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CAMBODIA “You can’t Claim Heaven as your own— if you are just going to sit under it.”


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A brief history Cambodia came under Khmer rule in the year 600. The Khmers were Hindus who built a magnificent temple complex at Angkor. Buddhism was peacefully introduced in the 12th century.

For over two decades, the Khmer Rouge abolished money, shattered families, destroyed the school system, shut down the restoration of Angkor, and prohibited all religious practices.

Despite the incredible network of temples and a million residents, Angkor was abandoned in the mid-1400s in favor of the more secure Phnom Penh. A French naturalist rediscovered the totally overgrown area in 1860.

National democratic elections were held in 1998. Ninety percent of the Cambodians cast their votes. Today Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy. King Sihanouk’s tasks are mainly ceremonial. The government is headed by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

In 1975, the region was overtaken by a communist movement known as the Khmer Rouge. Their leader, Pol Pot, ordered the massacre of between one and two million people on the “killing fields” of Cambodia. Pol Pot was ousted by Vietnamese forces in 1979. He died in 1998.

“For news of the heart ask the face.” This Cambodian proverb seems timeless, as the following pages depict the faces of Siem Reap,

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