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Environmental Monitoring System Remote monitoring the environment for your critical equipments

EMS – Environmental Monitoring System EMS is an intelligent system for remote monitoring of the environment for your critical equipment. With EMS it is possible to monitor the environment and power in one or several data-/telecommunication cabinets. The design is based on advanced technology that guarantees effective, and reliable functionality. Featuring simple monitoring of the environment and power through the IP based network.

Main features •

Main Funtion

Door status

Smoke senor

Water sensor

IP camera management

Power conditions

Alarm messages via SNMP or e-mail

Compact size, 19”, 1U

Input voltage Metered PDU

The simple remote monitoring gives the operator real time data for decision making

All events are saved in the log for analysis

Possibility to set alarm threshold

Definition of several users with individual rights Multi user operating system

Load current Power consumption

Temperature Monitoring function

Humidity Door

Temperature sensor 1 Temperature sensor 2 Humidity sensor 1 Humidity sensor 2 Door sensor 1 Door sensor 2 IP camera Smoke sensor

EMS basic functions


Measuring temp and humidity

Water sensor Power measure

Recording the power consumption (customized function)

Daisy chain

Connection up to 11 SLAVEs to one MASTER

Log record

Record alarms information

User management

Set user’s rights WEB, access via browser

Access method

SNMP via IP network Telnet, SSH via command line console

System support

Multi user operating system

Through internet, EMS can monitor the micro environment remotely in real time.

Flexible modular system EMS is based on a flexible structure where you can increase the system as your monitoring needs grow. The system starts with a MASTER base unit. Further SLAVE, PDU units and sensors can then be added as your demands increase.





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A part of Hexatronic Group Hexatronic Group specializes in product and system solutions primarily within fiber communications. The Group offers a broad range of products and system solutions with a focus on infrastructure for passive fiber optics. Hexatronic has the stability and resources of a large Group, combined with the flexibility and speed of a small company. Hexatronic is based in Sweden, but operates in a global market. Our customers are companies in the telecommunications industry, such as telecom operators, network owners, distributors and systems integrators. The Groups headquarters are in Sweden with sales offices and subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States. The Hexatronic share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information about Hexatronic Group:

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EMS Environmental Monitoring System | Hexatronic HNS  

Hexatronic’s new Environmental Monitoring System lets you remote monitor the environment for your critical equipment.

EMS Environmental Monitoring System | Hexatronic HNS  

Hexatronic’s new Environmental Monitoring System lets you remote monitor the environment for your critical equipment.