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of home, whether it’s an antique farmhouse or a glass contemporary. Knowledgeable designers are all about mixing and matching the old with the new. That is why these contemporary fireplaces are ideal – they blend so well with a variety of designs. Some are free-standing and others can be built as inserts for an existing fireplace. There are models that provide an oven on the top – think pizza cooked over a wood flame, or the aroma of fresh-baked bread. They can be tall or wide, round or pyramid-shaped. Some are made of luxurious soapstone and others with the sleek, classic look of stainless steel. “We have many different designs from a variety of designers and manufacturers,” Niels said, walking around his showroom, stepping over his sleeping dog, August. “If you look at furniture or automobile designs from Europe, you see the trend that has developed. It all tends to be streamlined. See Heating with wood page 42

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��������������� Niels Wittus is an excellent guide to choosing the best fireplace or stove for any room in your home.

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��������������������������� The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Ridgefield, Conn.


The HOME Monthly North/South Edition  

The HOME Monthly October 2008 North/South Edition

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