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Evaluation of my music magazine Evaluation Activity 1: Blog post title: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Masthead and title:

For my title/masthead I chose a simple theme with a simple font which was on Photoshop and a colour theme of red and white. I got the idea from the magazine Q. As you can see both the two titles above are quite similar so I chose to do the same style as Q. I chose the name “Mute” because a word to do with music and this is a music magazine. The name is quite simple but because it’s small it fits well with the magazine. The font is also simple as I didn’t need to go to a text generator to find this font it is originally on Photoshop. At first it was just mute in red writing but I thought that looked a bit boring so I put a box round it and tried a variety of different colours and see which colours fitted well, I finally decided to go with the colour theme of red and white which is goes throughout my magazine. I put my masthead on my contents page and double page spread to keep it original and maintain the effect of mute. If I were to change the title I would probably use a bigger word and with a different affect, which would give a more exciting vibe to the magazine.

Costumes and Props and Mise-en-scene: These two are wearing different style clothes because they are meant to be two completely different people but like the same type of music. This shot is a mid-shot because I had to get both of them and it needed to show that they were

standing up. I had a white sheet in the background so there was nothing in the way and some bright lighting to make sure you could see the image well.

This image is of the guitarist in the band he’s wearing the same style clothes as the one on the left on the front cover. So the other guy has a different style but same music taste. This shot is a close up and he has his back turned which was for a mysterious effect.

This image was for my contents page as an extra band, the clothes they are wearing are the same style as they are in the same band and they both have the same taste in clothes and music. I took a long shot to make sure you could see the clothes of both people and the full style, I also wanted to make sure you could see the background because I thought it looked quite good and I was making it look like it was their new album cover.

This image was also used for my contents page as an album cover and I used three people with the same style music and clothing. I took the picture as a long shot and I made sure the wall was in the background so that it was so it showed there past and where they lived and what their lifestyle was all about.

People: The people I chose for my magazine all have the same taste in music and most of them wear the same clothes apart from two of them. This is why I chose them two because I felt the magazine needed a bit of variety.

Written Content:

On my front cover the written content I used was for my cover lines which showed you what would be inside my magazine.

This piece of writing was for my main story on the front cover and it’s meant to be about the two people on the front cover. I put some effects on it to make it quite rough because the band were indie rock and it goes well with what would be their sort of lifestyle. The double page spread obviously got the most writing as it has my main story on it. I chose to write about the band and how they got to where they

are now and how they had quite a tough life. I did this because I feel that if it was a real magazine it would connect with some readers that may have had a tough life at first but it could give them a morale of things can only get better.

Music Genre and how my magazine suggests it: Music genre that I feel my music magazine represents is indie rock. I feel it represent that because the bands I made up I’ve said about them being a guitar band. The people in the pictures wear skinny jeans and chinos this may represent the indie rock scene. In my contents page I have put a section with the best bands, and I think each one of these are indie bands maybe one or two aren’t.

In my double page spread I tell a story about a band who have quite a tough life and how they live the rocker scene. A quote in this is what I mean by the rocker scene it says “We don’t care about money or fame we just want to create good music”. I feel this is classic rocker saying.

Title font and style: I went for quite a simple style font and no to in your face so it doesn’t look like too much is going on. I feel that having my title font simple represents the whole magazine of the simple lives of the indie rock.

Layout and use of conventional like pull quotes and drop caps: I only used the one drop cap, but I think it is quite affective as it’s in the same style as the title of the magazine the white writing on the red rectangle. The drop cap gives the piece of writing something that gives the reader to feel like they should read on.

This was the one and only pull quote I used and that’s because I had a good look at the double page spread and if I put more than one pull quote on it would look a bit cluttered. So I thought the one I had was fine. It was put in the place it is because it’s just off the first paragraph and it says “what was to come of Never Session” as it comes off the first paragraph it was completely relevant to the structure of the written piece.

Evaluation question 1  
Evaluation question 1  

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?