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We even support needs that help you support those people and ideals you hold dear by offering:

Why • We Understand and Value You • We Are Community Who Cares About Your Success

• Rewards-Based Crowdfunding • Support for Meaningful Causes

• We Support Your Campaign from Start to Finish

• Virtual Baby Showers for Mothers without Means • Back-to-School Gift Registry


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F E AT U R E D S T O RY 8 From Oprah to His Own: Andre Mitchell’s Hair Breakthrough in a Bottle An exclusive look at the unique ways they maintain fitness and how they deal with male competition.


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HER FLAVOR 46 Door County, WI: 5 Ways to Have A Cherry Good Time 8 “NEW” landscape in the business of beauty An exclusive look at the unique ways they maintain fitness and how they deal with male competition.

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Tips that everyone should know before searching for love online.

41 Managing the Family Blender Important money tips to maintain a happy marriage.

42 Spring Cleaning

Decluttering is the perfect way to improve your home and life.

Healthy recipes that you can easily make in your slow cooker.

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Take a look at these exclusive ready-to-wear, chic intimate wear from Natasha Harvey.

54 Revamp Skincare for Spring from Head to Toe Dealing with dry and brittle hair? Use this strengthening restoration to your tresses.

52 How To Stay On Top of the Aging Process Celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Meadows talks about her new hair care line.

54 Hairstyles for Short Hair Dealing with dry and brittle hair? Use this strengthening restoration to your tresses.

ril HER WORK 44 5 Indications You May Need a Financial Do-Over Learn how to sell yourself and create a MLM brand that clearly distinguishes you.

44 401K Investing Ideas for Good Money Management in 2016 Learn how to sell yourself and create a MLM brand that clearly distinguishes you.


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DJ Mami Chula, DJ Princess Cut, and DJ Rap give us the inside scoop on being a She J.

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Hers introduces a self-awareness campaign for 2016.

58 Sexual Assault Awareness

How Valentine’s Day exposes who we really love or should love.

59 Women We Love to Hate Hers introduces a self-awareness campaign for 2016.

60 Best Bets for Spring Break Travel 2016

Find out which getaways are worth revisiting in 2016.

67 Turning Her Fame into App-eal

Take an even deeper inside look at Rebecca’s Rusch to Glory.

67 What’s Your Girl’s Anthem?

Check out the female actresses who will be dominating the big screen this year.

68 Spring Break with these Top Picks

Take a look at the most anticipated albums of 2016.

68 Add These to Reading Your List for 2016

Take a look at the most anticipated albums of 2016.

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Spring Clean Your Closet BY Jennifer Adams


hat better excuse to clean your closet than the improving weather? Or, the fact that your closet is too small… that you can’t find those cute shoes you bought three months ago… or, well, there are a lot of reasons. I find that when I have the space, I tend to keep things that could probably be donated or stored elsewhere. It’s only when I run out of space that I start to think about what to store! I know it may seem daunting, but cleaning your closet doesn’t need to be a terrifying thought. I always stay away from emptying the entire closet onto the bed, because chances are strong that I won’t have the closet put back together by bedtime! By breaking large tasks into smaller ones, it’s easier, and frankly, more fun. Here are a few time- and frustration-saving tips for decluttering your closet.

Declutter first, organize later. You can’t organize until you’ve decluttered, anyway, so why make it harder on yourself.

Start with just a part of your closet, such as the floor, your shoes, your dresses, or the top shelves.

Organize the repair/clean box.

Get three large boxes or laundry baskets.

Organize what’s left in your closet.

If you don’t get through your entire closet, at least you’ll have one thing to check off the list!

Assign one as “donate,” one “repair/ clean” and one “not sure.”

Don’t even bother pulling out items you wear regularly. You know you’re keeping those!

In the section you’re working on, unless they’re in the way, leave your favorites in place! For example, let’s do your shoes. Work from the back or the far side, these are probably the least-used. Pull a pair out and quickly decide: donate, repair/clean or not sure.

Box up the “not sure” items, label and date it. If you haven’t opened this box in a year, donate it!

Place the shoes that need repair in one bag, items that need tailoring or buttons in another, etc. Set aside a time to drop these items off. If they’re still in the trunk of your car in a month, donate them! You’re not really that committed to them.

If you don’t quite make it this far, your closet, or at least a section of it, is decluttered and you should be proud of yourself ! Clean the shelves and the floor of your closet. Line up your shoes, buy yourself some new hangers, or sweater boxes as needed to help keep things neat.

Consider a closet organizing system.

These look great, maximize your storage space, and make it easy to find things. You will have to empty out your closet first – which is another opportunity to declutter. But, you may not need one if you rotate out the old clothes and shoes regularly.

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Door County, WI: 5 Ways to Have A Cherry Good Time By Malika Bowling, Food Editor


ith summer right around the corner, have you decided where you will go? If you are looking to beat the heat in a spot with plenty of outdoor activities, you should check out the under the radar spot, Door County, WI. Many in the surrounding areas refer to Door County as the Cape Cod of the Midwest. Known for their cherry production, they seem to find their way into many a dish. Here are five spots to get in on all the cherry action in Door County.

2. Cherry French Toast at the Old Gulf Inn

1. Renard’s Cheese shop What’s a visit to Wisconsin without some cheese, right? Renard’s is a third generation family cheese shop. Led by Chris Renard, he is one of 60 master cheesemakers in the United States. Their signature cheese, a white cheddar cherry is a unique and delightful flavor. Did I mention cheese curds are highly addictive and abundant at almost every meal you’ll have in Door County? 22

| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |

Ever heard of a little show called Good Morning America? They voted The Cherry French Toast at the Old Gulf Inn the best breakfast in America. Having tried it myself, their Cherry French Toast doesn’t disappoint. Made with fresh, Wisconsin cream cheese, you’ll want to have some bacon or sausage to balance out the sweetness. The beautiful space is also a real Inn, so you can stay here as well.


3. Orchard County Winery Orchard County Winery uses 3.5 million cherries annually. Who knew cherries could produce such fantastic wines? There is a current trend of rosé. If you like rosé wine, the wines produced at Orchard County Winery are a delicious alternative, as it isn’t as sweet as you might expect. Trivia: They had German POWs work here when Orchard County was just farmland.

4. Seaquist Orchards Suppliers of cherries to all the surrounding businesses, they are available for tours as well. How do they pluck all those cherries? Instead of hand picking, they use a machine that shakes the cherries off the trees using an upside down umbrellas like feature. There’s more. Seaquist Orchards has a bakery on site too. Besides dips, spreads, jams and jellies (there are plenty of samples everywhere), the cherry pies are something to behold. They produce 1200 pies per week with 3 lbs cherries in each pie!

5. Island Orchard Ciders Island Orchard Ciders, relatively new in comparison to the other restaurants and wineries in the area, opened in 2011. Cider is made from both apples and cherries. Cider is much more than a weak alternative to beer. Cider pairs well with seafood, pork and spicy Asian foods. The founders also recommend it during brunch. Hops used in the ciders are grown locally. Tip: The proper way to drink cider is from a ceramic container. Besides the abundance of lovely cherries, there’s more to Door County, WI that makes it a super summer getaway. There are many unspoiled visits in Door County. If you are looking to beat the summer heat, Door County is a good choice as it is relatively cool in the summer and there are plenty of outdoor activities perfect for families or individuals. Do you love to support local businesses? When is the last time you went anywhere in the US without seeing a chain store, restaurant or hotel? In Door County, you won’t find a single chain at all. Hotels and restaurants are independently owned by families that live in Door County. Get ready to loosen your belt as you imbibe and indulge in all the cherry fun in Door County, Wisconsin!

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Macy’s Spring Look

Floral Print Blouse $69.50 Printed Pants $69.50


| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |


WOMEN’S TRENDS THE GOOD LIFE Ah, the good life! Succumb to the modern charms of country club luxuries and seaside escapes. Gingham, eyelet and oral prints in peony pink, limoncello yellow and sweet chartreuse bloom onto the scene. Pretty young things go gaga for the prim and proper appeal of the little white dress and two-piece sets. Nostalgia for midcentury femininity is alive and well in the form of t & air silhouettes, cropped tops and marvelous midis. BOHEMIAN ESCAPE Live the hippie fantasy with an updated return to Woodstock-era wanderlust and gypsy dreams. Back are the ea market nds of paisley maxis, ared-leg pants and suede tunics, now with a bohemian-meetsbourgeois application. Psychedelic and folkloric prints harmonize with semi-bright shades and warm tones. Embrace your inner ower child with beads, fringe, piercing and patchwork. The best of summer fests takes center stage. DENIM Blue jean babies, rejoice — because denim is back in a big way. Distressed, frayed and patchwork styles carry on this season’s 70’s vibe. Crisp white and blue washes rule the scene. Skirts with buttonfront details, dyed-to-look-denim sweatshirts and delicate sundresses reinvent everything you thought you knew about denim dressing. From ombré washes to all kinds of embellishment, there’s never been a better time to embrace true blues.

Pants $59.50 Ruffle Tank $49.50 Faux Leather Jacket $99.50

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Lace-Up Peasant Top $46.50 Flare Jeans $54.00


| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |


Chambray Shirt $59.50 Scuba Skirt $49.50 Tassel Heel $99.50

Multistripe Dress $99.50

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Circle Lace Dress $99.50


| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |


Open Lace Jacket $129.50 Tank Top $17.98 Pintuck Wide Leg Pants $79.50

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T The Leading Ladies of Lace

he origin of lace is as mysterious as the woven material’s angelic beauty. The first known pictorial evidence of lace comes from simple plaited laces on a costume in the late 15th century. By 1600, Flanders, Spain, France, and England became well-known for their high-quality lace. Travel between nobility and intermarriage in royal families guaranteed the dissemination of the sophisticated style, but throughout history there have been a few women who really gave lace its name.

A brief history of iconic women who made lace essential and extremely popular. By Rachael Schroath

Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth I transformed England during her unprecedented rule and her influence didn’t stop at politics. The self-pronounced “Virgin Queen” paid every attention to her appearance, favoring lace for its symbol of purity. The lace ruff became a European staple of style as a nod to the golden halos of 14th century madonnas. Queen Elizabeth’s fashion sense became just about as well known as her impressive political strategy. 32

| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |



Marie Antoinette

When Madonna hit the music scene, it wasn’t just her songs that caught attention. The Queen of Pop’s ‘80s “Boy-Toy” street style inspired generations of fashion. The lacy wedding dress she wore for her 1984 MTV Video Music Awards performance of “Like a Virgin” remains infamous. While she originally wanted to sing to a full-grown Bengal tiger, Madonna’s wedding cake performance jumpstarted her career and her iconic style.

As an Austrian foreigner rising to Queen of France at age 19, Marie Antoinette had a lot to prove. To win the hearts of the French aristocracy she layered herself in lace and wowed with her trademark style: extreme extravagance. Peeking décolletage, rigid corsets, piles of lace, and sky-high wigs became the epitome of French fashion thanks to the young queen. Marie Antoinette’s style was so influential that she impacted everything from the future of her country to the work of premier high fashion designers today.

Grace Kelly Grace Kelly’s wedding dress will forever be known as one of the most famous wedding dresses of all time. The lace masterpiece was a gift from film studio MGM designed by Academy Award– winning costume designer Helen Rose. A delicate rose point lace covers the bodice of the gown appearing seamless because the lace motifs were detached from their original ground and pieced together to follow the shaping of the dress. Grace Kelly’s stunning classic style was made magnificent with this regal lace gown for her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco on April 19, 1956.

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for Short Hair By Achal Mehrotra

Short hair is a modern hair

A smooth pixie hairstyle

style and many people no matter what their age are keeping their hair short. However it is not enough to

A short and chic haircut

keep your hair short, when you can style it in a more

If you want a look that can make an extremely big impression with the most minimum effort, this is the best short haircut for you. You can also try the super cropped Afro Solange haircut and it is rocking. Here the bonus is that you’re extremely beautiful face is shows clearly from front as well as center.

meaningful and fashionable manner. A few modern hair styles for short hair have been stated and explained below for you thorough understanding.

A smooth pixie hairstyle is for a very versatile look and it works with any type of jewelry, makeup and also outfit. You can also try a pixie cut that is side parted just like the famous celebrity Jennifer Hudson.

A curly bob cut with bangs This haircut is an elegant look that comes with flatters and frames. It flatters your entire bone structure at the right and the most appropriate spots. Kerry Washington’s cute bob haircut with bangs is a great example of this type of haircut. 36

| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |


The Voluminous Bob This hair style is a very cute and polished hair style. It is even worn by Danielle Brooks in the TV show Orange is the new black. You can ask your hair stylist to give you a very asymmetrical and angled bob cut.

A honey kissed swirl In case you are yearning to add a little Old Hollywood type to your look, you must essentially try the wavy side parted style. You can also think of adding a smoked eye and a red lip for an extra dose of glamour.

An elegant pixie hairstyle In case you love showing all your cosmetic skills, a very closely cropped style is what you need. A living example of this hair style is the famous Rihanna.

The short and simple haircut With the help of this haircut, you can show off all those eye shadows and pretty lipstick shades. This is a trademark hair style that many celebrities have already adopted.

The platinum pixie hair style This hair style can impact your look in an extraordinary manner. It is also equal to the part edge and part sexy.

Achal Mehrotra offers high quality content writing services. She also manages a full team of content writers. Her company has served over 100 clients around the world.

To know more about curly hairstyles for short hair, please check our website. | M arch /A pri l 2 0 1 6 | H ER S Ma gaz in e |



#TheMeEyeSee Self-Awareness for 2016 and Beyond


ers magazine wants to remind women: “What you think of yourself is more important than what others think of you.” Using #themeeyesee hashtag to promote greater self-awareness, the magazine wants women to begin to visualize, declare and pursue the person they can rightfully become. We believe that the way we see ourselves propels us on the path to who we will ultimately become, driving our thoughts, actions, habits, and lifestyles. Thus, declaring an intention of our ideal selves can motivate us to achieve our goals.

Ask Yourself: Am I living up to my core values and personal mission? Am I being a person others can respect? Am I respecting my body the way I should?

#themeeyesee is a movement with the purpose of encouraging and challenging women to become the people they want to be in the new year and beyond. This is not a New Year’s resolution, but a public pact and declaration. We will feature the posts on the Hers magazine website, #themeeyesee website and Hers magazine social media platforms:

Am I meeting the expectations I set for others? Am I using my talents fully? Am I performing at my peak capacity? Am I giving my family and friends my most and my best? Am I engaging in worthy activity? Am I making a positive impact on the world? Am I on the path to my preferred future? Readers and others should post a short video or a selfie online with the hashtag to declare their unique vision for the future. They should then also challenge 5-7 friends in the post to make their own #themeeyesee declaration and agree to be accountability partners for 2016 to ensure their success.

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Women we love to hate! Stacey Dash If Ms. Dash wasn’t so beautiful, she wouldn’t be so popular. This actress has no problem verbally assaulting anyone from Kanye West to President Obama. I think she may be on the list for people hated by liberals.

Joseline Hernandez This fiery self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” and LHH star has the world wondering what’s she going to do or say next. There is no filter on this women’s mouth.

Raven Symone Wendy Williams It is no secret that this daytime TV show host has no problem throwing shade or verbally attacking her Hollywood peers. 46

| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |

This once sweet Hollywood and Disney Channel princess has been making her mark with her strong objections to public and political matters and her totally new gothic look and approach.


Kris Jenner This woman loves to straddle the fence between mom, manager and pimp. She is the mother of popular daughters, the Kardashians, and she gives new meaning to the term “momager.”

Miley Cyrus

Paris Hilton Americans, and even people around the world, seem to have grown heated against Paris Hilton. And this hate, in fact, contributes a lot to her popularity, whether if it were good popularity or not. She does not have the qualities of a royalty but American women all agree, with a stunning 48% of all those surveyed, that Paris Hilton is the epitome of being an American Princess icon. One of the most interesting reasons why people hate Paris Hilton so much is her superficiality. Paris Hilton is also being hated because probably she mirrors the character that most Americans do not want to get exposed, she is the personification of America’s worst.

Again, we have another sweet country gal, known as Hannah Montana, who seemed to overnight have taken lessons from GaGa and Modanna! She went from long pants to no pants, a complete slut overnight and praises her use of Molly.

Lindsay Lohan This young lady is the poster child for when drinking and doing drugs can really mess a good thing up. She sets bad examples. Not everyone can handle fame.

Courtney Love Some cant see the talents she posses. Some people hate her because they think she killed Kurt Cobain and because she has made some unpopular but profitable decisions with the writings & recordings left after his death.

Amber Rose They always give strippers the hardest time. This stripper turned famous after dating Kanye West than turned around and married rapper Wiz Khalifah and had a baby with rumors it wasn’t his.

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5 Indications You May Need a Financial Do-Over by Deborah Hightower


et’s face it, sometimes a complete do-over is in order! Taking control of your financial situation is certainly no exception! In order to bring out the successful, prosperous and business savvy woman you are may require several adjustments. It is no way cute when all your money is gone and half the month is still here. It is not successful, prosperous or savvy to be looking all-fly, yet be worried the electricity might be off when you get home or you’re riding on fumes in your beautiful car. It’s time to change your philosophy! It’s time to change your vocabulary! It’s time to RISE UP and take control of your money! If these situations fit your situation, there is a very high probability you need a financial do-over!


If you’re not best friends with your “B”. Building a solid

financial standing starts with a budget. A budget is simply the money you have coming in and going out. To begin the process, write down your total take home pay (after taxes and other deductions). Next, write down your regular fixed bills, such as rent, car note, car insurance and utilities. If there are bills you pay quarterly, break it down monthly. Then write down everything else you spend, such as food, gas, entertainment and clothing. Subtract the two totals. How


much is left? If you have nothing left or are ‘overdrawn’ at month’s end, there is work to do. Budget balancing usually happens from the ‘everything else’ part of the equation. Change your philosophy and come to peace with your BUDGET. How many times have you said, ‘when I get paid, I’m going to buy this, go there, blah blah blah?’ Work toward living the life you want every day – not just on payday.


If you just paid $39 for a latte. Oops. You ordered your

favorite coffee, pulled out your debit card, paid, and drove off. Only to realize purchasing the $4 coffee resulted in a $35 overdraft fee because you didn’t know how much money you had in your account. Use apps to help you keep track of your balances and spending. Let technology help you work your budget.


If your credit card bill grows each month and you have “no idea” what you spent the money on. It is

easy to lose accountability and all sense of control when a piece of plastic is the medium of exchange. If you have a problem with control and limitation, start taking an allowance every month for miscellaneous purchases. It will quickly call attention to mindless spending.

| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |


If you treat your tax refund like a windfall.

Carefully plan how to best spend your refund. Spend some, save some is usually a good plan. Spend a portion to treat yourself, spend a portion to pay off high interest loans, credit cards, etc. and save the rest.


If you have outstanding loans with title pawn companies or use pay day advance loans. These loans are easy to get and hard to pay off. Exorbitant interest rates make the payoff long and hard. If you find yourself in this vicious cycle, go back to #1 and figure out why you needed the loan in the first place. Explore options to pay off the loan. In the coming issues, we will delve in to the details of scenarios to help you become financially free. Money is a resource to get you where you’re going. We’ll help you GPS your destination. In the meantime, become besties with your ‘B’. Deborah Hightower writes for networking and lifestyle blogs and magazines and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Morningstar, CNBC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and other news outlets. She has been listed by INC. Magazine as one of America’s Trendsetters in Health, Wealth and Success. Find out more at

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Best Bets for

Spring Break Travel 2016 By Peggy Hattendorf


| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |


Looking to “hit the beach” or head to the slopes to savor the last vestiges of “spring skiing” in North America? Here are 16 sure bets to help you kick off spring. For 2016, I have chosen 8 family friendly destinations and 8 party locals.

These 8 family friendly destinations provide a good variety of activities, family rich environments and an abundance of dining and accommodation choices to fit every budget. Where to Go:

San Diego, California Why Go:

San Diego has a delightful year-round climate with more than 70 miles of beautiful coastline, cliffs and beaches plus unbeatable attractions and sightseeing. What to See:

Old Town, with its historic buildings, art galleries and restaurants, is considered the birthplace of California. There’s a historic site for family fun which includes panning for gold, brick making and interactive computers. Enjoy the Mariachi bands and other daily live entertainment. Balboa Park’s stunning gardens, notable Museums (History, Art, Science

and Aviation) and world famous San Diego Zoo, are must sees/dos. Don’t forget the Gas Lamp district. A short drive north of downtown takes you to Mission Bay and SeaWorld. Continue to drive to North County for more family fun at Lego- land. These are all comfortable day trips. Where to Stay:

Book early as San Diego is always in season. Resorts are pricey but there are accommodations to fit all budgets.

Where to Go:

Amelia Island, Florida Why Go:

It’s more quiet and peaceful than some of the other overrun tourist areas of Florida. This Atlantic beach paradise with soft sand beaches is perfect for sunbathing, building sandcastles or kite flying. What to See:

The seaport town of Fernandina Beach has a Victorian feel with its mansions, shops and restaurants. Amelia Island has its own historic district along with its famed lighthouse. Here days are spent boating, kayaking, canoeing and horseback riding. 13 miles of pristine, yet uncrowded beaches, along with a maritime forest and marshlands make this an island jewel – within easy driving distance from Jacksonville. Check out Main Beach

| M arch /A pri l 2 0 1 6 | H ER S Ma gaz in e |



Park with its sand dunes and boardwalk with public sports and recreation facilities. Where to Stay:

There’s a nice choice of upscale hotels and resorts, bed & breakfasts, condos and vacation rentals.

an interactive Children’s Museum. The red and white Harbour Town Lighthouse has been a symbol of the island since 1970. For more fun adventures, head to historic Bluffton, 7.6 miles from Hilton Head, with its antebellum homes, artisan shops and restaurants or see the National Wildlife Refuge on Pinckney Island.

Where to Go:

Where to Stay:

Hilton Head, South Carolina

There’s deluxe award-winning beachfront hotels and resorts, major chain brand hotels, time shares and condos.

Why Go:

Set in the Low country, this town brims with Southern charm and hospitality. Soak up the rays on the white sand beaches – Coligny Beach is most popular and Alder less crowded – or for more activity try charter fishing, kayaking or canoeing. What to See:

There’s a host of family adventures including an animal farm, petting zoo and

Where to Go:

Captiva Island, Florida Why Go:

Located on the Gulf Coast north of Sanibel Island, it’s an easy hop from Fort Myers. With mild temperatures, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, white sand beaches dotted with pastel-colored seashells; it’s an idyllic spot for family fun.

What to See:

A 3 mile long causeway links the barrier islands of Captiva and Sanibel to the mainland near Fort Myers. A short bridge connects the two islands. Captiva, just 4 miles long and 1/2 mile wide, is the smaller and more laid-back of the two islands. Sanibel is where to go for more shopping and dining choices. Where to Stay:

The Island has no high-rises. are a couple of resorts, cottages, bed & breakfasts, private homes and vacation rentals.

Where to Go:

La Paz, Mexico Why Go:

This is the capital city of the Mexican state — Baja California Sur. It features some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Baja – and it’s a sport fishing center. There’s also great scuba diving and snorkeling, sea kayaking and boating. What to See:

Admire the magnificent bay on the Sea of Cortez. After some sunbathing – be careful of the intense Mexican sun – visit the Regional Museum of Anthropology 54

| HERS Ma gazi ne | March /A p ril 2016 |


Where to Go:

with colorful umbrellas, boutique shops and hotels. Embark on day trips outside the city, to enjoy SeaWorld San Antonio, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium, the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch or the Natural Bridge Caverns.

San Antonio, Texas

Where to Stay:

Where to Stay:

Its main resort is he There Water Color Inn but you have bed & breakfasts, private homes and cottages.

Why Go:

and History or hike around Sierra de la Laguna – a biosphere reserve south of the city with crystal pools, streams and flora. And there are cave paintings, found around this charming Mexican town, some dating back 1000 years! Where to Stay:

There are a number of of high-end beach resorts, mid-priced off beach hotels, inns and Posadas.

Where to Go:

With a rich colonial heritage, this vibrant south-central Texas City offers something for everyone. The short Texas spring is an ideal time to visit.

You will find accommodations to fit every taste and budget – hotels, motels bed & breakfasts and all major hotel chain brands.

Where to Go: What to See:

Start with a little history at the most famous landmark – the 18th century Spanish mission – The Alamo. Preserved as a museum, it marks the 1836 battle for Texas Independence from Mexico. A tourist haven, the San Antonio River Walk forms a network of walkways and pedestrian promenade filled with restaurants with outdoor tables topped

Telluride, Colorado Why Go:

Because you want one more opportunity to ski or snowboard. Expect daytime temperatures in the 40 + degree Fahrenheit range. Telluride is now “very posh” since a number of celebrities have bought or built vacation homes.

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Why Go:

With a location on the Florida Panhandle, it lies along a 26 mile stretch known as the “Emerald Coast.” The mild temperatures, natural scenic beauty, turquoise waters and sugar-sand beaches make this a family favorite. What to See:

Check out the biking, hiking and fishing at Point Washington State Forest, a 15,000 acre nature preserve. There’s upscale dining and boutique shopping in Santa Rosa Beach and the other small beach communities.

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Looking for the classic party locals? These 8 destinations are “Spring Break Party Spots.” It must be noted – that the legal drinking and gambling age in the United States is twenty-one. In the Bahamas and La Paz, Mexico, both featured in this article, the legal drinking age is eighteen. What to See:

Telluride is a former Victorian mining town in the Rocky Mountains, 330 miles from Denver. A charming town of Victorian era homes, clapboard storefronts, boutiques, gourmet restaurants found in a compact downtown — just 8 blocks long. Mountain Village at 9,500 feet provides alpine elegance with its European style village within easy distance to Telluride with the convenience of the gondola. Where to Stay:

There are hotels, condos and townhouses, vacation rentals and private homes. 56

Where to Go:

The Bahamas – Nassau and Paradise Island and Freeport, Grand Bahamas Why Go:

The weather is ideal and it’s a quick “international” trip - just an hour flight from Miami to the capital city, Nassau. The tourism slogan, says it all, “It’s better in the Bahamas.”

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What to See:

Nassau is known for its beaches, coral reefs and pastel-coloured British Colonial buildings. This charming town delights tourists with its international shopping and gourmet restaurants. Paradise Island, accessible from Nassau via the Nassau Harbour Bridge, is less hectic than Nassau but does not lack in perfect beaches, shopping, fishing and diving. Grand Bahamas is also known for its beaches, reef-lined coves, mangrove swamps and its International Bazaar with duty free shopping.


Where to Stay:

There’s abundance of beachfront resorts and hotels. Rates will be high, as it is highseason in the Caribbean.

Where to Go:

Lake Havasu, Arizona Why Go:

It’s one of the best times of the year to go with mid-70 degree temperatures. This self-contained little town on the shores of the Colorado River with its navigable waterways is fun, safe and clean - boasts 300 days of sunshine.

Where to Stay:

There are a few lake- side resorts, hotels, motels, RV and campgrounds.

What to See: Where to Go:

What to See:

Beautiful sandy lake beaches with clean fresh water invite swimming, boating and fishing. The famous London Bridge is the city’s major landmark. There’s also casino gambling, golf, shopping, an Aquatic Center and the Lake Havasu Museum of History.

bay, kitesailing or parasailing, surfing or fishing swimming or sunbathing and then prepare for evening FUN!

South Padre Island, Texas Why Go:

The Gulf Coast weather is great in early spring and South Padre boasts the widest and most “beachlike” beach in Texas. Spend the day, partying on boats in the

You are always close to the beach as South Padre is only a 1⁄2 mile wide at its widest point with 34 miles of natural seashore. Take time away to visit Sea Turtle Inc. – dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sea turtles - or Schlitterbahn Water Park. Where to Stay:

There’s a good selection of beachfront resorts, hotels, motels, condos, and vacation rentals.

Where to Go:

Daytona Beach, Florida Why Go:

With mild 70 degree temperatures this Atlantic Ocean beach resort offers fun, activities and entertainment. Enjoy parasailing, jet-skiing, catamaran sailing and EVEN DRIVE RIGHT ON THE BEACH! What to See:

The Daytona Boardwalk has several arcades, a Ferris wheel, roller coaster and

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the famous slingshot. There’s plenty of bars and nightclubs for non-stop action. The famous Daytona Speedway offers tours. If you are looking for something different take a St. John’s River cruise and see alligators and manatees in their natural habitat. Daytona is also within comfortable driving distance from Orlando and its theme parks and the Kennedy Space Center. Where to Stay:

There are high-rise ocean-front resorts and hotels, condos and vacation rentals.


Where to Go:

What to See:

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The town plays to its distinct Western heritage – in atmosphere, architecture, style, accommodations and food. It’s outdoorsy activities include horseback riding, sleigh rides, snowmobiling and dog sledding. Steamboat pulls plenty of punch with over 60 bars and restaurants, museums and art galleries – all keeping the Cowboy spirit alive.

Why Go:

The March weather normally holds for some great early spring skiing. Sometimes, the March snow totals outnumber any other month of the year. Steamboat features nearly 3,000 acres of terrain across uncrowded well-covered slopes. It’s set mostly below the tree line making it one of the best tree skiing destinations in America.

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Where to Stay:

There are plenty of deluxe hotels, luxury ski-in – ski-out condos and townhouses, vacation rentals and chain brand hotels.


Where to Go:

Where to Go:

Where to Go:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

New Orleans, Louisiana

Why Go:

Because it’s Vegas – non-stop action –nonstop entertainment! Mild daytime spring temperatures make for great pool weather. What to See:

This is shopper’s paradise! There’s the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip, the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, and the Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. The Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are stunning. Hop on the Monorail for a change of pace or view. Or if you’re gutsy enough, try the roller coaster atop the Stratosphere Hotel. Turn your attention to some different activities and head to Red Rock Canyon for hiking, biking or rock climbing. Want to head a little further away, drive over to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Closer to Vegas, you’ll find a couple of other interesting stops – The Atomic Testing Museum and the Mob Museum. Where to Stay:

There’s something to fit every budget – casino hotels and resorts, time shares, vacation rentals and all the major hotel chain brands.

Why Go:

Why Go:

There is so much to see and do in a fairly compact area. The Grand Strand is 60 miles of clean and wide sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing, shelling or building sandcastles. Many take to the water for surfing or parasailing. What to See:

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is full of souvenir and tee shirt shops and restaurants. The Market Commons is a good choice for upscale shopping, while Broadway at the Beach has shopping, dining and various amusement rides and arcades. Save some time for a visit to Brookgreen Gardens, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It holds one of the largest sculpture gardens in the U.S. Where to Stay:

High and low rise hotels and resorts line the beachfront and tend to be somewhat pricey. While off beach locations, with the major chain hotels, offer slightly better rates, beach parking can be difficult to find. There are also vacations rentals and bed & breakfasts.

Because there is no other place like it . . . Period! With its distinctive architectural styles embracing its French, Spanish and Creole influences, its world class cuisine, lively entertainment – and yes this is the birthplace of Jazz. What to See:

Stroll around Jackson Square and explore the iconic St. Louis Cathedral. Travel downtown on the St. Charles streetcar. A trip to the city would not be complete without visits to the French Quarter. The Audubon Zoo is one of the top rated zoos in the country. Here you get a taste of the mystical Louisiana swamps. For a rare glimpse into the magic, that is Mardi Gras – take a tour of Mardi Gras World and see and learn how the parade floats are made. Where to Stay:

Hotels in the French Quarter and Convention Center areas tend to be expensive. But this is a major city and there’s an abundance of accommodation choices.

Whether you want to head out with some college buddies, are yearning for a “girlfriends’ getaway” or wishing for a quick spring holiday with the family – these favorites and classics should get your thinking about Spring Break Travel.

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What’s Your Girl’s Anthem? By Tommeka Sieman


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