Used.    I   was  going  to  play  with  color  and  light  to  create  a  black  and  single  color  image  with   the  silhouettes  of  climbers  and  pair  it  with  the  lyrics  “And  here  I  am,  it’s  in  my   hands.  And  I’ll  savor  every  moment  of  this.    And  here  I  am,  alive  at  last.  “    I  had  a   couple  of  pictures  turn  out  really  cool,  but  it  was  very  difficult  to  get  the  lighting  and   positions  of  the  climbers  correct  (you  can’t  really  direct  climbers  how  to  pose,   they’re  more  worried  about  falling  than  if  your  picture  has  the  correct  composition).     While  on  the  climbing/hiking  trip  I  did  find  lots  of  scenery,  both  of  nature   and  of  long  stretches  of  the  highway  by  where  we  climbed.    I  also  had  several  close-­‐ ups  of  rock  formations.    I  decided  to  emulate  Ansel  Adams  and  through  Photoshop   turn  the  images  into  black  and  white  and  increase  the  contrast  to  more  closely   mimic  his  style.    I  decided  to  use  my  pictures  of  the  lake  and  the  highway  because   while  he  is  most  well  know  for  his  pictures  of  nature  he  also  took  pictures  of  more   industrial  things,  such  as  highways.    The  lyrics  I  decided  to  use  were  from  the  song   Steven  and  Melissa  by  Jason  Eady.  “And  it's  wide  open  out  here  where  the  wind  don't   know  your  name.  And  it's  wide  open  when  you're  trying  to  get  away  from  those   same  old  ways.  Everybody  needs  a  little  change”      I  love  this  song  because  it  is  about   freeing  yourself  from  unhappiness  and  seeking  new  happiness  by  moving  to  a  new   place  where  no  one  knows  you,  and  when  no  one  knows  you,  you  can  completely   reinvent  yourself.                              

Midterm Ansel Adams  

Midterm final project, ansel adams asthetic

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