Her Riot Zine #1

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Music, Bands and Cool-ness

This is what it’s all about. 1. Just because you are creative doesn’t mean you are an artist. 2. Bad people can make beautiful things. 3. Musicians are not artists. 4. You are not cool if you play an instrument. 5. You are not cool if you make art.

6. You are not cool if you perpetuate unreality. 7. Being cool is a waste of time. 8. It makes you one dimensional, like an image. (But I guess that’s what you want, right?) 9. If you think you are cool, start hating yourself in order to become cooler. 10. Buy a bad shirt and wear your pajamas in public.

11. Using the word cool means that I am old, and not cool. 12. Cool people make me hate the world. 13. Cool people in bands make me hate the world more. 14. Being in a band makes you delusional. No one cares what you create. 15. Bands are egotistical and full of shit.

16. Playing music, taking drugs and drinking beer makes you a loser. 17. Playing music, taking drugs and drinking beer does not make you creative. 18. It gives straight people the illusion that they are creative or living some lifestyle. 19. Don’t become a caricature of that lifestyle. 20. Most people who play music are self-centred.

21. Most people who go see bands are self-centred. 22. Watching people play music does not make you cool. 23. Music video clips are marketing tools rotting your mind, perpetuating unreality. 24. Music video clips can go to hell. 25. Bands and directors who make them can go to hell and burn.

26. Fuck people who make money for being cool. 27. Fuck listening to music that is part of this evil world. 28. Fuck watching clips that are part of this evil world. 29. Fuck people with loud voices who win all the time. 30. Her Riot riots against this way of making music and being in the world.

For making videos 1. No make up. 2. No fake singing along to the song. 3. No ‘sexy’ objectified girls/boys dancing. 4. No choreography. Any movement must be done in the moment. 5. No bikinis. 6. No hot pants.

7. No short shorts. 8. No expensive cars, jewelry or clothes to signify wealth and attainment of some unreality. 9. No baseball caps. 10. No sunglasses at night. 11. No hair gel. Hairspray is allowed. 12. No sets. It is how it is.

The Other Side written by Sarah McEwan Recorded at The Cad Factory Studio Engineered and Produced by Vic McEwan Keyboard, Drums, Vocals: Sarah McEwan Guitar: Drew Thomason Lots of love to Melissa Hunt Zine Photos: Grant Bayly Video features Ruby Georgopoulos Grong Grong Creative House Grong Grong Motor Inn 4 - 11 August 2013 Thank you Sandra and John Kooper A Cad Factory project supported by Regional Arts NSW HER RIOT ZINE 1