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EPDM pond lining Type

hertalan easy.pond

Maximum bonding length

30 metre

Maximum weight

2500 kg

Material thickness

0.75 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5 mm

hertalan EPDM easy.pond membranes are made to measure and prefabricated in large sizes, normally 500 to 2,000 m2. The size is limited by weight and ease of handling. GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE hertalan EPDM easy.pond membranes are a good environmental choice. The membranes contains no environmentally hazardous substances, and leaching or emission of chemicals does not take place. Our membranes can be incinerated (energy recycling) or easily reused.

hertalan easy.pond Mechanical stresses from the substrate and estimated lifetime determine the thickness of the rubber membrane. Prior to installation, check the need for a geotextile protective layer as well as gas evacuation through pipes under the membrane. High groundwater should always be drained away.

Necessary preparations When selecting the construction site, several elements must be considered to ensure a longterm performance of the pond system and to avoid any future problems. The following parameters should be investigated:


Recreation pond at Military site Below: Top anchoring with trench and water level drainpipe Below right: Motorway pond hertalan easy.pond 2


hertalan sleeve Drain pipe Steel clip hertalan ks96 hertalan easy.pond Geo textile

Gas Drainage

Nature of the soil Groundwater level Geometry Bottom Embankment incline side slopes Embankment crest Max. length of pond Max. liquid level Soil preparation Natural soil Hard substrates Drainage system Water drainage Gas drainage


For every type of pond

Golf course pond

Inside pond

Pond at business park Sparkling waters Water has always been one of the most abundant natural recourse. The traditional love of water is reflected in many exquisite artificial ponds. Hertalan easy.pond marks a revolutionary step forward for pond builders and offers them a “sea� of possibilities.

Private pond

Multifunctional Hertalan easy.pond is the ideal material for sealing the beds of every type of pond located wherever in the world. Root Resistant hertalan easy.pond is environmentally friendly and is root resistant, making every type of waterside plant possible, except bamboos and reed types of vegetation. Private pond

For every type of pond

Pond in public areas

Golf course pond

Garden pond Elasticity

Office pond

Elasticity is the key. This quality makes hertalan easy.pond the perfect pond sheeting, whatever the shape or edging. Steel or PVC pipes, hoses and wooden posts can be fed through the sheeting and sealed watertight. Performance Hertalan easy.pond contains no toxic substances, heavy metals or aggressive softeners. Fish and plants can be placed in the water immediately after completion of the pond. Because hertalan easy.pond membranes are 100% UV and Ozone resistant and frost resistant to a temperature of

Pond in business park

world. Hertalan easy.pond comes with a 30 year product warranty.

Application details

Pond in business park System build-up A good pond system is build-up, from bottom to top, as follows: Support base Sand bed, min. 100 mm, with drain systems Geotextile hertalan easy.pond

Wall (concrete or wood) hertalan ks87 sealant Metal strip hertalan ks96 hertalan easy.pond

Wall connection

Protection Under certain conditions, protection will be required. These conditions are: Wind Waves Ice Objects Rodents Turbulence

ballast at the bottom and/or slopes embankment covering with rocks/tiles embankment covering with rocks/tiles regular cleaning ladders or enclosure around the pond protection with ballast

Embankment covering with rocks

Types of inside base protection: Sand bed, min. 200 mm, NO geotextile protection Gravel, min. 200 mm, geotextile protection required Tiles/Rocks, geotextile protection required

Types of embankment protection: Rocks with a transition layer of geotextile and sand Tiles with a transition layer of geotextile or pond lining Cast concrete with 2 transition layers of geotextile

Top anchoring with drain hertalan ks96 hertalan easy.pond

More information

hertalan ks96

Drain detail

Embankment rock boxes

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easy pond  

Pre-fabricated EPDM membranes for pond and lake liners up to 2000m2

easy pond  

Pre-fabricated EPDM membranes for pond and lake liners up to 2000m2