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Story and illustrations by Jacobo Arcila Duque 2018

Under the shadow of a million buildings, in the biggest and busiest city in the universe, live The Kid and his grandpa, The Professor.

A quiet boy and a messy inventor that is famous for experimenting with stranger and impredictable things.

Joined by Dot, a friendly winged robot created by The Professor, that has the ability to change its form to help them in any kind of situations, the three of them live happy and totally carefree.

One day, The Kid helps his grandpa to create his latest experiment: The Time Crystal.

A powerful artifact that allows his carrier to break the laws of time and space to travel to any dimension.

However, before the Professor could test his new invention in the inter-dimensional machine, a portal opens in the middle of the lab.

‘Well, I see you made it. Now give me the crystal before I get angry.’ Says, calmly, The Lord: a big and mysterious man with a loud and deep voice, while coming out of the portal.

‘I do not know who you are, but I am never going to give you this one or any of my inventions!’

Yells The Professor with stenght.

Meanwhile, The Kid, alongside Dot, attacks fearlessly the unknown villain.

The lord uses his sceptre to defend himself from the attack.

But the power of the collision generates a big explosion in the middle of the lab.

The expansive wave pushes The Kid and Dot inside the inter-dimensional machine. The device activates itself and starts to execute a travel to another universe.

The explosion impact is so heavy that the time crystal shatters into five pieces, making the machine wander in the inter - dimensional space with our two heroes inside..

Here starts the marvelous adventures of “The Kid between dimensions�.

The Kid Between Dimensions  

Jacobo Arcila Duque

The Kid Between Dimensions  

Jacobo Arcila Duque