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Stephanus Hery Kuntarto Born in Jakarta, 23 July 1983 Address : 28R Oxley Road, Oxley Mansion, Singapore 238622 Mobile : +65 9784 9364 E-mail : Availability : April 2014

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE #Key Value : 7 Years working experience in project administration and running of projects in Singapore. 3 Months internship in Singapore architect firm. 3 Months working as a volunteer for GTZ (G2G institution) in Aceh, Indonesia. #Key Strength : Good management for design & build project

Google Sketch-up proficiency

Familiar with Singapore building code compliance & authorities submission

Lumion proficiency

Good flair of architectural design

Cinema 4D proficiency

Self-motivated & independent

Adobe After Effect proficiency

Good communication & able to lead a project team

Microsoft Office proficiency

AutoCAD proficiency

Autodesk Revit BIM proficiency

Adobe Photoshop proficiency

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Ronny Chin Architects Pte Ltd. , 147B Selegie Road, Singapore 188313 Last Position : Architectural Associate March 2007 – March 2014

List of Projects: Architecture Design & Build – Master Plan : 1. Marina Bay Suites @ D’Wadihana 1 Block Small Office Home Office of 50 storey tower comprising of 43 storey, 846 unit apartments, 7 storey car park podium, swimming pool, sky lobby, recreational facilities, gym, 2 th rd sky garden (level 16 and 33 ) and roof deck facilities at Jalan Sekolah Arab, Johor Bahru, Malaysia (on going for construction). [Role : Project Architect] Architecture Design & Build – Mixed-Use Commercial : 2. Sycamore Tree 5 Storey with attic comprising of 96 unit apartments with gym, swimming pool and mechanized car park at 392-404B Fowlie-Joochiat, Singapore (June 2008 – TOP targeted Feb 2015). [Role : Project Architect] 3. Alexis 6 and 5 Storey commercial and residential with attic comprising of 293 Unit apartments, 2 levels of shops, 2 levels of basement car parks, gym, swimming at 356 Alexandra Rd, Singapore (Completion 2011). [Role : Project Team] Architecture Design & Build - High Rise Apartment : 4. Bliss Loft 14 Storey residential comprising of 48 Unit apartments with gym, swimming pool and mechanized car park at 27 Kim Keat Close Rd, Singapore (July 2010 - September 2012). [Role : Project Architect]

Stephanus Hery Kuntarto • +6597849364•

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Architecture Design & Build - Low Rise Apartment : 5. Bella Vista 5 storey with attic comprising of 16 unit apartments with gym, swimming pool and mechanized car park at 1 Sommerville, Singapore (May 2007 – July 2009). [Role : Project Architect] 6. Kent Residence 6 Storey with attic comprising of 13 unit apartments with gym, swimming pool and mechanized car park at 23 Kent Rd, Singapore (August 2007 – August 2009). [Role : Project Architect] 7. Suites @ Guillemard 5 Storey residential with attic comprising of 72 unit apartments with gym, swimming pool and mechanized car park at 74 Lim Ah Woo Rd, Singapore (August 2009 – TOP targeted Jan 2014). [Role : Project Architect] 8. Ness 8 Storey residential comprising of 62 unit apartments with gym, swimming pool and mechanized car park at 30-40 Lorong 32 Geylang Rd, Singapore (July 2011 – TOP targeted Sep 2014). [Role : Project Architect] Architecture Design & Build – Landed housing : 9. 3 Storey with attic and swimming pool comprising of 4 unit semi detached houses at 17 Jalan Teliti – Tampines Rd, Singapore (June 2008 – March 2010). [Role : Project Architect] 10. 3 Storey with attic of intermediate terrace house at 271 Joochiat Place, Singapore (September 2007 – June 2009). [Role : Project Architect] 11. 3 Storey with attic of intermediate terrace house at 150 Langsat Rd, Singapore (November 2007 – December 2009). [Role : Project Architect] Architecture Design & Build – Office : 12. Addition & Alteration of 2 Blocks of 3 storey office building with 1 substation at 150 Cantonment Rd, Singapore (August 2007 – February 2009). [Role : Project Architect] Architecture Design Proposals : 13. 3 Storey cluster housing comprising of 8 units of semi-detached houses with attic, swimming pool & individual basement car parks at 17 Jalan Teliti – Tampines Rd, Singapore (June 2007). [Role : Project Architect] 14. 3 Storey with attic comprising of 5 unit strata bungalows at Ponggol Rd, Singapore (March 2009). [Role : Project Architect]

Responsibilities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

To prepare design presentation & feasibility study for client. To liaise with client for preparing show unit and sales gallery. To assist client preparing project model and brochure for project launching. To give a brief description about the project to marketing agents before project launching. To coordinate architectural related items in S&P agreement with lawyers & marketing agents . To make sure the design comply with local building code and to submit the drawings to Singapore building control authorities URA (PP,WP,GFA Regularization), BCA (BP, green mark, buildability score, TOP), SCDF (HS &SS), FSSD (BP,RI,FP), LTA (Road & Transport, Vehicle Parking, Railways), NEA (DC,BP), NParks (DC,BP) To report all the progress to the principal architect. To do drawing coordination with structure engineer, mechanical electrical engineer, topographical surveyors, quantity surveyors, mechanical car park manufacturers or suppliers. To prepare the tender drawings and design guideline as part of the tender contract. To assist client during tender stage. To check and coordinate all combine service drawings from contractor. To attend and chair every technical meeting with contractor and other consultants. To liaise with the contractor during construction stage up to TOP commissioning. To monitor construction site progress and to make sure all works constructed accordingly. To prepare a site visit report and update client before commissioning. To attend authorities commissioning.

Stephanus Hery Kuntarto • +6597849364•

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Citiarch Architects, #02-01/02, 288 Jalan Besar, Singapore 108951 Internship October 2005 – January 2006

List of Projects : Architecture Addition & Alteration : 1. Reconstruction of the existing 3 storey intermediate terrace dwelling house at 43 Jambol Place, Singapore (October 2005). [Role : Architectural Draughtsman] 2. Proposed repairs and restorations to the existing Chinese heritage centre (monument) for Nanyang Technological University at Nanyang Avenue, Singapore (November 2005). [Role : Architectural Draughtsman] 3. Proposed construction of resident’s cum study corner at Block 559 Punggol Palmview, Pasir Ris, Singapore (December 2005). [Role : Architectural Draughtsman] 4. Addition & Alteration to the existing 2 storey semi-detached house at 51 Sunbird Circle. [Role : Architectural Draughtsman] Architecture Design Proposal : 1. Mendaki Kids Center in Jurong West, Singapore (interior design proposal). [Role : Architectural Draughtsman]

Responsibilities: - To make sure that the design comply with the building code compliance. - To submit the drawings to URA. - To prepare 3D model using sketch-up.

SIGUS – Community Action Planning (CAP) GTZ Team, Aceh, Indonesia Barefoot Architect Student Volunteer May 2005 – August 2005

List of Projects : Village Master Plan : 1. Village Planning Post Disaster : Lamteumen & Lamtutui Village Planning in Aceh, Indonesia. 2. Village Planning Post Disaster : Lancang Village Planning in Aceh, Indonesia 3. Village Planning Post Disaster : East Lamteumeun Village Planning in Aceh, Indonesia

Responsibilities: - To attend meeting with villager and to assist them how to re-build their village using community action planning methodology. - To prepare the design presentation and house model from recycled-boxes. - To re-draw village map from satellite raster image as main reference for the new master plan. - To assist principal architect producing the construction drawing of the houses. - To prepare tender documents and tender drawings.

EDUCATION University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia Bachelor Degree in Architecture August 2001 - February 2007

PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT & CERTIFICATES Member of IAI (Board of Architects Indonesia) Revit Course – Advance Class Revit Course – Essential Class

Stephanus hery kuntarto resume & portfolio 2014  
Stephanus hery kuntarto resume & portfolio 2014