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Gothenburg Introduction Mm, inhale the fresh ocean scent of Gothenburg, western Sweden’s fashion and financial capital. Visit the many cafés and attractions or meet some of the beautiful Swedes, which are walking the streets of “Little London”. In Gothenburg you’ll always have something to do, and according to some research Gothenburg is the most likable city in Europe.

Size, population Gothenburg is the next largest city in the kingdom of Sweden, after the glorious capital: Stockholm. Gothenburg has approximately 622000 inhabitants, and is located on the beautiful West coast of Sweden. It was founded in 1622 by the great Swedish king Gustavus II Adolphus. It was its strategic position and the beauty of the surrounding nature that made him choose this particular area of land to be the foundation of the city.

Events Kultur kalaset Also known as Göteborgs kalaset, but has now changed named and concentrates more on culture than party. The festival takes place in central Gothenburg and offers a mixture of music, art, dance and food from many different cultures. This is the place to go if you want to feel the smell of Swedish summer.

The World Youth Cup The cup is the biggest football cup for youths between 11 and 19. Participants from over sixty countries travel across the world to Sweden to compete every summer. Many of the children have met each other year after year in Gothenburg and keep contact when the cup is over. But football, friendship and international cooperation is just some of the many reason for you to be here. There is a big disco every night with performers and DJ:s where everyone can go!

Cortégen Cortégen is a tradition from Chalmers since 1909. It has rolled through town every year since then, except from 1940 because of the war. This tradition is very appreciated by the inhabitants of Gothenburg. The students make fun of celebrities and news from the year, full of sarcasm and irony. About forty trucks drive trough Gothenburg city on Walpurgis Night and around 250 000 people watch this.

Football Allsvenskan is the highest football league in Sweden. Gothenburg is Sweden's second largest city, and four teams in the Allsvenskan come from there. The teams are IFK Gothenburg, GAIS, ÖIS and BK Häcken. Each year they play several prestigious derby’s around in Gothenburg. This team has won most titles in Gothenburg. IFK Gothenburg, formed on 4 October 1904, has won 18 national championship titles, five national cup titles, and two UEFA Cups. IFK also called The Angels plays their home matches at Nya Ullevi. Their home colour is blue-white and the capacity of their home arena is around 43 500. Örgryte IS, also called ÖIS is one of oldest football clubs in Sweden. This club was formed on December 4, 1887. Their home colour is blue-red and they are also playing their home matches at Ullevi but at the Old Ullevi. Old Ullevi’s capacity is near 19 000. IFK Gothenburg and GAIS are their biggest rivals.

GAIS is also known as green-black because their home colours are green and black. They are also playing their home matches at Old Ullevi. GAIS is not so successful as ÖIS and IFK Gothenburg but they are a very good football team. BK Häcken is from Hisingen, a district outside of Gothenburg. Their home colour is black and yellow. Rambergsvallen is the arena where BK Häcken is playing their home matches. This team is not so good but good enough to play in the highest league in Sweden, Allsvenskan.

Shopping in Gothenburg If you want to shop clothes from ordinary stores like H&M, Topshop, Gina Tricot, Kappahl, Lindex or Solo, then take the flight and fly to Gothenburg. You can also find many famous Swedish designers as Acne, Monki, Nudie, Filippa K and etc. Nordstan “Sweden’s leadingshopping centre in the heart of Göteborg” is the place to go if you want the best from the ordinary stores.

NK – Nordiska Kompaniet If you would like to buy, or maybe just look at some more exclusive clothes, shoes, bags or watches, you have come to the right place. Brands like Prada, Armani, Rolex, Mulburry and etc. can be found here.

Second-hand Gothenburg has also a big range of second hand stores, where you can found everything from a worn-out H&M sweater to an old Dior bag. These shops are located in areas like Haga, Linné and Magasinsgatan.

Haga A cozy quarter in central Gothenburg with a mixture of second hand stores, art and coffee shops. The outdoor cafés became full of people sitting under felts when spring arrives. This area is mostly known for the atmosphere and the coffee bars.

Main industries The largest employers in Gothenburg are Volvo and SKF. Volvo is producing cars and trucks etc. And the Volvo AB almost has 100,000 employees.

Local pastimes If you are visiting Gothenburg, there is always something to do. You could visit some of the charming cafés or restaurants. If you’re tired you can check in to a hotel, perhaps Avalon, the new design-hotel, with a cool pool on the roof. Gothenburg also possesses the largest convention centre in Scandinavia; Svenska mässan. They have several exhibitions a year, from book exhibitions to boat exhibitions.

Food Gothenburg is mostly known for its big range of fish, but food from all kinds of cultures can easy be found here. From sushi, Chinese and India too Swedish specialties like meatballs, pea soup or mashed turnips. Do you want to buy some special food? Go to Fiskekyrkan, to buy high quality fish and shellfish. If you are hungry, or just prefer delicious cheese, meat and spices visit Saluhallen, located on Kungstorget. Good-tasting food is easy to find here, just grab a table on nearest restaurant and you won’t be disappointed.

Gothenburg’s Opera Do you love musicals, opera or ballet? If you are, go to visit Gothenburg’s Opera. It’s right in the city with a beautiful view of the harbour where you can enjoy the amazing sunset on the evening. If you look carefully you will notice that the building has had it’s appearance inspired from a boat. Every part of the building is made of boats. It’s very modern and fresh! Are you hungry for a lovely walk along the harbour? Walk here! You can promenade along the beautiful pier and around the Opera. Are you sick and tired of the noise from the traffic? Go inside the Opera and enjoy a beautiful performance as Romeo and Juliet which has premier the twenty-ninth of May.

If you want to know little more about the Opera, visit the homepage:

Way out West If you hate camping in the clay and you are visiting Gothenburg the fourteenth of August, then you can’t miss the biggest festival in Gothenburg called Way out West. It’s a festival for every music taste. You can find almost all genres like electronic, indie, rock and also a lot of club music. The festival is during two whole days and it’s crowded with beautiful music and lots of people. Here you can both enjoy nature and the music at once. The festival I located in Slottskogen which is one of Gothenburg’s biggest tourist forests in the city. So, why not visit Way out West, if you are we will meet there! If you are not going, you are going to miss a great festival with a lot of good famous bands! Suit yourself…

Visit the website for more information about the tickets:


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