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Ja-On + Angela Hillman


POWER COUPLE Reactive Massage Therapy

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For YOUR EYES only…

Learn about the latest developments in Refractive Surgery and Laser Vision Correction now available in the Westman Region. This on-site Public Information Seminar will review: Innovative Vision Correction Surgery options for Nearsightedness (Myopia), Farsightedness (Hyperopia), Astigmatism and Reading vision Presenter: Guillermo Rocha, MD, FRCSC, FACS Complimentary Screening Testing will be provided On-Site Limited seating. Contact Torrey at or 204-727-1954 | We live in the 21st Century, and it is possible to achieve surgical vision correction better than ever before, with modern, high quality technology. The Ocular Microsurgery & Laser Centre in Brandon was founded by Eye Physician and Surgeon Guillermo Rocha, MD, FRCSC, FACS as a tertiary care facility in Ophthalmology. It specializes in the diagnosis and management of surgical and medical conditions of the eye through the collaboration with public, private, academic, and research entities. The Centre provides “vision for life” by providing care for medical, surgical, or emergency situations to all age groups by a full time Ophthalmologist, two part time Optometrists, and six Certified Ophthalmic Technicians. Local surgeon, local care Assessments, most surgical procedures and follow up care are provided locally in Brandon. Modern technologies allow patients to experience improved quality of life through more freedom from glasses or contact lenses. Patients can receive cataract surgery using laser-assisted techniques and advanced technology lenses to correct astigmatism and reduce the need for reading glasses. Laser surgery choices include LASIK, PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), Intacs, and Kamra inlays. These laser techniques are provided in partnership with Image Plus Laser Eye Centre. Refractive surgeries are used to reduce dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia can be treated using an Excimer Laser (VISX iDesign and Amaris 750) and IntraLase Femtosecond Laser. Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) or Visian ICL surgeries are performed locally for high prescriptions. Cataracts can now be removed using Femtosecond Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery (Victus Femtosecond Laser Platform) and Ultrasonic Phacoemulsification. Advanced technology lenses are available for astigmatism and presbyopia. The Centre has access to virtually all lenses available worldwide, and is able to custom order implants depending on the needs. Intraocular Contact Lens (Visian ICL) ‘Phakic’ refers to an eye that still has its natural lens in place. ‘Aphakic’ refers to an eye that has had its natural lens removed. Therefore, a Phakic IOL is an artificial Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) that is implanted inside the eye without removing the eye’s natural lens. Because in a sense it works as an ultra thin, permanent contact lens, it is often referred to as ICL, or Intraocular Contact Lens.

Both the cornea and the lens are responsible for focusing light images on the retina. The most common forms of refractive surgery, PRK and LASIK, change the focusing power of the eye by removing tissue from the cornea. For those who are too nearsighted or farsighted to have their corneas reshaped, an intra-ocular procedure that compensates from within the eye may be the only viable alternative. When we are young, the natural lens inside the eye changes shape to help us see clearly in the distance and up close. This is called “accommodation”. Usually, around age 40 the natural lens loses its ability to change shape. This condition is called “presbyopia”. Phakic IOLs are ideal for younger patients whose natural lens can still change shape. Phakic IOLs can be thought of as implantable contact lenses. Some Phakic IOLs are designed to be placed in front of the iris (coloured part of the eye) while others are designed to be placed behind the iris. Performed as an outpatient procedure, the IOL is placed inside the eye through a very small, self-sealing incision. You will remain comfortable as the eye is completely anesthetized. Everyone heals differently, but many patients report improvement in their vision almost immediately, and most resume their normal activities within a day or two. One eye is done at a time, and the second eye is usually done within a week or two. Find out if you are a candidate to experience freedom from glasses! Further information about the clinic and the treatments available can be found on the website. Call and register for an informational seminar for more information about certain eye care subjects. The Ocular Microsurgery and Laser Centre is located at Suite 20, 144 - 6th Street Brandon, MB R7A 3N2. Phone 204-727-1954.

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Brandon’s Massage Power Couple

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Ja-On + Angela Hillman


POWER COUPLE Reactive Massage Therapy


When Ja-On Hillman was first introduced to Brandon in his teens, he couldn’t have predicted that the influence of his parents as well as his own career passions would find themselves combined to plant his roots in the Wheat City. Fast forward to the present and Ja-On and his wife, Angela have built a thriving massage therapy practice that fills a recognized gap in Brandon’s health and wellness landscape. For Ja-On, while attending Vincent Massey High school in the 1990’s, his parents operated Soo’s restaurant in the City. Ja-On identifies that their entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic were early influences on himself as he identified his career path.“ My family has always been active in small business, so it made sense for me to continue on that path”, says JaOn. “I have been doing massage therapy since 2002 ofascial release, joint mobilizations and exercise rehabilitations. I’ve also completed the Manual Osteopathy program and currently writing my research paper which has provided an even deeper understanding of how manual skills apply to the body. Continually learning more skills is a dedicated effort to set ourselves apart from other providers and provide the best care for our clients.” Angela has lived in Brandon for her entire life, graduating from Vincent Massey High school before entering nursing, a third generation in her family in that field. She graduated from Assiniboine Community College with an LPN designation then later secured her Bachelor of Nursing certification from Brandon University in 2010. She has since joined Ja-On in the business and is enrolled in her second year of massage therapy at Wellington College with elective specialties in treatment for Ayurvedic head massage, cranial sacral therapy, pregnant pelvis and chair massage. Reactive Massage Therapy opened in Brandon in 2004. For Ja-On, there were some obvious advantages for Brandon as the location for him to launch his business. “Brandon had some benefits”, says Ja-On. “Both my and Angela’s families were here and we had strong ties

to the city. We had considered Winnipeg, which held some appeal, but we recognized that Brandon presented the greater opportunity. With a lack of registered therapists here at the time, and we were known in the community – so we wouldn’t be another entrepreneur struggling to get noticed in a big city – the decision was an easy one.” Ja-On identifies that while his education provided him with the expertise to deliver the service, venturing out as an entrepreneur to open his own practice offered further opportunities for personal and professional development as he navigated the start up of his practice. “Whenever you start a new business the start up costs are a major drawback – even in our business where our primary equipment is a table and sheets”, Ja-On tells us. “Marketing and sales were two areas that I had to learn on the fly mainly through tons of trial and error – but mostly error. You learn more from failing than succeeding.” However, setting reactive massage therapy apart was that Ja-On was Brandon’s only male massage therapist. Considered initially to be a detriment to his success, JaOn found it to be a distinct difference at the outset upon which he could capitalize as he launched his business. He has been pleased with the growth of their practice which now employs nine massage therapists and one massage practitioner.“ All of our therapists hold a Registered Massage Therapist designation which is a huge advantage for us as it allows treatments to be administered and recognized by insurance policies. Our primary focus is to ensure a therapeutic treatment is being performed and not simply a spa-style massage. Our team works together, so we often refer a patient to the right practitioner within the team to ensure they are getting the right match of skills to address their needs.” Clients seek out reactive massage therapy for relief of a wide variety of symptoms, and they are able to provide: • Pre and post pregnancy massage • Myofascial release • Visceral release • Cranial-sacral treatment • Joint mobilization • Exercise rehabilitation • Thai yoga massage


In addition to the healing hands of the professionals on the team, Ja-On is most excited to promote some innovative products that are delivering great results for patients in their care.“ The product in the forefront is Liquid Biocell Life, which has been clinically proven to help those suffering with joint pain, poor skin and fascia health as well as relieving arthritis. This is a collagen and hyaluronic acid based solution that has been working well for us and we are excited to promote it.” For Ja-On and Angela, the goals on the immediate horizon combine both personal and professional aspirations for their team and the business. “Angela completing her massage therapy program next year is an exciting goal. There aren’t many health and wellness businesses that have a husband and wife team at the helm. Everyone is concerned about their personal


wellness and being able to advocate for optimal health as a family we’re excited about how that message carries as we continue to spread awareness of the benefits of massage therapy to a wider audience.”

reactive massage therapy 640 Rosser Avenue, Brandon | 204.571.0949 For more information, to meet our team, or to book your appointment online, visit our website at: LIKE us on Facebook at:

Liz Bhugwandeen Independent Beauty Consultant (431) 998-3247 | 9

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What do


Empowering kids to handle the ups + downs of life

This should really be titled, “What Does Anyone Want Most?” but today we are talking about kids. Well, they want to be loved, to be accepted by those around them, and they want to feel good about themselves. Sounds simple enough but in reality there are so many kids struggling with this. Negative peer pressure can cause tremendous stress for our kids who just want to fit in and be accepted by the other kids at school. Fear of being rejected, teased, laughed at, or of losing friendships can cause anxiety and even depression. Mental illness and suicide rates for young people is on the rise, so what can we do? We can start by helping our kids learn how to make good decisions and stand against peer pressure. First, kids must understand their values - who they are and what they stand for. • Self-responsibility – when we take 100% responsibility for our lives it gives us our ultimate power. We get to choose who we want to be, what we want to think, how we choose to feel, and how we choose to act, and what we want to create. It is our choice. With self-responsibility, if it is to be, it is up to me. • Integrity – means doing the right thing, even when no one else is looking. When we live our lives with integrity we can trust ourselves because we know we will do the right thing and others can trust us as well which leads to powerful selfconfidence and positive self-esteem. • Respect – every time we are with someone we leave a “mark” depending on how we treat them. We are either leaving “gold hearts” or “black marks”. Treating others with respect means following the Golden Rule-to treat others, as you would want to be treated. When we use manners and treat others with kindness, we leave “gold hearts” everywhere.

time! Making good decisions is critical for our children. To do this they need to know what they believe about key issues such as cheating, lying, stealing, skipping school, using drugs or alcohol, and engaging in sexual activity. By knowing exactly where they stand on these key issues can help them stand against peer pressure and stay focused on their goals. Knowing what we stand for, choosing what we want for ourselves, and learning how to say “no” to peers and “yes” to ourselves is critical for standing against negative peer pressure. In this age of the Internet and camera phones, the mistakes our kids make could follow them for the rest of their lives. Are your kids standing in their “POWER”? My program offers many tools to help kids and their parents/caregivers when it comes to figuring out how to deal with: experiencing low self-esteem and self-confidence,

feelings of shyness or unworthy, peer pressure, being bullied, bullying others, lying or sneaking, being irresponsible, being disrespectful, lacking self-respect, feeling like a victim, experiencing fear or nervousness, feeling down or sadness, experiencing anger/life’s not fair, feeling moody/grumpy/negative, not achieving goals/lack of direction, experiencing change and fear, overcoming mistakes/failure/disappointments, and feelings of shame/embarrassment. Have a look at my website, which outlines what my program is all about or contact me and we can discuss it.

• Self-respect – having self-respect means giving ourselves a “gold heart”. It means standing by our values and treating ourselves with as much respect as we would have with our best friend or a loved one. • Decision making – when children are born, we make 100% of their decisions for them, from what they eat to what they wear to where they go. By the time they leave home, they need to be able to make good decisions for themselves 100% of the 10

Sherrilu Pollon, Wisdom Coach 204-867-0423 |



Community Events

Keystone Centre May 10 – 12

June 6 – 10

Crocus Plains Major Production

Summer Fair Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba |

May 10

Blood Donor Clinic Canadian Blood Services | May 11 – 13

Brandon Scrapbooking Charity Convention

June 14

Assiniboine Community College Graduation ACC |

June 15 - 17

Reining Horse Show Central Canada Reining Horse |

May 11 – 13

Westman Dressage Show Westman Dressage |

May 18 - 20

World Series of Team Roping World Series of Roping |

May 25 - 26

MBRA Barrel Jackpot Manitoba Barrel Racing Association |

May 25 – 27

Brandon Light Horse Show Brandon Light Horse & Pony Society |

May 26

Keep Daycare Fundraiser Kokum’s Early Enrichment Programs

May 30 – June 1

We Will Rock You MECCA Productions |

May 31 – June 3

Summer Sizzler Quarter Horse Show

June 25

Vincent Massey Graduation Vincent Massey High School

June 27

Crocus Plains Graduation Crocus Plains High School

June 30 – July 1

Miniature Horse Show Manitoba Miniature & Shetland

July 7 – 9

Westman Dressage Show Westman Dressage |

July 12

Blood Donor Clinic Canadian Blood Services |

July 17

Barrel Jackpot Manitoba Barrel Racing Association |

July 24 – 28

Canadian National Appaloosa Show

Manitoba Quarter Horse |

June 2

Relay for Life Canadian Cancer Society |

August 10 – 16

National Canadian Arabian & Half Arabian Championship Horse Show Arabian Horse Association | | 204-726-3555 12

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WMCA Events April 26

Menopause The Musical - SOLD OUT! April 28

"Celebrating Liz" Spring Sing Concert with Alumni May 6

Rumours: The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show May 19

IDFA 123: Prairies June 1

The Comic Strippers June 2

June 17 Sons of the Pioneers June 19

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Jake "The Snake" Roberts Stand Up Comedy Show June 24

Louisiana Hayride Spring Spectacular September 30

WSO in Brandon 1 - Chopin & Tchaikovsky October 23

Hank Williams – The Lonesome Tour

Queen: It's A Kinda Magic June 3

Derek Edwards - Alls I'm Saying | 204-728-9510 13


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New Business:

MAXX SECURITY My grandmother once gave me an advice that had stuck with me ever since. She said, “Success is not about what you’ve achieved but what you do with it once you’ve achieved it.” I’ve always pondered on the meaning of such a statement. It’s hard to comprehend when one speaks in parables; such was the likes of my grandmother. The adage “with age comes wisdom” in my case applies. My interpretation of my grandmothers’ proverbs was another aphorism that I’ve tried to live by. My interpretation to that was “good name is better than riches”. The basis of this theory is the foundation on which Maxx Security was founded. Born in Accra the capital of Ghana in West Africa, I lived with my grandparent and eventually my aunt where my life will shape to what it had become. Hard work, perseverance, determination, discipline, respect for self and others as well as dedication was instilled in me from a very young age. Life will eventually turn 180 degrees for me when I arrived in Canada at the age of 17 and began a different life and culture. Every person and or friend that came into my life from that moment on had a profound effect on me from high school all the way through college. I joined the military after college and deployed. After a decade plus years in the military, I decided to use my

experiences to start this company to bring proper security to the community and to give employment to fellow ex and retired military members who still have a lot of fight to carry forward as well as employment to people from different backgrounds. The team is well trained and dedicated and takes on events such as 24-Hour security services for commercial, industrial and residential buildings, mobile patrols, foot patrols, loss prevention, socials etc. We look forward to any business or businesses that will give us a chance to prove our professional services. Maxx Security believes in diversity and positive change. Every step closer to that goal is a victory. “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”.

204-720-6333 | 15


RIEL’S RESTAURANT Brunch y a d n u Serving &S Catering 16

Same Menu with a Mexican Twist!

134 Government Road, Oak Island Resort


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New Business

DEVELOPING LOCAL HEROS Training + Practical Mentorship for Financial Education

A truly unique career opportunity in the financial field is coming to Brandon. A local team of entrepreneurs will be opening their doors to their new office in April with the primary goal of developing leaders who aspire to become local heroes in their community through financial education. The in-house training and practical mentorship system has made transitioning into a new career more achievable than ever. Philma Scheepers, who was one of the first to join the team, says she is excited for what this is going to mean to the everyday person in Brandon. “A financial education is about so much more than just learning how money works. It’s about empowering others with strategies they can use to level up and serve their own families and communities,” says Scheepers. The group has recently added a member of the Hispanic community to their team who they say will soon be able to provide services in Spanish. They are also looking to align with others from diverse backgrounds and languages who want to do the same for their own communities.

“Our goal is to recruit and develop a diverse group of leaders from all backgrounds, cultures and languages who are willing to step up and become local heroes in their communities,” adds Scheepers, “What makes this idea so unique is that we have a completely level playing field. It doesn’t matter what your career background is, your gender, what language you speak or your educational background. This is a platform in which anyone can start part-time and win. Our track record proves that as our entire firm now has more licensed professionals than the entire population of Brandon. We are attracting people with common futures rather than common pasts, it's been incredible.” The grand opening is Saturday, April 14thfrom 11:30am to 1:30 pm at 1321 Rosser Ave.

“We recognize that there are many families who now call Brandon their home who have come from a country where the financial system is very different. We want to help those families get a good understanding of how our financial system works so they can have the best chance possible of establishing a legacy here for generations to come. We also acknowledge that to achieve this goal we cannot do it alone,” says Scheepers. 17

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BOYD STADIUM Business Advertising Signage Opportunity

support every time they get Canteen products, use the Washroom facilities, and even upon exiting BOYD STADIUM. We feel that for $1000/year, only $2.74/ day, this is a very cost effective advertising tool for any business that would like to proudly display their support for the Youth of our amazing community, while also possibly increasing your companies sales through increased advertising and promotion of your business, and what it has to offer to everyone who sees it. BOYD STADIUM, the future home of the Westman Youth Football Association, is excited to present the businesses of this great community the opportunity to support this much needed and well deserved facility through a business advertising signage campaign. For ONLY $5000.00 for a 5 year commitment you will receive: One 4' X 8' (48" X 96") sign with your companies logo and information, to be prominently displayed at BOYD STADIUM for literally thousands of people to see over the duration of the commitment. Parents, community members, players, and any other visitors, dignitaries, or competitors will have a first hand view of your commitment and contribution to youth in sport in Brandon and Westman, as well as your investment in ensuring Southwestern Manitoba finally has a premiere, illuminated facility for generations to enjoy sports in a safe, fun environment. The signs are constructed of an Aluminum composite (metal) material to ensure durability and long lasting wear for your business logo and any additional information that you choose to have on your sign. The signs are being made by a local sign company and will be of professional quality.

Space is LIMITED for this opportunity and signage will be sold on a first come, first served basis, so please don’t hesitate and possibly miss out on this chance to show thousands of people your businesses commitment to this very worthwhile and MUCHLY NEEDED facility for the Youth of Brandon and the Westman area. PAYMENT OPTIONS: One cheque for full amount ($5000.00) or One cheque for half ($2500.00) now and One cheque post dated for remainder ($2500.00) for June 30, 2018. Should you choose to donate to such a great cause or have any questions, please feel free to contact: DREW CLAYTON | 204-724- 6177 or THANK YOU for your consideration in investing in the future of Field Sports in Westman, and the numerous children from our great community that participate in them.

We have gone one step further in this and we will have a UV Laminate applied to each sign to further the life and crispness of any colors applied to it while minimizing natural wear as best we can. The Business Signs will be attached to the field facing (South) side of our Clubhouse/ Canteen/ Washroom building so people will see your gracious donation of 21

Courtney’s Cake Creations

custom cakes for any occasion! 22

Now taking bookings

for this wedding season! Remember, we do much more than just wedding cakes!

204-727-2656 | |


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