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PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT     For   my   major   project,   I   plan   to   deliver   a   positive   message   for   of   all   people   regardless  of  age  belief  or  race.  The  message  is  to  be  who  you  are  no  matter  the   circumstance.  I  will  be  delivering  my  message  in  the  form  of  an  animation,  with   poetry  being  spoken  along  with  it.     My   poetry,   which   I   have   titled   “Mask”   gives   reasons   why   it   is   better   to   be   who   you  are  rather  then  trying  to  be  someone  you’re  not.     I  have  planned  to  start  creating  some  of  my  animation  on  Flash;  I  will  then  finish   the   rest   of   the   animation   on   Adobe   After   Effects.   I   have   chosen   to   use   Adobe   After  Effect  because  I  have  some  ideas  for  my  animation  that  would  be  easier  to   animate  on  Adobe  After  Affect  than  it  would  be  on  Flash.  For  example,  there  is  a   part   of   the   animation   where   I   would   like   a   human   to   transform   into   a   stone.   Crazy  as  it  may  sound,  I  honestly  think  that  this  would  look  quite  amazing.  Also   since   this   is   a   short   animation   it   would   make   more   sense   for   me   to   use   After   Effect.     I   have   researched   many   other   professional   works,   and   the   one   that   really   inspired  me  was…josh  Pykes  “FILL  YOU  IN”     Jason  Peacock  who  is  now  a  motion  graphic  designer  at  Venturethree  produced   the  video  for  his  final  year  project  in   Multimedia  Design  and  Technology.  Jason   had  produced  the  animation  using  Adobe  After  Effects  cs3.     When   I   first   watched   this   piece   of   animation,   it   was   very   similar   to   what   I   had   in   mind.   The   more   I   watched   it,   the   more   ideas   I   began   to   develop   for   my   own   animation.     Out   of   all   the   animation   research   that   I   have   done,   Jason   Peacock’s   piece   of   work   is   the   one   that   stands   out   for   me   the   most.   My   reason   for   this   is   because  it  has  been  kept  very  simple  but  yet  still  entertaining  to  its  audience.       I  would  also  like  my  animation  to  be  simple  but  yet  still  be  able  to  grab  people’s   attention,  especially  since  I’ve  decided  to  deliver  a  positive  message  with  it.     Other   animation   that   I   have   researched   includes   a   music   video   for   rapper,   Common.  The  name  of  the  music  video  is  called  “LETS  MOVE”     Unfortunately  I  was  unable  to  find  out  the  name  of  the  illustrator  for  this  video.   But   the   reason   why   I   was   inspired   by   this   video   is   because   of   its   hand   drawn   illustration.  The  animation  is  extremely  plain  with  no  colour  or  movement  to  it.   This  inspired  me  to  also  keep  my  animation  simple  with  no  colour.           As   a   child   I   watched   many   different   cartoon   programmes,   but   I   was   always   especially  infatuated  when  I  would  turn  on  a  music  channel  and  see  an  animation   music  video  of  a  song  I  liked.  For  example  Tupac’s,  “DO  FOR  LOVE”.  But  one  thing   I  noticed  was  that  there  were  hardly  any  animated  music  videos.    

Also, I   have   watched   many   cartoon   programmes   (too   many   to   name)   and   I’ve   noticed  that  the  majority  of  them  do  not  give  out  positive  messages.     This   is   one   of   the   reasons   why   I   have   decided   to   try   and   deliver   a   positive   message  with  my  animation,  along  with  some  spoken  words.     The   media   is   very   well   known   for   setting   trends   and   encouraging   people   to   conform,   music   artists   have   a   certain   amount   of   power   in   there   hands   towards   the   masses,   from   the   news   to   music   videos,   the   media   is   constantly   giving   us   ideas   of   how   we   should   look.  Visual   imagery   can   have   a   profound   effect   on   the   mind  of  the  masses  encouraging  them  to  look  or  be  a  certain  way,  which  may  not   have   originally   been   their   own.   A   lot   of   the   time   these   imageries   are   used   for   someone   else’s   and   often   fail   to   encourage   individuals   to   be   themselves.   From   the   19th   century,   cartoons   to   todays   music   videos   there   is   often   not   enough   encouragement  for  individuals  to  be  themselves.   Even   Disney   films   such   as   Cinderella,   which   are   aimed   at   kids,   often   have   an   effect  on  them  later  in  life,  driving  them  to  look  for  that  perfect  gentleman  in  a   fairy  tale  way.         I   would   also   like   to   add   some   music   to   the   background   of   my   animation;   of   course  I  would  not  make  this  a  priority,  but  I  do  think  it  would  help  the  vibrancy   of  my  animation  in  quite  a  big  way.   Some   of   the   skills   that   I   feel   I   need   to   improve   on   would   be   my   knowledge   of   After  Effect  and  Flash.,  thoough  I  do  think  I  will  learn  new  skills  as  I  create  mty   animation.       Before  making  a  finale  decision  on  the  poem  that  I  chose  for  this  animation  piece,   I  thought  of  another  one.  My  other  poem  also  was  about  being  yourself,  but  I  was   unable  to  think  of  an  appropriate  ending  for  it.                                              

POEM NUMBER  1       “My  alarm  goes  beep  as  I  wake  up  out  my  sleep,  throw  the  covers  off  the  sheet,   get   up,   drop   my   feet   on   the   carpet,   quiick   to   the   bath   its   about   quarter   past   gotta   move   kind   of   fast,   summers   here   at   last   got   to   meat   the   untorage   fitting   in   is   a   must  so  cant  forget  my  mask.   Got  it  on  tight,  the  real  me  is  out  of  sight  now  I  feel  right  “……..     Below  are  some  rough  sketches  that  I  had  done  for  my  first  poem.     To   the   left   is   my   character,   very   simply   drawn,   I   purposely   made   the   character   simple  so  that  it  would  be  easier  for  me  to  animate  on  Flash.   Below   the   character,   is   a   bed   with   he/she   sleeping   on   it.   Beside   this   image   is   a   birds  eye  view  of  a  my  chracter  sleeping  with  an  alarm  clock  beside  the  bed.   Above   the   bed   is   (supposed   to   be)   a   birds   eye   view   of   feet   on   a   carpet,   as   explained  on  my  poem.   To   the   bottom   right,   I   tried   to   draw   my   chracter   stuck   in   a   box,   this   did   not   have   anything  to  do  with  my  first  poem,  but  relates  to  the  one  I  chose.                                                                     MY  CHOSEN  POEM:     “take  off  the  mask  and  be  yourself,  look  in  the  mirror  and  see  yourself,  just  be  the   norm,  because  theres  nothing  more  beuitifull  then  anything  in  its  natural  form,  if   a  storm  was  to  form  then  that  mask  would  fade  out,  so  who  are  you  going  to  play   now,  placed  in  a  position  where  there  seems  to  be  no  way  out.   Seeyou   can   only   be   yourself,   you   can’t   be   no   one   else,   even   super   man   goes   back   to  his  original  self.   As   a   child   I   always   felt   that   I   had   to   blend   in,   spending   all   my   cream   just   to   be   part  of  the  team,  tracksuits  and  new  jeans,  climber  fits  nikees,  air  max  90s  and   95s  but  now  I’m  more  wise  I’ve  realised  that  being  a  disguise  is  not  the  way  to   get  by,  I  would  rather  be  I,  the  truth  you  can’t  hide,  because  the  proof  is  always   there  just  look  and  you  will  find.  It  all  will  expose  itsef  in  due  time.    

Below is  a  story  board  that  I  had  drawn  out  for  the  poem.  Each  square  eplains  a   line  in  the  poem  through  an  illustration.   For  my  first  scene  I  will  have  my  character  looking  into  the  mirror,  but  instead  of   he   or   she   seeing   a   reflection   of   himself,   they   will   be   looking   at   the   word   YOURSELF.  I  decided  to  do  this  because  it  is  something  that  I  have  not  seen  been   done  before.  I  think  it  will  work  great  with  my  animation.    From  my  first  scene  I  will  have  my  character  transform  into  a  group  of  stones,  as   shown  on  the  second  square  of  my  story  board.  The  stones  will  be  an  example  of   something  in  its  natural  form,  giving  a  clearer  explanation  of  the  line  in  my  poem   “there  is  nothing  more  beautiful  than  anything  in  its  natural  form”.   Continuing   from   this,   the   stones   will   then   transform   into   letters,   forming   the   word  storm,  as  seen  on  the  second  square.   On   my   third   scene   I   will   have   the   storm   hit   the   face   of   my   character,   this   will   cause  his  mask  (that  he  will  be  wearing)  to  fade  off  his  face.     I  will  then  go  onto  my  next  scene  which  I  have  tried  to  show  on  the  fourth  box.   This  scene  explains  the  line  on  my  poem  “placed  in  a  position  where  there  seems   to  be  no  way  out”  to  show  this  I  will  have  my  character  trapped  in  a  small  glass   room.   On   my   fifth   scene   I   will   show   superman   transforming   into   kent   clark   ,   explaining   that  even  superman  goes  back  to  his  original  self.   I  will  then  go  on  to  show  a  squick  scene  of  my  character  as  a  child.  On  this  scene  I   will  have  he  or  she  around  some  cool  friends.     The  scene  will  then  go  on  to  show  different  brands  of  clothes  and  trainers,  such   air  max  trainers,  nike  tracksuits  and  armany  jeans.     On  my  final  scen  I  will  have  my  character  walking  alone  with  no  mask  on.   Once  the  mask  is  taken  off  of  my  characters  face,  colour  will  then  be  added  to  the   whole  scene.  This  is  supposed  to  show  the  happiness  that  originality  can  bring.            


This is a mini porfolio for my final project.