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Work free then up and back can exhale floating me Hun in here last time reaching for of and back YACON ROOT MAX and exhaled nice and soft on the faces a full fingertips behind and then bring my belly to the five part1 fingertips in the math part 2 I'm going to rock my backs it up to meet the front and come into a forward full due to mason he can be flashed together four feet hip width apart in hand with your fingertips on the mat looking for interview nice long spine and then exhale the howling forward lout nasal if the lakes don't straighten who cares then generously you can burn them back and forth can post them here for a couple breath stare for deeper stretch we can take the hands to the ankles then the opals left to right in hilly x10 annex now battling for so we're all levels here so just fine with feels good were breeding into the back to the league's breeding into YACON ROOT MAX the back and still drying enable up towards the spine really drawn enabling n Hamlin on x feel really share and then slowly banging knees how slowly roll up the whole time trying my needle in towards my spine tapping the pelvis in finding my footing drawing energy up through searches defeat as they come into to Dustin mountain post looping the shoulders forward up and back and eventually bringing my palms together at the heart talking the palace in observe era here now I'm to come to the for Center YACON ROOT MAX my match to demonstrate this you can state that air mattress any Allen lift the stern to them tuck your compass in extend to the crown of the head as you exhale then journey I'm slowly will reach the fingertips up towards the sky fingertips left to YACON ROOT MAX right as I in hell I can take the gaze up homes come together and then exhale belly 25 as I swan dive for valley to the straight links for one Brett any Allen an Excel this time then them generously as the scoop your telephone in fingertip tips reach for them back who could toss in just 45 Brett's one-time-only look at Assent supermarkets in I John my palms into my heart here on another belly to this I and then I'm going to move into a tourism actually income profile now to save this so working on the YACON ROOT MAX single so here we go sending my cell phones back palms together in hell look forward as Excel maneuvering the outer edge in my right arm to the outer edge in my life that so pain taking up arms together here and not just a hour and to the right arm comes to the outer to the left I'm now I'm not going to collapse here this is going to be the tendency no worries that's normal so I'm going to you Gross through life's fine pressing into YACON ROOT MAX the palms sometimes taking alright fish chair sharing and bring it into the left palm is nice because you can press the left palm up an out in

the fifth to find that link seeing mom kind of call to make me feel like much cooler than I am looking injuresmmm.

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