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AUGUST 2018 • Vol. 5, No. 8

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‘Greatest Human Rights Issue’ Means the World Has Four Slaves for Every Prisoner

Through Native ministry, from dealing drugs to receiving grace

American Pastor Brunson Released from Prison to House Arrest



WASHINGTON, D.C. (ANS – July 28, 2018) -- The news came in the middle of the first-ever religious freedom forum at the State Department: Pastor Andrew Brunson would be released from a Turkish jail after nearly 21 months

for false charges of sedition. But he is under house arrest until his next hearing on October 12, where he will face accusations from secret wirnesses. Christian Freedom International ( reports Vice President Pence told foreign ministers at the State Department gathering that this was not enough. He and President Trump demanded Brunson’s immediate release or Turkey would face large sanctions. President Trump tweeted: “The United States will impose large sanctions on Turkey for their long time detainment of Pastor Andrew Brunson, a great Christian, family man and wonderful human being. He is suffering greatly. This innocent man of faith should be released immediately!” 11:22 AM – Jul 26, 2018 U.S. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke Thursday with Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut

Cavusoglu and underscored “that it is well past time for this innocent Pastor Andrew Brunson to come home.” Pastor Brunson’s daughter Jacqueline gave an emotional speech to the State Department gathering the day before Brunson’s surprise release. Andrew felt “blessed” to suffer for his faith, she said. “I cannot tell you how proud I am of my father and what an example of Christ’s love he continues to be to the world as he is wrongly imprisoned for his faith.” “One day soon, we all want to be at your father’s arrival ceremony on U.S. soil,” Pam Pryor, a State Department official, told Jacqueline. At a hearing last week, the Turkish judge refused to release Andrew. President Trump called the decision a disgrace. The U.S. Congress took steps toward sanctioning Turkey until it stops “arbitrarily detaining or denying freedom of movement to United States citizens,” causing the Turkish lira to

Pastor Brunson is led away to house arrest drop. Pastor Brunson’s wife asked people to pray for Andrew and Christian Freedom International linked people to the Brunson’s Facebook page to send encouraging notes to the distraught family. CFI said this week foreign ministers and religious freedom advocates from around the world gathered at the U.S. State Department for the first Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. “We believe religious freedom is central to the world and to America’s place in the world,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


“We make it a real priority.” More than 80 countries with good records on religious freedom or have taken steps to improve were invited to discuss “concrete ways to combat religious persecution and discrimination, and to ensure greater respect for religious freedom for all.” “The news of Brunson’s partial release gives hope that prayers and actions can free victims of religious persecution – and that the U.S. is serious about making religious freedom a priority,” said Wendy Wright, Christian Freedom International’s

President, who participated in the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. Survivors of religious persecution, or their close relatives, shared their stories at the Ministerial. The first was the wife of Pastor John Cao, who is imprisoned in China for building schools for the Kachin in Burma/Myanmar. The Chinese pastor was “shocked by the poverty he saw” while visiting the Kachin people, she said. Cao worked with other Chinese Christians to open 16 schools for around 2,000 students. He Continuation on page: 2

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Spirit Of Truth

Dear Reverend: I have been baptized in the Holy Ghost and I want to see people healed and set free. What more should I do? I feel a lot of emotion and power when I pray for someone. I find myself shouting. I want others around me to see that I have something unique – a special healing ministry! It is important to me that my Pastor recognizes this gift that I have and that others in church may have. Signed, What Next? ---

any ntez Duff o M e n li ade By Rev. M

mistake lies. An individu- al may think that they are supposed to manifest some certain characteristic of power. No! God comes to present you with Himself! “Ye shall receive power, AFTER that the Holy Ghost is come upon you” (Acts 1:8). When Jesus went to Heaven, He unlocked the very treasury of the heart of the Eternal God for your benefit. The streams of His life and nature can flow allthrough you. “The words Dear Next, that I speak, I speak not of The Holy Ghost is not a Myself, but the Father that gift of power, but of God dwelleth in me.” (John Himself. This is where the 14:10)

You can’t look for God on the surface … you have to look within. To discern a person and see if God is within him, you must look into his spirit, into his soul, into the depth of his being. You see, friend, that it is not something of your own doing, but God working through you. Your nature has to become sensitized until your mind is no longer occupied with the manifestation of God, but with God Himself! It is a lot more than speaking in tongues. You will speak with the soul of Jesus Christ. You will feel His heartbeat and the


heavenly desire to bless the world! There will be no desire or inclination in your heart to turn to another child of God and say, “You are not in my class; I am baptized in the Holy Ghost.” This is foreign to the Spirit of God. Instead, there will be a tenderness in your soul so deep that you will never crush the aspiration of another. You will have love that will want to push out into the glory as far as your faith can send it! Stop thinking about who notices you. What does God see deep inside of you? That is all that matters. What is next? More love, more power, more of You in my life, Jesus! This is God’s Truth! Reverend MMD P.S.Thanks to John G. Lake for his insight into these Scriptures. --Write to Rev Madeline at PO Box 14931 Bradenton, FL 34280 or by email at Not all letters are from readers. Letters may be fictitious in person but true in content. We reserve the right to edit or refuse any questions submitted.

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A Woman’s Personal Experience in Both Hell and Heaven By Christian Newswire

ENUMCLAW, Wash., July 23, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new release gives a woman’s unforgettable personal account of dying twice and experiencing the “horrors of hell” and the “indescribable wonders of heaven.” Climbing into Eternity: My Descent in Hell and Flight to Heaven by Michele Pulford (Redemption Press) is a love story, a warning, and a picture of the reality of eternal life and the love of God that will not let us go. Michele Pulford flirted with death for six years, trying to numb her pain following a sexual pervert’s attack. Attempting to protect herself, she invited evil into her life, allowed hatred of men to control her, developed acute anorexia nervosa, and used mind control to manipulate others. Following a bitter divorce, at age twenty-four she committed suicide by taking a premeditated overdose of prescription drugs and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. She woke up in hell, a

place of eternal damnation, horror, torment, and fire. “The path I had chosen from the age of ten found me in the belly of eternal damnation,” says Pulford. Rescued by the Savior whose soft, gentle voice she had rejected, Michele was given a new chance at life and turned wholeheartedly to the Lord. Years later, when her body was completely paralyzed from an anaphylactic allergy attack as a young mother with her husband by her side, she found life leaving her body once again. “This time,” she says, “I was ushered into the splendorous glory of Heaven-a place of almost indescribable light and love.” “We’re all climbing into eternity,” says Michele Pulford. Saying she was “sent back to tell her story,” Michele Pulford warns others of the horrors of the king- intercessor with a background in fashion design and dom of darkness, and tells fitness training. them of the true abundant For more information, please contact author Michele life in God’s kingdom. A Pulford: resident of South Africa, To purchase a copy, please click here: Pulford is a Bible teacher,, and prophetic nity/

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American Pastor Brunson Released from Prison to House From Page 1 Arrest

was arrested last March and sentenced to 7 years in jail and fined $3,000. “It is clear to us now that John was set up for arrest because of his faith-driven work,” she said. The charge against him “is often used to prosecute human traffickers.” Cao had

crossed the border many times over 3 years to bring volunteers to the schools. Please pray for Christians like Pastors Brunson and Cao who suffer for their faith. The ASSIST News Service (


“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” -Hebrews 11:6

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Counselor’s Corner:

WHO ARE WE? Email:

When praying about an article for this month I realized that I have spent two years writing counseling articles and have yet to share about the main type of counseling I was trained for. I kept praying for a way to put in writing what could be informative or inspiring without being too technical. I believe the Holy Spirit has given me some direction and I am ready to offer you a view of how unique and awesome you are. I was led to the Christian counseling ministry many years ago when it started

with a search of who I was and why I had trouble re- lating to others before I even became a reborn Christian. I wanted desperately to be accepted and yet did not have the ability to fit in. For example, if I had a wild friend, I’d be wild, if I was around Christian folks I’d be, sweet, humble and act “holy”. I was corrected several times for acting like them and not being myself. I just didn’t know who “myself ” was. There were many years of searching, even in my Christian faith. Then, with

By : Louise Alleva

the help of Spirit filled mentors, teachers and friends I found the an swers I had been searching for. That’s when I felt called to help others with the same questions and earned a Doctor of Ministry in pastoral counseling, a license in clinical pastoral counseling and a certified temperament counselor. My journey has been awesome as I was finally able to learn how to see people in a different light, not through my personal feelings, or how they treat me, but how God created them

as unique and different. I also learned that we all have weaknesses and if they are not revealed to us we could hinder our God created destiny, how to relate to others, and loving ourselves as God loves us. All of us can be affected by a mean boss, or the in-law who is always judging us, or the depressed teenager, friend, family member. We can relate to guilt trips given to us by a friend or relative or maybe we are running around in too many directions ourselves, always in a hurry and worn out. I’m sure we can picture someone we know like “Laid Back Larry” who is easy going, pleasant and no trouble at all unless you’re his wife who is waiting for him to fix some things in the house. Then there’s the one who holds grudges and likes to talk about them in such a cute and funny way until you are the one he or she has the grudge with! You see, difficult people aren’t bad from a distance.

It’s when you have to get up close and personal that’s when you face the dilemma of dealing with them. And that is the first question we must ask ourselves, do I really want to get involved with someone who could cause me stress, pain, or gossip about me? Or does it really matter what people think of me? This is where we begin to see our own weaknesses. In training for Christian counseling, I learned the term called temperament to be the God created trait we were all born with. There is also the unique part of us that is called personality and character which are human traits that can hide our true temperament at times. Psalms 139:13-16 has a beautiful explanation of how unique and loved we are even before we were conceived. But when we are in a world of many different types of people it helped me to understand others. When I get to know someone I have learned to see the

overall uniqueness of the individual and understand when I think I’m being ignored, rejected, or hugged and loved on as one among many, I step back and ask the Holy Spirit to show me who they are in His scheme of things and how I relate to them by the way I am created. It gives me a deeper love of others even in their hurts and how to turn to God when I am the one rejected or hurt by gossip or slander. The freedom is awesome and yet I keep a humble perspective of understanding how I could affect others as well. Therefore, the next few articles will be on how God created each one of us as a unique and vital part of His Kingdom on earth AND how can we get along with others, even the ones hard to understand. Blessings and Love Louise Alleva, D.Min, LCPC. CTC

By: Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD

Judge forces School

Boys to shower with Girl

“The transgender agenda in public schools, which insists a person’s sex is a subjective matter based on feelings, took a huge step forward this week with a federal judge ruling boys must be allowed to use girls’ rest rooms and showers, and vice versa,” reports WND. “U.S. District Court Judge Marco Hernandez in Oregon did offer an alternative, however: Parents who object to mixed-sex showers for their children can take them out of the schools for which they pay... “It is within Parent Plaintiffs’ right to remove their children from Dallas [Oregon] High School if they

disapprove of transgender student access to facilities,” the judge said. “Once the parents have chosen to send their children to school … their liberty interest in their children’s education is severely diminished.” “His ruling, however, conflicts with President Trump’s rescinding of an Obama administration guidance letter directing schools that want to continue to receive federal funding to let transgender students use facilities that correspond with their ‘gender identity’.... “The judge defined ‘sex’as ‘processes that lead to or denote male or female.’ He said such a characteristic

I have an Associates Degree in Art. I have sold many pieces as well as had a few in modest publications. I am always looking for new projects. Contact me; David Dodson at: www.

is ‘assigned’ at birth. but ‘gender’ is a person’s ‘subjective, deep-core sense of self as being a particular gender.’ “A ‘transgender boy’ is therefore a person who has a lasting, persistent male gender identity, though that person’s sex was determined to be female at birth,” he said. “In the Dallas [Oregon] district, an unidentified female student submitted such a claim to be a boy, and the school developed a plan to allow her to use the boys’ facilities. “The parents then objected.” [Dr. Chaps’ comment: Do you think? All parents should object to forced coed showers that violate privacy and safety of boys, but especially girls. NO boys in girls showers, period.]

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Study: Abortion leading cause of

Death in America

“In a study published in the June 2016 online edition of the Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina exposed the effects of abortion on national mortality rates and minorities,” reports Live Action. “Unlike most health studies or mortality statistics, authors James Studnicki, Sharon J. Mackinnon, and John W. Fisher chose to include deaths from abortion as human fatalities. “The study showed that abortion is the nation’s leading cause of death. In 2009, ‘diseases of the heart’ was the official leading cause of death, with 599,413 recorded fatali-

ties, followed by cancerous tumors at 567,628. Using estimates from the Guttmacher Institute, Studnicki, Mackinnon, and Fisher calculated 1,152,000 deaths from abortion in the United States in 2009, making it by far the leading cause of death, responsible for approximately 32.1% of all recorded deaths that year...“ ...the team of researchers concluded that abortion is responsible for 16.4% of deaths among whites (making it the third biggest cause of death behind heart disease and cancer), 61.1% of black American deaths, and a shocking 64% of Hispanic/Latino deaths – making abortion by far the leading

cause of death for blacks and His panics/Latinos... “National Right To Life News reports: Of the 17.7 million YPLLs lost by Hispanics, nearly 15.5 million (or 87.4%) were due to abortion. Of the 29.4 million YPLLs lost by blacks, 25.4 million (or 86.5%) were from abortion.” [Dr. Chaps’ comment: If Abortion is the leading cause of death, we should spend as much trying to prevent it as we spend on other diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and public safety. Instead the government spends your taxes to subsidize child killing.]


“And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” -1 Corinthians 13:13

PAGE 4 | AUGUST 2018 • Vol. 5, No. 8

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Through Native ministry, from

dealing drugs to receiving grace By Lyndsey KohJuly

North America (MNN) — This summer, 47 Native American young people from 28 tribes spanning from Alaska to Peru are on a mission. They are with the On Eagles’ Wings team – a branch of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries – and they are traveling to 12 Native communities across North America to share Jesus. We caught up with Ron Hutchcraft to get an update, and he says they are seeing God move in amazing ways. “It’s an amazing group of young people who have all lived the brokenness of growing up on a reservation and their stories, though they have lived thousands of miles apart, are tragically so similar and they are congruent with what we’re finding on reservation after reservation.” Even though Native Americans were the first mission field in North America, today only four percent of Native Americans know Jesus as their Savior. Native communities are often plagued by violence, drug and alcohol abuse, broken families, and suicides compounded by the pain of abuse their people have suffered.

“I will tell you, it’s pretty hard to deny a living Christ because these young men and women can only be explained by a Savior like Jesus. There is no other way to explain the rescue that has taken place in their lives.” The young men and women with On Eagles’ Wings are going out to tell fellow Native people that hope has a name — and His name is Jesus. Their plan is to visit 12 Native communities across North America with the Good News of the Gospel. So far, the team has gone to seven communities. “These young men and women have already led hundreds of young Native people to Christ — many of them taking a public stand in environments where you just don’t choose Jesus — and they are.” The Prince of Peace in a Violent Park At one point this summer, the On Eagles’ Wings team split to cover more ground. Part of the team went to an urban Native area. This community is notorious for drug-use, shootings, and violence. The epicenter of the violence and dealings is a park in the heart of the

city. And that’s where the Native men and women with On Eagles’ Wings took the Gospel. Just across the street from this park lies a housing parking lot. The On Eagles’ Wings team gathered there to hold sporting events, play music, and get to know young people in the community. The whole time, they prayed fervently for protection and wisdom. Not long after they arrived, Hutchcraft says they could sense the Holy Spirit’s presence. “What we were told, first of all, was that there was a supernatural peace that settled over the park and the housing area that people would say [they] never see….” The park was empty, and with our events right in that parking lot, we had all kinds of basketball things going on and a large crowd there and the local people stood there just amazed. “There was a supernatural peace that was just great evidence of the presence of Christ. There were some difficult conversations because you get very hard in the city. It’s a survival skill to show no feelings and admit no feelings. Yet, all around this housing area

(Photo courtesy of On Eagles’ Wings) parking lot, here are these young warriors, some of them pretty intimidated when we started…but still, with supernatural courage…they went out and began to have personal conversations with these young men and women.” The fun activities contin-

SWAT (Spiritual Warfare Attack Team) The ASSIST News Service (

By Steve Rees

focus on schools in combating mass shootings

LONGMONT, CO (ANS – July 23, 2018) -- As you can imagine, I prayed and did my level best to project a responsible, civic-minded image driving by scores of SWAT officers – all of whom looked to be armed and menacing – during a recent combined training exercise a at a large, public school. Tempted to reach for my camera several times, the still, small voice of the Lord intoned, “No, now is not the time to aim a camera at a massive display of man- and fire-power.” A

few of the SWAT members closest to my vehicle literally moved away as I drove a foot or two from where larger group congregated. I nodded respectfully in passing. The scene and its implications were not easy to shake, even hours later. Trained, impressive-looking sharp-shooters preparing in July’s heat for the unthinkable – an active shooter situation on a high-school campus – as students swim or sit inside air-conditioned homes on summer break, thinking

Not this kind of SWAT team…

of everything but returning to the classroom. Yes, Commander Nick Goldberger of the Boulder County Sheriff ’s Department in Colorado told me, the three SWAT teams I observed near Fairview High School were training for “any type of real event.” This type of scene unfolds daily around the nation as law enforcement marksman prepare for the worst, but hope for the best: Schools that are safe, violence-free zones of learning. Unfortunately, students at

Fairview heard about a “real event” back in March when three survivors of a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida traveled to Boulder to share their stories. The experience reminded me to pray, plead the blood of Jesus, and invite angels to surround public schools, where mass shootings continue from the earliest of their kind: the tragedy at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. Spiritual warfare is against

ued throughout the week, and eventually On Eagles’ Wings team members began to publicly share their hope stories and how Jesus made the difference in their lives in front of the young people gathered. “All of a sudden in this usually chaotic area, when

those hope stories began, it was like a supernatural silence fell across the crowd,” says Hutchcraft. A public invitation was extended for the local Native young people to accept Christ. In an urban Native community like this when Continuation on Page: 5

rulers, powers, world forces of darkness, and wickedness in heavenly places – not flesh and blood – according to the Apostle Paul. (Ephesians 6:12) Thankfully, other intercessors with ministries big and small are practicing these spiritual disciplines regularly and consistently – without a visual reminder from an ominous-looking, armed SWAT force on school grounds. Standing in the gap for students, another type of SWAT – a Spiritual Warfare Attack Team – is creating hedges of protection through intercession at public, private and charter schools in northern Colorado this summer. As others are doing around the

nation. Last summer, SWAT members – all men from different churches and backgrounds – prayed at 33 different schools. This year, SWAT is locking arms with women warriors in intercession, entreating heaven for protection over as many schools as possible before classes resume. “We are a small group of men and women that has decided not to wait until something terrible happens in in our schools, on our watch,” said Brad Tuttle, an intercessor and SWAT leader, echoing the commander’s preparation for a real event. “As Christians, we are ... Continuation on Page: 5

Students at Fairview High School. (Pic courtesy of Daily Camera, Boulder, Colo).

PAGE 5 | AUGUST 2018 • Vol. 5, No. 8

Families and Seperated Children, An alternative to detention By Lindsay Steele

USA (MNN) – Families and separated children have started being reunified at the United States’ southern border. But that doesn’t mean they’re free from detention. “Some families have been identified as those who would go into family detention centers. So, when they are reunified with their children, those families will be detained,” Bethany Christian Services’ Dona Abbott says. Abbott says it’s unclear which families will go into family detention centers and which will be released back to their country. However, Bethany does not believe detaining families is the appropriate response to refugees and asylum-seekers who are fleeing dangerous situations and requesting the United States’ help. “No matter how nice the detention center or the services provided, they’re still detained and it’s still regimented. It does not feel like family life and children need that. They need an assurance of safety and continuity. They need a happy, relaxed family to embrace them and to be released

[from] a detention center into a community that does that for a family regardless of whether their stay in the United States is short term or long term.” Bethany helped in creating an alternative to detention centers that focuses on doing just that. Family Case Management Program From September 2015 to June 2017, Bethany ran their Family Case Management Program, a pilot program that sought to serve families and release them into communities as they waited for their asylum court case to be heard, which can take up to three years. Abbott explains the program “allowed families to be released from detention and cared and supported for in communities with a case manager assigned to them to ensure that they got services that they needed, as well as being referred to additional services… but most importantly, it was an ICE program that assured families were showing up for their immigration interviews and for their immigration court hearings.” 750 people were admitted

into the program, and Abbott says ninety-nine percent of those in the program showed up for their interviews and hearings, even if it was for hearings necessary for deportation. If it was an order of deportation, Bethany’s case managers worked with families to create a plan for a safe return to their home country. Yet whether families were deported or allowed to

BRADENTON FLORIDA | FREE - Donations Welcome! stay in the United States, Bethany ensured that they would have access to necessary resources and services, including counseling. Cost-Effective Alternative Abbott says the Family Case Management Program is a healthier alternative to being detained and it’s far more cost effective. It costs only $35 a day to support someone in the program. CNBC reports it can cost up to $775 per person per night to hold them in a detention center. “Strengthening and supporting families in their ... Continuation on Page: 8

(Photo courtesy of Bethany Christian Services via Facebook)

Full Gospel BusinessMen’s SARASOTA, FLORIDA CHAPTER Fellowship International

Combined they have over 60 years’ experience in the computer field. Mike and Ann are happily married with two beauSept. 14, 2018 Guest: Mike Gervasio tiful daughters and two amazing grandsons. Monthly Meeting Every: Together, they home 2nd Friday of the month schooled their youngest daughter from kindergarten through high school. Mike and Ann have a passion for coaching and mentoring non-profits, Location: Christian ministries, Der Dutchman Restauand entrepreneurs in rant, 3713 Bahia Vista St. starting or growing their 941-955-8007 online business. Sarasota, FL 34232 Like others, their life journey has experienced Dinner Buffet is $20 (all both ups and downs. At you can eat dinner, dessert, Mike and Ann Gervasio were both born and raised times rejoicing on the beverage, tax & gratuity), in Western New York (Buffalo/Niagara Falls area). mountaintop only to please pay at the meeting.

Time: 5:30 PM – Dinner 6:45 PM – Meeting

Through Native ministry, from From Page 4 dealing drugs to receiving grace

vulnerability is considered a weakness, there is tremendous pressure to not accept Christ. However, there is no denying that the people were starved for hope. “They came from every corner of that parking lot and it was led by the big basketball players, which are the most influential guys in the community. They were the first ones out to choose Jesus publicly. It was overwhelming.” Hutchcraft shares, “The local leaders who have invest-

ed their lives in this community, the local Christians just melted down in tears and said, ‘This is a dream come true.’ One of them said, ‘You can’t imagine what it’s like to have every day another drug overdose, another shooting, another death, another tragedy, and then On Eagles’ Wings came with the hope of Jesus and brought His peace with them.’” Meanwhile, the other half of the team was at another reservation, small and remote. This reservation has

had 75 drug overdoses since 2016 and 15 drug overdose deaths. “Again, there, one by one by one, they led many young people there to Christ. So it was twin victories! In just a couple of nights on two reservations simultaneously where the need, the brokenness, the danger even is greater than most of us will ever face, God is an awesome God and He shows how awesome He is by the changed lives of these walking miracles that I call the warriors.”

From Dealing Drugs to Receiving Grace One of the most powerful stories with the team comes from the second Native community they visited this summer. A team member with the On Eagles’ Wings team shared his story and the Gospel. He then asked the crowd to join him in prayer if anyone wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus. Afterward, the young man gave an invitation for anyone who prayed with him to come forward. He hadn’t even finished speaking before people started coming. “The first one out, we see this late-20-something

SWAT (Spiritual Warfare Attack Team) focus on schools in From Page 4

combating mass shootings

watchman and guardians of the land; we see this as an honor, privilege and responsibility,” Tuttle said. Until SWAT’s assignment is complete, intercessors will continue to pray against school violence, including suicide among students, he said. An intercessor with a national ministry, Cindy Jacobs, encourages prayer on school campuses. She offers a six-point action plan, including a call to “prayer walk” and “engage in spiritual warfare for the school.” Head of the Reformation Prayer Network, Jacobs suggests the following action items: Adopt a school. If your child attends a local school, adopt that one. If you have children in multiple schools, determine if you can do more or at least help coordinate prayer efforts for the other schools. If you do not have children in a local school, ask the Lord which school(s) you can cover in intercession. Prayer walk or drive around the school on a regular basis. You could do this as often as your schedule allows, but try to do it at least once a week.

Get others to join you. Form a prayer group designated to praying for your adopted school. It can be comprised of other Christian parents of students attending the school or it could be members of your church that are interested of joining you. It could be a group of close friends with a similar burden. Where two or three are gathered in His name, there He commands the blessing, so try to get others together for prayer. Engage in spiritual warfare for the school. Find like-minded believers who understand how to war for the future of these children. Carry out specific prayer strikes, as the Lord leads. Map and pray over the land and any past violence on it. Drive the darkness out. Invite God’s love and revival to come. Take responsibility for the spiritual climate over your adopted school! Volunteer in your children’s or grandchildren’s schools. Become spiritual eyes and ears for the school. Find the Christian teachers who may pray with you. Pray for students who are open to it.

experience the depth of depression, loss of close family members and struggling with the uncertainty of various medical issues. Through both the highs and lows, their strong Christian faith and friends have sustained them. Mike (the Prodigal), returned home to his first love, Jesus Christ during a difficult divorce in the mid-90’s. Since then their life and journey have been a series of God orchestrated events; starting with God’s command to “Get out of Debt”, becoming a Promise Keeper, starting a large men’s ministry and going to the

mission field in Africa. This was followed by a series of strokes and a miraculous healing which occurred at Mike’s best friend’s funeral. Later, Mike and Ann, experienced serious illnesses and healings which brought them here to Sarasota in 2009. Mike’s Christian journey of faith and redemption is closely intertwined with his best friend and wife, Ann. --We will need to know how many to set up for. Please call in your reservation by Wednesday, September 12, to Jerry Miller at 941-223-0417.

young man step out and he just stands there facing all the people. He didn’t care who knew that he was choosing Jesus…. We didn’t know who he was till later.” Hutchcraft says they learned from one of the local Christian leaders that the first young man to step forward is Casey* — the local drug dealer. “So here he is looking at his customers probably, saying, ‘I’m choosing Jesus tonight.’ He came up to the local leader of the team that invited us…and after he had been counseled, he came up and he just bear-hugged the local Christian leader and said tearfully, ‘This is amazing.’ Yeah, it is. It’s

amazing grace is what it’s called.” The Work Isn’t Over We will tell you more about what is next for the On Eagles’ Wings team tomorrow. They still have five more Native communities to travel to and share the Good News. For now, please pray for wisdom and strength as these young Native men and women continue their Gospel ministry. If you would like to give in support of the On Eagles’ Wings team, go to:


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‘Greatest Human Rights Issue’ Means the World Has Four Slaves for Every Prisoner

WILLS POINT, Texas, July 24, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Young Nadish is a symbol of hope for GFA (Gospel for Asia, www., as it works to help end a global crisis. Now restored to his family through one of the organization’s caring Bridge of Hope centers in Asia, for two years the small boy was held as a slave-just one of the more than 40 million people around the world kept against their will and forced to work. Photo: Many children help make up the world’s 40 million-plus modern-day slaves, forced to

By: Christian Newswire

work in sweatshops and factories with their families. Though slavery has long been officially outlawed, numerically there are more slaves today than at any time in history-and they make up a population larger than Canada’s and four times the global number of people in prison. As it continues to care for victims in Asia, where forced labor is widespread, GFA is spotlighting the global issue of human trafficking to raise awareness and encourage action to dismantle the illicit trade

whose shadowy profits are exceeded only by those of illicit drugs and illegal arms. GFA details the scale and scope of the problem-named “the greatest human rights issue of our time”-in “21st Century Slavery & Human Trafficking: Stories, Statistics and Solutions” ( special-report/21st-century-slavery-human-trafficking/), the latest in a series of major articles tackling key social issues. Painful as the report is to read, GFA founder Dr. K.P. Yohannan believes “it is good for us to take time

to remember those victims of human trafficking, and let their pain and suffering affect us.” In a blog commenting on the in-depth article ( human-trafficking/), Yohannan writes that, despite the scale of the problem, Christians should have faith in God’s ability to bring change as they pray with confidence. Recalling how GFA was able to help children growing up in one of Asia’s red light districts-where some of their mothers had likely been kidnapped or sold into prostitution-when it began its ministry there, Yohannan urges, “Let us recommit our lives today to believe God to work as we pray and trust him to bring hope to many more.” Among the sobering details in the GFA report on “a truly global dark industry reckoned to generate around $150 billion a year from the broken backs, broken hearts and broken dreams of young and old alike:” • Since 2011, 90 million people have experienced some form of slavery • Traffickers have thrived... Continuation on Page: 9

Families & Seperated Children, An alternative to detention


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I WILL PRAY FOR HE’S ALIVE: ___________ SEND EXTRA COPIES FOR ME TO From Page 5 own community, whether The pilot program, though cerned for the families and immigration judge, then to DISTRIBUTE: __________________________ it’s domestic or refugee fam- successful, has ended. say they should not be de- help them ease their transi- ENCLOSED IS MY GIFT OF: ______________ ilies is much more cost-effective. You’re not housing a family, feeding, clothing, caring for their physical needs,” Abbott says. Furthermore, the program offers such a cost-effective alternative because “of volunteers and other services that are often made available to families at a very low cost or a free cost in a community that surround families in need.”

Abbott shares that this is partly because of “the change in administration, a different direction in how to deter families from entering into the United States, requesting asylum and determined that it would be a better direction to go in to detain families and return them quickly to country of origin.” However, Bethany and many others are con

tained, deserve a chance to be heard in court, and treated respectfully in transitioning. “These families are refugee families fleeing extreme violence in their home country seeking asylum. They need an opportunity to be heard in asylum court to adjudicate their asylum request… and if not, they don’t meet our criteria for asylum, according to a[n]

tion back into their country of origin, particularly when (MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO FAITH they have young children INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTER) attached to that family.” You can also donate online through paypal at If possible, Bethany hopes to restart the Family Case Management Program to continue impacting lives and giving refugees the help, they need to be heard. Pray the Lord would open ways for Bethany to restart partner with us: . this program.

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US hits Turkey with sanctions over

jailed pastor, Andrew Brunson By Dan Wooding

IZMIR, TURKEY (ANS – August 1, 2018) -- The BBC is reporting that the US has imposed sanctions on Turkey’s justice and interior ministers over the continued detention of pastor Andrew Brunson. The evangelical from North Carolina has been held for nearly two years over alleged links to political groups. “We believe he’s a victim of unfair and unjust detention,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said. Last week President Trump warned Turkey it would face “large sanctions” if it did not release Mr Brunson immediately. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Ms. Sanders said: “We’ve seen no evidence that Pastor Brunson has done anything wrong.”

Pastor Andrew Brunson was transferred into house arrest last month due to health issues. She added that the two Turkish ministers had both played “leading roles” in the arrest of the US pastor. “As a result, any property or interest in property of both ministers within US jurisdiction is blocked and US persons are generally prohibited from engaging

in transactions with them,” she said. The BBC continued by saying that the US treasury department later said in a statement that Turkey’s Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul and Interior Minister Suleyman Soyluwere targeted because they “serve as leaders of Turkish

15 Killed in Tiben Village

government organizations responsible for implementing Turkey’s serious human rights abuses.” The Turkish foreign ministry has previously described US demands to release Mr Brunson as “unacceptable.” Who is Andrew Brunson? (BBC)

Mr. Brunson is a longterm resident in Turkey. He lived with his wife and three children while working as the pastor of the small Izmir Resurrection Church, which had a congregation of about two dozen. The authorities accuse him of having links with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Gulenist movement, which Turkey blames for a 2016 failed coup. Mr. Brunson has denied charges of espionage, but faces up to 35 years in jail if found guilty. He was moved into house arrest last week for health reasons, but US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this was not enough. “We have seen no credible evidence against Mr Brunson,” Mr Pompeo tweeted at the time. Turkey’s foreign ministry said it had shared “necessary information” with the US, but insisted the case should be left with its judiciary. What is Turkey’s motiva-

tion? (BBC) Mr. Brunson is one of 20 Americans who were charged after the coup two years ago, according to the New York Times. More than 50,000 people were arrested in Turkey in President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s huge post-coup crackdown. He blames Pennsylvania-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen for the attempt, but Mr Gulen denies any involvement. Turkey wants the US to agree to his extradition. President Erdogan has indicated he would swap the pastor for “the priest” (Mr. Gulen). “US support for Kurdish forces fighting the Syrian civil war has also angered President Erdogan, who views them as an extension of the PKK,” said the BBC. “The PKK - a Turkish-Kurdish rebel group fighting for autonomy since the 1980s - is considered a terrorist group by Turkey and the US.” The ASSIST News Service (

at Hands of Military Forces TIBEN, Cameroon, July 21, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Residents of Tiben, a rural village in Cameroon’s Northwest region where Join the Journey conducts empowerment programs, are still mourning but returning to life after an alleged military-led retaliation took the lives of 15 people July 12. Reports indicate that people were collecting their wares to head to the nearby market when trucks of people wearing military-like fatigues and with advanced weapons stormed into the village and opened fire, targeting women and children. The apparent soldiers shot a number people as they fled and then proceeded to kill a family harboring those fleeing the conflict, taking the life of a teacher

who owned the house. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of life in Tiben and the overall conflict taking place in Northwest Cameroon,” said Adam Cole, executive director for Join the Journey. “Join the Journey is committed to justice and serving others as Jesus Christ would, and we stand with the people of Tiben in this period of recovery. May God heal these wounds.” Tiben lies in Cameroon’s English-speaking Northwest region, near the border with Nigeria, where a long-running conflict has smoldered between residents here and the national French-speaking majority government. Those in the Northwest who are striving for their own countryor at least autonomy under the name Ambazonia-seek to establish public services

and other rights of life that have been ignored by the government. Ambazonia’s call for independence has increased over the last several months and so have killings like the ones in Tiben. Similar reports and accompanying video of shootings occurred elsewhere in Cameroon. Amnesty International’s recent analysis links that particular killing to military forces: One of the deaths in Tiben was Enjeck Helen Enjei, who had been selected as one of five candidates for Join the Journey’s micro-loan program. The program was in the early stages of launching before the recent tragedy. Join the Journey had already been running a poultry empowerment program in Tiben and had assisted several

‘Revoice’ Conference Exposes LGBT

Compromise Among ‘Conservative’ Evangelical Leadership BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 17, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Controversy surrounding the Revoice Conference of July 26-28 at the St. Louis historic Memorial Presbyterian Church is intensifying as conservative Christians push back against radical homosexual activism, which has found promotion and acceptance among leaders within conservative evangelical circles. The agenda and face of Revoice can be seen in its stated goal of “Promoting

LGBT + flourishing in historic Christian tradition.” Highlighted workshops include “Redeeming Queer Culture, Journey to Embrace: A Conversation on Empowering the Church to Embrace the LGBT + Community in Fresh Ways,” and “Sexual Minorities & Ministry.” Popular Christian conservative talk show host, Janet Mefferd, has been one of the many voices warning Christians about the dangers of Revoice stating, “This conference is nothing less than radical homosex-

ual activism dressed in religious garb. Although they claim they are ‘gay Christians,’ there is no such thing as an ‘LGBT Christian’ and the entire nomenclature of Revoice is a deceptive and blasphemous attempt to push the ‘born this way’ lie on conservative Christian churches and incrementally try to neutralize the church’s biblical stance on the sin of homosexual lusts, and, ultimately, homosexual practice.” Mefferd also added, “It is disturbing that the Trojan Horse of Revoice has ad-

churches in the village with rice distributions during holidays. Now that life has returned to normal, Join the Journey’s Cameroon chapter looks to restart work in the community. Join the Journey is a Christ-centered compassion-in-action organization set on uplifting the most impoverished through economic empowerment and connecting them deeper to the vine of Jesus Christ. For more info: vanced with the aiding and abetting of trusted ‘conservative’ entities like The Gospel Coalition, the Southern Baptist’s Convention’s Ethic & Religious Liberty Commission, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.” Agreeing with Mefferd is Southern Baptist minister Thomas Littleton, who has researched and written extensively about the involvement of popular evangelical leaders pushing the LGBT agenda into the conservative camp. As a result, he stresses, “Every council member of Tim Keller’s The Gospel CoaliContinuation on Page: 11

‘Greatest Fro m Pa Human ge 8 Rights Issue’ Means the World Has Four Slaves for Every Prisoner thrived as disasters and wars have created floods of refugees • While some legal action is being taken, much more needs to be done The GFA article notes that while sex trafficking makes headlines for its harrowing nature, three times as many people are caught in other kinds of forced labor. They include millions of children who have to work with their families, many in sweatshops and factories. Human trafficking is a global problem, however, with men, women, and children kept in different forms of slavery on every continent. Some are literally held under lock and key, while others are kept in their place by fear of violence or threats of being exposed to the authorities if they are illegal immigrants. But there is hope-not only

in the restoration of children like Nadish through GFA’s ministry, but also through the efforts of anti-slavery campaigners like Australian businessman Andrew Forrest. The GFA report highlights his assertion that human trafficking is “a human condition.” It is not “AIDS or malaria or something which is thrust upon us by nature,” Forrest has said. “This is the choice of man, so the choice of man can stop it.” Through its Bridge of Hope centers which are providing children with a hope and a future, GFA continues to care for victims like Nadish, whose ordeal left the 11-year-old with deep emotional wounds. Other ministries within GFA also help provide people with tools and vocational training, to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

PAGE 10 | AUGUST 2018 • Vol. 5, No. 8

My Journey to Discover God’s True Identity elli is Verc r h C y B

By Alex Anhalt

(Bradenton, FL) - Around 8 o’clock in the morning on Easter Sunday 2006, I unexpectedly encountered God on Holmes Beach while coming down from a 36-hour cocaine binge. I was a newly married 23-year-old who was successful in the worlds terms, but spiritually very lost. I was not raised in a Christian home or taught the bible while growing up, so although I heard God speaking to me that morning, telling me that I needed to get my life right, I had no idea who He really was. For several months leading up to this I had been studying new age universalism which taught me that all roads lead to God and to heaven. I figured that whoever was speaking to me was the same one every religious person on earth prays to. After having such conviction come over me about what I was doing, I eventually went home, got rid of the cocaine and began a journey of discovering Gods true identity. About a week later, I was in my condo walking through the living room and I heard this voice again. This time it said, “go to Walmart.” Being that I’m a naturally curious person I went ahead and did what the voice

said. When I got to Walmart, I heard the voice say, “go to the book section.” When I got there, I walked around the displays until suddenly I heard the voice say “stop.” When I stopped, the voice told me to look down and when I did I saw one audio book that really caught my eye. When I saw it, the voice said, “that’s it.” I wasn’t sure what the book was but the title was intriguing, “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen. When I got into the car I began to play the CDs and I quickly became enthralled. For the first time in my life I heard someone quoting the bible and as I was listening, I felt a faith rising up in me that what he was

saying was true. This was my first seed towards discovering Jesus. Andrea’s parents went to church, so we agreed to go with them. Andrea is from Peru and her family went to a Hispanic church so I had no idea what I was in for. These people were so happy to worship God. They danced, they clapped and they shouted. They loved it. It was great. The translation of what the pastor said didn’t come through clearly, but I remember that a few statements he made resonated with me. Afterwards he opened the altars for prayer and I came down. While I was there, a man prayed for me in what I thought was Spanish, but it turned out he was pray-

35 Christians

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ing for me in tongues. He left without saying a word to me in English and the next day, he told my mother in law that God gave him a message for me. I called him that night and he said, “God told me that He has His hand extended for you and all you have to do is take it.” He told me that there was a retreat called an encounter coming up that weekend and that I should come because they only do them every 3 months. Without hesitation, I agreed. When I got to the encounter, I was given a paper called an “inventory” which listed everything the bible calls sin. It was a checklist you fill out that allowed you to understand how many sins you’ve committed in your lifetime and how badly you need a savior. As I filled out this inventory, I realized that I had committed thousands if not millions of sins and a deep remorse came over me. Oddly enough, at the same time, I also began to feel peace and joy that I never knew before because I knew God had been speaking to me the whole time, leading me to this place where I could receive forgiveness. I felt so special and loved that words can’t describe it. That night, as we sat down to hear the pastor preach, I was attacked by thoughts that I hadn’t had in years. I saw a man across the room adjust his pants and as he did, I began to have uncontrollable, vivid sexual fantasies of him. I had battled these thoughts as a

teen and thought I had conquered them but that night they came back with a vengeance. With grief stirring in my heart I asked God “did you bring me here to tell me that I’m gay?” When I did, my mind suddenly went blank and I heard the voice say, “the curse is lifted.” Immediately after I heard this, I had a vivid memory of the time that I was sexually molested by my babysitters’ son when I was about 6 years old. I hadn’t thought about this in many years and suddenly, I was watching it play out in my mind like a movie. Once I saw it all replay, my mind again went blank. The next thing that happened was so supernatural that I am still in awe of it today. I felt a hand and an arm reach down from heaven and pull something out of the core of my body. When this happened, I felt a release as if someone had removed a weight from my chest. Right after this happened, I looked back at this same man and now, for the first time, I saw another man and I felt a love for him like he was my own brother. This was something I always wanted because I never had a blood brother and that day, not only did I get free from a curse I never knew I had and from thoughts that I never wanted, but I also had the wall torn down that was keeping me from having close, brotherly relationships with other men. In total awe, I told God, “If you can do this, I will trust you with everything. You can have my life, it’s yours.”

That weekend I met the one who I’d been hearing all along- Jesus. I left the encounter free from sin and heaven bound for the first time in my life. I often tell people that living your life without Jesus, under the weight of all your sin is like being born into a prison and living there your whole life without ever knowing there is an outside world. Sure, the prison is halfway interesting sometimes, and sometimes you have fun in it for a season, but you constantly live with the deep understanding that there must be something more, yet your ignorance causes you to fail to ever see what that something is. Once I gave my life to Christ I had purpose, I had significance, I had freedom. I had been given the keys to door of the prison and set free to enjoy the outside world. Living life with an eternal perspective changes everything. Knowing that you are loved by the Creator of the universe changes everything. Knowing that God is in charge of everything and He is on your side, changes everything. If my story can teach us anything it’s that God can and will go to any length He needs to to reach us when we are lost. When there is no preacher or evangelist, He can even use His own voice to get us to where we need to be to encounter Him fully. This should encourage you, especially if you have lost loved ones. Also, know... Continuation on Page:

the two countries. Now? “We’ve heard even stories where people who had not had contact with family members for many years were finally able to make phone calls and make arrangements to go visit,” Musselman says. “Regardless of the motivation, it’s a good thing, and

we pray that many more followers of Jesus will soon be released from prison and reunited with their families.” This news shouldn’t just be a reminder that things are rough for Christians in Eritrea. It should be a reminder to pray. “It’s not just a passive

thing,” Musselman says. “It’s the most important thing that we can do.” Pray for courage, peace, and safety for Christians still being persecuted in Eritrea, and thank Him for the freedom these 35 Christians now enjoy.

freed in Eritrea

Eritrea (MNN) — In a virtually unprecedented move, 35 Eritrean Christians have been released from prison. It’s welcome news in the often disheartening story of persecution in Eritrea. Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs Canada says it all started almost two decades ago, when the Eritrean government decided that evangelical Christians could no longer meet without registration. This led to the closing of churches across the country, including a large congregation in the nation’s capital that had 10,000 believing members. Churches attempted to apply for registration, but they were met with rejection. “When they shut these churches down, believers started to meet in their homes. We even heard of some meeting in cemeteries in the middle of the night so

they wouldn’t be spotted,” Musselman says. Meanwhile, even evangelical weddings are crashed so the bride and groom can be arrested. Why? Musselman says the government calls it political. “The government would say in Eritrea that they’re political prisoners and that this is not for religious reasons… There’s just a whole lot of deception and misinformation that’s put out by the Eritrean government.” Part of the problem is that the Eritrean government thinks Christians are spies for the Western World or at least are allied with the United States. They’re also being pressured from outside sources. “Unfortunately, with the Orthodox church being very strong there, there were some within that religion that were putting pressure on the government because there were people leaving the Ortho-

dox church and going to evangelical churches.” Since the Orthodox church is not illegal, that pressure carries plenty of weight. All of the combined forces working against the Church has put many families in the path of persecution. “Thousands of evangelicals were then imprisoned, many were tortured, and some even died when they were not given medical treatment,” Musselman says. “For these 35 Christians that have been released and for their families this is great, but for the hundreds and maybe thousands that are still imprisoned, [pray] that they would also be released.” But why a change of heart at all? Musselman isn’t sure, but he speculates that it could have to do with Eritrea’s move to rebuild its relationship with Ethiopia. For years, families have been separated by a border thanks to conflict between


PAGE 11 | AUGUST 2018 • Vol. 5, No. 8

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Muslim Christian Beijing House Churches Issue Declaration in ‘New Era’ Converts Violently for Christianity in China Targeted by Mob By Michael Ireland

By Michael Ireland

WASHINGTON, DC (ANS – July 6, 2018) -- A group of Iraqi Muslims living in the Koutsochero Refugee Camp in Greece on June 27 attacked a group of Iranian Christians who were holding a Bible study. These Christians are all converts and are active in sharing their faith. According to International Christian Concern ( citing 222 Ministries, seven Iranians had “crossed from Turkey to Greece in the area of Thessaloniki and ended up in a refugee camp about 150 km south in Larissa. While they were there, they met as a small group together in one of the Conex containers they were housed in, gathering a few others.” “Somehow, they came to the attention of the other camp residents… a mob formed on Sunday night as they were holding a Bible Study meeting. The mob attacked them, threatening them with knives and beating the men, resulting in hospitalization for two of them. The two women

and two young children were also threatened with knives. Petrol was poured into their Conex. They were called ‘kaffirs’ and told to leave the camp. One of the men had a previous heart condition and the attack caused him to pass out. An ambulance was called but the mob tried to prevent its entry into the camp. The Greek police present did nothing, being massively outnumbered by the mob of 30-40 people,” the 222 Ministries account stated. Pastor Apostolos Theodorakos of the Free Evangelical Church in Larissa said, “Before I even woke up for my work, (a lady) called me and told me she was in the University Hospital because she and her husband were assaulted by a group of Muslims. I ran into the hospital and I found this beloved soul with her child, terrified, with jabs.” He continued, “A group of 30-40 people had come… accusing them of being Christians and going to church. In fact, one took a liquid inside the container and someone tried to (ignite a) fire.”

ICC said all of the victims of the attack have since fled to a safe house. A police complaint has been filed and a lawsuit opened against the attackers. Claire Evans, ICC’s Regional Manager, said, “Whenever a Muslim converts to Christianity, he does so at great risk. Muslim background believers are often shunned by their families and violently targeted by their peers, who regard them as apostates. Often they must flee their homes and begin life from scratch. It is no coincidence that these believers in Koutsochero were singled out by a mob and attacked. “While we are thankful that no one was seriously injured, it is alarming that this mob was allowed to continue their violence without police intervention. Those who perpetrated this violence must be held accountable according to due process of law.” | E-mail: The ASSIST News Service

We invite you to join us every Sunday. Free Groceries every Thursday from 11 AM to 4 PM


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BEIJING, CHINA (ANS – July 31, 2018) -- Thirty-four churches in Beijing have issued a joint declaration calling on the government to respect the basic freedom and rights of religious citizens, and affirming the churches’ commitment to stand together at a time when Chinese Christians are facing a “new environment” following the enactment of the Regulations on Religious Affairs on February 1 this year. Christian Solidarity Worldwide ( uk) says the declaration, dated July 23, 2018, was signed by independent churches, often known as “house churches” or “family churches” that are not registered with the state-sanctioned Three Self Patriotic Movement. The statement declares that the authors’ faith is protected by the constitution and is in accordance with the Bible and Christian tradition, and stresses the churches’ contribution to society. In a media release, CSW said the statement comes at a time when both registered and unregistered churches in China are coming under various forms of pressure. “‘Three Self ’ churches must demonstrate their commitment to ‘sinicization’ of their religious belief. Some have been required to sing patriotic, pro-Communist songs in church services and to fly the national flag. There has also been significant pressure to remove the

cross and other religious symbols from churches; where churches have refused, police and local authorities have used force to remove or destroy crosses and icons,” stated the news release, obtained by ASSIST News ( CSW went on to say independent “house” churches have come under increasing pressure to close, and are subject to intrusive surveillance, intimidation, detention and fines. One such example is that of Home of Christ church in Shantou, Guangdong Province, which was established over 20 years ago. In June and July this year, police and local authorities confiscated more than 5000 books, electronic devices and religious materials, and interrogated leaders and members about the church’s activities. The authorities later labelled the church an ‘illegal religious organization.’ Such cases suggest that the space for independent religious communities is shrinking at a worrying rate. CSW further stated: “It is not only Christianity which is experiencing a ‘new era’ under President Xi Jinping. In Xinjiang, Uyghur Muslims have long been subject to restrictions on their freedom of religion or belief, but since 2017 there has been a particularly marked deterioration in human rights, with reports that

up to one million Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities have been detained in ‘re-education camps’ across the region. Witnesses report that in some areas, almost every man under 60 years of age has been sent to a camp for such reasons as having a relative living overseas or reading the Qu’ran.” CSW’s Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas said: “This declaration affirms the positive role churches can play in society and the rights afforded to all citizens under China’s own constitution. We are extremely concerned about the restrictions on both registered and unregistered church Christians in China, and we further condemn the arbitrary detention of citizens in connection with their religion or belief, including Christians, Muslims and those of other faiths. We renew our calls to the Chinese government to release all those detained for their faith, as well as for those detained in connection with their defense of fundamental human rights in China.” For further information email CSW is a human rights organization specializing in freedom of religion or belief. We work on over 20 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The ASSIST News Service ( )

alition, Russell Moore’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Council, and also Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, must explain why they are maintaining their affiliation with groups actively involved in a movement working to change the biblical and the historical

truth regarding homosexuality.” In response to evangelical leadership’s capitulation of Biblical truth, Littleton asserts, “All Bible-believing Christians must be on the alert and fight back against Revoice and those that enable it. As Ephesians 5:11 tells us, ‘Have nothing to do

the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Christians are also being encouraged to speak to their denominational leaders, pastors and church elder boards to prevent this error from entering their churches. Rev. Thomas Littleton:

‘Revoice’ Conference Exposes LGBT Compromise e9 Fr Pag Among ‘Conservative’ Evangelical Leadership

PAGE 12 | AUGUST 2018 • Vol. 5, No. 8

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Elderly Woman Resisted Being Euthanized When She Saw the Needle, THE NEW GALLERIES OF So Her Family Held Her Down

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A Dutch doctor who was rebuked for killing an elderly dementia patient without consent and in a traumatic manner has been given a formal reprimand by the Dutch medical complaints board, and may now face criminal charges. Worldwide horror -The case involved a woman in her seventies, who was placed in a care home after her dementia became so advanced that her husband could no longer cope with care at home. She was distressed and frightened, and after a few weeks, the doctor at the home determined that she was suffering unbearably. He concluded that she was not mentally competent, but that an earlier statement in her will that she wanted euthanasia “when I myself find it the right time”; justified killing her. The story was greeted with horror around the world, as it emerged that the doctor drugged the victim’s coffee, and had her family hold her down as she tried to fight off the lethal injection. Despite the woman

not being mentally competent to consent to being killed, a review panel cleared the doctor of all charges. Now, the Dutch medical complaints board has formally reprimanded the unnamed doctor -the first case in which a practitioner has been formally censured since the Netherlands made it legal for doctors to kill patients at their request in 2002. The board said that the woman’s will was contradictory, and that although she said she wanted to die on some days, on others she did not. She had written an ‘advance directive’ asking to be killed if her dementia became too severe, but whenever the issue of asking to die was raised, she also added: “Not now, it’s not so bad yet”. The board found that the doctor should have discussed the fact that a sedative was put in her coffee – which did not happen – and only carried out euthanasia if she agreed. The chief public prosecutor at The Hague is inves-

tigating whether there are grounds for criminal charges to be laid against the doctor, with an announcement expected after the summer. Even a euthanasia advocate who was involved in a historic case at the Supreme Court that helped set the legal conditions for the procedure in the Netherlands condemned the killing of the woman. ‘This case is appalling,’ said Dr Boudewijn Chabot, adding that the euthanasia of the Alzheimer’s patient “goes beyond the law as we understand it.” In March, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service announced that it has begun investigations into four cases of euthanasia, including one of a woman with Alzheimer’s who was killed without consent. The dangers of legalised euthanasia to the vulnerable have also been highlighted in Belgium. It emerged this week that three children, one only nine years old, have had their lives ended by doctors since the euthanasia of minors was legalized in 2016.











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