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Sonus Latin for Sound A form finding exercise focusing on a cocktail set geared toward the professional/young professional crowd. The name derives from the Latin word for noise

{Benchmarks{ Many products on the market, many with the similar form and shape, extolling function over form.

{ Inspiration{ Inspiration grew from Artificial life, Organic shapes, everyday objects and hints of biomimicry. The cocktail set has remained almost the same for so many years so it has to keep its roots yet still give it a modern and recognizable twist.

Varying shapes and form to create a new way to use the shaker while still making it Functional

The Jigger began in the standard shape and quickly was reformed to find a new use scenario

The handle of the opener was emphasized as a more sculptural object while still maintaining ergonomics


Foam models to test ergonomics, test shape theory as well as proportions.

The concept serves several functions while still maintaining a new look. The top of the shaker can be removed form the bottom creating a jigger of itself. The shaker and jigger are clear so its use is emphasised as well as visual pleasure. The materials express the product making it as much an object of beauty besides just function


Re-imaging the classic Cocktail Set