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Second Grade Newsletter May 10, 2013 Math: We have continued exploring place value and decimals within money and are slowly transitioning to division and multiplication. The girls have worked collaboratively to create and solve addition and subtraction word problems. They also created their own multiplication illustrations showing how groups of items can be separated.

Arts in the Park: After creating beautiful fish kites made from paper mâché, the girls ventured into Central by Ms. Lindvall For yourPark accompanied Oct 10 Calendar No School and Ms. Lindberg for an afternoon of arts! They ran through the park flying their kites and ended the afternoon with a music class on the lawn. Ms. Lindberg taught the girls “Let’s go Fly a Kite” in Mandarin! Ask your daughter to sing it for you!

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GMADE Testing May 20th – 22nd

Writer’s Workshop: Our authors have been working hard as they research their selected countries. They have revised, peer-edited and are now publishing! The girls are also exploring their country’s map. The girls have researched and identified the landforms within their specific country. They then created their own map of their country, complete with a compass rose and map key.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sandwich Friday May 17th

Brooklyn Bridge Trip Friday, May 31th

Second Grade Newsletter  

Second Grade Newsletter