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All You Want To Know About A Dump Truck Dump trucks have been around for a long time. The term generally describes a range of different vehicles and people in different countries refer to them in different ways. The best known dump truck is the standard model, but there is also the articulated hauler, the winter service vehicle, the haul truck, the transfer truck, the side dumper, the truck and pup, the trailer bottom trucks (double, triple and semi), the super dump truck and the semi trailer end model. The history of the dump truck is long and interesting and we will take some time reviewing it. It is also very important to understand what these machines are used for. Lastly, we will look at the fact that most companies choose to hire these types of machines rather than purchasing them outright. After you have learned about all of this, you may find yourself far more noticing the trucks around you and how they are used. In terms of history, it is believed that the first dump trucks were developed towards the late 19th century in the West of Europe, which was still very agricultural in those days. At the beginning of the 20th century, the motorized dump truck was developed and this isn't very different from the ones we can see now from equipment rental companies. Companies that developed these types of machinery really saw their industry boom when World War I broke out because more and more trucks were needed in those days. After the war, some of the companies continued to grow but others saw their business dwindle. By 1920, however, the Canadians developed their own dump truck. This one was powered by hydraulics and this is the idea that took the world by storm. Trucks today still operate on this system of hydraulics, so that really was an amazing invention. There still isn't a real consensus about who can take credit for this machine. Whether it was the Europeans, the Americans or the Canadians is likely to be a mystery that will never be entirely resolved. Since they became so popular during the First World War, perhaps it is easiest to agree that it was a joint venture.

Today, these types of trucks are used mainly in the construction industry. The dump truck is one of the most important heavy machinery pieces that you will find on a construction site. They are often used at the beginning of a task, to take rubble away from the earth diggings that are likely to take place. Then, when the foundations are prepared, the dump trucks come back in to place rubble and other things that are necessary. During construction itself, the

trucks will be going backwards and forwards to remove any dirt and rubble and to bring in any new materials that are needed. As you can see on, it is still very common to hire one of these machines rather than purchasing them. For many, hiring equipment is only necessary if the machine isn't actually used for a great length of time. It seems, however, that dump trucks are used from the beginning to the end of any project, so why not buy them outright? Basically, this is because of the expense. Trucks are very expensive and the construction industry across the world is collapsing. It simply isn't possible anymore for construction companies to purchase these machines outright. Not just that, it can actually be much better value for money to hire one. This is because you don't have the responsibility for such things as maintenance, repairs and insurance. That all remains with the owning company. So, if your machine breaks down, you will get a new one on sight within a very short period of time at no extra cost. Best of all, many companies allow you to hire construction equipment with drivers. Because dump trucks are so big and because they use complicated hydraulic systems, they do require someone who is specifically trained in order to operate them. Naturally, you have the choice of recruiting someone like that into your company, but you could also save yourself the hassle and simply hire a truck and driver and know for a fact the job is going to get done quickly and right

All You Want To Know About A Dump Truck  

Dump trucks have been around for a long time. The term generally describes a range of different vehicles and people in different countries r...