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To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for your interest in becoming an independent sales consultant with!! This is an AWESOME opportunity because not only do we do all the personal shopping for you, but we also maintain the inventory AND take care of the shipments to your customers!! What a way to make EXTRA MONEY by selling the things you love without even leaving the comfort of your own home?!?! Here’s how it works!! Each independent sales consultant will be assigned to their own log in where they have EXCLUSIVE access to pricing that ordinary users cannot see. You simply share items with your friends and family, show them how to order and earn up to 20% referral commission when they complete the transaction. Upon receipt of the order(s), we will process and ship the item accordingly. What you sell, is what you sell!! Your efforts determine how much and how frequently you get paid!! independent sales reps will also have access to their own customizable fliers along with an order sheet for off-line orders and an EXCLUSIVE coupon code to offer. Qualified independent sales reps, known as IC Platinum Members, will even have a replicated website to post and sale from. As an added BONUS, the IC Platinum Members will have access to our LIVE CHAT system which will enable you to speak to interested customers while they browse the website. With over 1000+ visitors a day, IC Platinum Members will certainly be in position to increase their sales. That's not all!! To get started, please visit and register your FREE account!! Once you have completed your registration, you will need to click the PayPal buttons below to pay a one-time, NONREFUNDABLE, $14.99, $24.99 or $99 administrative fee to UPGRADE your account membership. The $14.99 covers what is known as the IC Silver Membership fee where you will save/earn 10% OFF each purchase. The $24.99 covers what is known as the IC Gold Membership fee where you will save/earn 20% OFF each purchase. The $99 covers what is known as the IC Platinum Membership fee where you will save/earn 20% OFF your purchases + BONUSES!! Fair enough, right?!?! Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent an agreement to sign and e-mail back to Within 24-48 hours, your appropriate IC Membership account will be activated. At that point, you will be able to log in and see the completely different set of prices and more!! If you opt in for the IC Platinum Membership, you will be sent a link to set up your replicated website. That’s it!! Easy enough, right?!? What's the catch?? In all fairness and effort to prevent excessive saturation, WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING A LIMITED NUMBER OF SALES REPS IN EACH STATE!! Will you have your chance to be one? Hope so!! We look forward to doing business with you!! It’s a #herpanachedotcom thing!


Shareha Adriann 1|Page IC Members = Work From Home Moms would like to extend an opportunity for mothers and others to work from home while selling some of their FAVORITE items like...