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“Achievement is  never  completed.” Samuel  Bronfman  (1889-­‐1971)

Your story  is  a  gi,

Everyone should  write  a  book

“Chosen by  opportunity, bound  by  duty.”   Stephen  Leacock  (1869-­‐1944)

The opportuniNes   that   we   have   been given  are  an  enormous  gi,  and  they  need to  be  acknowledged  in  a  meaningful  way and  respected  for  the  role  they’ve  played in  our  life. Is  it  not  part  of  our  responsibility  to  cast  a light  on  opportunity,  illuminate  its  poten-­‐ Nal  and  help  turn  the  lessons  of    today  into the   aspiraNons   and   opportuniNes   of   to-­‐ morrow?   Is   it   not   up   to   us   to   share   the ideas  and  insights,  the  ups  and  downs  and the  hopes  and  values  that  have  been  the building  blocks  of  our  opportuniNes?

Witnesses to  history  

“There was  never  yet  an uninteresNng  life.  Such  a  thing  is an  impossibility.  Inside  the  dullest exterior,  there  is  a  drama,  a  comedy, and  a  tragedy.” Mark  Twain  (1835-­‐1910)

Our personal  history  reflects  a  life  and  pur-­‐ pose   that   has   set,   in   part,   the   foundaNon on  which  the  future  will  be  built.  Our  ac-­‐ Nvity,  regardless  how  meager,  represents both  the  imperfecNbility  of  human  nature and   the   importance   of   what   a   life   well-­‐ lived  can  be.  It  is  an  invaluable  resource and   if   our   thoughts   and   memories   are recorded,  they  will  live  on  in  the  minds  of the  future.  If  not,  they  will  die  in  the  si-­‐ lence  of  the  past.

Your story  in  a  book

“What we  say  will  probably  be  forgo[en, What  we  do  might  be  remembered, What  we  write  can  never  be  forgo[en.” Chinese  Proverb

If you  write  a  book  –  even  a  short  one  – and  only  one  copy  is  produced  and  passed on  to  one  other  person  and  they  remem-­‐ ber  one  thing  and  pass  it  on,  then  you,  the author,  have  made  an  important  contribu-­‐ Non  to  the  next  generaNon. If  you  have  learned  a  thing  or  two  should it  not  be  passed  on  to  the  next  genera-­‐ Non?  And  the  next?  And  the  next?

Why write  a  book?

“Every right  implies  a  responsibility; every  opportunity  an  obligaNon, every  possession  a  duty.” John  D.  Rockefeller

If we  do  not  “pass  the  torch”  and  extend the  knowledge  and  experience  we  have accumulated,  it  will  never  be  fully  invested in   those   who   follow.   That   would   be   a missed  opportunity  and  an  unfulfilled  ob-­‐ ligaNon. There  are  as  many  reasons  to  write  a  book as   there   are   books   and   for   just   about everybody  there  is  at  least  one  good  rea-­‐ son.  Or  two  or  three.


“The beliefs  and  principles  we  live  by, and  the  lessons  learned,  are  the  true lifeline  for  those  who  follow.” Anonymous  

Family endures.   Regardless   of   what   has been  accomplished,  our  family  story  can only  live  on  if  we  connect  it  to  history.  The love,  ideas  and  events  in  our  lives  are  the bonds  that  unite  us,  the  ligatures  that  Ne together  yesterday,  today  and  tomorrow. And  yet,  if  we  do  not  record  them  they will,   over   Nme,   fade   from   tomorrow’s stage.   Whether   looking   back   to   those   we owe  so  much  to  or  looking  ahead  to  those we  owe  so  much  to,  it  is  essenNal  that  we create  a  connecNon  across  Nme.   Our  story  is  part  of  a  lifeline,  a  lynchpin  in our  family  history.  But  only  if  we  write  it.


“I am  not  a  teacher,  just  a  fellow traveler  who  has  gone  this  way  before.”   George  Bernard  Shaw  (1856-­‐1950)

The future   depends   on   what   has   “gone this   way   before.”   Whatever   we   have achieved,  it  has  been  constructed  on  the shoulders  of  those  who  were  here  before. Now  it  is  our  turn,  our  responsibility,  to provide  the  architects  of  the  future  with the  blueprints  that  we  have  created.  It  is important   that   future   generaNons   under-­‐ stand  the  path  we  took,  the  tools  we  used, the   ideas   we   tested   and   the   trials   we won  – and  lost.  We  must  make  sure  that they   have   at   hand   the   road   maps,   sign-­‐ posts  and  footnotes  needed  to  foster  a  fu-­‐ ture   in   which   our   life’s   investment   will conNnue  to  grow  and  prosper.


“Wri%ng is  the  mine  sha/  to  the  soul.” Peter  Baird

They say   there   are   few   things   of   lasNng value  that  one  can  leave  behind  but  surely among   them   are   love,   memories   and   the equity  in  our  name.  Of  course,  love  tran-­‐ scends  but  memories  fade,  unless  they  are transformed  into  a  story  that  is  kept  in  the archives  of  our  life,  and  held  in  a  place  that is   both   close   to   the   heart   and   close   at hand  – a  book.

There are  few  reasons  not to  write  a  book

“To be  a  person  is  to have  a  story  to  tell.” Isak  Dinesen

Your story,  in  your  words,  for  those  who ma[er  most.  A  lasNng  gi,  for  the  hearts and  minds  of  the  future.

“The past  o,en  seems  dead  because  it  is presented  in  a  deadly  fashion.” Sydney  Harris  (1917-­‐1969)

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Your Story Is A Gift  

Why everyone and every company should write a book

Your Story Is A Gift  

Why everyone and every company should write a book