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California wine country is one of the most lovely regions in the United States to visit. With beautiful wineries, a lot of vineyard tours, and amazing wines, there's always plenty to do on a wine tour in California. The best part of these wine tours is the fact that you can take the tour with whomever you like and however you wish. These wine tours in California can be the perfect holiday for whoever enjoys adventure, beauty, and good food. For those less inclined to hair-raising adventures, tours are provided via car, train, or carriage--perfect for a retired getaway or possibly a peaceful vacation. On the other hand, if you are looking for the more adventurous tours, check out some of the kayaking, horseback, or hot-air balloon tours which are offered throughout the Napa Valley. For the exercise enthusiasts, there are always the age-old methods of transportation like biking, running, hiking, or just walking around the different vineyards. The history of most wine tours in California go back to the mid 1800s, when European settlers brought grapes into the valleys as a method to remember the country they left behind. After only several years, the surplus of grapes along with the arrival of grape vine diseases brought tough economic times to the planters. In spite of these setbacks, several wineries were able to continue production, even during the even tougher times of Prohibition. They remained solvent by turning their production into the making of wines for religious and sacramental purposes. Soon after the Prohibition was repealed, growers yet again flocked to this area that was perfectly suited for wine-making. The industry quickly took off and grew to become what's today known as one of the most popular industries on the West Coast. The very first step in selecting your own California wine tour is to decide exactly where you wish to go. Napa Valley is a popular location amongst wine lovers, and offers over three hundred wineries which are some of the world's top producers of zinfandels, cabernets and pinots. The Sonoma Valley is yet another highly-acclaimed spot in the middle of California wine country. When you begin to plan your tour, check out the various regions' websites to ensure that you will have a better idea of exactly where you are going. Second on your list of arranging your own wine tour would be to determine if you want to go on a guided tour or set off by yourself. Guided tours, while much more expensive, offer tours of a few of the very best vineyards in the country, and typically have exclusive passes to those vineyards. Even within the confines of a guided tour, you'll find plenty of different tours to choose from. However, in the event you are a free spirit who likes to make spontaneous decisions, you might prefer to set out on your own tour. This will likely take far more planning, however it might permit you to visit all the areas you wish to visit as an alternative to a set itinerary. Knowing what you want out of your tour will help you plan the wine tour in California that is best for you. Next, you should decide in regards to your lodging. If you are taking a guided tour, odds are that you will wish to get a good hotel room to stay in following a long day of touring. Instead of a hotel room, you may want to take into consideration a bed-and-breakfast inn or even a

campground or RV park. Whatever your preferred place of lodging, California wine country offers a wide number of locations to stay during your trip. The last step in planning your wine tour in California is to reserve your lodging and tours. Keep in mind that the wine country's tourist season is during the summer months and fall, when the grapes are getting harvested. In case you plan to go during this season, you must count on reserving your lodging at least three months prior to your trip. The same goes for tours. Due to the fact that large tours are offered particularly during the tourism peak seasons, be sure you either (1) book your guided tour as soon as you know what you want; or (2) plan out your own self-tour quickly and reserve every single individual adventure as soon as possible. In the event you plan to do your own tour, you will need to reserve each and every stop on your own. Either way, you ought to pick or plan a tour that fits your personality and style of touring. Of course, the final step in planning a wine tour in California is to get there. After you have reserved your ticket, packed your bags, and boarded the airplane, you'll be able to look forward to one of the most beautiful tours in California. Irrespective of which tour you decide on, you'll experience the tour of a lifetime during any wine tour in California.

Wine Tours in California - How You Can Plan The Best Tour For Oneself  
Wine Tours in California - How You Can Plan The Best Tour For Oneself  

While there are many types and destinations for wine tours there are also a lot of details. Read this article to ensure you plan out whateve...