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This editorial is a showcase of our Strong is the New Pretty photo shoot hosted by BLUISH in Toronto. The artwork displayed here was made possible by the coming together of a diverse group of women, each bringing her story of being a mother and a daughter, and the stories of joy and loss that came with it. We tell some of their stories here in this editorial.


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“ blues.

BLUISH means to be stronger than your

Sarah, BLUISH Founder

BLUISH has evolved over the years. Looking back, a simple desire to seek a break from the baby blues for momentary happiness with my newborn sparked the entire business. Who’d have known, building this company itself would be a journey all on its own. That I would experience different kinds of blues and joys of being a mother and a daughter, an entrepreneur and a woman – all mixed in one. Not knowing how to navigate each day better than the one before but choosing to keep going anyway. There were many nights when I thought I couldn’t. The sky was falling. My heart was weak. Then I took a deep breath – and I kept going. My first born who inspired it all recently turned five years old. The baby blues marked the beginning, but our story is not about the blues. Over the past few years, each time I chose to keep going, or chose to be happy, or chose to try again – that made me stronger than my blues.

And if BLUISH has taught me anything, it is that I’m not alone. We conceived the idea of this photo shoot with a simple goal in mind – to feature a diverse group of women, each at a different stage of motherhood and womanhood and strong in her own right. The results of this photo shoot are beautiful and moving. Through this experience, we’ve formed friendships and learned about each other’s life stories – stories of loss and strength. In this editorial, we highlight some of the photos and the times we chose to be stronger than our blues.



Since my husband’s death, I am constantly being told how strong I am. But I don’t feel it. Grief follows me everywhere I go and it’s mixed in with everything I do. It feels as though joy itself has broken. But maybe we are strongest when we feel the weakest, and keep going anyway. Maybe allowing grief and uncertainty linger with me while I figure out life for myself and my kids ahead, is in fact – strength.

- Jen


My self-esteem hit rock bottom. I had struggled for most of my childhood, telling myself I was ugly and not worthy of my own skin. I defined my worth by how well I followed the path that was laid out for me – good marks and a good job. I developed an eating disorder and it became my best friend. Strength for me was choosing to break up with my eating disorder, choosing to pursue happiness, and choosing a life of fun and love.

- Steph

I suffered severe postpartum depression after my first born. As I was holding the dear new life I had tried so long and hard for, in my heart where there should’ve been joy, was instead a dark empty void. But I concealed it because depression is a sign of weakness where I’m from. And when you’re weak, you don’t belong. And when you don’t belong, you don’t matter. Admitting that I needed help and getting it was in fact me at my strongest.

- Anupa



There’s no heartbeat, the doctor said. I turned numb. The world around me moved on while I stood in standstill. My insides screamed and wailed, only to be muffled by the quiet smile plastered on my face. I looked around and the world hadn’t noticed. I didn’t know a pregnancy could end so quietly. Sometimes there’s no roadmap to life, but we gather our strength and we keep going.

- Kate


There is so much more to life outside of the classroom. I don’t let that define me. I am strong-

willed, fiery, and determined to break the generational curses that have held me back for far too long.

- Colleen


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BLUISH Editorial Print Version II  

BLUISH Editorial Print Version II