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“to learn by discovery”


Seafaring show at Brodsworth Hall ALL THIS AND GAMES TO PLAY AS WELL

A full day of planned activities and presentations plus • games to play Model ships for the children to wear, complete with cannon on deck

• target practise with the cannons • climbing the mast • using the navigation instruments

Try your hand at tying knots

Navigation instruments

• knot tying • set sail in the model ships

Royal Charles under attack

Heuristics, PO Box 5514, Matlock, DE4 5ZP | 07860 966251 |


Event timetable




Royal Charles




Family Relay



Children telling the story of the Royal Charles

Traverse board

Signalling A history of signalling from Ancient Greece through to early 19th century. Filled with information and handson activities. Royal Charles The story of the life of this great ship and how it was snatched from under our very nose. What did Samuel Pepys have to say about it? A story told by the children in graphic detail as they sail in the ships. Navigation Learn how to use a ships log - why do we measure speed in knots - read the compass rose - what is the traverse board - how does a sextant work. An amazing presentation as the children leap overboard in order to measure our speed. Family relay A punishing schedule of activity as family take on family in a race to capture the enemy ship. Time to put in to practice all you have learned today. Shanties Time for the children to haul in the anchor. All hands on deck as we sing the traditional shanties.

signalling & knots

Heuristics, PO Box 5514, Matlock, DE4 5ZP | 07860 966251 |

Games to play all day

Just a small sample of many games available this weekend

Shovelboard - one of the great favourites


Table games of all descriptions

Original bagatelle

Shut the box

Devil among the tailors

Ferses table

Suitable for all ages. Let the child within come out to play for a while. Quoits


Heuristics, PO Box 5514, Matlock, DE4 5ZP | 07860 966251 |

Seafaring show Brodsworth pdf  
Seafaring show Brodsworth pdf  

 “to learn by discovery” • climbing the mast • games to play • set sail in the model ships • knot tying Heuristics, PO Box 5514, Matloc...