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actually have an aversion for clocks and do not wear

many struggles as women and there is often a lot

a watch. The thought of being on anyone’s time,

going on behind the scenes that we are not always

really bothers me. I think we can become slaves to

privy to. Or as I like to say, people know our names

the clock and really drive ourselves nuts. Outside of

but they do not know our stories. There are however,

the norms of what society dictates, I try my best to

many happy, encouraging women out there and

avoid timing! I believe starting SB was the beginning

the key is to seek them out or just by simply being

of my awakening and perhaps this seed was planted

your happy self you will also attract them! We also

in me so that I could recognise what I am here to do.

need to give what we want, I have seen some really

The story continues to unfold and I am excited to see

bruised people break down just through simple acts

what will come next.

of kindness and reciprocate that kindness in return.

How do you support women globally other than through the different avenues you are involved in?

What drives you?

Honestly, I think as women just navigating this world on a daily basis with our struggles and coming out sane on the other side is enough to support and champion each other. I am a friend and supporter too many women who I meet along the way, to women who randomly email me, connect with me online, etc. Through simple endeavours like having coffee, saying something encouraging or just being a listening ear. Supporting women is very sexy these days but as women since time immemorial we have always supported each other and I do not think that will every change. I believe we are wired this way and it is a special gift we have with our capacity to love unconditionally, create and support life in a multitude of ways and generally just doing all that we do. I am also who I am because of all the women who support me. I would not be who I am today without the support of other women, so it is web of support and everyone encouraging each other along the way.

Purpose and passion drive me. I know who I am and what I want and I do what I like as often as possible, which makes me very happy. I have my off days like everyone else, after all I am just a mere mortal but I live 100% intuitively. My style is not for everybody as I am someone who literally lives breath to breath. I think life changes with each breath and as we inhale and exhale we never know what will come in or out as we flow along. I like being in that present moment, because this is where I am at my best. I flow like water, moving seamlessly not resisting but at the same time knowing that every step I take is going to lead me exactly where I need to be.

What do you do to relax and unwind? To relax and unwind, I go into nature. It always calms me! It could be as simple as taking my shoes off and standing barefoot in the grass or something more adventurous like going on a hike, cycling and the like.

I often hear women say that they do not always feel supported by other women, and I understand this and have been on the receiving end of malice myself but we must also recognise when other women are just not in the right place in their own lives and are not able to give us the support we need. We have

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her story matters

What’s next for you? I have no idea, I am living breath to breath and let’ see what unravels next!

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Her Story Magazine Vol 4 Dec 2018  

I want to thank all the contributors who work tirelessly to write great content, to women who shared their stories and to our precious reade...

Her Story Magazine Vol 4 Dec 2018  

I want to thank all the contributors who work tirelessly to write great content, to women who shared their stories and to our precious reade...