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in-the-World d y artistic reaction to Heidegger's essay Building Dwelling Thinking ‚digitally manipulated photos and one drawing (title of this drawing is Fourfold) . ¶ The sand tower is reminicent of the Tower of Babel, is a digital photo I took on a Dutch coast recently. ¶ The Babel story is seen as a metaphor for the dangers of technology. To paraphrase Heidegger, if technology solves all our problems, this will be our biggest problem. That is why the tower was eventually ruined by the God who came down and caused them to speak different languages. We could say The Tower of Babel is a kind of Heideggerian prophesy, where human Dasein builds technologically advanced almighty tower of domination which at the same time has an self-destructing tendency. ¶ According to Heidegger in this letting-be of things, Dasein does not attempt to manipulate, master or compel things, but instead builds things in their essential nature, i.e., in relation to the fourfold tough, human desire to use, obtain and manipulate objects is a constant threat. ¶ In short, Dasein’s Being-in-the-world is a Being-with others: it shares its world with beings that genuinely are its Others – beings capable of inhabiting or dwelling within that same world. ¶ A man dwells in a world that he has been thrown into until death. he must be there “To be a human being means to be on earth as a mortal.” aiteellinen reaktioni Heideggerin esseeseen ’Building Dwelling Thinking’ – digitaalisesti manipuloituja valokuvia ja yksi piirustus (piirustuksen otsikko on Fourfold – ’Nelinkertainen’. ¶ Hiekkatorni muistuttaa Baabelin tornia – digitaalinen kuva, jonka otin vähän aikaa sitten Hollannin rannikolla. ¶ Baabelin tarina kertoo metaforan kautta teknologian vaaroista. Heidegger sanoo, että jos teknologia ratkaisee kaikki ongelmamme, siitä tulee meidän suurin ongelmamme. Siksi Jumala tuhosi tornin tullessaan alas ja sai ihmiset puhumaan eri kielillä. Voisi sanoa, että Baabelin torni on eräänlainen Heideggeriläinen ennustus,


HESA inprint - Issue 09  
HESA inprint - Issue 09  

Ninth issue of HESA inprint, "Creation Stories - Luomiskertomuksia". Including work by Gregory T. Davis, Emma Gamble, Howard B. Johnson Jr.,...