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HORSE RIDING Maryam Is a 23 year old student, she discovered her hobby of horse riding in her early 13 years. Maryam’s passion and love of horse riding grew at the age of 14, when she asked her dad for her very own horse and asked him, if she could start practicing after couple of years of hard work, Maryam finally joined international horse riding contests and own the first place in a couple.


SWIMMING Aisha Altamimi Is a 16 years old student who studies at English speaking college. Aisha started developing her skills of swimming at the age of seven. she used to go on trips with her dad who used to teach her swimming basics later on Aisha started taking swimming classes, where she was thought different styles of swimming. Aisha joined contests around school and won the second place in one of them.


HEALTHY FOOD DR .SHAMMA Is a children doctor in her early 33’s. Dr. Shamma eats healthy on a regular basis. She has made herself a routine which she follows weekly about healthy eating. She also advice her patients on eating healthy.

‫طعام �صحي‬

sleep early FATMA Is a 26 year old graphic designer who sleeps early after a along day of hardworking, Fatma believes that sleeping early helps her in many different ways, firstly it makes her look healthier and brighter. She gets more energy to perform tasks that are needed to be done, furthermore, it helps her brain hormones work better, which is why Fatma thinks its important and essential for her.

‫نوم العوايف‬

FITNESS REEM Is a 43 year old woman. She is one of the members of UAE’s hockey team. Reem also spends her spare time playing different sports other than hockey.


FOCUS AISHA Through books, Aisha would rather read and exert her knowledge rather than wasting her time watching TV. Aisha mostly reads fictional books, and when she’s not reading, She usually spends her time developing her writing skills.


SMOKE JETA Is a 28 year old lady who smokes on regular basis. It becomes an addiction to Jeta but every time she tries not to smoke but she gets a really terrible headache and her mood and attitude shifts in a couple of seconds Jeta would smoke around a whole pack a day.


alcoholic Fiona Is a 34 year old teacher who is an alcoholic, she drinks around two glasses or more of vodka every day. she became addicted by starting to pour different types of alcohol in her smoothies. In her drinking, Fiona became an alcoholic after she got divorced, and some days it gets even worse.


unhealthy food


Is a 19 year old who spends her time eating unhealthy food. Maryam became obese because of her 24/7 hours of unhealthy eating . Her body got used to no exercising, and she gets tired and exhausted really quickly after simple activity.

‫طعام غري�صحي‬

HIGH SPEED MARWAH She is a 25 year old woman who currently works at one of the government authority. She enjoys driving cars, especially sports cars, but her only issue is that she drives at a high speed and uses her blackberry while driving.


SWEET ABEER Is a 28 year old who owns her own bakery. Abeer is usually found next to the fridge or roaming around the bakery looking for sweets and desserts. Abeer became addicted and she can»t control her self.


TV SERIES OLA Is a 28 year old lady who spends most of her time behind her computer screen, watching TV series and movies. Ola usually spends around 9 to 10 hours on this. Ola usually complains about back ache, her eyes hurting, pain in her wrists, which is common.


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