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Home of the Month in Milford. Photo by Audra Napolitano

A Special Section to:

Vol. II, Number 8

In Milford

Eclectic array at Stratford Antiques by Robin E. Glowa

Wayne Ratzenberger photos

Decorating a home is a prime opportunity to express your taste and interests. Where to find the fabulous items that give a home its unique and memorable style? At Stratford Antiques you can embellish your surroundings with everything from a 1950s plastic bust of Elvis Presley to handcarved chairs from the Victorian era, reupholstered in a leopard print for contemporary “pop.” Housed in an enormous 16,500square-foot warehouse, Stratford Antiques is a treasure trove filled with such items as finely crafted early American furniture, massive garden statuary, and brass and copper collectibles. An amazing array of paintings and prints – ranging from oils to watercolors to etchings in ornate frames – hang from the walls, and a life-size stuffed Santa Claus dominates a corner.

No wonder Stratford Antiques is a mecca for tourists; it is a maketplace of infinite variety.



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The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.

���������������������������������������������� August 2008

Since 1992, owners Jan and Ken Wynn have presided over this resource of riches. More than 200 dealers maintain booths, some coming from as far away as Vermont, New Jersey, Long Island, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and New York. Dealers come and go, so the inventory is constantly refreshed. Ken said, “We have a big variety here. We were the first to bring this concept to Fairfield County. You would not believe what’s gone through here over the years – some unbelievable items. We once had a very old deep-sea diver’s suit.” Occasionally a piece will be so interesting that several people will vie to buy it. Ken can recall several times when a huge fight broke out between customers. To avoid this happening, Ken suggests that “if you see a piece you like and you are not done looking Victorian, modern, art nouveau – whataround, ask us to put a hold on it.” ever your preference, you’ll find it here. Private homeowners, collectors, interior designers, and restaurant owners looking for exceptional pieces all frequent Stratford Antiques. You, too, can wind your way by the glass cases and open-display areas for inspiration. Here you can let your imagination run wild. Picture one of the many chandeliers, dripping crystal teardrop pendants, adding dangling decadence to a bathroom. Rifle through the boxes of old 45 records from artists like Tom Jones and the Beatles ... these covers framed with thin black frames would make a striking statement lining the wall of a modern office or media room. A neon sign stating OPEN would add humor to a home bar. See Stratford page 10

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Collectors will be delighted by these colorful treasures.

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PROGRESSIVE MECHANICAL, LLC 203.878.0455 - Milford 203.732.8846 - Derby FREE ESTIMATES FINANCING AVAILABLE FOR QUALIFIED APPLICANTS Licensed and Insured - License 395990 - S1 The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.


A warm cozy welcome


by Joanne Greco Rochman

Joanne Rochman photos A welcoming bed has a soft comforter and fluffy pillows in a design that complements the wallpaper.

Even though Benjamin Franklin said that fish and guests stink after three days, when entertaining, you should think about the do’s and don’ts in making them feel welcome. I learned one of the don’ts the hard way. A dear friend came to visit, and so, of course, I prepared the guest room with plenty of extra fluffy pillows, fresh flowers and books, a pewter hurricane lamp with candles and matches (just in case a lightning storm knocked out the power), and plenty of towels in the adjoining guest bath. There are all kinds of special things that can be done to make someone away from home feel relaxed and comfortable while visiting with you, and I’ll share some of the best. However, if like me, you have an alarm system in your home, do inform your guests about how it works. Don’t forget to warn them about this. Trust me. This bit of information ranks number one on my Don’t Ever Forget list. It all happened after an especially delicious dinner. I offered my friend and weekend guest a piece of homemade chocolate cake for dessert. “No thanks,” she said. “I’m watching my weight.” When everyone retired for the evening, my husband automatically set the interior house alarm. Imagine my surprise when, all of a sudden, “Burglar, burglar” echoed through the house, with lights flashing and horns blowing. My husband and I rushed to the top of the stairs to see my friend frozen like a statue in front of the open refrigerator with the chocolate cake held tightly to her. “Oops, caught red-handed,” she said with a laugh.

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The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.

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August 2008

Thank goodness my friend has a great sense of humor. We all had a good laugh, but I made sure from that day forward that any guest who stays at our home understands how the alarm system works. You do need to consider a guest’s comfort when you start decorating. Imagine feeling headachy after a long flight or tiresome train ride and arriving bone-tired. Then imagine entering a room with big, wildly colored flowers spread all over the wallpaper or a room cluttered with knick-knacks and furniture. You would ask for a cold compress to be sure. My husband and I papered the guest room in a French-blue toile, accenting it with soft fabrics, an inviting rocking chair and lots of fluffy pillows, ready to sink into. Do provide cool, comforting colors in both guest rooms and bedrooms. To complement the wallpaper, I selected a wide border in a similar design. I didn’t want to shorten the wall with such a wide border – I had something else in mind. I purchased inexpensive window shades, sewed the border to the shade and added pewter pulls. The end result is a window treatment that is decorative, offers privacy, and was cost effective. When I don’t have guests visiting, those shades are not pulled down and the pretty border makes a perfect finishing touch. Do have a comfortable chair in the guest room, and windows with a view, whenever possible. I have a rocking chair with an extra throw blanket on it, in case my guest would like to sit and read before getting into bed. I do leave different types of books around the room. Of course, it helps if you know the reading preference of your visitors. Otherwise, a book of poems is a special treat for women friends, spy novels seem appreciated by men, and everyone enjoys thumbing through an art book. I also keep a pen and writing pad handy on a nearby table. My neighbor always has a lot of visitors. She has two guest rooms. “In my own home, I spend a night or two in the guest room well in advance of my guests’ arrivals. That way, I know what to provide for their comfort,” she said. She has a luggage rack in each room, and insists on using eiderdown pillows. “Dear, please tell your readers not to use those dreadful dead-feather pillows or those polyester-filled pillows,” she insisted. “My guests love coming here because I use the softest pillows and silky pure linen sheets and pillow covers.” Of course, my neighbor is the type who actually irons her bed linens, and I often think it would be great to walk across the field and have a sleepover there myself. “And do remind them that if there are pets in the house, tell the guests to close the door before retiring, or they just might find a cat licking their toes in the middle of the night,” she said laughing.


A wicker rocker and cozy throw entices the bedtime reader. Do prepare the bed with fresh linen the day before guests arrive, and do be sure there’s room in the closet and little clutter, giving the room a fresh, open feeling. The bathroom must have plenty of lush towels, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, a hairdryer, and a few magazines for good measure. I add extra rolls of bathroom tissue as well as a box of tissues. Then all you need do is sit back, relax and enjoy your guest’s company, knowing you’ve provided them with all the comforts of home ... maybe more! ■

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Abbey Carpet®

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Specializing in Hall & Stair Runners Largest Sample Selection Owner Sales & Installations Area Rugs

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������������������������������������������������ August 2008


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The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.


Clean up! WITH THE EXPERTS by Robin E. Glowa Since 1963, Steve DeMarco, Sr., has been providing exemplary floor- and rug- cleaning services to both residential and commercial accounts. After 45 years in the business, Steve knows what it takes to be a success. “We try to keep close to the customer,” he says. “The most important people in our lives are our customers.” He goes on to say, “After the customer, the next most important layer of our business is our production and customer-service people, our managers and lastly, our stockholders. “We are a family-owned business, and we care about people. My daughter and two sons will continue our high standards as we look to the future.” Through the years, Triple S has evolved from a part-time business to a multi- faceted company, offer-

At Triple S, cleaning begins with a gentle wash.


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Vol. II, Number 8

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The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.

August 2008

quettes, window seats, headboards, beds, benches, cushions, and pillows. They also do wall upholstery and sound-absorbent fabric panels. DUC-Interiors features a Hunter Douglas gallery with all the latest innovative window treatments, including wood blinds, honeycomb shades, sun-screen solar shades, motorized shades, shutters and blinds, and hardwood shutters. Soft window fashions – Roman, Austrian and balloon shades, valances, swags, cascades, and jabots – are available in a wide range of colors and textures to enhance the home or office. Focusing On Health

ing a wide range of cleaning and restoration services. In 1969, Triple S established its headquarters in Norwalk and went on to open additional locations in Stamford and Stratford. Steve notes, “We are a textile company, specializing in the cleaning and restoration of textiles, including carpet, upholstery and draperies. We clean, repair and restore Oriental and area rugs at our plant in Stamford, giving damaged or dingy carpets new radiance.” Steve adds with a smile, “Many of our customers bring a rug in, thinking it is beyond repair, and they are thrilled with the results.” Oriental and area carpet repairs are meticulously done by hand on specially outfitted tables. Customers can choose to bring the rugs in themselves or delivery can be arranged. Clients who deliver the rug themselves receive a 20% discount. The process of thoroughly cleaning the rugs begins with feeding the rugs through a giant printing press-like apparatus, where they receive “a nice, gentle washing,” according to Steve. A customized cleanser reaches stubborn stains, ground-in dirt and contaminants, sanitizing the rug and removing allergens. The cleaning formulas have been developed over the years to be extremely gentle and effective, as well as environmentally friendly. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, rugs are brushed and treated, and then transported through the ceiling to a specially controlled drying room. With the atmosphere adjusted for proper temperature, humidity and movement of air, the rugs will dry rapidly. They are then wrapped in paper so they can properly breathe, and are then ready to return home. In-home services offered by Triple S include cleaning of wall-to-wall carpeting, drapery and window treatments, and upholstery. Wall-to-wall carpeting is cleaned by certified technicians who are spot and stain specialists. Triple S has the most certified technicians and master technicians in the Northeast, and their work is guaranteed. Upholstery cleaning will refresh jacquards, velvets, prints, leather, slipcovers, mattresses, and even boat and patio cushions. Branching Out

In 1987, the Triple S Reupholstery Center was added to the company as a separate department for reupholstery of commercial and fine furniture and the sale of window treatments. At the same time, the Stratford branch was built to accommodate the service people and equipment for servicing eastern Fairfield County, and to provide much needed warehouse space. In 1999, the Triple S Reupholstery Center was renamed DUC-Interiors. The services now include reupholstery of antiques, leather and custom furniture, banAugust 2008

Triple S is admired in the industry for their many innovative contributions to the world of cleaning and restoration. There has always been an emphasis on using cleaning methods and products that are healthy yet effective. Most recently, Triple S has gone green, using products with natural, renewable ingredients that have a neutral ph. it has trademarked the slogan/logo “Cleaner, Greener & Drier,” which demonstrates that the company’s commitment to the health of their customers and the environment is an ongoing process. Recognizing that many people suffer from allergies, Triple S has introduced a revolutionary new anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program called the ResponsibleCare System. Applied to carpets, mattresses, upholstery, and bedding, it reduces the level of serious allergens by 90% or more, bringing great relief to those who are afflicted with asthma, sinusitis and other allergy problems. With the growing use of stone and tile flooring in both home and commercial structures, Triple S launched its newest cleaning division this year to address the need to protect and preserve grout, tile, marble, granite, and stone surfaces. Constant foot traffic, household cleaners and moisture can take their toll on these surfaces and cause them to lose their luster. Stained, discolored or cracked grout can take on a gleaming new life when cleaned and sealed by the Triple S professionals. Keep your world clean with Triple S. Triple S is at 337 Westport Ave., Norwalk, 203-847-8000; 400 West Main St., Stamford, 203-327-7471; and 1800 Stratford Ave., Stratford, 203-375-3737, or call 1-800-870-8800. ■


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The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.


All The



LOCATION: In the coastal town of a neighborly setting. PROPERTY: Low maintenance is a fe gardens to enjoy, but which are not a HOUSE: Built in 1968, this ranch-st a light-ďŹ lled, spacious feeling predom formal dining room opens to a deligh with custom cabinets, a granite island two baths and a family room with br GARAGE: Two car attached. PRICE: $390,000. REALTY: Ditchkus Real Estate. Agent: Catherine M. Vincelette, 203Photography: Audra Napolitano.

e Comforts...

e of the Month

August 2008 Milford, this house, situated on a cul-de-sac, offers privacy in

eature of this nicely landscaped home with a cabana, patio and a chore to maintain. tyle home is in excellent condition. With an open floor plan, minates throughout. There’s a welcoming living room, and a htful solarium. There are many updates in the large kitchen, d, skylight, and breakfast area. There are two/three bedrooms, rick fireplace. Other features are a workshop and sauna.


Stratford Antiques has a stunning selection of silver and glass items that will add a touch of Old World glamour.

Stratford continued from page 3 Romance your bedroom or guest room with delicate linens and lace or intricately hand-crocheted blankets that someone’s grandmother labored over long ago. Charming pitchers and basins would make great vases for bedside bouquets, and �




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you could further gild the lily by displaying a sterling-silver hairbrush set. Several booths are laden with enticing textiles, such as tablecloths in cheery vintage prints, soft linen napkins, beautiful bedspreads, and appealing aprons. Stratford Antiques has a stunning selection of gleaming sterling silver that will bring Old World glamour to table-top design. Steam kettles, coffee and tea services, sugar-cube tongs, candle sticks and serving pieces set the stage for a divine dining atmosphere. If all out elegance isn’t your style, mix-and-match table settings are a marvelous way to marry fun and function. Dressing the dining room is a delightful undertaking when you have an assortment of casual and classic components. Combine finely etched wine goblets; bright blue, green, pink or amethyst depression glass items; kitschy salt and pepper shakers; chunky pottery pieces; or fine bone china. China collectors will find large sets of Homer Laughlin, Boote, Wilkinson, Furnivall, and

Get Your Lawn Ready For Fall



������������������������ �


Dependable Lawn Advice You Won’t Find at Bigger Box Stores!

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The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.

August 2008

Johnson Bros. displayed in a number of patterns and colors. Book collectors will delight in the wide range of titles to enhance their libraries. There are a number of children’s books from days gone by, such as The Bobbsey Twins, which detail the innocent adventures of Bert, Nan, Freddie, and Flossie.

There is also a good selection of reference books for collectors of pottery, porcelain, depression glass, costume jewelry, carnival glass, and dolls. Their shop is known as the biggest tourist attraction in Stratford, so it’s not surprising that Ken and Jan have welcomed visitors from all over the country and around the world, as evidenced by the display of U.S. and European maps dotted with dozens of tiny push pins. Ken says, “We love having visitors from all over. We even recommend local restaurants, so they can further enjoy Stratford and all it has to offer.” The store has been featured on local television stations over the years, with special segments on channels 12 and 8. Ken and Jan have cultivated their appreciation for the beauty and function of well-crafted antiques and collectibles into a thriving business. Along with their sonin-law, Stephen McKay, who serves as general manager, the Wynns are happy to show you the many prized objects. From art to zithers you’ll be sure to find something that reflects your special style. Stratford Antiques is open for browsing and buying from 10 to 5 every day except major holidays. Stratford Antiques is at 400 Honeyspot Road, Stratford, 203-378-7754, ■

�������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ �����������������������������������������

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From watering pots to seaside paintings, there’s always something to intrigue.


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August 2008

��������������������������� ������������������������������������� The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.



Cookin’ with gas & garage-door savvy by Diane Slovak Q: I am remodeling my kitchen and have an electric stove. Can I get a gas cooktop installed even though my rural road does not have gas lines? A: Only a select few people know that the Construction Queen loves to cook almost as much as she loves to do construction. Sometimes I wonder if a perfectly roasted duck is not as much a feat as a perfectly tiled bathroom! For years I have been enlightening my clients on the wonders of cooking with gas, and more of my clients are choosing to use propane to provide gas for cooking and heating when they live beyond natural gas service. Not only is propane a great way to cook, it is actually more energy efficient than you might think. So once you get your cooktop installed, be creative with

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what else you can do with propane – maybe a gas fireplace, or a high-tech outdoor grill or spa heaters for your pool. The best part of switching to this source of power is the aesthetic benefits of underground propane tanks. They offer secure, dependable fuel storage, while maintaining the natural beauty of the home’s landscape. So yes, you can get a gas cooktop and rejoice when you no longer have burnt pots left on the stove long after the electric heat coil was supposed to have cooled down. Q: I need to replace my old garage doors. What should I know before I choose one? A: There is nothing that makes a bigger impression when driving up to a house than beautiful doors, and the most “in-your-face” doors are the ones on the garage. Take an objective look at your house from the outside and see what style of garage door complements your home’s architecture. If your home is traditional, you can go with a raised panel, which offers understated style and clean lines, or something called a carriage house-style door. You know, those beautiful doors that look like they came off a stately barn or vintage garage from way back when.

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The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.

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August 2008

Once you have selected the correct style, you need to think about the kind of door that suits your lifestyle. Do you have children or pets? Is there a lot of traffic in and out of the garage? If so, you will need a durable and quiet operator (the motor that lifts the door) that has polymer hinges with no metal-onmetal moving parts. Also mandated are safety features, such as a built-in laser light that is attached at the bottom of the door rails. So if a person, an animal or your UPS package is in the way of the door closing, it will not slice them or it in half! About the operators: You should be aware that the traditional lifts for garage doors have always been chain driven – they are reliable but noisy. For a quieter operator, go with a belt-drive model, so quiet you may not know when the door is opening. This is great if the garage is under a family room or bedroom, for it will not disturb the occupants if they are sleeping or watching a great movie. Climate plays an important part in the decision making. In New England we have extremes in temperatures, and you will want to consider insulated doors. The R-value describes the insulation properties of certain materials. The higher the R-value, the more effective the material will be in keeping out the cold or the heat. The range is generally from R-6.5 to R-17.5. Now the fun part, the choice of material for the doors. For ease of maintenance, steel doors can’t be beat. They come in many colors and can have window panes installed. To get that custom look without the price, composites like MDF (medium-density fiberboard), also know as “an engineered wood product,” can be used. Another option is wooden doors made of poplar or hemlock. Be aware, however, that this type of construction does not stain well. You would be better off priming and painting. For the true “Hello, Gorgeous” door, consider the exotic woods, such as mahogany, Spanish cedar, walnut, and meranti.

I always recommend cutting out pictures of garage doors that you like and taping each one to a wooden paint stirrer. Then step back and hold the picture in front of your old door to see how it would look when installed. It’s like trying the shoe on before you buy it! Diane Slovak is a licensed contractor with the state of Connecticut and owner of Innovative Concepts in Design. Send your questions to Diane at or visit ■

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SIXTH ANNUAL GARDENING FAIR Calling all gardeners! Set aside Saturday, Aug. 16, from 12:30 to 5 to attend the sixth annual Gardening Fair presented by the UConn Fairfield County Master Gardeners and the Connecticut Master Gardener Association. It’s a free event that requires no preregistration and offers an array of gardening activities. There will be multiple presentations by gardening experts and a variety of information booths. Master gardeners will be on hand to answer questions and to test soil samples. Free refreshments, demonstrations, a free plant raffle, the sale of gently used gardening books, and other garden-related activities are planned. The fair will be held at the Fairfield County Extension Center, 67 Stony Hill Road in Bethel. For information, call 203-207-3262. ■

Your Choice For Tile Tile

Natural Stone




A frameless-glass enclosure takes its cue from gleaming, luxurious hotels baths.

Vertical spa At-home indulgence by Alisa Gaudiosi

Visit Your Local Showrooms:

Fairfield, CT

760 Kings Highway 203.367.6449

New Haven, CT

1-800-360- Brookfield 203.740.8858


105 Hamilton Street 203.777.3637

Manchester 860.649.8222

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The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.

The mantra of almost every home-improvement television show and magazine is de-cluttering space. Ridgefield Glass is showing area residents that the easiest room in which to apply this philosophy and achieve impressive results is the bathroom. The main feature of this trend is a frameless-glass shower enclosure, which takes its cue from the gleaming surfaces of luxury hotel baths. It is installed without clips, wall channel or headers, giving you a clean, uncluttered view of glass and water. Whirlpool baths, once the amenity of choice, have been replaced by the customized shower, or “vertical spa.” “The vertical spa concept is popular because working professionals simply don’t have the time to soak in a tub, but want the same indulgence and relaxation benefits in a quick everyday shower,” said John Petchonka, co-owner of Ridgefield Glass. A cost-effective investment, glass can transform a mundane interior into an elegant space. The timeless look is distinctive, while still appealing to any August 2008

decorative taste, an important consideration when a homeowner is seeking to resell. A frameless-glass shower also eliminates water damage caused by leaky shower curtains. The ultra modern look has even been adapted in some of the region’s historic homes. When designing or upgrading the bathroom, Ridgefield Glass offers the following suggestions: • Thickness of the Glass: While most frameless shower enclosures use 3/8-inchthick glass, ultra-frameless designs use glass that is only 1/2-inch thick for all fixed panels to produce a sleek, elegant look without the visual distraction of clips, wall channel or headers. • Type of Glass: The most popular colors are clear, which actually gives a green tint to your shower, or water white (known as Starphire), which produces a frosted look. Keep in mind that a wide variety of art glass may also be used to enhance a style. • Location of Body Sprays and Shower Heads: To ensure an ergonomically designed enclosure, hand-held showerheads, Shower heads, rain bars, body sprays, and steam can elevate the rain bars, body sprays, and steam showers can elevate the shower to a spa experience, and a special coating causes water to shower to a true vertical-spa experience. • Extra Amenities: Glass shelves can be added and adhered simply bead off, bringing maintenance to a minimum. with silicone to complement and complete the new modern look, as can glass countertops and beveled mirrors. • Maintenance: Best of all, glass shower enclosures require a minimum of care and maintenance. ClearShield, a special Teflon-based coating, causes water to simply bead off for easy cleaning without toxic chemical cleaners. “Glass offers a degree of luxury and drama when decorating this spring season,” Stop to visit the magnificent clubhouse and furnished model! adds John. “It blends perfectly with any style of interior design – contemporary or historic.” Visit our Website at Founded in 1974, Ridgefield Glass is a full-service, custom-design glass retailer that offers the most modern applications in shower enclosures, mirrors, and insulated and commercial glass for both the residential and business markets. Call Jim Cormier For further information, visit or call 203-438-3105. ■





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Follow Rt. 8 North to Exit 23; Right at end of exit onto Main St. Straight 1/2 mile to Depot St. on left (steel bridge). Right at end of bridge; follow winding road 3 +/- miles to end�Left onto Lopus Road; Immediate Right onto Pent Road. Condo entrance on left.

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���������������������������������������� ���������������������������������� ��������������������������������

$295,000* Open OpenHouse House SATURDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY&12-4PM 12-4 Last remaining units in inventory in Phase 2 are available for immediate sale at tremendous discounts!* Come visit our open house at the Clubhouse to choose your new home and to discuss deals on the other remaining units available! Phase 3 is now under construction with a new floor plan featuring finished walkout basements with 3 full baths! * Discounts only applicable to units remaining in inventory

55+ Adult Community in Beacon Falls, CT 2Bedroom 2 Full Bathroom Up to 2,200 SF Units 1-Floor Living Granite Countertops Hardwood Floors ����������� Attached Garage Central AC Gas Heat City Sewer and Water Natural Gas Ranges GE Appliances Gas Fireplace Tiled Baths and Laundry 3 different floor plans Magnificent Hilltop Views Walkout Basements available Furnished Clubhouse is OPEN! Phase 3 Under Construction

The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.



The HOME Monthly, a Hersam Acorn special section, Shelton, Conn.

August 2008

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