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Evaluation activity 4: Blog post title: Who would be the audience for your media product?

The people in this picture look like the type of people that would read my magazine, could be a stereotype for an Indie kid which is what my magazine is aiming at. The skinny jeans, shirt and long hair show these signs, but it’s not implying that these will be the only people that can read my magazine. The music they would listen to would be bands like “The Strokes” and “pulp” which are both Indie bands who would have the same style of clothing as the two people in the picture. The types of shops that the readers of my magazine would go to would be places like Topman, Revolutions and Main source. I say Main source because they are a shoe shop that sell vans shoes and high tops. I don’t think there would be one TV programme in particular that they would watch. They may watch certain channels like MTV or Kerrang, but they still might enjoy things like “the Simpsons” or “family guy”. I done some audience research to determine what sort of things to put in my magazine I did a questionnaire because I thought that was the best way to find out what people enjoyed and whether they would like my magazine. This questionnaire showed that more people enjoyed listening to music and playing a musical instrument more than playing sports, so I decided not to put anything sport related into my magazine. Also I asked what type of music do you like. The top two genres of music was Indie and rock which is why I decided to my magazine as an indie rock magazine. The types of advertising I could attract would be things like Adidas products, Vans shoes, and as it it’s for the younger generation like 18 year olds there could be alcohol advertisement. I feel that advertisement

would be a big part in my magazine as it would appeal to a young audience and people of their age will be in with the fashion and be buying all branded clothes and shoes.

Evaluation question 4  

Who would be the audience for your media product?

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