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Agreement Between Auburn University & Opposing Football Teams: Agreement must be signed before play begins. We ____________ as the opposing team against Auburn this week understand that they have a defensive lineman named Nick Fairly. We understand that his primary job is to tackle the player with the ball (very often the quarterback). We understand that until the whistle is blown the play is ongoing and he (Nick Fairly) will be coming after the person with the ball as fast and furious as he can. We understand that at 6’4� and over 300 lbs he is not going to be able to stop on a dime and ask if you wish to stop the play. We further understand that if he lands on you in the midst of performing his duties it is going to hurt. Therefore we agree not to whine, cry or throw cheap chop blocks if this occurs during the course of the game today. Attach Signatures Here Coach_______________________ Quarterback__________________ Team Captain_________________

Auburn Agreement  

LOA between AU and opposing team

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