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Contained in this volume are the stained projections of artistic individuals and dark converse with the following hordes… Herr Grimm MMXI a.y.p.s.

Otargos Beastcraft Anguished Metalographer Satanic Warmaster Wolven Ancestry No Empathy Tsjuder Todesästheti k A rt I’m In A Coffin Abomino Aetas Neseblod Records One Tail, One Head Eclipse Eternal Throne Of Katarsis Urfaust Djevel Svarttjern Sons Of Fenris Hell Militia Portal

124 pages of black metal immorality and perversion

Die Hard zine was spawned from the darkest partitions of my mind 2 years ago, in attempt to offer something pure and worthwhile to the black metal underground. Fed up with the tiresome, boring and egotistic interviews of online zines, and black metal converse in general, I desired to have something inspired by the old days when it took effort and dedication to gain respect. All interviews minding two (due to recording and non-stable addresses), are letter written and sent directly to the band members. I have gained the trust of each one of them. Some letters took months and even a year to get back in the mail. Die Hard is a tome of dark worship. All bands therein hold a rather prominent place in the underground, no compromises for useless clones! In addition to the interviews, I’ve also crafted some concert stories, copious album reviews, a collection of dark art, articles, tributes, book recommendations, and philosophy. About myself: real name, Braydon Lajeunesse, black metal is my first passion, it seeps through my cold veins every day. I love reading, writing, collecting bones, crafting, photography and nature walks. If there are possibilities we might be like-minded, feel free to “meet” me.


But if you are just adding me to your collection of friends, don’t waste my time! Help me get to Norway for school by supporting this!


My ex who is also something of a scientist herself showed me your band and told me there are possible parallel universes out in the cosmos that resemble ours but are highly different, do you believe in these? I don’t really know if there are parallel universes. Different theories talk about it, and my conviction is more for a fractal constructed multiverse rather than parellel ones. Unfortunately we are a poor minded civilisation. We are nothing, we know nothing, and we will never know the real reality of it all, so I always say don’t try to search for a reason for life, cause there is not. What is the ideal photo essence for Otargos? Nowadays, us within a dead megacity darkened by a nuclear blast. This kind of landscape will be real someday. Oppositely to where your influences are from, coming out of what you like to listen to. Do you gain inspiration from hearing something you hate? In fact, I listen to some old stuff from the 80's and 90's like heavy thrash more than extreme death/black metal muzicks. Also a lot of movie soundtracks and ambient music. I try not to listen to heavy doses of music when i am in a composition period, to avoid being influenced. What can another language in the metal add to the atmosphere? We often put one or two songs in French speaking when we write an album. We are from France so, why not? But i don't really like how French speaking sounds for metal. I find it more raw than english, so we use it accordingly. Language changes give a kind of relief into an album just like when you use ethnic instruments or another original instrument.

I’ll start by proclaiming that Otargos is the only act i know who follow so exclusively with subjects about quantam physics and science. Why does this concept reign above all else? Effectively, quantam physics often appeared in Otargos lyrics, especially in Kinetic Zero and Fuck God-Disease Process. Physics have a main source in my philosophy. But to be honest now with No God No Satan, and future albums we are not searching for putting physics as the main topic. I am a scientist, passionated by cosmology, so it came naturally for me to use my knowledge in the writings. I don’t believe in any supernatural or divine force living or creating in this universe. All religion is only bullshit mental disease. Future lyrics will talk about our society, murder, drugs, disease, war. It shall be more cartesian stories, no more tales.

There seems to a cleft of two black metal artists; those who cannot embrace the real purpose that this harsh music stands for and thus are an abomination to it's essence, and those taking extremes to new grounds, like that of Shining and Watain. Is it unfortunatre for an individual discovering black metal at this time, when information is watered down by the media, and not being able to grasp the full outgoing effect, and setting up a tainted perception? My position facing this genre is modern. I don’t care about all old bands, as most of it was poorly performed. Despite the love for them i had when i was younger. But i prefer to look forward, not into the past. I don’t think false or real is relevant. I respect bands who know how to evolve professionally, such as Behemoth. Considering you dwell on the natural scientific aspect of life, and structure your being around concepts of metaphysics and the vast galaxy we live in, you must also possess a close connection to the forest, rivers, mountains right? Is this the one wellspring of truth there is to offer?

Well, I don’t really care about the wild, as I am more interested in the human race. Submitted to itself, self-destructive, and condemned to chaos and demise. Humanity is just a cancer, a macrovirus, a parasite on this planet.

Do the values of strength, pride, loyalty, wrath mean anything to you? These are principal qualities of man of course, but i think nowadays, many people forgot the sense of those words.

Is it possible for you to see an insurgent atavism or perhaps future realization of thinking according to nature as the law of all man? I think it’s too late!

What are the worst parts of black metal in your eyes? All bands who mix politics with it. I can’t stand this, and most sound completely without talent.

Do you think Otargos will release an album on 12.12.12? Do you have any supporting or opposing opinions with this Mayan apocalypse theory? Hahaha, this is nonsense and fool prophecy. I'm a scientist. I don't believe in fairytales (someone who fucking gets it, science is all -Grimm). We project to record the future album near April 2012. I think it shall be released before the apocalypse. I shall put my pen to paper and write some words about human foolishness!

There was an album made of space recordings that used magnetometers, plasma detectors, cosmic ray detectors, the interaction of solar wind with the planets electro fields, and particle emissions. All were transformed into electric signals, amplified through a speaker, do you know about these? Indeed, i have a rare cd of this! The band is M87 (i was referring to NASA based field recordings -Grimm) It’s pure fucking strange and cosmic ambient and for me a jewel! I have an ambient solo project as well called Sagitarius Alpha, if you are interested in this kind of sound. “Foetal god injection, Cathalist amniotic

Subject of savior cloners, Mutant synthetic Christ Dead blood cells and fake messiah Never will spaxn embryonic god flesh DNA divine is not a code (only your dream) Result is just only a pale human bastard replica” Would you rather read a zine or biology/physics magazine? A physics mag! Do you perceive a time when our species will dwell on another planet, do you think it’s possible according to the measurements of particles, chemicals, gravity etc? Really... i don’t think so. Humanity will kill itself before it reaches this time. But on the other hand, we are a perfect parasite, just like a virus, so... it might be possible.

Do you have any tattoos inked into your pale flesh? A lot actually, from different periods of my life. Some of them (the oldest) are anti-christian or anti-relgious. Others are more personal and Cartesian. My favorite is my latest one, HOAX VIRUS GOD printed on my neck.

Do you feel intimidated when you think of how insignificant or small our existence is on the scheme of things? I feel sad, but as i know we are nothing, i feel enlightened.

Has there been any violent acts or provocation for black metal in France since the LLN was around? Have any of the Otargos members spent time in prison? No, i have not noticed anything in particular. We are hated by many black metallers, i just want to say to them, FUCK YOU! The more you hate us, the more we RISE! None of Otargos has had prison time, unfortunately. We would certainly become more famous. One more thing, if you could be any animal (past or present) what would it be? For sure the strongest, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or a white shark! I hope to come to Canada and burn some venues! Remember no Gods created us, we created them. –Dagoth

Beastcraf t First, what seperates Beastcraft from every band, is there anything you do or believe in that you think is completely different from other black metal acts. Or do you just prefer to never form something new and rather amplify only the closest subjects to you? Beastcraft is the core of black metal, both in approach, sound and message. This is the sound of Satan, dark, grim, ugly and cold. The atmosphere of black metal comes not only from the tones, but the whole sound. Even the ultimate riff can be destroyed by the wrong “production, both when it comes to poor, dirty or overproduced sound.

What kind of ancient rites do you refer to as inspiration for lyrics? I have a large collection of occult books and scriptures to keep me inspired to create my own rituals. How has advanced technology affected real black metal? First problem: Nowadays every idiot with a basic knowledge in computers can create their own studio. The bands are numerous. The core or soul is more or less nonexsisting. You don’t even

have to know how to play, to make your own songs by the methods of cut, paste and steal. Second problem: The errorless, polished, plasticsound of the hi-tech studios, with the triggered drums to top it off. Is the black metal scene defined more by the notorious individuals involved in it, who were there to shape the music and create the stories, or represented only by the aesthetics and open to new definition as the underground continues to offer black metal? The creation of black metal is just an old story, that lays so far in the past it has no direct effect on the present scene anymore. Even we who where there from the beginning start losing the memories of how dark and dangerous the scene actually was, and the often insane happenings becomes mere distant memories. Are you fond of bands rereleasing old material? Is it kind of a hidden statement that they are lacking inspiration to creating something new? No, I don’t care, but I guess the kids want get hold of it, preferably with remastered and remixed plastic sound. It’s easier to get away with old mediocre material, than new mediocre material. Are you a social person and like meeting other metalheads, even online with persons in other countries? Or see it is as a distraction to asociate yourself with many individuals all the time? I prefer to stay with my inner circle, though I also am amongst the outer circle from time to time, I feel no need to make new aquantances. What is your favorite book in history, and what is the reason? That’s impossible to answer. Too many genres. Too many topics. Black metal has such a reverence for nature and animal life, and it represents something antihumanist. Would it be paradoxical to believe this and kill an animal. Would you personally? Black metal is no remorse. No, that is not a paradox and I can personally kill any animal whatsoever. I have no reverence in life. Have you comitted any serious crimes in your life? I have never been sentenced… Do you regret any old statements made in interviews or want to clear the smoke on anything? There is no reason to regret anything in ones past. Learn the lesson and move on. Regrets are for the weak, feeble and selfpitiful ones. What does the name symbolize to you? It is the darkest art, the craft of the Beast. The name is filled with darkness, power and destruction.

In which ways do you think have evolved over the years of evolved on life experiences?

Angui shed

I am, needless to say, a lot wiser now after 37 years on Terra, but many of my fundamental views and principles have stayed with me since my late teens, and will be buried with me. I guess I am more calculated and forthseeing that before, and I like to view that as a kind of evolvement.

Musically, i think 'Cold' has the power to influence someones mind greatly and even break down their emotional state. Do you ever feel too depressed even to create music or is this something you see as a weakness, and overcome it? I think that depression isn't a weakness. Without it i wouldn't be complete and couldn't write what i have. Sure, sometimes it tries to take me over but then you just have to focus on the music and let it come out through it.

Will Beastcraft ever print white shirts? What does black actually mean to you? No. For me, living is like a game of chess, the world is the board, everything is black and white. Black represents me, it is a metaphor for the “dark side”, the enemies of the white religions and their kin. I’ve also more or less only worn black since ’91. Everyone who knows me, associate me with that uncolour. It’s is me. Is there room in black metal, specifically the ones who manifest it, for love? Love for one other person worthy of your time? Surely, there is contrast to hatred, felt in the right way? Not in black metal. There should be no love songs in black metal. We all know Darkthrone got away with it with Natassja, but that crossover with goth is an abomination. What each individual black metaller feel, is up to them. What would you be buried with? I will be buried in my urn. Burnt to ashes, wrapped in black. -Sorath Northgrove

What would be proper listening conditions for Anguished in your opinion? It depends of the track, some you would like to listen in a dark room alone and some while drinking alcohol with your friends, others while doing self destructive things. Do you have any ritual practices that you commit yourself to? Where did you learn the firebreathing?

That is something you'll have to learn yourself (and have -Grimm). I practiced a few times without fire then just tried. It was surprisingly easy. I don't have any regular rituals. If i'll have the inclination to do some, then i will. Are you more of a hermit/misanthrope, or do you spend time with other people in the scene? I hang out with my friends who are in this scene, but feel very misanthropic for everyone else. I hate shallow, unintelligent people. How important is the atmosphere compared to the production or lyrics for you? I think the atmosphere is one of the most important thing in the music. If the atmosphere doesn't fit the lyrics or something else, the song will just not work.

I woke up in the middle of night, but couldn’t move. After a while, I felt pressure on me. Like someone was laying on me or next to me. I asked it to go away and it left. Later I felt it also touching and breathing, but it always left when i asked it to. Do you have any occult texts or zines that you read? I have some books, but am a very lazy reader. I would rather watch documentaries. Assuming the second wave of black metal, certainly the Scandinavian bands delivered the pure formula for later years and hold most of the fanbase. After these bands are gone, who shall carry the blackened flag for real black metal. Is their an elite third wave in your opinion? I prefer to think there are no eras. All legendary bands will live forever of course. Of course the last thing to know is now that you have given this creation to the world, is there something else you have in mind? Or is this kept secret for now? And final conjurations, let it be known... Game is not over yet, you will hear lots of Anguished in the soontimes future! – Possessed Demoness (she has a dark ambient project she is currently doing, keep that in mind)

Malefic of Xasthur said he was glad that one of his fans killed himself while listening to his music, because he realized it's true purpose. Do you have similar thoughts for Anguished? I would be honoured if someone thought some of my music is that beautiful that you want to hear them just before you die. You hold Burzum as one of your highest influences, your thoughts on Belus and Fallen? What can I say, the man knows his craft, and it’s awesome. Can you perhaps talk about the lyrics or is it too personal? I wrote the lyrics on paper and then scanned them for the booklet. I wanted it to look like a mad woman’s diary. The lyrics are very straight, there shoudln’t be anything to mis-understand. What is the most fearful experience you have had in your life?

“death is near, I’m holding my blade I’m looking forward to absolute emptiness

I have no fear, my blood is now free I’m looking forward to absolute darkness”

Metal ographer Wassail Danielle, how are you keeping in times of late? Tell me about your life and something others might not know about you... I’m 21 years old, i live with my folks and work as a nanny. I have a professional certification in digital photography and photoshop. I am working on getting a better job so I can buy a home. I’ve had 4 near death experiences since i was born, including waking up in a burning house when i was 9. Where did you gather this idea to take these kinds of photos? I did not set out to do this. I started to photograph the people and things around me, and it's evolved into the body it is now. I can say that June 2009 in the woods of Lynchburg, Virginia is when and where it started. How did you find your own spiritual link, and your interest with heathen and pagan culture? I’ve been a heathen for as long as I could think. I have a lax christian family, but i never grew up thinking there was a man in the sky, and the bible stories I read sounded ridiculous (as they are). The older i got the more my skepticism grew of not just christianity, bu of all religions. I was introduced to the northern ways of Asatru, (Also check out Odins Volk- Grimm), through a heathen tribe based in Virginia. i will refer to them as the wolves from now on. I do not wish to disclose their name here. A friend brought me to one of their moots, and it was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I spent several months studying the lore and learning about the culture and community the wolves were trying to bring to life. After about a year I was invited to prospect to become a member. Long story short, the member who was supervising my prospecting turned out to be corrupt in a way. I terminated by prospecting and a few months later he was asked to leave the tribe. I will stay in close contact with the wolves, and all the people surrounding them, but i do not attend most formal moots or rituals. I have my own private studies of heathen and spiritual nature, but they are no longer as Asatru heavy as they once were... What are some of your favorite photos over the years? A hard question to answer. The photos i took at the first wolf moot are particularly iconic and dear to me. Any individual portraits of friends are also special.

What has been dominating your listening time for metal, any preferred bands? Kreator, Watain, Overkill, Destroyer 666, Danzig, Motorhead, Bathory, WITTR, Warbringer, but my taste in metal is not a very good reflection of me. I just like what attracts me and am absorbing new bands all the time. If anything i listen to local bands like Hunter’s Ground, Sylvus, and In Death I Become more than bigger acts. Are you a concert goer or do your prefer the experience with metal to be more personal, like at home in the headphones? I am definitely a concert goer. I live a few minutes away from one of the best venues on the East coast; a place called Jaxx. My car is the only place I truly get to listen to, and enjoy my music. What originally provoked you listening to metal? The lighter music i listened to just wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted something that i wouldn’t get tired of in a month, and had stronger messages. My dad had given me Appetite for Destruction on cassette. That lit a fire for my tape collecting phase. I had about 200 metal cassettes before selling them all to a guy building a heavy metal museum. Friends i met later, initiated me into more extreme genres and i went from there.

Do you go for the leather/denim look as many metalheads? Do you have a battle jacket as well? I do indeed have a battle jacket. It used to be a military vest with a shit ton of patches, but now it’s just a black denim vest. I hammered a row of conches into the back, and sewed medallions with deer on them onto the pocket. There are several metal patches but i also have a photographers name tag, a Vinland flag, and a reverend Horton Heat patch. As well as netting on one shoulder for my rat to cling to. I plan on hanging bones and other additions to it. Everyday i rock black leather combat or cowboy boots. The black leather jackets are weather permitting. Dark green cloth pants are preferable over jeans because of being outdoors so much. I enjoy dressing as a metalhead, but if it’s 100 degrees outside, I’ll put on a fucking tank top and a skirt.

It is kind of depressing to see that so many bands are copies, and when an album is released it is instantly leaks on the internet. Information is easy access now and it is watered down, and loses some of the meaning. I’ve never had a lot of money to spend on shirts or music. Most of my money goes to food, or gas for travelling or concert tickets. I hate what the internet has done to not just metal but music in general, but i have to agree that there is a lot I would not have been exposed to otherwise. I still think illegal downloading hit metal less intensely because it is spread more easily now and metalheads are the only people i know who will illegally download an album, then buy the CD, then buy the vinyl if they can.

It turns out you have something like an inner circle of friends. I’ve seen the photos of them making brands on you and each other, that is quite special. I’ve had thoughts of getting my own done. How does one do this properly?

I don’t know about “properly�, but i had a very experienced friend do mine. The tip of a knife is placed in the coils of a stove. The brand is outlined on the skin first with a thin pen and then struck on the skin to form lines.

Do you make any craft for bands? I try to make something myself whenever I can. I've made banners, fliers, demos, etc. for friends. Shirts and patches as well but only local.

I also assume that you have a certain set of core beliefs. I am not an atheist, but i do not fully devote myself or ascribe to a religion. The closest thing in regard to this would be a strong feeling of loyalty for friends, and those you deem family. Respect for nature/animals/yourself and worthy human beings. Ambition to move forward in life, in any way you choose. I'm still searching for my own answers and spirituality.

If you lived anywhere, what would be the ideal conditions for you? Parts of Virginia are very ideal. There are beautiful mountains, and forests. The coast is never very far and here you're always close to a city. I'd like to own a garden to grown food, or a greenhouse. Some small livestock if i lived outside a city and a garage to work on a car, or better yet, bikes. Ideally i would also like to live near friends, if not with them.

Do you think black metal is open minded or rather how do you approach that? I think it does not matter. Classifying bands as close minded or open minded, or even classifying the genre as one or the other is demeaning. And the source of so much uneeded arguing these days...

Who do you take influence from? The ones in my life, and my high school photography teacher. Other photographers whose art i respect and certain philosophers. Also, even though the woods outside my own door offer nothing to me, I have travelled through the states and seen so many unbelievably beautiful places, and walked through the most serene forests. I can draw inspiration from those times.

Metalographer - The last thing i will say is this: First and foremost I am a photographer. I seriously believe that because I am not a musician, and can never be any sort of authority on metal.

Satani c Warm aster

mentality for a more austere and ascetic set of values and inner peace. The state of reaching a level at which error and conflict are irrelevant? Does this hold any truth in the way you shape your own ideology?

Do you listen to your own band? Is it possible to seperate your listener side and experience it with virgin ears? Sometimes I do, but it still is a totally different matter compared to listening to the music made by others. How would you describe the werwolf pertaining to society in a black metal sense? What is that title symbolic of in a human? HATE, LUST, HUNGER, PRIMITIVISM, DEATH, FEAR, TORMENT, SUFFERING, TERROR. Is there a certain propaganda that you would like to spread with Satanic Warmaster, and how much would you sacrific to achieve these ends? I’ve sacrificed more than most people would even dare to think, and still I know people who' ve sacrificed lightyears more. Satanic Warmaster is the voice of a Satanist, not a propaganda machine. I would be an idiot to preach to the converted. Those who seek to reject the ways of christ will find their way. What do you think about Buddhism, which rejects most of what christianity teaches like materialism, society, and herd

Nothing in my life philosophy will be credited to Buddhism, if that' s what you' re after. Maybe you should ask this from Holocausto of BEHERIT . Do you think Hitler’s ideology and methods were effective and realistic to establish a supreme race? The Third Reich rose and it fell, and with no magick we could ever change that, nor would need to. If the supremacy of the white race would be only in the hands of a single man who stood against his own time long before we were even born, well, then there would be no point in speculating either... In your thoughts, what is the most efficient way to inflict change on others; knowledge? war? indifference? Fear and curiosity. Do you have anything in mind for another Gestapo 666 offering in the nearest future? I don’t have anything to do with this band so I cannot understand why the fuck you ask me this. Sartre said: Man is condemned to be free, because once he is thrown into the world, he must take full responsibility for his

actions. Do you live this chieftain attitude everyday in your personal life? In this world we are not condemned to take responsibility for ourselves anymore, but responsibility for the feelings of others, the guilt and the emptiness of the modern world. To live this kind of a total freedom as quoted, is just a dream for all of us. What is ‘truth’ and what does the color black mean to you? I would assume these have fabricated some deep value on how you perceive life... Black is not a color.

Wol ven Anc estry

Have you ever comitted any serious criminal activity? Yes. Do you believe there is a contrast for everything, and that all life experience revolves around a cyclic repetition? Yes. If you went deaf, what then would you do to attain enjoyment in life and spreading your message? Would you write or focus on art perhaps? I hope I rather went blind so I wouldn' t have to read these questions. Have you read any of the philosophical aphorisms of Helmkamp which deals with ascendance? It seems to be in line with the attitudes and values inherit in mental vampirism and astral lycanthropy. Removing the weak tendencies of man. Yes, I have. The Conqueror Manifesto is a very insightful work. One more to please my hunger, do you think the Black Flames of Blasphemy brought Satanic Warmaster to higher levels? Were you satisfied with the support there? No, it was just another Black Metal show, organized properly like most Finnish shows with a good crowd. Thanks for the interview. LUX EX TENEBRIS. Satanic Warmaster merchandise is availablefrom neuntoter/werewolf records!

What might you want to stand out for Wolven Ancestry, just a couple of words or tagline. It is always great when people from different areas of the world get in touch to let us know they enjoy our material. We are content with being a hardworking underground act, and it is fortunate for us at this time we do not stand out, as this would mean we would have sold ourselves to the industry. For those who follow bands so intently and read interviews discussing their thoughts. There are so many angles and perspectives about the lifestyle or attitude. Do you think it creates too many walls for the creative mind to take influence from? And what is really true to you, philosophically speaking? The word true is almost non existant anymore. Many black metal bands are not themselves and put on an act off the stage. I believe it is one thing to create a character and portray that in a live setting, and lyrically of course. But at the end of the day, there are far too man " elitists" whom are nothing but fakes trying too hard to impress.Philosophically speaking these are the ones who are not true at all. There is much common ground when it comes to black metal music, in the image of it all, but in all honesty to myself and Wolven fans, the most important thing is to be

yourself. It is the weak minded who cannot be true to themselves. i am never afraid to try something for myself, and could care less about what anyone has to say about me or anything i create in this world. Do you think most persons are worthy of listening to black metal? Listening to, obviously. Understanding it, no. I’m content that not everyone can get into Black Metal, because it takes a certain kind of person to understand the energies put into, and emitting from the music itself. Most metalheads like Slayer, but not a band like Endstille for example. Do you listen to any of the Les Legiones Noire bands? Not extensively, but i enjoy the dark art of Torgeist, Mütiilation, & Vlad Tepes. Lately i have been listening to some post metal stuff from France like Les Discrets, Amosoeurs. Really unique music that is getting harder to find.

I believe it was a lot more worthwhile doing the bootleg thing back then. I used to have some old Slayer and Venom bootlegs but these have all gone to pawn shops in my early teen years. I hope that they have fell into some true fans hands, as i kick myself in the ass for putting money before music, and that’s the problem today.I think it’s great that people can bootleg cause it evens out the field for underground and major artists an it is only helping the industry evolve as well. Do you do anything outside of Wolven Ancestry? All my time is filled with other things such as promoting for gigs, spending time with the wife, and I have made a couple documentaries about the corruption in the government. What about your use of furs at concerts? Where did this come from? I see this as one further statement to the connection to nature and archaic life, would you agree? Yes, this is exactly why we wear the furs and wold head dress at our shows and in photos. It is to show our connection to nature and reflect on how primal we still are, despite technological evolution. It also portrays our own Native peoples here in the north, just as folk-viking bands do from Europe. It is our own display of culture and heritage. We are extremely interested in Native American history in general. Of the bands who have ever disbanded, who do you hold highest of these? Emperor, without a doubt.

Shed some light on your own ideology. Do you read anything like Shopenhauer? My ideology is exactly that, my ideology. I am a fan of much of Friedrich' s works, but not all. He has some very valid viewpoints and statements, but also many I am not fond of like any philosopher, Sarte, Heidegger etc. Before modern science and technology had its breakthroughs, people were left guessing at much of what we know today. My thoughts are not static and are ever changing just as each cell in my body. In the 80’s and 90’s it was not unheard of that many bootlegs of cds, merch, and concert footage existed. It was a way for those who didn’t have the catalogues to get these by trading or buying. What are your opinions of bootlegging today when it’s not hard to find these things anymore?

I for one want to know where the video was shot for ‘A Bloodline of Immortal Passion...’ It is truly special with the black wolf and the icy landscape. The video was recorded not far from where we rehearse, actually quite literally right across the road on a frozen lake. Some shots in the video are also from other areas of the greate Sudbury region. Considering your respectable live shows and bands you have played with, do you have any specific memories? All of our shows, no matter where we play is amazing. We have had the pleasure to tour the U.S. and Canada and many of them have been unforgettable. Like the show in Wisconsin when someone threw a chair through the front window near the end of our set. Apparently due to a fight caused in the moshpit. The police showed up during the end when i was bloodletting and looked absolutely stunned to see blood soaked band amidst the violence. Does their exist an elite race to you? Surely those who follow ther own path and think for themselves have a supremacy, and should be proud of it! No one can help which blood race they are affiliated with, whether it be Aryan, Annunaki or Morrivingean, German, Native, or English. This world will still fuck you every chance it gets, so don’t let it. As soon as you do, you have lost the alpha state, the eliteness of mind. What are your thoughts on martyrdom, not necessarily religion? There will always be the jealous or angry shooter in the crowd. Martyrs often stand for the light, so I wonder when someone will die for the right reason. Do you know anything about Mongolian throat singing (Tuuva), And being able to use it for metal vocals? It has been studied by some to acheive the deep throat growls and atmospheric vocal style. Yes, i have some recordings of Tibetan monks doing these types of chors vibrations, and a friend of mine actually mentioned sometinh about a how to video that explains the exercises. I have been attempting this at home to try and use sometime. It seems that with less force, it seems to work best. Like a trance of the throat. Do you see a need for more acts to be comitted in honour of black metal to seperate the warriors from the weak? There is positive and negative to everything in existence, so this is something i try. and not waste any of my energy or time thinking about. It can lead to deep problems, and take from valuable life time. Too many waste their life on such unimportant and non-permanent thoughts and subjects. I try to do the opposite.

Last words and tell something about Sudbury metal nights... Sudbury metal nights seem to have dwindled in recent years due to the economy! Check out my other new album with Amaranth: Reflections of Somber Times which should be finished this summer sometime. Also check out Grim, & Finnr' s cane which are some of the other Wolven memebers. I want to think my words have given more insight into the ferality and habitat of Wolven Ancestry!

Bl ack/Death/War Metal R evi ews Forteresse: Par Hauts Bois Et Vastes Plaines These noblemen inspire ancient feelings through the artwork used and doomy ambience created. Both members hail from the Quebec lands and like Nordic folk carry a special attachment to their heritage. The spirit of old folklore and history and French nature is reflected to full extent. The dirgelike pace of Par Haust Bois attains a very sorrowful but peaceful essense, and sound like a dark funeral march.Perhaps this is symbolic to the dissapearance of the old culture upon which they look for a sense of inspiration and atavism. You could feast on the need to classify them, but their sound stems from a lot more than just premeditated black metal expression. The imbedded feelings on this album are subjective to the level of understanding and apprection of such a style. Ahtros voice is a slow release of negative energy carried across a wind of grainy atmosphere, which i found I was able to vent my anxiety upon. One must shut off outside distractions to penetrate the depth here which all co-exist into a destructive but secretive element. Repetition is used to create a passage for your own reality to pass through. It’s a cathartic experience that is best taken in solitude. Portal: Swarth Bursting right from the black encrusted gates of the abyss is the Swarth instilling a dreadful horror on your deepest psyche. You almost prey for the onset of a voice, and when something resembling it finally comes, you wish it depart but cant escape it’s bondage. Deep in the sublayers of the production there is a cacophony of strange noise and racket which automatically banish any concept of structure. Larvae is a dizzying experience of un-coordinated bass picking, and a seething guitar tone. It is nearly incomprehensible to fathom that human fucking beings are the mediums of such antiquated sounding music. Like audial terror spawned from the triassic period. Illoomorpheme has a thick cutting edge that continues to hack deep at your foundation. Each second a light is eternally shut out in your mind and leaves you groping in the permeating darkness. One might feel the

relentless urge to pigeonhole what is Portal into death metal or noise project, and that’s fine, but wholly undermining of what they represent. Death in its essence and morbidity is rarely channeled so perfectly like this, and with an injection of obscurity it spreads absolute unnameable terror. Portal uses a fractured and unpronouncable form of language in the lyrics, speaking otherworldy blasphemies to compliment the necrophagous atmosphere already present. Each track is like an eruption of magma surrounding you on all sides. Wersips capitilizes on the brooding mix which had been stirring in the cauldron for the previous 25 minutes. It is an acquired taste, but like any it becomes an addiction. At Marithymes you too far removed from the state you occupied before listening, and the whole experience seems like a washed out resemblance of a nightmare in a series of many ghastly dream cycles. Enduring this with maximum volume on my stereo i felt the very room i sat in start to tremble, and watched black candles flicker violently casting amorphous shadows on my claustrophic walls. Nyogthaeblisz: Apocryphal Progenitors Of Mankind’s Tribulation It would be lowly and unfit Nyogthaeblisz just black metal, everything that surrounds them is total death and worship of nuclear genocide. There is hardly any sane mood you attain if you survive through the 34 minutes of this wreckage. Nothing is known of the members, but they adorn themselves with black cloaks, one of them resembles a KKK member. If you find your fix in the dissonant, and ravaged productions of Blasphemy Treblinka or Stalaggh this might lead you further down the path you crave. I still find the fear inducing feedback and subversive approach of A Bewitched Outbreak Of Chemical Pestilence Quells The Subhuman Race hard to get my mind around. The blasting never gets stale or repetitive, but keeps bombing new holes in the walls of your shelter. It seems recorded in one take, which is all the while impressive thinking of 3 maniacal people in one room channeling this much madness and chaoz. Another unhealthy treat is combination of their past demo which was split into 4 parts, and here as one uniform track Pestilence/War/Famine/Death. Underlying the audial torture are what can be identified as goatlike vocal outputs of either Alal Xhaasztur or Xulszaghulhaza. This album was the inspiration to completely blacken my room to look like a death chamber, it’s not just the absence of light, but the full undoing of it.

Sargeist: Disciple Of The Heinous Path Raw finnish hate, and a classic pillar of orthodox black metal. All elemental aesthetics coalesce perfectly into each track, and wear a deep imprint that will keep this one in heavy rotation. Vox call to mind Werwolf from other bestial legion Satanic Warmaster. I find the recordings minimilastic in 2 senses, one is the repetition/simplicity of each composition, and second the aura. I visualize a desolate black room without soundproofing, and open windows. The sound attains to a level of being very stark and hollow. Sargeist has a black and white value, so there isn’t any differentiation, and still while occupying a niche in this sublayer, dominates an epic quality that oversees all. Shatraug is a representation of the pure musicianship in one man black metal. Mare: Spheres Like Death Undulating deep in the caverns of the Norwegian occultish black metal scene, these death dealers have attained a prolific attention for the hungry and true. The cult has already initiated several rituals in their native Nidrosia. Creeping monolithic passages are intricately woven together with fleeting traditional nordic-riffs carrying with them an overtone of operatic-esque chanting and spoken word. Mare is the alignment of medieval devil worship and sacrifice. You might feel an encapsulating suffocation as the light begins to fade of your inane former self and posit your astral body in a primeval cave, awaiting a black mass of witches. It’s like a procession and concentration of what is created to be feared, and should be listened to in fitting means. The 20 minutes set aside to manifest this grimoire of sinister influence is all that is needed to grasp it’s tangible essence. Kvitrim also cut his craft in several noteworthy acts; Selvhat, Kaosritual, Grenjar, Black Majesty and Morekunst. The focal point of this atmospheric and noxious elixir is the attracting polar force of darkness, only glowing slightly by the halo of candles and a thick fog. Spheres Like Death is the catalogue of personal interaction with the adversarial intentions within each of us, and the ensuing embracement of nocturnal and satanic spirituality.

Leviathan: True Traitor, True Whore Wrest’s sinister formulation is one of extreme differences, that people either seem to hate passionately or worship. After he supposedly dissolved Leviathan, there was no reason to think new spawn would produce. But True Traitor, True Whore posits itself as a return in perhaps a hypocritical way to some. The whole album in my opinion seems as a statement on his part to everyone around him, and his attitude towards life at this given point of time. Circling around in the cauldron that Wrest has mixed his infernal potions through his 13 years of musical provocation, he incorporates some new ingredients. Adding some more sorrowful, cleaner backing vocals on Brought Up To The Bottom. In contrast to older relics, this one builds character and has a soundscape that wanders off in diverging directions instead. It’s a schizophrenic experience of not only the creators mind patterns but a horrible reflection of your own. Like looking in the mirror and seeing a fractured portrayal seething back at you. To give vent to some of his evolution as a musician, segmented parts of buzzing drone, low gravity doom, thrash, aerial ambience, and others I cannot find the place but certainly create a unique listening journey. Let it be known that events have not changed for a weaker expressionism though. Leviathan still conjures the same ugly cultivation for the foul and blasphemous. Ondskapt: Draco Sit Mihi Dux Dense and downtuned Swedish black metal, and perfected nordic riffs executed in a slow malevolent manner. A perfect display of sheer mind fucking in human beings. Vox reminiscent of the creepy chords of Atilla Csihar but rather unique otherwise . A plague to fill the mighty halls of medieval Europe. This one earned them a status amongst some as the most evil band in existence. Finely crafted death worship of the highest calibre, anti-casaul and foggy production. I just think of decaying and long abandoned graveyards when listening to this.

Taake: Noregs Vaapen: How one solitary and misanthropic individual can manifest memorable black metal of such quality is beyond me. Nothing is drowned in bad acoustics, the production is intensely raw but in your face, and Hoest’s gravelly voice resonates like a rusty machine reversing on its gears. This is fused together with just enough traditional Nordic elements, but evolving in essence from being inflammatory or strictly provocative to really kicking in your senses. Fra Vadested Til Vaandesmed takes the slightly melodic approach that had been mastered by the last offering, in total worship of riff based black metal. The contrast between the roughly hewn guitar work to the organic drumming is quite appreciated. Nocturno lends his voice here and sounds more pissed off and grim than he has on the late Sarke albums. I believe Taake has a universal black metal sound in the sense that you can find almost any elements you want. If you lust for a thrashing pace, a cold atmosphere, or something orthodox and militant. The next few pieces offer a fine dose of each. Although black metal is not thought of as appropriate mosh music for some. I differ my opinion for Nordbundet. If i were to see Taake in the flesh, it would seem odd not to see at some violence halfway through this one, or I would create some myself! Csihar billowing voice is also lurking somewhere behind the storm. One is always pulled in by the harshness of the Norwegian tongue, no compromises for English. Taake remains a true northern band in every sense. The latter language can be nice and used for a wider fanbases at time but underground is the essence... conforming is obviously irrelevant. There seems to be a mischevous attitude going around the Scandinavian black metal scene as well, perhaps it is a reflection of the complete inane feedback from many of its fans. Hoest tried to lose them with his Nekro EP. And Shining’s new album strayed quite far from their DSBM foundation, which provoked many. Myr is one of these instances, where the wheels seem to be following the tracks, but from nowhere, there is a banjo solo. Perhaps a guilty pleasure for some, others will feel indifferent. It’s not my taste, but I see through it cause he’s trying to screw up everyones pre-conceived and arrogant opinion of the rules. Helvetesmakt might be the only rest you get before being assaulted for the last time on the closer of Dei Vil Alltid Klaga Og Kyta. Taake rules with a blood dripping fist in the air, and there is seemingly no signs of giving in. Få på knærne og tigge!!

Throne Of Katarsis: Ved Graven What ensued when listening to Ved Graven was like experiencing the secret society of the early black metal scene in Norway, at least in aesthetics. The past few years have witnessed the forging spirit of the serpent, and life pulse of the more lo-fi, dark atmospheric style. I place worship unto bands also in the Trondheim area who have opened new portals for the elite few still holding onto the true attitude and spirit of black metal. Listening to Ved Graven, can be considered to be going in an almost reverse linear path in terms of production, and sounds more like demo quality. (Infamroth also told me the tape is perhaps more chaotic). Instead of arrogant musicianship and an irrelevant attack of blastbeats or cloned vocals which is found to please most overground black metal fans, it creeps along at the pace of a noxious thick smoke rising into the air. The atmosphere itself is quite intoxicating and organic, not subject to careful mixing and polishing. All recordings were made over 3 nights of near possession, and unveiled live, this is what you can expect if ever witnessing them in the flesh. Some vox, and organ pieces were coalesced into the already violent cacophony of sound. Infamroth’s screams range from being low drawn out chants to beastly screams. It’s the kind of black metal that nicely fills and empty room, it’s full and all encompassing. I felt quite removed from everything while having headphones on full volume. “Åpne Alle Sår is one of the longer hymns, fairly minimalistic when you crave it most. Vardalv becomes the archetype of all drumming styles. Nothing is one track minded. One will also sense an element of fear, if your consciousness can attain to darker levels you will be able to fully embrace it. Impugn: forthcoming demo Controlled by the sick mind of a fellow friend, Adam Impugnor externalzes his decadent emotions into a subjugation of untamed and minimalistic black metal. The track Despotic Fascination for Dark Flesh carries some clear infuential genes of the the Finns, and a tonal essence towards a gloomy and grey atmosphere. While Pikes of the Bastille is the second injection of anathema and indifference to your base self. The screams in the latter are perhaps more emotional and suggestive of strict recording periods to obtain a pure empathetic relation. As stated, all music is crafted by just him, although a drum machine was used this time. Nothing special here, just an unhealthy dose for someone who gets their fix on this kind of black metal drug.

Inquisition: Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm Primitive black metal ceremony even under the blazing sun. Dagon possesses a croaking tonality in every pungent breath. Deep bass crunching in pace with equally ghastly sounding riffs and wardrums. Infused with a couple samples from old satanic films. One might hearken the mighty Immortal at times. Flows along like medieval horses trodding ever onwards on grey cobblestones. Beware! Diocletian: Doom Cult War metal is a term thrown around even in the standardized carbon copies of death metal bands. One listen to Diocletian should conquer over any misconceptions of the audial war being construed. From my knowledge of this subgenre, it has evolved from an ancestor known as Blasphemy and since taken shape in even more visceral, skull fucking abominations til now. It is an unholy armament of black, death, and even thrash but instread of taking bits and pieces from each long styled up approach. It injects the pure ugliness, ferocity, darkness and heaviness as one element set on complete desecation. Doom Cult, stands on the forefront and archetypal stone for the unrelenting search for further extremes. Lyrically, it is a tangent of the philosophy of long dead, but supreme writers such as Descartes, Redbeard, & Sartre. The adversarial will within the strong minded person seeks to eliminate all weakness around them. Peeling the parasitic influences from their soul and ascendingto higher levels. This ascension and preservation of a will to power becomes the weaponry for how Diocletian take aim. In the right mood, I feel an overcoming energy fill every cell in my body, my ego self changes it’s function and I become the dictator of my own path. I try to take this feeling with me when the album ends, to at least channel into that mindset when needed most to cope in this often opressive and decaying sense of reality. Technical musicianship is the foundation built upon in each devastating minute of this album. Evidently they have adapted over time, become more fit for the hostile environment of metal and exceeded to focus such perfection into their recordings. Doom Cult paints a horrifying picture of dark red blood pouring from the wounds of weak humanity, the rattling of tank belts on a bleak battlefield, and the throes of tyrants with no remorse. Bullet

Vomited is a lightning bolt of malevolence, and also my favorite track. Methinks it would be a painful experience to perform music of the calibre in a live setting. It’s a statement for the pseudoindividuals out there, we are not a fucking clan, it’s survival of the fittest. Diapsiquir: Virus S.T.N. What a elusive piece of trash this is. An eternal blemish on the orthodox paris orthodox black metal movement, and i loved every minute! Anti causal and surely still black by means of aesthetics. All about drugs, death, cities, whores, urban satan taken into reaches of the human psyche where reality is blurred. Toxik Harmst spreads his mental deviance to all those who give a fuck. Undeniable obscurity without form or essence. This is truly all over the spectrum, delving into weird ambient, children crying, industrial, noise, blastbeats, carnival, piano interludes, spoken word unity as one ugly entity. Has the power to make even the most resolute and pensive fall to anxiety. Try wandering the dirty streets at night and you will feel Diapsiquir, the french you hate! Vlad Tepes: My second preferred LLN offering, only next to Vampires of Black Imperial Blood. It’s actually a well made bootleg but is considered official by some. Stealing from the darkened armament of Vlad Tepes past. The Black Legions aesthetics is simple, it doesn't stray from the castform of the other French sects too much but is a lot more memorable. Undiluted rawness and misanthrophy in black and white. Echoing the legends and spectral lore of witches, medieval times, vampires and nocturnality. Very nauseating, dismal guitar lines which are something hidden far into the lo fidelity recordings. I would call for concentration and quality headphone for a listen propper. Bleeding an ice cold sickness onto the world. Musique pour votre ruine prémature!

HIDEOUS GNOSIS: This tome has been the ridicule of some and received dark praise from others, where my own notion of the book lies somewhere in between. Hideous Gnosis, subtitled ‘Black Metal Theory’ has a scholarly type approach to the writing style, and does become quite verbose at times but provokes many interesting questions and explanations behind the ideological and aesthetical side of this far too often black and white and causal subgenre. The book itself is written by several authors, so a varying degree of writing style are present. Chapters deal with extensive and varying subject not strictly based on the music but the influence and culture that it occupies. I found portions titled ‘The interest reading the Light That Illuminates Itself, The Dark That Soils Itself’. It impugns what most black metallers might already hold as truth, and opens opinions to be reevaluated, for those of nature and the absolute. All imagery is tastefully put into the pages, and since i have a reverence for art, it was cool to see something there while pouring over the text. I thought the piece about reflecting on the politics in some black metal unbiased and rather left to voice the ideology of certain members in the underground scene, prominently, Famine of Peste Noire & Toxik Harmst of Diapsiquir. Taken from a perspective standpoint you will realize that the views of such members are posited in conspiracy with their own experiences, future, and influences and thus their meaning of anything is subjective. While most of it makes rational sense, and is relevant to them at the point in time to which it was said, it shall be noticed that one specific mode of thought is never constant, which is quite possibly the purpose of the book in it’s entirety. I personally cannot relate to the world on one level, and can’t limit my expression or ideas in such a confined way as to follow something, i create my own purpose and celebrate my individual. If you realize this already within yourself, this will serve as a psychological view of the writings as a means to further your own knowledge. And if you are still in the dark with who you are, you might then take from it what you need, like a tool to carve your own path.

Reflecting further on the musical standpoint, i found the section about transcendental black metal completely absurd and lame! It goes into elaborate detail of the sound and approach to somehow making black metal which is inheritly ‘transcendental’ which to me is kind of paradoxical in itself as it can have different effects on each person. The author of this chapter uses terms like burst beat/hyperborean/solar and hypertrophy in contrast to blast beats, lunar, and atrophy. The repetition tends to lose me entirely and makes attempts to create a new theory from something which does not need to be defined. I did appreciate the parts on the underground black metal scene in the Headless Horsemen chapter, and collects some unique interview quotes that won’t be read anywhere else. Also, Sciscione write an impeccably nice article on the introversion and selfoppressing aura of misanthropic or depressive black metal. The purpose is to explore to what extent black metal supersedes itself to its identity as a peripheral, adversarial force and conceives the evolution it takes through the self and cosmos. A lot of effort is put into perceiving the mental faculties of an individual who lends himself to creating specifically this kind of music. The coalescence of negativity, immorality, and individualism becomes the one means to vent some of the darkest emotions that man can possess. Personally i loved the relations made to old writers who were not around when Black Metal was a way to express indifference. Also the abstract concepts which are central to most philosophy like empiricism “everything that exists, exists for a reason. These were some of the most supreme thinkers of mankind, and the basis of their own theories have without any question provided intelligence and rationality to the collective masses If they were alive today, i believe they would be performing with a black metal band. Other attention is regarded to the concepts of AntiCosmos, which kind of ties in to straying from laws and rules, the relevancy of demonology, paganism and identifying with socialism, amongst other things. Some review-like prose is here and there injected into the more serious portions and also serves to be quite entertaining. Also, i hold the same opinion from when i first discovered this extreme kind of music, that black metal is superior to the rest. This is my own opinion of course, but seeing of how far it has led me, and emotions it has stirred up that i thought never existed within me. It will probably always be a catalyst to my own self meaning during my short time in life. I believe this is an ongoing collection of material, and a book or selection of interview with American Black Metal bands is also being made. There is a website for this stuff, and some collective gatherings have happened for Hideous Gnosis. Also an upcoming journal is being written entitled Helvete for black metal abstracts

bl ac k tw i l i ght ci rcl e The sect named Black Twilight Circle is a culmination of bands drawing their influences from the 80’s and 90’s Black/Death metal and Les Legiones Noires to create their own genre of Ritual Kaos Worship.The elite few that are part of this are Arizmenda, Volahn, Axeman, Kuxan Suum, Dolor Votre, Shataan, The Haunting Presence, Ashdautas, Glossolalia, Rhinicervs, Absum, Kallathon, Blue Hummingbird On The Left, & Odz Manouk. Many of these are solo projects, like that of Volahn who is also in several of the entities of the Black

Arizmenda Twilight Circle. They use extremely indistinguishable logos, which are sometimes just ancient symbols meaning letters and sigils to represent their art. There is a 6 Way split album entitled ‘Worship Black Twilight’. All the bands have released material through Crepusculo Negro, and are affiliated with a label named Rhinocervs which releases material based on the artwork and catelogged by number without the ego personality attached. Some releases through this label are completely untitled, or un-credited. The releases seem to be exclusively on vinyl or cassette and extremely limited, which is probably astatement against the mass produced cds that are available with clean sound. All formentioned bands have toured together and played of East Coast rituals early 2011 entitled Carrion Of Immortality.

They perform mostly in small out of the way illegal venues, forests and even in a hidden cave up on a mountain. About themselves, the collective takes its inspiration from pre-hispanic cultures and, they reject terms like native American, and instead call themselves ‘Nican Tlaca’, a Nahuatl phrase often translated to “we the people here”, meant to refer to the indigenous population of the West. Lyrical contents often strays into worship of mind altering substances, and shamanistic rituals, violence, prejudice, struggle and sacrifices. Some unconvential instruments have been used to craft Volahn their music also like flutes and war drums. There is only one interview that exists for The Black Twilight Circle which was given by Volahn on the eve of their first ever tour. The seemingly leader of the pack says his they embody the chaotic will and expression of a lawless order. While the group itself was formed while others around them fell to prison sentences and The Haunting Presence gangs. He is also working on a book that teaches Nahuatl, the language of Mexica. Expect more offerings from Crepusculo Negro including shirts and pins of all the BTC bands.

No Empathy Ave Visc! Hope everything goes well for you... Regards... depending on how one looks at it. So well say in relation to your limited demos, that less than 1000 people own your music and know who No Empathy is. What are the essentials for future fans to know? It is and always will be the written and musical catharsis of our beings longing for something distant. Keeping this in mind it is absolutely unpredictable in which direction this whole creation leads. Every aspect, every symbolic and every tone is a pillar of a manifest we build to get a step closer to infinite feeling, to the unbounded breath of existence, towards the sinister unknown. How about a brief explanation about your fondness for chaosophy? If mankind isn’t able to comprehend the intensity of Chaos, Alpha & Omega, I won’t be able to describe the obsession to something total unbound endless in a few words. Imagine understanding what comes after the endless black and these stars humanity looks up every night, try to understand what was before all that... Our existence is less than nothing in comparison.

ordinary people is a enjoyable side effect. For me definitely the good music!, atmosphere, some unique ideas, true devotion & abandon is what makes a black metal band unique and worth to listen to again and again. If there’s an exceeding visual aspect beside that than it’s just perfect.

What is the most important thing to you in life? Music.

What is Visc? What does this mean to you? Visc is in an acceptation of a word nothing else than a neologism, a pseudonym I liked the spelling of. In the sense of what a pseudonym stands for it’s just a name for my work as musician.

A philosopher once said “nowadays you cannot just tap someone on the shoulder to get their attention, you need to hit them over the head with a hammer”. Do you think this applies to Black Metal, where hundreds of bands have cloned sounds, and end up being ignored by fans for not having the originality? Is it essential to impose shock value to gain that initial listen? No, I don’t think so. I agree with what the philosopher said, but when it comes to No Empathy I can tell you that all the symbolism such as fire and blood and the extreme way we do things are normal for us to express our negative feelings. That it has something like a shock value to

You appear to take influence from WATAIN with the decayed clothes and sound, what can those expect on the visual side for No Empathy, like a show? I respect and devour the work of Watain, but I don’t think they were the inventors of Blood, Fire and wasted fucked up clothes on stage. Maybe they only took it to a higher level than usual. Things like fire and blood are pretty strong tools which we use it to substantiate our work, like a lot of bands out there. On a show you can just expect the best visual way that fits to our music. Maybe it differs from time to time, depends on our mood... Give me your thoughts on these subjects: Tyranny - tendency to violence and death, to be honest, I don’t give a fuck Opression - Humanity oppresses themselves all the time... fuck off Humanity - dwarfish, trapped, lost, systematic. There are some individuals out there creating something special, that feel like they were not supposed to be one of us.

Do you think real black metal can be understood by someone who is 15-16? Depends on what we call real black metal but maybe we shouldn’t forget that those people that made black metal to what it is now, that the members of these early 90s 2nd Wave BM-Bands were not that much older than 16. I mean it was a lot about negative feelings, antiauthoritarian, destruction of mutations of our humanity, fascination for Darkness and Death. I think that a kid can feel something like this. But the older you get, the more you get into it. True Satanism and Chaos-worship and so on was a thing that came up more and more later I think. Have there been any late acts of terror in your city of Leipzig? Nope. Nothing here worth mentioning. Have you ever played at the infamous venue where Mayhem recorded their cult live album? No, but I’ve seen a concert there and if you entering the venue with the knowledge what happened there some years ago it’s pretty atmospheric. I like this location but nowadays it’s called ‘Conney Island’ instead of ‘Eiskeller’ (ice cellar) and is completely controlled by antifa leftwinged vegan shitheads who fight against black metal as a matter of principle. That' s why it is nearly impossible to get a show organized at this venue despite the intense meaning for the BM-scene. Kill them, Fuck them Creating art can be cathartic and immensely difficult. Do you use any methods to expand your thoughts and keep an open mind, such as drugs, meditation, reading, etc.? In my opinion drugs are just tools for weak people gasping for some time detached from their meaningless everyday life. For me nothing that is true expanding. Self-knowledge leads to mental absolution. That’s hard to achieve. One way is Music. Music evokes feelings. Some works evoke unbelievable intense deep feelings from which I learn a lot. For example Old classic stuff like Chopin has so much energy, so much of what I can’t describe. There a lot of musicians created something unique, something far distant - also nowadays. So why not learning from all those different experiences of musical geniuses? Have you ever tried wandering into abandoned buildings, sewers, caves or on railroads to gather inspiration? I like old buildings like baroque ones, but here in eastern Germany you won’t find it at every turn. I also have not the possibility to travel that much to some of these places or unspoiled countryside where I could get a lot of inspiration. So the most intense places beside that are by far not built by human hands. The Night and the Darkness, truly unreachable gives a lot of strong energies and is in a way the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.

How does the society view you for being quite outspoken and living in a country with such a strict code of rules? We’ve got not that much response from society so far. The most of them don’t even make an effort to listen to it much less occupy themselves with the lyrics. For the most it’s just something extreme... When it comes to myself, and I am a person who definitely not going to mince matters, it sometimes raise hackles... I don’t care. Do you see black metal as all or nothing? Black Metal is definitely not all. There are to much intense things you can witness beside that. Let’s say that Black metal is just one extremely good way to express yourself. What is your favourite obscure film? Do you know of Begotten? I like the work of Lars von Trier - his Antichrist is definitely in a way one of the most obscure, sinister movies I’ve seen. His other works are pretty anomalous. Also I won’t forget “Une chien andalou (Ein andalusischer Hund (Ger))”. It’s an amazing short from Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí. Yes, I’ve seen Begotten, good & tasty stuff, too. Lastly, in the deepest tracts of your mind, do you think you could kill yourself? No, it’s not the way I would like to fuck off doesn’t matter if people justify it as a path to salvation or if they just flee. Beside that I have too many plans/dreams as a musician as well as an artist that I couldn’t fulfill them in a lifetime.

(transferred from a letter covered in blood and wax, hail esoteric art! –herr Grimm)

Tsj uder Do you use the music as a means of propaganda in order to instill certain feelings or establish a stance? I compose music and lyrics mainly because of the pleasure I find in the process itself. That is, the composing of music is not a mean to another goal (e.g., propaganda, fame or transfer of thoughts to other people), but a goal in itself. Of course, when you record your music, this process also involves the transfer of visions or other ideas to people who find the music and lyrics interesting. In this respect, I think it is nice if other people like the result. But I do not really care if they don’t (which I would if doing propaganda). Last, we do try to follow a certain kind of continuity about both music and lyrical concepts in Tsjuder. That is, if I wanted to sing merry songs about birds (which I don’t), I would not use Tsjuder to express these feelings.

the black for for creating something of such quality? And this anti-attitude that existed around that time, which held everything together by sheer iron will? I agree that teenagers may have a stronger dedication and less compromising attitude than older people. Also, the black metal scene in Norway was a bit special at the time I was a teenager. We had the burnings of churches, musicians that become murderers, and an attitude strongly against us in the public. Perhaps this was reflected in some of the music from that time, and perhaps it remains remnants of it in bands that where formed at that time. Regarding music we compose today, we do not try to compose music as if we were still teenagers (that would be ridiculous). On the other hand, as mentioned above, we do try to preserve some continuity in Tsjuder. So, some choices about lyrical concepts and music that we did in the early 90’s still affects the band. Do you have time to spend exploring the Norwegian landscape? Do you have any stories to tell? I use most of the spare time to walk in the Norwegian mountains. Actually, my fondness for mountaineering is one of the reasons why Tsjuder don’t play very many concerts (I easily prefer a week in the mountains to a week on tour). I rarely listen to music when in the mountains. I have some stories, but they are too long to repeat here.

What other languages do you speak, if any? I speak a little German. Do you listen to any underground death metal like Denouncement Pyre, Azarath, etc? I am getting old and lazy, and I no longer use much time on discovering new bands. Most of the death metal bands I listen to are rather well known (old Morbid Angel, old Deicide and so forth). I do listen to some underground thrash and black metal though. Canada used to have a good thrash scene (Deathstrike, Piledriver, Voivod etc). Is it still good? What album in the black chronicle of Tsjuder was the most monumental for you? We did not have very strong aspirations about the reception of our music when we formed the band, neither do we today. Tsjuder has grown slowly but steadily from the beginning in 1993 (we were 16 years old in 93). I guess the band became more well-known after the release of Desert Northern Hell in 2004. Countless classic black metal albums were recorded whilst the members were still in their teenage years. Do you think the competitiveness and complete unbound rebellion at the time was fuel to

Would you consider using acoustic guitars to create atmosphere on a different layer for Tsjuder? Yes, I think the use of acoustic guitars is a nice way to add atmosphere. In particular, Bathory has done this well. In Tsjuder we have only used clean guitars on the intro/outro to the “Throne

of the Goat, and “Unholy Paragon on Desert Northern Hell. It is possible that we will use acoustic guitars in the future.

in some sense. You have to find a balance between these considerations. I think some bands should have changed their bands name rather than carrying on under the old band’s flag.

How many of the originally so austere sounding black metal bands do you think have not just changed their sound, but lost the dedication entirely and decided to use the old excuse of our fans should support us either way in order to make more compromising music with the same titles? I think every band has to grow in some way or another. It is meaningless to try to create the same album twice. On the other hand, a band should stay true to its ideology and musical intent

What do you prefer for artwork? Hand painted/drawn? Photoshop edits? Self-shot photography? With Tsjuder we have preferred to use hand drawn paintings or photography. It is nothing inherently wrong with photoshop artwork, but they typically tend a bit boring or too “sterile. Are you opposed to performing your craft in the daylight hours? I have read in interviews that Inquisition are content with taking their promo shots under the sun and performing a gig like this, as Satan was the morning star after all. Well, we actually have done it once, at Hellfest in France. I don’t think Black metal fit very well to play in daylight, but it is not anathema to us. Your own speech on the following... Women: Nice, but often comes at the loss of freedom. Drugs: Good in the right circumstances. War metal: I like the albums like “Total war (War) or “Panzer Division Marduk (Marduk). Cities: I don’t live in a city and very satisfied with that. I find large cities a bit claustrophobic. Is true nihilism a paradox? What about the different sub groups of nihilism like rejecting morality entirely, but wouldn’t that be in itself a moral stance as well? And to posit oneself against not having meaning or value, one still unconsciously find themselves showing reverence for things it everyday life. The field is so grey for ignorance I would think, would you agree? Nihilism in its existential form argues that life is without intrinsic value, purpose or objective meaning. This in is itself is not paradoxical. The problem is that we also think and act as if our life is of great importance. Hence, we may find ourselves thinking that life is of great importance and meaningless at the same time. That is paradoxical. I do not think there is any straightforward solution to this problem. For example, because there is probably no more meaning in death than there is in life, suicide merely evades the problem. I am not aware that moral nihilism, asserting that morality does not inherently exist, creates any similar paradoxes. Would you rather be extremely hated for your music, or eventually attain a level of supreme respect from a select few individuals who really understand and embrace it? Neutral feedback is boring. And to be hated for your music is not necessarily bad; it depends on who hates you for it. It is impossible to play black metal if you are afraid on stepping on someone else.

Should we live closer to the laws of nature in order to keep continuance of intelligent life? In the vast scale of creation do you see ourselves as insignificant to the way the universe is affected and shaped, or do we naturally change it like any other species? I believe we have to live in accordance with the laws of nature whether we like it or not, and I do not believe in any supreme being. But there probably exist creatures far more magnificent than us humans. My answer to your last question is yes, I think we are all totally insignificant in the greater perspective. But that does not really matter to me. Do humans evolve from their experiences to gradually attain higher levels of life essence? Well, at least life appears to be a string of experiences. I do not believe in any greater goal or such. Can you enlighten all about the Legion Helvete armament that was unleashed? Legion Helvete consists of 8 songs and lasts for about 40 minutes of terror. It carries the ferocious spirit of Tsjuder and we are very satisfied with it.

Do you think black metal should isolate the listener during a concert, for instance if the band just come and create an atmosphere without worrying too much about interaction and distractions. Does it aim to manifest a unified hateful energy instead for you within those in attendance? The really mature concert is probably done like a classical concert, with the band sitting on chairs and drinking tea in between the songs. But most would agree that such a live performance would be utter ridiculous in the case of Black Metal. I think a Black Metal concert is both visual and audible, and extreme music needs extreme visuals. We have always used spikes and corpse paint with Tsjuder. It has never been an option to change that.

Todesästheti k A rt I am currently blasting the new Archgoat EP in my headphones and scouring through your pieces. I must say it is fitting to the music. Do you craft your art in conspiracy with a love for extreme black and death metal? Some preferred bands that are collapsing your ear drums right as of late? Sometimes certain types of music are floating around my mind whilst I’m drawing or I imagine a certain type of music being played whilst the final piece is being viewed by myself, the image conjuring up a certain sound and / or atmosphere. Black Metal as well as other things, whether it be other genres of music or other forms of art has influenced my artwork greatly. I’d say the tracks that have an effect on my artwork at the moment are “Verdun by Kraft durch Kälte, “Amethyst by Murmuüre, “Kraft und Licht by Len Faki, “Departing Flesh and Bone by Midnight Odyssey, “The Vortex by Blood Axis, “Inferno by Hell, “Chalice by Moon, “Hin by Trist, “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas by Mayhem and music from bands such as Luror, Eterna Penumbra, Grave Miasma, Wold, Paysage D’Hiver, Triarii, Throne of Katarsis, Cultes des Ghoules, Craft, Odz Manouk, Hateful Abandon, Urfaust, 1349 as well as classical music by the greats such as Sergei Prokofiev and Mozart. Talk about the name Todesästhetik, is it kind of a statement? Whoever looks at your artwork will know what to expect...

The name Todesästhetik is supposed to conjure up specific images and feelings. I chose the name because of its (in my mind) links to the movement Sturm und Drang. It doesn’t have literal links with that movement but the name Todesästhetik, for me, brings about certain images of (European-esque) grimness and gloom as well as what the name literally means. The aesthetics of death. Mortality and suffering being something that has fascinated me since I was a child. Did you develop the really raw and obscure style over time, and then feel something inside that made you want to continue drafting the same way? My current style is something that is, whilst being influenced by the aesthetics of Black Metal, of my own or I take direct aspects of a painting or photograph and incorporate them into my drawings and mould them exactly into the desired outcome. My current style is something that has appeared relatively recently and has been fed by my growing interests in the Occult, various forms of the darker sides of life and art and personal problems I’ve experienced over the years. What is the culture in your country? Do you feel alien to the landscape or persons living there? I’d say that certain aspects of mainstream culture in the UK piss me off greatly. I wouldn’t say that I feel alien to my surroundings because there are certain things and people that I enjoy but the current “trends that are circulating at the moment like the cult of celebrity and other associated, irritating and inane things I can do without. But it doesn’t bother me that much because I just ignore it and focus on the wealth of delights that can be found elsewhere e.g. the internet. Do you do Todesästhetik to express yourself in ways that you cant with words or speech? I’ve never been that good with writing or anything like that so drawing is my main way of expressing my ideas but I do create through other mediums as well such as photography.

Which artists are your favorites, and which time era of art is the most appealing to you? I have quite a broad taste in art, ranging from classical to Contemporary, impressionism to Photorealism, Surrealism to Landscape and Portrait painting as well as various forms of Architecture, Sculpture, Instillation Art, Photography and so on but I think the two main forms of art that influence my artwork at the moment are 18th and 19th century painting, Neoclassicism painting and the “cut ‘n’ paste prints you see in early Punk and Black Metal album artworks and gig flyers. Some of my favourite artists are Gustav Klimt, Gustave Doré, John William Waterhouse, Alphonse Mucha, Denis Forkas Kostromitin, Wayne Douglas Barlowe, Keith Thompson, Per Haagensen, John Maler Collier, Auguste Rodin, Bertel Thorwaldsen, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Augustus St. Gaudens and so on.

What does the color black mean or represent to you personally? Black can be quite bleak for me. One of the reasons I use so much black in my art is because it can get the aura of despair across more easily. The other reason is that I’m not that good at using colour in my drawing. If I was good at that I would use more colour. Maybe one day I will. What are some of your favorite subjects of study? I’m very interested in art, music, history, science and philosophy.

Kim Carlsson of Hypothermia used a strange method of painting with coffee and his own blood, would you or do you have any abstract ways of creating? I don’t really have any abstract ways of creating. Maybe my future works will be more experimental. Are you an isolationist, a perfectionist, or depressive... Or how might you think others view you from the outside? I’m certainly a perfectionist, sometimes an isolationist and half the time a depressive. Some of them even have a sexual or bestial nature to them, is this important to express the contrast between beauty and ugliness? I think it is important to express the contrast between beauty and ugliness. As far as my artwork is concerned, I’m very interested in portraying the filthy, the depraved, the perverted and giving off a sense of the weakness that can be found in human beings and the savageness and futility of life. What is your take on creation? If you mean creation as in creating art then I think it’s a very good thing. Despite my occasional hatred for mankind and the dark nature of my art I think that the unique ability that humans have of creating things be it purely practical or for aesthetic pleasure is one of humanity’s saving graces. And if you were to be the one behind any metal album artwork from the past, which might it be? This is a good and very difficult question to answer. Probably the painting “Satan by Per Haagensen which was used for the cover of “The Devil You Know by Heaven & Hell.

Look at his portfolio on facebook and keep your eyes shut if you don’t lust for the darkness!!!

Im Un A Cof f i n

S: Whenever you want to hear some of Bethlehems throw away riffs. (According to one message i received, ye fuck you too buddy!) I have comments for the name I’m In A Coffin, it is unique and effective. Have you had others send you messages or photos telling you they have cut themselves listening to your music, or felt completely worthless whilst listening to your music? A: I don’t receive messages from fans. I hope the feeling can be vicarious when listening. I’m In A Coffin was the first title that came to mind just like everything else. I could see why some may find it stupid. S: Ill check emails and what not and every once in a while there are messages from people saying that 1FA kills their mood but never any cutting. But there is nothing poetic or deep in our names of the songs we choose.

The music you make is like penetrating the very depths of misery. I have felt these levels of depression and find my creativity to be drained completely where i sometimes cannot even write. How do you manage to channel such pure feelings of this kind when in a depressed mood? Do you harm yourself when rehearsing and recording the album? A: The only way we found we were able to write & record despite or melancholia was to drink through the night. 1 night, 1 track. This helped us focus our emotion into the music you hear. We didnt second guess anything and just puked out each one with fresh razor wounds flowing. Fuck it all! S: I have nothing different or important to say to this question. What exactly is on the front cover of One Final Action? I cannot distinguish the moving object that is hitting the man on the ground. A: The photo resulted from looking for execution photos. It is a man tied to a stake, blind folded, with a bullet going through his face. i believe it was taken during WWI, but who knows. S: Just some guy dying, much like on the Buried Alive cover. Is it logical for you to create alone? A: Create music alone? I have done so in the past. I’m In A Coffin was all written and recorded with the two of us together in a room. Without that, it never would have happened. S: NO! I’m either too scattered or too down to get anything done by myself. Well... I guess I should say most of the time, I did write the Downward demo by myself but completely lost focus after those 2 songs.

Is there a catharsis in black metal? A: There is the Katharsis from Germany but i dont know about Catharsis. The best catharsis is crying or screaming the vocals the vocals in my car. S: About as much of a catharsis that goes along with anything else. That is to say that some will find it cathartic, some wont. There is nothing special about Black fukking metal!

When is the most appropriate time to listen to your band? A: For me driving at night, alone. Trees going by in the headlights like my last happy memories.

For an experiment, would it be better listening experience for a metal fan were only to listen to one album per day, rather than several hours worth. Are you aware that metal has been used on normal people to test their reactions?

A: More important is the level of attention than amount of exposure in a daytime. I heard something about metal being used to torture Iraqi prisoners. But I think power electronics would be more effective. Most metal sounds somewhat melodic and pretty to me. Atrax Morgue FTW!

A: I am a normal 25 year old American. I have eclectic tastes, but am oddly into some mainstream bullshit. S: My interests are pretty single minded; piss the day away at work, come home, drink, smoke, get a little closer to death, etc... How often do you cut yourself? Have you had any near-death experiences? A: I gave up on that. No close calls. Now i just hate my life, but don’t indulge in the comforts of depression. I try to keep myself distracted with hollow interactions and entertainment. Try not to think. S: I guess i cut myself a good bit, not as much as some people I’m sure. Near death moments? Definitely not from mutilation, haha! While listening to certain ambient or obscure bands, I find myself doing some strange rhythmic motions in coordination with the music. The atmosphere completely takes over my limbs and I start to enter another sphere of consciousness. Is this a good way to experience music on a different level, like headbanging to intense black metal? Do you relate here? A: I hate dancing in public. I like headbanging when i drink. I can relate somewhat, sometimes i move around rather chaotically while playing guitar. S: I can’t really relate. Sounds like possession to me.

Is your band a vessel set out to accomplish something? Do you use it as a medium to inflict pain and a sorrowful mindset on the listeners? Is it something to relate to for the few souls who understand it or for everyone to let their own self-destruction blossom? A: The album One Final Action is a concept that explores different emotional closets (or coffins) within the hive like depression in our brains. Violence, guilt, apathy, suicide... I view these as a personal reflection and don’t care how it affects others. The most true thing would be to make an album for yourself. If you can relate to our music, then you are a sad, pathetic person, just like we are, cheers! S: I personally have no goals or hopes or dreams whatsoever for the rest of my life. So it doesn’t make any sense to me to get all goal-oriented, Everything about the band that I contribute only serves the moment in which it was done, NOTHING ELSE! No God, No Consequence. However it is neat that we have found label support, even if it kind of debases the result via capitalism. Hail Self-Mutilation Service (CD) and Funeral Industries (vinyl). Have you ever seen a snuff film before? Your thoughts on them? A: Yes, i used to think they were funny and/or entertaining. Now i don’t think about it at all. S: NOTHING FUCKING MATTERS, LET THEM LIVE, LET THEM DIE, WHO REALLY CARES? What kind of weird interests do you have?

Which black metal band would you call some of your favorites? Do you listen to noise? A: Bethlehem, Mütiilation, Xasthur, Vrolok, Velvet Cacoon. I listen to some noise & power electronics on occasion. Outside of black metal it would be The Smiths. S: Mütiilation, Malvery, Manes, Mayhem. Do you ever have ideas or inspirations from things, but if that idea stays for too long, or you fall out of the moment you can’t seem to dig it up again? A: The track FinallyHappy, I wrote in a dream and sucessfully learned it later to wake up in real life to play it on guitar. Usually i forget what i write in dreams, regretfully. I’m never inspired by things, just emotions and dreams. S: Yes, i have trouble staying inspired because my constant depression causes me a palpable grief every day. To be honest, I had trouble toward the end of recording the album, and coming up with lyrics, since they all basically say I hate my life/myself. If i don’t capture a particular stab of influence, it is lost forever. Is it completely absurd for a misanthrope to have several friends, and perhaps a girlfriend? A: Negative, all of us are just as weak, worthless, and selfish as each other. Yet, our biological makeup demands companionship. S: No one is actually a misanthrope, like no one is actually a nihilist.

Black metal seems to retain some orthodox values like reverence for nature, belief in a transcendental or spiritual life, opposition to humanist morality, and a desire to create yourself as the eternal. In this way, can the destructive genre be also use to evolve? A: There is no evolution within a single man’s life. We are born and we die. I don’t believe in a spirit, and i don’t believe in humanity enough to procreate. Humans are not evolving anymore since everyone reproduces, not just the strong. We will overpopulate and fade off just as quickly as we came, all within the blink of earth’s eye. The universe in indifferent. S: Agreed.

One Tai l One Head

Do you tend to repel others because of your attitude or beliefs in life? What is fun for you? A: I tend to repel people, simply because they’re uninteresting. I have fun hanging out with the few friends I have and drinking. Nostalgic behaviours can be fun, like playing old video games. S: Fun is a hangover. Fun is passing out. Fun is not finding relief. Fun is self-mutilation. Fun is feeling like shit. Xasthur or Leviathan A: Xasthur S: Some of both. What song would you want to play at your funeral? A: Asleep by The Smiths, check it out. S: Something stupid to match just how stupid the rest of life is. (answered by Adorable & Sadist. Letter with spider blood on it upon return)

I suppose this is the only typical question but I will twist it. If you saw someone with a metal shirt on the street and wanted to introduce your band, what would you say? I don’t think any of us would approach anyone and try to sell the band to them in such a fashion. It would be a very unnatural thing to do for a band like us. I must admit, I don’t yet own a copy of your releases. One Tail, One Head are still relatively new to me and I have so many albums I wish to possess. For the approximate 1,200 souls that already are familiar with your black metal, what can the others expect? Primitive, yet fierce and fiery metal in a blackened tradition. Simple, yet unruly and chaotic. The awesome energy of the neverending. How do you feel about being labelled as old school by some persons? Obviously this act did not exist when black metal was still growing its gnarled roots, with all respect. But is this an ironic comment from the fans? Being called old is fine. We definitely do not sound modern. We owe some of our existence to those blackened ones before us and we are of course part of a tradition, but still we feel that we exist on a level free of this. Unchained and reborn, shaping our future. We look forwards, backwards, inwards and outwards at the same time. To me, the mood I’m in is perhaps the most important thing when putting on an album. When you listen to your black armament of a metal colelction, does this matter to you? Is metal just a background music to you?

That depends on who you’re speaking with. People perceive and use music in different ways. Sometimes you want atmosphere, sometimes you crave intensity or brutality, or something completely seperate from that.

Why the serpent in your artwork? Is it also an official One Tail One Head sigil? The snake and the name refers to the circle of ouroboros and the return. We use the sigil as a sort of logo. What is the essence of expressing death in music? Does it sound brutal and something to bang your head to? Or more personal, with an intrinsic approach linked to real life experiences and a close connection? There is no way to do such a thing. Who are we to tell? Life and death, they are one. Bang your head, light a candle, say a prayer, write numbers on a black board, trash your house, study the stars. Do whatver you feel like doing, as long as you make it count. Honor your existence. Are you into bondage? Let’s stay on topic shall we? According to Dagbladet in 09 they said Steingrim Torson was shot by mistake by a 20 year old friend. I found the circumstances strange. Have there been any more police reports to the actual cause of his death? We do not comment on the death of our beloved friend. May eternal light shine upon his soul. Are your prideful of the rich Norwegian underground when projects such as Urgehal, Throne of Katarsis, Beastcraft, Koldbrann and Krypt are holding the blackened banners to represent some pure truth that has survived in the scene and keeping the warfront as tight as possible? If you were Norwegian, you would see things differently. About musical freedom, how is progression viewed in your eyes? Is the unwillingness to eplore new depths or difficulty to create empirical thought comparable maybe to opression in the world? although to a different degree of course. All in all there are no limits for where one can go. The universe is infinite. No reason to enslave yourself. Have you been approached by Vrangsinn or Nattefrost for use of the TNBM logo? This is a joke right? (J. told me they want to seperate themselves from this phenomenon -Grimm)

I’m purely enticed by the lyrics. I feel a chill when I hear the chanting Come Forth!!!! and ‘I Carve My Name Into Your Heart’ Enlighten me of your dark speech... You are probably sensing some of the energy that we have put in our work, it’s often called feeling .OTOH as a collective eclectic and even synergetic in nature. The lyrics will differ from author to author. There are overarching themes rather than a set philosophy. The most dominating among these would be the endless cycles already mentioned. Where life and death meet. The terrifying and the ecstatic. Eternity.

Can you tell anything about the castles in Norway, and why the country name change to ‘Kongeriket Norge’? Again, we’ll stay on topic. What was the most fearful experience you ever had in your life? Looking in the mirror. Firebirds fly from this death -J.

Revi ew s conti nued… Quite some years ago when I spent more time reading metal reviews I found an author going under the pseudonym of Scarlet, and her particular writings were completely unique in the sense that she did not waste time explaining to death the sound and characteristics of each track or comparing it to other bands. She wrote in a very proselike and eloquent manner that injected creative thought and metaphorical references to the album she was talking about. This changed the way I perceived metal journalism, and made me realize that reviews are already biased and quite objective but when trying to analyze the music, it removes some of the inherit mystery or often preconceived expectations and cancels out the experience of a pure listen. I continue to write such reviews in this way, not to advocate the listener to fully align themselves with my own ideas but in an attempt to create some kind of textual atmosphere around the band. Archgoat: Heavenly Vulva In the most pitch dark partitions of my night i met with the strange voices of the Adversarial spirit Archgoat, spiked with crested horns and wrapped in chains, with black fur, it enticed me to enter it’s unholy sanctum of perversity and death worship where wild orgies were being held on a blasphemic altar, the ‘Blessed Vulva’, at the center of horrid satanic admiration. An arcane miasma lingered inside the malevolent catacombs of where the absence of any conventional architecture was present. The great goat lord and ‘Penetrator of the Second Temple’ lurked as the chaotic order giver amongst wild archaic banshees. Held in a blood sacrament to the mighty ruler was his bestial wife and ‘Goddess of the Abyss of Graves’. Christ last rites had been stolen by the feral creatures, and rituals undertaken with summoned vacuous energy from below the earth. A crucifixion of all idols and hope became prevalent as you live through a permanent ‘Day Of Clouds’. Surrounding the monolithic temple, the mountains were upheaved from their foundations and molten lava flowed destroying everything around creating the beaten ‘Passage of Millennial Darkness’ and forced it’s inhabitants to exist in morbid consciousness for eternity.

White Wolves Kommando: White Wolves Power Setting the crosshairs on the weak race and hailing the aryan blood. Heil White Wolves Kommando. Like all victorious and militant legions, this album is onset by an old German march. It wouldn’t take a genius to realize the direction taken by the 4 unknown members. Here is stripped down, and harsh black metal to bring in a new era. Albeit extremely downtuned, I was not fond of the drum sound at all, which sounded more like hollow wood. I would not hold this one as their prime monument from the 3 demos, but a worthwhile listen for black metal fanatics. An olden aesthetic is taken, which reminds one of early Moonblood, but comparing it to the others I would think of this one like a rehearsal with some room for strenghening. Mordlust and Existenskampf are an improvement on quality, offering a fuller and heavier sound. Elsewise, it serves its place for being unrelentingly unlean and underground. Found on Satanic Skinhead Prod. Nader Sadek: In The Flesh Known for craftig some wickedly disgusting death masks and petroleum artifacts, Sadek now delves into a death metal realm to procreate his aversion to a plastic (literally) society. A brooding upruse of industrial machinery behind Attila Csihars ghostly throat echos set the tone. It is the moments when you feel your blood start to flow faster in your veins, and a bestial outward expression takes shape. With Of This Flesh (Novus Deus) increasing in epic stature, molding some backing symphony choir of Latin tongue. In The Flesh slices with the same knife that was used in the oldschool 80’s scene to keep the posers far away. It creates an illusionary essence of coming fresh off a pro tools machine. But instead is due to musical profici ency and coordination on the parts of each doer. Mechanic Idolatry wavers inside and out of intensity, and a slightly more methodical pace interspersed with solos. Then in becomes fucking dangerous as Sulffer floats into the already polluted landscape of death metal. Forged by the blacksmith for ultimate strength and making you cower from a guttural onslaught. It seems to get its meaning across well enough. Ignoring the tired repetition of gore worship to bring the downfall of a manmade culture.

Kaosritual: Svøpt Morgenrød The liturgy descends with some creepy medieval castle music, and changes form into pulsating, harsh and minimalistic svart metall. Audiallly sounding very viscose, trapping the dark aether and shedding the light. The band breaks into a wintry disposition without wasting any steam. Like anything that has life or energy, each song has an entropic force that grows and decreases, specifically noted on Djevelpakt Og Trolldomspakt. Penetrating to the furthermost reaches of a reverence for ancient devil worship. Going beyond the mundane and base admiration of Satanism. The individual essence of all elemental parts working to create these dark canticles is attractive to anyone with a lust for nefarious indulgence. The castform of death and destruction and an empirical ruling is the only law of Kaosritual. From a congregation of 3 malefic souls, forging the eternal in pure black worship. Evolving a tradition of northern evil into far reaches, and new habitats. Burzum: From The Depths Of Darkness Drawing a more primitive note from the older material, 3 seperate interludes, to divide portions of the black metal intake. Everything seems to have symbolic meaning for herr Vikernes, and I would assume these ritual-esque ambient compositions are just as vital for the albums life. In my own subjective eyes, the production here stems from the previous 2 offerings, naturally. Though the sheer banshee howls and slit throat screams of Det Som Engang Var and the selftitled album have become entirely ridden, his voice seems to crack with the time passed. The cryptic missives of his tongue now occupy a different layer where it can be extracted for pondering. The seer proclaims I Ride on My Elements, Towards the Stars Unseen, A Quest, For Knowledge, In the Astral Luminous. The horse trotting gallop of Ea, Lord Of The Depths or the claustrophobic essence of Key To The Gate, remind anyone of their first exposure to such impeccable musicianship. I picture also his militant attitude to writing the music, probably spending hours and hours on the farmland and woods that surround his home. Then being a hermit until all was finished to

perfection. The written scripts also paint a lucid picture of emptiness, mysticism, and the night. I have always held his music to be ethereal and whenever in the right, it does not feel as normal music, black metal or even man made. Burzum is a medium for your spirituality and purveyance of things outside the banality of life. Where you go and bring back wisdom. Nargaroth: Jahreszeiten Methodically crafted as a reflective theory on the emotional seasons that man experiences through life. Anyone who understands Nargaroth will see this was yet another morphological difference from Kanwulf’s past works. To the hardened shells of the elite black metaller listener, you may call some of the riff patterns quite optimistic and even fun. I do agree on some part, yet it remains to portray a side of black metal usually avoided. One should also read his philosophy about such things to grasp exactly he is attempting. Fruhling (Spring) in nature its the time when abundant life is forming, and used in this context for man, is the points when forward progression/evolution occurs. Its marshal and epic tones are pleasing to me. Sommer (summer) is the continued elemental forces that nurishes the seeds of the former season. Then again, perhaps mirroring the average state of most persons in a culture which exists to create a law of averages. Injected with just enough of a melodicism to waiver away from the entropy which follows. Herbst (autumn) is the gradual decaying forces acting upon life. A period of grey, shut down to prepare for temporary hibernation. This one is the mutual darkening of mans spirit. Shedding the old to make way for something new. Herbst echoes sorrowful bleak landscapes of thought and is systematically closer to the undiluted mysteries of the nightside. A stringed instrument, perhaps a violin overlain with field recording of a storm keeps you lost amongst a thickening fog. As you let a sea of tumultuous waves wash over you, trying in turn to pull you deeper and deeper into it’s watery grave. Winter lashes out finally into a cycling whirlwind of abrasive icy power. The destruction of all things past, and a purity of what is to come. It’s the last of the patterned seasons necessary for life to exist at all. Similar to the counterpoints of orthodoxists Judas Iscariot. During these often unbearable conditions, the prime hunters like wolves/bears learn to survive. And thus we are put to our own test as home sapiens in the most pressing of times. As a syndicated whole, I know of no other album to attempt to reflect the revolving cycles of human nature in this way, and is worth the time taken to experiencing it.

Peter Sotos: PURE ZINE Like most relics I have discovered, I found the literature of Peter Sotos by mistake and open mindedness led me to get the pdf versions of this book so I can read exactly what Pure meant and what it concerned. It is crystal to see the writings therein fall far outside the commonly accepted outlets of expression. Pure is actually an undiluted report and glorification of serial killer lore, and sick individuals who have been spawn on this earth. It's like reading a police report on a mass murdererer written by a sadistic and perverted mind. Thus, it goes without saying there is a degree of bias/anti humanist attitude to the lore. Sotos considers himself on the few out there to truly embrace and reflect what most extreme individuals only fantasize about. To steal the words of the author, In our search for extremes, we are contantly bombarded with humanist, feminist and other equally assinine diatribes that writers employ to alleviate the strain on their conscience or to try and seduce us into their maudlin world of false securities and self-contempt. PURE exists, then, for those who deisre extremities and are tired of listening to/or acting like housepets. Pure satiates and encourages true lustsHe also thought of art as ...a good job for confused people. The name itself is a statement against the washed down and censored stories that fill the pages and headlines of news programs, magazines, and public information and he refers to them as supplements. From a psychological standpoint this can be one of the most interesting books you have ever read. From another and more personal side, it is extremely rare that the reader will be able to support such outlandish statements made by the author. All opinions are objective upon morality of course and stem from deeper self realization, but in my own being I was nonetheless shocked to some degree to examine his thought processesv and proclamations like Females are dogs whose only worth is as pawns for my pleasure. Almost exclusively, this involves physical violence. This of course I cannot align myself with. After the initial quote in Pure no.1 there is a compilation of news speaking of the activites multiple killers over the year, such as the failed escape by Ted Bundy, Joseph Mengele, and deaths that occured in Epping Forest. Examining the pages of #1, one will find the contents of what is deemed to Peter as worthwhile; one chapter about the detailed crimes of Dean Coroll and Gacy who were involved in anal rape, another concerns the life of Henry Lucas & Otis Toole, who were the topic of Portrait of a Serial Killer, & a twelve page collection which I did find interesting to see and study with photographs of victims of medical experiements and emaciated dead people for war times, and random quotes from concentration camp kommando and the fuhrer. The photographs

are all grainy black and white renditions of rare/controversial images. Sotos repeadetly supposes that the white men in his crime tellings represent the dark side of nature or some form of truth, while this is also a physiological vice to cope with one s own narrow minded view at the world. All the opinions stem out of some kind of fantasy which was created in his own image. All original copies are now considered as collectors items, as the publication of Pure was halted after issue 3. There was charges placed on Sotos for photographs used on and in the zine, which led to the his arrest for obscenity. Even after this, there was a cult following of his later work, most released by Creation Books. The concept of Pure also does seem to align itself with much of black metal worships, the morbid fascination for death, obscurity, perversity, and serial killers. How many black metallers out there actually read such collected filth or embrace these topics is speculation, not that it is completely relevant at all times. It is also rather low budget and there are some years between each edition which might suggest Peter was not perhaps entirely absorbed as the readers would assume. He may also be taking on a different image for the readers, as from what I know, his speech and extreme lusts towards things dont really fit with his personal actions. He has not killed anyone, or spends his days preying on woman to rape them or other things. In all, it is hard to comprehend such pieces like this, because logically it is not widely available to the masses. and casts a different light on the world than what is commonly accepted. The pdf files can be downloaded though, for those who want to judge for themselves. Aosoth: III Brooding and iron heavy non typical Black Metal. Sounds profoundly cavernous like it was recorded in an ancient tomb. All elements coalesce into one uniform bludgeoning that dominates your eardrums. Vox are thick and encompassing, rarely heard for this style. Casting a singular and special landmark for the French underground. They have toured with Watain and are becoming a voice for innovative and original metal. MkM also plays in Antaeus, which is a more vitriolic side of him. III Feels very grounded, shedding influence of far downtuned funereal doom metal at times with lethargic riff bondage keeping you held tight.

Otargos: Fuck God-Disease Process Perhaps one can perceive it as industrial at times, though it holds quite an austere position to aligning itself with our own creation and human nature. My own blood flows at supersonic velocities, as violent and methodical metal pulses through the fabric of my audial senses. The often romantic French accent is abolished by means of grating shrieks and screams. An absolute example of how technicality can be integrated without sounding over the top and melodic. I relate this to the technological advance we have experienced as mankind, where more primitive in contrast would be lo fi bedroom black metal, and this is the onset of modernity. Reflecting the scientific creation theories and revolutionary thoughts in every turn. The grimoire of lyrics are an intelligent enlightenment on life and death. Otargos are true professionals. It’s as if they were the product of mad laboratory experiment. I would provoke one to also watch the short film video of the track Cloning The Divine. Svarttjern: Towards The Ultimate Svarrtjern have become like an elite military unit. Fighting against weaker armies and strengthening their own musicianship over the course of their time in the black metal battle. Here is some of the most chaotic black metal in linear form, by that i mean you can tell it was done with tracks and arranged in a straight path. Towards The Ultimate is a statement, always purifying the essence and destroying the stagnant, a philosophical stance even. This is the only means to attain a higher level. It defies relgion, morality, and baseness. Thought you can’t see it in this review, they are one of few bands who might actually pass for corpses, the paint is not fancy or stylized like so many pseudo black metal pretenders, just dirty and ugly. Any malevolent lyrical passages that exit through the space in HaanFryste’s mouth are beligerent and fed to you with a rusty knife. They claim the banner of the Anti-Human Anti-Life without much argument. Everytime i feel anxious walking through this filthy city, overpopulated by immigrants and religious sheep I try to vent my hateful emotions into it. Raw intenisty of this calibre does have the power to turn what could be

outward violence and channel the energy back into yourself, and leaves you feeling fearless. Check out their label Agonia for some underground gems. Void Ov Voices This is a reflection on some rare and quite special records by herr Csihar. A couple years ago, while becoming more involved with drone lord trio Sunn O))), he decided to form a new project based on the same concept of sound aesthetics. In VoV Attila uses only his vocal chords, loops, and some effects to create layer upon layer of sound. Coming together like a wall of ethereal inhuman chanting closing in on the fears that inhabit the rarely entered parts of your mind. He has even trained himself in esoteric forms of what is called Tuuva singing. Originated in Mongolia, it was and still is a type of overtone sining which uses different muscles in the throat to produce more than one sound at once. In older times it was used to communicate with animals from the epic mountaintops in Tibet. Because of its density and atmospheric qualities it is also quite nice for meditation. He fuses this technique with his trademark high octave screaming, drawn out guttural rumbling, whispered chanting, and accentuated cleaner styles. One can truly get lost in their own obscure mind processed reality in the 3 minute samples offered on the myspace, (especially without distraction and candles/incense burning). Antediluvian: Under Wing Of Asael Noxious and prehistoric death metal, calling to mind the era when dinosaurs and reptiles walked the earth! This is such a filthy yet polished gemstone lurking in sublevels of the genre. Mind changing and obscure revelations of our own knowledge of what is and what was. It feels like every plummeting stroke of the death axe and annihilation of drums is tunneling aeons into the earth. Viscious manifestation of primeval chaos unbound. The non human element of Haasiophis voice prevades throughout, reminscent of the more feral creatures we share our life with. The principles of bestiality overwhelm the productions entirety, comparison is irrelevant. Take a few eras travel back in your mind processes and then check this one out. And for good measure, these guys even look like cavemen. Book/Film Recommendations: Parallel Worlds: discover the secrets of space and what makes up our existence. Transcending the once impossible and seeing the vastness beyond our earth. Michio Kaku. Black Mass Rising: Experimental and subversive occult film, by Shazzula. One hour in color, one hour in black and white in grainy footage. The samples I have seen are extremely promising.

tshi rt sl ayer

postgrunn arson

It’s a concept site revolving around metal shirts and the prolific battle jacket. Made by a guy in Germany who goes by Doctor Death, the site is basically a place to put your photos of your immense collection of metal shirts and handmade patch jackets. If you spend a couple minutes looking through them all, you would come across some interesting manifestations. It also serves as a secret kind of society for trading. The jackets are always different and a reflection of some dark artistic expression. Whatever one might think of, ranging from spikes, studs, badges, chains, even fur, all of it seems to adorn the jackets for one person or another.

….Taken from the Norwegian news in April.

The battle jacket seems to be not only a visual piece but a statement and a conversation starter. Though it is not a contest or showpiece, the effort put into making them shows the dedication of the fans. Whether you choose to keep it minimal with only black and white patches on leather, or try to have all subgenres on sleeveless denim, it shows the underground is still alive in many die-hards. For me, I just like having tons of killer artwork on my clothes. It’s anti fashion, but also can offer a sense of connection to a group. The battle jacket almost becomes part of you, and when it’s finally finished, you wear it with pride until it gradually fades or falls apart.

Residents of Porsgrunn were mourning the loss Monday of their historic church that was to be a center of activity. Fire swept through the wooden building during the night, reducing it to rubble. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that firefighters received the first alarm at 3:15am. They had the blaze under control by 5am, but the tower had fallen and the historic structure was destroyed. None of the treasures inside the church, which opened in 1760, could be spared either. In addition to its valuable and well-known organ, the church featured an alter painting by Axel Ender from 1890, a richly carved and decorated pulpit and a unique collection of antique chairs. “ Local paster Per Johan Wiik told NRK after arriving at the burning church just 15 minutes after getting a call about the fire. Østre Porsgrunn Church was the main church for the city of Porsgrunn, located along the coast just over a two-hour drive southwest of Oslo, and could accommodate 600 persons inside. From its landmark location, flames could be seen all over the city. Other churches in the area were vandalized around the same date, but it is not known whether the incidents are linked. Police had originally searched for four suspects, two of whom were seen running from the crime scene, while two others were seen on a moped nearby. The fire is believed to have been started by someone wheeling two plastic trash containers from the nearby church hall and into the wall of the church itself before setting them alight.. The arrested suspect, who denies all charges, has been reported to have written on social networking site Facebook just before the incident took place that we was going to “go out to play pyromaniac”.

Abomi no Aetas

has subsided. It is mostly about the music now that a lot of the bands have grown up. But being evil or doing evil things is not about these symbolic efforts. Evil is not just about being destructive.

Do you think the rise of Norwegian Black Metal has influenced many of the fans to know the language? And further to read more about Norwegian culture, and move to the country? I know that this sub genre has provoked thousands to travel for festivals/scenery? Well, learning the language is one thing. I know a lot of Italians are trying to learn Norwegian. As for tourism, not so much. The Inferno Festival sees a lot of foreigners though. Something truly unique about Sower of Death, is that it sounds like it was recorded outside during a thunderstorm. Are these just field recordings or exactly as it sounds? Of course these are field recordings. Electrical equipment does not like thunderstorms. Do you live alone? I live with the evil of mankind. You should create a mental atmosphere about your new recordings. Enlighten me here: Well, regarding our mindset, we try to get a grasp of the concept we are working on. This can be very different from song to song. While recording a lot of the material for Sower of Death we went to the furthest mountain reaches in the middle of a snowstorm. Do you see Abomino Aetas playing any festivals in Norway or other countries? We do not play live. We play death! Do you ever have tendencies to do something truly evil or memorable that would create a massive following for the band? Well, a lot of bands do this just to get PR. They stab some guy or lock them up the basement, burn churches etc. For the rest of the world this might seem as ‘evil’ or whatnot, but to be honest, much of that

Is there a catharsis in Black Metal or a never ending war? True Black Metal died 15 years ago, what you hear now are simple echoes of the past. Does it impress you that many of the originators of Black Metal are releasing rare and ‘lost’ rehearsals from the early years, and bootlegs of fan-made videos? Impressed? Not really, but it makes money. I rather liked what Limbonic Art did though, rerecording their demos instead of just re-releasing them. Do you wear any pendants that have meaning to you? Not any more.

Do you think metal reviews can be used to study human mind-thought process, and for language expansion, etc? It might, and it might not. What you can gather from such a study though is hard to say.

Nesebl od Rec ords

You seem to have a cosmic influence in your lyrics, would that be true? Indeed. Long live cosmic indifference.

Something simple and obvious, but rather contradictory is the point that Black Metal believes in destroying the world, while at the same time embracing nature. How is this possible to possess truth? Is it a misunderstanding that it should only stand against humanity rather than the whole planet? Well, you actually answered the question yourself there. Abomino Aetas means the collective hate of mankind or utter hate for mankind. If I could destroy the entirety of mankind, would I do it? Anything else I should know before I am buried by time and dust? We just released a new EP, Undead. It is much slower and darker than before. It is a minimalistic independent self-release that can be bought here: -Imperator

Greeting Kenneth aka Gorgon, You are of two owner of what most necrotic Norwegians would refer to as the follower of Helvete record store, with your shop Neseblod. From where in the ancient past did this store come into existence? It was a dream that I had for a longtime. There was nothing to get here in Oslo, so a metal/punk shop had to be born. Sparing no time to waste, you also provide some rather hellish vocals to Waklevoren, can you tell me something I might not know about them? This band is an answer to the lost of thrash and punk here in Norway, so we decided to make all our music with most lyrics in Norwegian. How does five guys with a motive of complete destruction sit down to compose music? Most of the metal we make when we get together. But as you know, we got our new bassplayer Bestial Tormentor and he is master of making thrash music.

Do you have many ‘Die Hard’ customers that you see often inside the Neseblod walls? Yes we have, and also on the internet. We have in the past years get more and more customers from around the world, who come to Oslo just to go to Neseblod, and of course they go to the place that Oystein had his shop Helvete. What exactly is involved with the new black metal travel tour? I heard that fans are taken into the shop, I guess they rarely leave empty handed? Not sure what you are referring to here, but I will answer the last one. Some are buying a lot and some are taking a bunch of pictures and hoping to meet one or two band members. (I was referring to a travel tour that black metal fans are taken to

different sites in Norway including Helvete, and rebuilt stave church –Grimm) Do you have an opinion on the pathetic hipsters wearing metal shirts, claiming they listen to these controversial and extreme bands but looking completely harmless/going to raves etc? They want to fit in or something. How did you gather some of the items you have from Helvete. I’ve seen rare pieces, demos, and shirts and could feignly believe me eyes! I got a lot from my friend when I started the shop. Most of the stuff are from band members or stuff that was bought at Helvete. Reflecting the mass belief of a real apocalypse in 2012, do you think mankind will finally meet it’s end? ...Maybe, Maybe not! I don’t look into the future, I take it one day at a time. Many thrash/black metal bands hail the infamous Bathory for influence, if you could tell Quorthon one thing, write it here. Did you know him personally? No, I did not know him, and I would ask how you were as a kid? Where are some other places in Oslo to hangout? Do you have any guidance for someone moving to Norway? We have a few pubs that play metal but it’s not so much that it use to be. But the forests and the ocean is great in Oslo, and not too far.

Personally i think the black/thrash style is the closest to summoning the feeling of the older metal days next to orthodox black metal, do you see yourself as an elitist? Yes, i have listened to this for a long time. I am 38 years old so I’ve heard almost everything, but i always end up listening to the old stuff.

Ecl i pse Eternal I suppose i shall begin with the E.E. release Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire, is this a statement for or against anything? All albums created by Eclipse Eternal are an attack on christianity and morality in general. Reign was a personal stance against what i saw within this religious doctrine. It was also an attack on the belief that humans have intrinsic value. We do not. Period. The subject matter delves into the concept of anti-humanism, the occult, etc. Do any of the members hold any nihilistic world views or extreme set of beliefs? We all hold different views. All are extreme when compared to popular beliefs. I myself have flowed between beliefs all my life. Each album, each song, each line is an attempt to explain and flesh out those beliefs so that our listeners may know that they do not walk in the dark alone. What was the spark that lit your black heart and made you want to listen to this form of music? There was always a spark within me awaiting fuel and release. Black metal found me and gave me the focus i was lacking. There was no one event. I heard Emperor by random chance and have not looked back. Have you any problems with outside groups accepting your kind of art for being offensive, blasphemous? I do not care about the opinions of others. They are of no worth. Most people do not even register with me anymore. They are just pieces of flesh walking. Does Eclipse Eternal play any covers in the live setting? We have only ever played one cover, V:28’s song Dead Shining Star.

Final blasphemies are yours, namedropping always welcome. Buy your music and build a nice collection... downloading is shit!!! i also want to thank my friends for helping me out; Fenriz, Ted, Metalion, Aggressor, Apollyon, Maniac, & Garm. A black metal museum is in the works

Out of the numerous bands you have shared the stage with, are there certain memories that stand distinct from others? Attila and Hellhammer were very cool to us as were the members of Watain and Averse Sefira.

You live in a populated city in the midst of dirty streets, and urban blight compared to the vast forests and fjords which influence the Scandinavian metal. Does this have an opposite effect on your music and influence you in a destructive but creative way? In the past I would say yes. On the last 2 albums our location has created a swirling vortex of hate within us. It poisoned us and we required an outlet for that bile. Now though, our location creates a great wearyness and longing in us. A longing for something deeper and with purpose. That will be heard on the forthcoming album. In some of the promo photos you are wearing a kind of animal skull around your neck, what is this? A wolf skull. My family used to own land. i found this carcass poisoned and took it’s head. It holds great symbolic meaning to me. I too am a wolf poisoned.

Back to the musicianship, I think some of the screams on the ‘Ubermensch’ album are some of the longest I have heard from current black metal. is it hard maintaining this technique in a live setting? It is difficult, but i have learned to just not breath. On occasion I black out but keep screaming. I have little to lose. If you could visit any three countries on this planet, what 3 would they be and for what reasons? Ireland, Latvia, And Germany. Ireland, for the beautiful landscapes and depressing tales. Latvia to visit where my ancestors lived. Germany for the music and language. Excitement stirs over the next Eclipse Eternal offering, are there going to be noticeable changes in the subjects, musical approach, different instruments? Or remain in the same vein as before? This one will be worlds different from our past albums. There is a depth of emotion in these songs that will be instantly noticeable. There is a melancholy and hopelessness that infuses each line. You will remember them. I have cut out my heart and used the blood to write them. During live concert, yourself and the other members drink from a horn. What is the purpose for this and do you usually consume alcohol before or after your set, or does it set limits to your abilities? I give thanks to Odin for the strength to perform and for the audience to show up. It is a ritual to give praise where it is due. I drink only mead from my horn. Would you rather remain unknown to the most of society? No, I would rather my music be heard by all and appreciated by those who get it. I do not care about being ‘true’ or ‘undergroun’ or other cliches. I make music for anyone who chooses to walk this path. Are there any other aspirations besides your own band, or non-musical paths you would like to follow? This band is my life. I have no other aspirations. This is who I am. (The Essence Of Hopelessness is out in January, and they are now signed to Archaic North Records owned by Mark Howitt – Grimm

What is your connection to the Nietzschean ideology of the superhuman, and seperation from the weak ones of society? What would an evolved world look like in this time? There will be no evolved world, no overman (superman). We are a weak species. Our time comes to a close. My connection to this ideology was to find what world in my eyes is the ideal. The overman is the ideal. It is not attainable in my opinion but worth striving for. My songs are an attempt to blueprint this ideal.

Throne Of Katarsi s After listening through the first Throne Of Katarsis album copious times, I have many questions and wonders about the band. Firstly I want to know about the name, is it metaphorical for anything? Is it reflective of how you feel when performing this kind of extreme and often energy injected music? Hyllest! Katarsis is the cleansing of the world, all holy must perish, and the one in charge is Satan, the throne is his! As for our rituals, I go deep into myself before entering the stage, focusing all my negative energy through my own ritual, gathering all evil, hateful, sorrow, and scorn. It is truly a painful process, but worthwhile.

The vocals are reminiscient of the De Mysteriis era and perhaps some primitive Emperor. Do you get tired of these kind of comparisons or do you hold this very highly as a tribute to the originators of Northern darkness? I have no trouble with such statements, but I never have these things is mind when composing/recording. Others are of no importance. Are you against using keyboards or synthesizers in the music to create another level of atmosphere? In most cases, yes. But some manage it, like Isengard, old Immortal & Vemod. It must not be used all the time. This however is not why we don’t use it. We manage to create the atmospheric part without keys. How did using acoustic parts together with harsher and more abrasive sounding passages come into effect? And is it more challenging to record for instance live considering the length of the songs? The tracks are written longer in order to hypnotize the listener, and also to be able to build the layers and audial atmosphere we need. The acoustic guitar parts is very natural for me, an idea I’ve possessed for a very long time. This strengthens the structure and creates dynamics.

I was blown away when I first heard the An Eternal Dark Horizon album for the first time. I thought it sounded very Norwegian-esque without knowing your country of origin at the time. What kind of feedback did you get when initially released? Were there any special editions of this one? Feedback was overwhelming in most cases. The album attracted a lot of attention and this lead to a couple of tours, plus several rituals. I’ve had already sold and traded loads of our demo Unholy Holocaustwinds, so we gained a status then. All our releases are also out on vinyl.

There is a rather menacing story that goes with An Eternal Dark Horizon about walking through a nighted forest, then invoking a goat to bring forth the winter. Then you succumb to the harsh cold and become at one with death. I had to read twice to put this visual picture in my head. Can you elaborate on the other song? I have written parts of my lyrics in pictures, both the English and Norwegian. Cryptic. Under Guds Hud (Beneath The Skin Of God) is a very violent direct lyric dealing with the slaughter of christians and burning their holy places of worship. Nattaander (Night Spirits) is ones final path to suicide.

T.O.K. doesn’t tour often but you have some past concert history, what is the live setting like? Are there any stage pieces that you use in your show? None of our flesh rituals are similar to each other, amd not either to other bands. We are today’s most devoted black metal band, both on and off the stage. (i would semi-agree along with fucking Watain -Grimm) Outside of black metal, do you have any interests or hobbies that keep you occupied on the off days? I have my own underground label releasing 7 and demo tapes, a zine entitles Daudings Skript & I lead two other black metal acts, Who designed the logo for the band, what invoke the change from the original? The first one was way too clean for us. it was drawn by Jormungand. Christopher Szpadel made us a logo more fitting to our necrotic being. Can you put here some of the nonEnglish writings from Helvete Det Iskalde Mørket and what they mean? Satan: Befol! Satan: Command! Menneske: Adlyd! Human: Obey! Kampen er igang, the battle has started

Urf aust Do you create with an elitist attitude, for instance to make something superior to something else? Do you just try to channel energies from all your personal influences? Or seek to experiment and manifest a piece of timeless art in the form of black metal? We are not the ones to judge our own music... for us, Urfaust is a form to let our spirits wander and go places where normal people cannot come: It’s a Ritual that takes us far away, far from reality... this is timeless, formless... pure magic.. pure devotion... pure madness! When do you think is a worthwhile time to dive into the sacred art of black metal? Is it better to attain wisdom in the teenage years by listening and reading before forming the band perhaps, or sharpening your talent at this age, and taking darker influences as time progresses... Do you also think black metal is formless, like knowledge, and the more you know, the more there is to come?

Are you a violent person or does everyone have a light side? I do not see myself like a violent person when it comes to physical matters. Lastly, do you give any hate or regards to any individuals out there? i prefer to do so in person, both to my allies and mine enemies! And the only true master is hailed through rituals on a regular basis. -Infamroth

It doesn’t matter when or how people discover this formless art: as long as one is dedicated to the ideology and is sincere, it does not matter. Everyone walks his own path and I am not the one to judge it’s the route they take: I can disagree, but why should I care what others do? I walk this path alone, and hopefully meet some company during the travel...

What is it about the medieval atmosphere that is so aesthetically pleasing? Sometimes I think Urfaust would have been relevant music to the renaissance period. Medieval music is an influence, so is some of the life-style of those days... but so are many other things. People have been calling us the drunk troubadours of the 21st century.. so it might be fitting.. who knows! If everything in nature has an entropic force, including us, as it continues to expand and contract. Where do you see your inspiration in relation to this? We are nothing but a source of energy, a force... which can grow bigger, but also become smaller! like a fire, you need to fuel it to make it bigger: if you don;t do this, the flame will die and so will your spirit.... When you perform live, do you think there is a sense of intimacy lost for the fans, instead of listening in the headphones on personal time? Urfaust live IS the essence of the music... the ones who have witnessed an Urfaust Ritual, know that Urfaust is a live force not the be fucked with: we turn the audience into a group of drrugged up zombies wiht the atmosphere we create with our Ritual: the devotees are numb, apathetic, in trance.... We want them to get into the empty mindstate! Which philosophers do you think have the closest lineage with black metal ideology? A few great ones like Nietzsche and Goethe, but also some others... at least, for us! Explain the supposed relationship between being an ‘adversary’ or ‘dark’ and the elite few who embrace it. I can’t talk to others and I don’t care what other do, think or act, so I can’t speak for them. Why do you think the typical metal listener can put on an album with 9-10 black metal songs, but are distracted by one long ambient piece that runs for the same amount of time? Do our minds have a relentless need to separate things in linear sequences with music? I have no idea? Music can grab someone or not.. if ambient music is not your thing: stay away.. The same goes for metal... people cannot focus these days! What is your favorite part about the culture in Netherlands? Nothing anymore... it used to be good around here... now it’s getting boring and thanks to the fucking government everything is fucked! i used the be interested in politics, but I’ve lost that completely over the years: every single one of these parties and governments are just thinking about them self and cannot hold their words.. FUCK OFF! Do you envision that Urfaust will ever use field recordings like rain, animals, etc. in the crafting of your music? Or it is purely to explore the obscurity and experimentation of man-made sound?

Yes, both of them are fine: with Urfaust we like to experiment a lot… and to see what kind of stuff we can make as a Ritual soundtrack... but also simple stuff like rain, wind, fire etc. are perfectly fitting for the atmosphere.... and something we might use.. Who knows? Have you ever done any urban exploring to get inspiration, or to at least offer a unique experience that is not often felt? When we are in a city, we’ve never been to; we like to walk around and see all the sites and the good bars.... but to be honest: I prefer nature over urban / industrial areas! For underground bands especially, it is almost impossible to stay out of the light and live from the sales of records/merch, etc. It’s common now to download a lot of underground bands, and buy only the ones that you truly love. In this way, it is hard to truly support them, beside attending concerts and showing it off. Do fans ever bring you things at the gigs, as a tribute? We both have jobs, to keep the chimney smoking... and we never intended or wanting to live from music: we don’t have a desire to do big tours as we just don’t care: just a few shows a year is enough for us.... and yes, Fans do bring us gifts: most of them are obscure bottles of booze... and we love that, so keep bringing us booze! How does Urfaust relate to a music scene in which much of the music is based around ideology, or strict lyrical content, be it subjective or not? Urfaust never seems to take the mold of another. We have strong connection with a band like GALGERAS, THE DEVIL, S BLOOD, ONE TAIL ONE HEAD and MARE for instance: these bands are great friends of us, but also ideology whose we have a lot in common.... I am particularly interested in the gig you played in Koln at Germany, describe that experience... We never played in the Cathedral there... But the gig in Köln was magick! And of course I wonder if there will be any future intoxicated rituals in Canada? If someone is crazy enough to get us flights, arrange our visas and some cool shows, we are there! Do you ever worry that you may become so intelligent, nihilistic or unique as a human being, that you will be completely indifferent to interaction with other persons, subjects or even contribute anything of true relevance to your existence? Like Nietzsche who spent the last miserable years of his life in a mental asylum because he was overwhelmed by his own mind. I have less and less interest in meeting new people or create new friendships, so maybe I will follow in his footsteps!

Revi ew s ad conti nuem Anu Opus Funaerum: This past summer, I met The Nothing in his friends tattoo shop, a sole vessel of hatred towards the world and humanity in Ilabrat, Tomb Of Misery, Nomad Conqueror, and Breath Of Chaos. But Anu was the first filthy incarnate that I came across. I was handed this album along with several blackened noise/black metal offerings from him, and it opened a rusty portal into the swirling dark that I didn’t know existed. It’s anti music... Forming a necrophagous shadow of your very unpure soul, trapping you in mental fetters. One you fall, you are lost. Anu is although perhaps one of his more approachable recordings made with 2 others. Rereleased as of late on Werewolf Records. If you can’t stand to look into the fucking mass of ugliness that you are already, this is not for you. Just pulsing and breeding like the maggots that crawl over a carrion corpse. I know him personally, and there is no personality veil to be lifted outside of the music, Anu and the like are a broken mirror reflection of a mindfucked individual, the only contrast is grey and black. Controlled Burn: Some might not know that Helmkamp of Revenge & Kerasphorus is that he has written two books, or rather collections of ideological aphorisms designed for the strong and iron willed. He calls it the “philosophy of ascendance, and it tends to fall in line with similar ideas and stances posed by other iconical writers like Nietzsche and even Hitler. His first tome is entitled The Conqueror Manifesto, and is somewhat of a more vast scope of information in which his second book offers. From an interview I had read with him, he explains the purpose of infiltrating this will of ascending, and creating an elite, and evolving from the ills of modern man. Expect a re-edition of the Conqueror Manifesto, MMXII.

Anguished: Cold From the bleak Finnish lands lives a mysterious female creature who calls herself Possessed Demoness. Her sad self is opened up in the haunting curses of opening moments of Cold for These Gray Days. It is a sudden onset of despair that takes you by the throat. If you are to truly experience the vox, you must feel them. And you might either find them purely annoying or sense the real emotion that is vented through her. A lot of hatred for humanity is injected into the lyrics. It soon travels on a different path with Come To Me Satan. I had chills on a hot sunny day when hearing it. So much despair is this invocation, it is quite scary. I’m channeled for always in this empty room, but never alone will let you put your own meaning into it, but fills you with anxiety. Audialy, this is a portrait of Possessed Demoness in her darkest mental state, and one can visualize a girl on her knees in a dark room lit by candles screaming for the evil energy to On ‘September Nights’ you will overcome her. experience the loneliness which you try so hard to hide in your life. It reminds me of being in an isolated cabin like the one in the book with no memory of where you have been. Each second the passes are like another shovel full of dirt digging your grave... As you ‘Depart This Life and write the lines to your suicide note, you become disillusioned. Even the guitars start to die a little, and carry the piercing tone that is key for DSBM. With some undertones of sheer nihilism, you start to feel Tired. Whatever shred of hope you might have of enjoying this album is far removed. Stellar bass work is entombed beside melancholic industrial distortion. Your wrists will you open when your weakness become real and you take The Last Trip. Simple lyrics repeated 4 times; I have no fear, my blood is now free, I can’t feel the wind and the voices sound different. This is how suicide victims perceive their last moments. Perhaps it may have even been written while close this act. Verivala is a strangled by a grey aura of fog. ‘Cold’ is some more tranguil post mortem singing, and one for your apathetic funeral, with a soul tearing howl to close. Try not being too comfortable whilst listening, like lying on the floor or tied up at the wrists and feet. Dødsengel: Mirium Occultum archaic atmosphere and metaphysical satanism stirred into a molten mix of black metal, a new sect from Ålesund, taking proportionate doses of anti cosmic worship/creation and occultism. A suffocating texture rich with spoken word passages, wails, and chants. the songs exceed length for most black metal has the feeling of a dense gravity and epic layered tracking, somewhere to turn for the nihilists,. Agios, Agios! LUCIFER ASCENDANT!

Hell Militia: Canonisation Of The Foul Spirit The banality of overglorifying this sickly infestation by Hell Militia would be like considering putting hookers and addicts part of high society. I tell it how I perceive things, and the title speaks for itself, Canonisation of the Foul Spirit. Dwelling in the gutters of every city is the pure filth and evil of mankind. Consisting of a couple prominent advocators in the Frence scene include Meyh’nach. Giving vent to anti-humanitarian instincts, serial killer worship, drugs, mental depravity, sex, and satanism. This is perhaps deemed by some as Black Metal in it’s most elite formation. Hell Militia plays less on the audial atmosphere of lo-fi production but compensates with a sheer in your face attitude that can’t be ignored. Hang the fucking christ in inversion around your neck, then open the floodgates of everything you have been holding back before! Embrace the carnal flesh desires of your most primitive instincts! Armagedda Ond Spiritism: Djæfvulens Skalder: If natural selection also works on the Nordic black metal species, I believe that Armagedda are some of the top predators and most adapted for survivability. It is a rare experience to discover an elemental force with such heaviness and concentrations of absolute adversarial worship. Ond Spiritsm is a scourge in your side, reeking of miasma of pestilence from the Devil’s cellar. ‘Döpt I Oheligt Vatten’ drips with some cleaner bass lines, & an electrified Swedish dictation. Acting as one part of the catalytic whole, purging a groove filled procession of dirty pleasures. Like a thousand castle stones building up to make an impenatrable fortress wall in an epic fight against those who oppose. ‘Afsked’ grows its horns with a primitive Satyricon-like essence and carves a niche for further Svenska purity. Echoing traces of a medieval aesthetic, and glowing like phosphorescent residue of untouched caves, this is not to be forgotten after the first listen. ‘Afgrundsvisioner’ trots down a fearsome path through decaying corridors. Then it draws the curtain shut with a malefic sounding choir passage and spectral dark ambient. Not fallen under a romanticized connection to the elder times, but still keeping in line of a proper historical remembrance and praise of the darkest human age. Armagedda disbanded afterwards, ending on a high note, while letting Ond Spiritsm ferment and church until it became a freestanding pillar of hate and satanic majesty.

Elias E. Merhige: Begotten A metaphorical reflection of creation as in the opening scene you see God killing himself and Mother Earth emerging from his remains. There is no music or dialogue, only sounds of human suffering, and crickets. It' s a piece of art in itself, for the way it was filmed in violent chiaroscuro tones, and grainy stock. Other scenes i loved were seeing the writing corpselike man vomiting his own organic pieces and being tortured by some nomads. It was painstakingly made for the desired aesthetic appeal for each frame. When i first saw this at 16 i could not sit through it entirely. Not meant for the weak at heart. Tsjuder: Legion Helvete A barbaric onslaught of True Norwegian Black Metal. Tsjuder at their most professional stage ever. This occupies a space when you need to strap on a bullet belt and destroy something beautiful. Essence and sound has not changed much since the church burning days, still dirty and neckbreaking, no compromises. Anyone lusting for something of the old shall thus be content. The contrast and distance from being continously involved with the band after splitting up let Nag, Draugluin, and AntiChristian hone their weaponry into something pure as it was intended from the start. Black leather, blastbeats, spikes and blood. You might come across it in the process of apostasy or just starting to penetrate the underground scene, and it will resonate within you. Injecting venom into the spirit of many souls at unrest against religion, morality and rules! Urfaust: Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist If you begin the ritual with the first song, you hear this is not primitive black metal, or depressive, and likely nothing you’ve heard before in metal. Opening the first seconds are the deep bass of a stringed instrument, very tranquil yet also unsettling. For ‘Dunkel Still Von Ewigkeit’ it plays out like a classic orchestra composed if medieval times. In my opinion this really sets the atmosphere for the remaining songs, and possibly evokes a setting, where the haunting and archaic tunes are coming from. ‘Ragnarök

Mystiker’ is when you hear the vocals of IX. His approach is rather strange to the untainted ears at first, and completely opposite of what you might expect to hear. I think you either love it, or can’t stand the illimitable eerie feeling of his voice. Though their native land is the Netherlands, all lyrics here are in German, for what reason this is, ‘Gespinnst Des is unknown to me. Verderbens’ feels rather doomy, Lo-fi is also the key here, perhaps if Richard Wagner were still composing, his music might sound just as scruffy as this. The repetitiveness of the riffs and slow pace of the guitars, bring to mind something from Filosofem, and this should be seen in the highest honor. For me, the repetition has always crafted some kind of hypnotic state of mind, and makes me pay even more attention to the music. Interspersed with the last two metal tracks is ‘Trauerhöhle’, a dark ambient piece of stunning quality. Showing more classical influences, and giving many layers of depth to this often one dimensional genre. If you listen with good headphones, you can maybe hear violins, and a standup bass cello perhaps? ‘Verflucht Das Blenden Der Erscheinung’ is surely something otherworldly and utterly grim sounding. It is my favourite from the album. IX’s screams here are loud even have an operatic tone to them, his voice sounds like another instrument rather than any form of human speech. The way the guitars are tuned is something else beyond modern and comprehensive techniques. By listening to the drumming as a different entity, there are feelings that they come out completely naturally, as if the drumsticks were handed to VRDRBR while the music was playing and he was just a medium of recording them. They morph completely with the speed and power of the music, and the symbols retain a very cold and harsh sound on top. The epic closer ‘In Den Weiten Öden Räumen’ hearkens back to the symphonic instruments for the last time, I feel rather soulless when i hear it. Even for classical fans, there is few composers who sound this sinister and foreboding. Sergei Prokofiev would have the horns raised! Cultes Des Ghoules: Häxan Finest Polish breed in the realms of black metal since early Behemoth. Les Cultes possess some of the austere qualities of the former, backed to an eeriness and plenary worship of arcane occultism. I love the raspy whispers and less forced accentuation of the screaming. They have sharpened their craft from past EP’s, thus why Häxan is the only LP to speak of. Here is a callow and organic piece of art that shall please the purists.

Bethlehem: Dictius Te Necare This monument is one of the most obscure and schizophrenic albums i have managed to sit though. The tortured vocals themselves are enough to force a man into depravity. And form of guitarwork is completely unpredicatable. ‘Die Anarchishe Befreiung Der Augenzeugenreligion’ puts one in a state of anxiety and obliterates the concept of modern music. ‘Aphel/Die Schwarze Schlang’ is all over the place and represents the full aesthetic of what this band is capable of doing. All lyrics are in their German tongue, and injects quite a unique vocal atmosphere to each track. Rainer has reached beyond the level of what the human voice normally sounds like. Nattramn of Silencer obviously too sever influence for his Death Pierce Me tape. These recordings were made in the times when depressing black metal was still quite a threat. Note one fan who built a Bethlehem altar is his room, and his mother protested the band saying they were destructive and Satanic. ‘Tagebuch Einer Togeburt’ forces your own doom down your throat, as your soul is buried living under melancholic bass and half whispered death speech. In the right mood you might feel sudden urges to tie yourself into a straitjacket or dig your own nails into your flesh as I did. I believe this is the audial supplement of a mental patient with the consciousness to comprehend his own insanity while trying to escape a claustrophobic death chamber Arizmenda: Through The Vacuum Of Infinity Arizmenda have that minimalistic, chilling, almost spacey aura that I love in my black metal. I personally think the hype around the Black Twilight Circle is far out of place and does not live up to its outsider image. It seems this cult of personality even surrounds some of the members with little to show for it. This is the first of the Black Twilight Circle albums I was exposed to and strangely enoguh it was also the more elite of the few. Split into 2 parts, Womb & Grave. It can be a rather draining and torturously long experience if you are not pulled into the black reality that I felt. Eduardo’s clamorous wails are enough to send icy shivers done your spine. While walking on the night of a full bulbous moon and having this in headphones, I was astrally transported into another realm. Herein is contained a purely atavistic approach to ancient black metal. The secluded nature of the band, the obscurity and abscence of lyrics, the chiaroscuro artwork, lo-fi production values, and riff structure buried deep in each song that the listener has to be truly paying attention to take it in its proper form. The ebb and flow of Arizmenda’s pace starts to feel trancelike, and evokes dark places where time does not exist. It’s like an endless tunnel, but the light at the end stays the same no matter how far you travel. The claustrophobia increases because there is nothing visual to relate to. Through The Vacuum... caters to the portions in you that expel nihilistic grimoires of thought, and a voidlike reverence for emptiness. While it does occupy a fixture in orthodoxy as well, there are the brief portals of keyboard noise, which is nicely blended into a white noise wall

and adds worthwhile depth to each track. I was particularly fond of the way it seems to be heard in two different places at once. I mean this in the sense that your mind will be following what has happened 5-10 seconds behind but your ears are always attempting to navigate far ahead. Furze: Trident Autocrat Furze; (a genus of about 20 plant species of thorny evergreen shrubs native to Western Europe) But according to Woe J. Reaper it is the scythe of death. Here is a perfectly crafted nod to the old school doom bands of the 70’s fused in an alchemical relation with magical metals. It is the microcosmic swirling winds that stir up the astral body and throw it into a colorful void. Furze’s mental prowess spawns from weird layers of space, and the whole experience is probably like taking a handful 4 year old mushrooms and then walking four an hour in a black cave. Some worthwhile praise of the inhumanity of his vocal chords, to me they are almost extra-terrestrial in nature. Wordplay is used to add an even more absract lyrical aura around the interstellar lineage of technical musicianship. Crafted with eloquence and sinister grace, a couple favorites are ‘Zaredoo Knives Endows Thy Sight’, ‘Witchboundator’, and ‘Whilst The Trident Spawn And Spectre’. Furze exists in the dark corners of your bedroom and in the limitless expanses of the galaxy. It’s one to keep under watchful eye Abomino Aetas: Undead Taking form outside of the walls of traditional black metal, actually entering further into the realms of funeral music. Crawling forth with some eerie string pieces and dirge ridden drums like the march of any real funereal service. Undead is even more foreboding than the last output, one continuous song stretching for 20 minutes, but effectively feeling much longer if you are already in quite a doomy mood. I can picture the vocalist standing above an empty grave screaming at a wooden casket slowly being lower into the earth. The inclusion of field recordings returns with the pestilential rainstorms, and crows. Perfect background music for your premature death. Norway is still a dark breeding ground for true and fearsome black metal, the seeds have been spread and are sprouting again...

in tribute Storm was the melancholic individual who created the band Malefeitor, 1991. Two demos were made in limited copies and distributed to close friends. Strid came from the ashes of Malfeitor, where he actually adapted the alias Storm, before being knowm as Rot in the former band. One demo entitled End Of Life was out in 93 and Strid EP in 94. A compilation was gathered of all the past bleak music of Strid and Malfeitor, which was self titled as well. In ‘01 Storm comitted suicide, the method is not known as Ravn Harjar does not prefer to speak about it in interviews. Some eternal words from him about his friend He was very skilled and talented in many things, not only playing the bass. He was also a talented artist, and I am sorry to say that we have very few of his paintings and drawings. His style in playing the bass and the bass-lines he created were sometimes almost ghostly or supernatural, with a very unexpected rhythm and melody. As a person he was quiet with a great temper, and the guy had a great humour people sometimes found a bit to black and ironic to their intelligence. Strid have lately re united and performed at Knokkelrock in Oslo on October 8 2010. The recording in the evil progressive stages for the album Endetid, and there will be one song dedicated to Storm called Den Siste Sang. They are hailed as the first depressive black metal band, and perhaps a suicidal influence to most... Going by the obscure alias of B. was the founder of the depressive avant-garde black metal band Lifelover. I mean this in the most general of language, as their metal is depressing and some form of black metal, but they have truly evolved past the rules and walls that hold so many back from expressing darkness in a unique way. He also was the catalyst to the creation of the bands Dimhymn, IXXI, & Woundism. The latter did not have any releases, while IXXI first existed to create 3 albums, then disbanded, and now are active again. Lifelover are from Sweden and called themselves ‘Narcotic Metal’ and it is not hard to see why. Their lyrics and concept revolves much around urban decay, drugs, dark humour, cynicism and suicide. B. was an extremely unique individual, with real mental problems, and you can hear it in his voice. Lifelover

played their last show in Baroeg Rotterdam in tribute of Nattdal. The official statement from the rest of the band: On Friday morning, September 9th, B didn’t wake up from his sleep. He didn’t take his own life nor was he victim of any apparent action. The authorities in charge are still examinating his body to find the exact cause of death" Known under the pseudonym Jonas aus Slavia in the black metal scene of Norway. Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen was a profilic member of Disiplin and Koldbrann, and the one responsible for the whole of Slavia. The former offering vocals and bass/guitars for Koldbrann on Nekrotisk Inkvisition and the split with Faustcoven. Lyrical themes of slavia revolve around war, terror, pesticide, anti-human aspects, and Satanism. He was suffering from cancer and died November 17 2011 He was found dead in his apartment. A special concert was to be held to collect money for research of his disease while he attended the hospital in Bergen. It was also stated to be the last Slavia concert, and then Jonas was found one day before it happened. The show still happened except in a tribute to his memory. Nocturno Culto, Satyr & Frost, Hoest, and Kvarforth were among some of the performers at the live gathering at the infamous metal pub, Garage, in Bergen, Norway. Their skeletons decay in the ground away from this pathetic existence. As well as Steingrim Torson from Celestial Bloodshed, you either know or you don’t. Rest in pieces comrades!

Dj evel

Talk about band photography, it seems almost everything has been tried over again. Is it causing stagnation to see bands own the same reflected image? I' m not a fan of photos or presenting yourself in an egoistic manner. I am not interested in the person behind the music in a visual aspect. Djevel does not use corpsepaint. I used corpsepaint in 1992-94. Black metal is inside me, it has nothing to do with image.

Often it is not relevant to give the bands formation story, but since Djevel just came out of the womb would you like to shed some blackened speech on this act? I started Djevel because i realized that Lja would not continue as i wanted it to... The distance between me and the others grew too big. I compose all the music and write all lyrics, so I did not need the others. What is the concept of Dødssanger? The title means songs of death. The two tracks ‘Ingen Vei Tilbake’ & ‘Vi Malte Verden I Sort’ are about making a pact with the Devil from birth to death! Do you think non-Norwegian bands should use only their native language and English rather than adapting Norsk lyrics and stage names. Is it a cultural statement to you when bands represent their music in such a way? I really don’t care which language other band sings in. But i do think it’s stupid to sing in Norwegian if you’re an Italian band. For me it’s important to have my vocals this way. All my bands have had Norwegian names and lyrics, and it’s a statement of Norwegian devil worship! Are you extremely hard on yourself when it comes to creating your music? Is there some level you must attain to before any gratification can be extracted? Yes, when it comes to making music I am as you say extremely hard on myself, no compromise! I have to be in the right mood in order to create black metal at it’s purest form. Black metal is a feeling inside me, and needs to be satisfied in the right way. If i am possessed I can spend 5 hours and create several songs. If not it can take a month without creating anything. Possession is the key! Do you think that releasing split albums with bands that are musically/aesthetically/philosophically different is an effective way to underline the vast spectrum of approaches that black metal is all about? No i don’t think so. For me, split albums were something that maybe opens a few doors to new listeners. It’s also a pact between the bands. I don’t think that black metal has a vast spectrum, that’s a misunderstanding in my eyes.

Money is a hated thing by many, especially in metal where it represents modern materialism. But do you think an avid fan can still show true support if they download music, make DIY merch and only attend one or less shows a year like persons in far out countries? The whole downloading thing and internet have obvioussly made it easier for idiots to have an opinion on things they don’t understand. If you like a band, you buy, you don’t steal. What is your fondness for goats? The goat manifests the Devil, and to make a pact with the Devil is portrayed by the human manifestation of Satan. Do you know anything about the LeviaSathanas studios in Norway, is it still operative? I read that Beastcraft went here to fullfill their intention of having a raw sound, maybe other black metallers have taken notice? No, I asked the guys in Urgehal about it, but it seems they don’t know anything about it either.

Svarttj ern To dismiss new album information first, are you in the final processes of having the next channeled evil into physical form? Our second full-length Towards the Ultimate is being released by Agoina Records these days in Europe, and will be released in America late october. We are constantly creating evil, and are already working on the next release. No more can be said at this point. We never sleep!

Give me your thoughts on the following: Existencialism: Something that is up to the individual to decide, in the end it is all death. Sex: Pleasure and forced acts Suicide: Sad, it comes to this, it’s probably for the best. But it’s not for me. What is your weapon of choice? My intellectual. Have there been any recent acts of terror in the Norwegian realms? I am proud to speak of a church being torched here two Christmas days ago. There was arson of the Postgrunn church awhile ago. But it was comitted by stupid kids. I don’t care about this anymore. -T. Ciekals

For a musician understood his experiences over you reflect on the of perspectives For a masterpiece, just sit down and Black metal is not everyone, and you how to do it. To the meaning behind you need to seek tunes, and focus deeper meaning. provoking the evil within man, and whatever method to do this. seek the week-minded audience.

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I like the idea of having black metal melded with different genres or styles such as classical, or ambient, or even synth if done right. are most of the audience of this music able to appreciate these things?

Personally, I don’t mix these things into music. What’s pure and raw with clean digital synth sounds? fuck that. The simpler it’s made, the more massive is the message being made. If you need shortcuts to finish off work, you might as well drop the whole thing. What the audience think, I cannot say, and I don’t care.

Your thoughts on astrology… Do you see things to happen when special aligments occur? Does it affect your music? I should not mention any names here, but one of our members actually turn into a werewolf during full moons. This can be a bit complicated when doing tours, as his playing is WILD if he’s in this state on stage. So we try our best to avoid gigs during full moons.

Do you ever have women try to seduce you because they are into black metallers? Yes

Do you like making obscure home videos? The problem is to find anyone willing to be a part of them. Once, I filmed a snail when I punctured it with a dart-arrow. HaaN also shot a snail with a soft-gun a while ago. Actually, this was in the middle of the old days when black metal was still EVIL. I don’t know if he filmed it.

How often do you think lost praise is due for bands who might use art from another individual, or guest musicians and omit the regards in the cd package, so the fans do not know the creators of certain aspects? Is there anyone out there actually NOT crediting any participants? FUCK THEM. Would you feel proud taking credit for anyone else’s art? No more explanation needed. What are some strange SVARTTJERN related experiences you can speak of? One time, at band camp, we played bowling against another norwegian metal band (they like to stay anonymous), and we WON! They had to pay for everyone! After that we had a beer and played a gig. What feelings do you get when you listen to SVARTTJERN? What feelings do YOU get? A lust for killing and hatespreading, I hope. (Grimm - Actually, i listen to this in the streets when I can’t stand the human fucking scum and I definitely feel this) Are you anticipating some newer MAYHEM and SATYRICON albums? MAYHEM always do their thing right. They have done so from the very beginning, and still do. What would black metal be without the inspiration farm MAYHEM? They still prove for every release that it’s possible to do something no one have ever done before! SATYRICON? Their last honorable release was Rebel Extravaganza. They sure know how to produce music, but it’s not my cup of blood.

Have you had any past of criminal activities? In my past I have rung peoples doorbell and ran away. I might also have put firecrackers in peoples mailboxes. When writing new material is it a continuation of previous ideas and ideology or are new separate purposes created with each release? Towards the Ultimate is in one way a follower to Misanthropic, but also with other influences. The RED LINE in releases would more be the same as for the band. If you support death, you will always bring it up. The supremacy of your own individual is the main arcane force in this world, and only narrow-minded religious people fail to see so. Hail yourself more than anything else, or be a worm. This is also an aspect SVARTTJERN supports. What do you think could be the next extreme thing to happen for black metal, that will create controversy, but also gain the support of real black metallers who live by it’s unwritten code, and thus purify this music more? Some ulta-true band should turn towards christianity. Everyone would hate it, and what’s more black metal than doing something that everyone hates? Remember,

we are not a part of a love-collony. A lot have already been done. Take MAYHEMs Grand Declaration of War for instance. Lots of untraditional writings, but (for me) still a masterpiece. Many hates this album, but FUCK THEM. Total support! How much is SVARTTJERN isolated from the business side of music industry? What do you guys try yourselves, and leave the other shit for labels, merch factories, promoters. Or is SVARTTJERN entirely DIY? Our record company (Agonia) handles most of the promotion and paperwork when it comes to releases. They also lend in a hand regarding merchandising. I don’t feel like going into details on this one. We do some merchandising ourselves as well, and gigs are entirely up to us, So far anyways. Do you paint or draw? No How would you end your life, if you had total control? Armageddon. Besides the metal bars, nature, Viking museum, old architecture and culture, what else is interesting in Norway? Moss. Do you know of any documentaries being made for this third wave or later black metal acts like BEASTCRAFT, TAAKE, KOLDBRANN, MARE etc.? I pay more attention towards what music is being made, instead of documentaries ABOUT the music that is being made. I do not have time to waste on documentaries, there are too many of the, although I’ve seen a couple of good ones, by all means. -Sgt. V

mAYHEM CONCERT Mayhem is black metal and in my opinion, this sacred art should be intimidating, microcosmic and introverted to some degree. When I see chanting or a banal focus on solos and clean singing, as well as provocation in between songs, and mindless communication it loses momentum, atmosphere and lasting effect. I can’t stand it when bands repeatedly ask “how are you fucking doing, come on! or introducing songs and waste valuable minutes when they can be performing what I paid to see. But this aside, I was immensely pleased with the aesthetics taken by Mayhem. Some large satanic looking banners were draped on the stage, while Hellhammer was nested in between them. Attila continues to impress me, and I was extremely looking forward to seeing if he would be using the human skull(s) from the Hellfest performance, of which he had, clothed in a robe and broken noose to add. I will refrain from posting the setlist as I don’t really see the purpose here, but would say it was a worthwhile alchemy of their entire discography. You either know it or you don’t. I have noticed over the years that the stagnation that usually comes with playing the same material in a live setting does not really exist with Mayhem. They always seem to morph the song structure, speed, vocals etc. into something unique and different. There was no exceptions, with early DMDS classics and a trashier side of ‘Carnage’. I was slightly taken back at some disrespect on certain persons in attendance though, like one girl who was continually getting on stage and trying to touch Attila. This happened the last time I witnessed them, and a fan who knocked into Necrobutcher and detuned his bass, stalling the show. He was pretty pissed off, and I think this can ruin it if taken too far. They left their mark on me long ago, and served as a reminder that it is still imprinted and has not faded away.

sORTILEGIA CONCERT I beheld the 2nd infernal ritual of Sortilegia, brought into the flesh by KOLDOVSTVO and HAERETICUS who let stir their own black energies in the presence of a few dark gatherers. The ram’s head was placed in its position amongst the halos of burning white candles, and the atmosphere was de-consecrated until perfect silence and worship was attained. I have truly been interested in the darker sides of black metal as of late, especially those to do with ritualistic recordings and performances. This band definitely embodied what I was seeking. The mentioned members of this black mass stalked onto the claustrophobic stage stage covered in blood, Koldovstvo herself donned a black robe. The wall of noise was set upon us with the first offering from the demo entitled White Bones, Black Flame. As the sounds began to ebb and flow, I felt myself being pulled into their atmosphere. Ana’s banshee witch shrieks penetrated the air as the hypnotic pace of the drumming kept hold of a primitive black metal aestheticism. One could see he was in an extreme ethereal mindset, as every crash on the cymbals was perfectly coordinated, and the transition from blast beats flowed seamlessly into slower and more entrancing tones. Despite the small venue size, each element of Sortilegia was manifested to its highest quality, nothing was drowned due to poor acoustics. By vocals alone, there seemed to be less of them than on the demos, though perhaps this is just my opinion. Svetaya Krov Chernyi Yad was second for the setlist. Sortilegia are self described as

possessing the similar essence of the Black Legions (LLN), and I think this can be heard here. The raw production on the demo is slightly less bleak in a live setting, and in my opinion, sounds even better live. They have only been rehearsing for a few months to my knowledge, yet they both attain such immaculate musicianship. Koldovstvo (aka Ana) also holds the axe in Toronto act Sylvus, and Haereticus (aka Cameron) in the black metal/drone trio Thantifaxath. Pestilent Black Sorcery was saved to close the ceremony, and this one built a lot more on repetition. Hearing this with my eyes closed while the band was performing a couple feet way was a cathartic feeling, and if perhaps in the right mood would permit on for astral projection. Sortilegia are one of few lo-fi black metal bands that summon a very cold and ancient feeling. As the candles lost their form, the last echoes were drawn from the speakers and both members retreated from the stage slowly. I think they left a heavy impression on those in their presence. No interaction was partaken during their set which is exactly how I prefer black metal to be, devoid of any distractions and egotistic personalities. They play often in Toronto and I’e heard they rehearsed a MARE cover for future live gigs!

Sons Of Fen ri s Do you feel the desire to keep attaining new boundaries for Sons of Fenris despite already occupying quite a unique dimension? Well for Sons of Fenris, I more or less already attained my goals. Anyways, it is just a tool for spreading “their” words. Nothing else for sure, the music can slightly change but it will have the same concept and purpose. Define the purpose of your band, and the singular approach to creating it as an individual. Does black metal reach a more pure essence when not having to compromise with other members? S.O.F. is a manifestation of THEM, the primordial forces named Þurisos or Eranos. The purpose? This band is a magical audial weapon that can influence people and their beliefs. Be aware of the acosmic tree and its powers lying beyond. For sure it reaches more pure essence in music, not just in black metal but all expressionisms. One man bands have always their unique sounds because the music is not polluted by other members. Then, the band becomes just a mirror of its creator, and represents the self!

As of late, I have begun to tire of the stereotypical embrace of Nordic myth in metal which is now fun and does not reflect the dark times. When you use the symbols of traditional mythology like a Thor’s hammer and Irminsul with a strike through them, are you showing that it is a fictitious story and instead trying to channel darkness by using the ancient runes? In using the anti-thor’s hammer and antiyggdrasil /irminsul, I clearly show that S.O.F. is not part of the “heathen scene”. More importantly, I do not follow or practice Asatru or any other cosmic Germanic Cult. I practice and follow ‘Darkwasiduz’ (which means dark customs /traditions in proto Germanic. It is the dark side of German traditionalism, the human cultic expression of worship of the primordial lords of total destruction. Þurisos, the all knowing dark deities. Do you think your lyrics act as a grimoire? No, but people can get views if they analyze them. When discovering underground bands, do you usually try to find something that might offer more than just a collection of songs, like something relevant to you, be it q label choice, atmosphere, side project, ideology? Usually, I will try to find bands with deep spiritual messages that follows what they preach so to speak. But it depends on the genre. For example, in terror EBM, I think it’s more or less impossible to find religious bands so I just check for fucking band with a sound that I appreciate.

What do you think about the onset of more V.I.P. concerts, even leaking into black metal? As well with increased security, to me this is not in coalescence with the metal spirit or culture which has always had a more intimate, casual atmosphere rather than creating social barriers, would you agree? Honestly, I do not care about these V.I.P. gigs, but I can agree. Security can create a spiritual barrier between the audience and the band. The worst combination is stupid people, heavy amounts of security and a bad venue. I support more the private idea where you organize yourself all your shows with people who really want to see you perform. A small group of likeminded persons who share the same beliefs, ideas in a perfect place is ideal. For S.O.F. the best would be an isolated old chalet in the mountains… and I have some ideas concerning it. I was thinking it would be an intense black metal night to perform at the Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic. Where else would be an interesting non-typical black for this sacred art? Why not? But not for me. I would also love to play on a Germanic burial mound or in lost spiritual place related to Germanic history in the forests. It is a goal but they are hard to find. Can you give any dark speech about your ambient project entitled Abgrundjaz? So far, I have not worked on it, so it is only a name. But I plan to get slowly into it with time. I am now collecting old Germanic instruments for creating something quite unique. Do you think Sons of Fenris will exist solely for Scythe of Death prod? The 2 seem to be an unholy marriage of all matter… No, but I like to work with people I know. Moreover, we share the same path, but it doesn’t mean that I only want to work with them. By the way, it should be known that I a also in conspiracy with Aetergap productions. They are both helping together for the first digibook cd of Sons of Fenris.

There seems to be a collective unconscious force within each country producing black metal. I will relate it to the expansion of the universe as one galaxy (like France or Norway) buds off and creates new galaxies. The French just seem to know the formula for high quality black metal, and are still able to craft it in any form. Is there enough mystery with the language and influence of music that you personally feel you are taking influence from their reputation? I don’t listen to much French Black Metal and I am not familiar with the more known acts. From the promo photos and past interviews, I think I read that you collect bones/skulls/teeth from animals that you find, and even own a couple human skulls? What sort of animals are your favorites to have? In secret, how did you acquire the human skull? Yes, I’m lucky for finding animal bones. One of the reasons is that I trek quite much so it becomes easier to come across them, than the guy who sits at home. But actually it’s not true, I’ve never found human bones unfortunately but I know where I can get them… The animal skeletal matter that I collect in general are from deer, foxes, wild boars, and stags. Lately I have also found some stranger ones that I am unaware of what it exactly it is. The best would be a wolf skull, a horse skull, a serpent skull, an elk (moose for you) and a human of course. I remember now that I had the possibility to have a serpent skull because I found a dead one. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember at the time to take it home, what a mistake. What is the live ambience about? Ritualistic, deep, religious, concentrated and calm. One more, how do you feel about the coming of age for the ‘Þurh Mīhstōz af Khalijaewhaz’? I think this full length has to be available soon. So much time has passed since I have recorded it. Some stuff is yet to be finished like the booklet though." -Werewolf

Hel l Mi l i ti a Can you relate the concept of individualism and the rising difficulties and hostility of becoming more and more unique to everyone else, with less to directly relate with or belong to. Is it easier when your thoughts are concentrated and channeled towards one end or meaning, or better to leave an open mind for always newer perspectives? I have always preached for the importance of the path and not the goal itself. The life of the visionaries if about the pilgrimage. But for that end, there must always be goals to follow even if they have lesser importance in the end. Just like our religion allows and encourages doubts, because only a true and unshakable faith can be tormented and still remain pure and strong. People tend to prefer to stay on easy believes or half believes than looking into the light. " My colour is black to the blind, but the blue and gold are seen of the seeing" . Life on this planet is relatively short in the long run. What do you desire to accomplish, acquire, or to attain to? You know Bataille said, Death always come too late for those who suffer. Life is short and too long at the same time. I have followed the paths that lead into His pulse. I have already wandered a lot of ways that

leads to Him, and there still are a lot. Religion is a prism whose faces converge different light into a stronger one, but to get the ultimate light, one needs all lights together. Half the way is not enough. Are there any forms of protest or occupy movements currently happening in the French society, as other countries have taken to? Do you think there does exist a higher class or lower class, and where would you place yourself into that? There have been some little movements after they kind of started in Greece, but as always these won’t go far, the system is locked and only allows a certain amount of rebellion. I do not believe in human politics and I do not follow any man. It is fine with me that fools need to think they are deciding of their future as a mass. The world is divided in many levels, and as being born in a rich country and continent, it has always been easier for me. Still I am living outside of that society in many ways, and so it will always be. I must comment at least once for an anti-christian stance, considering perhaps 200 years ago in an era vastly different from today, religional might have been relevant a cultural connection to explain the ‘truth’. But now after massive developments with cosmology, and science it is absurd for anyone who reads anything about the big bang or expansion of space to still put their minds in the hands of a ‘god’. In this sense, would you actually prefer to see an onset of a revaluation of all values now that it can be undermined by something tangible, or just feel completely indifferent about humankinds ideas and live your life without empathy until you die happily, and selflessly. I am as much into science than theology, and I don' t care if people stick to just one or another. People have always followed blindly directions and they have always killed or tried to silence those who do not see the same way that the official vision of the time. Big Bang or no Big Bang. The few actual serious theories and explanations are not conceivable in a human mind anyway; has there never been a beginning or was there a beginning ? The problems of time T-0, the problems of flatness and horizon… I don’t see how people of the world can perceive both main theories as they never perceived the spiritual world correctly. They were afraid of some Hell before, now they don’t want to look stupid and they speak about that Big Bang, but it is easy to see that they don’t ask themselves questions like a birth of time and space, or boundless time and space. As you may know, the theory that was called later Big Bang, was just two easy words for the pigs to understand the idea of a time zero where everything explodes and derives from, and as it of no big surprise one of the first scientific to propose it was a priest. The idea of a time zero is clear to a religious man. God created everything, but that is the same question, where do God comes from? Big Bang or God, men are craving for that answer, thinking that the other one is mad and they don’t realize how close their own questions are. So anyway the media brought this theory to the mass as if they were bringing the meaning of life. What did it change ? Nothing, who cares about all the recent researches going in one or another theory ? Science is to people like religion; they don’t understand it plainly and just accept the general grand ideas when the time is asking it from there.

Is the Hell Militia name a statement to how you perceive black metal? As militant, satanic, and like a group of elite? This name stands as a full unity of the members. I have alway played in bands where band members mostly never changed or by adding people at least. There are different sides to our vision, always militant, sometimes from the street and sometimes more occult.

limits always further in many domains. He has never been stoned during a gig, but sometimes in some drunkenness or other crazy states of mind, and many times clear and focused. It has never been a problem to me. Would be problem to have a nice singer with a nice haircut and a clean and sweet make up and polished spikes on him, speaking about things he never experience. But anyway, that’s not what people want to see when they come to a Hell Militia gig.

The lyrics dwell on this form of what i would call an urban Satan; suicide, death, drugs, whores, depopulation. What makes these extremely touchy subject so interesting to you, do you embrace it all personally or is it a means of seperating yourself using metal from the norms and moralities of our culture? Music is something that in modern times unites people that can have in a large scale similar ideas upon precise subjects. I was first interested in black metal because of its religious side. Then comes the rest, hate, violence, bitterness. The breaking of rules, morale, code or justice, is just a mean to use the energy of the trespassing as was largely spoken of by Sade. For the first time, we will include the lyrics of the new album of Hell Militia, but for some songs, I doubt many people will understand what it really stands for...

Do you think there is too much ignorance in Black Metal, when every band claims to have strict ideological stance about being Satanic, Nihilistic, Nazi, etc. yet possessing almost no knowledge of mentioned subject and spreading misinformation and propaganda to those who still cannot think for themselves? The human race as a whole is stupid. There is no reason why this style of music would be different, especially now that it stands for just a style of music to many people. I don’t care too much as I am a believer and I meet the people I have to meet on my path. It has always been and will always be. I do not want to teach anybody, but I agree to share ideas with people who already see the same way. I have met lots of intelligent people, and even after a show of Arkhon Infaustus I have spoken for hours about the cords theory and Higgs boson with a guy because of some lyrics I had written, of course the same with religious believes, or many other extreme ways of expression and understanding.

Have you spent any time behind bars? If you did how would it limit your inspiration to create. Would you take to writing books in your cell or try to send mail to the other members? No, just some bad 48 hours experiences in police stations. I heard through word of mouth that one member in Dragged Into Sunlight who played a gig with Hell Militia at the time, said that Meyh’nach was so stoned most of the shows that he could barely stand, and it affected the performance or professionalism to some degree... true? And what do you think of Meyh’nach in person? He as all members in Hell Militia are the closest people to me. We have all tried to push

Do you enjoy where you live? Yes. I now live in a quite deserted and fucked place with no one to limit my liberty. We seem to be different as a species in one way, that we possess three bodies; an astral body that lets us dream, a physical body, and an ego body that give us mentality, and ability to form an opinion or think. Is that latter our ultimate downfall? As in the animal kingdom who have lived here millions of years longer, or dating back to the dinosaurs, they were extinct by nature. And in contrast, it seems we will be the masters of our own extinction through our mistakes. I am not sure we are doing mistakes, but abuses. We abuse of everything, and we have evolved in societies bred on hate and fear. Fear of what little physical and psychological comfort we have and might loose, and thus hate of what is different or may cause one of these comforts to cease or be reduced. People speak about the end of time since always, but never act with such a heavy fear upon their shoulders. They are more concerned about paying bills and voting than what they would have accomplished so far when it will stop by personal or general death. How can you teach people of shamanism, spiritual high believes and experiments, science on small and large scales ? You just can’t. And again that’s fine with me, they certainly sleep better than I do. Your thoughts on self-mutilation and body modification? What about vanity, when even in death we are supposed to look appealing in our coffin. I am more into satisfaction of the flesh than self-mutilation. There is no beauty in death, and little is there in life. Vanity is a vast subject, because of is link with time itself and because it’s linked

with almost all aspects of our lives. Music is for example one of the symbols of vanity since early stages of humanity... You must be pleased in the slightest that we can now distribute ever more extreme materials in the form of music and art, or what was once prohibited like sex as a product (or in public like some European countries) is now common. Anything you look forward to happening to further fuck with the minds of persons? I don’t feel like I’ve known hard periods for artistic extreme performances. Of course some stupid people have tried to cancel shows, but nothing similar to what occurs back in time. We follow and perform a lot of other artistic styles, and there has never been a falling down to my taste. Do you think you can eventually posit yourself to a lifestyle when you will not be affected by everything you oppose and be able to grow without distractions in a more self-conscious state. I am not disturbed too much anymore by what’s around me. I am old enough to see that I have walked my own path with faith. Now that I live far from my country, I know that I don’t belong to any place. I can concentrate more than ever on music and other ways of creation as spiritual improvement, and the new Hell Militia album has been written in that state. As I am writing, we are currently in the recording process and things are going in the right direction. What kind of literature or books do you read, or who are some of the greatest thinkers even? We all read many authors of different style. Maybe the greatest poet of all time would be Charles Bukowski for me. The greatest thinkers would be Sade, Crowley, Bataille or even Diderot, writers would be Guinzburg and Selby and why not people like Auster or Brett Easton Ellis. But that’s of course very hard to sum up so many ideas and books, and sometime just a part of a man’s work. Classics like Vian or Lautréamont also… More personal this time, what is love to you? Do you possess such emotions for anything or anyone? Of course, I have friends also. I have always got bored by people speaking about misanthropy. I play in a band, release albums and play in gigs, how could that be misanthropic? Except some stupid teens that only wank in front of a computer screen and never go out, who might pretend to be one anyway? I have lived almost all my life in Paris, which is the city of dirty and light, where nights are fast, crazy and dangerous, and where nothing ever stops. Paris seems romantic to people to people before going there, and seems dangerous to weak people who come there a few times, but for the others... To close, what would you have etched into your grave stone? “I wished I had more time to make more enemies”


This is involved in the mental image that is created in the listener’s mind, so atmosphere is the key to your question. The astral projection our music renders, acts as a machination to awaken the dreamer, invaded. The horror of a foreign parasite incapacitates the listener with vintage antiquity… but you’re all innocent when you dream.

Ave Illogium, hopefully these words reach you in a fairly conscious mindset. …Ave, welcome to the endmill. The end is embedded in the beginning. Firstly what might you say for contact of this kind? I think of letter writing as somewhat of an esoteric art. Indeed, a rare occurrence to be set upon with an interview in this fashion. Ironic, seeming as this was the only form to make contact when we first sunk our teeth into the black underground. This paper is akin to lungs, accumulating poisoned ink, projecting the parasitic tendrils upon itself. The symbiotic cycle feeds upon itself. You mentioned that it has been some time since you have been “investigated”. I suppose this would allow for some secrets to be revealed? The only secret kept is that we have recorded our forth album which is yet unnamed. A few songs that I can reveal are entitled Curtain, Psychades, Morphobia. The answers you seek are shattered, lost, and found in a vortex of dust. Soaking through, gliding past the masks of an unspoken past – the arsenic feeling that maddens. Is technology crucial for Portal? Could you for instance have made your recordings with the same essence 20 years or more back in time? Technology is definitely not essential to the makings of Portal whatsoever. We sound exactly the same live if not more potent and unrestrained. We were recording on a track tape machine when we began writing and the same principles apply. However, we have a few convenient tools to bring about the result more specifically. Our recording is a steady pulse of self-nourishing temperament; a steadfast belief that writhers in blood and hidden vaults; metamorphosis of the chrysalid.

Are you nostalgic, taking influence or pleasure from what you know or have experienced before? Or do you thrive on opening new vistas of life every day and let the old fade out? I cannot help but let experiences affect my music in the way of emotions. Hatred has fueled a lot actually. However, when there is a goal in the mind’s eye, I let my imagination take hold and without fail it is untrodden in this plane. We cannot help but run our course due north, prepared to face the indifference of the universe, alone. Challenge the fundamental values of an unconscious society, an alien, an outsider. This is an insult to our reason and a betrayal of our creativity. We live in an absurd world. This is the predicament of modern man.

Do you draw from all personal interests to create? Or seek to experiment based on natural impulses? Natural impulses are all that matter to me, this art is an embellishment of the souls involved in the process, the broth. It is memories that we are stealing. Soundless evil – Silent film to liberate our veins.

What sort of cultures are you interested in across the world? The obvious being the ancient worlds of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia. We inhere in the whole/hole. You will vanish into that which spawned you; or rather, you will be transmuted once more into the creative reason of the universe. Survey the circling stars as though you yourself were in mid-course with them. Often picture the changing and re-changing of the elements. Visions of this kind purge away our earthbound life.

What kind of approach, do you think it takes to truly get under the listeners skin? Is it more straight forward, or something hinted at that comes from all directions, not only audial.

Who are some of your favourite painters?

Gustave Dore, Hieronymous Bosch, Zdzislaw Beksinski for their ability to interchangeably weave a decayed future with the horrors of a frozen vault, which was once the symbiotic portal gateway with a heartbeat. Dying is an art, the death of art. What have some of the more weird experiements or experiences that have taken place at a PORTAL show? “Veiled by a Black Sun” When we played in pitch darkness in San Fransisco. We could only see our fretboards; and only when the flash of cameras went off. Having the vision obscured by our executioner hoods did not help either. Consequently, that show ended up being very crushing and eerie. Do you believe there are parallel worlds existing just outside of our own where an altered reality exists? Using advanced technology, is it comprehendible to you that we will be able to bend our own atomic fabric to exist in several places at once? I believe it is possible that some of us have already obtained this ability. One can arise before the 7th phase of the triple moon goddess invocation but not before the fortress of Babylon is at on with Kaos. Feminine trinity and the all-father. The atomizer within us all, through a vessel seldom opened par by a few. What about psychokinesis and the abilities to move objects with our minds? Yes, however only the supernatural ones would be blessed in this way. The Monad of Kaos. List the instruments or sounds effects you so far used for PORTAL… Apart from the obvious guitars/drums etc… Waterphone, the insides of a rusty piano that we call the Discordian, violin, 5-string cello, a gramophone funnel for vocals.

Have you had any near death experiences or odd dreams that might have had an effect on the way you see life? When I was 8 years old I was run over and smashed my head on the road. I was clinically dead on the operating table but somehow revived. I do recall total nothingness, an abyss like blackness. I continually dream of spiders the size of mammals in various horrific forms. I have opened my eyes to see the spinning webs above me, or sacks of their offspring spilling out! If music is like a purification of the self, what follows after then? Is it only more rot never to be fully removed entirely, or do you usually attain a deeper self realization from experiencing clear mindedness and taking upon the fire destroying/creating mediums of something like black or death metal? We keep in consideration where each thing originates, what goes into its composition; what it is changing into and what is going to be after the change. This is our catharsis. We do not fret or pursue, but rather let it come to us, so we attain our form without straining for something. We do not have permission to reveal, nor do we shrink back into ourself, sinking down in collapse. We seek the absolute. What the listener experiences depends on what they are allowed to experience personally as set by their own parameters of sanity. Do you feel you are older than your physical age? This is no trivial issue but a question of sanity or insanity. Last what kind of place is Australia? Is it a fairly modern or conforming society? What are the attitudes taken by the people? It would be correct to assert that it is modern. We have liberty, but of course conform to religion of consumerism. There is freedom of speech practices. However, as I mentioned earlier if one challenges the presumed fundamental values of our asleep society, one is condemned… ALIEN!

5 We are cast from the great stars and galaxy matter of ancient creation, nothing above, nothing below. We are not special, only part of a cyclical repetition of life and death. No different from the sharks in the ocean, the vulture in the sky, or the wolf in the forest.

Iron Minded

A philosophical catharsis in two sequences This is a collection of writings I have done as of late; it serves no more the purpose than selfsatisfaction and a reflection of my existence at this point of time. If you take influence from these words perhaps it means you hold a similar place in life and think the same way. It is the supremacy of the individual. I: Gangrene in the tubes of my existence 1 The current of my being must never stop flowing. All my thought rests upon elitism, and yet seeking for a new elite to cast out the one before it. True knowledge, or the intent of knowledge is a nihilistic view at everything, and an ignorant view at nothing. 2 The expansion of egregorical thought is bringing claustrophobia. I was meant to ask questions from the silence. In the confines I find a misanthropic contempt for submission and optimism. I still have 3 eyes and supreme senses. Nature is the dominant mistress with infinite leashes keeping us bound. Existence is selfish, materialistic, bleak. Pleasure is relative. All parasites must be removed to avoid becoming parasitic.

6 All mythology is of the same root, revolving around conceptual ideas of a leader/forces/good/evil/darkness and light. You must revaluate all you have known as your belief, and unveil the nihil. 7 If we live in a celestial alignment with the one rule of nature, we can remove the ego body from the self. Only human beings can possess this ego, it is the catalyst to how we all act, think and feel. The animal or feral one does not possess this, and is more genuine than the rest of us. Once in conspiracy with nature, we should also start acting in a way which would prolong intelligent life and evolve from the stagnant pool from that which we lay in. A man should only procreate with a woman from his own race, like creatures of the forest only mate with the same species! Cross breeding creates unintelligence and incompetence. Let the weak die out, for they offer nothing but a virus to life. A man should also carefully select the ones he wishes to have sex with, as the wolf (canis) chooses the best mate to spread his seed and are one of the most loyal animals in the kingdom. To do otherwise would be denying the fitness of the stronger counterpart. All cross breeding between two subjects result in creating something ultimately weaker than the original, because they will fall to a middle level in the physical and mental capabilities of each individual. This is the law of averages. If this will does not control the development of organic life, than evolution is obsolete! 8 If you can articulate yourself in words, and give vent to your intelligence in social converse, you can learn to manipulate the other person. In hostility or arguments you will also learn to injur them with intimidative speech so they cannot even if they wanted to inflict verbal wounds.

3 The weak human scum ultimately confines themselves to what is low and simple to obtain. One must remove the rot from the forest to be able to grow.

9 Hate is a necessary trait of man. If it provokes you to do something that’s leads to progress or vented in a positive way, it should not be put weakened or put aside.

4 Religion is barbed wire in the throat, a cigar in your eye, a needle in your ear. One ignorant pest on mankind’s collective conscience. Like a cancer against the very fabric of our own nature. Defying the self and creating a false clone.

10 We live on grey islands of unknowing inside infinite oceans and we are not meant to venture far out. The secrets of science and nature are keys to the fearsome revelations we can obtain by piecing them altogether. Something tells me, certain things are best to be left unknown

II: Something from the pot of nothingness 1 Life is subjective, and our own meaning is formed from what we make of ourselves. If we think you are, then you are. Knowledge is sometimes a portal to self-realization and yet will bring about a new dark age. Essence precedes existence. Everything is nothing, that is, there is no inherit meaning in anything. 2 If you force yourself to remove the word hope from your consciousness, you begin to use instead, will. The will must become sharpened and hardened, in adverse to the hope which is base and weak. The iron will continues to dominate your being until all obstacles can be cleared from your path in a single swipe. It is the act rather than the dream. 3 When you start to question everything, it is then you unveil the truth, and it is only once you have lost everything that you are free to do anything. 4 I have evolved because I have been left alone, and not found continued reverence or distraction in the company of others. For one must learn to grow individually, away from society and influence for at least part of your life, thus a pure state of being can be attained. Individualism is the armament of the conqueror in a metaphysical battle with life. 4 The true warrior and right man does not need the approval of his society, in the same way the wolf does not need permission to take his kill!!! 5 We must impugn before we can truly judge, that is morality! Question even the very fabric of your own existence and penetrate the depths of what you think you know until no rational opposition can be thought of. I am at once the most nihilistic person there is, and it is sad but enlightening. There is an adversarial intent within us all, leading us to the darkness, the true light. It is time to unleash the wolf and bring to life the spirit of the “I�. 6 Love and hate is militant, and should be thought of that way. It cannot be dispersed evenly on a static field of incompetence and confusion. Neither are gray in nature, it’s black and white.

7 I am anti-humanist; I reject all causal morality, structured beliefs, and common thought of the mass. All of this is personal to our own experience, and our knowledge that comes from this experience, which is empirical. There can be no manmade laws, it is a paradox! 8 Any thought and idea is relevant to the time it was conceived or spoken by its medium. It creates a causal truth, and becomes substantial upon reflection to others. And thus, anything with pure meaning will last permanently in their own objective minds if nothing else. 9 Nothing is unable to transcend, even the mere fabric of our own minds and body are able to shift. 10 And when I went into that forest, and climbed to the furthest reaches of the mountain. I felt a deep resonance of self-realization swelling deep within. Persons, like animals need their own surroundings where they are their own king. We should not adapt to hostility that weakens the physical of the self, and it is important to take their life essence in these forests and mountains if need be. 11 There is nothing after our mortal state. Thus live with an open minded and take what you want this time. Experimentation is the root of experience, and man serves well to heed thither in this direction, as the core of our spirit comes from new experience. 12 Even is a lesser mind state, the deprivations of which the individual must endure must be compensated for by psychologically keeping a mental mirage in which he himself becomes the controller again! Strict self-discipline leads to an impeccable existence of being, and one must celebrate each overcoming as part of being true to oneself.

Herr Grimm

Die Hard  

obscure black metal zine handwritten and artistically rendered by herrGrimm. Interviews with individuals from: Anguished, Beastcraft, Wolven...

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