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In high school I told my AP English teacher that I wanted to write for Seventeen Magazine, not knowing that one day I would not only write for a magazine, but own one. Everyday I wake up blessed that God gave me this craft, gave me this passion. There are people who never find their craft, or they do, but they're not able to perfect it how they want. I vow to keep the fire burning, and to never give up on my dreams. I know at the end my purpose is bigger than me, bigger than this magazine. I know that my purpose will inspire and empower beautiful and creative women...and I'm hoping that might be enough to blaze a trail of girl power around the world. I'm thankful for everyone who has supported me through this journey. My mom, my dad, my brothers, my friends, my professors...may they know now that everything I've done up to this point has been because of their guidance and feedback. To everyone who supports HerStyle Media, you are appreciated more than you know. Thank you for continuing to vibe with us!

BIANCA GARCIA, FRONT COVER SHOOT PHOTOGRAPHER, SYDNEY ZENON, FRONT COVER SHOOT MAKEUP ARTIST, CARMEN HENRY, BACK COVER SHOOT PHOTOGRAHER, ARIANA ARTEAGA, BACK COVER SHOOT MAKEUP ARTIST, CRYSTAL JONES, BACK COVER SHOOT SET ASSISTANT, CHANTÉ LINWOOD, FRONT COVER STORY, DARYN ALEXUS, BACK COVER STORY. PHOTO CREDITS: FIVE THINGS WE LEARNED FROM KELLY ROWLAND (PG. 22) -- Photo of Kelly Rowland and Stephen Hill via @KellyRowland Instagram. GIRL BOSSES YOU SHOULD KNOW (PG. 23) -- Photo of Celine Neon, credit: Photographer Scott Thompson, Photo of Marissa McDonald, credit: Photographer Shaun Andru, Photo of Ariana Mason, credit: Photographer Zack Perl, Photo of Taylor Rooks, credit: Photographer Michael Patton, Photo of Chiara Graham, credit: Photographer Carl Ankrum, Photo of Rachel James, credit: Photographer Charles André Thomas, Photo of Asia Horne, credit: Photographer Jason McCoy.









CHANTE X CLICHÉ DECEMBER 2016 Pictured from L to R: Simone Bisous, Chanté Linwood, and Sydni Sawyer

by Britney Turner Photos by Bianca Garcia, SXSW Photos by Britney Turner Makeup by Sydney Zenon

Girl power is something HerStyle Media takes pride in. Whenever we come in contact with a girl that’s really out here doing her thing, we have to admire it and take notice! That’s how it was when we met Chanté Linwood, professional DJ and one of the founders of the all girls collective entitled “Cliché”. Chanté started DJ-ing about six or seven years ago, and since then has continued to work hard on her craft, and provide amazing vibes at every event that she does. Cliché is one of her newest endeavors. If you aren’t familiar with Cliché, then you might want to do your homework on them. What we loved the most about the all women’s collective is that they bring girls together in an empowering and uplifting setting.

They host different events to showcase the talents of so many amazing women, and it feels so great to see this happening – especially in a world where women compete more than collaborate. They hosted an event at South By Southwest called “WCW”, which was a musical showcase held at The Vans House. We were able to see Kehlani hit the stage, and give the audience a killer performance. It was everything. I was able to chat with Chanté about her thoughts on woman empowerment, Cliché’s future plans, along with her personal endeavors as well. Keep reading to see what this girlboss has up her sleeves!

Take a look at photos from Cliché's South By Southwest set in Austin, TX on the next page.

“We Are Cliché: A Collective For Women, By Women.”


“I've never had a fear of going after a passion, but the fear of failure is a constant.”


ON WHAT WOMEN LACK IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY “Camaraderie. The world tends to compare us and put us against one another so often that I think even when women support one another, there's still this underlying sense of competition. I personally think there is room for everyone at the top.” ON GOING AFTER HER PASSION “I've never had a fear of going after a passion, but the fear of failure is a constant. I've had a lot of big and small failures, and I know I will again. Every time I do fail though, I learn so much.”

ON WHERE SHE FINDS INSPIRATION “I find inspiration in people being themselves. I love to watch people and be a weirdo. I've mastered it, so the people don't see me looking, but I'm definitely a creep.” ON HER COACHELLA 2016 EXPERIENCE “My friend Jordyn Woods and I started a DJ group (we don't even have a name yet), and we had a couple of parties to DJ outside of the festival. We didn't actually do a set at the fest, but we did play for Galore Mag, Revolve Clothing and Paper Magazine. It was so insane, and I don't know how that experience will be lived up to.” ADVICE FOR ASPIRING GIRLBOSSES

Chanté and Jordyn Woods at Coachella 2016, photo via Chanté's Instagram

“Fake it until you make it. Make sure everything you're putting out looks like you have a huge professional team putting it together, and just be yourself. The risk is what makes it worth it in the end.”

ON WE ARE CLICHÉ THE START “Cliché started when a few of us came together wanting to start something uplifting and inclusive for women creatives. I love when I go to a concert, and I see women on the lineup, but that rarely happens. We started out with events, a fun photo-booth, ideas for content and other unique experiences. Now we are turning those ideas into reality, and just collaborating with other amazing women.”

THE TEAM “Each person involved does something different, and that's what is so crazy. There are five founders, but there are so many women involved that it'd be hard to name them all! We have DJs, designers, stylists, nail artists, photographers, stage designers, videographers, painters, dancers, singers and the list goes on.”

FUTURE PLANS “We have some super exciting collaborations, festivals and other events in different states coming up! So exciting. We hope to be known for our fun events and experiences, as well as have a ton of content on our site for people to digest.”




Check out our curated look-book of a few dope fits at South By Southwest 2016.







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FIVE THINGS WE LEARNED FROM KELLY ROWLAND During Kelly Rowland's interview at South By Southwest with the President of Programming at BET, Stephen Hill, we were able to snatch some very amazing advice that the singer had for the girl bosses in the audience. by Sarah Siefert

YOU’LL ALWAYS FACE COMPETITION. In almost any situation, you’ll find yourself facing competition. Of course, you’ll be nervous, and that’s okay. We all face it — all of us. Instead of looking at your competition as a threat, realize that they’re just as much of a human being as you are. That’s where you begin with camaraderie. Support them, and you’ll likely find in turn, that they’ll support you. In your professional career, the person competing with you for a job, or working for your competitor’s firm, may be your officemate one day.

IDENTIFY WITH OTHER WOMEN. As the saying goes, sisterhood IS powerful. We women should stand together and face down the sexism in our chosen industry, and the world in general. At the same time, we should realize that we need to identify with those women who are paving our way forward, not standing in it by siding with male patriarchy. A great deal of negativity comes from other women, and great allies can be found in the male population. We should come together and identify with our allies, be they male or female.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Like stated before, sisterhood IS powerful. It’s time to erase the hatred that tears our sisterhood apart. Race, color, creed, difference of opinion… none of that should matter. Start treating other women with respect, and let others see you do it. Tell her how beautiful you think she is, and mean it. It goes a long way, and chances are, you’ve made someone’s day, and that could result in a new friendship.

STAND OUT. You should never feel the need to conform yourself according to anyone else’s ideals of who or what you should be like. Whatever your passion may be, pursue it. I promise, you’ll end up a stronger and happier person in the end. When I discussed being a music composer with a family member, he responded in, what could be seen as, a belittling manner. I didn’t care at all. Why? Because I am proud of myself and nobody can take that away from me. No matter what it may be, be proud of yourself and who you are. When you do that, no one can touch you.

DON’T LET A MAN INTERRUPT YOUR PAPER. Women seem to naturally become caretakers of others, especially when it comes to men, which can be a beautiful trait to behold. There comes a time, however, where you need to embrace a word that is viewed as ugly, and that word is selfishness. I have heard, countless times, women say that they’ve given up “this or that” for a man, only to be left stranded, alone, and afraid. Get your own paper, your own success and your own education, because Kelly is absolutely right. Men will do their own thing without blinking an eye, and leave you in the dust if they have to. Be your own woman: strong, independent, smart, and successful.









An electro-pop band whose members, Emily Nejad and Maggie Kubley, work hard to display through their music that women are just as boss and independent as men.

She is a "serial entrepreneur" who has many ventures, including her women's empowerment brand, iGoalDig. Chiara is also a tax expert, success coach and a realtor. She truly does it all!


RACHEL JAMES She is the owner of Pear Nova Nail Lacquer, a cosmetic line that is inspired by fashion runway trends. Her nail lacquer is vegan, PETA Certified and 5Free, which makes it even more amazing.

A fitness inspiration and personal trainer who makes sure to bring her audience along her healthy lifestyle journey every step of the way, while ensuring that women everywhere can do the same.


ASIA HORNE Asia is a supreme girlboss. After her recent decision to pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors full-time, she has sparked inspiration in many ways. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of, along with being the co-founder of

A fashion stylist turned fashion designer who is branching out to launch her own line called "Mason New York". We are amazed at how she took charge and turned her dreams into a reality.

TAYLOR ROOKS This girl boss is currently taking the sports industry by storm. She serves as a triple-threat for the Big Ten Network by being their correspondent, host and reporter.



By Britney Turner There’s something about a soulful singer that just makes you feel every word. Daryn Alexus is one of those singers. When we first met the highspirited beauty we got to see her perform at Iridium’s WCW showcase that they have every first Wednesday of every month. After seeing her performance, we had to get in touch with her and find out what this girlboss was all about! Daryn is a 25-year-old who is currently residing in Chicago, IL after moving here from Washington, D.C. to attend Columbia College Chicago. Her genre of music mainly focuses on the pop and R&B sectors, but this girl could probably do it all. She wants her music to give off all positive vibes, and says that she also wants her listeners to feel the nostalgic-ness of it all.


At a young age, her parents made sure that she explored her talents. Whenever you’d see her, she was always in a play or in the choir. She said she won her first talent show when she was three-years-old…her mom still has the trophy. “My parents have always been super supportive…putting me in lots of arts related activities,” stated Daryn. But that’s not where it stops for her. We were able to chat with the singer about her musical influences, overcoming the fear of following her dreams, and more!

Makeup by Ariana Arteaga | Photos by Carmen Henry

"I always wanted to be a singer, there was never a question about my desire to do it...only the fear of allowing myself to follow that dream."


ON MUSICAL INFLUENCES “I have an aunt named Roslyn who slays any microphone. She was definitely my very first inspiration. She sung a lot of Whitney Houston, and I would copy her. Then I was really, really into Mariah Carey. As I got older, Destiny's Child and Beyoncé were like, everything! Then movies I'd watch with my cousin, biopics of Selena and Tina Turner were major inspirations. I always wanted to be a singer; there was never a question about my desire to do it, only the fear of allowing myself to follow that dream.” ON OVERCOMING FEAR “There was a series of things that helped me overcome my fear of really going after music, but the match that really lit the fire was my other aunt, Antoinette. She was more like a second mom to me. One night, I sung a song I wrote for her [her aunt] and my mom, and she got so mad at me. Not because it was an awful song, but because she loved it so much…” “It wasn't until after her battle with breast cancer finally came to an end that her words truly resonated with me. I realized then that life was way too short, and she was right. I was wasting my time not going after my dreams...after what I honestly believe I am born to do. From that point on, I pushed through all of my fear, wrote terrible songs, had even worse shows and performances, with an intent to grow and get better. I'm extremely proud of how far I've come, and I'm so excited about my future.” ON BEING A WOMAN IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY “Music is very male dominated. As a female artist, this presents challenges in many different ways, mainly revolving around sexism and misogyny, and sometimes even just not understanding the female perspective and voice.” “It pushes me and gives me opportunities to grow as a person. I'm learning how to respectfully stick up for myself, how to face challenges head on, how to go against the grain, and many other lessons that benefit me in my music career and in my day-to-day life and relationships. I'm really learning how to hold my own. Being a woman in the music industry, you develop a certain strength that I'm really embracing.” ON FINDING YOUR IDENTITY AS AN ARTIST “Your favorite artists already exist. You cannot, and will not ever be them. No matter how close you get to embodying their every move, it's THEIR MOVE. You have to carve out a lane for yourself, and if you don't you get lost.” ADVICE FOR ASPIRING GIRLBOSSES “Be True. Know your truth, embody your truth and live your own personal truth…no matter how unpopular it is. Don't be afraid of your truth. Don't compromise your truth. Create from your truth, and you will succeed. People can always spot a fake.”




POSTMODERN PAINTING. Stella alternately paints in oil and watercolor

Take a peek into a day in the life of budding artist Stella Young, and how she improves her craft

by Britney Turner Photos via @jaylakoriyan, @Jamal.Peters, and @IBD_Photography

If you aren’t familiar with Jayla Koriyan, then you might want to get in tune! Jayla is currently a junior in college studying fashion merchandising and advertising marketing communication. That’s not where it stops, she also is a full-time entrepreneur and YouTuber who has a channel where she talks makeup and hair, along with her main channel displaying her college lifestyle.

Her goal is to take her 100k+ viewers and fans on the journey with her through her college career, while showing what real girls go through when trying to find themselves. With everything she has on her plate, it’s amazing that we were able to catch up with this girlboss! Check out our interview with her as she discusses career goals and how she balances it all.

“You have to believe in yourself, no one else can believe it for you.”




“It’s all about you being confident in what you’re wearing.”

“I literally have to take it day-by-day. In my dorm room I have like fifty notes everywhere because I have to plan out everything. It’s so easy for me to forget to do something. It’s really all about a schedule when it comes down to me remembering what I have to do. I’m definitely a ‘check-off-the-list” person, so once I finish something I’m like woo! Sticky note gone, and it motivates me to get all of the sticky notes gone.”

ON SPRING + SUMMER 2016 FASHION AND BEAUTY TRENDS “Definitely this year I’m digging the whole Coachella, music festival vibe that’s been going on, and I’ve loved it! I know last year we got a hint of it, but this year it’s coming so strong, and you can definitely see it in stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I just really like how carefree everything is right now [as she discusses the current fashion scene]. I feel like anyone can be fashionable. It’s all about you being confident in what you’re wearing.”

ON RISK TAKING “With anything entrepreneurial, you are taking a risk. You have to believe in yourself, and you have to believe that you can do it because no one else can believe it for you. There were decisions that I had to make where everyone else would probably think I was crazy [on how much money she’s put into her business]. In the end, I see the goal, and I’m the only person who needs to see it.”

“For beauty, I do like the glowy makeup, so before I do my makeup I always have to use the Becca Matte Primer. The primer mattes your face, and I don’t get oily! It allows me to wear the highlight on my cheek and everything like that. I really question though if five years from now we’re going to look back on pictures and wonder, ‘What is that glow on my cheek?!”


“My new book is all about finding yourself, being educated and going to college. I get so many questions on endless things that us girls go through in college and we don’t really have anyone to ask about those things. "I wanted to spill all of my knowledge about college and answer every question that I’ve ever gotten. I want to give my readers something to relate to, and give them my advice and experience throughout my journey in each chapter. My viewers were definitely my motivation for the book.”



01 RAIN BOOTS The saying “April showers, bring May flowers” is clearly true this season with the constant rain. What better way to protect your feet and your favorite shoes than to wear colorful rain boots to brighten your day?

02 CROCHET Whenever I think of crochet pieces, I think of festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella or SXSW. This breathable fabric is a go-to when in hot, outside settings to keep cute and cool.


03 PASTELS It’s time to take advantage of everything springrelated, including what goes on your face and hands! Get into the bubbly season by wearing bold pastel lip and nail colors.

04 TOTE BAG Whether it’s to run a quick errand or to pick up your favorite drink at Starbucks—a bag is needed. A tote bag is perfect for holding your daily essentials, but it is also big enough to hold a laptop, tablet and a book or magazine for entertainment.

via via

05 LIP BALM Since the weather is getting warmer, it is best to keep your body hydrated and moisturized, including your lips. Lip balms are a must to keep on you at all times!


FLATS + SANDALS It’s officially time to show off your freshly done pedicure in sandals ranging from gladiators to flip-flops. The great thing about this trend is that there are so many shoe options to choose from.


SUNGLASSES Although this season has been full of ups and downs with the weather, sunglasses will still come in handy for those super sunny days.


HATS Fedoras, “dad” hats (cooler name for baseball caps), sun hats, or whatever you prefer, is a goto for this season. They’re fashionable and comfortable, while protecting your skin from those sunrays out there.






Brand Acknowledgements: Popover Shirt by Urban Outfitters, Denim Shirt by Urban Outfitters, paa AnorakJacket from Need Supply Co., Adidas Stan Smith's from Urban Outfitters, Strip Tee by Frank and Oak, Bucket Hat by Stussy.


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HerStyle Media SS '16 Magazine: Issue 1  

HerStyle Media debuts their first ever magazine! This issue gives a vintage and edgy feel, with interviews from women influencers like Chant...

HerStyle Media SS '16 Magazine: Issue 1  

HerStyle Media debuts their first ever magazine! This issue gives a vintage and edgy feel, with interviews from women influencers like Chant...