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Volume One

Issue 5


May 2013

Newsletter of the Eastern Hancock Volleyball Program

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES....... Seniors lead EH Volleyball Program to New Heights! Good Luck Ladies in all of your future endeavors.

This Issue of the Royal Roar is dedicated to the six SENIORS who lead this team to an historic season. Thank You all for your dedication, hard work and perseverance. We asked each one to share with us: • A little about their playing history • A favorite memory • Future plans • Advice for future players Thank You to their parents and family members who also dedicated so much time to the Eastern Hancock Volleyball Program. We wish all of our Seniors a lifetime of success!




Rebekah Dickmander and Emily Jeffries EMILY: I started playing volleyball when I was in the fourth grade. I continued to play club volleyball up until seventh grade when I was old enough to play on the school team. Of course my favorite senior memory was winning sectionals for the first time and making it all the way to semi state. It the most unbelievable experience!! After graduation, I plan to attend Ball Sate University to major in Nursing. My advice to future players, is to enjoy the season while you're still in high school. Don't let all the seriousness of the game get to your head. Stay competitive, yet have fun at the same time.

as a player year to year. My senior year has been one of the hardest years, and volleyball was no exception; we worked harder than ever before because we wanted to make the most out of our last year, and it payed off. Ending my volleyball career with such a successful year was amazing. We made history and started getting the interest of our fans. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my career. My favorite memory was seeing all the fans at the end of the season. I've never had a cheer block before for our games, and all the support made it so much more fun. We would draw energy from them which helped us to stay up. I hope, for the sake of the rest of the volleyball players coming up, that they continue to see the support from everyone, because it means so much. After graduation, I plan on attending Hanover College in the fall to study Biology and Chemistry, with a pre med focus.

REBEKAH: I stated volleyball back in third grade, at Zion Lutheran Elementary School, near Doe Creek. My older sisters were involved with it, so I wanted to join as well. I took a couple years off when I moved to Texas, because my Always believe in yourself; don't let other people tell you school did not have sports. When I moved to Eastern that you can't do something, because you can if you set Hancock in 7th grade, I gladly got involved again and grew your mind to it.




Tori Bednarski and Lytia Vanderpool TORI: I started playing in third or fourth grade, back when we had club volleyball at the school. I have played ever since, and I have loved every moment I spent on a court. Of course my all-time favorite memory was making it to semi-state. The feeling is explainable. The rush was so intense, and even though we lost the experience was unlike anything I have ever been through. I am attending Ivy Tech to major in respiratory care. Always stay positive, always work hard. I had no idea walking into the first practice that I was working for a regional title. Work as hard as you would if your first game is going to be sectional championship. You have to always work HARD! No matter what is going on in your personal life leave it at the gym door when you walk on to the court, you can pick it back up when you leave practice.

LYTIA: I started playing volleyball in 2005, my fifth grade year. I started playing club volleyball, and in sixth grade I started playing volleyball for the school. I played 7 consecutive years of volleyball up until my senior year. My favorite memory from my senior year of EH volleyball was winning the sectional championship, winning regionals, and having the chance to play in semi-state and make history for Eastern Hancock. After graduation, I will be attending Indiana University to major in Biology and study pre-med. My advice to future volleyball players would be: no matter how many losses you encounter and no matter how challenging it all may seem at times, if you believe that you can win and have a positive attitude, good things will happen.



FRANNIE Jordian Eastes and Frannie Stephenson JORDIAN: I started playing at age 11 for the Greenfield club team before I went to Team indiana for 12s. My favorite memory was winning sectionals and regionals and sharing the experience with the group I got to. I am going to Ball State and majoring in athletic training. I also plan on playing for Ball State's club team. I would say to just stick with it. Success comes to those who work hard and are committed to getting better. FRANNIE: I began playing volleyball when I was 10 years old. My first year, I played at Indy Juniors Volleyball Club, then played at Team Indiana when I was 11 and 12. I took my 13's season off, and came back for 14's, this time at Circle City. I played at Circle for my 14's, 15's, and 16's seasons. My final club season was at Munciana last year. I played school volleyball from 6th grade, until last year, when I took a season off, and then I came back this year. Throughout the years I have been a part of strong, successful teams,

winning tournaments left and right, collecting medals. Last club season, for example, my team won the Bluegrass PreQualifier down in Louisville, Kentucky. Overall, I have had an exciting and eventful career that I hope will continue into college. My favorite memory from my senior season was probably winning Regionals. The feeling of accomplishment and the excitement of it all was unreal. I just remember when we scored that game-winning point and the crowd went insane. We made history that night, and that is something I don't think any of us will forget. I plan to attend Marian University to study Sports Performance. Keep working hard. You don't have to be the most skilled player out there, but if you try hard and put out the effort, you WILL win. Effort beats talent anytime. If you're not out there working hard, there will always be someone out there who is. Work hard and play hard, but don't forget to have fun.


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General  Info Natalie  Fansher  and  Kevin  Adams  will   oversee  the  Open  Gym/Conditioning     Program  until  a  Head  Coach  has  been   selected. July  Activities  will  be  announced  once   the  Head  Coach  has  been  hired. Moratorium  Week:    July  1-­‐5 First  IHSAA  Practice  Date:  Aug.  5th




Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm HS  Gym 10 Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm ELEM  Gym 17 Open  Gym 3-­‐4:45pm MS  Gym 24 Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm MS  Gym




Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm MS  Gym 12 Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm ELEM  Gym 19

Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm MS  Gym 13 Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm ELEM  Gym 20

Open  Gym 5-­‐7pm ELEM  Gym 26 Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm MS  Gym

Open  Gym 6-­‐8-­‐4pm ELEM  Gym 27 Open  Gym 2-­‐4pm MS  Gym








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SENIOR CONTRIBUTORS: Tori Bednarski Rebekah Dickmander Jordian Eastes Emily Jeffries Frannie Stephenson Lytia Vanderpool PICTURES: Thanks to Mrs. Wallace and the Publications Staff for use of their pictures!

June  Open  Gyms/Workouts  are   for  girls  entering  grades  7-­‐12   this  Fall. Some  of  the  workouts  will  have   an  overlap  hour  with  Girls   Basketball  and  focus  on   General  Conditioning  for   athletes  from  both  sports. During  the  week  of  June  3rd-­‐ June  7th,  Girls  BBall  players  will   be  released  at  3pm  to  attend   their  team  camp. Consider  attending  an   individual  skills  camp  at  Ball   State,  Purdue,  Munciana  or   Team  Indiana  this  summer!  (If   you  need  help  finding  info  ask  a   coach)

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