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l채xor, swedish for homework,is a lap desk meant to be used in a bedroom type setting.

Today while many consumers work or study at a desk, many choose to work either in bed or in a more relaxed position.

Technology has allowed us to work anywhere and everywhere, freeing us from having to stay at a desk

Most portable desks are bulky, cumbersome or look very uniform and blase. Typical portable desks are rarely used for their initial intention or are used once and then never used again Ideas were explored to find a shape and function that could be used multiple and be recycled for new purposes when not used as a desk.

l채xor is adjustable tilt to all angles The inner tray is removable to allow for quick transportation as reduce possible damage to the laptop body.

The two ends can slide apart to fit a large 17’ laptop or slide completely together to fit a 13’ or a tablet.


A new and different type of laptop table