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La Femme Nicole

Paris Noir 1

Chapter One Nicole is an unfulfilled American housewife who is swept up in the romance and eroticism of Paris by a man who is not quite as he appears. For Kincaid is an elite undercover operative of one of France's most secretive of spy agencies who is tasked by his agency and sent on a never ending mission to steal as much information as he can from the world's leading technological companies, by all possible means. In this first book, La Femme Nicole- Paris Noir, we are witness as the young and beautiful Nicole Hudson is sexually liberated from her stifled marriage, seduced by the new man who unleashes her wild erotic side, all of which leads her becoming a trained operative of Kincaid's, known simply by her French code name “La Femme.” The setting for this opening tale of sex, intrigue, decadence, adventure, romance, and love is the dark and noir high-tech world of Paris during the second decade of the 21st Century. It was a warm sunny day as Kincaid sat at his computer at the café overlooking the same French naval yard where he had first left for the shores to fight for his homeland during the Persian Gulf War, nearly 30 years prior. The memories of that time were short-lived though as he sat at the café alone that Sunday afternoon, and watched the new generation of stealth corvettes head out to join the German navy in their stand off with the Americans of the shores of Germania, the newly formed neo-Nazi dictatorship in what was the southwest African nation of Namibia. Despite the looming threat of war between the former NATO allies, Kincaid's mind was buried in the past, as he surfed the wireless Internet, via a wi-fi connection on his old Sony Vaio, and thought of his former lover Reiko, the woman, just a few years prior, off the shores of Bermuda, he had been forced to sacrifice deep below the ocean surface. After he entered the Internet forum that was devoted to the subject of French culture, he browsed around the recent posts, using his online alias of The Global Soul, he spotted a message from a user with the handle of La Femme Nicole, who introduced herself to the group and gave as much of a life story as one can give in four sentences. According to Nicole’s post, she was a 25-year-old housewife living with her husband of seven years in the suburbs of Chicago, where her husband worked as the chief computer scientist at Motorola's military technology division. Nicole said that she was hopefully going to visit Paris someday, with her mother or a friend, since her husband had a terrible phobia of flying, and that she hoped a real Parisian could tell her more about the City of Lights. Had Kincaid not been at that exact spot in Marseilles at that particular moment in time, and in the mood he was in, he would have never even had entered the forum nor seen the young woman's introductory post. Had it not been for the fact that she had claimed that her husband was a high level employee at Motorola, he would have never considered answering the American woman's query, but as fate would have it, he did. For you see, Kincaid had recently been tasked, by his agency, with exploring the vulnerability of American and Japanese companies with significant military technology contracts, of which Motorola was on the top of a very short list. As he sipped his Heineken, and watched as the aircraft carrier, Napoleon, slipped out of the bay onward to the ensuing confrontation off the shores of Walvis Bay, Kincaid began to think of how to reply, all the while studying the supple body of the young dark haired Japanese waitress. Upon the departure of the waitress, Kincaid began to type:


Madame Nicole, Please all me to introduce myself my name is Deckard Kincaid, but my friends simply call me Kincaid and I live and work in Paris. I am a civil servant and single. I would love to chat with you and tell you more about my fair city. Kincaid From that letter on Kincaid and Nicole exchanged e-mail and chatted, via instant messaging, at least once or twice a week, but as time went on, and they each began to reveal more of themselves, the conversations and subjects went from being safe, to those that one can only share with a stranger. Their conversations often went on for hours as they described in detail their deepest and darkest fantasies, as well as their own dirty secrets. As they chatted and e-mailed Nicole became more and more infatuated with the thought and fantasy of going to Paris, taking a lover, and leaving what she felt was a boring existence that had little of the adventure and passion she craved or had been promised by her husband, Barry, on the night they were engaged. For Nicole, her world and her future had changed completely, when, on a Sunday morning, she saw in her e-mail box an attachment that simply was titled, “kincaid.jpg,â€? with a return address of As Nicole studied the image, she could not help but say to herself, "Is this picture really him? It couldn't be, could it?" For, as Nicole looked into the hauntingly familiar eyes of the man who appeared to be an older version of her lost soul mate, the one who broke her heart at the age of 19, she felt in her heart the burning ember of sexual inhibition that she had long ago thought that she would never feel, or want to experience, again‌ Nine months later, as Nicole walked off the plane, nearly ten hours after her Air France flight had left Chicago, she still could not believe that she was going through with what had just been a mere suggestion five days ago. It was only at her husband's urging that she had summoned the courage to not only fly, by herself, to a foreign country, but also put herself completely in the hands of what had been, until the day her plane ticket arrived in the mail, just a fantasy man who she never thought that she would actually meet. The day before she left, Nicole's husband had told her, during a moment of jealous rage, that she was crazy to travel alone to Paris to meet a man she had met online. It was this argument, in which Nicole unloaded all of her complaints, threatened her husband with divorce if she tried to stand in her way of meeting Kincaid. Faced with the realization that she meant what she said, he backed down and apologized. According to her husband's cell mate, whom Nicole's husband had befriended as he awaited sentencing hearing on charges of distributing child pornography, Nicole had written to him that the moment that he had replied to her first message, she felt there was an instant spark between them. As Nicole's husband further explained to his cell mate, Kincaid was from France, and that when his wife found out that he lived in Paris she almost didn't believe him, until, as her letter to him in jail said, "The day he sent me a picture of him at the top of the Eiffel Tower over looking the beautiful Champs de Mars and the majestic 'City of Lights' beyond. The picture was taken on a sunny day; his face was tanned, rugged, as the sun lit up his dark blond hair and blue-green eyes. It was a face that I knew that I had seen somewhere before, before I was married, but it could not be him, it just wasn't possible!


Upon seeing him, my pussy became moist as I gazed into his eyes and wondered what it must be like to make love to him and once again have my heart was captured by this all to familiar face. His rugged good looks reminded me, hauntingly; of that man I once knew and so deeply loved in my first and only year of college, which, because of the pain of our separation, even today I still cannot bear to write or speak his name. He was a man in every sense of the word. He was a dreamer, poet, writer, and very much a cowboy who I am sure now travels the world looking for whatever it was that he had never found growing up at home. The last I heard of him, a mutual friend had said that the last she heard was that, 'He was somewhere over China, and from what I heard he left a note that simply said he'd be home when he got back.' Yet, as I looked at Kincaid's picture, I wondered if the man whom she was staring at was the Parisian reincarnation of the one whom I had loved and lusted after so much, and who caused me so much heartbreak and pain so many years ago." From that day on, according to her husband, Kincaid and Nicole chatted online almost everyday, meeting in the same room at the same time. She said to her husband, that, “when we first chatted in a private room he was so kind and sweet,� saying things that quickly had her panties very wet. Nicole told her husband though that she had made it very clear to Kincaid that she believed that she was happily married, and that she and her husband, Barry, had recently, upon his urging, had begun talking about opening their marriage up to new sexual possibilities. For Kincaid it was because of this information, and the fact that she had revealed so many unfulfilled sexual desires, that he set about continuing their online courtship, for both his own personal and professional ends. However, throughout their online courtship, Kincaid was a true gentleman and didn't push her in any way, and he had made it clear to Nicole that he did not want to cause any problems in her marriage. Finally, after nine months of chatting online and exchanging daily multiple regular, and often times erotic innuendo filled e-mails, she thought that she was ready to actually let Kincaid call her on her cellular phone. For the next week, after many e-mails regarding when to speak, they finally made a date for 8:00 a.m., her time, on a beautiful Sunday morning, when she would be out on her front porch swing. Nicole’s husband wanted to be next to her so that he could listen in; however, for at least the first call, she decided that she would be less nervous if she were alone with no distractions. That evening, even after a surprisingly passionate and romantic night of early love making with Barry, during which they tried several of the basic techniques of tantric sex that Kincaid had suggested, Nicole could not help but feel restless, as she faded in and out of sleep dreaming about being with Kincaid, and living an adventure, in the city that was known for it's culture, music, history, romance and erotic flair. The dreams, when they finally did arrive, centered on her and Kincaid, and the fantasy life she had built in her mind. Her dreams were all about living the romantic and erotic life in Paris with this man of mystery whom she felt was so different than any other she had ever known. Finally, at about 6:00 a.m., just as the sun was peeking up over the horizon, Nicole gave up on her rest, climbed out of bed, and went to make coffee. On the other side of the Atlantic, Kincaid had just arrived home to his flat. He had spent the entire morning walking the streets of Paris and walking up and down the Seine, after an all night love making session with his African maid, Monique, all in an effort to calm himself down before he called Nicole. 4

The final two hours passed ever so slowly for both of them, as the minutes seemed like hours, and finally, when the anointed time came, Kincaid's hands trembled like a nervous young boy, as he picked up the phone and dialed the number that Nicole had given him. For even though Kincaid was nervous and felt his feelings for this woman grow, he knew that he had to maintain his composure and never let on his true motives for seducing this lovely woman. In their beginning chats online, which of course was by pure chance, Kincaid coaxed out of Nicole more information about her husband's work at the Motorola Corporation, and it was because of this fact that Kincaid had been ordered to maintain their online courtship by the men in power who signed his paychecks. Kincaid was assigned to by the French General Directorate of External Security (DGSE) where he was paid a king's ransom for being the agency's top economic espionage operative. During his long tenure with the DGSE, he had been directly responsible for the theft of billions of Euros worth of industrial and technological designs that now made certain French companies world leaders in the fields of computers and cheap high tech military weaponry. Despite his orders to remain on the case, after about two months of innuendo filled polite chatting and some suggestive e-mails, Kincaid had already become infatuated with Nicole and knew that he had to find out more about this lovely woman, whom he knew only from her words and the image of her that he had hacked out of the Illinois Secretary of State's master computer. The first time he saw her picture he knew he had to have her. Her recent photograph and petite measurements made it very clear to not just Kincaid, but also his faithful partner, Luc, and his personal assistant, Maurice, that Nicole was a more attractive woman than she had honestly given herself credit for during their chats online and in their e-mail correspondence. The more time went on, and their chats and e-mails became more personal and romantic, Kincaid became more and more aware of the troubles in Nicole’s own marriage. It was clear to Kincaid, and to others who knew Nicole well, that she married and settled down much to early in life. Seven years into her marriage, which at best she could describe as “comfortable but passionless,” she had begun to search for an emotional escape from Barry, despite his recent suggestions in opening up their marriage to new partners. She found that emotional escape valve in her computer and CyberNation account. Barry now made enough money at Motorola so that Nicole was able to escape her office job which she had held since she was 18. She was reluctant to leave her friends, but Barry pushed the idea, partly because he did not like the fact that her friends had told Nicole not to marry Barry and for her to chase down and find that man she had loved so passionately when she was a wild 19 year old. Eventually Barry’s pressure for her to quit overwhelmed her, and she left; however, a part of her hated him because, in essence, she felt like he had succeeded in breaking her independent and rebellious ways, and she was now dependent upon him for everything, from sex, food, money, and nearly everything else. That is why she loved the computer, as well as her journals, all of which she had locked away, in her trunk in the closet. It was in those handwritten journals that Nicole had written her most erotic thoughts, none of which she had ever revealed to Barry, for she was afraid that he would try to use them against her one day, despite his desire to expand their sexual horizons. For Nicole and Barry, as the years of their marriage went by, the thought of having children was just that, a mere thought. For Barry, the subject of sex was one that only interested him if it involved watching porn, and then, and only then was he able to become excited enough to sleep with Nicole. Nicole wanted much more out of her love and sex life, as she wrote in her journals, than Barry was willing and able to give or even express an interest in. Now that she was married and lived in a big house with few friends to spend time with, the opportunities for a safe sexually fulfilling affair seemed remote. There was only one dangerous and forbidden subject that even piqued the interest of Barry when it came to sex, that was the subject of an 5

“indecent proposal.” The idea came from Barry’s second favorite Demi Moore movie, whom he always thought that Nicole, in many ways resembled. Barry’s other favorite Demi Moore movie was were 'Striptease' and 'Disclosure,' with the first one being known for her boobs, while the other one Barry loved for the computers. Finally, as for romance, in Nicole’s mind there was none, neither in the months before or since they had married. For Kincaid, the opportunity to know more about Nicole came over the course of that Christmas and New Year, as Nicole and Barry traveled for two weeks to spend the holidays with his mother in Arizona. According to the airline reservation system, which Kincaid easily hacked into from his part time lover Katya's beach house on the Riviera, Nicole and her husband had purchased non- refundable tickets. With this knowledge securely in hand, Kincaid went about planning his trip to Chicago for the same time period so that he could learn much more about this angelic woman and somehow find a way to convince her to come to Paris and see what an adventurous life she could live, if only she could sample such an experience first hand. In the weeks that led to his departure for Chicago, Kincaid called in all the resources he had at his disposal to plan his trip and get inside the Hudson home. Kincaid was able to access a large number of commercial and classified French spy satellite imagery photographs to see just exactly where the Hudson house was, and what the layout of the neighborhood was. The French had taken such photographs of the area, as Nicole and Barry had bought a large mansion less than two miles from the sprawling Motorola corporate campus. Kincaid then accessed a number of U.S. government databases that gave him information as to both Nicole’s and Barry’s social security numbers. With these numbers, Kincaid knew, he had full access to most, if not all, of the information he would need to help him both get the girl, while at the same time infiltrate Motorola and gain access to their most profitable secrets. At the same time Nicole and Barry’s plane lifted off from Chicago en route to Chicago, there arrived, on board the regular Air Canada flight from Montreal, via Paris, a Frenchman who went by the name of Pierre P. LePue, from Cherbourg. The trip to Chicago had not been Kincaid's first, but it had definitely been more than a year. For the first 24 hours after his arrival, Kincaid surveyed the area around the Hudson home, which was protected by Brinks Security system. The Brinks Company was by far the easiest of the home security companies in America to hack into, and by the next morning all of the home's shields light timers had been taken down and off-line. All one now had to do was walk up to any door and turn the knob and enter the empty domicile. The reason for this was simple, Barry wanted to have a showcase smart home, but he never really thought about the fact that someone could hack into his Brinks account and simply turn off the magnetic locks, none of which had a manual override, but then again neither did the people at Brinks who designed the system. That night, as everyone in the neighborhood headed out to parties or Christmas Eve mass, Kincaid slipped into the neighborhood, on foot, through the forest preserve and walked up and in to the Hudson home. Once inside, Kincaid took out his laptop, dialed into the Brinks computer system and put back online the Hudson's light timers, so that at 5:00 p.m., all of the lights in the house slowly began to turn randomly turn on, room by room, so that on the outside it appeared that someone was at home celebrating the holiday. Once the lights were on, Kincaid did his best to avoid to avoid walking by any windows in the front of the house. Fortunately for him Nicole and Barry’s computers were in the basement office, while Nicole’s journals were in locked in her night stand and her trunks at the foot of the bed, along with several erotic novels, including 'Emmanuelle', and 'The Story of O' . Since Kincaid's trip was being paid for by the French government, he thought it best to focus on the person whom justified the travel expenditures, Barry. Barry’s office was much like that of Kincaid's, cluttered with computers and peripherals; however, the information he sought was on Barry’s Simtec 6

desktop computer. Kincaid sat down at the machine and booted it up. While the machine went through its start up routine, Kincaid fished out of his backpack his laptop, as well as his CD of hacking tools and password breaking programs, and a Subway sandwich and bottle of Evian, for Kincaid refused to drink American water. The décor of the office was very plain, and if his choice of furnishings was any indication, unless it was a book devoted to computer programming languages, Barry likely had never, as Kincaid's favorite singer wrote and sang, “read dozens of books about heroes and crooks.” While Kincaid was very patriotic, and worried about American domination in the fields of computers and advanced weaponry, he could not help but admire American authors, singers and song writers, especially those like Hemingway, Buffett, and Waller. It did not take long for Kincaid to figure out how to get into Barry’s Motorola account, since like every typical computer programmer, he wrote down his passwords on a notepad next to mouse pad. For the next four hours Kincaid completely filled each of the 50 DVDs disks up with all of the information that they could hold. However, this information that Kincaid now safely stored away in his bag, and which he would then make backup copies later and then FedEx back to Paris, was only the tip of the iceberg. As he monitored the information downloads Kincaid explored the contents of Barry’s office, which in Kincaid's mind screamed out that Barry loved his machines as much, if not more, than his wife. Kincaid sensed that the responsibilities of Barry’s job, and his career goals, had somehow over the years had caused him to neglect his wife's needs. It was also apparent that Barry was a bit of a materialistic neat and control freak as Kincaid went through Barry’s financial records and saved to a CD, all of the bank information he would need to launch the next part of his plan in separating Nicole from Barry. At about 11 p.m., Kincaid had finished his mission of downloading all the needed information from Motorola's computers. On the disks were all the company secrets, including the master passwords, which Kincaid planned on using to infiltrate Motorola, as well as blackmail Barry, should he refuse to comply with the 'indecent proposal' that would soon be offered to him. Kincaid then turned off the computer and closed the door. Two weeks later, when Barry returned home he would miss the message on his computer, as he turned to watch the winning field goal of the Rose Bowl, which said that he last logged onto the Motorola system at 5:15 p.m. on 12/24/19. For the next two weeks, every night, after night had fallen, Kincaid continued his trips to the Hudson house as he read and copied, via a compact digital scanner, not just Nicole’s current journal, but the most lurid parts of her other past journal volumes which had been written since she was 18 years old. In all Nicole’s thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams, and fantasies covered 20 leather bound volumes. For Kincaid, he would have to read and work fast if he were to truly know and understand this woman whom he had come to love and whom he wanted to possess for his own. As he read through Nicole’s diaries he saw that this woman was exactly the type of woman he could love, and who could also, at the same time, fulfill his own sexually daring, voyeuristic, and sadistic fantasies. The diary entries about her sexual desires made even a man like Kincaid, a man whose sexual exploits in the field of international espionage, blush like a school girl. Several times, as he read, he had gotten so worked up reading about Nicole’s fantasies that he had to jerk himself off just so he could keep reading with a coherent mind. In her diaries were erotic stories and dreams of rapes, voyeurism, exhibitionism, romantic encounters, threesomes, kidnappings, gang bangs, dark alleyway encounters, lesbian love, submission, anal sex, butt plugs, dildos, bestiality, doctor visits, bondage, asphyxiation, sex with robots, etc… Most of the tales and dreams of lust were all written well after the advent of the Internet, but when Kincaid ran a system scan on her own computer; he found no traces of porn on the system. Yet, on her husband's system there was a long trail of web sites that catered to the male voyeur, such as those that 7

had hidden web cameras in teenage female locker rooms. As Kincaid rechecked Barry’s system, he planted, on the computer, a Trojan horse, which when it was activated, would download Motorola's computer secret defense research and send it to a special FBI e-mail account. For Kincaid, this was his true ace in the hole, and it was also one that he would activate, but only if Barry refused to accept and go along with his indecent proposal. Several days later, by the time he had completed reading her last journal, which it turned out was the first one she had wrote, which described her brief affair with a man whom Kincaid thought he himself might have met some years ago when he was traveling through Iowa to visit John Wayne’s hometown of Winterset, he felt that he knew better than her husband exactly what kind of woman Nicole was, and more importantly the kind of woman she wanted to be. The kind of woman Nicole wanted to be, and the type of man she wanted to have, were completely opposite from the reality that Kincaid now found himself investigating as he set about looking at her clothes and taking notes as to her shoe and dress sizes. It was readily apparent to Kincaid that Nicole was an X rated version of the character Francesca in the book The Bridges of Madison County, a book she had never heard of until he had suggested it to her early on during their online courtship. It was the same book that Barry had commented on one night as being a trashy married woman's fantasy. His comments on the movie, according to a message Nicole sent to Kincaid one night, were even worse. However, it was pure coincidence that Kincaid had the same name as the cowboy hero of the book, but he felt it was a prophetic book for him. Kincaid envisioned himself as the cyberpunk computer cowboy version of Robert Kincaid, but he left the cowboy look to his best friend Luc. Kincaid's look bordered on the cyberpunk military edge. For Kincaid most of his wardrobe consisted of trench coats, conservative suits, and dark clothes, all of which were practical choices in the world of industrial, high-tech, and computer espionage. The last thing that Kincaid did, on that final night in the Hudson home, just hours before Nicole and Barry’s return, was to look at their family and wedding photographs, just so he could see more of the woman whom he hoped would someday be his in Paris. The wedding pictures of Nicole were beautiful, as were all of the pictures of her. Kincaid desperately wanted to take one for himself as a souvenir, but he knew that if she ever found it, that all his work and planning to obtain the love of his life he had been so desperately seeking, would cause his entire world to crash down. Hours later at the airport, as he waited for his delayed flight to Montreal to depart, Kincaid stayed hidden behind a pair of sun glasses. It was obvious, from the look on her face, that she had not enjoyed the trip. As she unknowingly passed him, just inches away, Kincaid took off his sunglasses and watched her tight ass, in designer jeans, walk slowly out of her reach. “So close, yet so far,” Kincaid thought to himself as he grabbed his backpack to head to the gate where his Pan Am-Air Canada flight would soon be taking off and sending him to another dangerous assignment, somewhere on the far side of the world. Several months later, in that same quiet Chicago suburb, Nicole was sitting on the back porch watching the birds feed and play when the phone rang. She thought about not answering it, but only for an instant; as her desire for pleasure outweighed her fear and apprehension. She walked hastily to the living room sat on her sofa, her shaking legs barely able to support her, and picked up her cellular phone. "Hello." She said softly, trying to hide her anxiety, her voice almost betraying her. "Good morning Mon Amour. How is my darling this day?" Kincaid asked with a smile in his voice although his heart was also pounding in his chest and he too was shaking all over, for he too had been thinking and dreaming of this moment for quite a long time. 8

"Wonderful, and you?" she answered. "Tre bien, and even better now that I hear you", as he reminded himself of the answer he always used when they chatted, hoping this would help both of them to relax a little. "I was so excited knowing that I was going to talk to you that I barely slept last night, and today I walked all over the streets of Paris just to calm and steady my nerves," he said. "I'm so happy to hear your voice after all those long chats we have had." "You know what sweetie?" Nicole asked. "What my dear?" Kincaid responded "I just love your voice... you have just the sexiest voice I've ever heard." As she said those words her husband, who was listening from the kitchen, heard clearly the desire in Nicole’s voice. "Thank you.... yours is not bad either". He laughingly answered in his husky and throaty French accent. Both of them, hearing each other, soon began to think about the hot cyber love sessions they had in the chat rooms, and could now put a voice on the words they've been reading for so long. The mix of the voice with the sexy thoughts, that they both were having, was slowly starting to turn them on as the conversation began to quickly become more serious and to the point. "You know sweetheart I've been thinking of you every minute of the day these last months. I think I'm addicted to you," he admitted. Nicole felt her hands start to shake after hearing his admission. She had been thinking the same about him and wanted to desperately tell him so. Yet, before she could form those words, as she listened to his sexy voice softly talking in her ear, her free hand slid down her stomach toward her throbbing clit. As Nicole’s breathing started to change Kincaid noticed the sudden shift in her breathing pattern. As Kincaid listened to Nicole’s desire build, his imagination begins to run wild, thinking of all the things she might be doing. However, Kincaid was still afraid to ask, despite his desire to know; for he didn't want to rush her or scare her, so, as all Frenchmen are won't to do, he began to start her off slow. His voice was soft and hardly heard when he asked, "What are you wearing this morning my dear?" Nicole's voice was full of the desire when she told her soon to be lover that she was wearing her sheer white satin and silk robe. "Nothing else my sweet?" He asked. Lost in her rising passion she nodded “no” first, but then realized that what she needed to do was actually speak and tell him. A soft "no" was her only response. Sensing her shyness, Kincaid then took control of the conversation and told her not to speak, but just to do exactly what he said. He knew this would turn her on even more and hoped that it would also relax a bit. "Sit comfortably, close your eyes and just let my voice guide you, My Love,” He said in a whispering tone. Following his orders, she settled more cozily into her outdoor chair, closing her eyes, letting his voice guide her hands and mind. Yet, even before he had said anything, she was already turned on and her body was on fire.


"Spread your legs wide and let your hands roam over your wonderful body" he said "caress your tits and pinch your nipples." As her legs spread she could feel her juices start to leak along her slit, while her hands went directly to her aching tits, squeezing them over her robe. She could feel her nipples already hard through the light fabric. Then with one hand she removed the strap of it, unveiling one tit, while she sucked in her breath as she felt the cool air over her nipple. She then caressed, cupped, and squeezed her nipple softly, as her breath began to come out faster, as her excitement quickly grew with the imagination that it was his hand touching her. That idea and the pinching of her nipple got her even hotter as she let a light moan escape from her lips. She then pressed the speaker mode button on the cellular phone and let it fall near her so that both of her hands were free to take care of her heated body. Nicole then bared her other breast and began to give it the same treatment, as she continued to let his voice take control over her body. "Let one hand slide over your stomach" Kincaid said in a hoarse voice betraying his desire and arousal. Nicole reluctantly let go one of her tits and slid her hand over her stomach as Kincaid commanded her, "Don't touch your pussy, just caress the inside of your leg scratching the upper part". Nicole’s hand traveled down still, feeling the contact of her pussy hairs on the tip of her finger. However, she resisted the urge to let her hand go directly down her aching pussy so that she could get release from the intense desire that was building inside her. She wanted this feeling to last forever, and the longer Kincaid was going to play with her the more she knew she was going to like it. Nicole was now feeling incredibly safe as his virtual sex toy. Her hand then slowly moved up along the inside of her thigh until she reached the sensitive upper part, at the same time she bit her lower lip in order to refrain another moan, as her nails scratched over her exposed skin, while her other hand still clung to her breasts, so that she could play with both of them at the same time, as he commanded her to, "Let your fingers slide lightly over your slit.” As she followed his order, she felt how soft her bare pussy lips were, and how wet she had become. She couldn't believe how aroused she was even though her pussy hadn't even been touched. "Suck one of these fingers in your mouth as if it was my cock, make it really wet,” Kincaid commanded. As he commanded her, she could hear his breathing becoming harder, and she wondered if he wasn't stroking his cock at the same time he was leading her. At that thought she envisioned him naked in front of her, his cock in his hand, hard for her, ready to make love to her. She wanted to ask him, but at that same instant her hand reached her mouth and she sucked hard on her middle finger and a muffled moan escaped her lips. As she sucked she tasted her sweet tasting nectar. By now there was no coming down from the kinky and euphoric feelings that now coursed through her veins. Kincaid then commanded, "Now I want you to cum for me Nicole." He said, "Get that finger deep inside of you.” Nicole’s hand went directly to her sex, and she plunged her finger inside right away into her aching pussy, at the same time her head jerked backward, as she let out a louder moan "huummmm yessssss," which Kincaid heard quite clearly over the speaker phone. Her moans now gave him even more confidence as he loudly said, "Get two fingers in!!! I want you to finger fuck yourself hard and fast!” Nicole did as Kincaid demanded, and plunged her fingers in and out, and as far and hard as she could so that her hips were bucking up and down to meet her hand. She was practically hyperventilating as she moaned with each thrust, all the while whispering soft words to him. "Yesss baby I wanna cum for you" she said, "I want you Kincaid! Take me! Take me now!" She was 10

starting to lose control; her mind was totally focused on his voice, and her pleasure. Behind her closed eyelids, she was fucking him, seeing their bodies entwined, sweat covered, seeing his hands caressing her, his lips kissing her. "I want your other hand to take care of your clit". She half heard him through her racing mind and moans. But still she followed his voice. Her hand let go of her tits and went directly to her aching and swollen clit, freeing it from its hood, while her fingers rubbed it hard and fast while she kept on finger fucking herself with her other hand. Nicole’s pussy was so wet that it leaked into the palm of her hand and drenched it, as well as deep down the crevice of her ass, as well as the tops of her thighs. Her moans became louder and louder as she was felt a huge climax building in her stomach. She arched her back and her body was thrashed on the sofa wildly, as her unfocused eyes flared open, totally blind to what was around her, still seeing the erotic visions her mind was sending her. Kincaid kept on telling her he wanted her to cum for him and how much he wanted her. Then he started to moan saying he was about to cum too, as Nicole then realized he was masturbating too. This revelation then sent her over the edge as she came in a loud moan almost screaming, her body shaking all over, as her juices flowed to continuously form a little puddle under her bottom on the leather of the couch, while her pussy clenched her fingers. She barely heard Kincaid as he came with her, groaning and whispering her name. She couldn't believe how hard she came. She had been masturbating before but she never had such a climax, and now she was coming back to Earth, with a feeling of exhaustion that made it seem that she had had sex for several hours. "Kincaid?" Nicole whispered breathlessly "Yes darling" answered Kincaid, as his voice betrayed the fact that he also had a hard time recovering from his own powerful climax. "That was wonderful sweetie! You were wonderful. I never had such pleasure masturbating". "You were perfect too, I wish we could have made love together for real". "Me too" she answered with a hint of sorrow in her voice. Slowly they started to talk about each other, little by little discovering, and in many ways rediscovering, each other. Talking was so much more personal than instant messaging. As they talked they shared those feelings that you share with only those people whom you most intimate, until finally after nearly three hours they had to hang up, and then planned on continuing their conversation online, but not before Nicole could discuss with her husband Kincaid's special request. After she had showered and calmed herself down, Nicole, who was still nude after her shower, sat Barry down and told him that Kincaid had offered, and Nicole had accepted, with Barry's approval, to be sent to her an open-ended plane ticket to Paris, for travel to see her online lover, anytime she decided that she wanted to accept his offer to visit him for he termed “the most erotic four weeks” of her life. Yet Nicole’s husband, far from being upset, seemed relatively excited at the prospect of his wife being propositioned, and her acceptance of such a wicked and erotic indecent proposal. Barry had always fantasized about this, but always felt, falsely, that his wife loved and depended upon him to much too ever leave him and their comfortable lifestyle.


Barry’s decision was further solidified by the fact that when he logged on to his own e-mail account, he found a message from Nicole’s mysterious French cyber lover, which, after reading it, with Nicole by his side, had turned Barry on so much that he made love to Nicole with a renewed sense of passion, the energy source of which was Kincaid's 'Indecent Proposal.' A later e-mail, which Barry had received at work, was sent via an anonymous and encrypted remailer, to let him know what Kincaid's plans for his wife were, and that, with his permission, he would broadcast via the Internet, all of her sexual encounters, delivering it to him, via an encrypted web site. A third e-mail was sent that informed Barry that, as a way to back up promise of Nicole’s safety, Kincaid had deposited in Barry's credit union account $250,000 as proof that he could deliver the “goods.” It was after Barry had seen his new bank account balance, and after Nicole had left America, that Kincaid informed Barry that the "goods" he sought, in return for his wife's safety, was his master user name and password to the Motorola intranet, and for him to provide any and all future requests for corporate information that Kincaid put forth. In return Kincaid promised that he would pay Barry a healthy fee, tax free, as well as suitable sexual replacements for his wife during the entire course of her absence, which Barry would later find out was a false promise, for instead of receiving a call girl, after having balked at Kincaid's later demands, after Nicole had embarked on her trip to Paris, Kincaid activated the Trojan horse. 24 hours after the Trojan horse program was unleashed the FBI raided the Hudson home, and found enough child pornography, on Barry's home and work computers, that it would only be a matter of time before Barry began serving a long sentence in a Federal Prison. Weeks later, as Kincaid read the online Chicago Tribune account of the FBI raid on the Hudson home, he sensed that Nicole would never want to return home and wait faithfully, for up to 30 years, for a convicted child pornographer and traitor to her country, which according to news accounts, is exactly what Barry was. According to the indictment that was later filed against him, Barry was accused of trading corporate military secrets to the Russians, in exchange for money, the accusations of which were backed up by the evidence Kincaid had planted on Barry's computer and in his bank account. As for Nicole, Barry claimed to his attorney that it was Kincaid, whom he had never met or even seen, whom had framed him, and stolen both his wife and freedom; however, since there was no evidence to support his claims, his attorney set about trying to strike a plea bargain.


Chapter Two For most men the choice would have been simple, but like Nicole, Barry was less than satisfied with his marriage as he too was longing for something more out of his life. He knew that Nicole was not happy, and he wanted to do anything he could to save what was left of his marriage. Now here before him was the chance to be both rich, and in his mind, show his wife that he truly loved her. In Barry’s heart he felt, when he accepted the offer, of his wife for money, before he was blackmailed, that it may not have been the wisest choice, but it financially was the best choice, they really needed the money now that Motorola was talking once again about layoffs, and his secret gambling debt was beginning to mount. With Kincaid's offer came the chance to fulfill Barry’s voyeuristic sexual fantasies, while at the same time satisfying Nicole’s need for sexual adventure. For Nicole, the opportunity for her to travel to Paris and live out a romantic adventure was what had ultimately led her to decide to pensively board the Air France jumbo jet, for she never knew about the money that now sat in Barry’s savings account, which was what had motivated him to prod Nicole into accepting Kincaid's offer. As Barry watched the plane taxi away he was completely unaware that he would never again hold or make love to his wife again, and that the pact he had now made with the devil, in this case Kincaid, would now, for at least the next few days, force him into complete professional and emotional servitude to the mysterious French man with no last name. As Barry later tearfully explained to Nicole in his letter to her, after he had been arrested by the FBI, “it was the worst decision I ever made in my life.” Nearly eight hours later after taking off, Nicole nervously strolled through the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, the time had come for her and Kincaid to finally meet. Her knees weakened with her desire for Kincaid that had been building ever so incrementally inside her, as each hour brought her closer to knowing that soon she would finally be in the one place she knew she wanted to belong, his arms. Yet she still could not help but feel guilty for leaving Barry, despite his encouragement. Somewhere in her heart she knew that the time was at hand to leave her husband behind as she looked around and sensed just how much of an adventure her time in Paris would turn out to be. Once past customs, Nicole bypassed the baggage claim, as she had only brought a carry on bag, as Kincaid had instructed her. Kincaid had made explicit instructions that she was only to bring what personal hygiene items that she knew that she was going to need for her entire stay in France. Kincaid had informed Nicole that he would provide her with all of the clothes she would need while in Paris, and that the clothes he chose, were the ones she would wear. As Nicole walked through the final customs check point, where she showed the official her American passport, she was shocked to see just how chaotic the airport was. Her flight was rather uneventful, and since she was dressed in just her tight jeans, her old boyfriend's college sweatshirt, and stiletto heels, she quickly realized that she stuck out as an American in the sea of French men and woman that she now found herself lost in. As Nicole strained to find Kincaid, she saw a man dressed in a chauffeur uniform holding up a sign with her name on it. Nicole then walked over to where the man was standing and said “Hi, I'm Nicole. Where is Kincaid?” The chauffeur then responded in his strong French accented English, “Madame, Monsieur Kincaid could not be here as originally planned due to an emergency at the hospital; however, he has given me clear instructions to give you this letter, and for me to drive you to his flat in Paris.” With that said, Nicole followed the chauffeur out of the terminal into the cool October air where a Mercedes Benz limousine was double parked. The chauffeur then opened the door, and let Nicole into the back seat, as he admired her tight denim encased rear. 13

As the limousine left the airport, Nicole leaned back into the leather seat and opened up Kincaid's letter, as the soothing sound of piano jazz played softly in the background. The letter was handwritten, and said:

My Dearest Nicole, I am very sorry for not being able to pick you up at the airport, and I hope you accept my sincere apology. Maurice, who is my personal driver, is taking you to my flat in Paris. I have made sure that when you arrive that my Senegalese housekeeper, Monique, will greet you. By the time you arrive Monique will have prepared everything for you for your entire stay with me, which I assure you will be the most erotic experience of your life. I ask that once you arrive at my flat that you not refuse any request made by Monique, for she has been instructed to help you prepare for our first “encounter.” After your arrival, I would like you to take three hours cleaning up, napping, and then eating the large meal Monique will serve for you, after which I encourage you to explore the area around my flat. At precisely 4 p.m., Maurice will return to the flat and pick you up. Once you are back inside of the limousine, you will be expected to follow every instruction given to you, as it will only enhance the pleasure that you will receive. Kincaid As Nicole read Kincaid's letter, her pussy slowly began soaking her bikini briefs. She was more than a little nervous as to what she had now gotten herself into, but something deep inside of her was forcing herself to move on and submit to this man's charms and ways. The entire flight to Paris was one of high anxiety as she constantly thought of what was to come. She was so worked up that halfway over the Atlantic she locked herself in the lavatory so that she could peel down her jeans and bring herself to a climax, as she bit down on her own wedding and engagement ring to stifle the moans from her finger fucking. Nicole was now feeling just as sexed up as she was on the plane, but thought it wise to focus on the scenery going past her. She soon became lost in the wonderment of the sights of Paris, as Maurice slowly made his way past most of the famous sights, and then headed down the Champs Elyse and passed the Arch de Triumph. Finally they stopped next to the entrance of a large apartment complex that looked like it had been designed by the same person who designed all of the beautiful buildings in Paris. Maurice then opened Nicole’s door as she slid out with her bag and leather coat. Maurice then handed her a key and instructed her that Kincaid's flat was on the top floor, and that once off the elevator she was to proceed to apartment one, which was actually the only apartment on the top floor. Nicole then took the key from the chauffeur, who quickly reminded her that she was expected to be dressed and ready in about six hours. Once on the top floor she stepped off the elevator and proceeded to Kincaid's apartment. Once she unlocked the door she was greeted by Monique, a statuesque and beautiful dark skinned African women, who wore a very traditional and sexy maid's uniform, complete with stiletto heals and white lace panties, which were clearly discernible underneath the lace of the see through dress. Monique greeted Nicole in typical French fashion with a kiss on her cheek, as if they were old friends, and took her hand to lead her to the master bedroom so that she could take a hot shower and bath, which was already prepared, before napping and then having a traditional French breakfast that Monique was in the middle of preparing. Monique, who spoke limited English, and Nicole, who spoke no French, quickly learned that they could carry on a conversation, but that they could only convey the simplest of ideas. Monique then left Nicole to herself as she went back to the kitchen to finish preparing her meal. As the door was closed 14

behind her, Nicole looked around at the cavernous master bedroom, which she quickly realized had no walls, but instead was surrounded by windows that had no curtains, and that the apartment was surrounded by taller buildings, two of which were hotels. Nicole, who had always had a streak of exhibitionism in her, just shrugged her shoulders and said ‘ce la vie,’ as she pulled her favorite sweatshirt over her head and stripped down to her birthday suit. Once she was completely nude she went into the bathroom, and found herself with not just the most spacious bathroom that she had ever seen, but also one that had no privacy, as she clearly saw people going on about their business her from across the road in the hotel next to Kincaid's flat. Nicole then stepped into the already running shower and began washing off the stale air and dirt which stuck to her from the nearly ten hour trip to from Chicago. As she showered, Nicole found that Kincaid had placed in it several sex toys, including a long and thin dildo, and a smaller one that Nicole knew was for a rear entry only. As Nicole showered and soaped her self into an erotic frenzy, she knew that if she did not cum now, that when the next chance came (no pun intended), the force of a delayed orgasm might make her lose complete control. As she rinsed her hair and soaped up her body, Nicole then reached for the long and thin dong, and then slid down to the shower floor and began putting on a show for a very special audience not just for the people across the street, but also for thousands of hackers around the world, thanks to a challenge to crack the site that Kincaid had placed on a Usenet web site. For you see, minutes after Nicole had arrived at Kincaid's, her husband Barry, half a world away in Illinois, had logged into the special Russian encrypted web site that Kincaid had set up and watched as the real-time video cameras, which were set up everywhere Nicole was scheduled to be, began their broadcast of Nicole’s first erotic encounter in Paris. However, Kincaid, who himself was a voyeur and, in true hacker spirit, wanted to share Nicole freely with his fellow hackers, wanted to see if the new beta version of a commercial French and Russian encrypted web site design could be hacked. Within hours of making the challenge, the encryption algorithm was broken and shared around the world, well before Nicole had arrived at Kincaid's apartment, where Barry and thousands of young hackers looked on at the new adult starlet of the Internet. Nicole, who was completely unaware of the hidden cameras around her that allowed her husband and thousands of other to watch her, quickly guided the plastic prick to her drenched pussy as she slowly inserted it and began a fucking rhythm. Nicole then gripped the dildo with both hands as she brought it deep into her and all the way out, as she flopped around under the spraying water like a demoniacally possessed woman. Soon Nicole was cumming and moaning hard until finally she was gasping for breath and becoming dizzy from the erotic drunkenness that she was now in until finally, minutes later, she finally settled down and slowly got up and, because her knees were now weak, grappled the shower railing for assistance. Once she was on her feet she turned the water off and got into the bath tub where she proceeded to continue her self pleasure session until finally she could cum no more and then weakly got out of the tub and put on the large terry cloth robe that Monique had placed outside the door. As Nicole toweled off and put the robe on, she slowly regained her composure, placed her hair up in a towel and headed toward the bed, whereupon she disrobed and collapsed on top of the satin sheets and fell into a deep sleep. It had taken Kincaid nearly a year to work out every last detail, but as he watched from his office at the DGSE, he instinctively knew that this first act would be just the beginning in a very erotic French journey that his new mistress had willingly dared to partake. In his mind Nicole would be his new secret weapon in his mission to save France from being a second rate technological power; however, before he could take her out into the world as his lover and partner, Nicole would have to be trained to 15

be the wanton slut he needed her to be; yet before she could be accepted, she would need to be given a thorough physical exam, by his employer's physicians, at the nearby government hospital by his associates, all of whom would be instrumental in training Nicole to be a 'personal operative.' Hours later, after the chirping of the alarm clock on the night stand sound, Nicole stretched like a cat, got up, put the silk kimono on Monique had laid out for her, then stepped out into the dining area where Monique had prepared for her a traditional afternoon small breakfast of croissants and jam, fruit, cafe au lait and yogurt. As Nicole took her place at the antique dinner table, Monique handed her an International Herald Tribune newspaper and a second letter from Kincaid, which she promptly opened. The letter read : Nicole, I hope that you have enjoyed your shower, bath, and nap. Monique has picked out a very nice dress for the day. Since we have never met, and since we all must be careful these days, I have arranged for a colleague of mine to give you a thorough examination. If you are upset by my request I will understand completely; however, in order for us to proceed with what we have fantasized about, you must take this exam! I assure you that the exam will be performed by a complete professional, and that you will not be subjected to any harm or discomfort. If I do not hear from Monique that you have changed your mind, I will then expect you at the clinic at 4 :30. Monique has laid out for you a dress that I am sure you will like. However, I must remind you that the outfit is best to be worn sans vĂŞtements de dessous! Kincaid Nicole was stunned by what she read. “A physical exam?â€? She said aloud, but as she thought about it more, especially in light of all of her fantasies that she wrote in her diaries about being taken by her gynecologist, the better it sounded. It also seemed to her a reasonable request, but since she had just had one a month ago, she had no doubt that she would pass the exam with flying colors. After finishing her coffee, Nicole then headed into the bedroom to brush her teeth and do her hair. After applying a little bit of makeup, she then proceeded to put on the dress that Monique had selected for her. As Nicole put on the tight light blue strapless Lycra mini dress, she felt it wrap around her body like a velvet glove as it caused her breasts to rise and stand out more then any of her dressed in her closet at home ever could. As for the length, it barely covered her white and lace thong covered bottom, which she admitted with a wicked grin, after weeks in the gym shaping her body up for Kincaid, looked pretty good. She then put on the pair of white stockings and heels that she Kincaid had purchased, which were most comfortable, and accentuated her tight ass and shapely legs. Never before had Nicole ever worn an outfit as sexy as the one she now found herself in as she put on her watch and then grabbed her purse as she headed out for a stroll. Proud of the way she looked in her new outfit, as her pussy became moist from all of the stares of the men she passed, Nicole walked for about an hour around the city with the help of a guide map that Monique had given her. The weather was a wonderful 85 degrees as Nicole was momentarily lost in the romantic architecture that she now found herself surrounded by as she watched lovers young and old along the Seine kissing and holding hands. As the sun shown over the river, illuminating the glorious old buildings and bridges, she silently wished that Kincaid was with her to enjoy and share in the romance around her.


Meanwhile, as Nicole was crossing the Ile De La Cite and looking up at the Cathedral de Notre Dame, Kincaid was finalizing the plans for Nicole’s exam. After he had made his last telephone call dealing with the logistical and technical details of what was to come, he made a call to Barry, who was now in bed sleeping and preparing for what Kincaid hinted at was going to be an eye opening experience. As Barry sleepily answered the telephone, Kincaid dispensed with the pleasantries and asked him, “So, my friend. Was your wife's masturbation broadcast proof of what I promised?” Barry just nodded and said, “yes. When is the next broadcast?” “In one hour my friend she will be subjected to a very thorough medical exam here at my clinic where I have set up numerous cameras, so that you will be able to see first hand, and from different angles." Kincaid then went on to explain that he had arranged for Nicole’s exam to be conducted by one of the finest and most handsome men in Paris. The truth was that the exam was a test to see just how sexually fit little Nicole was and to see if her body could withstand the planned sexual punishment and pleasure she was to receive during her Parisian adventure. Additionally, the doctor was going to administer to Nicole an ancient and natural African sexual potion called Mahala, that would cause her libido to come alive, thus allowing her mind to accept the erotic reality of what Kincaid had planned for her to experience. As the men talked about what was to come, Nicole arrived back on time at the entrance of Kincaid's apartment, where Maurice was waiting. Maurice then greeted Nicole, and opened the passenger door for her. As Nicole slid in to the car, her skirt rode just high enough to allow Maurice a glimpse of her ass, pussy and inner thighs, the sight of which caused his cock to stir in anticipation of what was to come. Maurice then snapped himself back into reality and took Nicole on a long drive to the clinic where Doctor Didier Le Beau was giving the nurse, whom Kincaid had especially selected, because of both her open mind and English language skills, last minute instructions on her role in their new patient's examination. As Maurice arrived at the clinic, he looked back at Nicole and said, "This envelope is for you. Master Kincaid has instructed me to return in one hour, I will see you then mademoiselle" Nicole opened the envelope and read the handwritten note inside.

'Come to room 421, and be prepared to obey any instructions given to you. Kincaid.' As Nicole got out of the car, she felt her pulse quicken as she walked to the entrance of the clinic, while Maurice watched with satisfaction her beautiful spandex covered bottom walk away. A few short moments later Nicole was in the elevator heading for the 4th floor, and as she watched the numbers on the elevator she could feel the desire within her rise. As she rode up Nicole could feel her pussy getting warmer and warmer. Her nipples were hard and thick and poked through the thin fabric of her dress. Nicole hesitated at the door of room 421; however, once she actually knocked, she knew there would be no turning back. It was a telling moment, one of fear and excitement at the same time, as Nicole took a deep breath and knocked on the door. However, for a long moment nothing happened and Nicole was left listening to the pounding of her heart. Suddenly the door opened and Nicole found herself looking into the face of a complete stranger! The man, a doctor, was in his mid fifties, balding, with gray hair and crystal clear blue eyes. "Yes?" The doctor said in thickly accented English. "Oh, I'm s-s-s-sorrry," stammered Nicole, "I m-m-m-must have the wrong room." 17

The doctor's smile seemed to pierce right through her, as he said, "No Mademoiselle Nicole, you are at the right place. Please come in." Nicole's eyes slowly widened as she began to grasp what was about to happen. As if in a daze she felt herself walking into the spacious examination room. "Take your jacket off and stand here." said the man and pointed to the middle of the room. Nicole took her jacket off and then stood where she was directed. She casually looked around the room, hoping to see her virtual lover, but Kincaid was not to be found. The doctor, meanwhile, was now sitting in one of the hospital's hard back chairs and seemed to be enjoying her anxiety and discomfort. "Turn around Nicole and face away from me." he said firmly in his thickly accented English. His voice seemed to command her and Nicole found herself turning before she could even think to disobey. Facing away from the old but handsome doctor was even more disconcerting, as Nicole felt her palms becoming sweaty. She was acutely aware of her near nakedness beneath the thin dress. Nicole was left standing that way for several minutes, when she heard the doctor get up and walk around the room. Although she could see him, she didn't dare turn around, her hearing became more sensitive as she listened to the opening and closing of steel cabinets and instrument drawers. As Nicole stared at the wall, she suddenly gasped softly as the doctor pulled a blindfold down over her eyes. Now, despite the fact that she was clothed, Nicole felt more vulnerable and exposed than she ever had before. Yet, it was another couple of minutes before she felt the touch of the doctor's warm and strong hands again, but despite herself, Nicole was getting more and more excited by this strange turn of events. Suddenly, Nicole heard the doctor move behind her and felt his hands, which were gentle, reach for the hem of her dress. As Nicole trembled, the doctor slowly lifted up her dress. “Oh God,” thought Nicole, “he's going to see EVERYTHING.” Nicole had not thought about it up until now but, unlike most American women, her pussy wasn't freshly trimmed or waxed like she had wanted to prior to her flight to Paris. As the doctor pulled the dress up, over her bosom, Nicole could now feel a draft of air drift across her now naked and unbound breasts, which caused her pink nipples to crinkle and stiffen at the sensation. Nicole half expected the doctor to touch her now exposed breasts, but instead, he continued to remove her dress, as she raised her arms, and then placed it on a chair. After placing her dress on the chair, the doctor then moved slowly around Nicole so he could drink in the site of her and examine her body. The American was very pretty, and he left her there for a few moments, so he could let her savor the sensation of being naked, blindfolded, in front of a strange man, whose name she didn't even know his name. "Hands behind your head Nicole. Elbows back" The doctor said suddenly in his thick French accent. Nicole quickly did as he asked, and pushed her elbows further back, which in turn caused her breasts to further stand out, for both her presentation and the doctor's examination. "Feet apart," the doctor then ordered, as Nicole wordlessly spread her legs. She had never felt so helpless, as she heard the doctor moving around her again, examining her. By now she was so wet that the doctor could see her feminine dew begin to form on her pussy lips. Then, as the doctor was walking around examining her, there was a sharp knock on the door. The noise startled Nicole, as she gasped and said to herself, “What should I do?” Her heart began to race in a panic as, to her horror, she heard the doctor go over to the door and open it. 18

"Entrée vous" the doctor said, as Nicole felt her face flush a beet red as she heard the sound of a pair of high heels as someone new walked, upon the linoleum floor, in the distance toward her position in the examination room. As she heard the clicking of shoes come nearer, Nicole realized that their were at least two people coming in the room when the door closed and she could hear one of them take a seat in the chair that was in front of her. "Place her on the table." said the man in English, as Nicole suddenly recognized, from the sound of his raspy voice, that it was Kincaid, who was now sitting and watching her, as his two colleagues proceeded with the next part of her “examination.” Nicole felt cool delicate hands sit her on the cool leather table, place her high heeled feet into the stirrups, and attach straps around her ankles and the tops of her thighs. They were then cinched tight, as similar straps were placed around her wrists, which then tied securely above her head. Nicole then next heard the sound of a bowl being mixed, and then felt the warmth of shaving cream being applied to her pussy. She was about to be shaved, and the implement to be used was a straight edge razor that she could hear being sharpened on a stone. As she squirmed in the stirrups, she heard the female whisper into her ear “Relax Nicole, I suggest that you not move, one false move and I will cut this lovely cunt of yours with my razor. You see, here in Paris, we women like the feel of a piece of cold sharp steel being applied to our pussy lips. The newer razors and waxing techniques do not compare and are quite inferior to the simplicity of the straight edge razor. NOW RELAX, I am sure that you will get quite a thrill of being shaved the old fashioned way. I KNOW I DO!!” Nicole inhaled deeply as she felt the cold sharp steel touch her skin and begin shaving her hairy pubis. Until now, no sharp instrument had ever touched her down there, but now here she was, tied to a table, being watched by strangers as a woman, whom she did not know, take a knife and slowly remove her thick patch of pubic hair. The feeling was humiliating, but as the shaving continued, she became more and more excited as the woman took the sharp blade and tenderly and carefully rid her pussy lips and her asshole of all of her soft pubic hair. As the woman slowly shaved her, Nicole could feel and smell her pussy getting wetter. The effect was clearly being noted be her “barber,” when the woman said, “I think she likes the feeling of the blade on her helpless pussy, listen to her breathing. You can tell from her dripping juice that she likes my touch very much.” It was at that moment that she felt the woman wipe the excess shaving cream from her pussy, and then suddenly pressed her lips and tongue over and into her pussy and asshole so that she could sample and savor the fruits of her labor. As the woman lapped up her juices Nicole let out a low guttural moan of orgasmic release that slowly enveloped her barber's face. "Very nice." said Kincaid in French. "Now take 'plusieurs photographies' (several pictures). We want to have something to remember this moment." He then said in French to the woman and man in the room. “These photos will come in handy if we need to blackmail her husband after we steal all of her husband's company's military secrets.” “Photographs?” thought Nicole, identifying one of the few French words she knew, as she tried to wake up out of her orgasmic stupor, “Oh No!” However, before she could protest, Nicole heard the click and whir of an old fashioned 35 mm camera as she heard herself being photographed from several different directions. "She's very pretty like this isn't she?" said the woman's voice, in French accented English. "I love these nipples. Look how hard they are" the woman said as Nicole felt her right nipple being softly stroked.


The woman then took her other nipple and grasped it between her thumb and forefinger, and watched Nicole gasp in pain and pleasure as she pulled her over-sensitive nipples forward. "I think Kincaid made a wise choice in asking that our new patient have her pussy trimmed by us,� the woman said to the doctor as she stroked Nicole’s very moist mound. "Kincaid, perhaps you can lend her to us for an evening during her stay?" Kincaid laughed and then said, "Perhaps, but I would probably be more inclined to come along and watch, as well as a couple of others whom I know would be interested in seeing your special techniques." Nicole laid there quietly as the doctor, the woman, and Kincaid discussed their plans for her in French, and English. Their English conversation was, at once, terrifying and exciting, as she heard the woman say, "She's got a perfect ass too. I'd love to heat it up for her," at which Nicole felt the woman's hands stroke her bare buttocks. Because of the way the woman was stroking her bottom, Nicole wondered if a spanking was next. However, the doctor chuckled and said, "Maybe next time. We had better begin our examination." Nicole then felt the woman grab her left nipple firmly, as she said to her, "Come with me Nicole", as she removed her ankles, legs, and wrists from their table restraints and led her, still blindfolded, into an adjoining examination room. Once in the next room, the woman said to Nicole, "Good girl. Now stand still." Nicole's nipples were throbbing where the woman had tugged at them, The woman then disconnected Nicole’s wrists, which were still latched together, and pushed her forward, causing her knees to bump up against a low table. "Get on the table. Lay on your back." said the woman in her thick French accent. Nicole did as she was told and found the examination table to be padded with leather. The woman then carefully adjusted Nicole's position, as she ordered Nicole remove her blindfold, but to keep her eyes closed, and to spread her knees wide apart. Afterward, she heard the nurse leave the room, leaving her alone once again with the doctor, who had now dropped the end of the table under Nicole's buttocks, leaving her completely exposed. The doctor then reached over and turned on the bright floodlight at the end of the table. "Hmmmmm." he murmured interestedly. Nicole squeezed her eyes tight. She felt her face flush hot with embarrassment and knew the blush was sliding down her face and onto her upper chest to the tops of her breasts. Nicole then felt the stirrups being adjusted. They were stretched a little wider and pulled a little closer to her body. Nicole then felt her buttocks and pussy spread even wider for the doctor's inspection. The doctor's hands felt warm at the top of her thighs. "Hmmm, nicely shaved lips." he said as his hands slid higher and gently rested a thumb on either side of her smooth pussy. The doctor pulled his thumbs apart, peeling open Nicole's pink, wet interior. "Hmmm, yes, you seem sexually aroused Nicole." he said. Sliding his thumbs higher, the doctor pulled the head of her clitoris back to expose the sensitive area. Nicole felt the hands slide lower and now the thumbs were resting on her buttocks and pulling them apart. Each touch of his hands were electric and Nicole knew her arousal was perfectly visible to doctor and nurse who could see her most intimate parts. Nicole tried without success to stifle a moan. The doctor just chuckled, "Sensitive hmm? Well a submissive little girl like yourself should be used to that kind of stimulation." 20

Nicole opened her eyes to see the doctor squeezing a tube of lubricant onto his finger. Embarrassed at what was happening to her, she closed her eyes again. The doctor's finger teased around her rear opening as first one finger then two twisted and penetrated the submissive woman's bottom. Nicole squirmed. "Tsk, tsk. Can't have you thrashing all over the table." said the doctor. In a flash, cotton straps were holding Nicole's ankles firmly to the metal stirrups. She was helpless, yet the added restraint only seemed to turn her on more. "Give me your hands Nicole." It was the nurse's voice. Nicole opened her eyes and saw the beautiful blond nurse right beside her. As if in a dream she lifted her hands and offered them to the doctor's assistant. She felt her hands being pulled to the head of the table and fastened there. Her breasts were now flattened against her body like little mounds with only her turgid nipples sticking up. The nurse's hand slid down Nicole's side, dragging across her left nipple. She felt it, squeezed gently by the nurse as she walked to the end of the room and sat down. Nicole's body was in a turmoil of sensations. The doctor's twisting, penetrating fingers were pulling out of her bottom. "We'll be checking your reflexes again," he said as he turned to pick something up. Nicole felt the end of something hard touch her now open anus. The doctor pushed and the long thin object disappeared into her slippery rectum, as her anus contracted down on the foreign object now held in her. Another object was now sliding into her pussy. She couldn't identify it but it was perhaps the size of a small egg, she thought. A third object was resting high on her shaved pubis, almost directly over her clit. "We're going to watch you have an orgasm Nicole", said the doctor, "Given your current state of arousal, you'll be quite helpless to prevent it but just in case, we're going to give you a little help. The warm fingers on Nicole's right nipple made her jump. She looked up to see the doctor putting a clear ointment onto it. Immediately her nipple started tingling. It was warm and not quite tickling, not quite itching. It felt like a dozen tiny insects were crawling all over the nipple. The doctor let go and the already hard nipple stood out further. Nicole felt it aching to be touched. She wanted to beg the doctor to take it in his mouth but she bit her lip and moaned softly instead. The doctor was now doing the other nipple and a moment later, both were thicker and longer than Nicole could ever remember. She was squirming harder now, as only her restraints held her to the table. The doctor chuckled and moved back between her legs. A moment later, Nicole felt the device in her pussy come alive. It was a vibrator! The device in her ass vibrating also immediately followed it. Nicole cried out. She couldn't help herself. The doctor reached up and turned on the final vibrator. The vibrations directly over Nicole's clit were too much. She was bouncing up and down on the table. With another cry she felt herself starting to cum. It was all consuming, including every part of her body. Her nipples contracted even tighter and seemed directly connected to her clit, her pussy and her over-excited anus. Again and again and again she came, pulling at the straps that held her. Finally, limp and exhausted, she could come no more. As though from a million miles away, she felt the vibrators being pulled from her and her wrists unfastened. It was a few more minutes before Nicole could regain enough composure to open her eyes. The doctor was smiling at her, "Kincaid is going to be proud of you. I'm going to give you a parting gift before you go back with him. Call it a graduation present. Nicole's eyes widened as she watched him squeeze a little of the teasing ointment onto his forefinger. A moment later she gasped as his finger slid gently but firmly all the way into her bottom. He twisted back and forth for a moment, coating the sensitive membranes of her rectum and anus before pulling out. The sensation was immediate. Despite 21

herself, Nicole felt a desire to have her bottom penetrated again. Nicole looked down and saw the doctor holding another rectal plug, but this one was quite a bit more menacing than the one she had just experienced. "This plug is a little different than the one you just experienced. As you can see it has two ridges, not one and it's a little longer." "I promise to be gentile." said the doctor. Nicole then bent forward and obediently pressed her cheek to the cool leather. Nicole had never been more excited in her life. Her pussy was soaking wet and she could feel a tiny trickle of her own juices working it way down her thigh. She then felt alcohol being applied to her arm as she suddenly realized that an injection of something was being prepared for her. However, before she could protest, Nicole felt the prick of the needle on her arm, as she felt a syringe full of Mahala being injected into her blood stream. Then, after the needle was removed, Nicole heard the loud snap of rubber gloves, which caused her to open her eyes, after which she watched as the doctor's long and lubricated coated finger again slid slowly, but firmly, deep into her now very open and vulnerable bottom. Nicole couldn't stifle her loud moan as the doctor's finger violated her still tight anus. The doctor just smiled as he continued to re lubricate her bottom, first with one finger, and then with two, the sensation of which caused Nicole to shudder and moan even louder, as the in and out twisting motions of the doctor were now driving Nicole crazy with lust as she felt the thin fingers go deeper and stroke the thin and delicate walls of her rectum. However, before Nicole could summon up the energy to bring about a small orgasm, the doctor's fingers slowly pulled out from Nicole's tight rear passage, but as he withdrew, Nicole clenched her rectal muscles involuntarily in a vain and desperate attempt to keep the probing fingers within her. A few moments later, she felt his hands spread her cheeks far apart. Nicole felt the doctor's strong and callused hands hold her bottom, when suddenly she gasped as he slowly inserted a tapered steel speculum into her ass. The size of the plug in her ass was very large, but the beginning portion was thin, which the doctor deliberately slid slowly in and out of her butt, so that she could accommodate and easily swallow its enormous size. Then, after a few minutes, but without warning, the doctor slid the whole plug into Nicole in one long motion, slowing only for a moment as the thick bulge in the middle of the plug passed into her body, the force of which caused Nicole to gasp and moan as the steel plug penetrated her like a dull sword. As the doctor forced the plug into her, the doctor had to hold Nicole firm, when the plugs entered and then passed their widest parts, as the sensations she was now receiving brought her close to another orgasmic release. Once the widest part had passed, the nurse who had shaved Nicole looked on with awe as Nicole’s rectal muscles slowly pulled the giant steel plug the remainder of the way into her bottom. Nicole gasped in pleasure as she felt cold steel tip of the plug home in on her center of being, like a torpedo, and then suddenly anchor itself firmly in her shapely rear. The thick bulge in the middle of the steel plug was now deep in Nicole's rectum, and because of the way it was designed, there was no way that Nicole could push the plug out; however that was the last thing she wanted at this point. After the speculum was in place the doctor inserted a second plug into her now upturned ass, which contained a radio controlled vibrating and elongating mechanism, which could reach a maximum length of 10 inches. Until it was removed for her, and that had yet to be determined by Kincaid, the solid steel state of the art anal intruder would remain securely where it was. The injection that had been given to Nicole was an experimental mind control drug. Mahala was an African potion that the French were testing on unknowing female subjects. The drug was designed to make women both sexually uninhibited and prone to sexual experimentation. For Nicole, the doctor 22

had administered a mega dose of the drug, which now coursed through her blood and would soon have a direct effect all of her future decisions. With her libido now fully unleashed, it was hoped that her sex drive would make her more willing to experiment sexually and unafraid to embark on place During a brief respite, Nicole watched the nurse inject her with another dose of Mahala, after which she heard a 'click' and then felt the anal plug suddenly come alive as the tip of the plug started to grow longer and extended itself deeper and deeper into her bottom in a slow but relentless twisting movement. At this point all Nicole could do was whimper as the doctor, as well as Kincaid, and her husband (along with thousands of other hackers who had been watching via the Internet ever since she entered the examination room) watched as she clenched her fists and wriggle in her bonds as the exquisite sensation of being mechanically probed caused her body to tremble in a desperate attempt to cum. However, before she bring herself to that point of release, the tip of the plug retreated, and then again, quite slowly, started to extend deep into her again. The doctor, as he watched his patient beg and plead for her orgasmic release, looked at the clock on the wall, patted her bottom gently, and said, "Please stay quiet Nicole. We have only just begun the examination." The girth of the anal intruder, combined with its cold metallic shape, caused Nicole to breathe even more heavily, as the doctor continued on with his exam of her pussy. As Nicole lay there watching the older doctor bring her, time and time again to the brink of orgasm, she tried to focus and not lose complete control. However, that task was nearly all but impossible as the doctor examined Nicole, forcing from her a continuous chorus of cries and moans. For about the next 30 minutes Nicole was probed, pinched and slapped by the doctor as he measured her every response with the simply question, “does this hurt?” Nicole had never been into S and M, but she quickly found herself now being turned on more and more with each touch of the doctor's rubber gloved hand, as the butt plug continued to pulsate and rotate inside of her. Finally, and without warning, the doctor announced to Nicole, “well my love, based upon my observations, you are clearly in the utmost physical and sexual shape that such a beautiful young woman can be. Au revoir!” Nicole meekly said, “Merci,” as she watched the doctor and nurse leave the room, leaving Nicole alone, on her back and strapped down, with her ankles in the stirrups, on the exam table. Nicole could only moan in a desperate plea to not be left alone, as she heard them both walk to the door and leave. She now felt even more vulnerable as she laid there on the table alone while the butt plug continued its assault with easy and long in and out strokes, all of which caused her to continue to gasp with orgasmic moans at each deep penetration. The next ten minutes seemed like hours before Nicole finally heard the door open again to the sound of heavy footsteps, which soon made their way to her side, as the steel plug continued to work its way deep into her rectum bringing her ever closer to another orgasmic release. As the plug burrowed and opened up new areas of her bottom, the footsteps stopped and she heard a familiar voice whisper, "Hello Nicole" into her ear. Kincaid then asked, "Have you been a good girl?" Kincaid's reassuring voice caused her to smile, as she gasped, "Oh yesss." She then whimpered, "Please... Please Kincaid fuck me!" Kincaid just smiled as he winked to the Internet camera, and moved in between her legs, where she heard him remove his trousers as they fell to the floor. Nicole then felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her drenched pussy, as he smiled, into the video camera, to Nicole’s husband half a world away. Kincaid then gently nudged his cock head between her swollen pussy lips and held it there, as he teased her desperate body, which by now was absolutely desperate for release.


"I watched the whole thing, you know." Kincaid said, "I've been here the whole time Nicole." "Oh Kincaid, please take me... Please!" begged Nicole. Kincaid then timed his first thrust to be at the same time and speed as the penetrating steel anal plug. Nicole now felt herself completely filled in both front and behind at the same time, the sensation of which was just too much for her as her body trembled with the first of several massive orgasmic waves that now were bearing down upon her. Nicole loudly cried out, again and again, as each orgasmic wave washed over her, until finally, as if from a distance, she heard Kincaid cry out as he pulled out of her and shot his spunk all over the sweaty heaving breasts. As Kincaid recovered, Nicole laid quietly and contentedly, as the plug was turned off and her bonds were undone. When the bonds were finally removed Nicole looked and reached up to kiss her new lover passionately. After several minutes of their first passionate embrace, she whispered to Kincaid, “Thank you Mon amour,” as she began purring like a contented cat. As Nicole lay on her back on the exam table, Kincaid cleaned her breasts with warm water, and then turned her over and wiped her bottom, but not before savoring the taste of her pussy juice. With her nectar on his tongue, Kincaid and Nicole kissed her deeply once again. As their tongues met and their hands probed each other, Nicole saw what looked like a camera on the exam room ceiling. However, before she could study the camera, she turned her attention back to Kincaid, while half a world away her husband was stroking his cock slowly, as he watched Kincaid slowly fuck his wife for a second time. After cumming for a second time, and then kissing passionately for many minutes afterward, Kincaid and Nicole broke their embrace, at which time Kincaid got up to retrieve her dress from the chair. As Nicole got up off the exam table and walked around the room, with both the plug still lodged in her butt and her high heels still on, her husband watched his lovely wife stretch her tight naked body as she looked out of the hospital window that overlooked the Seine. When Kincaid looked up from putting his shirt back on, he said to her, “Nicole, you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen.” As she blushed and looked down at her feet, Nicole said, “You are so wonderful, I never knew that sex could be this good.” Kincaid then handed Nicole her dress, which she slowly put back on as Kincaid explained to her the rules of her stay in Paris. Kincaid said, “You see my love, I intend your visit to Paris to be a true sexual adventure, and as your host, protector, and now your lover, I intend to fulfill everyone of your sexual desires, of which this exam was just a sample of the kinds of pleasure you can expect to receive.” As Kincaid explained to Nicole, who was now fully dressed in her sexy white spandex one piece dress, the plan of the next two weeks, it became very apparent to Kincaid that his new lover had more permanent plans, as his noticed that she had removed the wedding band and engagement ring that had been on her finger just a moment before. It was at that moment that Kincaid knew that he could send a message to his colleagues to prepare for Nicole all of the elaborate kinky and dangerous situations in order to convince her to never leave Paris and join him as his partner in both love and war. Several minutes later, as Kincaid and Nicole walked out of the hospital, hand in hand, Maurice promptly showed up at the hospital. As they entered the back seat of the Mercedes, Kincaid instructed his personal assistant to drive them to the Louvre, which was usually just a short drive down the Seine, but with the afternoon traffic it ended up being an hour before they reached the main entrance.


As Maurice drove, Kincaid held Nicole firmly in his strong arms as she rested her head on his large sweater encased chest, closing her eyes and purring like a kitten as her French lover caressed her arms, shoulders, and legs. By now Nicole had become accustomed to the steel invader that was firmly rooted in her ass. The plug, even though Kincaid, via a pocket remote control, had turned it off, reached new depths in her rear passage as she sat on the soft leather seats in the back of the car. As Nicole lay in her French lover's arms she slowly drifted off to sleep as the Mercedes slowly made its way to the art museum. As Nicole slept, Kincaid and Maurice, who for privacy now spoke in French, went over the evening's plans. According to Maurice, who was about the same age and build as Kincaid, all of the dresses and outfits that Kincaid had ordered for Nicole had just arrived and were now ready for her to wear. In addition, all of the plans for dinner and the entertainment afterward were now set. When Kincaid asked about the remainder of Nicole’s schedule, Maurice pulled out his Palm Pilot and handed it back to his friend. Kincaid scrolled through the finalized schedule, then looked at his American lover and smiled, for he knew that she would be forever changed by her experience and would never want to leave France and the pleasures of Paris. After Kincaid handed back to Maurice the Palm Pilot, Kincaid used his cell phone to check his e-mail to see if the Russian ambassador had sent him anything regarding the late night party that she was hosting at her estate in Versailles, and where he and Nicole would be heading after they had dinner and saw the floor show at the Moulin Rouge. As they neared the museum, Kincaid decided that he should wake his sleeping beauty, and pressed a button on his key ring, which in turn caused the butt plug to spring to life. As the anal invader began to quiver in her deep recesses, Nicole slowly awakened in a series of soft moans, while both Kincaid and Maurice watched with erotic amusement. As the plug vibrated and brought the sleeping beauty to life, Kincaid slowly pulled down the top of her dress to reveal her heaving breasts. As her breasts were freed from their spandex cage, Nicole reached up and brought her lover's lips down to her rock hard nipples, as she found herself reaching under her skirt to touch her pussy. Very soon, as the Mercedes continued it's slow march to the Louvre, Kincaid had completely taken off Nicole’s dress and had her splayed open in the back of the large and luxurious automobile. Nicole was very much an animal in heat, thanks in large part to the Mahala that now coursed through her blood, as Kincaid licked and pinched her nipples to a rock hard firmness, while she diddled her clit, as the anal intruder once again began burrowing into her tiny rump like a snake slithering to its prey. It was all that Maurice, as well as the other cars around them, could do to stay focused on the road and not on the spectacle, which was now taking place in the back seat of Kincaid's car. As the car wound its way to the entrance of the Louvre, Nicole thrashed about as a giant orgasmic wave poured from her loins and onto the back seat. As Nicole came, Kincaid held his lover steady as she convulsed and howled like a woman demoniacally possessed, while her hair cascaded all over her body. As she continued convulse and gasp for breath, Kincaid held and squeezed together her breasts firmly in his palms while he simultaneously lapped up her orgasmic juices that trickled out of her and onto her shaved pussy. Finally, as Kincaid licked and sucked her orgasmic essence, Nicole closed her eyes and lost herself in yet another Parisian orgasmic afterglow...


Chapter Three When the car finally made its way up to the museum entrance, Nicole was still splayed half naked on the back seat of the car, as Kincaid was slowly pulled her form fitting dress back down her body. When Nicole was finally clothed, she tussled her long hair, after which she and Kincaid exited the car and said good-bye to Maurice, whom was scheduled to pick them up at Kincaid's apartment in about three hours. This time frame provided Kincaid with a few free hours to give Nicole a small tour of the world's most famous erotic art museum, the Paris Institute of Fine Arts, as well as let her meet some very special young men, art students, whom Kincaid had been mentoring, and whom he hoped, during her stay, capture on canvas and in oil both her inner and outer beauty. Kincaid got out of the Mercedes first and then helped his lovely lady, who despite her tussled hair, still radiated unbelievable beauty and eroticism, as her tight form fitting dress and white pumps framed her body in a pose that he would never forget. As Maurice closed the door and gave Nicole her jacket, Kincaid thanked his assistant for the ride, at which Maurice replied, as he looked up and down at Nicole’s busty frame, “no my friend, thank you!” Maurice then returned to the car and headed back to Kincaid's apartment, which was only about six blocks away across the Seine, where he would begin finalizing the details of Nicole’s training at the Roissy. As Kincaid led Nicole up the marble stairs to the museum entrance, two dark skinned and handsome young men, whose lean and muscular frames were dressed in jeans and black T-shirts, both eyed the lovely woman that hung on their benefactor's arm. The sun still shone bright in the July sky as the museum had just closed for the afternoon, however, as Kincaid was a museum patron, he had been granted permission to give Nicole a guided tour. Upon seeing the young men, Nicole was introduced to the Patel brothers, Atikur and Arjun, both of whom were art students from India, whose studies and living expenses Kincaid was financially sponsoring. Kincaid was friend's with the brothers father during his time in the Navy, and after their parents died, he dutifully brought them to Paris to continue their studies. Day's before Nicole’s arrival, Kincaid had arranged for the brothers to give them a guided tour of a special museum exhibit on the legend of the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian art of tantric love making, which Kincaid had mastered during his years in India with the French navy, and which he taught an introductory course there at the museum. After their arrival several months prior, Atikur and Arjun, who were both virgins, had asked Kincaid to teach them the ancient art, and with Nicole’s arrival, both men now had a soon to be ready and willing female subject with whom they hoped they would soon be able to practice the ancient methods with, under the tutelage of their benefactor and mentor. The Kama Sutra is a centuries old manuscript from India dedicated to the art of lovemaking and sexual fulfillment. Its chapters contain detailed instructions for stimulating, seducing and satisfying one's partner. It has been considered by many to be the “bible” on the study of pleasure and intimacy and is the most famous sex manual ever written. As the art students guided their benefactor and his lovely companion and walked through the galleries that displayed ancient scenes of Indian men and women making love and practicing the ancient art of love, Nicole became flush with excitement at the prospect of learning from Kincaid, and his 18 year old students, the ancient art. The erotic images, as well as the history lesson she was given about the Kama Sutra, served only to intensify the sexual heat that Nicole’s loins were emanating, as she walked slowly, while the steel plug in her rear continued to pulsate and wiggle with each movement of her graceful legs, that were perched high on her white heels. Nicole was in heaven as she walked and clung to the arm of her lover and listened to his protégés explain the ancient art of the Kama Sutra and the numerous legends behind the tantric art of sensual love making. Kincaid was extremely impressed at how quickly these young men 26

had learned about the history of the ancient sex manual text and also how eager they were to shed their virgin status and become men, with the gracious help of their mentor's female companion. However, that lesson would have to wait until later in the week, for the students had just enough time to show Kincaid and Nicole their most recently completed art projects, and then escort them back to the museum's main entrance and say good-bye. The sun was still bright as Kincaid and Nicole took a long walk back to the apartment where Maurice and Monique were busy completing their tasks in order to insure that Nicole’s stay would be perfectly orchestrated. As Maurice rechecked the Internet camera connections, he accidentally pressed the wrong button and, without his knowing, brought down the firewall that kept outsiders from accessing or finding out the IP address of the web site that had been setup for Nicole’s husband to have a bird's eye view of her sexploits during the first week of her stay in Paris. Additionally, after reviewing the classified data streaming out of Barry's computer back to Paris, the DGSE had sent a message to Kincaid that the agency had approved Nicole's enrollment into the agency's special training school at an ancient castle on the outskirts of Paris in the suburb of Roissy. Meanwhile, for Barry, the time on his freedom was winding down, as he would soon be made, and refuse, an offer that for him would unleash a Pandora's Box of nightmares. During their long walk back to the apartment, Nicole and Kincaid held each other's hand as they strolled along the Seine, past the ancient bridges, and past the vendors who sold cheap paintings of the Parisian cityscapes. Nicole could hardly believe that, even with a two hour nap and several orgasms, she was wide awake and full of sexual energy, as Kincaid seemed to relish the opportunity to show her his city and his hometown. Maybe it was the butt plug, but then again it may have just been the combination of romance and eroticism that Kincaid had awakened in her, which was causing her to act like a lusty and naughty schoolgirl on her first date with an older man whom she knew that her late parents would never have approved. Thanks in part to the Mahala that had been injected to her at the hospital, there had been awakened such a primal need in Nicole that she was now indifferent to the possible dangers and complications that such tryst could unleash. Nicole's only concern was pleasing Kincaid, and as she gazed at him, when he presented her with a rose from a street vendor, for he sensed that her submission to him would by complete by the end of the week, and that she would do anything to make him happy and please him. Before they continued their leisurely walk back to the apartment, Nicole asked if she could buy some postcards and then take a break at a café and have an authentic French café latte. The request of which Kincaid acquiesced and picked out from a street vendor several postcards that showed Paris as it was in the 1920’s when the City of Lights was home to the “Lost Generation” of writers including Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Hemingway once wrote, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young person, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a movable feast.” Hemingway was Kincaid's favorite American author, and he much admired the man's ruggedness and the powerful images his writings provoked. His favorite Hemingway novel was the erotic classic, “The Garden of Eden,” which is set on the Cote d’Azur in the 1920’s, and is about an American writer and his glamorous wife, and the dangerous erotic game they play when they fall in love and lust with the same woman. It was the very café that they were going, the Café de Flore, which served as a focal point for Hemingway and the other intellectuals of the “Lost Generation.”


Nicole, who despite her long flight, early morning arrival, and physical exam, was amazingly awake and not the least bit tired as she wrote a short note on a postcard to Barry, which said, “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful!” As Kincaid watched her write several more postcards, he told Nicole that he had already called Barry to let him know that she had arrived safely, and that he would have her call tomorrow, after she had “slept off” her jet lag. After their café lattes came, Nicole and Kincaid talked and watched the endless parade of people walking by. Nicole told Kincaid that she was amazed to see just how Americanized the city was, as over on a corner was an advertisement for 'The Gap', while on another corner was a McDonald’s. Kincaid then commented, with a laugh, that if she thought it was bad in Paris, “wait until you see Tokyo,” as he flashed her a mischievous grin and then kissed her deeply. For about the next 45 minutes Kincaid told her semi truthfully the story about his first and only marriage. It was a sad story really, though completely false, as he told her the tale of how the slowly fell out of love over the course of their six years together. Kincaid admitted that the breakup and eventual divorce was basically his fault, as he opened up about the brief affairs he had and how his erotic desires, and lack of romantic overtures, were just too much for his Japanese lover, Reiko, to handle, despite her love of the teachings of the Kama Sutra. Reiko, he said, was the daughter of the former Japanese Imperial Army general and ambassador to France, and that she was a well known actress in Japan, who had appeared in at least 30 martial art action films. The truth of the matter was that Kincaid was forced to kill Reiko, during a session of very dangerous session of underwater sex, after he found out that she was a double agent of the Noh, the ultra secret organization dedicated to once again making Japan a world military power. As a Kincaid's personal operative, Reiko was his willing partner in a dangerous world of sexual experimentation, espionage, and danger that took place in all corners of the globe, and it was those dangerous sexploits and daring that Kincaid wished to recapture and share with Nicole. Kincaid was haunted by the erotic ghosts of his time with Reiko, who, because of her father bore a scar on her face with the word 'Kabuki' that was forced her whole become a woman of disguise, and as a result a most effective and deadly assassin. He spent many lonely nights writing in his journal about the orgies in St. Tropez, watching the exotic looking Reiko seduce the dictators of several African countries, and her dominatrix sessions as she tied up, fucked, interrogated and then killed the rogue spies whom she had been instructed by Kincaid to destroy. The hardest moment in Kincaid's life was when the director of the DGSE revealed Reiko's true identity as a double agent for Japan and ordered Kincaid to make his lover disappear. Reiko's disappearance took place off the Bermuda coast when they were on holiday, for a week of scuba diving and treasure hunting. During his solo dives down to an ancient Spanish Galleon, Kincaid prepared for his wife's death on the deck of the ancient submerged ship. For Reiko, in Kincaid's mind, her death on board the sunken ship would be a fitting end, as she was now going to know what it felt like to be the fish caught in the fisherman's net. On their final day on the chartered yacht Kincaid suggested to his lover that they make one last dive to treasure hunt. As they prepared for the dive Kincaid did some last minute checks on Reiko's oxygen tank. He made sure that she had more than three hours of air in her tank, more than enough to keep her alive as she was bound up in the trap that he had set. He intended her end to be one of complete sexual excitement and terror. In the DGSE Reiko was known simply by her nickname of “The Zero Woman”.


Danger and death were an aphrodisiac to both Reiko and Kincaid, but it was she that seemed to love it the most, while Kincaid got the most excited by watching his lover become entrapped and ensnared in sticky situations and then, at the last minute, barely escaping with her life. For Reiko, it was the thrill of the chase and escape that drove her libido, and so it was fitting, in Kincaid's mind, that she would die as a trapped fish as she was tortured by him in the deep recesses of the sea. Reiko's body was never known to be found after Kincaid had left her struggling valiantly with two eels embedded her ass and vagina. Reiko had always fantasized about what a snake or eel would feel like, and now there she was, being violated and given nature's own form of electric sexual torture as the man whom she loved abandoned her, as she found herself bound, nearly weightless, hanging from the crows nest of the ancient Spanish ship. Her white T-shirt still clung to her body as she struggled in vain to escape even as her oxygen tank was being caught in the netting causing it to be pulled off her back and tied up over her head as the hose that led from the tank to her mouthpiece was pulled taut. Her limbs were ensnared in the chains of the old ship, and her hands were pulled tight over her head, with the ankle bracelets attached firmly to the same single chain that bound her legs and positioned her limbs so that her ankles nearly touched her ears. Reiko was splayed open now as fish food for the circling sharks, who were attracted to the scent of her womanly juices that poured from her leaking vagina. However, they did not call her the female Houdini for nothing she thought as Kincaid swam away. As Kincaid disappeared into the deep and back toward the surface, even though she knew it was his duty to kill her, Reiko vowed revenge, but first she would have to figure a way to escape her bonds and the sharks that were closing in on her for dinner. However, for Kabuki, salvation and rescue came in the familiar form of Maurice, Kincaid's personal assistant, who had been paid handsomely by the her father, General Kawasaki, to shadow his daughter, after having been notified by a Noh mole within the DGSE of his daughter's termination order. Yet, before Maurice could reach Reiko in time, the sharks had already marred her beautiful body. Thanks to her father, a team of GENOM, which was a front company for the Noh, scientists and doctors had been dispatched to Bermuda, whereupon, inside the company yacht, they saved the near dead and scare faced assassin, who, because of the permanent scars on her face, would eventually be transformed into the cybernetic samurai known as 'Kabuki.' For the next several months, back in Chiba City, GENOM's top scientists worked around the clock to transform Kabuki into a dangerous and beautiful bionic lethal weapon. The code name for their project, in which she was the subject, was called Project Kabuki, in tribute to her late mother. During these months Kabuki was placed into a deep artificial coma so that GENOM's top scientists could more easily experiment on her new cybernetic body. By the time her new body was complete, Kabuki had been completely transformed into a lethal and sexy cyborg with all new limbs, which now gave her super hero strength and speed, as well as new breasts, new computerized eyes, and a computer brain implant, which allowed her to access cyberspace directly via her brain. A year later, in a Chiba City hotel, the cybernetic Kabuki relaxed with Maurice in her bed, after thanking him sexually for saving her life, and swore to him that someday she would get revenge against Kincaid, no matter how long it took. However, for her to gain that revenge she decided it best to stay in Japan with the GENOM Corporation, where a new assignment and position had been provided to her, courtesy of her powerful father, as the company's director of security. Meanwhile, back in Paris, as Nicole and Kincaid walked the final mile to his apartment, through a dark and deserted boulevard, the butt plug once again hummed to life inside of Nicole, for he had just pressed the remote control on his key chain, which was directly connected to the timer in the steel anal invader. Upon seeing Kincaid hold out the remote control, Nicole gasped in pleasure as she realized just how the steel bullet in her was being controlled, looked around, and then gave a wicked smiled to her French lover, as she reached down and pulled her dress up to just about the midsection of her 29

abdomen. For Kincaid it was an absolute pleasure to watch several garbage men who were busy down the boulevard, gawking at Nicole, who was obviously feeling extremely horny and daring thanks in part to the butt plug that buzzed softly in her behind. The two of them then continued to walk down the deserted Boulevard Saint Germaine as several men stopped what they were doing, whistled and called out to Nicole in vulgar French. As they walked a short distance, Nicole noticed a small and unoccupied alleyway, and hurriedly pulled Kincaid towards an alcove out of site from the street. The erotic sensations that she was feeling were now too much as she pinned her lover to the wall, kissed him deeply, and then told him to, “fuck me NOW!” Without any need for encouragement, Kincaid pulled up over her breasts the remaining portion of Nicole’s dress, and pulled her body to his. The two of them were like two caged animals in heat as Kincaid turned Nicole around, pulled off her dress and then grabbed her again and bent her over an old rusty Vespa that was next to an open and half empty jug of cheap Bordeaux, which lay in the alleyway. Kincaid then, in a ragged and panting voice, told Nicole, as he unclasped and stepped out of his jeans, “I am going to rape you now, and then, when I am ready, I am going to you lay you over this motorcycle and pour that bottle of wine onto you and drink. After that you are going to suck on my cock swallow my cum, and then wash it down with the remainder of the wine!! UNDERSTAND?” To which Nicole gave out a smile, as she replied meekly, “yes Master!” Nicole’s submissiveness, which finally was brought to the surface, was the coming together of Kincaid's domineering words, the buzzing in her butt, the alleyway, and the pure decadence of it all. Nicole’s mind was now reeling as Kincaid pressed his ten inch cock in her dripping pussy. As Kincaid's engorged prick plunged into her, Nicole moaned like an alley cat in heat, as his cock and the steel bullet in her butt moved against each other in a slow rhythm, all the while he held her breasts tight and kissed and sucked on the nape of her neck. As the two of them began their animalistic ritual, several college boys from Canada looked down, from their flat above, in disbelief at their good fortune of witnessing what the brochures meant about Paris being the “City of Love.” Nicole’s cries of passion echoed of the buildings that surrounded the alleyway, as she yelled out, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!” Her moans were so loud that in no time at all she had drawn a crowd from the apartments above. Looking up, Kincaid saw that her moans were drawing a crowd, the sight of which only caused him to fuck Nicole even harder as he got up from holding her bent over body and stood upright, as he held her ass high above the bike, as her head rested on the seat. As Kincaid pounded into Nicole, from behind him he heard footsteps, which caused him to turn around in fright, as he thought it might be a policeman, but instead to his relief it was just a dirty bum in the hopes of getting a better look. As the bum came closer, Kincaid held Nicole firmly down, so that she could not see him, and told her to close her eyes, which she unquestioningly did. Kincaid then pulled out of her and told her not to move as yelled in French to the bum, to “Pick up the wine you dirty bum, and stand away until I tell you to come close. When I give the signal I want you to pour it all over this little American whore, and if you do I will give you five Euros and let you watch. Oui?” To which the bum nodded “oui,” grabbed the wine, and then moved out of Nicole’s view. Kincaid then turned his attention back to Nicole and pulled her up roughly, and then spun her around so that she was on her back and splayed open, with her head resting on the gas tank. As he spun and placed her down Kincaid warned her in a menacing tone of voice, “You keep your eyes shut woman, or else I will leave you in this alleyway naked if you dare to try and open even one eye!”


Nicole just nodded her head yes and listened to footsteps as suddenly a splash of wine fell on her sweaty breasts. Before the wine could spill off her she felt Kincaid's strong hands and tongue lap it up, and then he pulled her up and told her to open her eyes. When Nicole opened her eyes she saw first the bum, and then the gazers from the balconies above, she was filled with fright as she realized that this was not what she had in mind when she decided she wanted to fuck Kincaid in a public place, but before she could protest, Kincaid had ordered her to squat down on her now scuffed and dirty high heels, and suck the life juice out of him, while he leaned back on the seat of the Vespa and reveled in the spectacle that he and Nicole were making. As she took his cock into her mouth with both hands, Kincaid held Nicole’s hair tight as she sucked his cock, which was now drenched with her juices, the sweet taste of which caused her to suck hard and deliberate in a desperate attempt to taste and savor, for the first time, Kincaid's salty spunk, which she could quickly feel building up in his balls. As Nicole sucked she could hear the men from above cheering her on in French, while the bum came up close behind her and marveled at the steel plug that protruded from her ass. Sensing an intrusion of her space, Nicole yelled at the bum to back off, which he did, and then put both of her hands back to work while Kincaid talked dirty to her in an effort to spur her on and make him cum quickly, which he soon did. As Kincaid bucked and began spewing into Nicole’s mouth, she nearly choked on it from the force of and the amount that now poured forth. But before she could savor it, Kincaid ordered her to swallow and then to down the half empty bottle of wine for a cum chaser. As Nicole slurped up his spunk, she looked up to see that she was now in control of a very potentially dangerous as she milked every last drop. When her mouth was full of his salty seed she swallowed, picked up the wine bottle next to the motorbike, and then slowly stood up after which she wrapped her cum covered lips around the bottle and tilted her head back as Kincaid's cum dripped off of her chin and onto the ground and her breasts, as her lips encircled the bottle, and she slowly sucked the wine down her throat. Despite swallowing, Nicole still had so much cum in her mouth that a large amount of the red wine escaped her lips and ran down the valley of her chest and down to her dripping pussy. The mix of her lover's salty sperm and the warm wine was a new kind of heaven that her tongue had never tasted, but it was one that she hoped she would taste again, hopefully sooner rather than later. Kincaid looked up at Nicole and marveled in her beauty as she stood before him, in all her naked and decadent glory with red wine all over her breasts and pussy, as the afternoon sun lit up her fair skin. Nicole’s body was also smeared with motor oil and grease from the motorbike that Kincaid had fucked her on, and it was, Kincaid knew, at that moment in time, a truly memorable and incredibly erotic site, and one that would forever be burned into his imagination, as he laid on the back of the bike, still mesmerized, as Nicole bent over him and kissed him deeply. To Kincaid the taste of her cum and wine coated lips and tongue were heavenly as he held her by the shoulders so that she could straddle him for one last ride on the Vespa. Kincaid was semi hard as Nicole guided his prick towards her dripping slit and inserted him into her velvety opening. The steel bullet in her butt was now starting to cause some discomfort, and as she rode Kincaid to a new hardness, she reached around and slowly began pulling it out of her, as his hands traveled down to her hips to balance and hold her firm on top of him. The plug, which by now had a bit of a vacuum seal going, became difficult for Nicole to grip, but when she finally did, she then had to fight with her own rectal muscles in a kind of tug-of-war in dislodging her steel appendage. As Nicole ground her pussy on Kincaid's cock, while she looked up and smiled at all of their anonymous onlookers, she slowly began to win the struggle taking place behind and in her. Once her control over the steel torpedo was established, Nicole took her time in dislodging the heavy and very shiny butt plug, as she continued to straddle and fuck her lover, who held her steady by her breasts. 31

However, the pleasurable sensations of removing the plug from her dark depths was something she had not counted on as all of the sudden she began to breath rapidly and then moan wildly as she felt the largest section pass through and out of her, as her muscles reversed gears and spit out the plug, which then tumbled to the concrete with a loud “clank.� Kincaid continued to hold Nicole steady as she moaned like a wounded animal as the throes of her most intense orgasm, since she had arrived in Paris, struck her pelvis and empty anal cavity like an electric shock of the highest amplification. As she came, the spectators above just howled, clapped, and cheered when they saw the butt plug hit the cement and Nicole collapse in a sobbing and sweaty heap onto Kincaid, who just held his lover tight and close, showering her with loving kisses as her sobs and tears of pleasure slowly calmed down and she could regain her composure. The two of them stayed that way for several minutes until finally they dislodged themselves from the back of the Vespa, and picked up their now very dirty clothes that lay in a pile in the middle of the alleyway. Nicole helped Kincaid get dressed back into his shoes, pants and T-shirt, and then after he was situated he picked up her dress, which was now torn in several places, and was also soaked with grease and sweat, from the ground. After he handed the dress to Nicole, she slipped it over her grease, wine, and cum stained body, and then pulled it all the way down and over her ass, which it barely covered. Kincaid just smiled as Nicole made one last tug and then came up to him and kissed him deep and asked him if he was still horny, too which he just nodded yes, picked up the butt plug off the ground, and then held out his hand. Nicole took her lover's strong hand and the two of them continued their leisurely stroll back to the apartment, through a labyrinth of back alleys where, when it was dark, a young woman dressed as provocatively as Nicole was would never dare to travel. For nearly 30 more minutes, Nicole and Kincaid held each other tight as he guided her through the winding alleyways of old Paris until finally, after what had been a most interesting afternoon walk, they arrived at the apartment's back entrance and headed up to the top floor using the ancient stairwell that creaked and groaned with each step. When they finally arrived at the top of the stairwell Nicole wrapped her arms around her new lover and gave him a very long and very deep kiss, before she finally broke free and told him that she really needed to pee, as the wine and coffee she had drank had now run their course.


Chapter Four When they returned to the apartment, the dark and statuesque Monique, who dressed only in a silk kimono robe, greeted them and led them to the bathroom where a hot shower and bath were already drawn, and ready for the three of them. Prior to their arrival back at the apartment Kincaid had instructed Monique to be ready to give Nicole an introduction into the art of female love. Once inside the spacious bathroom, Monique took Nicole by the hand and led her and Kincaid to the shower, where the three of them stepped into the steamy mist. By now, Nicole was so drunk with lust that it took no encouragement to get her to relax and enjoy the feeling of both Monique and Kincaid making love to her as they soaped her up and then fucked her under both the gentle shower spray, as well as in the large bath tub, all of which was done under the watchful audience of Nicole's husband, Barry, as well as the 500,000 others on the Internet who had now learned about and had logged into the increasingly popular website. For Barry, it was an erotic rush to watch his wife be defiled in a way that he had only dreamed about; yet, for some reason he had strong feeling that something was not right, and that it may have been a mistake to let his wife travel to Paris and fulfill her darkest fantasies. Kincaid, Nicole, and Monique enjoyed their wet and soapy love making for nearly an hour until Maurice returned to the apartment. As Maurice let his presence be known, Kincaid told Nicole that the time was short and that they would have to get ready for their evening at the Moulin Rouge and for Katya’s party in Versailles. Breathlessly, after both succumbing to several mind-blowing orgasms, Monique led Nicole out of the tub and wrapped themselves together in a gigantic towel to dry off and continue their loving kisses and explorations of each others bodies. Kincaid then excused himself and told Monique that she had one hour to prepare Nicole for the evening. With her master’s order, Monique led Nicole to the master bedroom where she sat Nicole down in front of a mirror and told her to relax as she prepared her hair, and then applied her makeup. Meanwhile, as Monique prepared Nicole for the evening, Kincaid, who was listening in to their conversation on the web cam, began planning for Nicole's daily regimen of training, which would commence at Katya's party. As Kincaid finished dressing, in his own European way, he summoned Maurice to his study and told his trusty assistant that in one week he would make an offer to Barry that he would be unable to refuse. However, when Kincaid was asked by Maurice, who was in fact Kincaid’s subordinate in the spy agency, what would he then do if Nicole’s husband refused, Kincaid looked sternly at the monitor that showed Monique preparing his new lover for the evening, and then said, “You know me Maurice, I have killed men over much less. My years in the service taught me that everyone has their price! Should her husband balk, well then he will have a very rude awakening. From what I can tell, and from what I have heard, it will not be much of a challenge to make Nicole forever mine, especially when she learns about what crimes her husband will soon be arrested, thanks to a special program I placed in his home computer several months ago.” Elsewhere, Monique prepared Nicole for the evening, during which she dropped hints as to what she was to expect during her vacation and time with Kincaid in France. Without giving away any details, Monique told Nicole that her time with Kincaid was to be life changing, and that she would have a tough time leaving such a man as he. As they talked, woman to woman, Nicole began telling Monique about her husband Barry.


It was clear to Monique that Nicole was not truly happy in her marriage, and that it would not take much for Kincaid to claim this beautiful American as his own. As Nicole talked, Monique, with the expertise of a trained investigator, was able to draw out of her charge a great deal of emotional information that she would need to report back to Kincaid, especially the fact that, the night before her departure, she and Barry had an argument that nearly became violent. As the end of the hour approached, Monique led Nicole over to the walk in closet and told her to choose what she wanted to wear for the evening. The only requirement, which was requested by Kincaid, was that Nicole should wear something black and sheer. What Nicole chose was a very sexy, yet very elegant number from Paris’s famous Lingerie Avenue. The dress was a simple black sheath number, with a sexy slit on the right side of the skirt, which fit her trim body like a glove. Monique suggested that Nicole wear black stockings and thong underneath. Finishing off Nicole’s fashion ensemble was a pair of black sandals At precisely 8 p.m. Kincaid knocked on the door and entered, as he looked at the fashion model before him. Nicole was beautiful! She was both elegant, classy, and full of smoldering sexuality in the first of many evening gowns and dressed he planned on having her wear. The fact that Nicole wore no jewelry made her even more beautiful, and since she was a natural beauty who needed little makeup, he knew that she would be a popular site at Katya’s. It took Kincaid a few seconds to take the site of his new American lover all in as he smiled and told her how beautiful she looked, and how marvelous a job Monique had performed in preparing Nicole for the evening’s entertainment and festivities. Kincaid then led his new found love to the elevator and down to the main street where Maurice was waiting to take them to the Moulin Rouge for their 9:00 p.m. reservations for dinner. Since they had returned from the café and their alley interlude, the air in Paris had suddenly become filled with humidity that neared 90 percent. Normally Kincaid would have complained, but when he saw that the humidity made Nicole’s dress cling to her shapely body he just smiled and offered a silent prayer to the gods of thunder and lightening. Once in the back of the limousine, Nicole and Kincaid embraced and slowly began to kiss and pet. Kincaid, who knew that the Paris traffic would be congested, took control of the situation and ordered Nicole to begin sucking his cock, while he pulled up her skirt and began feasting and drinking from her moist cunt, as he hiked her skirt, which was made of wrinkle free satin, up around her waist, and positioned himself under her bottom. For the next 30 minutes Kincaid and Nicole feasted on the juices of the others as Maurice expertly guided the German vehicle to the Moulin Rouge. As Kincaid and Nicole sucked and fucked, Maurice did his best to concentrate on the task of getting Nicole and Kincaid safe to the theater, but such a task was made difficult with the sight, sounds and smells of the sex emanating from the back of the automobile. Kincaid was the first to explode as he groaned and emptied his spunk down Nicole’s greedy throat, until he was spent. Nicole however continued to suck and lick every last drop without letting any spill out from her lips and onto her expensive dress. Then, as Nicole licked up the last of Kincaid’s salty spunk, her back arched down in a sudden and sharp reaction to her own orgasm, the sound of which nearly caused Maurice to veer off the road. Nicole’s orgasmic pussy juice coated her French lover’s face as she muffled her cries of pleasure with Kincaid’s still hard cock, until finally, after several minutes of heavy breathing and panting, in the heat of afterglow, she slowly zipped up and then got off her lover, and then put her now exposed breasts back into her dress as the two of them kissed lovingly, as Kincaid tied her dress straps tight and lowered and smoothed her hiked up dress. It was at that moment that Kincaid said to Nicole, ‘’I Love You!’’


Kincaid’s words caught her off-guard, but, despite the jet lag and intense eroticism of her first few hours in Paris, there was no denying in her heart that she felt the same, yet at that moment she was afraid to say those words in return. Instead, Nicole just turned around and looked tearfully and lovingly into Kincaid’s eyes and said, “In my heart I think I love you, but I'm not ready to say the words.” To which Kincaid replied, “You will soon, mon amour,” kissing her deeply, as he felt Nicole’s heart and soul begin to further surrender to him, thanks in large part to the romantic power that is Paris. For the remainder of the drive Nicole and Kincaid sat silently and held each other lovingly as they passed through the most romantic part of the city, and watched as the sun slowly disappeared for the day. Soon they arrived, but the doors didn't open until about 9:30pm, so those with reservations had to stand outside and wait in the hot and humid Paris early evening. However, Kincaid had arranged for he and Nicole to be the first ones in, so that he and his love would not have to wait long, in the sweltering weather, with those who were queued. As they arrived, Kincaid mentioned to Nicole that he thought this was pretty stupid and inconsiderate of the Moulin Rouge management, considering how hot it was outside and how cool it was inside because of the air-conditioning. Maurice then pulled the car up to the entrance and opened the passenger door and took Nicole’s hand as he helped her out into the humid air. Her dress barely concealed her breasts, as she felt all of the men looking upon her. Additionally, the oral session that she and Kincaid had enjoyed in the back seat had given her a smoldering look of afterglow that only served to amplify her natural beauty. After Kincaid got out of the vehicle, he took his love by the hand and instructed to Maurice to be back promptly after the show so that he could take them to Katya’s mansion in Versailles. Nicole and Kincaid were soon inside and seated by 9:45pm, right in the center of the front row, but not before he could give her a quick tour and history lesson as she marveled at the dinner theater, that is the Moulin Rouge. As Nicole gawked at her surroundings, Kincaid, who was fiercely anti-Hollywood, stated to his lovely companion that, “Before the movie Moulin Rouge was released, not too many people knew that the Moulin Rouge even existed. But, as you can see, it is in fact a real place, and the movie I think gives a good insight into how life probably would have been like at the old Moulin Rouge. However, I must admit that even though it was not a French film, most Frenchmen think that the film was fairly accurate. Though Nicole Kidman was not near as sexy and beautiful as you my dear.”’ To which Nicole just smiled and said, loud enough for the couple at the next table to hear, “You know honey, I can still taste your cum on my lips. Can I have some more?” Kincaid, who was mesmerized by Nicole’s beauty, was even more surprised by her request as he winked at her, reached under the table, caressed her stocking covered thigh and then whispered into her ear, "not now, I'm saving it up for later, but then again so are several other people!" With those cryptic words, Kincaid continued on with the history lesson and said, “The real Moulin Rouge opened in October 1889, and just like in the movie it was a place where the Paris underworld met the upper class life of the rich and privileged. Politicians, ambassadors and even the Prince of Wales came to mix with the courtesans, can-can girls and performers who called the Moulin Rouge home. In the movie some of the characters were also based on real people. Can you guess who?”’ To which Nicole just smiled and shook her head “no.” Kincaid then laughed at how cute Nicole now looked as she focused on him and hung on his every word.


“’Well,” Kincaid said, “Zidler was the co-owner or manager of the real Moulin Rouge. But his name was not Harold Zidler, it was Charles Zidler. Another character from the movie, whom was based on a real person, was Toulouse Lautrec. Like in the movie, he was a famous artist and spent most of his life at the Moulin Rouge, where he befriended a lot of the courtesans and performers. His life was actually not as funny as it is portrayed in the film. He had a bone condition that stopped his bones from growing after he had two accidents when he was a young boy, which broke both of his legs. He was only four feet and eleven inches tall. A lot of his art work lives on today and gives us Toulouse's artistic view of what life at the Moulin Rouge was all about. “ It was about this time, as the waiter approached, that Nicole smiled and winked at Kincaid, as she said, with a lustful and breathless voice, “Maybe I can be a nude showgirl and stripper here someday,” as she reached under the table and grabbed his already hard cock. It was all Kincaid could do to not blow his load as he looked at his companion’s hard nipples, which were visible through the thin fabric of her dress, and imagined what pleasures the specially arranged party at Katya’s would be unveiled for his unsuspecting, but likely agreeable, daring, and very exhibitionistic future wife. It wasn't long after the two of them sat down that Kincaid took the liberty to order their meals and drinks. For appetizers, he ordered smoked salmon. It was awful tasting on it's own, but it was very tasty once they put lemon juice over it. For the main course they both had beef with béarnaise sauce and sautéed potatoes, which Nicole claimed was “a fantastic meal,” as the meat was incredibly tender. For desert Kincaid had a berry pie, which was lovely, and Nicole had a chocolate Moulin Mousse. While they enjoyed their meal, a small band entertained Nicole and Kincaid. It was a quaint jazz-type band. For singers they switched between a lady and a black man. They mainly sang cabaret type songs, some classic Sinatra type tunes and things like that. The singers were very good and provided a nice classy atmosphere, as Nicole thought to herself how lucky a girl she truly was. After the warm up acts had left the stage, Nicole and Kincaid then had the pleasure to witness the main act in the whole show- The memorable Cancan dancers, beautifully dressed in red, white and blue dresses and wearing sexy frilly white underwear. Nicole thought to herself, as she loving held Kincaid’s cock, and slowly stroked it, that it was great to see something which is so well known the world over and better yet, seeing it live at the renowned and prestigious Moulin Rouge. As the show ended, Kincaid turned to his new love and asked her what she liked best about the show. Nicole then kissed him deeply, and then said, “You're probably going to think I’m a fool, but I never knew that I would be seeing this type of show, while at the same time getting wet over the fact that most of the women were topless.” To which he replied, “ the one thing I should point out is every girl has natural breasts, implants are not allowed in the show. I can honestly say that, after having seen the show so many times, I don't even notice that the girls are topless.” Kincaid’s remarked earned him an even deeper kiss, as he feigned ignorance and said with a smile, “It's true my love, there's too much else to watch.” At which point Nicole just gave her new lover a wicked smile, and mockingly asked, “Honey, take me dancing!” With Nicole’s request to dance, Kincaid knew that she was going to enjoy the party at Katya’s. By the time they left the Moulin Rouge darkness had fell over Paris, but it was not called the City of Lights for nothing, as Nicole, in a lustful trance, took in the sites of the neon lit City of Love as the Mercedes made its way to Versailles. As Nicole watched the scenery go by, Kincaid had taken the liberty of once again hiking up her dress and feasting on her moist and wanting pussy until she was just about ready to cum. However, as Kincaid felt her orgasm approaching, he suddenly jammed a finger up her tight ass. The jolt of her lover’s rough and callused finger up her tight bung hole, which was 36

slick with her juices, caused Nicole to cry out in screams of ecstasy, as all around the car, at the traffic light, pedestrians looked on with knowing smiles at the sexual spectacle that had appeared before them. Once again, it was all Maurice could do to stay on the road, but he knew, that as a reward for his help in securing Nicole, he would be handsomely rewarded, not just by Kincaid, but also by Kincaid's former lover, Kabuki. After about 15 minutes of bringing Nicole to her mind-blowing orgasm, they finally arrived at Katya’s estate. As they pulled up to the mansion, Kincaid explained that Katya was an old friend from his days of serving in the military during the Cold War. Katya, he said, was about 48 years old and a former silver medal figure skater and gymnast for the old Soviet Union. However, now she was Russia’s ambassador to France, as well as a head of Russia's spy operations in France. Kincaid then said that, about once a month, as ambassadors are wont to do, she holds a private party for those whom she considers her most trusted friends, including several American, Asian, and European movie stars. “In fact tonight’s party is a celebration of sorts. I am on the verge of sealing a very big deal, which I will sure you will come to be excited about and which I am not at liberty to discuss as of yet. Ambassador Gorbachev, or Katya as she prefers to be called, wants to meet me socially tonight so that she can advise me on how best to close the deal. While she and I are talking privately, I can assure and promise that you will thoroughly enjoy the people whom you are to meet, especially the military men from Kukuanaland.” As Kincaid finished his sentence, he opened the car door, and led Nicole up the steps where a butler was waiting. Maurice then headed back to spend the rest of the evening, and the following day, with Monique, planning and preparing for the next 14 days of Nicole’s planned stay in France. As Nicole and Kincaid entered the official residence of Her Honor, the Ambassador to France, of the Russian Federated Republic, Katya Gorbachev, they were greeted by an older looking and very handsome distinguished gentleman, whom Kincaid introduced simply as Luc. Luc, who had a massive physique underneath his suit, led the two of them into a large room where a small crowd of about ten very beautiful older women, none of whom were younger than 35, who also were all obviously in tip top physical shape, and who were all dressed as sexy and elegantly as Nicole was. As for the nine uniformed African men, they all appeared to be much younger then their female dates, with the exception of Kincaid’s friend Luc. As Kincaid and Nicole entered the room a beautiful dark haired woman, with high cheekbones and the body of a goddess, who was dressed in white stilettos and a tight see through white dress, greeted them. Nicole could clearly see the woman’s nipples through the thin Lycra mesh top. The woman reached out and gave Kincaid a big hug, and then turned to Nicole and said, in a very thick Russian accent, “Darling, you must be Nicole, my friend Kincaid has told me so much about you. I should warn you though, he is a spy, but we are no longer enemies, just VERY GOOD friends.” Nicole just laughed at her spy remark and said that she, Katya, looked lovely, and that she hoped to have a wonderful evening. It was at that point that Katya took Nicole by the hand and began introducing her to everyone in the room. As Katya took Nicole’s hand, she winked at Kincaid and said to him in French, “she is perfect. I hope she tastes as good as she looks.” To which Kincaid just responded with a mischievous grin. As Katya introduced her, everyone appeared to be genuinely happy to meet Nicole as they eyed her body with knowing smiles as to what was to eventually come. As Nicole was introduced, Kincaid continued to talk with Luc, as he kept a close eye on her new lover. Nicole did the same, for despite all the handsome and sexy African men in the room, she was jealous of 37

sharing her lover. Even with Monique, she felt a great deal of jealously as she competed earlier in the shower and tub for his cock and affection. As she watched and studied him interact with his friends, Kincaid’s, she noticed how his black suit contrasted with the olive green military dress uniforms of Katya's African military guests. In addition, Kincaid's longer graying brown hair contrasted with the clean-cut majority, but Kincaid didn’t seem to notice or care, and it was that indifference that turned her on the most. As Nicole took a glass of wine she slipped into easy conversation with Katya, and several of the other men and women. None of the guests were America, and they were all curious about her life in the Midwest, and especially about Chicago. “Did you ever see Michael Jordon play basketball?” the leggy Chinese diplomat asked. “Is this your first time in Paris?” the busty Swedish model queried. “How long are you staying?” the large Kukuana army major asked, as the questions and conversations flowed through the night. Throughout the evening, Kincaid slipped in and out of the conversations Nicole was having with all of the curious guests, but he continued to talk with her softly all the while, putting her as much at ease as she could be. As the conversations wore on, and despite the persistent buzz from the glasses of wine, Nicole felt the eyes of Katya's guests following her around the room. The simple long black sheath dress that hugged her body revealed no lines underneath. That’s because, as Nicole chuckled to herself, there was nothing was under the flimsy dress to make lines, just her thigh-high black stockings and thong. Nicole's long tussled hair was worn comfortably, contrasting, much like Kincaid, with the carefully done hair styles in the room. Unlike the corporate parties she had attended with Barry, Nicole liked these people, for they were were successful people from Paris and the surrounding area, and they all had something about them she liked. They were especially warm in meeting her, and seemed to be genuinely interested in her; for they listened to her and asked good questions while answering the questions she asked of them. During the course of the party, as Nicole was engaged in conversation, Kincaid, Katya and Luc slipped away to the ambassador’s private office where they enjoyed a quick, but mutually satisfying, threesome before discussing their plans for Nicole’s training at La Roissy. Katya had suggested, and Kincaid agreed, that a trip at the DGSE's female spy academy would be a good thing, as Nicole would likely soon be going with Kincaid and Luc to Japan and the entire Pacific rim for an extended period of time in lieu of the information now coming out of Tokyo about what their sources were calling Project IKU. It was at that point that Katya reminded Kincaid and Luc that the Japanese loved to fuck foreign woman, and a sexually attractive and submissive American female would be the perfect gift to exchange for corporate secrets. Additionally, it was decided that Luc would select four men for Nicole’s “work out” at his gym the following day. As they finalized their plans for Nicole, Kincaid looked at his watch and smiled as he said simply, “Show Time!” It was now time for the real party to begin. Downstairs, the night moved comfortably Nicole thought. The music that played from a good sound system was part of Katya’s selection of new jazz. There was an open bar along the wall, with a large table with food along another wall. Couches and stuffed chairs cluttered the other side of the room. Nicole guessed there to be twenty or so people who had arrived at the party after she and Kincaid had arrived. It amused her that it wasn’t easy to determine who had come with whom, for they all mingled easily, spending time with someone and then moving on, seemingly enjoying each other’s company. In the middle of the room couples were dancing, as Nicole watched them for a while before a very handsome older Russian naval officer came up to her and politely invited her to join him. She found 38

herself having fun, really having fun, as the people around her on the dance floor talked with her, drawing her into their conversations easily and openly. The music was between songs when suddenly a large antique father clock struck midnight, at which point she and the Captain stood amongst a collection of people on the dance floor, waiting, she thought, for the music to continue. Then, as she felt the naval officer's eyes undressing her, she found herself deep in thought about her new lover and wishing he was there, when suddenly, as if by magic and almost out of nowhere, Kincaid was behind her, as he leaned into her and kissed her on the neck with a deep and loving gentle peck. “Having fun?” he asked. She turned her head to him and smiled. “Yes sweetie, I thought you abandoned me” she told him. “Oh no my love, I will never leave you.” He responded. From behind, he kissed her on the cheek and began to untie the thin strap on the back of her dress. The touch of his hand sent shivers up her spine, until finally, with the straps loosened, Kincaid eased her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, as Nicole now stood suddenly near naked among Katya's guests. Kincaid leaned into her and kiss her cheek again. “Have fun,” he whispered, and then moved away. Nicole was alone in the middle of the floor for only a moment, when suddenly Katya stepped to her from behind and kissed her neck. Katya’s hands then came around her and cupped each of her full breasts, while Nicole then watched as two of the uniformed Kukuana soldiers moved to her sides and leaned over to run their tongues around her nipples which Katya offered to them. It was all happening so fast, Nicole thought to herself, but so perfectly as another black man moved to kneel in front of her, ripped off her flimsy thong and then pushed his face into her well shaven pussy for a kiss. The soldier forced Nicole to spread her feet wider apart as she felt his tongue snake between her legs to her clit. Around her, Nicole saw people all over the room pulling their clothes and uniforms off and tossing them to the side. She then suddenly caught a glimpse of Kincaid who was standing by the bar with a drink in his hand as their eyes connected and they both smiled. Then, as Katya and the three men worked her over, Nicole suddenly became weak in the knees as she closed her eyes and drifted completely into the moment. Soon she felt herself being lifted up by the soldiers, whereupon someone had moved a hand to her face, a woman’s hand, she thought, for the fingers from the hand tasted like that of a woman. Nicole licked and sucked the fingers hoping she was doing a good enough job as a the colored man who had been kneeling in front of her had a finger inside her pussy as he licked circles around her clit. The two men who were beside her originally had both begun sucking her nipples as Katya, who was still behind her, ran a finger down the crack of her ass toward Nicole's anus. Nicole then felt her hands being gently drawn to hard cocks beside her, as she instinctively grasped each of them and began to stroke and milk them. As if by magic or perhaps as in a dream, Nicole felt herself being lifted higher, as she was moved across the floor being held by men all around her. Her eyes open now, Nicole saw the faces in the room watching her, all of them naked, waiting. They soon brought her to a coffee table and gently put her down on her back, whereupon she looked up and around at the men and women standing around her, for all of the guests had been invited to watch her, as they took in her body, her passion, and her lust.


Katya moved from above her and leaned over her to begin licking her breasts, while Nicole did the same to Katya, since her breasts and hard nipples were only inches from her face. Nicole's hands were then placed on two cocks again, while her legs were lifted up for her and spread, until she felt a cock nuzzle her wet pussy and push inside. Nicole raised her hips to receive it; but she didn’t need to as the strange cock pushed inside her completely and began to slowly stroke and fuck her. Before she was positioned, Nicole looked up to see the black men standing around her stroking themselves. Some of the white and Asian women had their hands between their legs or on their breasts. She then looked down to see the black man who was inside her. His name didn’t matter to her at all, for soon Nicole felt a splatter of cum hit her belly, as she realized that it was from someone beside her. Too soon, she told herself, but almost immediately the man inside her pussy spasm and pushed, spitting his load deep inside her, after which Katya then leaned forward to lick Nicole’s cum filled pussy as the black man withdrew from her. As the guests and the participants watched, Nicole’s first orgasm rippled over her body as Katya found her clit and broke all of her resistance to the strange feeling of a woman’s lips on her most tender of places. Nicole was still shivering in her orgasm, with Katya pulling hard on her clit, when she felt her legs being lifted higher as finger moved over her cum filled pussy and wetness down to her anus. The two fingers that entered her were simply preparing her for what she knew was to come, as suddenly they were gone, only to be replaced by the tip of someone’s cock, which slowly pushed inside her ass, as she moaned and felt her tight muscles slip over the crest of the head. Katya seemed to consume Nicole’s pussy as the cock slid deep insider her ass while hands from somewhere lifted suddenly Katya’s hips from Nicole’s face giving enough room for a black cock to be offered to her mouth, which Nicole took it greedily and began to suck, as Nicole quickly came again, for a second time, when Katya pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. The fingers in her pussy mixed with the cock fucking her ass were too much to hold back from, for Nicole had no idea if the cock in her ass was cumming inside her, until suddenly she felt the hot cum in her bowels as the cock withdrew from her rear passage way. Nicole soon felt herself being lifted again, and was carried to a couch along the wall where another black man was waiting, sitting, with his cock hard and pointing upward. The men who had carried Nicole then let her stand and crawl up onto him by her own power, as she mounted him and began taking his cock slowly as he sucked on her breasts and held her tight as she slid down slowly while his cock impaled itself inside of her pussy, after which she fuck him slowly, for his cock had stretched her pussy to the max, while behind her a mew pair of fingers again found her asshole, which was still wet with the cum that leaked out of it. The fingers didn’t linger, for they moved to her hips to hold her still while the tip of a new cock pushed inside her ass, filling her alongside the giant cock in her pussy, as Nicole leaned into the man beneath her and let them fuck her, slowly, together. Nicole's head was now laying on the shoulder of her African lover as she opened her eyes to look around the room. Everywhere she looked people were in various states of love making, except Kincaid and Luc who stood beside the bar watching her. As Nicole glanced over at Kincaid and Luc in a sweaty and lustful glaze, they raised their glassed in a salute and smiled to her. She winked and smiled back, but then gasped loudly as she felt both men come inside her at once, the feeling of which was even more intense then she had ever imagined, as their ropes of scalding cum made her shudder as she closed her eyes and ground herself down on the man in her pussy, making herself cum again for good measure.


After Nicole had convulsed and calmed down, the man behind her, whose face she never saw, withdrew from her ass, while the man in her pussy softened and withdrew from her too, as she passionately kissed him. As the man in Nicole's pussy withdrew, Katya moved onto the couch beside her and kissed her ear. Katya’s tongue soon moved from her ear, down her neck, across her back, down her ass, until finally she had her face buried between Nicole’s spread legs. Nicole felt the tongue and lips gathering the cum from her pussy and ass as she pushed her tongue farther into the man’s mouth. After that moment, Nicole lost count of how many times she had been fucked and cum on, all the while watching Kincaid and Luc, out of the corner of her eye, continue their conversation, as they watched her receive cock after cock. Somehow the night ended, as her weariness of the last 24 hours finally wore her down until she passed out, just as the sun was rising, in the throws of a final orgasm brought on by a cock in her ass, and two in her mouth...


Chapter Five As mid morning approached, Nicole awoke to find herself alone, blindfolded, naked, handcuffed and her limbs tightly shackled on an unfamiliar bed alone. She was not really sure as to where she really was, when in fact she suspected that she was still at Katya's. Unknown to Nicole was the fact that the curtains of the room were pulled across a glass door that led out onto a small deck facing the mansion's Olympic size pool. After she had passed out, after her final orgasm, she was brought into this room, whereupon a black silk scarf was tied across her eyes snugly, while handcuffs were secured to her wrists and snapped shut over her head, at the same time her ankles were shackled and her legs her spread apart on the soft and silky sheets. As Nicole awoke, she could hear the faint voices of people walking in the far distance, but it was all mere background noise as she waited. Where was her lover Kincaid? She hoped he would arrive soon. It scared her, and at the same time, it excited her to find herself alone in complete darkness, not knowing where she was, as she went over in her tired mind how it all had come to be. The last she remembered was the party at Katya's and the orgy that had commenced when her lover had untied her dress and let it fall to the floor. Yet, at least now, it seemed like a dream. After her final orgasm of the evening, that was brought about by the giant cock of the Kukuana soldier that had reamed her ass, Nicole’s body shut down. The entire sexual experience of her first 24 hours in Paris, and the fact that she had not slept in over 48 hours had finally caught up with her as she lay in a silent heap on the couch. By the time she had passed out, it was nearly 5 a.m., but for the rest of the party guests the orgy had just begun as Luc left Kincaid to pleasure a sexy female Chinese diplomat and Katya in the hot tub, after he had helped Kincaid carry Nicole’s now lifeless and cum stained body to the ambassador's guest room. As Nicole slept, before blindfolding and shackling her, on the soft bed, Kincaid and Luc slowly cleaned her body with warm and soapy sponges. As they stroked her body, Nicole let out small moans of pleasure as deep in her mind, thanks to the African Mahala coursing through her blood, she dreamt of countless erotic moments. In her mind she was being made love to by a thousand men and women. After Luc and Kincaid finished, they then tightly secured the blindfold around Nicole’s head and bound her limbs in the soft shackles, so that would not be able to move when she awoke. It was also during this deep slumber that Kincaid and Luc injected Nicole with several more doses of Mahala, which acted much in the same way as Viagra did on men. After about seven hours of sleep, after Nicole had awaken from her deep slumber, she suddenly she became aware of someone in the room. "Hello?" she called carefully. "Ah, you're awake," Kincaid answered. "Yes," she smiled into the blackness. Nicole then felt Kincaid's hand take the handcuffs and unchained them from the bed, along with the chains on her ankles. After having been freed, Kincaid's hand touched her thighs and guided her to turn and sit on the edge of the bed. The hand on the chain still in front of her then tugged her, getting her to stand. Kincaid's hands then took her shoulders and walked her into the middle of the floor. "Step up slowly," Kincaid said, "Careful." She felt the edge of a coffee table against each of her shins, at which point Kincaid began tying something around each ankle. "What?" she asked.


"Each of your legs are tied to the legs of the narrow end of the coffee table. Now bend over at the waist and put your palms flat on the table." Nicole did as he said, after which she heard the curtains being opened with a rush and felt the warmth of the sun through the glass doors on her legs and ass and pussy. "Nice view," he said, "Inside and out." At that moment, Nicole heard the voices again, the voices she had forgotten, the voices from the party, which sounded as if they were splashing around in a pool. It took Nicole more than a moment to realize how exposed she was now, how exposed she was to the voices near the window and anyone who chanced to look in. As Nicole steadied herself, Kincaid's left hand ran down the small of her back, then moved over her ass, touching it lightly, caressing it, and feeling her soft white skin. A finger from his hand then traced a line down the crack of her ass over her anus, over her pussy, and finally over her clit. Then his finger came back up, quicker than it had going down, firmer and harder too, spreading her lips as it passed upward and back up over her back to her neck. The finger became a hand again and gripped the back of her head and turned it as Nicole felt the warmth of Kincaid's cock on her lips, to which she willingly opened her mouth and took him in as he moved closer to let his cock move deeper inside her mouth while at the same time her lips came over the head as she tried to circle him with her tongue. "So good," Kincaid murmured. "There are people from the party watching just outside the window, including all of those soldiers you fucked last night. There are also some of the female diplomats out there. Oh look! They have just noticed you, but they haven't figured out yet what they see. I can see a giant black man, in just his Speedos, and that Chinese woman, in her white thong bikini, coming closer to take a closer look. The woman is talking, but the man is just listening and looking." As Nicole sucked Kincaid's cock, his hand returned to her pussy and entered her, as she moaned around his cock and pulled him harder into her mouth. At the same time she took him deeper, Kincaid's finger that was now in her pussy moved to her ass and entered her there using the wetness from below, to which Nicole responded by moaning again, but louder. Kincaid then continued to describe the action outside the room, "They understand now. They see. And they're watching. The man has his arm around the woman's shoulder." Kincaid's finger moved deeper into her ass and began to fuck her. To which Nicole then gasped as he took his cock from her mouth and moved over to her hips and then moved his hands around her clit, pussy, and ass. "They like what they see, and I do too. But if I fuck you now, it'll ruin their view of you. That wouldn't be fair, would it?" Suddenly Nicole heard a vibrator come to like with a roaring purr as she felt as it entered her pussy. The finger in her ass moved even deeper and was joined by a second finger, as Nicole took in a gasp of air as Kincaid described in vivid detail the sex scene outside the window as two of the African soldiers fucked the Chinese woman hard and fast in her pussy and ass, while Kincaid continued to slowly fuck Nicole with the vibrator until finally they could hear, through the thick bullet proof glass the sound of the Chinese woman cumming. As Nicole began to convulse with a mini orgasm, she heard the Chinese woman moan, Kincaid said, "Hmmmm, it looks like that was only the beginning. There are already four more men waiting their turn!"


Then, as she listened as the orgy progressed outside the window, Kincaid continued to describe the action as his sweet erotic torture of Nicole became, for her, most unbearable, for she needed to cum hard. However, before she could explode, Nicole suddenly heard a door open and the sounds of several high heeled footsteps enter, even as Kincaid continued fucking her pussy with the vibrator. From the sounds of the footsteps, it was clear that there were more than just two persons in the room with her. It was after the heavy door closed that Kincaid with drew the vibrator, and sternly said, “Put her on the bed, on her knees.” The unnumbered hands, both male and female, guided her face down onto the bed. After which her wrists were then attached by the handcuffs to the headboard as more hands moved pillows under her breasts, while a pair of strong male hands moved her hips and opened her legs, after which they glided over her ass, pussy, and wet inner thighs. Nicole now pictured herself, at that moment, totally exposed to Kincaid and the others. She pictured it in her mind as a camera suddenly clicked and whirred, as the weight of the bodies moved on the bed around her. “Do you want to take her?” asked Kincaid. “Da,” answered a woman in a sexy Russian voice, but it was not Katya. The female body then moved onto the bed behind Nicole as her hand moved between her legs, touching her pussy lightly, gently. Nicole knew the hand would find her wet and hot, as the hand pushed a finger inside her slowly. The female finger then moved in and out slowly, leaving her to paint circles around her clit with her own juices. The same finger then brought those same juices to the pucker of Nicole's ass and painted again, circling, and wetting her. The finger then entered her ass smoothly as the camera clicked and whirred again. Suddenly cool, thick liquid dripped down Nicole's ass, running over her and around the woman's finger. Lubricant, Nicole thought to herself, after which another finger entered her pussy. Was it the same person? Nicole wondered; however she had no way of knowing as the two fingers began to fuck her, moving in opposing time, one in, one out, alternating their entry. The feel of the tongue on her clit surprised Nicole, for it was such a pleasant surprise. The second finger in her ass caused her to moan, but before she could stop it Nicole felt the warm, smooth plastic of the vibrator sliding into her pussy, as the dull murmur of its purr joined in the chorus of her first orgasm. As Nicole's orgasm built up and then crashed over her, the fingers in her ass were withdrawn and replaced by a small vibrator. “Stereo,” one of the black men from the party said, from behind her, as the camera continued to click and whir. Soon several more bodies moved around Nicole as she was fucked by the two vibrators and the tongue. Soon Nicole became lost in the wondrous physical sensations as the faceless bodies touched her, held her, licked her, squeezed her nipples, tongued her ears, pulled her hair, and finally consumed her. As the bodies feasted on her sex, Nicole came again, then again, then again until there was no point in counting, as it all became a dark blur, an unseeing mass of experience totally given to feeling. Then suddenly, it was over. “Leave her there,” Kincaid said.


Quickly the bodies got off the bed, and moved away. In a moment Nicole was alone on the bed, as the mansion room door opened and closed several times. "They're leaving," Nicole told herself, leaving. "Please come back," she wanted to scream, but she didn't. It was then that Kincaid leaned over and whispered into Nicole’s ear, “Sleep well my darling, for you need your beauty rest. I shall return again in a few hours.” “Oui,” was all she said, as felt a prick of a needle at the base of her neck, as Kincaid injected a Mahala and sleeping potion mixture into her, after which she heard the door latch itself behind him as she suddenly found herself alone again. As the newly injected drugs worked their way to her brain, tears of joy welled up in Nicole’s eyes as she found herself, for the first time, wishing she could live in Paris forever, until quickly her sobs slowly gave way to a deep sleep. Yet despite the fact that she was no longer conscious, Nicole's brain continued to work for, in her dreams, she envisioned for the first time a life without Barry. Did she really love him? Did he really love her? How could he? Would a man in love let his wife have an affair in Paris? It was these thoughts which went around and around in her mind as she slept so deeply in her drug induced coma that she never noticed the strong male hands that carried her away to the waiting car and then up several flights of steps. 24 hours later Nicole awoke, but this time there were no blindfolds or handcuffs, in fact she was no longer at Katya's, but instead was lying naked next to Kincaid in his giant king sized bed in his Paris apartment. Upon seeing the sun rising, Nicole turned and looked at the clock, which read 9:00, nearly 24 hours after having been shackled, blindfolded, and taken on the bed by the faceless strangers, and nearly 30 hours after the orgy at Katya's. Upon awakening, and remembering, in vague detail about what had happened at the party, Nicole, at that moment, had never felt more alive and so full of sexual energy as she stripped down the sheets to pay homage to the soft cock of her sleeping lover. From nearly 6,000 miles away Barry watched, as well as about 1,000,000 others, via the Internet, as his nude wife awoke next to her French lover and proceeded to suck his cock. There was something in the way Nicole looked over at Kincaid that told him that he might never make love to her again, but for now it was just a bad feeling in his gut. However, he was not about to stop watching, especially now that the light skinned African maid, dressed only in a sexy French maid outfit who had entered the room and had offered to lick Nicole's pussy. Yet, as he watched, Barry could not help but think that somehow, all of what he was seeing on the screen was going to come back and haunt him, especially since, the day before, at the office, he received by private courier a sealed enveloped that contained over 24 pictures that showed his wife in various states of undress and clinical sexual positions, along with a list of top secret projects that Kincaid wanted information on. Immediately Barry recognized that he was now being blackmailed by his wife's new lover, but he had yet to figure out who Kincaid was actually working for, especially since the letter that came along with the photographs was written on Russian government stationary and was sent via diplomatic courier. The letter said simply that Barry was to provide, via an encrypted web site, all of his personal passwords to Motorola's numerous mainframe computers that housed the company's industrial and technological secrets within one hour of his receipt of the package, or else he would be extremely sorry. Thirty minutes after receiving the package, Barry received a telephone call stating simply that he had exactly 45 minutes to send the requested information or else he would not be able to witness his wife's first workout with her new personal trainers. 45

45 minutes later, in the comfort of his home office, Barry sat at his computer, full of guilt and regret, but still as turned on as ever as he wondered what was to happen to Nicole next, but not before he typed in all of the requested information on the encrypted web site that Kincaid had established for the information exchange. Seconds later, after Barry pressed the enter key on his machine, at a dedicated computer that was located in Maurice’s office, in a private building in the center of Paris that which served as a front for Kincaid's computer consulting service, a bell chimed signaling the delivery of the requested information. As he looked at the information sent, Maurice just smiled and breathed a sigh of relief that he would not have to disconnect the web camera links all over Paris. However, even if he had to sever the dedicated and untraceable camera link to America, he would still record the 'Nicole Show,' as it was now being called on the Internet. Maurice, who for years had been Kincaid's assistant, had decided that Nicole’s actions would be of particular interest to Kincaid's former lover, Kabuki, as the knowledge gained from watching Nicole might serve as important information to be used against Kincaid later during the mission Maurice was planning for him, with Luc, and hopefully Nicole, to infiltrate the GENOM Corporation in Japan, whose company secrets Kabuki was now in charge of safeguarding from foreign spies. Unknown to Kincaid was that his former lover, Kabuki, was still alive, and that Maurice, her savior, would do anything for the sexy Japanese ninja and bondage queen, especially since she was now his mistress, both real and virtually. Unknown to Kincaid, during Maurice’s off hours, he had recently spent many hours beta testing GENOM’s new virtual sex products, one of which was called the Sensisuit, the special suit that the Japanese company and its military wing had developed in order to extract, more easily, confessions out of foreign industrial spies just like Kincaid, Luc, and now Nicole!.


Chapter Six Meanwhile, back in Kincaid’s Paris apartment… Nicole stripped down the sheets to pay homage to the soft cock of her sleeping lover, which, even when it was flaccid was still an impressive sight. Her stomach was empty, but instead of food, she craved cum, for never in her life had she ever been so desperate to taste the salty spunk. As she sucked in and savored the musky aroma of Kincaid's cock, Nicole felt Monique's presence and offered her upturned ass to her lover's African servant girl. As Nicole slowly sucked she brought Kincaid's cock to life as he awoke to the erotic sight of his lover and maid in a daisy chain lust, to which he propped himself up on the pillow and enjoyed the spectacle as he ordered both of his women to suck only his cock and balls, after which he planned, after cumming and feeding Nicole, to fuck both women in the ass, after which he planned to watch Monique pleasure Nicole. Several hours later, after having fucked Nicole senseless, Monique whispered into her ear, “Bon jour, Madame Nicole! Or should I say, good afternoon?” as she stood before her with a tray of French toast, coffee, and croissants. Monique had a knowing smirk on her pretty face as she placed the meal on Nicole's lap and then kissed her deeply. The lesson in love that Monique had given Nicole had been truly memorable, especially since Nicole learned the proper techniques of what Kincaid called the "Art of Lesbos!" “Good Afternoon my Love,” said Kincaid as he came in to the bedroom and kissed Nicole, as she sipped on her coffee, on the cheek, and headed toward the bathroom. When he returned, after about 20 minutes, Kincaid was freshly showered and shaved as Nicole finished eating her breakfast, or was it now dinner? Either way though Nicole was content, full of sexual energy and ready to step out and enjoy the remainder of Paris day, and later, as promised, the Parisian nightlife. It was another hot and humid day in Paris, and Kincaid had special plans for his lovely lady for the evening, but first, he announced, it was time for them to head to the gym, as he stepped back into the bedroom wearing a pair of tight black spandex bicycle shorts and a gray sweatshirt. “I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of arranging you to meet with a personal trainer at my gym across the river.” Kincaid said, as Nicole looked at him dumbfounded. “But Kincaid, why do I need to workout?” asked Nicole. To which Kincaid just smiled and winked at her and said, “Because you must; however, I promise you will not be strenuous on your first day, but believe me you will definitely benefit from having a personal trainer,” After Nicole got up and finished her shower, she found on her bed what Kincaid had chosen to be her “workout clothes.” Nicole's eyes got wide as she picked up the outfit, which he laid on the bed, as she said to herself, “You must be joking Kincaid, these are not the workout clothes I'm used to wearing!” The outfit that Kincaid had chosen for Nicole to wear to the gym was a one piece sheer white thong backed leotard, the fabric of which molded onto her body, and when wet, became sheer. Kincaid had also had Monique lay out for Nicole a pair of white bobby socks and a new pair of white Reebok tennis shoes. 15 minutes later, as the traffic roared by, instead of being excited and exhilarated, Nicole feared that someone might down as they drove in Kincaid's convertible through the center of Paris. Even with the oppressive heat and humidity, Nicole felt naked, for the meager clothing that clung to her body still 47

made her feel uncomfortable. The even thinner clothing that was stretched taught over her chest, and exposed her nipples, made her feel completely exposed. Yet, even though Nicole felt somewhat humiliated, she also had to admit to herself that wearing the barely there outfit also gave her a thrill just like Kincaid had hoped it would. Still Nicole had ample reason to be afraid, for the one piece thong workout outfit left little to the imagination. Which she quickly realized as semi truck suddenly pulled along side, at the traffic light, and out of the corner of her eye she saw a man sitting in the cab, as he looked right down on her. Feeling the stares, Nicole suddenly made the mistake of glancing up, and in response, the leering men in the truck puckered their lips and gave her a whistle. Suddenly the red light finally changed and Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. For whatever reason, Nicole felt extra embarrassed because, before meeting Kincaid, she had had little experience in showing off her ample chest. Little did she know how truly beautiful her body was until Kincaid had introduced her, in Paris, to the decadence and wonderfulness of being so uninhibited. As the light turned green she heard the roar of the truck engine as the men attempted to accelerate along side. They wanted to look at her again, she knew, because, in the Paris heat, she had a lot for them to look at. Even though Kincaid had purchases her size, she felt the outfit was too small, for the top looked as though it was designed for a girl with half her cup size, as her breasts filled it to overflowing. The men kept up with them for only a few feet. It was a lucky thing she sat in a Ferrari, which their Renault semi tractor had no chance keeping up with. After shaking loose from the traffic, Kincaid and Nicole drove for a long time, about 20 minutes, until they got off the freeway, whereupon Nicole noticed that they were in another part of Paris that was unlike the beautiful parts she was familiar with. As they made their way through the dirty streets, Nicole noticed that everywhere there was graffiti and garbage. The buildings all were run down and she briefly worried about their safety until finally they pulled up to the front of a dilapidated building that had word “Fitness de Luc� over the steel gated entrance. Kincaid reached in the back and grabbed the gym bag, which he said held their clothes for the evening, and then said to Nicole that this was where he went three nights a week to work out and tone the fabulous muscles on his tall and handsome 6-foot-2, 48 year old physique. The sparsely populated street told Nicole that the gym wasn't very popular at dusk. In fact there were several dilapidated cars in a lot next to the building, which only gave a hint as to the type of gym it was inside. This was not an exclusive club for professionals where one could relax after a long day at the office, but rather it was an old fashioned gym that Luc originally used to train immigrant prizefighters from Turkey, and other street toughs, like the gang members who roamed the underworld and provided protection for his, Luc’s, lucrative side businesses. After stopping in front of the gym, Kincaid decided to park the car in the back lot, away from all the other cars, and as far away from the front entrance as possible. Nicole had butterflies in her stomach as she worried about the people who might see her when she got out of the car. "Seriously, what are we doing here?" Nicole leaned over and asked with a knowing and fearful curiosity. "I told you my love, we're going to work out, of course. What else would you do at a gym?" As Kincaid let out a slight laugh, which Nicole did not laugh along with, he then said- "Oh, don't worry my love, it will be fun. Just do what I say, and I promise you'll have a great time." Nicole was afraid to step out of the car, thinking that some slimy gangster or punk might see her. She could almost picture someone walking past her now, giving her a suggestive look or calling her a whore. But, as she looked around and stepped out of the car, all was clear, and no one was within sight. 48

She then got out of the car and quickly and followed a step behind Kincaid. Much to her relief, they did not walk around to the front of the building, but instead went through a back delivery door, just like the one they went through, at Kincaid’s apartment, the day of their alley sex session. At first it seemed okay to Nicole, but it did feel weird walking into a strange, dank, and very dark and mysterious place with no more on than a sheer thong one piece leotard, and a pair of tennis socks and running shoes. At first there seemed to be no one inside of the gym to see her as she followed Kincaid down a short hallway, and past some locker rooms. Despite the cars no one seemed to be working at this time at night, but that suddenly changed when they walked through a fire door into the main workout area of the gym. What Nicole saw and smelled were the dark skinned young men from such places as Turkey, Iran, and Kukuanaland lifting free weights while others walked on ancient treadmills, while a few of the bigger men did specialty work-outs on machines, like leg presses, and curls. Seeing that she was the only female in sight, due in large part to her outfit, Nicole suddenly felt very exposed and turned to hide back behind the door, but before she could escape, she found that the door was already locked behind her. "Don't be shy," Kincaid told her. "Follow me." Kincaid then took Nicole firmly by the arm, and walked her through the gym, as she felt the eyes of over a dozen olive and coal black skinned men upon her and her thong encased buttocks. Even after all that had happened since her arrival in Paris, Nicole still felt very embarrassed, even humiliated as Kincaid paraded her in front of these leering men. However, despite her embarrassment and humiliation, Nicole she did admit to herself that there definitely existed an erotic element to the musky and testosterone filled gym. Nicole then walked past the treadmills, and then past the weight stations, but was afraid to look back at the men when they looked at her. She held her head down and acted shy, as she walked amongst the beefy and sweaty young men, almost as if she was in a dream. "She's a friend of mine and Luc’s," Kincaid said, in French, to the old Turk who manned the counter, as Kincaid handed her his membership card. The old man gave Nicole an unfriendly glare, as he pointed out to Kincaid, in French. "You know this is a men's gym?" The old man at first wanted to refuse Nicole entrance, but then thought better of it, as he suddenly recognized Kincaid, and remembered that he and Luc were close friends, as he to Nicole in English, "Although I guess it's all right for you. At least I know none of the men will complain about your workout attire." The old Turk then gave Nicole a leering smile as he handed Kincaid and Nicole clean towels, after which Kincaid laid the bag down by the entrance to the men's locker room, and said, "Let's start you on something simple." He then took Nicole by her hand and walked her toward one of the ancient exercise machine. Kincaid the proceeded to show Nicole how the chest press machine worked, as he said “You lie back against a pad that extends up at about a 45 degree angle, and then you take hold of two bicycle like handlebars, and push up.” Nicole mostly noticed the way Kincaid’s chest pushed out at the bottom of each press, which made her realize it would be especially embarrassing for her.


The cool leather stuck to Nicole's ass cheeks when she took Kincaid’s place, and then took hold, pushed the handlebars forward against the resistance of the machine, and then relaxed it again at her side. She pushed once, twice, three times, as each time she felt her chest stick out when she relaxed her arms. Even worse, she noticed that the machine faced towards the rest of the gym, as all of the men were free to look at her barely concealed crotch, although few of them did. Nicole did feel some of the men take quick glances, but most of the men continued to work out as though nothing was unusual about a half naked white female working out along side them. This left Nicole with a very erotic hope, as she wondered if there was more to this workout than just exercise, for the men around her treated her like she was just another man, even though they clearly could see she was not. Elsewhere, on the Internet, and all over the world, word had gotten out, from a hacker in Russia, how to tap in and watch the broadcast of Nicole's latest sexual escapade, via the web, from the cameras Luc and Kincaid had installed in the gym and locker room. Nicole and Kincaid did not stay long at the first machine before they moved on to the next. She hardly had time to work up a sweat as Kincaid took her over to a weight bench. The thick rubber of the bench felt good against Nicole's semi-nude backside when she laid down. Again, she felt it most distinctly against her bare buns, which reminded her of all the men who had just leered at her ass after she had passed by them. A bar supported by two stands was positioned above her with weights on both ends. For this exercise, she needed a spotter, and Kincaid picked what must have been the biggest, and most sparsely clad bald black man in the room. "Hey Kinja," Kincaid called over to him in French. "Would you mind helping me spot for Nicole?" "No problem," He said, as he walked over to them wearing nothing but a tight bikini brief with a well pronounced budge in front, the massive girth of which Nicole could not help but notice as he stood along side her laid out body. Kinja was well over seven feet tall, strong, muscular, and shirtless. He looked like a linebacker for a professional football team, but it was his growing bulge that looked especially menacing. Kinja then stood behind Nicole and lightly gripped the bar with his hands. His crotch was positioned almost directly over Nicole's head. As she pushed up the weight, she looked directly at his dark scrotum, and could almost see the outline of his near golf ball sized testicles. "Very good," He said to Nicole in broken English as he looked down on her. "You're doing a very good job Nicole. That looks nice." Nicole knew he was complimenting more than her weightlifting ability, for she felt his eyes roam all over her nearly nude body, admiring her tits as she lay in front of him. Nicole could sense the African's arousal, as she watched intently as his bulge slowly began to expand. The sight of the African's manhood only served to increase Nicole's arousal even further as her heart began to race faster in anticipation of milking from and tasting the juices from the cock above. As a result of her growing arousal and admiration of Kinja's cock, Nicole worked on the bench much longer than the first, and quickly started to pant, as she felt her arms grow tired. "Why don't you trade positions?" Kincaid suggested, as he winked to his Kinja. Kinja then helped Nicole place the bar back on the overhead rack, and then took her place and laid down on the bench.


"Go ahead and spot for Kinja," Kincaid then told Nicole. Such a suggestion seemed ridiculous, of course, as there was no way Nicole could be expected to lift the bar with the two additional disks that Kincaid help Kinja place on each side, but she said nothing. Even though she felt useless as his spotter, the position gave her a perfect viewing angle. Suddenly, Nicole let out a gasp when she saw the tip of Kinja's cock appear above his bikini briefs. "Are you all right Nicole?" Kincaid asked of her with a slight smile. "Fine," she answered with a high-pitched squeal, louder than what she intended. "I'm just fine. No problem!" Nicole could easily tell that Kinja's cock was not just big., but monstrous! Kinja clearly was a very well endowed young man, as his semi hard cock laid at an angle and pointed to the side. Nicole was being blessed with a side profile of its furthest reaches. And not only that, but she could see that he was circumcised and had a thick mushroom on the tip. It was just the way she liked it, long and thick, as she stared at it for several long moments while she practically ignored the weights. They then worked out her legs next, as she sadly left Kinja behind, but then they walked up to two Iranian men laying on their backs and pushing down with their legs. Nicole noticed they were muscular and young like Kinja. Both were also shirtless and wore the same style of bikini briefs. She could tell that they had been working out for a long time, for their bodies dripped in a thick layer of sweat that made them look and smell extremely sexy. She could not help but wonder if either of them were as well endowed as Kinja. "I'll let you go first," Kincaid said, as he interrupted Nicole's admiration of the bigger of the two bulges. "I'll help you get started." Lucky for Nicole the weight bench between the two men remained empty, as she laid down on it, while Kincaid adjusted the weights. The bigger of the two men lay to her right, with a big, burly beard covering most of his face, while the other was clean-shaven and wore a patch over his eye. Like the rest of the men, 'eye patch' and the bearded one continued to work out seemingly oblivious to the sight of Nicole's sparsely clad body when she laid down. She, however, noticed theirs, as she took advantage of the opportunity to admire the bulges made by their biceps, quads, and especially by their dicks. As Nicole pressed forward with her feet, her eyes roamed back and forth to the tight mounds that were on each side of her. Like Kinja, she thought she saw the bigger of the two cocks start to grow even bigger, but then she figured it was only the side effect of her now very horny imagination. "Hi," a thick Arabic voice said to Nicole. "How much are you doing?" She was taken by surprise, as the words come from her left and she did not know what they meant at first, but then I realized he was referring to the weights. By this time, Kincaid had disappeared from her view, as his phone had rung. "I'm afraid I have no idea," Nicole answered honestly to the bearded one. "My boyfriend set the weights, and I'm kind of new to this sort of thing." The bearded one then stopped for a moment to look. While she continued doing the leg presses, 'eye patch' got up and looked at the side of the machine. "One twenty," eye patch concluded. "That's pretty good for someone of your stature." After which he turned, and Nicole clearly saw the outline of a long pole pointing up and to one side of his briefs. He looked to be another well endowed young man.


"My name's Habib," the one with the eye patch said, as he introduced himself and got back on the bench and started up again. "I'm Nicole," she said half out of breath. By this time though she was tired, as her legs had started to ache. She wanted to quit this little bench pressing exercise, but then, as she stared at Habib's cock, she suddenly was rewarded with a renewed source of energy. Habib did only two or maybe three leg presses after he laid back down, when suddenly, Nicole was left with the sight of her second mushroom cock head of the evening. Unlike Kinja, this one showed more. The action of his feet and thighs allowed it to escape completely. Instead of looking at it inside his briefs, it poked out. A good three, or four inches of dark skinned male flesh sprung out from the top of his bikini briefs, though he did nothing about it and casually ignored the thing. Like Kinja, he was clearly a very well endowed young man, and his cock was very thick, with a very substantial diameter. She knew it was long too, but that was more difficult to gage, as Nicole could not help but wonder how many more inches remained covered under his briefs. Nicole noticed that the weights did not feel nearly as heavy when Habib look at, them, but they soon made her legs tired never the less. After hanging up his phone, Kincaid came back to where Nicole lay and said, "Lets do a little running." Nicole did not want to leave, but rose anyway, even as she noticed both men were hard now, especially Habib, as he continued to expose his cock. The bearded man looked as though his might even be bigger, but his cock remained firmly locked inside his briefs. Nicole didn't know where Kincaid went while she did the leg presses, but she really did not care since the two men provided ample entertainment. Then, as they headed over to a row of new machines, Nicole pleaded, "Please, not those," as she saw where Kincaid was taking her. What Nicole saw was a group of about a dozen treadmills standing against the wall where several well conditioned men jogged in place on three of them. Nicole quickly realized Kincaid wanted her to jog along with them, as she suddenly realized just how much her breasts would bounce in a run. Her exercise outfit offered almost no support, and she knew that her bosom would bounce hard and move all over the place, possibly even bursting out of the thin fabric of her top. "Please!" Nicole begged as Kincaid set the controls on her machine. "I can't run in this!" Kincaid ignored Nicole's pleading. The treadmill started up and she was forced to start walking as Kincaid stepped onto the treadmill next to her and began jogging. "Well," Kincaid questioned. "Are you 'coming' or not?" Nicole suspected his words had a double meaning, for she had not cum yet, and she was desperate to feel the flow of her orgasmic release as the treadmill then started to move faster, and she was forced to keep up. Nicole could not believe she was doing this! It wasn't bad at first, but then the treadmill began to move faster and faster. It looked as though Kincaid had programmed it with his own personal program to start slow and accelerate faster. Nicole tried her best to run level and not bounce her body around too much, and she tried to be careful, but it soon became impossible as her legs, which were already tired from the leg press exercise, now ached. Soon she started to get out of breath, even as the treadmill kept up its ever present acceleration to higher and higher speeds.


Nicole's breasts then started to bounce, and then they began to bounce some more, which made her ordeal worse as her legs began to grow numb. Suddenly Nicole's tits really start to fly, as they swung up in one direction and then back over to the other. The best she could do was to keep them from flying out. This time some of the men had a hard time ignoring her, even though they had done their best to ignore her, but this time they couldn't help but look. When Nicole saw the eyes of several of the young and sweaty men locked on her chest, she felt both humiliated, but at the same time she felt a deep sexual thrill at the hope of what might happen after her run was over. However, the run was far from over, as the treadmill accelerated to an even faster pace, causing Nicole's legs to hurt even more, as her tits bounced around with increased violence, so much so that they started to hurt. Glancing down, Nicole saw her worst fears come true, for even though her top still covered her breasts, because of the sweat that now soaked the fabric, the top had begun to shrink, making it look as though her top was on the verge of flying apart. The straps of the one piece outfit started to chaff the skin at the side of her chest and behind her neck, as she realized her heavy and sweaty tits were placing tremendous stress on the thin fabric of the straps, and that any faster the thin straps would break. Looking around the room, Nicole saw the eyes of additional men locked upon her. Their stares felt both exhilarating and erotic, and secretly she wanted the top of her outfit to tear apart and her tits to break free. She then thought about what she would look like in a run with no top at all, the image of which gave her an extra burst of strength, after which, as she panted heavy with exhaustion, she told Kincaid that she could not go on and then jumped off the still running treadmill. By now Nicole was completely out of breath, for her lithe body was no covered completely in sweat, and she noticed that her hair was wet. She was now at the point of near collapse and muscle failure as she felt her legs and arms quiver, the weakness of which caused her to brace herself on Kincaid's treadmill. Kincaid continued to jog at Nicole's side as she said, “I have to give you credit. Your body is obviously in much better physical condition than my own. I am not accustomed to working out like this.� Yet, despite her physical exhaustion, the exercise in voyeurism, in watching all of the semi naked young and muscular men in the gym, now filled her completely with desire that she couldn't wait to get her lover into bed tonight. "Have enough of a workout?" Kincaid questioned, still running at a good pace but hardly out of breath. By now Nicole was bent over, with her hands on her knees, still panting with exhaustion. "I think so," Nicole said between breaths. "Good, then time for your reward," Kincaid said as he stepped of the treadmill. "It's time to shower." Kincaid then took Nicole by the hand and headed towards the back of the gym. She wondered what he meant by "reward" as she saw two doors. One said, in French, "women," and the other was labeled, in French, "men." Nicole started to head for the women's locker room, but Kincaid suddenly jerked hand still held on to her own and said to her, "No, this way!" Nicole was initially shocked, and afraid to follow, but upon her hesitation Kincaid only pulled harder, and before she knew what had happened, she was pulled the men's locker room. Immediately upon entering Nicole saw scores of sweaty dark skinned nude men walking around, most of whom were in the shower washing their perfect muscular bodies. However, what really caught Nicole's attention was the fact that, after she had entered, none of them paid any attention to her. As Kincaid led her to his locker, deep within the bowels of the musty and steamy room, the men walked by her as though nothing was out of the ordinary about a woman in a men's locker room. One even bumped her with his arm as he walked by. 53

It was readily apparent to Nicole now that, much like the party at Katya's this too was all part of Kincaid’s prearranged plan, for the men had all been told earlier, by Luc, to act as though Nicole was just another guy. Unlike the men, all of whom were too worn out from their weightlifting, Nicole was now even more aroused, for it was as though she was in dick heaven. Around her were cocks of all colors, shapes and sizes, all of which bounced as they walked past her. More importantly, these weren't just any cocks, for these were large foreign men with sculpted muscles and well toned bodies. For Nicole, it truly was paradise. Nicole tried hard not to stare at them while she waited for Kincaid to open his locker, but it was difficult, especially since, just feet away, one particular tall and athletic African washed himself in the shower. Nicole was lost in lustful amazement as she watched the ebony god rub soap into his chest, down his stomach, after which he ran his soap filled hand over his dick and balls. He then lathered them up, and in the process moved them all around. The African, to Nicole, looked well hung, as his soft cock extended several inches down his legs, the sight of which caused her to almost drool as she tried to picture what his cock would look like standing upright and at attention. However, Nicole's view got even better when the African dropped the soap in the shower, and, with his back towards Nicole, he bent over to pick it up. As Nicole looked at his ass as he bent over, she could see his big dick hanging down between his legs. For her, it truly was an incredible sight to behold, as her lustful concentration was broken, when she suddenly felt her lover's warm breath on her neck. "I bet you would love to wrap your hand around it," Kincaid whispered into her ear. "I bet you would like to pull it for him, maybe lead him around by his dick." It is as though Kincaid had read Nicole's mind. He was right, as a fantasy suddenly formed in her mind. She then smiled as she thought about what it would be like to stand in the shower with the nameless African, maybe even help him lather up his cock and balls. She knew she could get them very clean, as she pictured herself feeling over every square inch of his monster. It was at that point that Kinja came up to Kincaid and Nicole, and said, "Hello Kincaid and... is it Nicole?" He questioned in fractured English. Nicole just nodded her head, unable to speak as she turned to face the semi nude Kinja. "Have a good workout?" He walked right over to them and asked. "Good enough," Kincaid answered in English. "I would like to stay longer, but Nicole is getting too horny. She asked if we could go home to fuck." Nicole's head turned like it is on a coiled spring, as she looked up at Kincaid in shock; however, her blushing face gave away her real desires. "It looks like you better hurry," Kinja said in English with a smile. "I'm not so sure if she can make it." It was a humiliating remark, but then Kinja turned around and she forgot all about it, as her lover said, "Well, aren't you going to take a shower too?" Nicole was shocked. While she was busily admiring the cocks all around her, Kincaid had completely undressed, as he now stood beside her naked, with a towel over his shoulder. It was at that point that Nicole paused for a moment to consider just exactly she was going to experience, for here she was in the middle of a dingy and dank men's locker room, with at least two dozen handsome, fit, and naked men standing around her, all of whom looked to be very well hung. Kincaid had just asked her to take off her thong one piece and join them in their naked state, the 54

suggestion which nearly caused her to cum right then and there, for she knew that this was a yet another test in exhibitionism and hedonism that she did not want to fail. As Kincaid stood behind Nicole waiting, she moved her hands up her sweaty top and then slowly ripped open her top, which allowed her firm and substantial breasts to break free. As she ripped her top open and freed her breasts, several men looked at them, and despite their best efforts, they were now no longer able to ignore her. After her breasts were free, Nicole then kicked of her shoes and socks, and then slipped down her sweat soaked thong bottom and showed them more. The bottom was easier because she was already half exposed, as she slipped it down and showed off her well shaven pussy. Once Nicole was completely naked, Kincaid then took her by the hand and led her into the shower. As they walked, Nicole could feel the eyes that now followed her. Nicole could feel all of them admiring her firm tits and naked pussy, yet, even as they stared, most of them remained obedient, per Luc’s orders, and continued to act as though there was nothing out of the ordinary about a naked American female inside a smelly and testosterone filled men's locker room and shower. Seconds later Nicole stood in the middle of the dimly lit tiled shower and allowed the warm water to cascade over her. She remained naked, of course, and so was everyone else, the only difference was that she was a female and the rest were all males. She couldn't believe there were five beautifully sculpted muscular naked men taking a shower along with her. One of them, she noticed, had become partially erect, and it excited her, especially when one of them then grabbed her by the ass, whereupon she turned and found it was Habib. "Oh, excuse me," Habib said with a lustful breath. Nicole was about to reply, but before she had a chance to say anything she noticed his cock, as she glanced down and saw him standing fully erect and pointing up at attention from between his muscular legs, the sight of which looked to be even longer and fatter than before. Looking over her wet body, Habib smiled and said. "Have a good work out?" Frozen with lust, Nicole opened her mouth to form words, but she was now unable to answer as she felt herself being surrounded. From behind her Nicole heard another man say, "It sure looks like you did," to which another man replied, "That looked to be quite a workout on the treadmill." Sensing what was soon about to happen to her, Nicole looked over to see Kinja, and looked down to see that he was inflated too. She was not sure who was bigger, Habib or Kinja, for they both had enormous cocks, nine or maybe ten inches in length. It was at that point, under the cascading hot water, that Nicole felt another man touch her on the ass. This one though did not grab her with his hand, as she looked around to see that he must have touched her with the head of his cock. It was the same man, the African, she saw in the shower when she first walked in, for he was also at a full erection and looked to have the biggest of all. Nicole suddenly realized that Kincaid was no longer with her, in fact he was no where in sight, as the five naked and very well endowed studs circled and surrounded her in the shower. It was the African who started the sexual assault, for when Nicole turned to face him, he took her by the arms and brought her in close. He then kissed her, and at the same time she felt the tip of his cock brush up against the crack of her ass, as he bent down and held her firm. Nicole knew that her first instinct should have been to scream and run away, but she didn't, as she was powerless and had no more strength left as the African pressed tight against her, working his big cock into her tiny pussy. As Nicole watched the men in front of her begin to stroke their menacing cocks, from behind her, the African said. "Relax and enjoy it."


There was no need for foreplay now, as the gym served as their own foreplay, for the African had been ordered to simply enter Kincaid’s newest conquest raw. Which is exactly what he did, as his big meaty hands encircled Nicole's waist, pulled her close, and then slowly entered her wet pussy. Yet, despite her excitement, Nicole's pussy felt his size immediately, for he was big, really big. Despite his size, the African easily slid his cock inside Nicole, as the head of his cock forced her open more than she had ever been opened before. He entered slowly but deliberately, sinking his long cock deeper and deeper inside with every passing second, until finally, just when she thought he was fully inserted, he rammed it home with a final thrust. As Kincaid and the rest of the world watched on video and the Internet, it was readily apparent, by the look of pleasurable surprise on her face, that this was the deepest Nicole had ever been impaled before. "OHHHH GOD!!!!!" Nicole cried out, but before she had a chance to catch her breath, the African began to fuck her hard in the middle of the men's shower room, as the global audience watched. "Oh, oh, oh," Nicole panted and screamed with each thrust, closing her eyes tightly, until finally she opened them up and realized even more men were surrounding and watching her, as her screams were loud enough for those in the gym to come in and watch the spectacle. As the naked muscle men surrounded her, Nicole knew that she must have looked like a wanton slut, but she couldn't help it, for at that moment she did not care. As she and the African fucked, slowly, Nicole was forced to back up, for the African's cock was simply too much manhood for her body to handle, and she couldn't keep still. She soon found herself pegged up against the wall, where the African could gain additional leverage and enter her even further. The wet, smooth surface of the tiled wall slid across her hands, face and cheeks as the African's hard meat rammed in and out. "Oh, oh, oh!" The African's hands soon left her waist where they were no longer needed, as he then brought them up to Nicole's chest, whereupon she felt his strong hands push her breasts up from below and then circled around, as he roughly kneaded her tits as he savagely fucked her. From this angle the African fucked Nicole long and hard as she plead for mercy. Ignoring her pleas, the African continued to give her what was, in her mind, the best animalistic fuck she had ever received. Nicole soon find herself on the verge of an orgasm, but the African didn't give her the chance because, as before she could cum, the African stopped, then rammed his cock home, and grunted. Seconds later Nicole she felt the African throb and explode deep within her as his cock filled her so tight that she could actually feel it throb and squirt deep inside. After cumming, and listening to Nicole's pleas for more cock die down, the African took Nicole by her wet hair and forced his tongue down her throat, after which he said, "Thank You." The African then turned his head around and said, "She's good! I must say Kincaid’s girlfriend is quite a good fuck!" He then pulled out of her completely, the emptiness of which left Nicole completely unsatisfied for she had failed to reach her own orgasm. Sensing Nicole's disappointment, she heard a familiar voice say, "Let me try," as Nicole turned to see Kinja eagerly requesting to take the African's place. With Kinja stepping up the disappointment quickly left her, for Nicole was in desperate need of an orgasm, but she knew that, with all of these men waiting to rape her, that she would be more than satisfied before she left the gym. Kinja then spun Nicole around and picked her up and placed her on top of his cock, as his massive arms held her tight against the wet tile wall, after which he fuck her hard, as she screamed out "Oh, oh, oh!" With Kinja fucking her now, Nicole started panting like before, until seconds after his cock 56

entered her, Nicole's orgasm hit her before she was ready, as she screamed, “FUCK!" at the same time her body tensed as she looked up, and felt both of her feet leave the ground. Kinja then slammed Nicole against the shower room wall and presented her with the most powerful orgasm of her life. As Nicole's body convulsed, she heard her rapist say, "More than good! I like a woman who isn't afraid of letting you know when she gives an orgasm. I can't wait for another." However, Kinja did not give Nicole time to rest as he immediately started up again. "Please!" Nicole begged as she tried to stop him in a voice that said she really did not mean it. "Oh please, please stop. Let me rest." Kinja acted as though he could not understand what Nicole was saying as continued his vaginal assault. Nicole now felt numb after that first orgasm, and for several moments she could hardly even feel him thrusting in and out, but soon the sensation returned at about the same time she felt his meaty hands begin to paw her breasts. "I like these," Kinja complimented. "Now these are what I call tits." Kinja moved Nicole's breasts around, squashing, squeezing; even pinching her nipples. Yet, sooner than she thought possible, Nicole started to feel another orgasm approach. She began to feel the coming orgasm gather momentum from somewhere deep inside of her, but just like the African, Kinja let go too soon as his hands left her chest as his body tightened and he rammed Nicole's weary body hard up against the wall and unloaded. "Take it Bitch," Kinja yelled. "Take it all!" Which is exactly what Nicole did as she felt him throb and shoot into her three separate and long streams of hot thick spunk, after which Kinja stayed inside, for at least a minute afterward, as he experienced additional smaller eruptions. "Excellent fuck," Kinja said as he finally pulled out. "Oh Nicole, you are quite an excellent fuck." Nicole just nodded as she turned around and with all of her strength steadied her wobbly legs with her hands on the wet and warm shower tile. "Good job," The other men said in French, as they patted him on the shoulder as though he has just scored a soccer goal. "That was great!" "What a show!" As Nicole stood there, she felt the African's and Kinja's thick liquid seed flow down her inner thighs, for her womb was was so full of cum after a double fuck that her pussy could not hold it all. It was at that point that that Kinja stepped back, but in doing so he had pulled out of her like the African and had again left her on the orgasmic edge. Nicole then wondered who would be next, as a thick Russian voice said in English, "I wonder if she is as big of a slut as she seems to be." Upon hearing the Russian, Nicole looked toward the rough voice, which was out of the shower and in the direction of the lockers. The voice came from the first white man she noticed in the shower - the biggest man of them all, Igor Breshnev, Russia's former champion weightlifter. It was at this point that Nicole found her eyes being drawn to Igor, who was laying on one of the benches, bare, naked, face up, as she focused in on his cock, the longest one she had ever seen. "I think she is," Someone said, in French, from the near the door. "She's the biggest slut I've ever seen," another man said in very broken English.


Nicole continued to look at the Russian, for she was unable to pull her eyes off his gigantic tool, for she could not help but wonder what it was going to feel like inside of her. Nicole then heard Igor say to her, "I wonder if you are a brave enough slut... to walk on over here and take a seat." Nicole said nothing, as she watched the Russian stroke his own cock, as if to invite her, but she already knew and saw where he expected her to sit. "Oh yes!" One of the men said. "There she goes!" Said another in English. "Go over to Igor and take a seat. WE DARE YOU!" The taunting challenges for her to fuck the Russian's massive muscular tool were too much for her, yet Nicole did not consciously walk, instead she felt an invisible force take control of her body, as her legs moved on their own. Her body approached the Russian's cock like steel to a magnet, as Nicole found herself powerless to halt her walk over to this big man they called the "Rail splitter", for he was a new challenge, and Nicole had never been one to back down from a dare. "You know you want it WHORE," Igor told her. "Come on over here and ride it." Nicole then stepped out of the shower, toward the lockers, to the big man who now laid on the kneehigh bench. "Yes, come on over and take a seat on my pole!" Wordlessly, Nicole stepped up to the end of the bench and spread her legs. She spread one to either side, and then continued walking. "What a whore!" Voices around her said. She heard them as if in an erotic dream. Nicole had to part her legs further when she came to Igor as she passed over his feet, and then over his meaty legs. She then continued to walk up the length of his body until she reached his waist. "That's the way Nicole," Igor said. "That's perfect! Now just have yourself a seat." Nicole had to step up on her tiptoes to reach over his cock because it was so long, and then she let herself down on it. "Holy fuck!" Someone yelled in English. "She's actually going to do it!" Which is exactly what Nicole did as she let herself slowly go down on it. The Russian's cock easily entered as Kinja and the African had already reamed her and lubricated her insides well. She hardly felt him enter, as he was actually skinnier than her last two fucks, but what he lacked in girth he made up for in length. At one point, Nicole thought he must be all the way in, but then realized that she had yet to sit down on him, and his hairy pubis. Soon her twat started to feel tighter as it began to enter harder, hitting virgin territory. "I think she's going to take it," A voice said. "There she goes!" "All 14 inches." Nicole thought that the 14 inches was an exaggeration, but she was not sure by how much. He was fantastically long and entered her fantastically deep, and she couldn't believe that she was capable of accepting such a long tool. Suddenly Nicole became worried that the Russian might hurt her, but he 58

didn't, as she was slowly able to take it all until finally she lowered herself all the way down as he entered her fully with a cock now having gone in her where no other one had ever gone before, after which she began to ride him. Nicole rode this cock like she had never ridden a cock before, as she bounced up and down and rode him like a a bull stud as she moaned in uninhibited passion. Because of his massive length, Nicole had to move her ass a long distance up and down in order to experience his full length. Moments earlier Nicole's legs felt tired and on the brink of collapse, but now they found a new source of energy as she rode Igor faster and faster. She wanted this ride to make her tits bounce up and down, just like the treadmill all over again, but she didn't care about how she looked, for all she cared about now was the big cock inside of her as she desperately sought out another orgasm, until eventually she found herself again on the brink, but just like earlier she again did not get the chance. For suddenly, without warning, Igor pulled Nicole down on him, as she felt his strong hands on her waist as he pulled down and skewered her with his long cock. A second later she heard him grunt, and a second after that she felt him pulse and throb inside of her as he squirted his spunk deep inside of her womb. As Nicole continued to milk the Russian's shrinking cock, a strange sounding voice, which was neither male nor female, said, "Igor, get up and have the whore take your place," after which the husky and smoky voice then spoke from behind her, "It's my turn!" Igor quickly obeyed like a servant to a much stronger master, as he pushed Nicole up and took his cock out of her dripping love hole, after which he got up off the bench, laid her down in his place face down onto the narrow bench with half of her tits dangling off both sides. At this point Nicole was oblivious as to what was going to happen next, for she had been placed in such a position that escape was impossible. It was at this point that Nicole heard silence, after which she heard a door being locked and a shuffling of footsteps when suddenly she heard Habib say, "Holy shit! It can't be human!" "Look at the size of that thing!" Another said. By now Nicole was desperate to know what the men were talking about, but when she tried to turn around and look, a blindfold descended over her eyes, after which she felt pairs of strong hands hold her wrists tight as suddenly more men began exclaiming their awe of the newest visitor to the locker room, the she-male known simple as Amanda, the 55 year old former East German female bodybuilder and wrestler. "Go ahead," someone said, as Amanda was invited in. "I gotta see this!" Said another. Nicole, who was oblivious to the fact that a massive and beautiful hermaphrodite was now approaching her, heard shuffling and movement behind her, and she could tell that someone was positioning himself behind her at the opening of her delicate cunt. A moment later she started to feel it. She hoped it was Kincaid, but she clearly could feel that it was not, and it only took a second for her to know, as she only needed to feel the head. Clearly this cock belonged to that of another man, but when Nicole felt the intruder's soft feminine hands opening her ass cheeks, she sensed that this new cock was going to be something very different, and it was as it opened her up and spread her lips apart wide! Stunned at its girth, Nicole realized that this cock belonged to someone other than a man; for it was bigger and wider than any before, and she hoped, much longer too. The truth was that Amanda's cock was a cybernetic and synthetic creation of GENOM, created through the process of mixing human and horse cells, which was then grafted onto the body of the beautiful and dangerous freelance assassin. Kincaid knew Amanda via his friendship with Katya, and, as Kincaid 59

was searching for a truly unique sexual experience for Nicole, he recalled what Katya had said about the power and size of Amanda's cybernetic cock. Katya had become quite familiar with it recently after one of her parties. As the cybernetic cock penetrated Nicole, with difficulty, all around the gym the men watched in awe, mesmerized at the spectacle before them of watching the 300 pound muscle-bound hermaphrodite slowly ream Nicole's delicate pussy. Despite Nicole's three earlier fucks in the shower, Amanda had trouble entering, despite her slicked twat and her substantial reaming. "Oh!" Nicole grunted at the next inch of penetration. "Oh shit! OH MY GOD!!! OH GOD!!!" Unlike the others, this cock entered Nicole in short, quick thrusts, impaling Nicole's tiny frame by perhaps an inch at a time. Once Amanda felt Nicole was ready, she gathered up steam, pulled back slightly, and then rammed the horse cock back home again in a determined mission to prove that her cock was better than that of any man. "OH! OHHH! OHH GOD!!!" Nicole grunted again. "OH FUCK!!!" "How is she doing?" A deep, feminine German sounding voice asked from behind. Upon hearing her voice, Nicole could tell it belonged to that of the cock impaled inside of her, but not impaled very far, for only her horse sized cock head rested inside of her as she realized that her rapist was asking if her cock was too big. "She's fine," Kincaid answered for Nicole. "Keep on going! Nicole's fine. I'm sure she can take all of it." "FUCK!!!!!" Nicole felt Amanda thrust another inch. It felt like she was being fisted. Kincaid just smiled as he told Amanda, in French, to “Fuck her until she passes out!!!” Which is exactly what happened as the powerful hermaphrodite with the hybrid monster horse cock fucked Nicole gently and until finally it was able to trigger Nicole's long sought after orgasmic release that drained her of the remaining bits of energy and coherence that was still within her. Despite Nicole's orgasm, Amanda continued to fuck Nicole slow and long until finally she blew her salty spunk deep inside Nicole's womb, after which, as the python prick pulled out of her, Nicole moaned in disappointment as she closed her eyes and cooed in womanly afterglow and satisfaction, eventually drifting off to sleep as the men in the locker room, and Amanda, faded off into the night. When Nicole next opened her eyes she found that she was alone in the musky smelling locker room, after which she slowly lifted herself up of the still moist cum stained wooden bench. She then looked in the mirror and saw that her skin and hair were still wet, but that her pussy continued to tingle with a moist a mixture of pain and pleasure. As she recalled her 'rape' in the locker room, Nicole realized with pride that her twat had endured a pounding that lesser women would dare never dream of, but one which she was proud to not have only survived, but also enjoyed, for she knew that what she had just experienced was only the beginning of a new life and continued sexual awakening for her. As Nicole sat up on the bench she saw that Kincaid had laid out a dress unlike any other she had ever worn before, as well as a pair of matching pumps, with a pair of white garters and a G-string that was barely big enough to cover her small tuft of pubic hair. There was a note on the locker where the dress hung that left no doubt as to what their plans were for the rest of the evening. All that the note said was “jazz for dancing, and jizz for dinner! Wait for me at the corner café across from the gym. Be there promptly at 8:00. Being late is not an option.”


After what Nicole had just experienced at the hands of four massive cocks, she trusted that what ever her lover Kincaid had planned for the Paris night would definitely not be disappointing. In the open locker Nicole found a bag full of disposable Air France toiletries and black hair clip, with a small note that instructed her to wear her hair up so as not to hide her neck. Nicole then showered again, after which she used a musky smelling wet towel to dry her hair, and then dabbed her body with the perfume from the bag of toiletries. Once she felt she was ready and her hair looked presentable, Nicole turned her eyes toward the skimpy white satin dress that Kincaid had selected for her to wear for the evening, as suddenly an erotic shiver of excitement went up her spine at the thought of wearing such a daring and provocative dress in public.


Chapter Seven From far away, Barry was now in emotional hell after having watched his wife's gang rape, during which she had been penetrated by cocks that were nearly twice the size of anything that he had to offer. Especially troubling to him, was the sight of the beautiful and masculine hermaphrodite who had been the last to fuck Nicole before the video connection was cut. Luckily for Barry, he had recorded and watched, over and over again, the entire locker room fuck session that Nicole had been subjected to. For Barry, it was obvious, from the way she had been talking to Kincaid and the fact that he heard her say "I Love You" through her moans, during their morning love making session, that the last person she had on her mind was Barry. The sexual and emotional feelings of his agreed to and forced voyeurism was the price Barry was realizing that he now had to pay for not stepping up and being the husband he should have been. However, despite his guilt, the site of watching Nicole being gang banged was truly remarkable, as Barry approached his fourth orgasm, as he re watched his wife’s workout, the telephone suddenly rang. It was Kincaid, who told Barry to shut up and to listen, for what he was about to say and offer was the price of having neglected the sexual needs of his young and beautiful wife. Kincaid then proceeded to tell Nicole’s husband about what he had not witnessed, such as the alleyway fuck, the oral sessions in the back of the car, and Katya’s orgy, all of which Nicole had been on the receiving end of, and that there was so much more to come. As Kincaid described in vivid detail all of the events Barry had not witness, Barry's mind was boiling with jealousy when he suddenly told Kincaid to fuck off and that he was going to come to Paris and kill him. To which Kincaid calmly replied, “My friend, do not threaten me. I now hold all the cards. I hold your wife, your career, and your future in the palm of my hands. You will do as I say and you will not disobey. Should you refuse just one simple request, Nicole will disappear! So just be a good little boy and stay near the telephone, and check your e-mail (CLICK).” Kincaid just looked down in disgust and then back to the TV monitor in Luc’s office, as he watched Nicole rise up off the bench and said simply to his friend and colleague, “I promise you, Nicole will never return to America now. No one threatens me like that and expects to live. However, in her husband’s case, death would be a blessing. Which reminds me, are the cameras ready at your nightclub?” To which Luc smiled and nodded yes. Alone in the musky and dark locker room, Nicole sat up on the bench and saw that, in an open locker, Kincaid had laid out a dress unlike any other she had ever worn before. Also included in the ensemble were a pair of matching pumps, a white garter belt and stockings, and a white g-string that was barely big enough to cover her patch of pubic hair. There was a note on the locker where the dress hung that left no doubt as to what their plans were for the rest of the evening. All that the note said was “jazz for dancing, and jizz for dinner! Wait for me at the corner café. Be there promptly at 8:00. Being late is not an option.” After what Nicole had just experienced at the hands of the four massive cocks inside the locker room, she trusted that what ever Kincaid had planned for the night would definitely not be disappointing. In the open locker Nicole also found a bag full of disposable toiletries and black hair clip, with a small note that instructed her to wear her hair up so as not to hide her neck. Before dressing though she showered, during which she shaved her pubis and underarms. Nicole then used a musky smelling wet 62

towel to dry her hair, and then dabbed her body with the perfume from the bag of toiletries. Once she felt she was ready and her hair looked presentable, Nicole turned her eyes toward the skimpy white satin dress that Kincaid had selected for her to wear for the evening, as an erotic shiver of excitement went up her spine at the thought of wearing such a daring see through dress in public. As Nicole slipped on the g-string, and prepared herself for the evening, Kincaid and Luc continued to watch her from the back office where Kincaid and Luc had been busy finalizing the plans for Nicole’s “training” as the spies now officially termed it, at an ancient and famous chateau on the outskirts of Paris in the suburb of Roissy. However, tonight would be the night for Nicole's introduction to the dangerous and erotic darkness of the Paris underworld. The plan, as conceived by Kincaid, which was based upon a number of the rape fantasies he had read in her diaries, was simply to allow Nicole to experience a seemingly dangerous and uncontrolled erotic interlude in order to help her unleash her sexual uninhibited darkside. Of course the dress that Nicole was now getting ready to peel into, would definitely help set the mood for the erotic and dangerous game that Kincaid had now set in motion. The day before, Luc had offered and then arranged for Kincaid the use of a gangster friend's nightclub, and then went about hiring a number of lowlife musclebound thugs and beautiful prostitutes, as well as several other characters of the Paris criminal underworld, to be actors in the “training” of France's newest femme fatale. Meanwhile, in the musky and semen scented men’s locker room, Nicole had begun to lightly dust her body with the rose scented talcum powder that Kincaid had left in his locker. The dress was so small that Nicole could tell it was going to be more than a snug fit, as she took it off the hangar and slowly, like a condom going on a cock, slipped it on her curvy body. The silk was tight, but not to tight, as Nicole rolled it down, over her breasts, past her waist, and then over her ass until it finally finished unfurling a few inches above her knee, as she turned around to look at herself in the mirror. What Nicole saw in her reflection was very revealing, but since she had just been the center of attention in two orgies in less than 24 hours, the fact that the white dress did little to cover her shapely body was tame compared to the outfit that she had originally worn to the gym. Nicole’s dress was especially chosen by Kincaid for the fact that her beautiful body would be clearly visible, through the semi-clear silk. Nicole then put on her pumps and walked around and in front of the mirror as she studied herself and contemplated what lay ahead for the evening, after which she check the clock on the wall and saw that it was now nearing 8:00 p.m. As she finished up, Nicole decided to be “fashionably late” no matter what the consequences might be. She then put everything back in Kincaid’s locker and walked leisurely to the front of the gym and stepped out of the front door. When Nicole stepped out onto the dimly lit street, the door slammed shut behind her, which kept her from immediately trying to retreat when she saw the young hoodlums leering at her from the sidewalk. The Arab hoodlums on the street whistled at her and tried to block her way as they wanted to get an up close look at this beautiful woman who appeared out of nowhere. However, instead of being turned on by her exposure, fear suddenly ran through Nicole's veins, as she pensively walked past the young men who were yelling at her, and flashing Euro bills, in the hopes that she was a whore looking for a cheap trick. Ignoring the whistling men, as she neared the café, Nicole saw Kincaid’s friend Luc. As the street toughs continued to follow Nicole to the cafe, the three young punks suddenly Luc stand up and make his sizable physical presence known, after which they suddenly stopped and backed away from Nicole.


As the punks backed away and disappeared into the Paris night, Luc held out his hand and asked, “Are you all right? Never mind the boys, they are harmless. Please forgive them, for you see, the sight of beautiful women makes them, how you say in English, stupid. Right?” To which Nicole just smiled and nodded yes as Luc pulled out a chair and offered her a seat. “Where is Kincaid?” Nicole asked. “He's inside taking a piss. I understand that you had quite a workout in my gym.” Luc said with a leering and very knowing smile. To which Nicole just blushed and nodded in a very submissive type way. Upon seeing the afterglow that still shone in her beautiful eyes, Luc knew that Nicole would never leave Kincaid or Paris. As both Luc and Kincaid had planned, Nicole had already, unknowingly, begun training for her new role and life as an industrial spy; however, before she could be brought to Roissy, there were still a number of planned scenarios and encounters for her to experience before she could be sent away for her training. Luc then looked to see if Kincaid was coming, and when he saw that he was not, he lit up a cigarette and said to Nicole, “As you know Kincaid told you not to be late. However, Kincaid is not a controlling person, but you must remember that you still are a stranger to Paris, and when you are dressed, such as you are now, I would advise you follow his every word..” Nicole then said nervously, “Oh my. I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to be late. I just lost track of time. Is he mad at me?” To which Luc replied, “Your new lover never gets mad. However, I do expect that you may have to make it up to him.” To which Luc just laughed and then said to Nicole, "Not to worry my dear, I was only joking; Kincaid actually went to get the car. Oh there he is now. Well, my lovely I will say take my leave and wish you a good evening. Have fun. Au revoir!” As the car came up to the curb Nicole got up and walked over to it, as she felt every man, including Luc, watch her silk encased ass walk away and get into Kincaid’s car, after which she gave her lover a deep appreciative kiss. This was the first that Nicole had seen of Kincaid since he had left her to fend for herself in the men’s locker room. Yet, Nicole was far from complaining as she found herself saying “I love you,” as she kissed Kincaid deep. Seconds later, as their car drove away, Nicole gave a wave a wink to her lover’s best friend, whom she found to be physically intoxicating, even though he was twice her age. Yet despite the fact he was 55, Luc reminded Nicole, as well as most people, of the French actor Jean Reno, with his aging and rugged good looks, all of which Nicole hoped that, in time, she would get to know him better. After giving Nicole a brief description about the African men whom had raped her in the gym locker room, Kincaid remained silent during the remaining drive to the La Bastion where they had dinner reservations for 8:30. The silence was mutual as Nicole lovingly stroked and kissed her lover’s arm. For the evening, despite the oppressive heat and humidity, Kincaid had decided to wear his finest Armani suit. The gray suit was worth over $1,000, which was still far less than the micro fiber silk dress in which Nicole's body encased. When Nicole and Kincaid finally arrived at the La Bastion, the valet driver practically tripped over himself as he gawked at Nicole. Upon seeing the valet's reaction, Nicole became flushed with both embarrassment and excitement as she reveled in being a sexy exhibitionist, all the while never acting if there was nothing strange with wearing such a revealing dress in public. Kincaid was content to watch the men and women who gawked at his lover, as they headed toward their table; however, like a good poker player, he acted like nothing was amiss, pulled out her chair, took his seat, and then ordered 64

wine. As the wine was poured, Kincaid began to seduce Nicole with both his eyes and words in order to prime her for what he knew would be an adventurous evening at Luc’s club. During the entire two hour sexually charged candlelit meal, during which Nicole, in her short and sexy see through white dress (which truly accentuated her firm and full breasts), teasingly rubbed Kincaid’s crotch with her stocking covered foot under the table, As they sipped on their wine, Kincaid looked into Nicole’s eyes and told her just how erotic she had looked fucking all of the men and women she had encountered since her arrival in Paris. He then fully recounted for her everything that had transpired the last two days, from the time she was examined until he revealed that the last cock she had at the gym was that of a hermaphrodite, after which, as she became flush with excitement, he then told her that her adventure had just begun. By this time Nicole’s libido was a raging inferno, while on the opposite end of the spectrum Kincaid, who was a master of sexual control, still maintained a cool dignity and composure. During the course of the meal the subject centered around his time in India with the military, and how he came to read, and become somewhat of a scholar in, the legend and teachings of the Kama Sutra, and how he hoped that she would be willing to sit in his seminar class the day after next at the Louvre. He then told her that the upcoming session would be a practical demonstration by his protégés of what Kincaid had taught them, through their late night discussions at various jazz clubs and café’s, and that Nicole’s presence would only add to the education of his students, all of whom he said were 18 year old male freshman taking a special summer session in erotic art that was now being offered by the Sorbonne. Nicole was a bit confused as to what he meant by the remark of adding to his students education, but in just two days she had learned to expect and enjoy the unexpected, and from what Kincaid had said, she sensed that her experience in his classroom would bring more of the same. During the entire meal Nicole said little as her lover did most of the talking, while she hung on his every word and ate her meal as sensually as possible, for her lover’s benefit. However, as they waited for their dessert, Nicole opened up and began to talk about how, since her arrival in Paris, she had experienced more erotic moments than she had ever hoped to have in a lifetime. Kincaid was of course pleased, because he knew that she had become addicted to the sex quicker than anyone had thought or hoped. Katya originally thought Kincaid’s plan would backfire, but here Nicole was, submitting to him without a fight. As the meal ended, and they sipped the last of the red wine, Kincaid asked Nicole if she wanted to go dancing, to which Nicole nodded her head excitedly yes, after which Kincaid called for the waiter and asked for the bill. As they left the restaurant a number of young men from the La Bastion stood and watched in awe as the practically nude American woman walked with her lover down the cobblestone street until they finally turned a corner toward a club where only invited guests were allowed. As they walked leisurely to Luc’s club, Kincaid hinted to Nicole that tonight, at the club, she would soon have an opportunity to fulfill more of her dark desires and insatiable thirst for sexual adventure. Upon hearing his words, Nicole nodded her head in agreement, and then motioned for Kincaid to stop. It was at that moment, as the two of them stood face to face in the dimly lit street, Nicole looked up and tearfully said to Kincaid, “I love you! I really do love you. I want tonight to be even more special than last night. I want to make love to you and I want to know that you will never leave me. Make me your love slave Kincaid, but promise me that you will never send me away. I’ll do anything I can to make you happy.”


She then looked at his smiling face, as he gently wiped away her tears and said, “I will never leave you. I love you. It is all I can say. However, before I can make you any more promises, I first need to know that your love is true. That is what tonight is all about.” He then bent down and kissed her deeply and took her by the hand as he guided her towards her next erotic encounter. As they strolled the streets, arm in arm, in the muggy night air, they both could feel the lust building inside of them, the wine feeding the hunger, as their bodies taunted each other. The romance of Paris swept them both away as they wandered for several more blocks, until finally they stopped at a set of small stairs that led down into an unmarked basement jazz and dance club. Kincaid feigned ignorance and smiled at Nicole, after which he suggested they enter as he said with a wink that he could feel the adventure inviting them in. Nicole looked up at her lover and at the buildings all around and then said to Kincaid that she could feel it to. The romance and eroticism of Paris had now convinced Nicole, in her heart, that she would never return to America, even though she realized that her decision was a quick and impulsive decision guided by her libido. Yet, as she followed her lover and they entered the club, Nicole had, in her heart, closed the book on the life that she once knew, as another erotic encounter and life changing sexual adventure awaited her arrival. Elsewhere, as Nicole and Kincaid entered the club, across town Maurice sat at Kincaid’s desk and hit the send button on his colleague’s ancient Minitel terminal, while underneath the antique desk Monique was performing a service that she would normally have charged her employer extra for. The decision to switch sides had been tough, but then again Maurice was never quite the team player his boss Kincaid had so eloquently said he was in his last fitness report. For Maurice, the decision was not about money, so there never could be any investigation regarding that aspect of his life, but rather his decision was based upon his love of Kabuki, the woman for whom he would go to the ends of the Earth to please. Seconds later, in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, high up in the GENOM Tower, an encrypted file was received and decoded, the contents of which caused the recipient of the message, Kabuki, to smile, as she realized that the time would soon be at hand to have her revenge on the man she both loved and hated. However, now that Kincaid had found a new love, this woman called Nicole, her jealousy only made her more determined to see him again and exact her revenge, but first, with the help of Maurice, she had to lay the ground work and lure him and Nicole to Japan. As Kabuki contemplated the possibilities of her revenge, it slowly dawned on her that her former lover's greatest strength was his greatest weakness, his voyeuristic tendencies, and if she still knew him like she did, then this woman Nicole, who, on the video file sent by Maurice, was now being injected in Luc’s gym with a steady steam of sperm, would be the bait whom she would need to ensnare Kincaid and Luc in her grand spider web of deceit, duplicity and revenge, for which there would be no escape… Meanwhile, as Nicole and Kincaid entered, the amber light was so dim that they could not see into the dark recesses of the club. The dance floor was purposely filled with people moving slowly to a penetrating and erotic African rhythm as Kincaid suggested to Nicole that they take a seat in one of the darker alcoves that offered a complete view of the club. After they seated themselves in the cozy booth, a waiter immediately rushed over, as Luc had instructed earlier, and set down a bottle of chilled Mahala laced white wine. Nicole and Kincaid then sat back, glasses in hand and sipped their wine as they started to softly touch each other while watching the dance scene in front of them. Slowly and softly Kincaid caressed Nicole’s legs, kissed her neck and whispered into her ear the things that he planned to do to her after they returned to his apartment. 66

The club was filled with a mixture of young immigrants from Africa to Australia, all of whom were at best just struggling to survive life. The club was at the edge of what many Parisians called the Harlem of France, for in this section of the city, which was the most dangerous. Unlike the red-light district, this part of the city’s claim to fame was the urban legends of danger and death. It was also in this section of the city where good girls and bad boys came to meet and fall momentarily in love. The unmarked jazz and dance clubs were yet another of the city’s many aphrodisiacs that call out to those looking for a momentary and lust filled moment of pure decadence and sexual fulfillment. It was exactly for these reasons that Kincaid brought Nicole to this club, he thought, as they both simultaneously noticed a tall black man at the bar, just as Luc had said would be. The African man’s body was that of a dancer's, hard and muscular. The man was dressed in a black T-shirt and black trousers and stared at the two of them, per his boss’s order, running his eyes over Nicole’s sexy body. The man knew exactly why he was there and could easily see the lust building in Nicole’s eyes as she surveyed both he and the other men in the club. Kincaid knew that the feel of the African's gaze was slowly making Nicole hotter and wetter. Kincaid continued to make small talk with Nicole about art and the Paris museums, while at the same time he enjoyed the site of watching Nicole become distracted by the African who continued to watch her. As the night moved on the crowd thinned, leaving on the dance floor a number of young Australian girls during which time the music slowly turned into a to a deep and erotic pulsing rhythm, the selection of which was the signal for her erotic adventure to begin as Kincaid whispered into Nicole’s ear and requested she perform a solo dance for him. By this time the African's eyes on Nicole had driven her crazy, as she stood up, with her skirt now tight against her body and ventured towards the dance floor as she felt both the wine and the music flowing freely through her, totally in sync with her body. Once on the dance floor, Nicole began to move slowly to the sensual African rhythm as both the African and Kincaid watched, while all around her others were riveted to the most primitive of all sights, that of a scantly clad woman dancing seductively to the sound of a African mating dance. After several minutes, as Nicole slowly swayed, lost in the erotic rhythms, the African stranger moved toward her and began to dance, bringing his body so close to hers that they were almost touching as they moved in harmony with one another, while all around her the others on the dance floor watched breathlessly. Meanwhile, from across the dance floor, another large muscular black man, the bouncer, stared in anticipation at both Nicole and the African. As Nicole and the African engaged in their dirty dance, the African slowly and unknowingly edged Nicole toward a darker area of the dance floor, where the bouncer waited in anticipation. Once they were off the main dance area, as he and Nicole continued to sway to the hypnotic erotic music, the African sat himself on a bar stool that was next to the wall and made his move as he slid the straps of her dress from her shoulders and continued to pull it down her arms exposing Nicole's succulent breasts, after which he then lowered his head and took a pink nipple in his mouth while at the same time he put his other arm around her waist and pulled her towards and up on to his lap. As their bodies touched, Nicole, who was powerless and filled with lust, could feel the African's thick, heavy, hard cock pressing into her groin. She knew now that she had to fuck him, and feel his huge tool filling her, as she lifted his head and kissed him deep, while unsnapping the fly on his trousers and guiding his cock out with her other hand, while at the same time the African stranger hiked up around her waist the thin silk that covered her ass, and then in one motion pulled off with a loud snap, the Gstring that covered her pussy. After he snapped off her G-string, Nicole instinctively pressed against him and slid his cock deep into her, in one firm desperate motion.


After having impaled her tiny pussy onto the African's cock, Nicole turned to her lover and gave him a knowing glance and smile, in the knowledge that he wanted her to take charge and fuck this stranger, while he and the others in the club, just like at Katya's, watched in silence as they continued to dance. Despite the darkness of the club, it was easy for Kincaid to watch as the African stranger continued to move harder to the music, grinding into Nicole, as he crushed her breasts in his large and strong hands and kissed her neck. Suddenly, just as Kincaid anxiously watched and had planned, Nicole felt a second mouth kissing her shoulder blades, as she turned her head to see the black bouncer standing behind her moving his hips in time with hers, and taking his cock out his pants and into his hands. The sight of his dense swollen shaft and the huge throbbing head on the bouncer's cock captivated Nicole. The feeling of a cock in her pussy and the sight of this new cock fanned a furnace in her groin as she felt the African's pubic hair and pelvis grating against her swollen and tender clit. The bouncer then moved closer and gently placed his hands on Nicole's exposed gyrating ass cheeks, which he then gently spread as he pushed his cock forward so that Nicole could feel the tip of it pressing against her asshole. As the pressure of the bouncer's cock increased, his body merged into Nicole's backside, even though her asshole resisted, until he pressed harder and harder until suddenly he forced his way in, as her asshole suddenly gave way. With the sudden invasion of her tight ass by the bouncer's cock, the pain and pleasure made Nicole scream as she felt her pussy clamp tighter around the African's cock. The three of them then slowly began to move together to the music as the two cocks pumped slowly into Nicole. Lost in her own pleasure, Nicole could feel both cocks rubbing her on the inside and almost touching, with only thin membrane of tissue between her pussy and entrail channels that separated the massive cocks, while at the same time she had forced her hands inside the African's t-shirt and scratched her nails across his chest and back, as she held him tight and begged for more. As he watched Kincaid decided that he needed a better look, then stood up and brought with him his glass of white wine. He then moved towards them rampant with lust at the sight of two strong men fucking Nicole hard from front and behind. Kincaid then came right up next to the upright ménage a tois and slowly dribbled the wine over Nicole’s lips from the glass as she licked it from her lips, while the rest flowed down her chin, and over and in between her breasts, which the African then licked off her sweet skin, as he simultaneously bit her nipples, after which Kincaid returned to his seat. Meanwhile, the other dancers in the club were captivated by the site of Nicole and the two black men, but never stopped dancing, even though the air was completely charged with lust. As the two strangers pounded into Nicole, she soon felt a slow moving tidal wave rising inside of her, as her asshole sizzled, her pussy burned and clamped, her clit throbbed, and her nipples ached. Nicole was by now so swept away that she roughly bit the African’s nipples through the fabric of his shirt. The strangers continued to pump into her more and more urgently as the sweat dripped and almost steamed off of them, when suddenly, Nicole felt the bouncer thrust deep into her ass after which she felt his scalding spunk course through his shaft as he convulsed and shot his hot load of cum into her ass. The feeling of his spunk in her ass made Nicole’s pussy tighten hard, while at the same time her clit expanded as a sudden orgasmic wave crashed over her, as she came in a loud and long flowing moan as her pussy and ass both tightened like vices around the pricks embedded inside of her. The effect of her orgasm then forced the African to spurt his scalding cum deep into Nicole’s pussy as they all convulsed and moaned so loud that their voices drowned out the music. Finally, to the applause of the entire club, the three of them slowed their dance to a stop as both black men eased and dislodged their cocks out of 68

Nicole’s orifices that slowly dripped spunk. The bouncer then breathed a kiss on her shoulder and walked away, while at the same time the African stranger smiled, gently lowered her silk skirt and raised her straps, and then wordlessly kissed her deeply and left the club. Before she could return to Kincaid, Nicole went to the ladies room where she lifted up her skirt to watch in the full length mirror as the spunk dripped out of her pussy and ass, down her legs and onto her stained pumps. As she looked in the mirror at the uninhibited who now stood before her, Nicole saw that she was no longer the same married house wife she was just days before. Instead she was the lover of a man who wanted her to be exactly what she had always wanted to be- uninhibited. After she cleaned up, Nicole found that the music had been turned down and that they were now playing slow love songs, and that Kincaid was in his own little world at their table. Upon seeing Kincaid, Nicole seductively approached and sat at their table, her body burning. She could tell, from the purple, swollen head on her lover’s wet oily cock, and the way that he had been stroking himself that he was on the verge of cumming. After having sat down, Nicole, in a continuing motion, leaned down to take Kincaid's cock in her mouth after which he exploded multiple loads of cum into her mouth, the heat of which tingled the back of her throat as she greedily swallowed it down. After which, now that they were sexually sated they sat back, as she leaned into him savoring the hot stickiness of the cum still in her pussy, ass, and stomach, with Kincaid's arm nestled her shoulder as they enjoyed their Mahala wine, the erotic atmosphere, and the romantic music, as the sex show on the club dance floor continued on...


Chapter Eight As the remainder of the evening passed, Kincaid was looking forward to observing the final erotic test of the evening. At around midnight Kincaid announced to Nicole that it was time to go to another club, however she should stay and wait until he returned with the car. He told her that he would not be long, and left her with a 100 Euro bill to tide her over and buy a drink to anyone who came over and kept her company. After Kincaid left Nicole was left alone with the sharks of the club who circled around her like she was live bait as she bought them drinks and made conversation with them. As the money became less and less, Nicole realized that it was taking much longer than it should have for Kincaid to go to the restaurant and retrieve the car. By the time her money ran out, the bouncer announced that the club was closing; however by then Nicole, who was quite tipsy, but instead of waiting any longer, she decided to search for Kincaid. Once she was outside, Nicole decided that the best course of action would be go back to the restaurant, but she was not sure, partially because of the mix of the Mahala, alcohol and sex in her system, as to where that was, so she simply decided to start walking toward the music that emanated from another street nearby. By this time of the evening there was now a slight chill was in the air as Nicole walked while a light mist quickly turned in to a steady downpour as she made her way toward the sound of jazz that emanated from an underground station several blocks away. As Nicole walked, several people gawked at her as they scurried past her, searching for cover, as the rain soon drenched her, causing her dress to melt to her body, exposing every inch of her bare skin underneath. As the rain poured down harder Nicole stepped up her pace as she realized that it was probably even later than she realized, and that this was not the time or the place for her to be waking around near naked with no identification or male protection. By this time Nicole was very cold, wet, and tired to the bone, as all of her sexual activities of the last several days had now drained away her will to both resist or put up a fight. Eventually Nicole made her way to an underground walk way, but by this time she was crying like a child, for she realized that she was truly lost. Eventually, as she had progressively gotten herself lost in the confusing maze and labyrinth of Paris’s dark and dangerous streets, she saw a place where she could rest her sore legs, in a dimly lit alley way. By now Nicole, who sat on a wet bench and now closed her weary eyes in despair, was is in a state of panic as she wondered if anyone knew that she was now lost and missing. After Nicole closed her eyes she dozed off a bit, never once hearing footsteps approaching, until a shadow blocked out the dim light bulb above Nicole's head. However, Nicole did realize a presence, but only after she brushed a falling droplet away with a finger, after which she looked up into the face of a surly, young and menacing Arabic man named Mohammed. After Nicole had opened her eyes, the two of them stared blankly at each other for a few seconds; as Nicole, now stricken with fear looked deeply into his emotionless gaze. However, despite the fact that she sensed danger, Nicole, for whatever reason, could not understand why she was feeling the familiar wetness that was now building up inside of her, but when she looked down to Mohammed's waist, she understood exactly what type of danger she was in. Mohammed’s hands were at his waist, but as Nicole rose to her feet, he drew a gun, as she raised her hands in fear, while he just looked at her nude body, which was quite visible through her rain soaked satin dressed and smiled, for the man in the Armani suit had never mentioned to him that she was dressed like this, after having been paid to follow her, and, as the well dressed man had said, 70

"eventually you will catch up to her, and when you do I want you to scare her, fuck her. Put simply, rape her, but don't hurt her! For if I find one bruise or cut, I will skin you alive!". The money alone was enough to convince Mohammed not to hurt this beautiful and sexy foreign woman; however, that did not mean that he was going to be gentle, especially since he loved to regularly rape the young veil clad women back in his home country. As Mohammed gazed at the fear building in Nicole's eyes, which were hypnotic in their blueness, he knew right then and there that he would make the most of this once in a lifetime possibility and rape her and fuck her in every possible and imaginable way, the session of which, thanks to the blue pills the man in the Armani suit had ordered him to swallow, was going to last quite a long time. It was at that moment that Nicole started to stand, as Mohammed said in French "asseyez-vous!" However, when Nicole, who was confused at what he said, did not obey his command, he grabbed her by the shoulder and shoved her backwards against the coarse brick wall, the suddenness and force of which caused Nicole to scream in fear. The sounds of which reverberated off the brick and around the corner, where Kincaid and Luc watched in silence, with their guns at the ready in case the immigrant thug decided to do more than had been asked of him early. Then, just as if on cue, the gunman directed Nicole to walk over to the stairwell where now rain was pouring down even harder as the lighting lit up the sky, giving both Luc and Kincaid a clear view, as he ordered Nicole to lay back. "Spread your legs you whore!! I am going to fuck you!!" Mohammed said in broken English as he suddenly remembered what the man in the Armani suit had said about her being a foreigner. He then stepped back in order to get a better look at Nicole, who was now splayed out before him on the stairwell, with rain pelting her face and begging for mercy as she watched her attacker, with one hand, drop his pants to reveal his throbbing cock. After Mohammed had removed his pants, tears of both fear and inappropriate desire slid down Nicole's swollen cheeks as he then squatted down to spread her legs. However, as he knelt, Nicole suddenly made a blind attempt for the gun, but Mohammed's reflexes were much quicker as he snatched it up before she even touched it. He then put one hand on Nicole's stomach to hold her, just for security measures as he then held the gun against her throat, the force of which caused Nicole to swallow hard and whimper in fear. Then after he pressed the metal of the barrel into her flesh an idea flashed into his mind. Smiling at Nicole's fear, Mohammed grabbed Nicole by the throat and then slowly dragged his pistol between her breasts, along her stomach, then through her small patch of pubic hair that he now accessed after he peeled up the front of her skirt and, until he pointed it directly at her pussy. It was when Nicole felt the cold metal on her labia that she realized that she was going to be fucked with the loaded gun. From several feet away Kincaid and Luc watched, both in awe and concern, as the hired thug began to slowly rape Nicole in the wet, dark and deserted alleyway. The reason for having Nicole defiled in this way, Kincaid explained, was that her diaries he read were full of several fantasies that contained descriptions of her being raped in a dark alleyway by not just one, but multiple strangers. Thus, Kincaid had taken advantage of the confusing layout of the alleyways around the club, by hiring the immigrant thug to see just how well Nicole would respond sexually when she was confronted with a real life rapist. In her diaries, Kincaid had read how Nicole said she would do whatever it took to save her life, even if it meant giving into her deepest and darkest carnal desire of being raped. Now, after having seen for himself Nicole's positive reactions to the erotic scenarios that he had already arranged, including her earlier double penetration at the club, he was confident that Nicole would pass this new and dangerous test of her sexual will.


With tears still running down her cheeks, as she pled in French, "veuillez ne pas me blesser, je fera n'importe quoi, satisfont juste ne me blessent pas!" Nicole shook with fear and the pain of her attacker's weight against her as he teased her with his loaded and cocked weapon, running it along her slit, slipping it a couple centimeters inside her glistening pussy. The massive long nosed chrome weapon hurt inside her, and muffled cries slipped from her lips every so often, as Mohammed slowly shoved the whole thing in, the actions of which he repeated again and again, ignoring her moans and cries of protest. For what seemed like eternity, the gun moved in and out, in and out, in and out, as the rapist fucked her with the cold long nosed and nickel plated weapon, all the while watching in delight as Nicole closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, as she tried desperately not to breathe as the lowlife took away the last of her dignity even as her body now began welcoming the chromed invader deep inside her womb, which she now was slowly deriving great pleasure from. To Mohammed it was apparent from her breathing that Nicole was enjoying the feel of his gun in her cunt. For Nicole, the fear had now been replaced by lust as the rain became harder as she squirmed against her bare back on the wet stairs as the steel between her thighs was buried deeper and deeper while at the same time she began pulling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her breath was now heavy as she focused on cumming, while the sounds of the thunder bursts edged her ever closer to orgasmic bliss. Her body now betrayed her, even as Nicole silently begged herself to stop and resist the forbidden stimulation, yet, when she opened her mouth to scream she instead moaned in desire, the cause of which caused Mohammed to squeeze tighter on her throat. As Kincaid and Luc watched from afar, the rapist continued to fuck her with the gun even as as he then began to remove his pants with the other. After some trouble, and amazement that the Nicole hadn't bothered to make use of her opportunity to escape, Mohammed succeeded, released her throat, and said to her in fractured English, "suck me," as stood up and pulled her up so that she was squatted precariously on her unsteady stilettos, after which he then shoved his cock between her reaching lips. At first, Nicole reflexively gagged and nearly regurgitated everything she'd eaten and drank for the past six hours, in disgust, but, with the rapist again now holding his strong hand around her throat, she coaxed herself into keeping it down. At this point Nicole actually began to find the rigid cock in her mouth comforting, while the loaded gun that he now pointed at her head made her ache with a desire that she couldn't help but admit to, especially since she had long fantasized about such a moment, which she in turn had written into her diary many years before. Yet, despite the eroticism of the moment, Nicole also knew that she had to at least feign fear, which was why she tried to reach for the weapon at her head; however Mohammed saw what she was doing and quickly had her hand pulled away. As a result of Nicole's hand movement, he pushed Nicole away and back onto the stairs, after which he then gripped the weapon firmly and began thrusting the revolver into her hard, causing in turn Nicole’s body to shake with a joy her rational intellect didn't want to be feeling. However, at this point her intellect was not in control, as in one hopeless burst of longing, Nicole gave in and lifted her hips towards the sky, so that the gun could be forced deeper inside. Then, just as she screamed in pleasure from the orgasm ripping through her body, the rapist suddenly stopped fucking her and reached up and ripped her dress open, exposing her tits to the rain that continued to cascade down upon her body. Yet, before she could recover, Nicole's mouth was once again filled with the rapist's cock, as he now ordered her up and into the alleyway, where he then ordered her to lay on her back. Then, once she was on her back, on the wet stone, he knelt over her face and ordered her to take him deep, while at the 72

same time he assumed a new position above her pussy and ass, which he now was busy fucking with both his gun and tongue under the warmth of the rain that now began to pour even harder. Desperate for more, Nicole tried to scream her moans, but the flesh in her throat stifled them with intense speed and strength with which he fucked her face and tore away the last of her dignity until suddenly he moaned, pulled out, and sprayed everything he had onto her rain soaked body. The well dressed man's order's were very clear, he was to cum on her now rain soaked face, after which he was to let her go. However, despite Mohammed's orders, Nicole wanted to swallow, as she tried to lap up, like a child at a fountain, the spunk that now ran down the front of her face, hair and chest as she continued to milk him and squeeze out every last salty drop. At this point Nicole was so thirsty for her attacker's salty jizz that she wouldn't let him go when he tried to stand up. Instead, the rapist’s legs buckled with the touch of her soft tongue, as he worked the metal inside her again, until suddenly he pulled it out, spread her legs even wider, and aimed it at her asshole. The sensation of the gun entering Nicole's ass was overwhelming as Mohammed continued to tongue fuck her pussy. For nearly 20 more minutes Nicole was pinned down and raped in the deserted, dark, and wet alleyway, with the loaded revolver now reaching deep into her bottom, until suddenly, as she begged him to go deeper, Nicole threw her hips into the air, but not before she looked up and saw the headlights of Kincaid's vehicle speeding down the dark alleyway in the driving ran, It was at that moment that Nicole’s paid attacker realized that the game was over and pulled his cock out from between her lips, pulled up his pants, and tried to run away down the alley, taking his gun and the sweet smell of Nicole's pussy and asshole with him. At first, as Kincaid's car slowed, Mohammed stopped running and smiled with the knowledge that the American whore in the satin dress was the easiest money he had ever made. However, before he could turn the corner, Luc had approached from the other direction, effectively trapping the man in the narrow alleyway as he suddenly realized that he was not going to walk away a happy man. It was at that point, out of fear, that Mohammed fired a round at Kincaid, the aim of which narrowly missed him as he exited the car and ricocheted off a wall. In response to the shot of desperation, Kincaid and Luc instinctively drew their weapons on the hired thug and fired several hollow point rounds, all of which caused his head to explode in a burst of red and gray. Meanwhile, several feet away from Kincaid's car, Nicole watched with blurry rain soaked eyes the spectacle before her as Kincaid and Luc 'rescued' her, even as her body continued shaking with delayed satisfaction as she laid down on the stoned ground licking up and savoring the remnants of her attacker's cum from her fingers on one hand, while at the same time her other hand and fingers were at work stroking her still wet pussy. As she closed her eyes, she whimpered and sobbed as she worked her clitoris hard in a desperate attempt climax, until finally, at the same time, she heard Mohammed's head explode, whereupon she came and collapsed on the ground in a shivering and sobbing slump. Several moments later, despite the sight of her attacker's lifeless body before her, Nicole basked in afterglow as the skies suddenly opened up even harder as the rain washed the stranger’s salty jism from her body. As the lightening and thunder sounded, Nicole looked up and saw, as if in a dream, her lover, who was now walking toward her, with his gun drawn, in the dim light, after having avenged her honor. For Kincaid, prior to he and Luc's arrival, the site of his lover’s desperate body seeking relief, as he watched in the shadows, told him that Nicole possessed the desire and the courage to be a part of his new team, for that night he had witnessed first hand her spiritual conversion to the dark side of sexuality. As she looked up at Kincaid, the sudden realization of what had happened hit her like a ton of bricks as Nicole suddenly began to cry and sob large tears of fear and relief. It was at this point that Kincaid, who by now was drenched looked down at Nicole, pulled her up, embraced her wet and shivering semi 73

nude body, and then kissed her deeply and said simply in French, "craignez non mon amour, il plus de. Je vous promets que personne ne vous blesseront jamais. Pour je t'aime plus que la vie elle-même. Laissez-maintenant nous vont à la maison." To which Nicole simply nodded and said to him, "I love you too," after which he carried her to the car and they drove off, followed closely from behind by Luc. Fortunately, for Kincaid and Luc, there were no witnesses to the death of Nicole's rapist. However, after having brandished a gun in front of Nicole, he knew that eventually he was going to have to tell her the truth of who he and Luc where, and how they hoped that she would become the third, and indispensable, member of their espionage team. As they drove back to his apartment, Kincaid explained to Nicole, who was by now wrapped up in his suit jacket, that shortly after he left the club he was dragged into an alleyway and attacked by a group of skinheads who took his wallet and his money, but not before they left him so dazed and confused that he had to lay for several hours until his strength returned and he could find her. By the time, he said, that he returned to the club, he found that she was gone and had called Luc to help him find her. When Kincaid asked if the rapist had hurt her, Nicole simply said "no", never once mentioning that he actually fucked her with a loaded revolver, and that she did not need to see a doctor. It was at that point that Nicole, who was both cold and, after witnessing the death of her attacker, scared, then asked Kincaid why he and Luc did not simply wound him. To which Kincaid simply replied that he would kill anyone who harmed her, and from what he saw, death was the only option to the man who had raped her. It was at that moment that Kincaid squeezed her hand, then kissed it and reassured her that justice had been served. At this point, all Kincaid wanted to do was to go home and make love to her while he recounted to her all that had happened to her at the gym and on the dance floor at the club. By now Nicole, who was still dripping wet, smiled at Kincaid and then rested her tired and wet head on his arm and said to him, “I love you,” after which she closed her eyes and imagined that she was still being filled with the cold steel of her dead attacker’s revolver... After their arrival home, a sore Kincaid sat in the chair tending to the wounds he had deliberately inflicted upon him by Luc outside the club, as he watched Nicole peel out of her rain slicked tight, shrunken and torn satin dress. Nicole didn’t speak as she undressed, while he didn’t speak as he watched. They had talked enough, and at this point more talk wasn’t necessary. He was naked as he sat in the chair, for Nicole had watched him undress first. His cock, despite the energy draining physical punishment Kincaid claimed his attackers had inflicted upon him, was now rock hard, throbbing, needful, as he stroked it slowly while watching her undress. At that moment, it wasn’t clear who was doing what for whom. As Nicole undressed, Kincaid watched, while at the same time she watched his hand move over his cock all the while taking time to notice the drop of precum at the tip grow bigger. She then watched the head of his cock swell even larger, redder, and more crimson, after which she then noticed his scrotum grow taut as the skin was stretched by his massive cock. When Nicole was completely naked, she stood in front of Kincaid and used both hands to slowly pull back and clip her still damp hair. Underneath the full moon, Nicole noticed that her still wet breasts were full and luscious with each nipple already hard and pointed. Her trimmed pubic hair seemed to point down to her shaved pussy, the same shaved pussy that at least six cocks and one pistol had fucked just hours before and the same pussy that had wet his fingers in the car as he drove them to back to his apartment. Nicole, who by now, despite all of the previously cocks she had fucked earlier in the day and evening, 74

was now insatiable for Kincaid's love and liquid. Wordlessly she silently knelt in front of him as he spread his knees to give her room. His hand was still moving slowly over the length of his cock, as he caressed and readied himself for her, showing himself to her. Their eyes were locked onto each other as they each anticipated what was to come without knowing any details of what would happen. Whatever would come they both would welcome it, embrace it, and savor it as best they could. Nicole then leaned into him to kiss him, as he leaned forward to make it easier. Their lips touched softly and their tongues embraced, and he could feel her breasts pressed against his groin, touching his hand and his cock at the same time. With that touch, after all she had experienced and he had witnessed, they both knew instinctively that there was now no going back to the lives they once knew. Nicole then broke their kiss and leaned back, still holding his gaze, as she licked her fingers slowly and wiped the wetness between her breasts. She then licked her fingers again wetting herself more and then leaned forward, after which Kincaid scooted down in the chair until she took his cock between her breasts. Nicole's hands then held her breasts from the sides and held his cock. Her fingertips then touched each of her nipples as she looked down at Kincaid's cock and watched it move between her wet breasts as he moved his hips with each of her strokes until soon they were fucking each other in rhythm. Wordlessly Nicole watched as the head of Kincaid's cock moved up and down, his balls pressed into her skin beneath her breasts, the sight of which caused her nipples to grow even harder under her fingers. She then leaned back and released him, still holding her breasts, cupping them, as he held his cock for her as she used his nipple to play over the underside of his head, using her nipples to smooth out his oozing drops of precum. As she knelt there, leaning back on her heels, she then pressed her breasts together and let her nipples touch each other, after which she cupped each breast from underneath and held them up to lick. Licking her nipples, Nicole's tongue reached them and circled them, flicked over them, all the while holding his eyes with hers, watching him watch her. It was at that moment that Nicole realized just how powerful a weapon her body could be, as she she took his cock again between her breasts and fucked him as before. “I want to watch you cum,” was all Nicole said in a commanding voice. To which Kincaid smiled and nodded, knowing it was okay, knowing it wouldn’t take long, as his cock moved easily through her wet valley. “Soon,” he told her, feeling it coming. Nicole then released him and leaned back on her heels. “Show me, NOW!” she ordered. "Yes Mistress," Kincaid said with a smile as he took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it for her with faster and longer strokes as his forefinger moved over the underside of the head. By now, after having witnessed Nicole's alleyway rape, his cum had built up painfully inside him until finally he could no longer hold it. From below Nicole watched as his hand pumped cum from his cock, pushing the white splatters upward with each stroke of his hand as they landed on his stomach and abdomen. As he came, in a loud moan, Nicole's eyes followed each one, each splatter, each hot, white pool, until finally his hand milked the last drop of cum from his cock, letting it drool down the side, over his fingers, into his pubic hair. When he was finished, Nicole smiled and then leaned in and began to lick away his cum. As the tip of her tongue moved through the wetness, her eyes held Kincaid's gaze, watching him watch her tongue play in his cum. The sight of Nicole feasting on him forced Kincaid to catch his breath as she slowly 75

finished capturing most of his cum, until finally, after her lips were shiny, and milky wet, she leaned up to kiss him, forcing him for the first time to taste what was on her tongue as she pushed her tongue deep in his mouth. After breaking their kiss, Nicole, who still had large droplets of cum on her lips said, “Ready for a shower?” To which Kincaid replied with a smile, “Can you carry me into the bathroom?” Nicole just chuckled, got up from the floor, turned, bent at the waist, and looked at him from between her legs. However, before Kincaid could reach out to touch her glistening pussy and ass, she stood straight and walked to the bathroom. When he heard the water running in the shower, Kincaid just smiled, looked down at his still hard cock and got up to join her…. Later, after their session of tender love making in the shower, during which Nicole swore her love and begged to be the mother of Kincaid's child, as they laid in the silk sheets Nicole broke down in tears as she looked out of the bedroom toward the lights of the Eiffel Tower. As she sobbed, Kincaid held her tight as she finally told him that, in her heart, she felt her marriage was over. Nicole then told Kincaid how unhappy she had been in her seven year marriage and that she could not believe that Barry had allowed her to take a lover and come to Paris. “Doesn’t he love me?” Nicole asked Kincaid over and over, but it wasn’t a question that he had an answer to, since he, Kincaid, now held the future of both Nicole and Barry in the palm of his hand. All Kincaid said was that he loved her and that should Nicole want to stay permanently in Paris, he could ensure that she would never be unhappy nor feel unloved. With his reassurances, Nicole just continued to lay in Kincaid’s arms, as suckled her lover’s strong fingers that gently probed her soft lips and face as they both slowly drifted off into a deep and contented sleep. The last thought that both of them had, as they talked about their time at the gym and the jazz club, was that it truly had been a wonderful day....


Chapter Nine After a full day of sex and adventure, Kincaid felt it best to let his lover rest her now very sore and tender private parts. It was now Monday, and outside of Kincaid’s penthouse apartment, the business of France had begun well before the sun had rose. As the agent in charge of what was now being dubbed in the DGSE, “La Femme Nicole,” Kincaid was expected to brief his superiors as to the progress of the infiltration into Motorola, which according to his last e-mail that he received from Maurice on his mobile phone, prior to he and Nicole entering the club, was going even better than planned. As a result of his successful infiltration in the main computers of Motorola, the head of the DGSE’s economic intelligence unit would today submit its “shopping list” to Kincaid as to what information it wanted out of the company's mainframe. Kincaid, who over the years had conditioned himself to sleep less than four hours, any time the need occurred, awoke well before 6 a.m., showered and began his day. It was so early that Monique was still sound asleep as he quietly poured himself a cup of coffee from the new Braun machine that Monique had bought for the sole purpose of not having to get up in the early morning to make her boss a cup of coffee. Since she was often times more than a housekeeper to Kincaid, Monique was given, unlike most housekeepers, a lot of leeway in how she did her job. For her the fringe benefits of being able to fuck both her boss, and all of his associates, both male and female, more than made up for the low wages she was paid, since most of what she earned she sent to her family, who were now living in Cote d’ Ivorie, as servants, in what was Kincaid’s winter home. As Kincaid drank his cup of coffee he walked to his office, which he always kept unlocked. Kincaid, was at heart, a boy playing a dangerous grown up game, but he was still at heart the same hacker who was able, in 1995, to infiltrate, at the age of 15, nearly every major corporate electronic data base using just his father's old Commodore Amiga, his first computer. Since then he had become an ardent collector and user of the old eight bit machines that occupied his early youth filled cyberpunk adventures across the globe via his 300 baud modem. His main system for web browsing was an old Gateway reconditioned laptop, which never left the desk. Attached to the system were two Zip drives, and a keyboard. The machine had an always on cable broadband connection that was hidden behind a Russian encrypted firewall that a fellow hacker, whom his friend Katya had introduced to him, had installed on his old Windows 98 operating system. Once he was online, Kincaid accessed his encrypted DGSE e-mail through a number of free accounts that used several different user names and passwords. In order to read his messages from the home office he had to run them through PGP, otherwise they would be completely unreadable to anyone, including the American National Security Agency. On Kincaid’s other machines, with the exception of the old Minitel terminal, which was still used in France, more out of simple French pride than any practicality, were used to varying degrees in all of Kincaid’s work as a member the DGSE’s Intelligence and Economic Directorate. The DGSE kept a working collection of used ancient machines including Commodore 64’s, Commodore VIC 20’s. Tandy 100’s and 102’s, TRS-80’s, Apple’s, Mac’s, etc… because few people in the 21st Century could remember how to use such machines, and because they did not usually contain internal storage devices. Kincaid’s main machine, when he was on a covert operation, such as the one that was scheduled for the coming winter to Japan to begin the long process of infiltrating GENOM was his trusted old Tandy 102, which had a special Clipper type encryption chip embedded in it, that he designed, and which had yet to be broken by the DGSE’s own signals interception bureau.


As Kincaid waited for his machine to boot up he replayed the events of the following evening in his mind and just smiled as he felt himself getting hard again. Despite the death of Nicole's hired rapist, it had all gone as planned, the details of which he would not report to his chief when explaining to them how it came to be that he had been able to so quickly gain access to all of Motorola’s secrets. If his puritan and pious director fully knew the tactics that he and Luc used in their work, they would both surely be fired if any incriminating photographs ever got out. As the e-mail program came up he chuckled as he typed in and encrypted the following message: Dear Director, Our latest project 'La Femme' has thus far exceeded our expectations. We are well under budget on this project, though I must confess I will need to buy a new suit after last night. Let’s just say that it was sacrificed for the good of France! Due to several factors, which I will not mention here, we will soon come into possession of the master passwords to Motorola’s worldwide intranet. I expect that by this time next week we shall have even more good news. The other good news is that I identified a willing new prospective recruit, but we can talk about that more when you meet her during her training, which I suspect may begin sooner than we could have ever anticipated. See You Soon K <MESSAGE ENCRYPTED>

After Kincaid had encrypted and sent the message to his boss, he then took a tablet and wrote down the day’s instructions to Monique, which simply said:

Monique, Please take extra special care of Nicole today. Please take the day off and enjoy with her this beautiful weather. I have no requests other than you take her shopping and sightseeing, and in general just showing her a good time. She is quite sore from the last two days, please buy for her any ointment or medicine that she might need. My extra cash card is on the kitchen table with this note. Should you need me please call me on my portable telephone. Au Revior K After he signed the note he grabbed his ancient Tandy laptop and headed out to start his day, which first meant a brisk workout at Luc’s gym, where upon the two of them would hop on a Metro train and commute to the DGSE headquarters. As Kincaid drove to the gym he could not help but smile at his good fortune of both falling in love with such a young, beautiful and sexually liberated woman, while at the same time hitting the economic espionage equivalent of finding a million Euros without even trying. As the sun shone bright and he passed the Eiffel Tower and made his way along the Seine, he knew that at this moment he was on top of the world, especially since he would soon possess both Nicole, as well as access to all of the secrets of Motorola's secret empire. Ten minutes later, as Kincaid pulled up to Luc’s club he saw a large gathering of policemen gathering around in the nearby alley. Luc was there with the police answering questions when Kincaid cam up from behind and asked him what was the commotion? To which Luc responded, with a knowing smirk “It seems that there was a murder here last night. An unknown Turk with his head blown off. I must tell you that it was not a pretty sight." As they walked away, Luc looked over his shoulder and said to Kincaid with a smile, "Too bad eh? Nicole really enjoyed him.”


To which Kincaid replied with a grin, "Of course she did, but I have even bigger plans for her this week!" After answering a few more police questions, the two of them got into Lucâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s aging and rusty old Ford pickup truck, whereupon they headed to the DGSE. Unlike Kincaid, Luc believed he was no James Bond, since he was not as flashy or sophisticated as Kincaid was. In fact his greatest asset to the agency were his old fashioned ways, and his refusal to step into and embrace the 21st Century. Even though he had been around computers all of his life, and was a master hacker in his own right, Luc refused to use e-mail, though he did enjoy looking at porn on the Internet. Good Oleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cowboy Luc, as his handlers and bosses in the DGSE loved to call him, was a rugged rich loner, whose inheritance had allowed him to open up his private gym and jazz clubs, as well as other establishments he utilized in the course of his freelance spy work. Unlike Kincaid, Luc was a retired freelancer, who pick and chose the spy assignments he wanted. Prior to his turning 55, Luc had retired, but then made an agreement to remain on call for any missions he felt were worth his time. Upon Kincaid's explanation of who Nicole was, and how he had used her to help him access her husband's company's secrets, Luc agreed to help him train Nicole, in exchange for a piece of the female action. For he too wanted to fuck Nicole, but, as per their gentleman's agreement, Luc agreed not to interfere in Kincaid's planned love affair, despite what had happened years earlier to Kabuki. The General Directorate for External Security, which is the long name of the DGSE, is subordinate to the Ministry of the Defense, and is responsible for military intelligence, as well as for strategic information, electronic intelligence, counterespionage outside the borders of the national territory, and industrial espionage. The DGSE was formed through the integration of the diverse agencies of French intelligence from the Second World War. The Free French forces in 1942 created the Central Bureau of Information and Action (BCRA), which in November 1943 relocated to Algiers as the General Directorate of Special Services (DGSS). On 06 November 1944 the intelligence networks of the French Resistance were integrated to the DGSS, which was re-designated the Directorate of Studies and Research (DGER). This merger incorporated a limited number of communist networks, which was not entirely satisfactory in the post-War environment. Consequently in 1946 the government of the Fourth Republic created the External Documentation and Counterespionage Service (SDECE) subordinated to the prime minister. After abolition of the French Indochina opium monopoly in 1950, SDECE imposed centralized, covert controls over the illicit drug traffic that linked the Hmong poppy fields of Laos with the opium dens operating in Saigon. This generated profits that funded French covert operations in their Vietnam war. With the advent of the Fifth Republic, and through 1962, the SDECE was used as a strategic intelligence service by the prime minister Michel Debre, and was particularly efficient in the struggle against the rebellion in Algeria. In 1962, following the Ben Barka affair, General De Gaulle decided to subordinate the SDECE to the minister of the defense, and the institution adapted to the military environment. After which De Gaulle undertook covert operations in Quebec using nationalist and separatist movements in Quebec, under the rubric of "Assistance et Cooperation Technique" or "Operation Ascot." Jacques Foccart dispatched SDECE agents to Quebec to develop and foment the growth of separatist movements. In 1968 Foccart and SDECE tried to wrest control of Nigerian oil from Britain and the US by arming and supplying secessionists in Nigeria's oil-rich Biafra region. The revolt was crushed at a cost of 500,000 lives. The "Common Program" established by the Socialist and Communist parties in 1972 included the demand of Communists for the dissolution of the SDECE. This measure was not supported by socialist 79

camp, and intentions of President François Mitterand were unknown at the time of his election in May 1981. In fact, the arrival of the Socialists marked the attempt to "civilize" the SDECE. In June 1981, Stone Marion, a civilian who was the former Director of the Paris Airport, was named to the head of the SDECE. Perceived as a "man of the socialists" and a civilian among soldiers, Marion encountered internal opposition from SDECE. In April 1982 the SDECE was replaced by the Directorate of the External Security (DGSE), and based on his experience as an enterprise manager, Stone Marion consolidated the structure and the cohesion of the service by the creation of a General Directorate that controls Directorates of Searches, Counterespionage, Personnel and the mythical Division Action. This stimulated the coordinate computerization of service. Furthermore, the DGSE was no longer permitted to operate on French territory. The contested personality of Marion, and the absence of success in the campaign against terrorism, led to the naming of Admiral Lacoste as the head of the DGSE in 1982. But the "militarization" of the DGSE had slowed, and since the early 1980s civilians gradually replaced the top DGSE military management. The proportion of civilians has risen from 45% in 1989 to 60% in 1993. Jacques Dewatre has been the Director of the DGSE since 07 June 1996. In 1996 the total staff of 2,500 included 1,700 civilians, with an official budget of FF 1,350,000,000. About half these resources were devoted to political and diplomatic intelligence, with the remainder equally divided between military and economic intelligence. The current DGSE structure stemmed from the restructuring imposed by Claude Silberzahn following his arrival as the head of the service in 1989. The Strategic Directorate is responsible for the determination of the adequacy of sought-after information with needs of clients. The Technical Division was constituted from the former Groupement des Contrôles Radioélectriques [GCR - Radioelectronic Communications Group]. It is responsible for strategic electronic intelligence, and maintains a number of collection stations throughout the world. The Operations Division is responsible for planning and implementing clandestine operations. The Intelligence and Economic Directorate is responsible the collection of information, mainly from human sources, including the employment of illegal agents. It is responsible both for collecting and disseminating intelligence, and it is the main partner of the Operations Directorate. Traditionally oriented to the military intelligence, this Directorate was relatively weak concerning political, economic and technological intelligence until the beginning of the 1980s. In early 1993 the CIA obtained a long DGSE list of the most important intelligence targets in the United States, which included Boeing, among other companies. The DGSE agents were mainly interested in the navigation system of Boeing's new jumbo jet to pass on to French companies, including the Airbus syndicate. It was against this factual backdrop that Kincaid and Luc had been summoned to HQ to update their superiors as to how their operation against Motorola was proceeding. After parking the truck in the director’s spot, which Luc did just to piss the bureaucrat off, they gathered their briefcases and walked toward the main DGSE entrance. The meeting was handled much like most intelligence operational meetings went, with all of the sordid details of Kincaid’s training his own “personal operative,” as all the mistresses and junior spies of agents were termed, specifically omitted. However, based upon Kincaid and Luc’s reputations over the past 20 years, first in the navy and then in the DGSE, their superiors knew exactly what kind of training they put their female personal operatives through, which of course was the kind of training that would make even James Bond blush.


Prior to the start of the meeting, Maurice had arrived approximately 30 minutes before Luc and Kincaid, and as the junior agent on the case, he was assigned all of the thankless tasks, including preparing the reports and then giving the briefing. Maurice, however, would not be the one who would be put on the spot with the tough questions, as he, even though he was older than Luc and Kincaid, was the junior most agent on the case. Maurice in fact was Kincaid’s reporting senior when they both served during the first Persian Gulf War, on the combat cruiser Lafayette. Maurice had been, up until Kabuki had become entangled in Kincaid’s death trap in the deep waters off of Bermuda, above pettiness and jealousy. However, he too had loved Kabuki, so when Kincaid told him of his plan to kill her while they were on their vacation, which Kincaid had planned and described with him prior to their departure, Maurice, who was a former French navy frogman, made sure that he shadowed them in Bermuda and was their to save the dismembered and dying woman whom he loved from afar, but who had never shown the same affection in return. After her eventually recovery Maurice promised to Kabuki that he would do whatever he could to help her someday extract revenge on Kincaid, but only when the time was right, in the hopes that she would someday feel for him the way he had felt for her. In the meantime Maurice continued to be Kincaid’s faithful assistant while quietly passing along all of the information that Kabuki, in her new identity and position as the Director of Counter Industrial Espionage for the Japanese conglomerate GENOM, would need to ultimately lay a trap for Kincaid, Luc, and his new lover- Nicole. As the briefing began Maurice handed out copies of the information that “La Femme” had to date acquired from Motorola’s main computer center in Chicago. What Maurice showed and explained to them were the latest memos regarding Motorola’s research into the field of quantum and biological computing. Such a technology, should it ever be successfully produced, would provide to those who controlled it a way to completely dominate and destroy another without firing one bullet or missile. The technology, along with others that the DGSE planned to obtain in their upcoming operation against Britain’s Vision Corp, would once again allow France to rule the world and at the same time bring the Americans, Germans, and Japanese to their knees. Kincaid and Luc then took time to answer questions from their superiors that assured them that, with the assistance of several key personal operatives, such as the one that they were currently training, they would definitely succeed. However, such success would likely not occur at the speed with which they cracked Motorola’s secrets. Instead plans where being drawn up how to use their personal operative trainee, Nicole, in infiltrating and obtaining all the top secret research information that Vision Corp possessed in their computers. After Maurice’s briefing ended, the director then stood up to brief Kincaid, Luc, and Maurice about their planned future assignment, which he indicated was extremely vital to France's military, that being the obtaining of the replicant and boomer technology that was locked deep inside of GENOM's main frame computers in Japan. According to Maurice, after having first told the men in the room about the history of the monolithic Japanese corporation, the company and the Japanese military were now developing a new cybernetic technology that was simply called 'Project I.K.U.', the details of which, according to the reports on the table were different from any assignment Kincaid and Luc had embarked on before. As they read the reports from Maurice, it was clear to both men that Nicole was the perfect woman for the planned mission. As the meeting continued on during the morning session, breaking only for lunch, and then on into the afternoon, time tables were then proposed, shopping lists refined, budgets negotiated, and equipment requests submitted for the operation against Vision Corp dubbed “Operation Star,” which was a tribute to the failed attempt by the French to build the world’s first computer based upon the designs and 81

writings of Jules Verne in his book Paris In the “20th Century.” The French have claimed for over 100 years that the machine that Verne designed would have been far superior to the ENIAC, which was created after World War II, had France had the money to build such a machine. After the pillaging of Motorola’s secrets were complete, the director ordered that the case was be immediately transferred over to another team of agents, so that Kincaid and his team of Luc and Nicole could then focus all of their energies on “Operation Star.” The destination of which, for Kincaid and his team would be London, where they would slowly attempt to infiltrate the small and very successful husband and wife startup company of Vision Corp Then, after the pillaging of Vision Corp was successful, Kincaid would then turn the project over to a team of other agents, after which he would take his entire team to Japan in an effort to infiltrate GENOM and learn of the secrets behind the I.K.U. project, as well as obtain information on other Japanese companies involved in the burgeoning Gynoid, Boomer, and Replicant market, all of which was controlled globally by the zaibatsu known simply as the 'Kazei Five'. As the final plans were drawn up, the sun slowly began its decent from the French sky. On the way back to Luc’s gym, Kincaid asked Luc if he would like to join he and Nicole the next night for dinner, and then a drink at their favorite café so that he and Nicole could become better acquainted in a non sexual way. It had been obvious to Kincaid, from the way she looked at the rugged and handsome cowboy, that Nicole was attracted to his best friend, and he knew that Luc’s tales of adventure would definitely make the job of revealing to her the nature of their work much easier, since Luc and Kincaid had agreed earlier, as they were brainstorming, that she would be indispensable, under the guise of an investigative reporter, in the infiltration and raiding of the rich software secrets from Britain's Vision Corp, and thereafter, in their investigation of GENOM Corporation's mysterious I.K.U project. However, once Luc and Kincaid had returned to the gym, Kincaid checked his e-mail and found a three word reply to a message he had sent to Nicole's husband hours before from the office. The message that Kincaid had sent had directed Barry to provide him with even more passwords and access codes to Motorola's mainframe, even though he already possessed all the access codes and passwords he needed to pilfer Motorola's secrets. The reason for the request, and the attached photograph of Nicole locked in a sexual embrace with the African and the bouncer the night before at the club (which Kincaid had taken with his cell phone camera), was to just string him along long enough for him to convince Nicole to stay with him there in Paris. While they were in the shower the night before, Nicole told Kincaid, during one of several orgasms he induced in her, that she never wanted to leave and that she wanted to have his baby. Thus, with those words, Kincaid knew that it was now time to eliminate Barry from Nicole's life forever. The three word message that Barry had sent simply said "Go to Hell!" The words of which only served to expedite the fate that Kincaid had long planned for Nicole's soon to be ex-husband. Hours later, as Barry was returning to his office from his lunch, he was met at his office door by his boss and a man wearing a jacket with the initials FBI emblazoned on the front. In his office were several more government agents, searching his files, when suddenly his cellular telephone chimed notifying him that he had a new text message. Stunned and silent as he was informed of the incriminating evidence that was now all over his hard drives at home and at work, he reflexively looked down to his phone, even as he was being read his Miranda rights, to see the message that said "I warned you! Now it is you who is going to hell!" It was at that moment that Barry finally realized that he had been set up, and that the hellish road he had been sent down was all the work of the one man whom he would spend all of his waking hours planning his revenge- Kincaid.....


Chapter Ten For the next week, Nicole and Kincaid traveled all over Europe, basking in their new found love, as they found themselves making love in practically every famous location. Among the places where Nicole spread her legs was the Kremlin in Moscow, the Houses of Parliament in London, the Coliseum in Rome, etc... By the end of their whirlwind trip, Nicole and Kincaid were certain that they were in love. However, for Nicole, she dreaded the fact that she would have to, at some point, have to confront Barry with the realization that she was not coming back. Yet, despite the fact that she was heart broken about ending her marriage, she knew that it was Kincaid who was her true soul mate, no matter how many cocks she sucked. For several days, after having returned from the Riviera, where Nicole enjoyed her first ever all nude beach, where Kincaid watched her service dozens of young muscular men under the moonlight, she contemplated what to say to Barry, but before she could gather the courage to make the telephone call she checked her e-mail to find a copy of a newspaper article that detailed Barry's arrest and indictment on federal espionage charges. Despite her now dying love for the man whom she had given up a promising career for, after reading the article and reading the detailed indictment, Nicole could not believe what she was seeing. Before her, in the news article and the court documents, Nicole was confronted with the fact that Barry was not whom she believed he was. Instead, she learned that he was now an accused traitor, and if that were not bad enough, the FBI had also discovered that her husband had recently been paid $1 million dollars by the Russians for access to Motorola's military research and development main frame computers. As Nicole explained to Kincaid what was happening to her husband back home, Kincaid knew that the time was right to let her know that he was in the 'intelligence business' as a way to further gain her trust and pull her mind away from the man she once called 'selfish and immature.' Over the course of the next several days Nicole learned that her and Barry's house and possessions had been confiscated, and even more alarming, she herself was now a wanted person. During the course of the FBI's investigation Barry had alleged that it was Nicole who was the one who knew the truth and that it was her lover, Kincaid, whom had paid for her one way ticket to Paris, who was the real criminal. Yet, despite his denials and accusations against his wife's lover, Barry had no proof, and as a result he found himself locked away in a high security jail as he awaited what was sure to be a lengthy sentence. Meanwhile, back in Paris, Nicole took the news that Kincaid was an intelligence agent very well, in fact it made her happy that her lover, seeing her spirit crushed by her husband's alleged double life, wanted her to know the truth about who he was and the work he did. However, what was most worrisome to Nicole, was the fact that was a wanted person, and that the FBI had informed her, via e-mail, that they had many questions they wanted her to answer, and that because of her one way ticket to Paris, she was now technically a wanted person and would be arrested immediately upon her return to the states. When Nicole told Kincaid of her conversation with the threatening sounding FBI agent, Kincaid kissed her and held her as he reassured her that she was safe in France as well as Japan and most other places, for the reach of the American government was not as long as it used to be. Later that evening, as the two of them relaxed at Luc's jazz club, Kincaid and Luc informed Nicole that they had managed to convince a friend of theirs in the foreign ministry to extend her visa indefinitely, in order to protect her from American law enforcement. After which, Kincaid explained to Nicole how he planned on bringing her to his seminar class the next night at the Paris Institute of Fine Arts where he had plans provide for his students with a 'hands on' demonstration of the Kama Sutra.


The big difference between class room instruction and practical experience was that of “hands on instruction”, Kincaid said to Nicole the next day, after having received her permanent visa from the foreign ministry, as they walked from the café to the Paris Institute of Fine Arts. It was all very well painting plants and bowls of fruit, Kincaid explained, but was it really the best of ideas putting a group of ten, 18 and 19 year old immigrant boys in a room with a beautiful naked woman such as Nicole, especially when it came to the subject of the Kama Sutra? As you may recall, on the first day of Nicole’s adventure in Paris, two handsome lean and muscular young men, who were dressed in jeans and black t-shirts, eyed the lovely Nicole who hung on Kincaid’s arm, as they met the two of them at the museum’s main entrance. The sun still shone bright in the July sky as the museum had just closed for the afternoon. Kincaid was friends of the parents of the young men, Atikur and Arjun, both of whom were art students from India, and whose studies and living expenses Kincaid was financially sponsoring. Before Nicole’s arrival Kincaid had arranged for his protégé’s to give his female guest a guided tour of the special exhibit on the art of the Kama Sutra, which is the book on the ancient Indian art of tantric love making. During his years in the French Navy, when he served as a defense attaché to India, Kincaid had become a renowned master in the teachings of the ancient India text and the techniques of the Kama Sutra. One night, just after their arrival in Paris, Atikur and Arjun, upon learning of their benefactor’s expertise, had asked Kincaid to teach them the ancient art. Kincaid conducted their Kama Sutra sessions in a small café near the museum once a month where they would talk about the sex and then listen as Kincaid told them of his adventures with Maya and his other lovers whom he had pleasured with the tantric techniques taught in the ancient text. However, both of the young men were still virgins, but with Nicole’s arrival, Kincaid promised them that she would likely be the ideal female subject with whom they could practice the ancient methods, under the tutelage of their wise and wealthy benefactor. During their cafe chats, Kincaid had become extremely impressed at how quickly these 18 year olds had learned about the history of the sex manual text during their first few months in Paris, and also how eager they were to shed their virgin status and become men, as Kincaid had promised them, but only with the gracious help of a woman of Kincaid’s choosing, and that was Nicole. As the group of boys sat around the studio each had their easel set up, all facing a central platform with a chair placed upon it. The class had been looking forward to it all week, the day that they put theory into practice. There was a buzz around the room, as the boys had been picturing what the beautiful young model looked like. They all hoped for a woman with long blond hair, slender bronze thighs and firm full breasts. As the clock ticked ever closer to 12, the time the lesson was due to start, some of the lads had to cross their legs in anticipation caused a stirring in their pants. The minute hand moved slowly, 11:50….tick……12:00, the tension in the room was now almost unbearable as they held their breath, waiting eagerly for the beautiful American woman their mentor had promised them would someday stand naked before them. The room collectively inhaled as the door handle clicked, and the door creaked open and in walked their mentor and benefactor, and behind him strolled in, on high heels and dressed in a traditional Indian summer sari was the woman whom he promised would appear for the practical demonstration. “Bon Jour”, came the deep French voice, which preceded the entry of the American woman. “Welcome to the third session of life class 345- Basic Indian Thought and Philosophy. I know that you are all looking forward to witness first hand a practical demonstration of the Kama Sutra”, he continued “but please try and refrain from leering at and making Mademoiselle Nicole nervous, I want you to all 84

show some maturity, and most importantly show complete respect and dignity to Mademoiselle, as she is not a girl, but a sophisticated woman. So would you please welcome Mademoiselle Nicole like true French gentlemen.” After which Kincaid introduced Nicole in French, to which she simply said 'hello' to the class as she looked around to study each of the ten young virginal French men who hungrily eyed her sari wrapped body. The students’ hormones were raging as they eyed Nicole's sari covered nude body and wondered to themselves just what she was going to look like naked. As he promised, their teacher had brought to them a modern courtesan, and she was beautiful. The sari that Nicole wore covered only one shoulder and was made of the finest Indian silk, which felt like heaven on Nicole’s smooth naked skin and made her feel both beautiful and sexy, in a cosmopolitan sort of way. After her introduction, Atikur and Arjun motioned for Nicole to sit next to them as they kissed her on the cheeks, said hello, and then whispered to her in English how beautiful she looked. Meanwhile, Nicole hungrily eyed the Indian boys, both of whom she hoped she would see naked by the time they left the museum. In addition to their bodies and good looks, Atikur and Anjun also both smelled wonderful as she could smell their intoxicating cologne and the musk, which only a woman can sense, that emanated from the young men’s loins. As Nicole took her seat to the side in between Atikur and Arjun Kincaid began his lecture in both English and French. “Now as you all know today we will see, firsthand, the ancient text put into practice by those you have studied and learned the text, but first let me give you an overview of what we shall witness from our presenters.” "Many of us have been fortunate enough to experience moments in love where all boundaries dissolve and we become one with our beloved and all of existence. Unfortunately these experiences are usually very short lived. As you may recall, tantric sex aims to heighten and prolong the magical connection that develops between a man and a woman when they are lost in the ecstasy of love." ”Western Tantra, as some know, is a blend of Sacred Sexuality, the Kama Sutra teachings, modern psychology, and eastern philosophy that brings to the contemporary world what the ancient Tantras understood so well. Using a variety of tools, supreme among them sexuality, these masters considered the ultimate goal to be the dissolving of the ego and complete union with the divine energy that is within us all.” "Unfortunately, and contrary to what we would like to believe, we are not born naturally good at sex or at relationships. Few of us have benefited from a formal education in sexuality or sexual love. Even though we are children of the sexual revolution, we are still largely conditioned by belief systems that may have instilled in us guilt or fear or insecurity or shame. “Such negative imprints, although they may reside quietly in the subconscious and cause only minor or occasional disturbances, rarely allow us to journey into the spiritual potential of sexual love. Tantra can help us do just that because a spiritual goal is as important to the couple as their love." ”A guru might have been your mentor in earlier times and though this is still possible today, it is more likely your lover, partner, girlfriend or wife, or even yourself, may possibly be your "guru". When you are able to honor, trust, tell the truth, communicate effectively, greatly improve your skills as a lover, and focus your mind and body in the appropriate ways, a whole new world of possibilities opens to you. Greater understanding, deeper compassion, fuller life experiences, empowerment, bliss and ecstasy, and better health are available to you.”


As Kincaid set about to begin his hour-long lecture, Nicole was handed an English translation of the slides he was about to present, which he had his protégés, Atikur and Arjun, specially prepare for her. As Kincaid lectured, Nicole read and followed along with the Powerpoint slides that Atikur and Arjun had created for his lesson, complete with erotic ancient art, and practical diagrams. “The Kama Sutra is a centuries-old manuscript from India dedicated to the art of lovemaking and sexual fulfillment. Its chapters contain detailed instructions for stimulating, seducing and satisfying one’s partner. It has been considered by many to be the “bible” on the study of pleasure and intimacy and is the most famous sex manual ever written. The Kama Sutra is best known by westerners for its variety of exotic sexual positions, however, the Kama Sutra has as much to offer modern couples as it did their counterparts in ancient India. Perhaps the most well known of all love manuals, it was translated from Sanskrit in the middle 1800s by an Englishman named Sir Richard Burton. Burton was an intrepid adventurer, who at the time of his death was reputed to have been fluent in 40 languages and was the explorer who helped found Lake Victoria, the head of the Nile River.” ”Because of the sexual mores in Victorian England, during his life, he may have experienced some of what is contained in the Kama Sutra firsthand. When it first appeared in print it shocked Victorian England, and upon Sir Richard’s death, his wife burned many of the other books he had translated but had not yet published. Most of them have not been re-translated and indeed many may be lost forever to humanity. It is believed that what is today’s version of the Kama Sutra were in fact notes that had been compiled and put into written form from a long history of rich oral tradition. Written in Sanskrit by a man named Vatsyayana, its structure today appears as poetry and verse. The descriptions of the positions are short and to the point. It’s almost like they were meant as reminders to the couple, rather than detailed instruction. That fact supports the idea that the sutras were born of an oral tradition and were probably originally taught that way to couples. “ SLIDE ONE She sits with raised thighs, her feet placed either side of your waist; "linga" (penis) enters "yoni" (vagina); you rain hard blows upon her body: this is "Kshudgaga" (Striking). ”The variety and depth of information in the Kama Sutra ranges from detailed kissing techniques, to seduction and courting suggestions. It explores the idea of biting your lover to leave your mark on him or her. The instructions on scratching techniques are for the same reason and to heighten the sensual feel of the skin during lovemaking. Many different ways of thrusting are mentioned. The positions are named after animals, as this was a prime way of studying man’s relationship to the natural world. The Kama Sutra also describes many different techniques to stimulate the clitoris like the ten types of "blows" that can be used to tap the clitoris with the Lingam for stimulation. It details the way in which a man might grasp his Lingam and churn it from side to side in the Yoni of his lover. It outlines the areas in the Yoni to stimulate and has special names for the sides, top, deeper areas, and the entrance parts of the Yoni.” ”The Kama Sutra also exquisitely describes the "quivering" of the Yoni that usually proceeds orgasm and the "shuddering" that heralds the orgasm. It says that no two women make love alike and that one must be very sensitive to rhythms, sentiments, and moods of the individual woman.”


SLIDE TWO Seated erect, the lovely girl folds one leg to her body and stretches the other along the bed, while you mirror her actions: this is "Yugmapada" (The Feet Yoke). ”Additional care should be given to courting, gift giving, secret rendezvous, and moral and ethical attitudes during marriage. High priority is given to what are called the Sixty Four Arts. Men, and especially women, were encouraged to learn as many of them as possible. Refinement and accomplishment were important and were not gender specific. These arts included music, singing, sciences, lovemaking, homemaking, poetry, dance, shooting of the bow and arrow, conversation, sewing, art, games, magic, chemistry, perfumery, and rituals.” ”The use of aphrodisiacs and their preparation was common and well known to many. The Kama Sutra details items like datura, honey, ground black pepper, a corpse’s winding-sheet, peacock-bone, sulfur, pumpkin seed, bamboo shoots, cactus, monkey turd, and ram’s testicle for use for enslaving, potency, and endurance. Some of these ingredients, like pumpkin seed and datura, are actually well-known for there potency-enhancing qualities.” SLIDE THREE Sitting face to face in bed, her breasts pressed tight against your chest, let each of you lock heels behind the other's waist, and lean back clasping one another's wrists. ”In addition to the Kama Sutra, a series of "books" or aphorisms appeared in several predominant eastern cultures after 400 A.D. These books were manuals on lovemaking. They included guides for newlyweds on kissing, touching, positions in lovemaking, attitudes, moral obligations, and much more. Though westerners know them to be about positions, these books have a lot more to teach us.” ”The Anana Ranga was written in the sixteenth century in India and it details morals, seduction techniques, sexual positions, hygiene, rituals and sexual spells, aphrodisiacs, and other erotic concepts. It paid particular attention to the woman learning to control her pelvic floor muscles to heighten the experience between her lover and her self.” SLIDE FOUR Seated, the lady raises one foot to point vertically over her head and steadies it with her hands, offering up her "yoni" for lovemaking: this is "Mayura" (The Peacock). ”The Perfumed Garden was written in Arabia in the sixteenth century, also. It has a treatise on the many different sizes and shapes of penises and vaginas (Lingam and Yoni in Sanskrit). Accordingly it details 35 types of Lingams and 38 types of Yonis. Though written primarily for men, it counsels them to find out from the woman what she likes and ask her for instruction on giving it to her. It speaks highly of God and the gift of pleasure that God has given to humans. It also contains teaching stories of various sorts and many intercourse positions.”


”The Ishimpo was a manual that originated in Japan as the erotic teaching manual for that culture. Similar to its counterparts in India and other parts of Asia, it depicted the sex act between man and woman as the essential force that controlled the universe. It expressed the importance of making love as the force in nature that keeps the Earth circling the Heavens.” ”The Secrets of the Jade Bed Chamber has excited many Chinese couples. This treatise on sexuality and sensuality included recipes for potency remedies, exotic positions, and counseling on the ways of love. As with many societies that included eroticism in their cultural heritage, there is symbolism in the words selected for use in the books and by lovers. A Jade Stalk meant a man’s Lingam, a Jade Garden meant the woman’s Yoni. Metaphors filled the erotic lives of ancient sexual explorers.” SLIDE FIVE Kneeling between her thighs, tickle her breasts and under her arms, call her 'my lovely darling' and print deep nail marks around her nipples: thus "Jaya" (Victory) is expounded. ”Also in China, Japan, and most eastern cultures had what is termed "Pillow Books" in addition to the teaching manuals mentioned above. These books were used by couples as erotic stimulants and as reminders of human’s vast sexual potential to be used when couples got into a rut in their relating. They were adorned with beautiful erotic pictures, poetry, writings, and suggestions that couples could partake of together to stir their passions.” ”In the past few decades, there has been a resurgence of erotic manuals, picture books, illustrated instruction books, and a wide variety of resources to educate and reconnect people with their sexual nature. As these materials become available, more people begin to speak openly about sexuality and sensuality. The result is an increasing awareness of our sexual nature and of the variety of touch and pleasurable sensations that turn each of us on.” SLIDE SIX If, sitting facing her, you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain behind your neck, and she grips her toes as you make love, it is the delightful "Padma" (The Lotus). “The approximate Sanskrit definition of "Tantra" is "web" or that union of opposites that, when united, become one with everything in the universe. So Tantric practice aims to unify the many and often apparently contradictory aspects of the self into a harmonious whole such as masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, and dark and light.” ”Many people who experience deep ecstatic sexual states liken these to transcendental spiritual experiences. They discover that the distinction between what is carnal and what is spiritual may not be as clear as they were taught. They may even feel that they have come to know God, or ultimate reality, through sex. Tantra and the Kama Sutra both view sexuality as vital aspects of the path to enlightenment.” ”The Roots of Ancient Tantric Practices go back many thousands of years and originally developed in India. Tantric practices were at their height between 500 to 1300 AD. It was and is today a living system that is designed to promote rapid growth towards enlightenment in the individual. The spiritual, sexual and personal transformation components of Tantra included yoga, meditation, deity worship, whole-body health, and Ayurvedic medicine.” 88

“In India, both in ancient and modern times, if you were lucky enough to have a guru, that guru deemed you either worthy or not ready to study sexual Tantra. To be worthy required a certain type of person who was able to worship the deities and their partner as though they were a goddess or god. Elaborate rituals were designed to transform the act of making love to a higher purpose.” ”What is most experiential in life is also most spiritual. In other words, when you allow yourself to be deeply moved by an experience—feeling it in your body, letting go of the ego’s need to control things —then you are having what mystics have called a spiritual experience. Handling a powerful spiritual experience well requires an individual to have some personal growth encounters.” ”Personal growth is an individual experience. Though most of us won’t seek out a guru, practicing even the simplest of the Tantric techniques can bring a sense of greater communion with your partner, your sexual nature, and, ultimately, with your soul. We become expansive because our spirit opens up when we engage in more trusting sexual practices that involve communication, the spirit of playfulness, and being open to discovery.” ”Most of us must teach ourselves the basics of love and sexuality through some form of trial and error process. Over time, and especially in long term relationships, we tend to stop exploring and being inventive. When we can break out of those old patterns and learn new ways of being -- physically, spiritually, and emotionally -- we expand and open. In a sense, we transcend who we thought we were.” ”Today in the West, there has been a renewal of interest in Tantric practices. Perhaps because our society is "maturing," perhaps because of a widespread awakening of consciousness, we seem to be gravitating in these times towards the lessons in conscious intimacy that Tantra has to offer. In addition, we are more aware than ever about the value of education. Most of us know very little about our own bodies and our potential for pleasure. In this "Information Age," we are attracted to information and knowledge.” ”There are important components of classical Tantra. In essence Tantric sex is a spiritual practice – like meditation or yoga. It was not aimed at self-indulgence or pleasure as an end in itself. Tantra uses sexuality, with all of its rawness, social stigma, fear, vulnerability and ignorance to crack open the ego so that we can be present with our lover, and ultimately, with our self.” ”The spiritual seeking that many Westerners are involved in fits well with the practices that Tantra offers. The modern seeker may find that many of the components of ancient Tantric practices integrate well with our daily lives. In fact, the experiences one has practicing Tantra can be seen as a metaphor for other aspects of one’s life and can give one "tools" for being more present and aware in general.” "Begin to do some kind of growth work on yourself every day, i.e., yoga, meditation, journal writing, bodywork, men’s or women’s groups. There are many options. The key is to begin working trough your emotional blocks. Explore forgiveness and unconditional love (for yourself as well as others) as a realistic choice in your life". ”Yoga. Tantra is called the sexual yoga. Yoga is another term associated with practices that help to unify apparent opposites. The practice of hatha yoga, for example, tones not only the muscles, it massages and keeps healthy the vital internal organs in our bodies, as well. It harmonizes the body and the mind by connecting conscious breathing with focusing the mind. When doing yoga, you are actually performing an active meditation. You are focusing your energy on certain internal, as well as external, points. You bring much more awareness to the body and mind with yoga.”


”Risk. The role of the guru in classical Tantra was one of guide and pusher of edges. The guru knew you and your limitations in your life. He or she set a path for the student that would lead them ultimately to stretch and grow in ways that the individual might not attempt on their own.” ”The beauty of Tantra is that it is a partnered path of learning. In a sense, your partner is your guru. To trust another with your personal growth is the ultimate act of surrender. Surrender is where breakthroughs happen. If two people can do that for each other, taking conscious risks that gently stretch the limits of their comfort zones, they can realize great growth—both individually and as partners.” ”To risk the vulnerability of "doing it wrong," not looking good, being stuck emotionally, facing your own shadows, and other life challenges, is to move closer to your own soul and to the power that resides in self-realization. If you discover, for example, a fear in intimacy and move towards it with courage and trust, not denying it or trying to hide from it, the benefits are great.” ”You will feel yourself becoming less fearful as you meet and face your fears and limiting beliefs. How your face your sexual fears is a great metaphor for how you deal with fear in general. In sex, you cannot hide from the truth. The feedback is immediate. If your body feels pleasure, it feels pleasure. If it feels numb, it feels numb, and you know it. “ "There is an Eastern saying that "in the unsteady mind enters time", faith is a timeless and steadying experience that can transform an ordinary physical love relationship into the super-sensual union of a "god" and "goddess", the highest attributes of our spirits. The truly erotic experience is always timeless; the couple evoke faith in each other and awaken the non-dual essence within." ”The Gods and Goddesses in Tantra. Tantra originated in Hindu India and as a result, though it is not a religion in and of its self, is based on the Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. The Gods and Goddesses represent the male/female, yin/yang qualities of all humans. Whole, healthy individuals, are all a unique blend of both female and male traits.” ”Shiva is the supreme god in Hindu Tantric beliefs. He represents the male principle and the control and movement of time and all material things. His penis, or Lingam in Sanskrit, is up-right, action oriented, and powerful. It commands a place of nerve and worldly power.” ”His counterpart is Shakti – the female essence. It is Shakti’s energy that literally runs the universe. Without Shakti, Shiva is nothing and would have no power in the world. She is the creator, the sustainer, and the destroyer all in one. This is fitting considering that a woman gives birth, sustains the child with milk (here the equivalent of Mother Earth feeding her children), and takes back her child in death to her bosom.” ”These two deities form a union that is necessary to keep the universe in perfect harmony. This is a metaphor for the life of every living human. According to Tantric philosophy, life is a journey to become a balanced blend of both of male and female, that is, to become whole or unified. Your sexual nature can lead you to this perfect balance of energies.” "Chakras are not physical entities in and of themselves. Like feelings or ideas, they cannot be held like a physical object, yet they have a strong effect upon the body as they express the embodiment of spiritual energy on the physical plane. Chakra patterns are programmed deep in the core of the mindbody interface and have a strong relationship with our physical functioning. Just as emotions can and do affect our breathing, heart rate, and metabolism, the activities in the various chakras influence our glandular processes, body shape, chronic physical ailments, thoughts, and behavior"


”The Chakras. In eastern medicine, the chakras are seven "energy centers" situated along the spine in what is called the subtle body. Practitioners of eastern medicine treat the subtle body as well as the gross physical body and see the chakras as very important to the overall health of the individual. Each of the chakras is associated with one of the basic core energies that we work with in life. The energy that flows through them and up the spine is called Kundalini Energy.” ”There are symbols, colors, sounds, the five elements, emotional "drives" and gestures associated with each chakra. As you extend your practices of Tantra and other sciences relating to the body, you begin to see where you flow and where you get stuck in life. As you learn to sense the energies in your various chakras, through Tantric practice, you can discover where your life energies are not flowing, where you are stuck, and where you need to put your attention in order to re-vitalize yourself.” ”The First Chakra – Muladhara. The pelvis area at the perineum is where the first chakra resides. It represents being grounded and secure in the basic physical comforts of life: food, shelter, and the needs of our animal nature. Its element is Earth and its color is red. A secure first chakra enables us to feel confident in our abilities to care for ourselves. We can hold a job that brings us enough money to survive. We have a realistic concept of our physical and its needs, and a sense of being grounded.” ”The Second Chakra – Svadhishthana. The genital area is the seat of the second chakra. It represents our sexual urges and fantasies, creativity, and procreation. Its element is water and its color is orange. Sensations, pleasure, sexuality, and emotions are all associated with this chakra. The element of this chakra is water, the element associated with emotions. When this chakra is "open" and healthy, we are likely to experience stable emotions, gracefulness, and self-acceptance.” ”The Third Chakra – Manapura. This chakra is situated at the solar plexus or navel area of our body. It represents our power, will, energy, authority, and longevity. Its element is fire and its color is yellow, as the sun is yellow. Ego identity and self-esteem are the products of a healthy third chakra. Confidence, reliability and autonomy without domination and manipulation produce the fire necessary to live a powerful yet compassionate life. When you have butterflies in your stomach they may indicate a sign of excitement or fear. This is a temporary disturbance in the third chakra.” ”The Fourth Chakra – Anahata. The chest area and specifically the heart are the home of the fourth chakra. It represents our heart and all that is associated with it: sharing, love, service, compassion and devotion. Its element is air, and its color is green. The heart is often considered the seat of the soul because, when it is open, it embodies the qualities mentioned above. We can all recognize the times when our heart feels shutdown. This tends to happen when we are mad, hurt, pitying ourselves, or when we don’t feel loved. We actually can feel it as a stuck or tight area in the chest. Jealousy has been called the Green Eyed Monster in honor of the heart chakra and its color green. We say that our heart aches when we feel the emotions associated with this chakra.” ”The Fifth Chakra – Vishuddha. This is the throat area of the body and represents knowledge and speaking the truth of that knowledge. Its element is ether or space, and its color is violet. The throat chakra builds upon the knowledge learned from the previous four chakras. It takes all that we know and have learned and dares to synthesize and help us speak what we know. When was the last time you had a "lump" in your throat? That is your fifth chakra telling you that you don’t know all of the facts, that you are afraid to speak up, or you aren’t in integrity with what you are saying. Stop, breathe deeply, notice what you are avoiding, and tell the truth.” ”The Sixth Chakra – Ajna. Located at the pineal gland or "third eye" area of forehead, the sixth chakra represents enlightenment and self-realization. It has no element as it is beyond the elements. Its color is bluish white. Self-mastery, intuition, and insight are signs of an open sixth chakra. Symbolic and archetypal meaning is integrated into self-reflection. We can move to and through old, recurring 91

patterns in our lives when our sixth chakra is healthy. Often this chakra opens up through a "spiritual" emergence or awakening. ”The Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara. This chakra is at the top of the head located at the fontanel, that area where the soft spot is on a baby’s head. It is the open conduit to God and the guru within. Immortality is achieved at this level. It is the realm of saints and holy men and women throughout the ages. Golden white light and a lotus flower with a thousand petals are the symbols of this uppermost chakra. A supremely conscious human being exhibits compassion, self-awareness, mindfulness, and awareness of the world. They would have a very evolved seventh chakra.” "Correct practice of sexual intercourse can cure every ailment and at the same time open the doors to liberation". ”Tantric Practices To Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit. Tantra offers many easy-to-learn practices to help you and your partner evolve spiritually while enjoying great sex. Many of the practices and lessons come from Tantric theory and have been refined by modern psychology. Focus your mind on your heart and your partner’s heart when you are making love. “ ”Connecting the Heart and the Physical Orgasm. Here is a simple practice you can try the first or next time you are making love. It’s about connecting the heart chakra with the genital chakra. Both men and women, but particularly men, need to learn to connect the genitals and the heart. Touching these two areas at the same time can bring immense healing to the person enabling them to experience this connection”. ”During foreplay or oral sex and while you are stimulating the genitals of your partner, place a hand on their heart chakra. Breathe love deeply into it. Think of the possibility of having a pure heart orgasm or extending the orgasmic release from the genitals up to the heart. You may even want to wave your hand over their body with focus on the heart area. Remind the receiving partner that they can spread the orgasmic feelings all the way up to their heart.” "As your mind quiets down, you will be able to direct more attention to your feelings and sensations, expanding your ability to experience pleasure. In High Sex, meditation helps you bring heightened awareness to the body, heart. And mind and to tune these three aspects of your being into a harmony that allows higher, more intense levels of pleasurable experience." ”Meditation is being recognized, in many different circles today, for its value in bringing focus and quiet to the mind. Its simple techniques are easy to learn and are useful in a variety of ways in our lives. As little as 20 minutes a day can bring relaxation, concentration, and lower blood pressure to most people. The appendices contain resources where you can learn more about this valuable practice.” ”Practicing meditation will enable you to focus your attention during lovemaking. Most people, at some time or another during sex, have found their mind wandering, or have found that they think about whether they are doing it right or about what they wish their partner would do. The highest honor and gift you can give a partner is focused attention. When you bring that quality to your loving, it doesn’t matter what techniques you know – you simply are a great lover.” "Slow down, enjoy love’s dance. Make your sexual loving a meditation, and use the moment of orgasm to affirm and empower one another." ”Tantric Orgasm. Tantric philosophy talks about two seemingly different types of orgasm, the physical orgasm and the heart orgasm. At first appearance they may seem contrary to one another, but on closer inspection one supports the other perfectly.”


”On the one hand, Tantric practice encourages us to be in our hearts 24 hours a day. That blissful state can be equated to an orgasmic state of being with "heart energy" transferred to all that we experience and do during the day. In Tantra this is sometimes referred to as the "right hand path," in which certain sects of practitioners achieve this optimum state of being through meditation, yoga, compassionate states of mind, mantra chanting, and celibacy.” ”In the "left hand path," sexuality is the vehicle one rides to achieve this same blissful state. Sexuality is used as a form of yoga to go to the deepest spiritual levels one can attain. The orgasm is used as the gateway to recognize the bliss state. Once this state of being is recognized, the individual is able to use that recognition to develop the ability to attain higher states of consciousness that enable you to bring the bliss state to all aspects of life. You really can "get high with a little help from your friends." ”Full Body Orgasms. Modern sexology recognizes that there are several forms of orgasm. In women there is the clitoral orgasm, which tends to be very localized to the genitals. There is the vaginal orgasm, which involves the G-spot and a few other areas of the vagina. There is the blended orgasm, involving the clitoris and the G-spot. Men’s orgasms tend to be of one general kind, though through Tantric practices the orgasmic plateau can be extended for long periods of time. In Tantra, there is also the energy orgasm or heart orgasm.” ”Vaginal orgasms tend to be full-body orgasmic experiences with the breath, the mind, and the orgasm itself all forming a complete experience. When our bodies get this full-blown experience of love, and when we practice enhancing it with different breath patterns, sounds and "right hand path" techniques, we have the potential to move into multiple orgasms and out-of-body sex.” ”Energy Orgasms. As you go further into this practice you are able to begin to have full body orgasms, or energy orgasms, simply by breathing them, without any physical touch. This powerful energy is then much more available to you in your everyday life, sometimes by simply breathing!” ”When the two paths are blended, the possibilities for personal growth expand exponentially, and the duality between the two types of orgasms vanishes. Just as breath is of the utmost importance in meditation, it is the consciousness of breathing that can be the tool to a transformational lovemaking experience.” As the last Powerpoint slide was finished, Kincaid looked at his watch, and then over to Nicole and his students and said, “Well students, I see that we are running a bit a head of schedule, I therefore will ask you to return here in approximately 30 minutes, which will give our Indian demonstrators time to prepare and set up the class room for our practical demonstration. But remember, when you return, you will not be in France for at least two hours. Instead you will be in 19th Century India witnessing the ceremony of the Chakra, which was an ancient ceremony celebrating the arrival of manhood, Kalachakra as it was described in ancient Indian writings and texts, all of whom are rooted in and based upon the Kama Sutra Protégées please prepare the room,” and then he said to Nicole in English, after the students filed out of the classroom, “Nicole I would like you to follow me to my office. We must prepare you for the ceremony.” He then turned to Atikur and Arjun and handed them large blue pills, which they both looked in stunned silence and then smiled, for Kincaid had now insured that the demonstration would last the promised two hours.


Chapter Eleven After Nicole followed and entered her lover’s museum office, which was his shrine to all things Indian, Kincaid closed the door and embraced her as he kissed her deep. He then motioned for her to to sit down and pour herself glass of red wine, as he himself drank from his still untouched warm glass of scotch. He then went around and sat behind his desk and told her this story as his first lover and he waited for his protégés to come and notify them that the preparations for the practical demonstration were complete. “My love, please relax and enjoy what I am about to tell you. It has been years since I shared this tale, one that I have not yet shared with my protégés.” Kincaid said as Nicole relaxed into the cool leather chair and hung on her lover’s every word as he told her this erotic story of cultural and sexual discovery. “I was 18 and studying, in Delhi, as an exchange student, in the 12th grade. We had a large group of friends that comprised of both boys as well as girls. Of the whole lot I was especially crazy about Subnam, for simply her presence made every boy’s cock get hard. A real Goddess of Venus carved out of the wildest dream of God Himself. I had seen her a few times in her other dresses, but nothing looked more beautiful on her then our school uniform. The white top and the colorful skirt particularly being just above her knees.” ”She had beautiful long silky hairs that came down to her waist, around her shoulders and covered her small full breasts. She had this very sensual way of gently swaying of the few strands of hair, away from her eyes, back to her ear, in a gentle rhythm. Her eyes always seemed longing for a desire. A desire as mysterious as her bewitching smile. “ ”Beauty is an unsightly word to describe her.” ”To make a long story short, this incident occurred on the day our school went for a picnic to Suraj kund in the heart of Haryana. It was mid December and the ambiance was rather pleasant for a humid city like Delhi. The morning air had a spray of mist, which added to the charm and thrill of the picnic goers. “ ”We reached the park and did the usual stuff all school picnickers do. Played games had snacks etc. Later our group was taking a walk through the lush green bed of grass, simply chatting with each other. It soon happened that Subnam and I began talking on a different subject. We then decided to walk alone. We informed the group of our detour. There were obvious sound of whistles and wolf cries from them. “ ”Soon Subnam and me were walking alone towards the forest on the narrow jungle paths. My heart began to beat like a drum as we were now inside the dense forest, alone, she walking just inches of me. I would brush my hand with hers and then gaining courage I held her hand, softly. She too shifted near me and rested her head on my shoulder. I was now on cloud nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. “ ”I shifted my hand on to her shoulders and hugged her calmly. She too placed her hands around my waist. Her breasts just slightly touched me as we walked alongside. I felt my lips quiver at the mere thought of kissing her. “ ”The path we had taken led us to a brook flowing through the rocks. I guided her towards a tree and I could now sense a fear in her. The utmost fear of being taken over.“


”I positioned her such as she would have the support of the tree. I stood in front of her. Her head tilted down, eyes closed and her breasts heaving up and down in pace with her heavy breathing. I could feel my heart popping out as I slowly removed her hair-band and gently began to stroke her hair. No words were spoken. Only the chirping of the birds and crinkle of the brook could be heard.” ”I held her face in both my hands and turned it up towards me. Her eyes were still closed as her lips parted and her hands came to rest on my hips as I bent down and kissed her honey sweet lips. They were moist, soft, and tender. Her hands soon grabbed me from behind in tight embrace. I lifted up my head and looked at her. She quickly hid her face on my shoulder, her eyes evading my every glance. I held her from her back and tightened my grip on her, crushing her tender breasts hard on my chest. I could hear a soft sigh from inside her.” ”I stroked her hair for a few moments; quite aware of the delicate situation she was in. I moved her away from me and again placed my lips on hers. This time it was a real passionate one. I could now feel her tongue with mine. Her hands slowly rising from my back to my head, her fingers running through my hairs. I was moving my hands all over her back. My hands moved down to her waists and as I grabbed her buttocks, her grip tightened on me. I slowly moved my hand upwards sliding through her hips, up her belly and then cupped her breast. It was a wonderful feeling. I could now feel her going weak in the legs. I supported her from her back as I began squashing her small full breast. She broke free of my lips and began to push me away from her.” ”But only for a moment, as I quickly held her hand and pulled her towards me, grabbing her and kissing her fervently. She too submitted herself completely to me and again held me firmly. Things began to cool down a bit as I let her lips go. She stood there, her eyes gazing at me. The desire was no longer a mystery to the both of us.” ”I again gently began to stroke her hairs and kissed her softly, pecking occasionally on her lips. My hands moved down on to her breasts, rubbing them softly. I enjoyed her breasts for a few moments and then she began to tremble as my hands moved to undo the first button of her top. My hands moved down to undo the second and then the third. She rested her head on my shoulder and now I could catch a glimpse of her breast covered in all its glory by her white brassiere. I placed my hands inside her top and onto her breast. I slid my fingers into the cup of the bra and felt her breast in flesh. I reached for her nipple and soon my fingers were caressing it. It was small and soft but it was soon growing hard as she now began to moan and move her head feverishly.” ”I slid of the strap of her brassiere from over her shoulder totally exposing her small full breast. It was well shaped and round with her nipple jutting out in perfect proportion. I kissed her on her lips and then my tongue rolled down her neck, onto her breast grabbing her nipple in my mouth. I began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as her sexuality began to rise at her peak. I sucked it hard until it was swollen red. She was now like a bitch on heat, her pelvic thrusting on my dick. As I sucked her hard my hand freed her other breast of her brassiere and began to maul her. She arched backwards enjoying every moment of my licking and caressing of her breasts. I was enjoying her with as much vigor as I can.” ”My hands reached her back and unhooked her bra, completely stripping it of her body. Her breasts were fully exposed to me except for her top. I tugged it out of her skirt and undid the remaining two buttons. She was now exposed from her front. I never removed her top completely and to be honest it was more fun that way than I had some bangs latter on with other girls completely nude.” ”I embraced her from inside her top feeling her naked breasts on me. She then undid my shirt and hugged me. Her breasts were now crushed to my naked chest. I could feel the contour of her wellshaped breasts as well as the soft touch of her small nipples. My hand went straight through her hairs as 95

we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. My hand began to grope her breast for a moment and then it began to slide down over her belly. I found her navel and I teased her there for some time. I slithered down to the most sensitive part of a virgin girl from the top of her skirt. Barely had my fingers been inside her skirt her hand came flying out of nowhere and grabbed my hand. "No." she said in her soft and sensual voice.” ”I forced my hand into her skirt. "No, please no." she tightened her grip on me. "Please Subnam. Don't stop me now." I tightened my grip on her from her back. "No." she again pleaded, calmly and rested her head on me.” ”I could feel her melt now. I was not supposed to miss this opportunity and so my hand began to slide down. This time she held her grip but soon let go of me. My fingers reached her panty and as I further moved down I could feel her soft pubic hairs with which I played for some time and then as my fingers went further down a shudder ran through her as my fingers ran over her moist clit.” ”A subtle groan came through within her as I inserted my middle finger into her. It was dripping wet. She jerked her body and began to moan like an animal. I took her hand and placed it on my trousers, over my dick. It was by now hard as a rock. She unzipped me and it sprang out like an angry lion. She grabbed it in her delicate hand, her soft fingers encircling it.” "Oh, my God! It's so hot." she blushed. "Then quench its fire with your nectar of love." I replied cunningly. "Oh, God! No. Please! No." she pleaded.” ”I lightly pressed her clitoris and then she was at it again. She slowly began to move my dick back and forth her thumb caressing the tip of my penis' head. We fondled each other for quite sometime and then I told her to take me in her mouth. She repulsed but after coxing a few times she went down on her knees. She unhooked my trousers and released my penis from my u-wear. Her lips parted as she moved forward to take my penis in her mouth. I could feel her small teeth and her tongue wriggling me. She now began to enjoy it. "Suck me Subnam." I said.” ”Subnam never knew that her school trip would be so exciting. She moved her head back and forth and began to suck at the same time. Her tongue was licking every part of me. She was now sucking my juices right out of my body. Her sucking created a kind of a vacuum in my prick and I could feel my juices about to rush out. I took out my penis from her mouth before I could ejaculate, as I wanted to do it deep inside her and not in her mouth.” ”I laid her down on the grass. As usual her skirt was above the knee and it slid back as she lay down, one foot lying straight on the ground and the other raised a little, exposing her thighs. I placed my hand over her knee and then slowly moved down to her thighs. I held her panty and tried to remove it. To my amazement she actually helped me get of her panty by shifting on her sides. I removed her panty from her legs and threw it aside. My hand soon grabbed her knee of the raised foot and began to slide down.” ”I pulled up the hem of her skirt right up to her waist. Her pussy now lay bared to me, cradled in the nest of her golden brown pubic hairs. Lying there waiting for me to discover it. I kissed her on her thighs and my tongue soon began to explore the clandestine parts of her. I could now smell her feminist odor. My tongue then began to graze on her clits. She grabbed me by my hairs and began to push me, deep inside her. My tongue ravaged the insides of her pussy and I began to taste hungrily at her juices. "Ahhh!" she exclaimed as both her legs began to curl up in position.” ”She pushed me more inside and I almost suffocated. My mouth was inside her, my tongue dwelling inside tasting her fluid and stroking what could certainly have been her G-spot. I pushed myself up on her belly and my tongue began to play with her navel. She had her hands over my back imploring me to get back to her wet orifice. Instead I got down to my side and pushed down my trouser down over my 96

knees. "You really don't mean to put that thing into me, do you?" she asked rather coyly. "Yes honey, and you and I are going to enjoy every bit of it." I replied. As she moaned and closed her eyes even before I was on top of her.” "Don't worry Subnam, it will be all pleasurable." I assured my her, gently running my fingers through her hair. I was now going to fuck this little virgin. "Nooohh!!!" she cried.” ”I positioned myself on top of her, my dick lying on her wet pussy. All through this time I was gently stroking her hair to pacify her of her maiden pain. She bit her lip as my dick touched her clits and parted them. Her hands came over my hips as I slowly entered into her.” "Ohhh!!! You are so tight." I said as I gave a bit more force. Her body arched and she threw back her head lifting up her chest. I took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck it hard. I then slowly pushed my hips, my head almost inside her.” "Unnnhh!!! Nooo." she cried.” ”I had never again met a pussy so tight as Subnam. I could feel my dick burn as I entered further into her. The head was now fully inside her and now I could feel a barrier blocking my way to paradise. It was her fragile barrier of shame, guilt, and maidenhood. I kept stroking her hair as I interchanged her nipples and occasionally kept kissing her. I made a strong move and forced my penis deep into her. She began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle's claws.” "No, please, no. It hurts, please." she began to plead. Her pleading only made me hornier as I again thrust my penis deep into her. She began to shout and moan in pain. I placed my hand under her shoulder and grabbed her breast with the other. My mouth went over hers and I again thrust my penis into her. This time she threw her head back and yelped. "Aaaaagggh!" I had shattered her hymen.” ”I again grabbed her mouth with mine and continued mauling her breasts. Her hands came over my back with a burning sensation for she was now nailing my back and biting my lips. I entered deep into her as her paws encircled my back, guiding me inside her. She was very tight and I enjoyed every bit of her. My prick began to thrust inside her, back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. She too began to move her hips along with me. She was having an orgasm. I licked her face, her ears, and her nipples and then I felt a storm brewing inside me. We both held each other tightly as I made my final force inside her pussy. Moments later I ejaculated deep inside her. She began to loose grip on me and lay down on the grass. I kissed her forehead as I removed my penis. It had trickles of blood as well as her fluid on it. A few amount of blood began to drip out of her now deflowered vagina. I felt myself lucky to deflower a virgin like Subnam.” ”We then got dressed in a hurry and as a final adieu to this wonderful moment; we hugged and kissed each other for a long time. We trailed our way back to the bus hugging each other. The two of us enjoyed a lot such pleasurable sessions in the years to come. Today she is happily married with two kids and we still see each other, some times, when I am in Delhi. Her husband is a very good friend of mine now, he is a master teacher of the Kama Sutra, but he is quite unaware that I was the one who first made love to his wife.” “I tell you this only because it is because of she that I fell in love with India, and mastered the art of the Kama Sutra, as it was taught by her husband, before they were married. I promise you my love that we shall go there soon, so that you can study under my friend, the master teacher of all courtesans who still want to learn the Kama Sutra, or should I say ‘the art of love.’ However, until that time, and at least for the next two hours, you shall sample and experience the results of the master’s teachings as they have now been handed down by the ancients, to my friend, to me, and now to my protégés.”


As Kincaid finished telling his story, there was a knock on the door, which signaled that Atikur and Arjun were now ready, and that all of the students, and the demonstrators, were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their courtesan, Mademoiselle Nicole, which was how each one of them addressed her, in their formal Indian accents. Then, as Nicole began to walk towards the door, she grabbed her lover, kissed him deep, looked deep into his green eyes and told him “I love you!” To which he replied, “I love you, and I know that after we leave this museum tonight, you will love me ten times more.” To which Nicole just smiled, and then kissed Kincaid deeply one last time before they walked to the classroom.


Chapter Twelve The lights of the classroom were dimmed and candles were lit strategically around the elevated mattress bed that would serve as the focal point of the practical demonstration. From the portable stereo was soft and erotically mesmerizing sitar music as Atikur and Arjun stood on either side of the bed shirtless, and in traditional Indian pants and sandals. Their dark skinned bodies rippled with tight muscles that they had developed over the course of the past year doing manual labor to pay for their way to Paris and attend university. All eyes were on Nicole as she and Kincaid walked in and he told her to stand at the foot of the bed in between the protégés. As the three of them stood in front of the bed, as their faces glowed in the flicker of the candles around the room, Kincaid began to introduce and explain the ceremony the Kalchakra, as he signaled the beginning of the ceremony by saying, “...when one is bereft of inner peace the most pleasant external action is unable to bring happiness to the mind. The notion and sense of 'I' is a mere projection on the four or five psychophysical aggregates that make up the person. Yet this sense of I, which is possessed by us all, even the smallest insect, innately seeks to find satisfaction and to avoid misery. “Protégés, you may now begin the ceremony, please disrobe the courtesan and place her in the lying down position.” At their mentor’s command, Atikur and Arjun stepped up to Nicole and slowly unwrapped the silk sari that covered her body until finally, with a slight tug, it fell gently to the floor leaving Nicole with nothing on except her black stiletto pumps, which Kincaid instructed to wear during the entire ceremony. Kincaid believed that the site of Nicole receiving the pleasure of the Kama Sutra in her pumps would add a great deal of eroticism to the entire spectacle. After she was fully disrobed, Kincaid ordered the protégés, in French to lay Nicole gently on her back in the “Lying Down Position.” Nicole was then grasped, on either side and picked up by her limbs and laid gently down on her back by the strong boys as Kincaid explained, “As you can see, and now doubt smell, our courtesan is secreting her vaginal juices in anticipation of initiating these young men. Arjun and Atikur, please draw up both her knees until they nuzzle the curves of her breasts; her feet. Small girls love this posture, but becoming a goddess takes a lot of practice. Nicole, please cup and lift your buttocks with your palms, then spread your thighs wide and your heels besides your hips, while you continue to caress your breasts.” As Nicole followed and acted out Kincaid’s command, he turned to the class and said, “this is "Utphallaka, which is known as “The Flower in Bloom.” ”Now I want you Atikur to grasp the courtesan’s ankles, whose round buttocks are the shape of two ripe gourds, and then raise her beautiful thighs and spread the thigh-joints widely, and then, full of desire, say sweet English words as you approach her with your body, and drive your cock straight forward to pierce her lotus and join your limbs. This class is what the experts call "Madandhvaja" or ‘The Flag of Cupid’.” Atikur, who had won the coin toss to see who would be the first to feel Nicole’s velvety pussy, slowly sank his throbbing and Ultra-Viagra enhanced seven inch cock into Nicole as she moaned loudly in desire as Atikur slowly began pounding into her sopping cunt as he awaited his next instruction while he slowly fucked his mentor’s lover.


After about three minutes of letting the boys in the classroom observe, from the side view, Atikur spearing his cock into Nicole, Kincaid then commanded him to “Catch hold of her two feet, raise them until they press upon her breasts so that her legs form a rough circle. Then clasp her neck and make love to faster. This class is what they call "Ratisundara," or as it is known in the west, Aphrodite’s Delight.” Atikur held Nicole firmly by the neck with his strong palms, as he began to pump more vigorously into her pussy for approximately another seven minutes, as Nicole continued to moan as she urged her lover on with small cries and whimpers of desire, all of which Kincaid had timed out to the second, for the exact reason that he did not end the session to late to be discovered by the museum staff. Atikur, who was now nearly ten minutes into becoming a man, had a look of pure ecstasy on his face as he leaned down to taste Nicole’s lips and tongue for a long two minute French kiss. Kincaid, who remained coolly detached, but who was very aroused, looked at his watch and then said to Atikur, “Now lift Mademoiselle's feet until her soles lie perfectly parallel, one to each side of her slender throat, then cup her breasts and enjoy her. This technique gentlemen is "Uthkanta," or as we commonly refer to it as, the throat-high fuck. Now Nicole I want you grasp your ankles, and draw them up until they reach your hair.” As Nicole grasped her ankles and raised high her feet toward her hair, Kincaid commanded Atikur to “catch her breasts and make love in the "Vyomapada" or ‘Sky-foot’ position.” Which the now sweaty student now did as Nicole turned her head to see the young men intently watching her get fucked, while at the same time she felt small drips of sweat roll down her neck. After a few more minutes Kincaid said, ”Now Nicole, I want you to grasp your ankles again and raise your lotus feet higher, and Atikur, when her feet are at their highest I want you to perform ‘the monkey’ by striking her to the root, while at the same time kissing and slapping her breasts with an open-palm.” As Nicole raised her legs up and further over her head, Atikur smiled at her with his handsome lust filled face and speared into her so quick and hard that she cried out in surprise as he then kissed and slapped her breasts as he introduced her to “The Monkey.” Nicole was fucked for another several minutes until Kincaid said to Atikur, “now sit between her parted knees, raise them, hook her feet over your thighs, catch hold of her breasts, and enjoy giving Nicole the "Manmathpriya," which romantics call the ‘Dear to Cupid’ position.” The command caused Atikur to work even harder as he his cock began to twitch with an impending orgasmic release that Nicole truly wanted to feel as she urged him on until finally Kincaid said that it was time to explore the lying down positions of the Samputa group with Arjun, who was desperately waiting for his turn. Nicole cooed in pleasurable delight as Atikur withdrew, though she knew she would feel him again, and Arjun approached the bed to begin the next lesson, as Kincaid instructed his protégé to demonstrate the lying down postures of the Samputa group first before graduating to the sitting positions. Arjun then removed his trousers and took his place on the bed next to Nicole, as he whispered to her “just relax and let me do all of the work” as he kissed her deep and then performed the first of the Samputa positions as he laid parallel to Nicole’s body and caressed her body length from her toes to his thighs as she kissed her newest of twin young lovers stroked her and forced purring noises from her throat as she continued to watch the men watch her perform. As Nicole and Arjun continued their sensual make out and petting session, her young lover continued on as Kincaid provided commentary about the Pidita position of the Samputa group, the two passionate lovers interlaced their thighs and squeezed each other in a soft rhythm as he slipped his thin cock into her moist and waiting cunt, while at the same time they continued on exploring each other’s body. After several minutes Arjun whispered into her ear, after Kincaid had moved on and began talking about the next position, and told her to cross and roll her thighs inward so as to strengthen her pussy’s 100

grip on his cock and milk him. Kincaid explained that Arjun and Nicole were slowly making their way to the "Vadavaka," or the Mare’s Trick, which, “can only be perfected with long practice. When she uses it, a woman should cease to kiss her lover and simply hold the lock. Courtesans are adept at Vadavaka, and it’s a specialty with ladies from Andhra Pradesh, a state in Southern India.” As Nicole and Arjun continued kissing, touching, and fucking, Kincaid began to read an instructional passage from “The Medieval Text of Shiva:” “When lovers, with legs stretched rigid and feet caressing feet, make love according to their hearts' desire, "tantra" scholars call it "Sampada" (Equal Feet) and agree it is a way to ecstasy.” “Stiff as a pole in the bed's center, she lies making love, cooing and warbling like a wood pigeon, the jewel of her clitoris well-polished: this is Mausala" (the Pestle).” “When she lies on her back with her two thighs pressed tightly together and you make love to her, keeping your thighs outside hers, it is "Gramya" (the Rustic).” “If, encircling and trapping her thighs with yours, you grip so hard that she cries out in pain, it is "Ratipasha" (Love's Noose), a device most charming to the ladies.” “Her limbs, entwined in yours like tendrils of fragrant jasmine creeper, draw taut and slowly relax in the gentle rhythm of linga and yoni: this is "Lataveshta" (the Clinging Creeper).” “She draws her limbs together, clasping her knees tightly to her breasts, her yoni, like an opening bud, offered up for pleasure: this is known as "Mukula" (the Bud).” “When she draws up her knees and you clamp yours about her raised thighs, trapping them in a tight knot while riding saddle upon her buttocks and kissing her, it is "Shankha" (the Couch).” As Kincaid finished reading the text, Arjun knew that the time for him to stop had arrived, as he whispered to Nicole that, “you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I hope someday that I am lucky enough to find a woman with as much passion as yourself.” To which Nicole replied “you will, you will,” and then kissed him deeply for the final time of the session as Atikur approached the bed to demonstrate the sitting positions of the Kama Sutra. As Arjun dislodged, he rolled off the bed and said to his brother in his native language that they were now both men, but that they need to prove to their 101

mentor that they could satisfy a woman such as Nicole, to which his brother in arms nodded his head yes, and took a lotus position on the bed as he prepared to demonstrate the sitting positions. Nicole was breathless from the sensuous and tender fucking that her pussy had just received, as she Arjun and Atikur her now sweat slicked body into a sitting position so that she was seated, mouth to mouth, arm against arm, and thigh against thigh in the "Kaurma" or Tortoise position as Atikur's cock slipped easily into her. Of the two boys, it was Atikur who was the biggest and longest she thought as he whispered to her to show the students the "Paravartita," or the Turning, which is the lovers thighs, if they are still joined, are raised, so as to reach maximum depth with the woman’s vagina. Kincaid then continued to explain, as Atikur whispered in Nicole’s ear as he coached her performance, in between licking on her supple neck, that “If within the cave of her thighs you sit rotating your hips like a black bee, it is "Markata," or ‘The Monkey, and if, in this pose, you turn away from her, it is the "Marditaka, or ‘Crushing Spices’.” Atikur then whispered to Nicole that she need to sit with raised thighs and then place her feet on either side his waist so that he could enter her repeatedly as he performed the “Kshudgaga” by forcefully, but not painfully strike repeated blows to her sensitive breasts. As Atikur slapped her firm tits, she felt the sting of his palm trigger even more juices to flow as she closed her eyes as her now sweaty and damp hair covered her ecstasy entranced face. Atikur, who continued to follow his mentor’s instructions in French then leaned into Nicole and whispered to her to now sit with both of her knees drawn up to her body so that he could mirror her posture into what is known to the experts of Kama Sutra as the “Yugmadada”, or the ‘foot yoke.’ After a minute in this position, Atikur the instructed Nicole to sit up erect, and then fold one leg into her body, and stretch the other along the bed so that he could mirror her again into the ‘feet yoke’; position of the Yugmadada. After a few more moments of pumping Nicole in this position Atikur told her to extend her left leg and encircle his waist with her right leg, to which he did the same to her in the ‘Svastika,’ or swastika position. Once they were in the swastika position, as they continued to passionately kiss and explore each other’s tongues and mouths, Kincaid said to the class, *that this position is an ancient good-luck talisman based on the symbolism of a cross whirling sun-wise. The Nazis used it the wrong way round, whirling widdershins, and the Indian pundits always said this was sacrilegious and would doom them.” Kincaid then continued on to instruct, as he said, “look how they sit face to face in bed, her breasts pressed tight against Atikur’s chest, as each of them lock their heels behind the other's waist, and lean back clasping one another's wrists. Now Atikur, set the swing gently in motion, so that your beloved, in pretended fear, clings to your body with her flawless limbs, the results of which should be her cooing and moaning with even more pleasure. This class is the "Dolita," or as most say, The Swing”. The results of being in the swing were exactly as Kincaid described as Nicole began to coo and moan even more as she tried to find and force to the surface her first orgasm of the day. However, as Kincaid had instructed, neither protégé was to make Nicole cum, as her own orgasm would likely trigger them to cum, and thus they would not be able to perform the entire two hour practical demonstration. As Nicole cooed and moaned in the swing, Atikur, who was even more limber than Nicole, began to caress her nipples with his toes, and then had her press her feet against his sweaty and muscular bare chest, all the while they held each other’s hands in the “Kaurma” or the Tortoise Position. After several strong strokes, Atikur then raised one of Nicole’s feet to point directly over her head and then told her to steady it with her hands as they performed what is called the “Mayura,” or the Peacock Position, but only long enough for her young and boyish lover to then grasp her ankles and fasten like a chain behind his neck so that they could make love in the “Padma” or The Lotus Position. The Lotus Position elicited numerous yelps and also caused a small orgasmic tremor, after which 102

Atikur sat erect, gripped her waist, and pull Nicole on to him, so that their loins continuously slapped together with a sound like that of a flapping of elephants' ear, which Atikur said to Nicole, as began to reach for her breasts was the "Kirtibandha," or The Knot of Fame Position. As Atikur continued to pound, he knelt down between her thighs, tickled her breasts and under her arms, as he called her 'my lovely darling' while at the same time he printed deep nail marks around her nipples, the pain of which only caused her to moan louder as he finished and claimed "Jaya," or “Victory,” as he heard Nicole begging for him to never stop. Which he then did as he kissed her deeply and said softly, “I shall return,” and then dismounted and turned the next demonstration over to Anjun. As Atikur dismounted Nicole, Kincaid told the class that it was now time for a demonstration of the many rear entry positions, all of which are described in the Kama Sutra. Anjun motioned for Nicole to come over to the edge of the bed, turn over, raise her hips so that he could enter her and they she could demonstrate what Kincaid would be describing to the class as his favorite set of positions in the Kama Sutra. As Nicole got in place Anjun told her that for this demonstration he would do all of the work, and for her to just relax and enjoy the “ride,” to which she just smiled at him with a sexy grin and licked her lips, and then turned to Kincaid to let him know that she was ready. Once Nicole was ready, which she indicated to Kincaid with a wink of her eye, the lecture and demonstration continued as Kincaid said, “As you can see, the courtesan is now bent forward and is reaching her arms out toward the bedstead, with her firm buttocks now being raised high by Anjun so that he can cup his hands like serpents’ hoods and squeeze her breasts together in the ‘Dhenuka,’ or the Milch Cow Position. Now, if you mount her like a dog, as Anjun is now doing by gripping her waist, and she twists around to gaze in your face, this is what experts in the art of love say is the ‘Svanaka,’ or The Dog Position, which I must add is not the same as doing it doggie style.” To which all of the students laughed. As the laughter died down, and as Anjun continued slicing into Nicole’s upturned pussy, as droplets of perspiration began to form on the small of her and slowly drip into her crack, Kincaid continued with his lecture as Anjun positioned her in the various rear-entry as his teacher commanded, “If the lady, eager for love, goes on all fours, humping her back like a doe, as she is doing now, and you enjoy her from behind, rutting as though you'd lost all human nature, it is "Hirana," or The Deer Position. When, with lotus-feet are set well-apart on the ground, she bends,placing a hand upon each thigh, and you take her from the rear, it is "Gardabha" (the Ass). The pleasure Nicole was receiving in the various positions were near orgasmic as Anjun’s cock was aligned perfectly to her g-spot as she moaned and begged for her young buck to fuck her harder. Kincaid smiled as he knew exactly why Nicole was moaning, for he had specifically taught his protégé to make the most of his smaller cock to make even the most experienced of women beg. “As Anjun places her so that she lies on her stomach he will now seize her ankles in one hand, lift them high and make love to her, tilting her chin back with your other hand, in a position called the "Marjara," or The Cat. Now, as she lies on her front, like so, we see her grasp her ankles in her own hands and pull them up behind her in the often difficult posture, which is known to Kama Sutra experts as the "Mallaka,” or The Wrestler.” As Nicole performed The Wrestler, the boys watched in awe as she strained to hold herself still as Anjun pounded her harder and harder until he tapped her on the shoulder as Kincaid elicited a new command for Nicole to rise and to walk over to the soft bearskin carpet that lay on the cold linoleum floor as Kincaid commented that “When your mistress lays her breasts, arms and forehead to the carpet, then raise her buttocks high, as you see the courtesan is doing now, and guide your penis into her pussy.


This is called the "Aibha," The Elephant. The next rear entry position requires that the female stand on her palms and feet; as you stand behind her and lift one of her feet to your shoulder, enjoying the lovely girl in the "Traivikrama," or The Stride Position.” This position made the blood rush to Nicole’s head as she watched the boys see an incredibly unnatural position, but there was definitely more to come as Kincaid commanded her to, “Seize her feet and lift them high, like a wheel barrow, and then drive your penis into her yoni in the "Kulisha," or The Thunderbolt Position, and then pleasure her with vigorous strokes, until her arms begin to tremble and shake.” All of which is exactly what happened as Nicole’s arms tried to sustain all of her weight until she called to her young buck that she was ready to fall. As Kincaid saw his lover’s arms about ready to collapse, he instructed Anjun to “kneel, as in archery, take her on your lap and bend her forward till her breasts are pressed to her thighs in the "Ekabandha," or One Knot Position.” The forced and submissive nature of this position caused Nicole a great deal of pressure on her longs as she tried to breath normally. Anjun had placed her in a position that she was now breathing only one fourth of the air as she felt herself gasp and beg for release until finally their session concluded as Kincaid commanded Anjun to “now lie on her side, facing away, so that she is in a position to offer you her buttocks so that your penis can penetrate her house of love in this softer version of the "Nagabandha," which is as you must remember at the beginning of this lesson on the rear end positions is known also as The Elephant Position.” As Anjun continued to perform the last of the rear entry positions, Kincaid motioned for Atikur to help Nicole up and for him to help his brother prepare her for their demonstration on the techniques of the cunnilingus positions of the Kama Sutra. As Kincaid lectured, the boys, who were now men, used soft cloths to wipe the sheen of sweat from Nicole’s moist body. When Kincaid saw that the three of them were ready he instructed the boys to lay Nicole back on the bed so that her pussy faced the class. He then instructed the men to get on either side of her, grab her ankles and then spread her legs wide so that her dripping pussy glistened in the bright candlelight. As Nicole lay spread-eagle on the bed, with her red and plump shaven pussy lips clit on display for all to see, as Atikur and Anjun firmly pinned Nicole down and held her legs taught with their powerful arms and simultaneously licked and sucked on her nipples like newborns for their first feeding, she reached down and slowly stroked each of their wet cocks. While the three of them sucked and stroked, Kincaid turn to the classroom and pointed at a young Algerian lad, who had that day turned 18, and who would be the lucky one to demonstrate for his classmates the techniques of the art of cunnilingus. However, as their teacher had promised them the week before, none of the students would leave his classroom today feeling unfulfilled. The incoming Algerian college freshman walked over to, and then knelled down in front of Nicole’s sweet smelling pussy lips that now were twitching in anticipation of what was to come, as Kincaid instructed his student to, “With delicate fingertips, pinch the arched lips of her house of love very very slowly together, and kiss them as though you kissed her lower lip, this is "Adhara-sphuritam," or the Quivering Kiss. Now spread, indeed cleave asunder, that archway with your nose and let your tongue gently probe her pussy with your nose, lips and chin slowly circling: so that it becomes a "Jihvabhramanaka," or a Circling Tongue. Very good Abu, you can smell just how much she is enjoying being licked and probed. Licking a beautiful woman’s pussy should be approached like one would enjoy a fine wine.” “Now let your tongue rest for a moment in the archway to the flower-bowed Lord's temple before entering to worship vigorously, causing her seed to flow: this is "Jihva-mardita," or the Tongue Massage. Next, fasten your lips to hers, and take deep long kisses from this lovely one, your beloved, nibbling at her and sucking hard at her clitoris. Very good my son, now cup with your palms and lift 104

her young buttocks, then let your tongue-tip probe her navel in a slithering motion down to her moist lips and then rotate your tongue in the archway of her love-god's dwelling and lap her love-water. Ah! That’s it! Now take your index finger and slowly, but gently, slide it into her moist little ass-hole. Remember, the walls of a woman’s ass are fragile, so you never want to drive in without lubricant. Now, you see how much more juices flow from her now that you have lubricated and invaded her most private of orifices?” “OK, now it is time to gently stir the root of her thighs by first slowly adding a second finger into her ass and then driving them deep, until you can turn them and rub her pussy wall through the thin membrane that separates her channels, while, with you’re your other hand you flick and tease her clitoris, which is fortunately most accessible as Anjun and Atikur are now holding and pulling her legs wider and tighter. Now, with a simple u-shaped fluted tongue drink her nectar from this sacred spring.” “Remember men, the taste of a woman is one which you can never forget, however, remember that oral pleasure is a two way street, which Nicole will now show each and everyone of you in our final practical demonstration of the evening. Abu, please take your seat, as well as all of you, and watch as our lovely courtesan shows you, through my description, and my protégés instructions, the oral pleasures and magic of the Kama Sutra’s Fellatio Techniques.” As Abu took his seat, the men lowered Nicole’s limber legs and instructed her to take a squatting position in front of both of them. Abu’s tongue lashing made her pussy drip her juices into a sweet smelling puddle on the floor. It was too bad, she thought, that she had yet to have much in the way of any oral sexual pleasure, with the exception of Katya’s party and her time in the shower and hot tub with Monique, since she had arrived in Paris, but she knew that that would likely change once she told Kincaid how much she loved the feel of Abu’s inexperienced tongue. Now, as the dark skinned Indian cocks stood rigid in front of her face, she inhaled deeply to savor the smell of her own juices and the musk of their cocks, which were still wet with her natural honey and the drippings of their precum. It was a smell unlike no other bottled on Earth, this intoxicating mixture to the senses, and the promised taste of the spunk that was now bubbling in Anjun's and Atikur’s testicle sacs, that now mesmerized her and caused her to focus on their whispered instructions. Then, as she took both of their love muscles firmly in hand and, upon Atikur’s and Anjun's commands, she proceeded to desperately pump and suck from them the salty mojo and male life force that she needed to make her feel complete, and after she had emptied these two, there would be ten more young and virile teenage cocks to go. As Nicole sucked and sucked, Kincaid provided a a running commentary, as he said, which he began, when she first held the brothers cocks, that “when your lover catches your penis in her hand and, shaping her lips to an 'O', lays them lightly to its tip, moving her head in tiny circles, in this first step is called "Nimitta." Next, grasping its head in her hand, she clamps her lips tightly about the shaft, first on one side then the other, taking great care that her teeth don't hurt you.” “Now watch she takes the head of each penis gently between her lips, taking turns pressing, kissing it tenderly and pulling at its soft skin, a technique called the "Bahiha-samdansha," and if next she allows the head to slide completely into her mouth and presses the shaft firmly between her lips, holding a moment before pulling away, it is called the "Antaha-samdansha.” “When, taking your penis in her hand and making her lips very round, she presses fierce kisses along its whole length, sucking as she would at your lower lip, this is called the "Chumbitaka." But if, while kissing, she lets her tongue flick all over your penis and then, pointing it, strikes repeatedly at the sensitive glans-tip, it becomes the "Parimrshtaka.". And now, as you can seen she is fired by passion, so she will now take each of their penises deep into 105

her mouth, pulling upon them and sucking as vigorously on them as though she were stripping clean a mango-stone. And now, as you can tell by both the look on the faces of my protégés, and the way that she is stroking their cocks, that our lovely courtesan senses that their orgasms are imminent. Then, as she senses their climactic release, will then swallow, or as they say deep-throat, the whole penis and continue to suck and work upon the cock with her lips and tongue, until each explodes and streams down her throat their manly seed, the term of which is called the "Sangara," or Swallowed Whole. This climactic and final act only ends when the man is spent and has emptied his load.” “Now watch lads as our courtesan is able to feed from one, while she uses her expert fingers to prolong the orgasmic release of the other. Our courtesan is a true master of Fellatio as you can see in the way she uses her lips and tongue to apply just the right amount of pushing and pulling pressure on the young men one of whom who should be ready to cum and deposit his seed now.” Seconds after Kincaid predicted an orgasmic release, Anjun announced to the room with a moan that he was cumming as Nicole clamped her lips tight around his cock and then felt the hot cum hit the back of her throat as she sucked and slurped his cum down, and then refused to stop until just about the point where she sensed that his knees were going to buckle and his legs were ready to give out on him. For Nicole the taste of Anjun was heaven as his spunk was tangy and not as salty as the others she had tasted since her arrival in Paris. As she sucked and feasted from Anjun she was able, through her expert manipulation of his cock and scrotum, prolong and time his release until after his brother had unloaded his first. As Anjun stumbled backward, while a long thin stream of spit and cum dripped from his cock and Nicole’s lips, as she now turned her attention to the larger of the two brothers. Nicole deep throated his pulsing prick and began bobbing her head as she sucked and sucked in a desperate effort to taste his manly juice. She was now firmly in control as the only noises one could hear was Atikur’s heavy breathing and moans as well as the slurping sounds she made as she bathed his cock in spit. As Nicole continued her oral assault, as Atikur held and guided her head, she reached around with both hands, spread his ass cheeks, and then slowly began to work two index fingers into his bung hole. It was right at the moment when Nicole’s fingers penetrated the sweat-lubricated bung hole of Atikur’s that he then pushed her face down on his cock, as he spewed forth his sweet seed down her throat. As Nicole sucked and feasted she held her young lover firm, with her fingers slowly digging further up his ass, until finally his legs became wobbly and he begged from her his release, but not until she had sucked down the last of his spunk. As Nicole helped Atikur to the bed so he could recover, Kincaid asked her in both French and English, “are you still hungry?” To which she stood up and turned to face the class with a wide eyed and mischievous smile, as she licked up the drops of Atikur’s cum that were still moist on her lips, and simply said “Oui!” For the final hour of the class, Nicole serviced each of Kincaid’s student’s, all of whom had never known, before this class, what true oral pleasure was. In return for the pleasure she gave these young guns, all of whom could last no more than five minutes before they melted her mouth, Nicole was able to smell and taste for herself the different scents, textures, flavors, and variety of the world's masculinity, in just one setting. Thirty minutes after the practical demonstration had ended and the students had left the Louvre, Nicole was treated to a very sensual sponge bath from the strong hands of Atikur and Anjun, who, according to Kincaid, would be her attendants for the next several days, as he needed to travel out of town in order to take care of some pressing business, the details of which he was purposely vague, but which he assured her involved going back to America to talk to the FBI about her husband.


The thought of having these two young Indian studs at her beckon call truly intrigued Nicole, as she wondered just how soon it would be before she again savored the pleasures that she knew these two handsome and physically virile young men could give her. After her young lovers, which was now how she thought of the brothers, finished cleaning her skin and then brushed her tussled hair, they re wrapped her Sari and then took all of their Kama Sutra props back to their art class supply room. As the boys put the last of the supplies back into the art supply room, they dressed back into their traditional Indian clothing and followed Nicole and Kincaid, who rode in the Porsche, by taxi, to the Khyber Pass Restaurant where the four of them, along with Luc who was awaiting their arrival, spent the next two hours eating, drinking, smoking, and discussing a myriad of topics from the Kama Sutra to the wonders and beauty of India and Japan, which is where the brothers would soon be leaving to in order to study the Japanese erotic arts, under the personal tutelage of Kincaid's friend, Mistress Midori.


Chapter Thirteen Later that evening, after gorging themselves on Indian food, Nicole, Kincaid, Luc, Atikur and Arjun made their way to Luc’s apartment, where they then began a long night of drinking Mahala wine, and listening to Luc and Kincaid regale Nicole, Atikur and Arjun about their early careers and adventures as young daring young naval intelligence officers. After awhile, as the lights of Paris beckoned and twinkled under the light of the full moon, the five of them headed out to a small cafe where a jazz band was playing Billie Holiday tunes. Once inside the brothers and Nicole seated themselves in a cozy three person booth, while Kincaid and Luc stayed at the bar in order to talk with the club's aging proprietress For the next hour, over a mixture of coffee and wine, Nicole sat in the middle of the cozy booth, and slowly sipped on her wine as she listened to Atikur and Arjun describe to her all of the positions of the Kama Sutra that they wanted to show her, after which they continued to talk about how they were soon going to be leaving for Japan to study the ancient Oriental erotic arts under the tutelage of Kincaid's friend, Akira Sensei. Elsewhere, at the bar of the cafe, Kincaid and Luc were discussing what to do with Nicole, as they awaited the final word from the DGSE regarding their approval of her as the third member of their spy team. Prior to the five of them heading out to the cafe, Kincaid told Nicole, after taking a brief telephone call at Luc's, that he needed to leave in a few hours to fly to America in order to meet with his friend with the FBI regarding her husband, as well with a business associate of his in Chicago; however, he assured her that she would not be alone for he had arranged for both Atikur and Arjun, to take care of her in his absence. Luc also offered his services, as he had yet to spend any quality time alone with Nicole. Such time with her was going to be very important, for it was Luc who would be making her the offer to join their team. The thought of being apart from her French lover did not sit well with Nicole; however, the thought of being pampered by Kincaid's young students definitely made her pussy moist with wonder. As for the business associate whom Kincaid had to travel to meet, well he was an American attorney in Chicago who had drafted divorce papers that he and Kincaid would file, upon Nicole's request, that would in short order make Barry, Nicole's ex-husband, a distant memory. As for Nicole's personal belongings from the house which she and Barry owned, Kincaid planned on supervising their removal during the first few days that she was preoccupied with her training, after which the residence would be turned over to the FBI, which was planning on seizing the residence as a result of Barry's arrest and eventual conviction. Meanwhile, back at the table Atikur and Arjun were busy titillating Nicole with erotic images of what they had planned for her later in the evening, since they had been assigned the responsibility of looking after her during Kincaid's brief absence. By the time midnight came, the music had become louder, and the crowd had become thicker, as the band began playing dance music, to which Atikur responded by asking Nicole to dance. After squeezing out of the tight booth, Nicole took Atikur's hand and led him towards the music, but not before Atikur yelled out to Arjun, “Hey, brother, why don’t you join us?” Arjun didn’t need to be asked twice, as he followed them a short distance and slid his hands over Nicole’s sari wrapped hips and moved into her, fitting his body into her curves as the three of them began to find a rhythm. Meanwhile, seeing that Nicole was more than preoccupied with her new young male lovers, Kincaid and Luc slipped out of the cafe before she ever looked towards the door to notice, for on the dance floor she could feel that Arjun had been turned on watching her as he pressed his hard cock into her ass.


Nicole then moaned softly as the two men pushed and pulled her body between them, grinding into her, and Arjun leaned down and murmured, in his Indian accented throaty voice, “How does that feel, sexy?” To which Nicole moaned, grabbed his bulging crotch and whispered in his ear, “Mmmm wonderful!” Arjun then bent down from behind her and attached his lips to her neck, kissing and biting her soft skin, pulling her hair to the side and running his fingers through the long, silky mass. In front of her, Atikur ran his hands over her waist and down to her ass, pulling her against him so she could feel his rapidly growing cock press into her stomach. As a result of their deliberate teamwork, Nicole could feel tingles of pleasure through her whole body – her pussy felt like it was on fire and their hands seemed to be burning her skin right through her thin sari. She then twined her fingers in Atikur’s dark hair and pulled him close to her, seeking his lips with hers. As her mouth touched his, it felt almost as if she had been shocked. The sparks thrilled her even more, and she parted her lips, allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. Arjun slid his hands up over her stomach to cup her silken covered breasts, moving his lips to her other shoulder, leaving a trail of bites up to her ear. Atikur then slipped one hand down and caressed her silk-covered thigh, lifting her leg in his hand as he touched her so her knee was at his waist, moving in even closer to her. Nicole was amazed that his cock seemed to still be growing! Anjun's shaft was thick against her ass, and she could hear his low moans as she rubbed her tight little butt against him. When Anjun's lips reached her ear, he traced the outline of her earlobe with his tongue and growled in his best American movie accent, “Wanna get out of here, baby?” To which Nicole moaned, “Oui!” After which, Atikur immediately took her hand and pulled, dragging her toward the door, as Arjun took her other hand, and they moved quickly out the door, nodding to Luc, who was wrapped up in a conversation on his telephone with his supervisor who had just ordered him back to DGSE headquarters in order to have a conference call with the French Neo Tokyo embassy, regarding their team's upcoming mission to learn more about GENOM's I.K.U. project. Meanwhile, outside of the club, Atikur unlocked Luc's green Explorer and got in. Arjun then opened the passenger door and Nicole moved to get in the backseat, but Arjun grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap in the front seat. Once the ignition started the three of them sped toward Atikur and Anjun's apartment, leaving Nicole to squirm on Anjun's lap from the feeling of his cock pressing into her ass. By now, as a result of the wine, Nicole was desperate for more of what they had going at the club, so she reached her hand out and began to stroke Atikur’s cock as he drove, causing him to moan softly, and as her hand sped up he began to lightly thrust his hips. Nicole's fingers then began to play with his button and zipper, undoing them and reaching inside. He moaned out loud as her cool palm came in contact with his shaft, after which she pulled it out of his boxers, exclaiming, “Wow!” when she saw how big he was. If Atikur was surprised at feeling her fingers, he had no idea, as a recently deflowered young man, of what to expect next when Nicole bent over and swirled her tongue around his throbbing head, the sensation of which forced him to moan, “Ohhhhhh, Nicole!” As her young Indian lover called out her name, she smiled a sexy smile up at him, and moved her lips around him, engulfing as much as she could of his manhood into her mouth. Atikur couldn’t believe this, he could barely concentrate on the road as he watched Nicole suck his cock. Arjun, not wanting to be left out, caressed Nicole’s ass as she leaned over to suck his brother, pushed her sari up, revealing her naked ass. His hands then wandered up and lightly traced the path of her tiny red thong panties, which of coarse were soaked. Nicole then moaned around Atikur’s cock, and Arjun slid a finger into her twat, feeling her wetness. Arjun then found her hole and inserted his middle finger slowly into her pussy, making her moan 109

louder and thrust back at him. Arjun took that as a hint and slipped another finger in, marveling at how tight she was. Meanwhile, in the driver's seat, Atikur tried desperately to keep control, but he could feel his balls tightening and he moaned, “Oh, Nicole, I’m gonna cum…” However, before he could get the words out, Nicole removed her mouth from his cock, leaving Atikur thrusting his hips, trying to cum, but she wouldn’t return. He growled in frustration and pressed down on the accelerator harder. Meanwhile, Anjun's fingers were still thrusting in and out of Nicole’s pussy, leaving his entire hand covered in her juices. As they approached their apartment, which was located in a seedy side of Paris, Atikur swung the car onto the side of the street, pushing it into park and jumping out. Arjun and Nicole followed suit, after which, as soon as they entered the apartment, Atikur slammed Nicole back against the door, pressing his swollen shaft into her thigh, moaning, “I want you now!” Atikur then picked her up as if she were a feather and began to climb the stairs, planting soft kisses all over her face and neck. Meanwhile, Arjun disappeared down the hallway, unnoticed by Nicole, who was reveling in Atikur’s kisses, excited at the thought of being fucked again by these two sexy young men, who, up until just a few hours ago, were virgins. When they reached the second floor, Atikur opened the door to his room, took the floor between the door and his bed in two long strides, and threw Nicole down on the bed, pushing her back and kissing her as he moved on top of her, letting her feel his erection through their clothes as his tongue explored her sweet mouth. His hands then caressed her chest, roughly squeezing her silk covered breasts, making her moan in desire. Atikur then broke the kiss and pulled at the hem of her sari. Knowing what he wanted, Nicole raised her arms as literally Atikur tore and ripped her top off, throwing it on the floor to the side of the bed as Arjun walked in, his cock making a huge tent in his pants, and set a bowl on the end table. Arjun then tapped Atikur, who was kissing Nicole’s neck, on the back, and Atikur reluctantly got up and brought the bowl to the bed. Nicole strained to see what the two men were doing, running her hands up Anjun's back under his shirt, pulling it off, after which Atikur took his off too and the two men turned their backs to Nicole. Nicole laid back as Atikur and Arjun moved over her body, large and powerful compared to her. She whimpered in anticipation of what was to come. They each took one of her feet in their big hands, massaging them, making her close her eyes with a blissful smile. Suddenly she felt something that shocked her – the soles of her feet were getting cold! She opened her eyes and tried to see what the men were doing. When Arjun moved his hands to the top of her left foot, she gasped and moaned– in his fingers was a cube of ice that he was using to massage her. Atikur did the same to her other foot. As his fingers tightened her muscles with the ice, he lowered his mouth to her foot, licking the sole and moving up to take each of her toes into his warm mouth. The men moved up to her calves, rubbing the ice along the curves of her muscles, replacing their cold fingers with their warm tongues. Nicole was squirming under their touch, her mind telling her to fight but her body telling her to surrender to their lips. Arjun dragged an ice cube over the back of her knee and then began to kiss her there, making her moan, while Atikur rubbed her thighs with his cold fingers and hot mouth. Both men dragged the ice over her inner thighs and hips, sucking the cold droplets from her skin. They flipped her over and dragged the ice cubes over her firm ass, letting the freezing water drip onto her tiny hole, then once again lapping it up with their tongues. They then moved their hands to her lower back, an ice cube in each hand, and began to run their hands up her back, licking from the base of her spine to her neck. Nicole’s hips bucked and she was screaming out loud in pleasure as their tongues sent chills along her spine. Atikur and Arjun quickly flipped her over again and began to work on her breasts, running the ice in circles around them, coming closer and closer to her nipples with each pass. They finally dragged the cold ice over her nipples, 110

instantly turning them to hard points, then ran their rough tongues over them, sucking the tiny buds into their mouths, as Nicole whimpered in pleasure and begged them to touch her where she needed it most. At this request, the boys nodded to each other. Atikur moved up to thrust his tongue in her mouth, making her moan as Arjun traveled back down her body, filling her navel with cold liquid and licking it out. He kissed a trail from her breasts past her bellybutton, reaching for another ice cube as she moaned and bucked her hips in pleasure. He then took the ice cube in his hands and began to run it teasingly over her clit, making her scream in both pleasure and frustration. True to the pattern he and Atikur had been following, Anjun's lips soon followed the ice cube, covering Nicole’s clit and flicking it with his tongue. As she began to thrust toward his mouth, moaning into Atikur’s kiss, Arjun took another cube and, without warning, thrust it into her soaking wet pussy as Nicole exploded with a scream, cumming all over Anjun's lips and face as he buried his mouth in her cunt. When he had lapped up all of Nicole’s sweet juices Arjun knelt over her as she quickly regained her breath and the boys could see the look of lust in her eyes. She looked at them both and said, “I want to see what’s under those pants of yours again, boys.” Atikur and Arjun then both stood up and removed their pants. Both men’s boxers did nothing to hide a pair of huge erections, as Nicole licked her lips and motioned for them to continue removing their clothes, after which her eyes widened when she saw their cocks and mockingly asked. “Are those for me?” To which the boys replied with a nod as Nicole got up from the bed and knelt on the floor in front of them. Wasting no time, she then took Atikur’s shaft in one hand and Anjun's in the other. Unlike earlier at the museum, thanks to a special pill Kincaid gave them at the club, Nicole suddenly realized that she couldn’t wrap her hand around either of them! She felt her pussy tingle with excitement just at the thought of these hard oversized cocks once again filling her up, as she slid her tongue out to touch the tip of Atikur’s brown cock, rubbing his head against her wet lips while stroking Arjun. Savoring the moist heat of her mouth, Atikur moaned and put his hands on her head, trying to force her mouth around him, to which Nicole complied by taking him into her mouth and sucking steadily, running her tongue over his shaft. Atikur then pushed his cock further into her mouth and was just beginning to pick up the pace when Nicole pulled away, making him growl in frustration. However, she kept her hand around him, pumping him slowly, as she turned her head and took Anjun's cock in her mouth by lowering her head as far as she could, taking his cock all the way into her throat and fondling his balls with her fingers. Arjun, who was the smaller of the two brothers, was soon moaning and she knew he was close to cumming, so once again she pulled away. She then moved back to Atikur’s cock and began to jerk Arjun off, one hand after the other along his shaft, making a continuous stroking motion that was driving him wild. Nicole then released Atikur’s cock from her mouth and took Anjun's in again, swirling her tongue over the most sensitive area on the underside, then took Atikur’s cock in her hand and began to guide it past her lips also. The two boys moaned as their cocks filled her mouth, their tips stretching her lips to capacity as she rapidly flicked her tongue over their hot spots. The feeling of Nicole’s tongue on their cocks was making both men moan, and as she sucked them harder Nicole kneaded their balls, tight and heavy with cum, moaning, “Please boys, fill my mouth with your cum! Cum for me!”


After finally just a few more seconds, neither young man could take no more as they both exploded, shooting load after load of cum on and past her lips. Soon Nicole's mouth was filled and they were still cumming, their cream dripping down her chin and all over her tits. When she finally felt no more streams of cum hitting her tongue she swallowed all that was in her mouth, rubbing the rest into her tits and sucking it off of her fingers. After they had calmed down, Nicole looked up at them, smiling, as her expression turned to delighted shock when she saw they were still hard – as their cocks continued throbbing with need. By now Nicole could feel a consistent burning inside her pussy, with an ache to be filled as she pushed Atikur onto the bed, flat on his back, and impaled herself on his hard oversized cock, filling herself and burying him to the hilt inside her pussy. She then moaned in ecstasy as his huge shaft filled her, making her want more, as she began to rock her hips back and forth and then slid up and down on his cock, filling herself over and over. From above Arjun stood silently, watching the two, with his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking at her pace. As Nicole became more excited she began to bounce up and down on Atikur’s cock, riding him harder, until finally Arjun couldn’t take anymore and he moved behind her and placed the tip of his cock at her ass, asking, “Can I?” To which Nicole moaned, “Yes! Fill me with your cock! FUCK MY ASS!!” Arjun needed no further encouragement, as his brother held Nicole’s hips to keep her still as Arjun lubricated his cock with his spit, and then slowly slid the head of his cock into Nicole’s tight ass. As he slid in, Arjun moaned loudly, unable to believe the tight pressure on his cock as he slowly thrust in, inch by inch, until his entire length was buried in her ass, his balls touching her soft skin. Nicole, even though she had been ass fucked before, felt a bit of pain as the hard cock penetrated her, but she pleaded for him to go slow, forcing Arjun to hold still in order to let her get used to his size. However, before long, Nicole was rocking her hips slightly, telling the boys she wanted more, which of course caused Arjun to pump her ass faster, sliding his cock almost all the way out before burying it back in, as Nicole rode Atikur’s same sized cock. By now all three bodies were merged physically and, in the boys minds, spiritually, as they felt their cocks touch through the thin membrane that separated them deep inside Nicole. Soon they found a rhythm that pleased them all and they began to fondle each other to make their experience better. Beneath her, Atikur took Nicole’s nipples in his mouth, sucking on them and making her cry out in pleasure, to which Nicole responded by reaching down and massaging his balls while she rode him. As he watched her, the sight of seeing his cock sliding in and out of Nicole's pussy was turning Atikur on immensely – but he didn’t know how much more of her slow pace he could take as by now he wanted to fuck her hard. Their slow pace coupled with Atikur’s licking of her nipples was slowly driving Nicole closer and closer to the edge. When Arjun reached around her body and found her clit, rubbing it in circles, just the way she liked, her pussy suddenly tensed and she moaned, “Oh, boys, I’m going to cum!” As she made her announcement, Atikur bit down on her right nipple while Arjun rubbed her clit harder, as Nicole’s body convulsed as a massive orgasm swept over her. “Oh, that’s it…I’m cumming!” For the first time ever, the boys could feel her muscles contracting as she came, and they continued to thrust in and out of her while she orgasmed. As Nicole’s breathing calmed down, and as sweat poured off her body and mixed with her young lovers, she realized she still felt that burning itch inside, which of course was the need to be continuously fucked and filled by these two men. By now Nicole was delirious with lust and a need to cum again and again, as she began to move again, Atikur and Arjun, who of course were surprised that she wanted more, were all to happy to oblige, picking up the pace of their thrusts slightly. 112

As they continued to fuck her, the brothers became even more turned on as they watched their cocks disappear deeper inside of Nicole's body and felt their cocks rub together harder through her inner walls. After they saw her initial orgasm, Atikur and Arjun were by now determined to stop teasing and to fuck her the way she needed and deserved to be fucked. As Nicole writhed in orgasmic pleasure under him, Arjun began to speed up his thrusts, forcing Nicole to ride Atikur’s throbbing cock even harder, the friction of which caused Nicole's clit to tingle again, as she suddenly felt Atikur’s cock hit just the right spot inside of her – the sensation of which forced from her lips a scream as she suddenly went wild, trying to get his cock to touch that sensitive spot every time, in order to satisfy her now insatiable craving for cock. Behind her, Arjun groaned and sped his thrusts up, his balls slapping Nicole’s ass as he too began to get closer to orgasm. Soon, Atikur and Arjun were moaning uncontrollably as Nicole’s tight pussy and ass squeezed their cocks, until finally she could feel their shafts expanding inside of her as Atikur cried out, “Oh, yes! I’m gonna cum!” As her young lover screamed Nicole kissed Atikur deep at the same time she worked her hips even harder, moaning, “I want you both to cum inside of me! Fill me up with your cum, let your hard cocks explode inside me!” Seconds later, Arjun and Atikur both lost control and thrust deeper and deeper into Nicole, balls slapping her as they began to cum, moaning and exploding into their own fiery orgasms. The huge, powerful jets of cum they shot into Nicole’s ass and pussy made her muscles tighten around them, milking their cocks even harder, as she herself began to cum from the feeling of their cream spraying her walls, hitting her most sensitive spot from both sides. There on the bed the three of them came for what seemed like an eternity, as both men continued fucking Nicole's spasming pussy and cumming into her, until soon they all collapsed on top of each other, completely sated and soaked with sweat from their mutual fucking. Minutes later, as her body returned to earth Nicole breathed heavily, completely worn out by the intensity of her own orgasm. From behind, Arjun pulled his softening cock out of her ass and she carefully climbed off of Atikur, after which all three flopped down onto the bed, sated and exhausted. Atikur was asleep within moments, and Nicole went to get up. However, Arjun tried to hold her back, wrapping his arms around her waist, but she whispered, “I’m going to take a shower, lover – I want to get all cleaned up.” His strength completely sapped, Arjun reluctantly let her go and watched her walk across the room. Even in the moonlight, he could see traces of his and Atikur’s cum around her pussy and her sexy ass. He then closed his eyes as she entered the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, Nicole got the shower water started, waited for it to warm up, and stepped in, with a washcloth in hand. She then closed her eyes and leaned her head back, letting the warm spray soak her hair and soothe her muscles. Eyes still closed, she then picked up the soap and began to spread it on her washcloth, but suddenly the cloth was snatched out of her hands as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind and a hard cock pressed into her butt. Anjun's voice then growled in her ear, “Thinking about your sexy naked body in the shower, touching yourself and cleaning yourself off was driving me wild, baby – I had to come in and see if I could be of assistance.” Arjun then took her soapy washcloth and turned her to face him, gently cleaning her face as she raised it up to meet his fingers. He then turned her back around and began to run the washcloth over her shoulders, massaging them at the same time in long strokes from her lower back to her neck. Arjun then slid his arms around her waist and began to soap her stomach, paying special attention to her bellybutton before moving up to take each breast in his hands and gently wash her soft skin. Once Nicole's soft moans told him that she was enjoying being washed by him he released her breasts and moved around to kneel at her feet. He then took each foot in his hand and washed it carefully, and then 113

scrubbed her calves. He then paused to get more soap on his washcloth, and continued to rub her sexy body, next moving up to her thighs, carefully washing the outsides of her thighs and the backs of her legs, until finally, with a feather-light touch, he caressed the insides of her thighs with the soapy washcloth. Anjun's cock was throbbing now; he was so turned on at taking care of and caressing this beautiful woman, smelling her clean body, and hearing her moans as he touched her that he couldn’t stop himself as he leaned forward and began to place little kisses on Nicole's mound, after which he then found her clit with his tongue and began to stimulate it, causing her to cry out. His hands then wandered around to her ass and he cleaned her perfect cheeks with his washcloth, delving into the crack between them to make sure he got all of the cum he had left there earlier. While he continued to lick her clit, he wiped her pussy with the washcloth, then threw the cloth to the floor and grabbed Nicole’s ass, pulling her closer to his hungry mouth. As she was pulled to his mouth, Nicole moaned and twined her fingers in Anjun's dark hair, spreading her legs to give him access to her clit, trying to pull him closer and feel his mouth around her. From below, Arjun looked up and saw her, eyes closed, cupping her tits in her hand, pulling her nipples, and then moaned. The deep vibration of his moans against her clit made Nicole buck her hips toward his mouth and whimper loudly, for she once again desperately needed an orgasmic release. Arjun finally gave in, sucking her clit into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, and caressing it with his lips, until finally Nicole exploded, throwing her head back into the shower spray and moaning long and loud. When Arjun had lapped up all of her delicious juices, he stood up, placed a hand under the stilltrembling Nicole’s chin, and brought her lips to his, kissing her tenderly and sharing her taste with her. She moaned softly at the taste and reached next to her for the bar of soap, lathering her hands up, as Arjun briefly wondered what she was doing. Suddenly his mind went numb as if it had received an electrical shock, as Nicole took her soapy hands and put them on his throbbing cock, stroking him from base to tip with both hands, one after the other, in a steady rhythm, so that his cock was being constantly stimulated. Then, when she thought he was sufficiently turned on, she removed her hands, making him growl in frustration, but his growl soon turned into a moan of exquisite pleasure as she dropped to her knees in front of him and took the head of his cock into her mouth, whereupon she began to bob up and down on his shaft, sucking him in and out of her hot, wet mouth as he moaned uncontrollably and thrust his hips forward to meet her lips, forcing his cock further and further down her throat. She then picked up the soap again, lathered her hands, and then massaged his heavy balls with her slippery fingers. With her other hand she took one finger and traced the outline of the crack in his ass, circling her finger around his hole but never penetrating, the tickling sensation of which caused him to growl and begin fucking her throat, pumping his growing cock in and out of her mouth. Then, just as he was about to explode, she moaned, “Cum all over my tits, sexy,” as he pulled out of her mouth and frantically stroked his cock, moaning louder and louder, thrusting his hips toward her as he exploded, spraying his cum on her tits, sending jets of his warm cream at her nipples and in between her breasts. Nicole then moved her hand up to join his, as his stroking slowed down, but to her surprise, instead of softening, his cock was actually getting harder! Looking up into his sexually possessed eyes, Arjun growled, “Now its my turn to fuck that pussy…” Realizing now that her young lovers were as sexually insatiable as she was, Nicole moaned as Arjun swept her up in his arms, and then pushed her back against the cold tile wall, forcing his cock into her as he began to thrust in and out. Underneath him, Nicole licked his ear and whispered, “Oh, Arjun, you’re so big! I love the way you fill my pussy!”


With those words, Arjun thrust harder and harder, the hot water pounding on his back as his thrusts sped up. He then reached between them and began to finger her sensitive clit, making Nicole arch her back, thrusting toward him. Her legs were now wrapped around his waist as he held her up, fucking her tight pussy until he felt her walls begin to contract as Nicole began to cum, loving every moment of how rough he was and how good he felt inside of her. Miraculously though Arjun managed to hold back his orgasm, but the sight of this beautiful white woman cumming around his cock made him more aroused than ever and he began to drive into her even more forcefully as he felt his cock begin to grow and his balls start to tingle. The increased friction and stretching of her cunt as his cock expanded to shoot its load made Nicole cum again, screaming this time, as she felt Anjun's hot cum exploding inside of her pussy. The couple rode out their orgasms, bucking against each other in an effort to try to prolong their ecstasy. Finally, when their mutual pleasure finally subsided, Anjun's softening cock slipped out of Nicole’s cum-filled pussy and he helped her slide down the wall and put her feet on the shower floor. She then leaned against his chest, regaining her breath, and, when she was fully recovered, she took his face in her hands and stood on tiptoes to kiss him. “Thank you,” she said. “Mmmm, you’re welcome, anytime, baby,” Arjun replied. “I hope we can do this more often.” Nicole then stepped out of the shower and grabbed one of the pale yellow, fluffy, warm towels hanging on the rack, which she wrapped around herself and began to dry off as she listened to Arjun whistling as he washed himself in the shower. She then toweled her hair, removing all the drips from the ends, and rubbed the towel over her smooth skin. After which, she wrapped it around herself like a dress and opened the door to the bedroom, intent on finding her clothes. However, when she reached the bed, she stopped and smiling, for Atikur still laid curled up on the bed, arm under his pillow, with a big smile on his face as he slept. Even in the moonlight she could see his brown cock, still semi-hard in the cool air, the sight of which caused a wave of warmth to sweep over her body. She then pulled her towel-dress tighter around her and climbed onto the bed as softly as she could, trying not to disturb Atikur. She then laid down next to his hips and slowly took his partially soft cock into her mouth, whereupon she found that she could take all of him in when he wasn’t fully erect, and began to concentrate on getting him hard, sucking him in and out and running her tongue all over his shaft, watching him all the time. Soon, under the watchful eye of Nicole, Atikur began to groan and stir in his sleep, turning onto his back so Nicole had better access to his cock, which was steadily growing in her mouth. She soon saw one eye open and survey the scene in front of him, here was this naked, wet vixen sucking his cock while he was asleep, and his eyes opened lazily as he swallowed hard, moaning. “Good morning, baby!” Nicole exclaimed, talking around his cock, looking into his eyes as his shaft made an obscene bulge in her cheek. Atikur groaned, thoroughly enjoying being woken up like this, and thrust his hips up toward her lips. Nicole dropped her hand from her towel, causing it to fall and reveal her freshly clean, naked body to his eyes. He then pulled her lips off of his cock and up to his, kissing her and murmuring, “I have an idea, baby – I want to taste that gorgeous body of yours.” She smiled and said, “Sure, sexy!” happy to know that the renewed ache between her legs was going to be taken care of. Atikur then gently pushed her back toward the edge of the bed, laying her down and pausing to admire her body – which possessed a creamy skin, perfect shape, and an all around beautiful taste. He then straddled her, so that his ass was facing her, and dipped a finger into her slit, moaning softly at how wet 115

she was for him. He then ran his finger over her clit several times, making her whimper, before pushing up on his hands and knees and dangling his huge cock, now fully hard, even harder than earlier, in front of her face. Nicole took the hint and reached up, taking his cock and guiding it into her mouth and down her throat as she leaned off the edge of the bed. Atikur muffled his moans at her taking his cock in her mouth by burying his head in her pussy, moaning into her sensitive flesh as he began to kiss and lick everywhere. As Atikur began to eat her out, Nicole slowly tilted her head back, allowing more and more of his cock to slide down her throat. Soon her lips were touching his balls as she had completely swallowed his massive length. Feeling his cock embedded in her throat was making Atikur wild, and he began to thrust his hips, fucking her mouth as he inserted two fingers into her soaked pussy, which was still full of Anjun's cum. She screamed at the penetration, causing intense vibrations around his cock that made him moan with the need to cum. Underneath, her hands moved to his balls, feeling how heavy they were with cum for her as she deep throated him, allowing him to fuck her mouth. From above, he circled her swollen clit over and over with his tongue, adding a third finger to her pussy and fucking her. He then bit down gently on her clit, making her scream. As his cock pumped in and out of her vibrating throat, the head pushing further than he had ever felt, he felt the need to cum washing over him and he took her clit into his mouth, sucking it while he finger-fucked her, wanting her to cum at the same time. Soon thereafter, Atikur felt Nicole's pussy begin to tighten around his fingers, so that he was barely able to fit them inside of her. Imagining what her tight pussy felt like around his cock earlier and feeling her throat struggling to take his huge cock and the way her throat was rubbing against his sensitive underside was making his balls tense. Finally, with a loud moan he thrust one last time into her mouth, exploding his cum down her throat as she cried out and came, bucking her hips against his fingers and lips. As they came down from their orgasmic high, Atikur and Nicole relaxed on top of each other. When she finally felt Atikur relax, Nicole got up and reversed her position on the bed, putting her head on one of the soft, fluffy pillows, exhausted. Atikur followed suit, snuggling up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. He kissed her lips softly, whispering, “You’re amazing, baby,” and she smiled a sleepy smile as the warmth of his arms and the comfort of his body and the bed sent sleep rushing on. However, just before she drifted off to sleep, she felt Arjun lie down on her other side and kiss her forehead before settling in next to her to regain his strength. Her last thought before drifting off to sleep was was of how lucky she was to have met these two amazing young men who had satisfied her so completely, and had she been able to read their thoughts she would have found the same feelings for her. As she slept, Nicole could only smile with wonder as to what tomorrow would soon bring...


Chapter Fourteen The sensational sex that Nicole and her young and virile Indian lovers had experienced continued well into the next morning as the three lover continued their menage a tois in an effort to forget the fact that all of Paris was now being pissed on by an incredible driving rain storm. Eventually though the boys had to beg Nicole to stop, for they needed to get some sleep, as they had promised to give her another private tour of the museum, where several special surprises were being planned for her, the day after which they would prepare her for her 'date' with Luc. Kincaid had suggested the night before that perhaps, in his absence, she would like to spend some time with his best friend, to which Nicole readily agreed, even though she would have preferred that is was Kincaid who was taking her on the date, though, she thought, Luc was someone she really wanted to get to know better, especially since she had yet to experience making love to him. There was something in Luc's eyes that made her sense that somehow, despite his pleasant and cheerful demeanor to her, he also had a very dark side filled with both sadness and loneliness. The plan was simply that Luc, the evening after Nicole and the boys had spent their day at the museum, where a special Japanese surprise was waiting, she would then meet up the next evening with Luc, who was to meet her at the residence of a woman called the Countess, dressed in his suit and tie. Kincaid had asked Luc to escort Nicole, dressed in the sheerest of little black dresses that he had already delivered to the brothers apartment, on a date to an elegant restaurant. After dinner, and a showing of a new erotic theater version of Mata Hari, Luc had arranged for the two of them to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where he hoped to show Nicole more than just the lights of Paris... After all their love making finally subsided, Nicole could not help but remain awake as she contemplated what her future held, especially after she was told by her sister that Barry had been thrown in jail for being a Russian spy. When her sister had e-mailed her a lengthy news story that explained what type of information that her husband was selling to the Russians, Nicole's reaction, to her surprise, was more of a feeling of relief rather than sadness. It was almost as if she had been provided the perfect excuse to escape her boring life and take up Kincaid's offer to remain with him, forever, in Paris. As she lay there sandwiched between her still semi-hard and sleeping young Indian lovers, Nicole reflected back on all that had happened to her in just a few short days in Paris. In a span of less than a week she had practically lived out nearly every sexual fantasy she had written about in her diaries. In fact, had it not been for Kincaid, she would not be laying next to two beautiful specimens of Indian manhood anticipating the morning love making that was sure to come, and which she could not wait to begin. Her only regret was that Kincaid had not been there with her to witness the love that his proteges had showered her with; however, she was sure that he was wishing that he was there with her, instead of flying to Chicago to find out more about her husband's arrest. Eventually though Nicole did fall asleep; however, it was not long before she felt the warm sun spreading across her nude body, the sensation of which caused her to lazily yawn and stretch, like a cat. However, even as the sun warmed the room, she procrastinated opening her eyes, as a contented smile inched its way onto her face as she felt the hot brown skin of her still sleeping lovers next to her. Meanwhile, outside Nicole could here the birds singing in the trees, and the cars bustling in the street. She could also smell the summer blossoms' scent breezing through the open window. She then thought about coffee, but she could easily postpone that pleasure for a few more blissful lazy moments beneath the covers with her young lovers.


With her eyes still closed, and hearing the soft snoring of her lovers, both of whom had an arm draped over each one of her thighs, she ran a hand down her neck, onto her collarbone, and softly brushed her breast underneath Atikur's sweaty Dago T-shirt she had worn to bed. Her nipple responded to the familiar touch, stiffening under the cotton, as she felt a warm electric tingle running inside her, awakening her deep inside. She then smiled to herself, bringing her other hand down between her legs. At first she gently brushed the few wisps of hair still left on her pussy, pushing her thighs forward, as she imagined she was being teased by one of the brother's touch. She then let her legs part slightly, enjoying the moist heat emanating from her sex. It was if the soft lips were breathing in concert with the sighs released from her mouth and her sleeping lovers. Then, with a fingertip she traced the silky groove towards her clitoris, which was now swelled and pulsing in anticipation. Rolling gently onto her side, and raising one leg, Nicole brought her other hand down, reaching around her leg, and gently pushing a finger all the way into her twat. "Aah!" she gasped, enjoying feeling herself growing more wet. With the thumb and forefinger of the other hand she then very delicately squeezed her clitoris, softly rolling the sensitive flesh which was still a bit tender from the night before. As she pushed another, and then another, finger inside herself, Nicole began sliding the skin around her clitoris back and forth, squeezing the shaft, gently masturbating the exquisite organ like a minuscule penis, as the three fingers deep in her matched the strokes, penetrating herself deep. Nicole envisioned her two sleeping lovers making morning love to her, with Atikur paying attention only to her clitoris, stroking it with his slender pianist's fingers, and kissing it, making love to it intimately, as Anjun made love to her from behind, recklessly, filling her with deep thrusts of his cock, roughly mauling her breasts with his hands. Nicole then imagined Atikur toying with her clitoris, in between soft kisses and gentle licks, waxing lyrical about the organ of his affection: "My beautiful flower bud, what a gorgeous morsel, like a delicious berry. A most precious pearl, a tiny bright gem..." after which his tongue began praising her most pleasurable organ in a more direct way, swirling around the cherished object. Meanwhile Anjun, bracing his hips, and pounding deep inside her, begins to speak, "Can you feel my hard cock? Deep in your cunt? You like that, don't you? You like me fucking you like a dog, huh? 'Cos you're a bitch in heat. Your pussy is soaking because you're so horny for my big hard dick. And you want to feel my hot cum spurting inside that horny wet cunt, don't you." Lost in her erotic morning dream, Nicole nodded to her imaginary lovers, stroking her clitoris faster, thrusting deeper into herself- into her cunt- with her fingers. She then rolled onto her front, raising her ass, with her cheek on the pillow, awakening both of her lovers. However, instead of joining in, both of her now awaken lovers turned to watch and stayed still, watching as Nicole continued to pleasure herself, lost inside of her dream, as Anjun, in her mind, thrusting inside her, obscenely muttering into her ear, while Atikur, her other imaginary lover rearranged himself beneath her, with his head between her knees and his groin neatly position near her face. In her fantasy, Atikur's mouth was now pressed to her sex, his tongue lapping at her clitoris. In this position, Nicole realized, his view was a close-up of his brother's cock and balls pushing into her. But her sensitive imaginary lover was far to intent on her pleasure to let that deter him, so, while Anjun fucked her from behind, his long thick cock (by now she had let a fourth finger join in, stretching her vagina more) thrusted deeply, as she kissed Atikur's organ, which was smooth, brown, and swelling as her lips met it. The tip was engorged and scarlet as she ran her tongue tip over the moist eye. It then began pulsing as she started sucking (in reality on the finger of Anjun), pushing her hips against its owner's mouth, still delightfully churning her to orgasm, as deep in her cunt the rude thrusts of the enormous cock continued, growing more rapid. "Do you want me to fill your slutty cunt with cream?" Anjun asked in the dream. Nicole simply nodded, her head bobbing vigorously on the other organ. 118

"I want you to beg me!" Anjun demanded, still pounding inside her. Nicole then lifted her head from Atikur's cock, while the attentive lover still fondly and delicately licked and sucked the pulsating bud. "Please give me your cum!" Nicole pled, surprising both of her now awake lovers, who were mesmerized at the sight of Nicole's wet dream. "I want you to fill my slutty pussy with your hot spunk. I want to feel your big long hard dick explode inside my hungry cunt! I want you to spurt your seed inside my snatch, and then over my ass! Please!" With that said, Nicole's thighs began shaking, her one hand deep inside her, the other furiously rubbing her clitoris, as her mouth filled with the finger of Anjun. As Nicole came, her imaginary lovers' did too, and, at least in her mind, she once again tasted the sweet mouthful erupting from the penis in her mouth, as Anjun shouted "Yeah! feel that! Can you feel my hot cum in your cunt?" "Yes," she murmured, smiling, as she then turned over, opened her eyes, and saw above her the glistening real life cocks of Atikur and Anjun, both of which were ready to fuck Nicole senseless for the next several hours in nearly every position imaginable. Eventually though, after breakfasting on the cum of her young lovers, Nicole had tired and was ready for a shower, which she then shared with both Atikur and Anjun, after which they dressed. As Nicole's sari was now nothing but tattered rags, the brothers called Maurice, who sent over a very simple outfit for Nicole to wear which consisted of a one piece white sheer top and short skirt, as well as a pair of four inch stiletto heels. Finally, after the three of them made love one final time for the morning, this time switching places, as Anjun fucked Nicole's pussy, while behind her Atikur pummeled her asshole, the three of them headed out the door and caught a taxi to a cafe for lunch. Elsewhere, in Chicago, Kincaid was arriving on the red eye flight from New York for an early morning meeting with his friend from the FBI who was leading the espionage investigation of Nicole's now detained husband. The news about Barry's treason was the top headline for the last few days, especially in Chicago where such arrests are extremely rare. According to Kincaid's friend, who knew Kincaid, not as Kincaid the spy, but rather as Didier Ulysses the freelance reporter, the case against Barry was open and shut. Despite the claims by Barry of a French conspiracy to kidnap his wife, and then to frame him for spying, so as to remove him from the picture, so that his wife could be raped at the hands of strange men and women, there was no proof to backup his bizarre claims. When Kincaid met with the Special Agent in Charge, the SAC, in the early morning for breakfast, he told his friend, whom he had met during an investigation of industrial espionage in Paris, that what was most puzzling about the case was that Barry's wife, had seemingly disappeared in France; however, thanks to a trace from Barry's telephone records many months ago, as well a search of Nicole's e-mail, the FBI believed that some of the claims of a French conspiracy were true, especially since there was nothing to connect Barry or Nicole to the Russians. Kincaid had somehow expected this revelation, but not this early in the investigation. He then asked the SAC, off the record, what his gut feeling was regarding the claims that this man "Kincaid" was somehow responsible for Nicole's disappearance. It was at this point that the SAC revealed to Kincaid, how much the U.S. intelligence services knew about his secret life.


The SAC said that Kincaid was France's most well known master hacker and spy, and that, through a variety of classified means, the CIA in Paris had been monitoring his movements in Paris for many years, but had yet to take a picture of him or his associate Luc. According to the CIA, the SAC said, Kincaid and Luc were too valuable of an asset to them, rather than the opposite, as Kincaid was one of the few foreign spies willing to take the risks that most American ones would refuse to do. It was at this time that the SAC asked, with a knowing smile, just how much information 'Didier' would be willing to give the FBI, regarding Nicole's current whereabouts, in exchange for the continued protection of Kincaid and Luc's espionage activities. He then informed 'Didier' that it was best for Nicole to remain as a fugitive in France, rather than return home to likely aiding an abetting charges; however, as a favor he at least wanted an opportunity for the Paris FBI liaison to at least question Nicole, in Paris, sometime today, after which, he promised, that Kincaid's CIA file, which he had personal possession of, would be 'accidentally' destroyed. The SAC had long realized that Kincaid was a valuable asset to the Western nations in their battle against Eastern Asia's growing economic dominance. It was then that 'Didier' informed the SAC that all arrangements to interview Nicole could be made through a woman the world knew simply as the Countess of Yorkshire, the now former Princess Marilyn, whose husband, the late Duke of Yorkshire, only recently died, leaving her to return to France where she was now the curator of the Paris Museum of Oriental Arts. As he headed toward downtown Chicago, on the Blue Line train that headed in to the heart of the city, Kincaid remained in shock at the revelation, of what he had long suspected, that his identity as a spy was known by his adversaries. However, based upon the fact that he had been able to travel in and out of America freely, with his false passport, it was clear that the Americans found his worth as a spy more valuable than that of a prisoner, for he could, especially after all that he had done to lure Nicole to Paris, have easily been held as the prime suspect in her 'kidnap.' Yet, as he exited the train, Kincaid could not help but admire the fact that the Americans felt his skills and movements were worthy of surveillance, and that, if they were good at that their jobs, then they would have quickly realized just how much she was enjoying her decadent filled vacation. Finally, as he got on the elevator, to his fellow Frenchman's legal office, Kincaid decided not to announce his return to Paris so soon, for he needed to get word to his DGSE bosses that, as a result of the Motorola data heist, that the CIA likely had agents on the scene whom were now monitoring all of Luc and Nicole's movements, all of whom would need to be quietly eliminated. In the mean time, Kincaid would have his friend quietly draw up and file divorce papers for Nicole, thus eliminating a need for her to ever return to America, where, if she did, she would be quickly arrested and branded a traitor, just like her poor Barry. Far across the Atlantic Ocean, after finishing their meal and coffee at the small cafe, Nicole's attentive lovers told her that they want to nurture her artistic side and suggested that they visit again the Paris Institute of Oriental Arts, where a friend of theirs had arranged a special tour, for this day was not a holiday and the museum was likely to be particularly empty this morning. Once at the museum, the boys noted that, because of a lack of funding, the museum had, at best, a skeleton crew of guards on duty, and as a result, they were assured to have the entire museum to themselves. For about the next hour, Nicole and her young lovers wandered around the empty museum, kissing and fondling each one of them, carefree in her revealing outfit, and feeling more than a little naughty in the knowledge that nothing else was below her skirt other her high-heels.


The boys eventually guided Nicole to a collection of old Japanese masters first, taking care to make sure that they spent plenty of time silently strolling and casually examining all of the many details and features of the ancient woodblocks. As Nicole sat on a marble bench, lost in the detail of one of paintings, she sensed for the first time an absence, for as she looked around she realized that she was was alone. Her sensation of being alone however, was suddenly interrupted by the sound of feet somewhere in the hall as she called out to the boys, but saw no one. Wondering where her young lovers were, and sensing they were toying with her, Nicole continued to walk on as the footsteps followed, yet never once could she see their owner. Nicole's heart soon began to beat faster as she found herself among the a collection of gray marble and clay male statues. At this point Nicole sat down on a marble bench, brushing up against one of the marble statues, and called out again to Anjun and Atikur; however, this time she heard no footsteps. Yet, despite the silence and darkness of the room, she definitely felt the presence of someone else. Leaning back, Nicole's muttered "Probably one of the guards," when suddenly the remaining lights went dim, leaving only the sun to illuminate the dark room, as she felt and saw a pair of soft clay hands suddenly upon her shoulders as a masculine voice then whispered in her ear, "Don't look around." Suddenly scared at the realization of what was to come, Nicole obeyed as the hands began to wander down her arms and on to her breasts; then inside her top where the soft clay hands found her nipples ripe and firm to the touch. Wondering who it was behind her now, Nicole started to turn in protest, but then stopped when she felt a tongue enter her ear first, which then traveled quickly down to her neck, the sensation of which made her relax and lean back into the strong clay arms behind her. Because of the darkness in the corner where she was sitting, Nicole has no idea who (or what, for that matter) was doing this to her, yet she realized that she wanted it all to continue, especially considering that her pussy was again hungry for cock after looking at all of the nude paintings and male statues. Closing her eyes and losing herself in the moment, the living statue behind her unsnapped the buttons in front of her top and took her full breasts neatly into his cold hands, cupping their undersides while his fingers continued to play with the nipples. Nicole soon realized, as she savored the cold clay skin of her mystery lover, that she had spread her legs as her pussy and breasts now begin to tingle with anticipation of what was sure to come, as she reached her arms up, back and around a bald clay head, guiding its owner's clay lips around her neck, her shoulders and arms. As she began to squirm on the bench, Nicole's short skirt rode up her hips, exposing her now-glistening cunt to all of those other male statues. Looking at the statues, all of whom had realistic eyes, Nicole could not help but wonder to herself if the lifeless men were all staring at the pink wet spot between her legs. Soon the strong cold clay hands found her wet spot, which then began to pull her wet pussy lips apart and plunge its cold clay fingers inside, the suddenness of which caused Nicole to moan as her hips began to writhe at the cold and hot sensations she was now feeling between her legs, the sensation of which caused shivers all around her body. Yet, despite the chilled air of the museum, beads of perspiration were now dripping down Nicole's forehead, face, breasts, all of which were destined to soon mingle with the juices between her legs as she propped her feet on the edge of the marble bench, closed her eyes and then opened her legs wide to the exploration of those strong cold clay fingers. Upon opening her eyes, Nicole looked up and saw a handsome, flawlessly muscular, naked, and gray clay skinned bald man staring into her eyes, the sight of which caused her to bury her tongue in his warm human mouth, as he responded in kind with a deep, soulful kiss as only two strangers in absolute lust could understand.


The naked statue then moved to the other side of the bench and knelt in front of her, whereupon, without a word, he bent over and slides his warm tongue into her cunt, while at the same time he pulled her lips back to better suck her clit. As the statue feasted on her pussy, Nicole placed her hands on his hard clay head in order to guide every wonderful stroke and movement, all of which immediately causes her drenched pussy to explode in a terrific orgasm, causing her to scream out, the sounds of which echoed all throughout the museum and down to where both Atikur and Anjun were meeting with an Englishman in preparation for her second surprise. After convulsing for what seemed like minutes, Nicole finally came to her senses and looked down at the statue, who was wearing a smile along with some of her love juices on his clay face. Glancing down further, Nicole saw the statue's large hairless cock, which was now presenting itself as ready for what Nicole suspected would be truly a memorable fuck as she quickly looked around, as if expecting a guard to show up ("surely they must of heard me scream?"). She then looks back and found herself again staring at the stiff, swollen rock cock. Then, with a quick dart of her eyes upward, meeting the strangers' gaze, and then back down, she reached out and pulled his smooth and cold thick penis closer to her, rolling her tongue around the head, flicking the little crack and tasting his already thick precum. Inching a little more to the edge of the bench, Nicole then pulled his full length into her mouth (well, almost full length for it was a bit larger than she had expected) and begins moving her lips up and down the smooth rock shaft, cupping his rock balls in one hand and playing a number on his scrotum with the other. Wondering if the statue could actually feel her tongue and fingers, Nicole glanced up and saw that his eyes were now closed and his head was tilted back slightly, seemingly enjoying her every stroke. By now the statue's large hands were on her shoulders as she bent forward, attempting to take ever more of him into her mouth and throat without cracking one of her teeth on the smooth hard surface of his cock. Soon though, she literally felt his cock begin to swell further and pulse, as he then pulled his dick out of her mouth and reached out with both hands and pulled her to her feet, directing her to the Rodin statue that was on loan to the museum, whereupon he turned her around and bent her over so that her hands were on the pedestal, after which she felt him enter her pussy from the rear, filling up every inch of her cunt with his old clay cock, as she pushed then back to meet his thrusts. His hands were now on Nicole's hips, directing every stroke, deeper, deeper, deeper, as Nicole, at the same time found herself pushing back hard against him, feeling the end of his cold cock against her insides, and loving every moment of it. As always happens though, Nicole did not want any of it to stop but, all at once, the statue reached underneath to her clit and, stroking it, brought her to yet another climax â&#x20AC;&#x201C; stronger than before. Then, as the last wave subsided, she felt him pull out and shoot his load all over her ass and legs, which he then gently rubbed into her now moist sweat covered skin. Turning around Nicole took her statues face into her hands and his tongue into her mouth and kisses him deeply, warmly, but then, without a word, the statue suddenly turned back, its cock still erect, and disappeared into the shadows and was gone. Speechless, Nicole simply watched him go, when suddenly the lights of the museum come back on, as she heard the approaching sound of a tour group. Before the group could reach the spot where she was standing, Nicole grabbed her dress from off the bench and put it back on just seconds before the tour group arrived, and then sat back down on the bench. After watching the tour group pass, Nicole realized that an envelope had been dropped by a member of the tour group. Looking again at the Rodin, Nicole then noticed that the envelope had her name on it, the contents of which simply said "follow the tour group." With a mischievous grin, Nicole watched as the tour group turned a corner and headed toward a room marked "Special Exhibit." However, by the time Nicole arrived at the exhibit, the tour group had seemingly disappeared. 122

Wondering briefly where the tour group had gone, Nicole suddenly found herself lost in a huge painting that depicted maybe a dozen nude men and women cavorting in a Springtime glen. After several minutes, never realizing that there was someone watching her, she next stopped in front of a realistic sculpture of a nude man and woman in a deep embrace. Their polished granite surfaces reminded her of the passion she wished she could have continued sharing with her now disappeared statue lover, had they ever had a chance to be in such an embrace. Finally, Nicole found herself in front of a gigantic abstract painting that was filled with massive swirls of intense colors, when suddenly a voice whispered in her ear, "I'm not sure if this is what the artist had in mind, but the power of the painting is, for me, absolutely sensual and even erotic. The crimson reds and flesh colors evoke images in my minds eye of all sorts of body parts: open vulva... rounded buttocks... erect penises... rubbery nipples... wet lips and tongues." Gasping with surprise, Nicole turned around and was met with the gaze of a muscular, dark haired, older and handsome Englishman. The look the Englishman gave her hypnotized her mind, and, as she pulled her eyes away from the magnetic image toward his. Meeting her gaze the stranger then whispered to Nicole, his eyes now firmly focused on her hard nipples and flushed look of her recent orgasm, her aura already giving off a sweet womanly scent. "I can't help but to let my eyes travel down your body. You too have sex permeating your experience of this painting, for I can see the front of your blouse is tautly stretched over a pair of upthrusting and hard nipples. In staring at the result of your interest in the painting, I almost think I can almost smell the essence of your juices that are now flowing in your pussy." The comment of which Nicole simply responded to with a blush. Then, looking over Nicole's shoulder, the stranger noted that the tour group had moved on, after which he said, "I've never been a particularly brave or up-front person with strangers, but here I am alone in Paris, next to a beautiful woman who does not know me, nor, do I suspect, will scold me for being so presumptuously brazen for what I am about to do." With those words, the Englishman took a deep breath and moved quietly towards Nicole, paying no mind to the dozens of art lovers who now suddenly appeared and wandered around the gallery behind them, as he sidled up silently beside her and turned his face toward hers, saying in a husky whisper "the painting is having the same effect on you that it is on me". And with that, Nicole let her head turn slowly downward and stared at his tented crotch. When she looked back up, he had turned towards her as they stared into each other's eyes for what seems like hours. At that point, part of Nicole wanted to run away as fast she could, but instead, she took his hand in hers, and with moist palms, started to lead him across the floor. Then, with a seemingly bewildered look, the Englishman started to ask a question, at which point Nicole, taking control over the situation, reached over and put her finger over his lips to silence him, pressing the tip of her finger between his lips, and against his teeth. After a moment of resistance, his teeth opened, and she slid her finger in over his tongue and wormed it around slowly. Taking control, the Englishman then took her hand and led her a short distance, until they were standing in front of the elevator. Getting in, the Englishman pressed the lowest button, which took them down to a dark vaulted hallway. To Nicole it seemed as if they had gone back in time to the Middle Ages. But the Englishman knew his way around, having been an art student in Paris many years ago. In the dark, they shuffled down the hallway, and the Englishman opened a door into a huge storeroom, lit by bare bulbs way above their heads in the echo-filled arches overhead. The eeriness and mysterious of it all only served to make Nicole's pussy tingle with excitement. Taking control again, just as they passed through the door into this room, Nicole circled behind him and reached around to cup his crotch, quickly confirming that he had not lost his erection. A quick 123

squeeze, and then she pushed him forward from behind, until finally they were standing in an area surrounded by erotic African paintings and Greek sculptures. Looking around the Englishman explained that this was where the museum stored away the masterpieces that were considered too libidinous to show to the public, but kept them on display for their own research. Standing in awe and looking around the room, Nicole felt her inhibitions disappear and dropped suddenly to her knees, the cold hard concrete creating a sharp contrast to the feelings coursing through her veins, and pulled open the button at the top of the Englishman's fly, then rapidly yanked down the zipper. Then, without wasting a moment, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his tight designer jockey shorts and pulled down his pants and shorts all at once. As his shorts fell, his cock thrusted up into the air, arching up toward the faraway ceiling, at which time Nicole told him to step out of his loafers and pants, and then blew a stream of air onto his cock head, which was fat with his hot blood engorging it. Looking up, Nicole tickled his balls, forcing him to spread his legs, as she saw that her new lover seemed to be in a trance as she pursed her lips over the tip of his cock and gently milked his balls. She then took one hand and pressed the tips of her fingers up behind his balls and pressed them upwards and forwards right in front of his asshole, while at the same time she sucked a dollop of precum up through his rigid cock, drooling it out onto her lips. The taste of the Englishman's precum was so salty and enticing that, when she drew her head away, a thin string of his precum stretched between her mouth and his throbbing cock. The Englishman's precum was clear and glistening, like a glass-blowers string of hot drawn glass. Suddenly, Nicole thrust her head forward and sucked his cock in as far as she could stand and gave him a series of short, hard sucks that made his knees shake, after which she then pulled away. As Nicole pulled away, the Englishman looked down at her in seeming disappointment; but, sensing his disappointment, she looked up and smiled broadly, her lips still wet with his precum, and then got off her knees and led him over to a large stone sculpture depicting two figures that were twice life size. The sculpture depicted a man sitting on a smooth stone, and a voluptuous woman seated on his lap, with her her back against his muscular chest, impaled on his cock. Actually, all one could see were his balls, but it took little imagination for Nicole to picture his penis far up inside her belly, because her face was turned upward and she was obviously in the throes of ecstasy. Now desperate for more cock, Nicole pulls the Englishman's turtleneck up and over his head, and then told him to climb up onto the sculpture and seat himself on the woman's lap. The marble must have felt icy cold on the Brit's sweaty ass, for Nicole could see him squirm as his cock bobbed around. As he finally settled into a comfortable position, Nicole teased him with a striptease that was not in the least subtle. By now Nicole was feeling so absolutely brazen and wild, and not the least bit guilty or bashful about it, loving the feeling of being so much in control. Not once has she given him any choice about what is happening, not that she thought that he would complain. Far from it. Naked now, Nicole caressed her breasts and pushed them up toward her face, so that she could just barely stretch out her tongue to flick at the tips of her nipples, which were now stimulated into blunt points like large pencil erasers. She then dropped her right hand down onto her cunt, and squatted down, with her knees spread wide, watching him watch her, as she made long strokes up and down between the lips of her cunt. At the same time, Nicole's right hand continued to milk at her breasts, pinching hard on her nipples, while simultaneously her head swung back and forth splashing her long dark hair around her shoulders. Directly behind her, Nicole was aware that there was another sculpture of a nude life size male, standing straight up and with a a full circumcised erection, the ridges of which, like her statue lover earlier, were polished yet textured. He was also made of glistening bronze. Without looking back, 124

Nicole shuffled her high heeled feet, gradually propelling herself backward until she could feel the cold hard metal phallus on her rear. She then leaned forward and grasped her knees as she ever so slowly let her weight shift backwards as the bronze cock of this ancient god gradually spread her labia and then penetrated up into her vagina. The extreme contrast of hot and cold again sent shivers up and down Nicole's spine, as one hand reached down to stoke her clitoris as she savored the feel of the hard folds of skin and the raised veins on this Greek god's magnificent metallic cock. When Nicole looked up at the Englishman, his fist was around his hard cock, jacking himself off, the sight of which caused Nicole to sternly command him to stop, so that he could save all of his juices for her. Although the Englishman seemed surprised by her determination, he nevertheless followed orders, as he placed his hands on the outside of his thighs, gripping the stone thighs of the woman he was seated upon. His cock now glistened from the precum that Nicole had drawn out and onto his cock, while Nicole made a few slow thrusts back and forth on the bronze cock, savoring the foreign feel, as the metal warmed and became slick with her watery juices. By now the smell of Nicole's sex was all around her and the cold and barely lit room as she pulled herself off of the cock, and then leaned over to it and lapped up some of the wet coating, after which she sauntered over to the Englishman, climbed up the sculpture, facing away toward the silent god the that she has just finished fucking, straddled his legs and then finally dropped down all at once onto his cock. To Nicole the Englishman's cock seemed to be just as hard as the god-cock, but it certainly is not as cold. Thanks to her two prior fucks of the statues, the Englishman's cock slid easily into her without any real resistance. There is now no stopping Nicole now, as she had now found her second wind, as from behind her the nameless stranger grasped her hips firmly as they worked together to lift and drop her, up and down, in and out, while in front of her, her breasts swung around wildly. Instead of trying to cup her breasts, Nicole's hands were on her lover's knees for balance, as she looked down to see his beautiful wet cock revealing itself and then hiding away, again and again, as her swollen cunt lips tightly wrapped themselves around it, trying to pull him back in each time he pulled out. Below her Nicole marveled at his hairy balls, which were now coated and mated with her dripping juices, while below his balls were the stone balls of the Greek god underneath all of this frenzied action, framed in a perfect contrast of the absolute stillness and Nicole and the Englishman's coupling above. Since his grip on Nicole's waist was obviously firm, she reached down with one hand and started fondling his balls, and with the other she went back to rubbing and pinching her nipples. The Englishman's balls were wonderfully sensitive, Nicole discovered, because after only a few seconds of her treatment, he was already orgasming. As he started bucking around in ecstasy, Nicole needed to reach above her to hold onto the head of the woman above them, pulling herself upward and holding her position as he thrusted upward several more times, and then fell backwards, his cock quickly slipping out. Looking back, Nicole saw the Englishman was dazed, but the action for her was far from over, as she had yet to experience her own orgasm. Now that she was firmly in control, Nicole certainly was not going to leave that situation unremedied as she pulled him up and took up a new position on the sculpture, leaning her torso forward onto the granite woman's thigh, as her head rested just in front of the commingled crotch, with Nicole's lips now almost within reach of the stone man's balls. Her rear was now positioned just over the woman's knee, as Nicole ordered the Englishman to orally pleasure her. "Yes mistress," was all he said as the Englishman stood on the floor and found that his head was right at the level of Nicole's cunt. As he stared at her swollen cunt and inhaled the strong aroma and musk of their juices, Nicole squeezed her cunt muscles a couple of times, until she could feel his pearly semen slipping out and down onto the stone; however, unlike most times, she is now in no mood to wait, and ordered for him to get to work.


The Englishman's first few licks are hesitant, as Nicole realized that he wasn't as used to tasting a man's cum as she was, but it did not take him too long to get into the swing of it, as pretty soon he was lapping in long swipes that started on her clitoris and ended up all the way up to her navel. It was a dreamy feeling, but eventually Nicole asked him to concentrate on her clitoris, which he did eagerly, as their combined juices continue to drip down onto his tongue and she felt two of his fingers push into her. From below and inside of her, Nicole could hear squishing sounds as the Englishman's fingers probes around and in her, as she described to him exactly where her G spot was. Then, after a few attempts, the Englishman found Nicole's magic spot, as she begged him to rub it firmly with a circular motion. As he rubbed her G spot, Nicole reached behind and pulled her ass cheeks apart so that he could now have total free access. With her ass cheeks spread wide, the Englishman's thumb lightly caresses her asshole. By now Nicole's clitoris, cunt, and asshole are all being stimulated at once, as she added to this stimulation by massaging her breasts into the stone woman's thigh, while she hypnotically stared ahead into the joining of the inanimate woman's stone cunt with the Greek god's stone balls. As Nicole stretched her tongue out to lick at the cold juncture between the two of them, from below the Englishman nibbled hard on her clitoris and sucked her labia up into his mouth, the sensation of which forced Nicole to immediately go over the edge and into an incredible orgasm, squeezing down hard on her ass cheeks with her hands as wave after wave of pleasure release washed over her, even as his fingers continued to vibrate over her G spot. As she came, Nicole gulped in air between the electric pulses of each pounding wave, feeling the pleasure as her cunt clenched down on the fingers in her cunt, while at the same time she felt her asshole palpitating around the tip of his thumb. This time around Nicole's orgasm lasts for so long, that she nearly fell off the statue, but was quickly caught by the strong hands of the Englishman who held her firm until finally her orgasmic tremors subsided and she was able to take a moment to get her wits about her. Once she was sober again, Nicole pushed the Englishman's face and hands away. She then gave him a deep kiss, sliding her tongue deep into his mouth, after which she quickly hopped down off the sculpture, and while he stood there in admiration as she slowly put on her clothes and listened to the Englishman tell her how beautiful she was. A few minutes later, after Nicole and the Englishman, who was by now dressed, exchanged several more deep and soulful kisses as he escorted her to the elevator and told her to visit the exhibits on the second floor, after which he kissed her once more and walked away, exiting back through the door into the exhibit room. However, just before she stepped into the elevator, the Englishman whispered to her that she should look closely at all of the exhibits on the second floor, after which he stressed that she should definitely have some tea at the cafe. The Englishman then kissed Nicole deeply one last time, and then suggested that with any luck they would meet again; however this time it would be his turn to be in control, the prophecy of which Nicole sensed would be soon. As the elevator door closed, Nicole looked up to see a camera looking straight down on her. Knowing now, after two heated sexual interludes, that her Indian lovers and Kincaid had planned this little museum adventure, Nicole could only guess what to expect on the second floor, which today featured a showing of androgynous artwork from an artist named "Eloise.'


Chapter Fifteen After Nicole got off on the elevator on the second floor of the now very busy museum, she looked around to see that she was far from the only woman dressed in high heels and a skimpy and revealing outfit. Looking around Nicole also noticed that no one was paying her any particular attention, and that, according to the Englishman, she should head toward the exhibit of 'Eloise' which, according to the map on the wall, ended near the museum's cafe. By now Nicole was desperate, after two very intense love making sessions in just under an hour, to quench her thirst with a cool drink, and thus she made the long trek by foot to the cafe, through the gallery of erotic hermaphrodite statues and paintings, taking quite a bit of time to admire the perverse art that now surrounded her. However, the exhilaration of wandering through the erotic art lined walls eventually wore off, especially as her feet were now becoming sore from the walking she had done in her stiletto pumps. Upon arriving at the cafe Nicole ordered a cold tea and pastries. Enjoying the cream cakes and cup of tea Nicole, who was by now lost in thought wondering just what the next sexual surprise would bring, suddenly became aware that someone was looking at her intently. The woman who was admiring her was about three tables away. Nicole noticed that she was a very familiar slim, athletic and elegant woman, with large breasts, as Nicole racked her brain going over the people with whom she had been introduced to, and made love to, since arriving in Paris. This woman did not fit any recollection of her previous sexual encounters over the last ten days. What was more, Nicole realized that the woman was at the very least in her mid 50's and all the women she had met and had sexual encounters with were all somewhat younger. The woman had soft brown eyes, which nevertheless seemed to bore into Nicole's. The woman smiled and Nicole found herself returning the smile, as Nicole now found herself again to be more than mildly sexually excited at the prospect of getting to know the beautiful older woman whose eyes were now drawing her in to a new sexual trap. However, before she could say anything, the waitress came to the table to ensure that all was well, whereupon Nicole asked her if she knew the lady at the nearby table. Nicole explained that she thought she had been introduced to her previously, but was unsure and had no wish to offend the lady. The waitress, who herself was beautiful, had no need to look, as she said, "Oh oui Madame, of course you know her, that is the world famous Countess Marilyn de Nouvelle, you know, the former Princess of Yorkshire, have you met?" "Er no, Thank you so much, I think she just bears a resemblance to a lady to whom I was introduced yesterday." Nicole lied, as she realized that she, when she was a child, along with millions of others had watched her marry Prince Harry shortly before he died from an assassin's bullet. The waitress then went away with a shake of her head and sotto voce added "Ah les anglais, pouf." Nicole then noticed the Countess get to her feet, as she again smiled in Nicole's direction and walked towards the ladies room. Nicole watched her, and as the beautiful princess opened the door of the ladies she inclined her head and gave a nod for Nicole to follow. Giving her a few moments, Nicole got up and followed, even if she did not fully understand why, except that she sensed that it was all part of yet another sexual adventure that had been so perfectly planned. Once inside the ladies room, Nicole saw that there were two cubicles, one of which was occupied; however, there was no sign of the Countess, so Nicole assumed she was in the cubicle. Entering the vacant one, Nicole closed the door and before using the toilet had a quick glance round. It was then that she noticed a small hand mirror being placed on the floor by a long elegant hand. The fingers ending in familiar blood red nails that were absolutely perfect. Bending over she took the mirror in her hand and looked at the reflection. She was looking with a worms eye view of two stockinged 127

legs, placed well apart. As her gaze traveled up the legs passed the thighs where the stockings were tightly suspended she gave a little gasp as her eyes alighted on the Countess' cunt, which was absolutely hairless with the labia already swollen. She then watched as the Countess turned, with her legs slightly bent, and peed into the toilet bowl. Nicole could not take her eyes off the spectacle in the mirror, after which the Countess finished and then gently wiped herself and then squatted on the seat as she then bent down and took the mirror from Nicole's fingers, tilted the glass, and then said in a proper English manner, "Your turn." Despite all of her sexual activity since her arrival in Paris, he last week, Nicole had never peed in front of anyone before, not even her husband, yet now there was something very exciting about peeing for the Countess, as she hoisted her skirt, bent her knees and then used her fingers to direct her pee into the bowl. Then, after wiping herself she noticed the mirror being removed, after which the Countess said, "Bravo, would you like to accompany me to my museum apartment, I think we could have many things in common. I shall wait for you whilst washing my hands and perhaps we can speak" Upon leaving the cubicle, Nicole approached the famous woman, whose face bore a striking resemblance to her deceased mother in law, Princess Diana. The Countess was washing her hands at the same time watching Nicole in the mirror, with a smile on her face, when she said, "Cherie, bravo, you have so excited me, the same for you, n'est ce pas?" "Oh Countess" Nicole replied in English, "Frankly I do not know what I am feeling." "Non, non, Countess, pah, my name is Marilyn, s'il tu plait, see I do not use the French 'vous' we must be friends, intimate, very intimate friends, No?" Turning to the younger woman Marilyn drew her closer and looking into her eyes she gently kissed her on the mouth. Nicole's fear and apprehension quickly fell away, as she found herself returning the Englishwoman's kiss and gently pushed her tongue into Marilyn's welcoming mouth. The Countess reciprocated and their tongues entwined, licking and sucking, Nicole's hand then found one of Marilyn's breasts, the nipple already hard. Then gently, but purposefully the Countess disengaged and quickly took Nicole's hand made as to leave the ladies powder room. "No wait a moment, I haven't yet washed. Neither have I paid my bill." murmured Nicole, but Marilyn took no notice. "Come Cherie, the bill will be added to my account, for I am the boss. You do still wish to come to my apartment, you have no-one waiting?" Once in the elevator, Marilyn took hold of Nicole's left hand and placed it between her thighs. "Feel me Nicole, please, feel how wet I am." she said opening up her thighs and pulling her skirt high. Needing no further invitation Nicole ran her left hand up over the tightly suspended stocking, over the thighs, in her minds eye she could again see the hairless mound with its swollen labia but now her fingers touched a very open very wet pussy. Running her fingers around the thick glistening lips Nicole slipped her fingers inside. Marilyn groaned, "Oooh ooh Cherie, you like my cooz, my pussy what do you American's say, You like my cunt?" "I love it Countess, I can hardly wait to push my tongue in, I want to lick you, to suck your clitoris, Marilyn, it has been too long since I touched another woman. Now I want to fuck you with my tongue, you understand?" 128

"Yes, yes yes, darling, slow down, we are almost at my apartment and I am almost cumming, I do not want to come just yet. " After the elevator stopped, the two of them walked down the hall and entered Marilyn's apartment, for she was the curator of the museum and its chief benefactor. Skidding to a halt the Countess flung open her door. "Come come Cherie, we are home. Come darling and fuck me." Nicole expected the Countess to take her right there on the desk, instead the Englishwoman turned, taking Nicole in her arms again, but this time her hands were busy at the fastenings of Nicole's tight skirt, which eventually fell to the floor revealing Nicole's nude body. Quickly unfastening her own dress, the older woman allowed it to fall to the floor revealing that she was wearing a Basque, her nipples poking through holes were hard, swollen and dark red. Nicole saw this in a moment before the Countess took her across to a large pile of gaily colored cushions that covered the floor. "Now quickly Cherie, darling Nicole, darling I want to cum" pulling a willing Nicole down with her and deftly turning so that Nicole found her head between Marilyn's thighs, the hairless mound and full lipped very wet cunt immediately in front of her face. Nicole needed no second invitation, as she sank her face and active tongue into the maw of the Countess' quim, the musky smell of an aroused female lifting her own sexual excitement to new heights. Her tongue quickly found the now engorged clit of the older woman. The royal clit was hard and the biggest Nicole had ever seen, for it stood proud from its clitoral hood like a small prick and Nicole joyously licked and then sucked it into her mouth while her tongue savored the salty flavor. It was not all one sided as the Countess' slim fingers parted the wisps of dark curls that still covered Nicole's mound, for her labia too was wet and swollen and soon both women were engrossed in a deep sixty-nine probing, sucking and licking until with a groan and an agonized cry the Countess stretched her legs wide and cried out "Aargh ma Cherie ma "cheerrrrrieeeeeeeee... oooohhhhh I'm cummminggggggg, I, I, I'm cuuummmingggggggg...darling. Suck my clitoris ooh I'm ccccccccuuuuuuummming." As the Countess's hips fucked Nicole's face, and as she shuddered in orgasm, Nicole came too in a long guttural groan as she dug her face deeper into the Countess's cunt, after which the now sweaty woman basked in the after glow. Eventually, after making out and savoring the feeling of their mutual orgasm, Marilyn climbed to her feet as Nicole realized that she was still dressed, with the Countess still in her Basque. Crossing to a small table the Countess poured out two glasses of wine. "Now that we are lovers, would you be interested in having some more fun before you go to join your Indian friends at the Bukkake party?" she asked. As the Countess handed her a flute of wine, Nicole stretched on the cushions and asked, "Oh yes Countess, but what is a 'Bukkake' party?" "You will find out more about Bukkake later, but right now, let us take a shower and then I will have a lovely surprise for you," the Countess said as she picked up an old fashioned telephone, dialed a number, and then spoke in rapid French. "Come Cherie, bring your wine, I will show you where you can shower, not together of course, for we would take to long of a time and we need to be back here in 30 minutes. Oh, after you are showered, and if you like, you will find some erotic lingerie in the bedroom, just help yourself." Once back in the lounge, after Nicole had showered, the Countess was pleased to see that Nicole had chosen a red Basque with and under-wired bra that lifted her breasts but left them completely uncovered. Nicole also had put on a matching pair of crotchless panties. The whole of her body was covered with a long black lace neglige that heightened the sexuality, but hid nothing. The Countess 129

herself wore a rubber suit in black that was molded to her figure from her shoulders to calves, so that just her nipples poked through two small holes encircled ion red, while her shaven mound was visible through the cutaway crotch. Lovely my dear" said the Countess, when suddenly a bell peeled through the apartment and she left the room to return in a few seconds with a tall black woman dressed in a fur coat. To Nicole's startled gaze the woman was the image of the famed cult actress Grace Jones. The black woman then allowed the fur to slip to the floor and revealed herself to be naked except for a micro skirt. Her breasts were full with purple, almost black nipples. Nicole noticed that her aureoles were a deep brown then, with a word from the Countess, the black woman dropped the micro skirt, to reveal a sight that left Nicole astounded and breathless, for she suddenly found herself looking a a thick long ebony prick, which was immediately becoming hard. "A man?" Nicole questioned. "Oh no Cherie, not a man, some would call her a freak, but Eloise is simply a hermaphrodite, although she has that absolutely wonderful tool, that magnificent horse cock, between her legs, but my dear she also has a cunt as hungry as your's or mine..." Nicole was in awe at the artist who stood before her as she looked up from between Eloise's legs into her eyes, marveling at her butch haircut, while below, the massive black cock, which was already hard and curving upwards towards Eloise's stomach, began to twitch in anticipation.. It was at this point that the Countess directed Nicole to sit in a wooden hard back chair, after which Eloise bent her knees and squatted just above Nicole's face so that she could see her womanhood just behind the curving meaty manhood. Contrasting with her dark black skin, Eloise's labia was swollen and colored in a deep pink. Instinctively, Nicole reached up and sank two fingers into the wet channel as Eloise offered her mammoth dick to Nicole's mouth, who in turn opened her mouth wide to accommodate the enormous bulb like helmet of the cock that she quickly sucked into her mouth running her tongue around the head and probing the sensitive pee slit. As Nicole sucked and licked the prick she became aware of movement behind Eloise, as she saw the Countess now wearing a large strap on cock that was every inch a long and as black as the one Nicole was sucking. From behind. the latex dick probed the entrance to Eloise's cunt as Nicole assisted by using her free hand place the head into Eloise's wet love channel. As the dildo slid home Eloise sighed, arched her back and spread her legs, so as to open up still more to allow the Countess the freedom to fuck her deeply. Eventually, after nearly 15 minutes of sucking and fucking, the Countess ordered Nicole to release the magnificent tool in her mouth and to gather some cushions on the floor, after which she was to kneel on all fours and offer her pussy to the she-male's cock. After Nicole was placed in position on the floor, the trio then fucked with gusto as the two black cocks slid in and out of the two eager women. However, after several minutes, much to the initial dismay of Nicole, who was desperate to cum, Eloise suddenly disengaged herself, but then laid down on the cushions to offer her cunt to the Countess. Eloise then urged Nicole to squat facing the Countess and to lower herself on to its cock. Once Nicole was impaled on the she-maleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s massive tool, she and the Countess were now so close together they kissed deeply while they fucked and were being fucked, with the older woman's nipples rubbing against Nicole's. As they kissed and tongued each other, their hard sensitive nipples rubbed together, as each reached down to rub the others clit. Both women were soon on the verge of coming when suddenly from down below, Eloise started to cum.


The sudden shock of which, to Nicole, caused her to experience a new erotic sensation, for while she may have expected Eloise to cum like a man, she was caught off guard as Eloise's hot streams of cum shot up inside her as Nicole cried out, "Oh gawd oooohhhhhhh gawddddddd ooooooooooh yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!" As Nicole was launched into a nether world of orgasmic release, the Countess quickly got to her feet, lifted up the dildo, opened herself up with two fingers and then came straight onto Nicole's sweaty tits. The sight of the Countess' squirting cum sent Nicole off into another paroxysm of orgasm as she too knew she wanted to join the two women and shouted out that she too was going to cum. With Eloise's long dick still embedded in her, Nicole leaned back and spread her cunt with two fingers as the Countess groaned with delight and quickly covered Nicole's quim with her mouth as the much younger woman started to cum. The erotic sight of which caused the Countess to suddenly erupt in another series of squirting orgasms all over Nicole's face. However, the sexual action was far from over as the Countess, Eloise, and Nicole continued making love to one another in every womanly way possible. Several hours later, after Nicole, the Countess, and Eloise had completely exhausted themselves, the telephone rang, at which time the three first showered, and then sat Nicole down in front of a mirror to prepare her new face, that of a geisha, in preparation for a special event the Countess called Bukkake. During the application of her white make up and specially made wig, the Countess told Nicole the sad story of the Madame Butterfly, and how the story of Cio-Cio-San was a lesson for those who are looking for love. After Nicole was presented with her new face, she was shocked to see just how truly foreign and exotic she looked as a geisha, the sight of which caused her pussy to stir; however before she knew it the Countess had ordered her to place on her feet traditional Japanese split toed stockings and sandals, as well as a special g-string that was emblazoned with the Japanese military flag, after which she was wrapped in a heavy red kimono. It was at this point as the still naked Countess and Eloise admired their new creation, that the Countess explained that she was soon to be leaving for a party at the residence of a Japanese diplomat, who was also a patron of the Paris Museum of Oriental Art, where she would be the guest of honor for a special display of a very ancient Japanese art. As the naked women were helping Nicole secure the sash of her kimono, Atikur and Anjun entered the Countess's bedroom, their heads now shaved bald and dressed in ancient Japanese samurai costumes. Upon seeing her young lovers, she suddenly realized that it had been several hours since they had ditched her. However, instead of being mad she simply smiled at them, for they had obviously put a great deal of work in preparing for her special day exploring the sensual side of the Paris art world. Upon seeing her young lovers Nicole tried at first to embraced them, but was held firm by the Countess who reminded her that she was now a geisha, and as such she was not to speak unless spoken to, and that her samurai masters were now her voice. Minutes later, as Atikur and Anjun escorted geisha Nicole to the waiting limousine, she turned around and bowed to the Countess and Eloise, saying in a meek fake Japanese voice that she was grateful to them for all she had experienced in the last several hours at the museum. To which the Countess replied, with a bow of her own, "No Nicole-san, it is I who should thank you. I hope you can join me and my friends soon at the Roissy." Afterward, as Nicole wondered what exactly the Roissy was, she listened intently as Atikur explained to her how the Japanese ambassador to France, a mysterious man named Nishiyama-san, had days before asked the Countess to provide several of his Japanese guests, at a private party at the ambassador's residence. It was at this point that Nicole asked, in a demure voice, about what type of party it was. Upon which, Atikur explained that in feudal Japan, during the many samurai wars, there was a special ritual called Bukkake that these ancient warriors performed as a way to clear their minds before a big battle, and that the Japanese ambassador, himself a patron of the Countess's museum, and a 131

good friend of Kincaid's asked if he had any willing students to provide a demonstration Anjun then took over and explained that the ritual originally was done using a trained geisha, but since Paris had none, the ambassador suggested that a French woman, dressed in a Japanese geisha outfit, would be an acceptable substitute. The history behind the Bukkake ceremony was that centuries ago, on the battlefields of the Kanto plain, in what is now MegaTokyo, the warriors of the feudal warlords often were left without any female companionship, thus they had no outlet for their manly urges. The only woman that any soldier ever saw, were the geisha who regularly visited and serviced the warlord. One such warlord, upon seeing just how clear his mind was, after having spent an amorous night with a young geisha, learned the next day after a battle in a town called Bukkake, which his troops should have easily won, that most of his men not been with a woman for months, thus he decided to perform a cleansing ritual, with his young and demure geisha at the center. With the geisha kneeling in the center, the warlord's soldiers formed a giant circle and proceeded to masturbated until each was called to approach the girl and spray onto her face his built up essence, the sticky remains of which she collected in a silver plate that she held under her face. Afterward, when the last soldier had finished, the warm and salty spunk would then be poured into a large box like sake cup, which she would then drink down, as all around her the samurai yelled out Banzai! Among the rules of the Bukkake ritual established by the warlord, was the tradition of the geisha, after having swallowed the souls of a million unborn samurai, then being defiled in any way the virgin samurai, as a way of making them truly men, before heading off to die in battle. Upon hearing the description and the history of the Bukkake ceremony, Nicole was stunned and more than a little turned on as she felt her pussy juice dripping onto the small Japanese battle flag that was now wedged tightly over her cunt. covered her laughed. The thought of playing the part of a geisha was more than just exciting, it was sexually intoxicating, for she could not believe that such a decadent ritual existed. As she noticed the limousine turning onto the Champs Elysse, Nicole looked at Anjun, whom she sensed was falling in love with her and said to him, "Well, since I am a geisha, don't you think that it might be best if you taught me some Japanese, at least a few words?" To which Anjun simply shook his head and smiled. After having been taught the basics of how she was to present herself, and what phrases and words she should say, Nicole told the boys that she was REALLY looking forward to the ritual. She then told them about her first gang bang at the Paris gym, but they assured her that this was going to be different especially since she was going to be required, at the end, to drink a whole glass of cum. As Nicole listened to the brothers brief Japanese language lesson, she quickly realized that, ever since she had arrived in Paris, she had ingested a large amount of cum before, but it had been in individual doses, directly from the source. She then leaned against the car door, and gently moved her hand inside and down her secured kimono, and began to finger her pussy while she listen to them, which she then eventually took out of her cunt and then brought them to their mouths, which they then licked clean, after which she then placed them back into her kimono protected pussy. As they continued to watch, the brothers looked at her as Anjun suddenly smiled again and said, "Kincaid was right when he told us that you would be right for this part." When they got to the place where she was to be the center of attention, so to speak, Atikur took Nicole's hand and walked her into the back of the Japanese ambassador's residence and down a long corridor. Anjun then told Nicole that the ambassador had invited a few more people than had originally been planned. To which Nicole asked, "How many more?" "Well let's just say that there must be 75 to 100 men in the next room, all of whom are Japanese, and all 132

of whom are dressed like we are. It's as if they are all extras in a samurai movie," Anjun said. To which Nicole replied, in her false Japanese accent, "Well then my lovers Anjun-san and Atikur-san, let's get the party started. I'm ready." However, before they made their entrance, the ambassador wanted to meet with Nicole and the brothers in his private study, so as to personally thank them for making themselves available to explain, and the perform the ancient warrior purification ritual. Upon the entry to the ambassador's study, Nicole noted that all around the office of who Anjun later told her were pictures and paintings of the great Japanese writer and poet, Yukio Mishima, whose writings and poetry Nicole would some day come to be intimately familiar during her mission to Japan. The ambassador's name was also Mishima, and he explained to the three as they sat on the floor and shared a cup of traditional green tea, called Matcha, that he had learned of the Bukkake ceremony from the Countess, who herself was an expert in all things Japanese. The Countess, before pursuing her professional interests, had, as a young college girl, studied and lived for many years in Japan, eventually completing her training as a Maiko, in Kyoto, before returning home to England. Mishimasan then asked Nicole (or as he called her Nicole-san) if she knew anything about Japan, to which Nicole simply nodded her head no, remembering that she was now playing the part of the geisha and that, since she was clearly going to be the only female in a crowd of over a hundred naked men, it was best to say as little as possible, so as to not offend their host. Not too long after finishing their tea, Mishima-san looked at his watch and announced that it was now time for the ceremony to begin, as he then led the three into the main banquet hall, which was void of any human voices, but was instead filled with the sounds of traditional Japanese Koto music. As they entered Anjun told Nicole not to look around the room, but instead to follow him as he showed her where she was to kneel. However, despite the order for her not to look around, Nicole could not help but notice all of the older and middle aged men, all of whom Mishima-san had explained earlier were overseas members of the legendary Tatenokai. The one thing that all of the men had in common, beside the fact that they were Japanese, was that all of them were playing with themselves silently as they watched as Nicole was led to the center of the room, whereupon Anjun removed her kimono, then instructed her to kneel in the seiza position, handed her the plate and then told her to hold it under her face so the cum would be gathered as it dripped off her face. However, despite the fact that she was more than a willing participant, Anjun whispered into her ear that if she got nervous he would take her away and she didn't have to finish, to which just replied with a mischievous smile and wink. For the men in the room, upon seeing the young and naked body of the geisha, their cocks all instantly sprang to life in anticipation of watching and being a part of the one of the most ancient of Japanese warrior ceremonies. The reason for this gathering of the Tatenokai, which had resurrected itself during the early century naval skirmishes with China and Korea, was to rededicate themselves to the service of the new emperor, and to pledge themselves as new samurai of the 21st Century. All of the men in the room were among the top governmental and business leaders in Japan's large overseas contingent. Present for the Bukkake ceremony were all of Japan's European ambassadors, numerous top level executives in the European division of several famous Japanese companies including the largest of them all, GENOM. The idea for the ritual originally came from the Countess, as she and the ambassador were now part time lovers.


She was the one who had told Mishima-san all about the ancient ritual, and that she wondered why more Japanese corporations had not revived the ancient ritual. The Countess then explained to Mishima-san that, as part of her geisha training, as a college student, she had been a participant in several in Tokyo that were held by a number of leading Japanese corporations. Thus the idea for the Bukkake ceremony was born; however, in order to perform it correctly, Mishimasan learned, only two men in all of Europe had ever studied the ancient ritual, Atikur and Anjun, the two who now were readying themselves and their geisha for the three hour long ceremony. The ceremony began as Mishima-san welcomed the assembled men, and then read, in Japanese, a message from the emperor: "Welcome my countrymen, to one of the most ancient of warrior ceremonies, that of the Bukkake, a ceremony in which each of you shall clear from your body the seed which carries your name, so that you may be clear headed in your battle with the enemies of Nihon. However, fear not that your future descendants shall suffer a needless death, for here in front of you is the maternal symbol of Nihon, the geisha, who will, at the end of this ceremony, swallow your essence, and keep within her forever the spirit of Bushido." "Please remember this my subjects, that in serving the country, it is dangerous to lack even one of the virtues of humanity, righteousness, etiquette and wisdom. It is forbidden to forget the great debt of kindness one owes to his master and ancestors and thereby make light of the virtues of loyalty and filial piety..... There is a primary need to distinguish loyalty from disloyalty and to establish rewards and punishments..... for it is written in the Four Books and Five Classics as well as in the military writings that in protecting the country, if one is ignorant in the study of literature, he will be unable to govern. Just as Buddha preached the various laws in order to save all living beings, one must rack one's brains and never depart from the Ways of both Warrior and Literary Man." With those words the ceremony began as Atikur and Anjun stripped off their robes and reenacted a sword fight, utilizing real samurai swords, from the battle of Bukkake, at the end of which Anjun lost as his brother's nude body towered over him and asked Anjun, in rough Japanese, what was his last request before his death. To which Anjun responded by pointing at the kneeling Nicole and said in broken Japanese, that his only dying wish was to pass on his warrior spirit to the fertile geisha, after which he, by his own hands, not those of his enemy, would commit seppuku. Atikur then eased off the blade of his brother's now bleeding throat, and ordered his 'enemy' to dispense of his manly essence, and then to take up his sword again, this time in a more fair fight. Because of the fact that he had already been priming his pump, Anjun had no problem cumming onto Nicole's face, after which he turned around and said, in Japanese and French, to the now standing men in the room, who continued to jack off, "Remember honorable warriors, when you are ready, simply move forward and shoot your sperm in her face, but remember, you can have no other contact with her." As her young lover moved away, Nicole looked at the audience and knew he had been right, there were a lot of men in this room, some sitting and slowly playing with themselves and some just standing looking at her. She didn't have to wait long, as a short chubby guy approached her and aimed his cock at her face as she suddenly felt his sperm hit her cheek, and what didn't hit her face then pooled onto the plate she was holding as he took his hand and milked his cock, as the rest of his cum came out onto his fingers, which he then flicked at her as the cum on his fingers flew and hit her forehead. After he was finished, she saw that a line had formed behind him,as another two approached her and aimed their cocks at her face and she felt their sperm hit her nose and cheek as a shot hit her eyes and she had to close them..


As the parade of cocks continued, Nicole's face soon became soaked as the cum tickled her skin, running down her face, off of her chin and onto the plate. After several more cocks had discharged, she heard Atikur say, "I'm going to take the plate for a second." Nicole then felt the plate being removed from her hands, but it came back and the onslaught continued until and it seemed that her face was streaming all of the time now. This went on for what seemed like hours, although Nicole really wasn't sure how long it had taken, until finally Atikur and Anjun, both of whom remained at Nicole's side, taking from her the plates of cum and pouring them into a special sake cup, saw the last man, Ambassador Mishima, approach, which signaled that the ceremony was now ready for the final act of purity, the ingestion of the warriors essence. After Mishima-san emptied his load, Nicole felt a spoon scraping her face, as above her she felt someone wiping her eyes with a tissue, and the heavy plate was finally removed. Nicole then opened her eyes, which was hard to do, since they felt like they were glued shut, and looked around the room. All around her the men were now sitting with their pants off staring silently looking at her. She then smiled a little and waited for her drink, as Anjun walked up in front of her and reached over her head to what must have been a serving tray, and grabbed the large liter sized sake cup, which he handed to Nicole. Nicole looked in disbelief as Anjun handed her an the extra large cup that was filled to the brim with a white substance that looked like milk; however, she knew it wasn't, but she couldn't believe that this much cum had been shot into her face. She then looked at the audience, as Anjun whispered into her ear what to do next. After nodding that she understood, Nicole stood up on her now wobbly legs, lifted her cup in a toast and said "kampai", which is a traditional Japanese toast, then put it to her lips and began to slowly drink. As she slowly swallowed the cum, Nicole reminded herself that ever since her arrival in Paris, she had consumed a lot of semen, but this was different, because it was not only thick and creamy, but there was a lot of it and the taste was very pungent. When she began to drink Nicole had made up her mind she would finish it all, which she did as all around her the audience looked at her gulp down the last of the spiritual essence of the men who claimed to be the heirs to the ancient samurai, after which she licked her lips, looked out the room, and, as instructed, yelled "BANZI!!" After Nicole yelled out the traditional call to arms, a loud simultaneous cheer of banzai erupted throughout the room as the men began to clap as she was handed a glass of the extra amount and then drank what they had produced for her, until finally, when the glass was empty, she took her finger around the edge, gathered the last remaining bit and licked her finger clean. As she finished the glass, despite the fact her belly was now full, Nicole suddenly wished she could have another glass or at least a nice warm shot from someone right now, as she lowered her head in reverence in a way she thought a Japanese geisha would, after which Atikur placed her kimono over her cum stained body and took her hand and led her to the back room where they had originally entered. Once they were in the back room Nicole asked Anjun if she had done all right, to which he replied that she had been fantastic and all of the men, in anticipation of her performance, had taken up a collection earlier, as he handed her an envelope with what she found out was over a thousand Euros in it. Anjun then told her that a couple of older men asked about a private blow job, and a few of them also wanted to know if they could fuck her. As Anjun was telling her this, Nicole looked at where he had put the plate she had been holding, and noticed that it was still covered in cum. Even though she had just swallowed nearly a half gallon of cum, Nicole was by now so horny that she knelt down and took the plate and put it to her lips and allowed the cum to flow into her mouth, after which she proceeded to lick the plate clean. From above Anjun watched, pulled his cock out and 135

offered it to her, to which she simply began to suck him like the nymphomaniac she truly was. By now Nicole was so fucking horny she couldn't stand it as her head moved faster and faster, while she made slurping sounds, until finally, after about two minutes Anjun couldn't stand it any longer and gave her another dose of cum for her distended belly. After Anjun unloaded down her throat, Nicole looked at him when they were finished and told him she was still so fucking horny that she couldn't believe it. Since she had awoken this morning she had been fucked by at least one woman, two statues, three men, as well as a hermaphrodite, after which she had been cummed on by close to a hundred men, after which she had been paid like a prostitute; however, despite it all she still needed more cock. Sensing that her needs had yet to be sated, Anjun looked into Nicole's blue eyes, and noticed her white Kabuki face was covered in dried cum, not unlike the other day in class, when she had sucked off all of his classmates after she had helped demonstrate the techniques of Kama Sutra. As he gazed into Nicole's loving eyes Anjun momentarily wondered, despite Kincaid's orders, if he should really walk into the main room and offer her up to whoever wanted to fuck her, or instead run away with her and keep her love all to himself. However, before Anjun had a chance to make that decision, his brother entered through the door that led to the main room, grabbed Nicole's hand, and then led her back into the room. There were still some people left, including the ambassador, talking and laughing, as Atikur asked them if anyone wanted to experience more of Nicole-san, or the 'whore', as he called her in Japanese, as he informed them that she had yet to be satisfied. The request of which the remaining older men simply smiled and asked Anjun to take Nicole back to Mishima-san's study. By the time Anjun and Atikur brought Nicole to the tatami matted study, there were already several men waiting for them. After entering the room, Atikur removed Nicole's kimono and nodded to Mishima-san that she was now theirs to do with as they pleased. The first man that walked up was the Japanese ambassador to Russia, who had his cock in his hand and pushed on Nicole's shoulders making her kneel in front of him, after which he fed his small sized cock into her mouth, grabbed her hair and then started to fuck her mouth for about three minutes until he started cumming. As the Russian ambassador exploded in her mouth, Nicole hungrily swallowed, after which he pulled free and she asked a the man who was built like a bodybuilder, who in fact was a Yakuza hit man, to step forward When the Yakuza thug, moved in front of her and offered her his average sized cock, she looked up at him, winked, and began to suck in earnest, until quickly he grunted, after a minute or so, and then grabbed her hair and held her tight as he poured his sperm into her mouth. The next guy that came up told Nicole, in broken English, to get on all fours, after which he reached down and pulled her rising sun g-string aside over her ass, then placed his cock to the entrance of her pussy and pushed in, after which he fucked her for the next five minutes, during which time another man with a larger cock moved in front of her and shoved his cock into her mouth. When the man that was in her pussy finally came and pulled free, Mishima-san, who seemed to have a eight or nine inch cock slowly slipped his cock into her tight ass, and began to fuck her in earnest, as she winced in slight pain as his cock invaded her unlubricated bottom. Eventually though the pain in her ass turned to pleasure while in front of Nicole the man in her mouth began to cum hard, while behind her Mishimasan deposited his load of cum deep into her tight ass. Finally after everyone was done, the brothers asked if anyone wanted to go again, but by now they all seemed finished for the evening. After saying their sayonaras, and bowing incessantly, the brothers led Nicole back to another room near the rear entrance, where, once the door had closed, and she had put her kimono back on, Nicole looked at the brothers and thanked them both with deep soulful kisses.


Nicole then later then promised, as they made their way to the limousine, that she would suck their cocks all the way to their apartment. True to her word, when the three of them got into the car, Nicole pulled off her kimono and knelt on the floorboard of the spacious vehicle, and took each one of their cocks into her mouth. As the limousine slowly made its way back to the brothers apartment, the three of them made long and slow love as the lights of Paris slowly went by. By now the time was late and day had given way to night, as Nicole reveled in her role of being the geisha and the object of desire of not only men, but a princess, an ambassador, a world famous artist, and at least a hundred of the most powerful men in Japan. For Nicole, tonight was only a sample of the pleasure she could expect under the tutelage and care of the Countess, who had arranged everyone of the day's carnal trysts, including her encounter with the statue, whom she was assured would be waiting in stone silence for her return to the museum, along with several other 'statuesque' men...


Chapter Sixteen When Anjun awoke early the next morning, Nicole, whose face was still pale white with her geisha make up was snuggled against him and as he looked at her, he saw she was still covered with his dry cum. Her geisha wig was matted where it had dried in it, but her head was lying against his chest and her arm lay across his stomach. Knowing that soon he and his brother would soon be on a plane bound for Japan, he thought how good it felt last night to make love to Nicole, but the feeling was tempered with the knowledge that he might never see her again. Unlike his brother Atikur, Anjun had fallen head over heels in love with Nicole, for she was the first woman he had ever fucked, and, as he looked at her beautiful sleeping form he knew that it had been worth the wait. Now, as the morning sun moved across the sky, he knew he had to get up to piss, moving her arm as he eased out of bed, looking at her beautiful naked body as he got up. To Anjun, as well as all the men in Paris, Nicole was a beautiful young woman, and he felt his cock stir as he headed to the bathroom. On the way he passed his brother's room as he went down the hall, looked in and saw that the Countess had already wakened and had her brother's cock stuffed into her mouth. Without missing a beat, the Countess looked up as he walked by and waved to him. She was really working his brother over and knew that he probably wouldn't last long at the rate she was moving her head, especially when he heard him telling the Countess "Please Mistress! Stop! I've got to pee so bad I can't stand it!" But, despite her young boy toy's plea, the insatiable Countess kept sucking his cock, hoping she would get her breakfast before long, as she reached down and massaged his balls, and then felt his cock grow, after which he began to flood her mouth with his hot cum. However instead of stopping, the Countess kept sucking, not wanting to miss a drop, until finally she let him go and he jumped from bed and headed for the bathroom. The night before, after Nicole and the brothers returned to their apartment, the three of them found the Countess waiting for them wearing a latex dominatrix outfit, which, despite her age of 55, even though the Countess's face and body did not look a day over 45, she looked truly erotic in. The remainder of the night was then filled with a myriad assortment of sex games, for which the Countess had brought with her a wide assortment of sex toys, including a pair of strap-on dildos that she and Nicole used to fuck each of the young men in the ass, while at the same time they fucked either of the women below them. Among the other sex games they played was a dare session in which Nicole and the Countess poured hot wax onto each others breasts at the same time they sucked and fucked the brothers cocks. However, by the time dawn had broke, the brothers retired to their separate rooms and proceeded to make love to each woman until finally they all passed out and fell asleep. When Atikur reentered his room, the Countess ordered him to get over to her, which he did as she again grabbed his cock, aimed it at her mouth, and commenced to take him into her mouth and started sucking. By now Atikur had become used to this, for he knew that she loved the taste of cum first thing in the morning, as he looked down and watched as she moved up and down his cock and reached up to fondle his balls. Atikur was glad he had already pissed because he knew she would have to work at him for a little while now, which she gladly did as she pushed forward and he felt his cock go into her throat, whereupon she began to fuck him with her mouth and throat, the sensation of which caused his cock to become harder as she moved her head faster mouth fucking him. Soon, after several minutes, the Countess felt her young lover's balls tighten up as he reached down and took her head in his hands and proceeded to buck his hips into her face, which in turned caused her to drop her hand from his balls and just enjoyed the feeling he was giving her, until finally she came as he continued to fuck her mouth harder with ever stroke.


As all this was happening, Anjun silently walked in the room and sat on the bed and watched as the Countess let Atikur fuck her mouth. Looking at the Countess, whose body was that of a dancer, and whose beauty was that of a starlet, he marveled at this woman who, despite being so beautiful, was only to happy to please men young enough to be her sons. Eventually, Anjun heard his brother cry out that he was going to cum, at which point the Countess pushed her face as far as she could into his crotch. As the Countess moved further down on his brother's cock, Anjun watched her throat move slowly up and down swallowing the spunk that he was pumping directly into her stomach. Then, after he could no longer take it, Atikur's knees buckled and he knelt to the floor, after which, several minutes later, he pulled his softened cock from her mouth, after which the Countess looked up at him and said "I love you Atikur, thank you for everything" and then she kissed his cock and got up on her feet. The Countess then looked over at Anjun, and he saw tears running down her cheeks and wondered if it was because she had been deep throating or something else. Wiping away her tears, the Countess asked if Nicole was still asleep. Atikur then said to her than when he went to take a piss she was still sleeping, at which time the Countess decided to go find out for herself, but not before ordering the boys, to make some coffee and bring it to her and Nicole. As the Countess walked naked toward Anjun's bedroom, the boys, who also were stark naked headed in the opposite direction to prepare morning coffee. Minutes later, when the boys entered Anjun's bedroom, they found that the Countess had her face buried in Nicole's pussy with her ass in the air, the site of which caused the brothers cocks to rise, as Anjun, who had yet to cum, asked Atikur, "Okay, if I nail her?" Atikur simply nodded, and placed the tray of coffee down on the dresser and watched as his brother moved in behind the Countess and slid his cock into her dripping pussy, which in turn caused her to moan into Nicole's cunt as he began fucking her in earnest, as Nicole, who was holding her breasts tight, looked at Anjun, and said "Good morning, honey." Without missing a beat or stroke, Anjun continued to fuck the Countess, and said to Nicole "Good morning, I love you, baby." However, Nicole never replied the same as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the Countess's tongue, as she herself savored the feeling of having her pussy licked. Just like his brother had done all night, Anjun pounded into the pussy of the Countess with a vengeance. For long minutes his cock pistoned into her shaved cunt and he reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide, as he inserted his thumbs into her ass, the sensation of which caused her to groan as she felt her ass spread to accommodate him as he then pushed his thumbs deeper into her ass and pried the tight hole open. Then, without any warning, the Countess ground herself back against him as she came, her cunt widening and flooding him with her juices, while simultaneously Anjun picked up his pace and listened to Nicole whimper and moan through her own private orgasm as she grabbed the Countess's head and held her tightly against her pussy. Soon thereafter Anjun announced he was going to cum, to which Nicole responded that she wanted him to cum in her face as he pulled his cock free from the Countess and went to her head and jerked his cock a couple of times as his sperm coated her face. Then, after he slacked off, Nicole put his cock in her mouth and sucked what spunk he still had left in him into her mouth, after which the three of them laid back and relaxed as Atikur clapped and yelled "Bravo! Encore!" As his brother clapped and requested a second show, Anjun laughed and told him that there was no way he could do an encore, for he was still spent from the night before. Meanwhile, underneath him, the Countess laid at Nicole's cunt and licked softly enjoying the taste of the result of her work, as 139

Nicole yawned and almost fell back to sleep; however before she could doze, the Countess informed her that they had places to go, including another tour of the museum's statue exhibit. The Countess then moved to her face, kissed her deep, and then got up, after which Nicole stood and the four of them headed out of the bedroom. The cum was still dripping from Nicole's painted white cheeks as she sipped on her coffee and went to the bathroom, after which she returned to the kitchen and found the Countess and the brothers discussing what was in store for the day. As Atikur served the women breakfast, the Countess informed Nicole that for the remainder of the day they were going shopping, have lunch, and then in the afternoon they would go back to the museum for another 'look around', after which she would return with Nicole to her apartment and prepare her for her 'date' with Luc. However, before they could begin their day, the Countess handed Nicole an envelope and told her to brace herself for the ugly truth that the contents of the envelope contained, which, she said had been delivered to her office last night by an FBI agent stationed at the American Embassy. As Nicole read the contents of the envelope, especially the FBI supplemental report and her husband's confession to the police, her heart sank and she cried with the realization that she could never return to the life she once knew. However, despite the sadness, Nicole made sure to scrutinize the reports and was shocked to see that the man she once loved was nothing more than a traitor. Had Nicole not been sitting nude in an apartment with two naked virile male lovers, as well as a beautiful nude English princess, she might have begun sobbing uncontrollably; however, instead she let all three of them read the reports, and then went on to tell them her life story and how unhappy she had been before accepting Kincaid's offer to come to Paris. Several hours later, after having read all of the police and FBI reports, Barry's handwritten confession, as well as witnessing the digital video of the search warrant that was carried out on her house, Nicole was still, to put it mildly, in shock, especially after learning that her husband was now going to prison for nearly life. If that weren't bad enough, the FBI was now on their way to the museum office of the Countess in order to ask her a whole list of questions regarding her husband, her loyalty to the United States, as well as her love affair with Kincaid in Paris. To top it all off, her sister had informed her, when she called back home from Anjun and Atikur's apartment, that just last night the home that she and Barry had purchased had been seized by the government. When Nicole heard the horrible news she was in a frenzy; however, her nerves were quickly calmed by Kincaid, who had called to check up on her, and who was, as luck would have it, near Chicago and had an American friend assigned to the case. Kincaid then told Nicole that he would do all he could to retrieve from her house the journals, which she had earlier told him that she had written her most private and perverted thoughts. He then confirmed Nicole's worst fears that, from what his friend in charge of the investigation told him, it definitely looked like Barry was going to be going to prison for a very long time and that, as of that instant, Nicole was considered an accomplice and subject to serious scrutiny and further investigation, should she decide to return to America. After Kincaid had calmed Nicole down he gently turned the subject to her time with the Countess and his proteges, the thought of which quickly turned Nicole's sour mood around as she described to him in explicit detail all that had happened to her since she had last seen him in the cafe. Finally, after nearly 45 minutes of talking, Kincaid told Nicole that he had to hang up the phone, but promised that he would be returning to Paris in a day or two, and that when he returned, he would bring with him what he could from her seized house in Chicago. When Nicole finally hung up the phone, the Countess walked in wearing a very conservative business suit and carrying with her a pair of loose fitting jeans and sweatshirt for Nicole, who was still semi140

nude in a pair of thong panties that she had worn underneath the Countess's raincoat on the way back yesterday from the museum. As Nicole put the frumpy clothes on, the Countess assured her that she would definitely be dressed better for her date with Kincaid, which, according to the clock on the wall was still nearly ten hours away. In the meantime, after her interview with the FBI, Nicole and the Countess had plans to shop for a new dress and then go to a lesbian spa, where, the Countess assured Nicole, the touch of the ladies would make her completely forget about Barry and her unhappy marriage. After which, the Countess promised to introduce Nicole to the statues that had given rise to the museum's reputation as being haunted. Later, when the FBI finally arrived at the office of the Countess, Nicole had already reread the police report, and thus had seemingly prepared herself for the questions she thought the agent would ask. However, by the time the 90 minute interview had concluded, Nicole was steaming mad at the cocky young agent who had questioned not only her patriotism and moral character, but had never once asked her about whether Barry was innocent, or whether he was capable of such a crime. The first questions the agent asked Nicole, centered around her fidelity, to which she replied that, prior to her trip to Paris she had been completely faithful to Barry, but then admitted to the agent that she had met Kincaid online and had quickly fallen in love with him. Such an answer was all the young agent needed to make Nicole feel extremely uncomfortable, especially when he asked if she had ever been molested a child, and then moved onto questions regarding her loyalty to the United States. For Nicole it was not the type of questions that were asked, but instead was the tone of the questioner that unsettled her. Towards the end of the interview, Nicole was put on notice that, when she returned to the United States, should she not be arrested, she would likely be the subject of a separate investigation concerning her relationship with Kincaid, whom the agent had informed her, with a knowing smirk, that her lover not just an intelligence analyst, but rather he was a highly paid spy and a documented enemy of the United States. However, there was nothing definitive to link Kincaid and his partner Luc to Barry's arrest and indictment for treason. Upon learning that Kincaid was more than just a mere report writer, the realization that he was a 007 type of spy was far from upsetting to Nicole, for she had long suspected he was not quite the person who he had said he was. In fact she had harbored the hope that he was a spy, as it would have easily explained the mystery as to how he had been able to so easily introduce her into the erotic underworld. The more the FBI agent told her about Kincaid and how he was persona non-grata in the United States, the more determined Nicole became to renounce her citizenship and stay there in Paris with the man, as well as the erotic world in which he inhabited, she loved and desired now more than anything. By the time the interview had concluded, it was clear to Nicole that her marriage to Barry was effectively over, and that, she herself was now deemed a target and a traitor. In fact, as the Countess later said to her, Nicole was now a spy in the house of love. With that knowledge that she herself was now tainted as an enemy of the United States, it was now crystal clear to Nicole that she was now and forever going to be an expatriate. However, the thought of never returning to America saddened her, for she didn't know when or if she was ever going to see her sister or her nieces again. Later that day, after a full day of shopping for clothes the Countess and Nicole sat down at an outdoor cafe, where the Countess then pulled from her purse a plastic egg which she told Nicole contained a sheer black dress that Kincaid had requested that she wear for her date with Luc. As Nicole looked at the transparent egg, she saw that the dress, when compacted, fit easily into her closed fist, she asked the Countess to tell her, as she had promised after the FBI interviewed her, about Kincaid, for by now she was starving for more information about the spy who loved her. "Very well then Nicole, I will tell you as much as I know about Kincaid, but only the things which you need to know now. There is much Luc will tell you tonight, and of course I know Kincaid has been 141

waiting to tell you the truth about his real life," the Countess said as she placed her sunglasses on and looked out over the Seine, sipping her black coffee as she told Nicole how she came to know Kincaid many years ago. According to the Countess, Kincaid was recruited by the DGSE at about the same time she went to work for Britain's MI-6 in the 1990's. While Kincaid was a bright young naval officer and computer genius, the Countess was an artist who had a talent for breaking codes that even the most ardent cryptologist deemed unbreakable. After their recruitment, both Kincaid and the Countess were partnered up during a joint terrorism mission, after which they both became lovers and friends, however a lifelong romance was never seen as wise, for, at that time the DGSE and MI-6 frowned upon such unions between agents of rival services. After his recruitment, Kincaid slowly but surely, thanks to his abilities to hack into and slip out of, unnoticed, even the most hardened computer systems, as well as his skills in speaking several languages, became one of France's most successful spies, especially when he joined forces early in his career with Luc, both of whom were then sent to Japan on a top secret mission, which. After their tour in Japan ended, Luc and Kincaid maintained their partnership and eventually became a trio with the addition of a Japanese woman named Ukiko. However, according to the Countess, the three way relationship with Ukiko was problematic from the start since she and Luc had serious differences over her romantic entanglement with Kincaid, but, despite the problems, the trio continued working together until Luc quit the team to pursue solo missions in Africa, thus leaving Kincaid to fend for himself. Eventually though the truth of Ukiko's identity became known to the DGSE, via a fact finding mission Luc had made to Japan. The truth of Ukiko's identity was that she was a double agent and that she had been sent to France by her father, who was then the chief of industrial espionage for the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO). The problem for Kincaid though was that, unlike him, Ukiko was a trained assassin with a sadistic temperament, and that the elimination of her would only be possible if it was Kincaid who pulled the trigger, something that he was naturally loathe to do. However, despite his love, the Countess explained, pulling the trigger is exactly what Kincaid did during a vacation to Bermuda where he, upon orders, reluctantly left her for dead in shark infested waters. By this time Nicole was hanging on every word as the Countess confided to her that, ever since that time, nearly 20 years ago, Kincaid had never been the same or had seemed as happy as he was now, ever since she, Nicole, had come into his life and helped erase the haunted images he had of not only Ukiko, but also of other women he had loved during his years as a spy. As for herself, the Countess stayed with MI-6 for many years, eventually becoming the head of its code breaking division, but by the time she had reached 40 the publicity surrounding her relationship with Prince Harry had forced her to retire, whereupon she decided to focus on her true love, the sensual arts of the Far East. However, not long after her marriage to the prince, he was assassinated. After Harry was killed, the Countess used her inheritance from the Royal Family to open up the Paris Institute of Oriental Arts and use it as a place to school young men, such as Atikur and Anjun, in the erotic arts of the Kama Sutra and other Eastern sensual practices, the lessons of which were taught both by her and Kincaid to a select group of students from all around the world. However, despite her retirement from the spy business, the Countess made it clear that, despite her inactive status, she still worked as a free lance trainer in Roissy. It was at that point, after having heard the name Roissy a second time, Nicole asked what it was, to which the Countess simply said, "I wish I could tell you, but alas, that is a classified secret. However, if you are a brave and adventurous girl, which I think you are, hopefully you will soon be willing to experience Roissy for yourself."


With that, the Countess and Nicole paid their bill, and headed to a Chinese spa, where the goal was not sexual gratification, as Nicole had hoped, but rather a time to have her sore muscles massaged, her pores cleaned, and her spirit refreshed. As the women luxuriated in the spa, while getting their pedicures, the Countess and Nicole shared some of their deepest secrets, including some of their yet to be filled fantasies. One of the biggest fantasies the Countess had was to be fucked by a stud horse, just like she had seen in a movie once. Upon hearing this fantasy, Nicole was at first repulsed, but as she listened to the Countess describe her Centaur dream, the more Nicole wondered if such a dream wasn't worth exploring. It was at this point in the conversation that the Countess asked one of the Chinese servant girls to hand her the book that said simply Emmanuelle in Africa, in which were several Centaur dreams. After the girl handed the Countess the book, she began reading out loud to Nicole and the young teenage servant girls. Suddenly, as she was overwhelmed by her tiredness, Emmanuelle once again found herself mired in a strange dream, as she suddenly felt herself running and gasping for breath, with deep sighs that made her chest heave, which in turned caused her breasts to rise and fall in slow motion. However, as Emmanuelle continued to run, she sensed that she was losing ground with each step. As she ran, Emmanuelle saw before her a fine foggy mist which covered the ground, and parted as her ripe body sliced though it. Behind her, the sound of galloping hooves sounded closer with each second.

Suddenly, after turning her head to try and catch a glimpse of her pursuer, Emmanuelle slipped and fell, tearing her sheer nightgown and exposing the long length of her leg to the shaved silkiness of her crotch. However, despite the fall, Emmanuelle rose quickly, but stepped on the hem of the gown, making it tear again at one shoulder, before finally she resumed her running. As she continued to flee, the galloping behind her continued, yet the sound of her pursuer indicated that it had now slowed down to a casual trot, as Emmanuelle found herself beginning to tire, stumbling again, rising, stumbling yet again, before she finally found herself with barely enough strength to crawl. As Emmanuelle crawled in the dirt, she heard hoof beats approach her from behind with slow deliberation. Suddenly, she felt herself being pulled out of her tattered white gown as one hoof held down a ripped edge, as she continued to try to escape on all fours. Emmanuelle’s orientation, by now, was completely lost as she tried to make her way through the mist, which collected as fine droplets that mixed with her sweat and flowed in tiny rivers along her skin. Despite the fact that she was totally exhausted, and barely conscious, she tried to climb over a large tree stump in a last desperate attempt to escape her pursuer. However, when Emmanuelle was halfway over the tree stump, she suddenly felt her legs being forced apart as she lands hard, on her belly, on the tree stump, which elevated her ass invitingly. Now completely defeated, Emmanuelle resigned herself to her fate, as she saw two hooves straddle either side of her, and then felt an enormous cock rub against her sodden pussy lips. Breathlessly, as the cock head pressed in, Emmanuelle mouthed the word ‘no’, while at the same time she arched her back in order to improve, for her pursuer, the angle of entry. Then, as the cock head pressed in, Emmanuelle looked over her shoulder to see the devilish grin of the half-man, half-horse, Centaur. Upon seeing the surrender on Emmanuelle’s face, the Centaur grabbed a fistful of her flaming red hair, at the same time he slid into her slowly, allowing her to adjust as his massive mythical cock violated her. From below, Emmanuelle, impatient with lust from the sight of her captor, moved her hips back to drive the Centaur’s horse cock deeper into her, while at the same time she moaned with desire, the echo of which reverberated throughout the green forest. Meanwhile, from above, the Centaur, upon seeing Emmanuelle’s readiness and willingness, after he had completely buried his 16 inch cock into her near bottomless cunt, then began to rhythmically fuck her with long and slow strokes. As the beast slowly penetrated her, the Centaur could hear Emmanuelle’s moans and gasps of ecstasy urging him to move faster…deeper. After a long while, as Emmanuelle was in the midst of her sixth orgasm, she suddenly sensed that she may be in danger, for a cock this size could easily split her in half; however, she was overcome by far too much raw pleasure and ecstasy, that she was afraid to make the slightest move to stop it. Thus she slowly moved to oblivion, the giant cock guiding her there, until suddenly in the distance she could hear another set of hoofs approaching...


Listening to the Countess read from her soon to published erotic novel slowly caused Nicole to reconsider her repulsion of bestiality, but only when it came to horses, for the way the Countess had described the Centaur made Nicole ask to hear more, the request of which the Countess was only to happy to oblige... As the water cascaded upon her, Emmanuelle found herself suddenly staring at the sight before her. Lying on his side, sleeping, was the Centaur who had just ravaged her. Her pussy and asshole still feeling the aftereffects of the experience. Suddenly, anger overcame her, and she reached for a stone, a stick, anything to help her injure him. Picking up a large rock, she raised over the Centaurâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head.....but then paused, as she glanced over the Centaurâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s physique and her eyes fell upon his cock.

Even not erect, it was massive. Curious, she lowered the stone to the ground, and crawled next to the sleeping creature. Even as he slept, the giant cock seemed alive, throbbing with power; a power that once again came over her and again controlled her. She reached down to touch it, and it stirred. Slowly, it began to respond to her touch, as Emmanuelle continued to stroke and caress it, rubbing its length, reviving it to its true potential. Soon, it was the size of a large man's forearm, with a head the size of her fist. Mesmerized, Emmanuelle rubbed her cheek against it, allowing some of the oozing fluid to brush against her lips. As she tasted his essence, Emmanuelle began to feel dazed and woozy. Her heart began to beat rapidly and her breath came in short gasps. The cock head was a bit too large to fit into her mouth, but she ran her tongue over and into the pee hole, probing and tasting. Covering the hole with her mouth, she began to suck deeply, drawing more of the thick seminal fluid from it and drinking deeply of it; all the while pulling and stroking its length, coaxing it, worshiping it. Soon Emmanuelle began to loose all control, as the stroking turned into passionate embraces, hugs, and the ever present paying homage with her mouth and tongue. Soon, she was in a frenzy. Her face, hair, and torso dripping with the slick fluid; her movements that of a slave paying physical worship of her god. The massive cock found its way between her wanting breasts, as she began to slide its length up and down her body, as her feet gently rubbed the full balls . Somehow, she managed to insinuate her tongue full into the opening, and she twirled it in tight circles, while still fucking it with her tits and body. Had she been in a normal state, she would have noticed how full the balls were growing, but her mind, her body, her soul, and her mouth, were too engrossed in her infatuation with the sheer power of the giant cock, its veins throbbing, pulsing harder and harder. Finally, it jerked...and volumes of cum spurted out. Her mouth tried to take it all it, and she gulped greedily. Mouthful after mouthful was swallowed, but still it spurted past her wanting lips and onto her hair, face, and body; saturating it. Overcome with both passion, and the narcotic effect of the cum in her mouth, she rolled on her side, raised her hips, lifted one leg, and moved onto it. She continued until it was all but totally inside of her, then she began to ride it in long, even strokes. The pace quickened, until she was as a woman possessed. She could feel her internal organs being displaced with the sheer size of it. Finally, she came and shuddered with pleasure, passing out while still impaled...... After she read the passage, the Countess looked deep into Nicole's smoldering eyes and said to her, "Erotic novels are in many ways the window to my soul, for in them I can be anyone, anyone at all. I am sure that deep within that lusty heart of yours exists another Emmanuelle Arsan, or even a Pauline Reage. I tell you what, I am going to challenge you to come up with an unfulfilled fantasy more perverse than mine, and then I want you and I to challenge each other to, for a lack of a better term, a 'dare', in which we bear witness to the realization of our most perverse, non human fantasies. Agreed?" To which Nicole simply smiled and said, "Yes, but what are the stakes? I mean what fun is it if we can't bet on it?" "Hmm, let me think on that one. Wait, I know, if I chicken out, I get to be your slave; however, if you chicken out, you become mine. Is it a deal?" The Countess asked. 144

"Deal!!" Nicole said as they shook hands, after which they got dressed and caught a taxi back to the Museum, where upon the Countess asked Nicole if she had given any thought as to the ideal beast whom to share her womb. To which Nicole replied with a deep and soulful kisses, "Oh Yeah!!! Several, I'm just not sure which one to choose from." By the time the women returned to the museum there was still a number of hours left before Nicole was to meet Luc for dinner. After which, Nicole hoped, she would get to spend some alone time with the man she saw as a mysterious enigma. Upon there return to the now closed museum, the Countess and Nicole deposited their shopping bags at the apartment, and then proceeded to attack one another sexually and proceeded to make love for what seemed like an hour, until finally, after having both cum hard in a mutual sixty nine embrace, the Countess asked Nicole if she was ready to meet some more of the statues down in the main exhibit area, to which Nicole dreamily nodded her head yes, as she recalled the loving way the stone man made love to her on the marble bench. Still naked, but with their heels on, Nicole followed the Countess to the elevator, whereupon the got on and headed toward the main floor. It was then that the Countess explained to Nicole that the man she thought was a statue, was in fact a man who only a year before had been a French soldier. It was then that the Countess explained that recently the barracks where several soldiers had been stationed in Paris, had recently come under attack by an unknown, but non contagious biological weapon, known simple as "The Rock" which when unleashed, turned men literally into stone, or clay, which is what the skin becomes. The Countess then went on to explain to Nicole that the soldier whom made love to her yesterday was one of two survivors of the terrible attack, and that because the French military did not want to cause panic, they simply informed the dead and surviving men's families that they had died in a training mission in Africa. The reason why the men were now 'on display' at her museum, was to give them a place to live, when they were not at the top secret military hospital being tested upon, where no one would be wise to their real identity, in exchange for erotic interludes such as the one with Nicole, and now with both she and the Countess. By the time Nicole and the Countess arrived, it was apparent that both soldiers were now more than ready to have some female companionship, if only for a short while, so as to take their minds off the fact that they were human statues. For the next several hours, Nicole and the Countess did all they could to pleasure the stone men, even letting them fuck their asses, even going so far as to gently doubly penetrate both eager, but apprehensive women. By the time both men came, hard, Nicole and the Countess were more than satisfied that, for at least the moment, the men, both of whom were not expected to live much longer, were happy. Unlike most men, these clay skinned men, with cocks and balls now literally made of stone, were the most gentle lovers that each woman had ever experienced, for they were perfectly aware that at any moment their hearts could stop, thus causing their now 1,000 pound bodies to fall on the lithe women who were now giving them both life and hope that someday they would be able to live a normal life. For Nicole and the Countess, the feeling of being fucked by such men was more than any woman could imagine, as their stone cocks pistoned in and out of their wet pussies and asses, cumming repeatedly, with the added benefit of never going soft. Eventually though, the time had come for the stone men to return to the hospital, for this session with Nicole and the Countess was simply a reprieve from all the tests and experiments their misfortune of being the target of a mysterious terrorist had now forced them to endure. However, as Nicole and the Countess walked back to the elevator, Nicole could not help but wonder if she would ever make love to them again, for she sensed in their eyes and moans that soon their demise would come. As they entered the elevator, the Countess noticed Nicole suddenly shedding a tear, which she then leaned over and 145

licked off her cheek, after which the Countess said, "fear not for them Nicole, for their fate has been cast, but until we find out who turned them to stone, it is them who we should thank for being so brave in the face of certain death." Later, as Nicole basked in the afterglow of yet another mind blowing orgasm in the hot tub with the Countess, before preparing herself to meet Luc, she realized that the Countess, who was now dressed in a black PVC teddy, was suddenly distracted by a BBC report on her radio about the recent plague that had already killed millions of Koreans, the Countess turned to look at Nicole, suddenly kissed her deeply, and then found herself crying uncontrollably as she pointed to the headlines and said, "You know Nicole the world is really terrible, and I hope that someday you can help me, Kincaid, and Luc fight those evil GENOM bastards who turned those men into stone. I know that I am not supposed to tell you this, it is what Luc is going to ask you, but the hell with it! We need you Nicole! Kincaid needs you! The whole fucking free world needs you! Promise me that tonight, if Luc asks you to join he and Kincaid in their fight, that you say yes!!â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;I wish I was your age again, for I know that I would want to be on their new team, but alas I am to old and famous. Yet, unlike me, you are the perfect candidate for the missions that Kincaid and Luc will soon be embarking on, with or without you. That is why you are here, in Paris, to see if you have what it takes to be the next Jane Bond!" However, before Nicole could reply, there was a knock on the door, it was Anjun and Atikur, who wanted to spend some more 'quality time' with Nicole and savor the touch of her tongue one last time before she went out to meet with Luc, whom they also knew would be offering her the opportunity to live the adventure of a lifetime...


Chapter Seventeen Several hours later, Luc picked up Nicole at the museum, where earlier she, the Countess, Anjun and Atikur had made love to each other one final time for the evening inside of her luxurious jacuzzi, as they sipped on flutes of wine and shared a very tender moment in each other's arms. Afterward, the Countess helped prepare Nicole's hair and makeup for her evening with Luc, a date of which Nicole hoped would bring about a new erotic experience. As the Countess helped Nicole prepare for her date, she told Nicole as much as she could about Luc and his very mysterious past. According to the Countess, many years ago, before Nicole was even born, Luc, who was an orphan and juvenile delinquent had, at the age of 19, been France's first heavyweight boxing champion. However, before he could defend his title, Luc was jailed for the alleged rape of a fan, and, as a result, was given the choice of going to prison, or serving for ten years in the French Foreign Legion. The choice for Luc was obvious, as he joined the Legion, whereupon he was sent to fight in Chad and Kukuanaland; after which he became a freelance headhunter for a now defunct pharmaceutical company. Many years ago, according to the Countess, Luc, who, like Kincaid before him, had also been her lover, had once been sent on a recruiting mission to Japan, after which he came back a changed man. Prior to being sent to Japan, the Countess had heard that Luc had been, despite his dysfunctional upbringing and forced military service, a happy and upbeat person, but when she had met him, several years after she had climbed the ranks of MI-6, he was a brooding and depressed individual. The years of war and spying, as well as his broken heart, had slowly turned Luc into a lonely man with few friends outside of the erotic underworld that he and Kincaid found themselves increasingly absorbed in. In fact, after the Countess and Luc had ended their torrid physical affair, Luc disappeared for the several years during which Kincaid and Ukiko had been lovers, but, after news of Ukiko's demise reached Luc in Montreal, which is where he had been sent as an intelligence attache, he asked to return to full time spying, but only on Kincaid's promise that never again would a woman ever come between them, which is exactly why, the Countess explained, Kincaid had wanted Nicole and Luc to spend some quality time together, for Kincaid knew that Nicole's youth and sexual desires and needs were much more than any one man his age could satisfy alone. After picking Nicole up from the museum, who was dressed in a long and transparent black dress, complete with matching black stilettos, sheer black stockings and a black thong, Luc escorted her to a very expensive restaurant where they feasted on duck and red wine. Afterward they went to a showing of the new playâ&#x20AC;?Mata Hariâ&#x20AC;?, which was a scandalous new live erotic rendition of the life of a famous female spy in World War I. As she watched, Nicole could not but help get turned on by the sexual intrigue and erotically charged plot, as she thought at the same time about her own future, and then wondered if she too could be a modern 21st Century Mata Hari. However, earlier, as she wondered aloud to Luc, over dinner, if the life of a spy such as James Bond, was as glamorous as it seemed in the movies, he cautioned her and told her all about the real life tragedy of Mata Hari. By now Nicole had told Luc about what the FBI agent had said about Kincaid, and how she was now very confused about whether to stay with him in Paris, or to return home to be subjected to uncomfortable scrutiny regarding her now all but dead marriage to Barry. However, instead of offering answers about he and Kincaid's work as a spy, or even trying to reassure Nicole, Luc lit up a cigarette and told Nicole that, once they were in private, he would tell her all of the things about he and Kincaid that she had a right to know, but that, in the meantime, it might be best to tell her more about the real 147

life Mata Hari, so that, when the time came, she could make up her own mind as to whether or not she should stay in Paris, or return to America. As Nicole sipped her wine and smoked on a cigarette that Luc had offered her, she listened to the story of the woman who was once the most renowned woman in spy history--although Luc suggested that, "Many believe, like I do, that she probably wasn't one, for she was naive and easily duped--and trapped--by her "friends" as well as her enemies during World War I. Born in Holland as Magaretha Gertrud Zelle to a well-to-do Dutch shopkeeper and his Javanese wife, she attended a school for teachers but was forced to leave for having sex with the headmaster. At age 18, she married a Dutch naval officer who was 20 years her senior. They soon moved to the Dutch East Indies and had two children, but divorced in 1906. She went to Paris in 1905, assuming the name Mata Hari (Eye of Dawn) and the persona of a Javanese princess. She made her debut as an erotic dancer at the home of the Japanese ambassador to France, which is the same place where you experienced your first "Bukkake" yesterday." "During World War I Mata Hari had an affair with a 25-year-old Russian pilot flying with the French, Capt. Vadim Maslov, son of a Russian admiral. When Maslov was wounded she asked permission to visit him in a forward hospital. French officials at the Deuxieme Bureau gave her permission--in return for agreeing to spy the on the Germans, including possibly the crown prince, whom she knew. She was to receive one million francs for her efforts. To carry out her assignment, Mata Hari traveled to Spain en route to neutral Holland, from which she could cross over into Germany to rendezvous with the crown prince.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;En route to Holland, her ship stopped over in Falmouth, England, where she was detained and interrogated. British officials warned her not to go to Germany and sent her back to Spain. There she met and had an affair with the German military AttachĂŠ, Major Kalle, who had later sent a message to Berlin in a code that he knew the Allies could read, saying that spy "H-21" had proved valuable, after which, when Mata Hari finally returned to Paris, she was arrested. Although French and British intelligence services suspected her of spying for Germany, neither could produce definite evidence against her. Secret ink was found in her room--incriminating evidence in that period. She contended that it was part of her makeup." "For a long time, historians, as well as many in the spy business, had originally thought Mata Hari's arrest was mere coincidence; but British documents that were released in the 1990's revealed that the British MI-5 had kept Mata Hari under close surveillance from 1915 on. In the meantime, the French too got suspicious. Either way, Mata Hari had lovers on both sides of the border, so who knows what secrets were exchanged between the sheets..." "What is clear from the history books is that German army officers were paying her. Officially, it was to keep them company but the French intelligence office wasn't so sure about that. What if she was paid for passing on sensitive information? When she tried to cross into France to visit one of her lovers, Mata Hari was arrested by the French Secret Service and interrogated. During one of these long sessions, she succumbed and allegedly confessed to being the German spy, known as H-21. If you ask me my opinion, the trial that followed was nothing more than a showcase trial, for the French, regardless of the facts, were convinced she was "one of the greatest spies of the century, responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of soldiers". "Ultimately, Mata Hari was deemed guilty and condemned to death, whereupon she died in front of a firing squad despite her desperate claims that she was innocent. However, even the French didn't get the complete story, for Mata Hari never told them whom she worked with or whose orders she followed. The French dossiers, despite the passage of over a hundred years, are still closed. Despite the 148

passage of time though, many people, particularly in Holland, have tried in vain to persuade the French government to reopen her case. The Dutch Mata Hari Foundation however, still sees possibilities to rehabilitate her with the help of a new batch of recently released unclassified MI-5 documents, for they still think there may be chance that Mata Hari was indeed innocent." "However, if you ask me Nicole, I for one hope that the mystery is never solved. To me there is something extremely exciting to read about and watch either on the screen, or in real life, the adventures of a woman as sexually liberated as Mata Hari, who dedicates her mind, body and soul to the cause of freedom. As you will see on stage tonight there are a lot of similarities, but also many differences between you and she. Among the similarities are your twin insatiable thirsts for not just sex, but dangerous sex, as well as your natural beauty and willingness to submit to the pleasures of Paris. However, as I said, there are differences. Chief among them is that, unlike the Mata Hari, who lived her life without ever being able to trust a soul, you have many people here in Paris, chief among them being Kincaid, me, the Countess, Anjun, Atikur, Maurice, Monique, Katya, as well as others, all of whom have grown to love your mind, body, and soul. I promise you Nicole, for as long as you remain with Kincaid here in Paris, or wherever in the world he and I travel, you will never be lonely nor will you ever be betrayed." It was at this point in the conversation that the only couple within hearing distance of Luc and Nicole's dinner table got up and left, thus affording Luc the opportunity to tell Nicole more about what it was that he and Kincaid had to offer her here in Paris, should she decide to never return to America. After the couple had left, Luc reached over and placed his rough callused hand on Nicole's soft and bare leg and brought his lips to hers as they kissed passionately for several long minutes as he ran his hands over her full breasts that strained against the soft fabric that held them in, until finally their lustful embrace was cut short as the waiter approached and poured them more wine. As they both recovered themselves Nicole looked deep into Luc's eyes and then asked him what she should say to her husband and loved ones in America, to which Luc replied with a smile as his fingers continued to stroke the undersides of her breasts, “My Dear, don't you know that it was fate that brought you here to Paris. I know for a fact that Kincaid must have sensed an impending doom when he asked you to come here to be your lover. He loves you Nicole, not just for the sex or the thrills he gets seeing you with other men and women, but for who you are and how you make him feel. I know that when he is with you he feels reborn and whole. He never was this happy with Ukiko, God rest her soul, and I doubt if he will ever find someone as special and who is as compatible with him as you.” “However, I must admit my dear that this business with your husband is troubling, but face it Nicole, he is a traitor to his country. While it is always remotely possible that he was set up, I am afraid to say that when one is accused of being a spy, especially in the American federal court system, it is usually true. I have known many FBI and Net Force agents over the years, especially when I was assigned to the UN as a French police liaison, and they all have told me that the convictions on these types of cases is almost entirely assured. In your country the mere accusation is enough to get sentenced for a minimum of ten years. I am sure that he would understand if you told him that you wanted a divorce and to have your freedom. In fact I would bet that, if he were a real man, he would want to spare you the pain and agony of watching him being tried and punished for his mistakes.” As Luc told her all this tears flowed down Nicole eyes, lightly smearing her mascara. Up until now she had yet to shed more than a few tears, even after receiving the ugly news, but then, as she had silently mulled staying in Paris, she recalled her first day with Kincaid, when, as he held her in him arms as they walked the streets of Paris, she told him how unhappy she was with Barry. However, as per his style, Kincaid never once asked her to stay in Paris, but now here she was crying and telling Luc about how betrayed she felt and how, in her heart, how abandoned she felt and how the FBI agent had made it 149

sound like she now had nowhere to go home to in America. As she sat there telling Luc about her years of marital unhappiness, she suddenly felt vulnerable, and how, in her mind she felt homeless and adrift, all the while Luc simply held her hand lovingly, as he silently reassured her that she indeed had a home in Paris as well as new exciting life awaiting her. It somewhere in that tender moment, that Nicole, after looking into Luc's eyes and then down to her semi nude body, suddenly realized that the adventurous world Kincaid, Luc, and all of his other friends and acquaintances inhabited was indeed her home, and the place she truly wanted to be, to which Luc picked up the conversation and said with a wicked grin, as he spread her legs slightly and felt the dampness of her thong covered pussy, "I must say Nicole, even when you are crying you are still an incredibly sexy and horny woman, with a libido that is off the charts. You think with your cunt. Your hormones rule your mind, and you are the horniest and most daring girl I've ever known. You make even me blush, sometimes. And after all that I have seen in done in my career, that is a damn fucking hard to do!" They had both laughed at that comment, briefly stopping her flow of tears, as Luc then looked around and waived the waiter away. It was at this point of the evening that Luc decided it was best to come clean and make Nicole the offer for her to begin, what the DGSE had termed 'personal operative training' that, pending her acceptance, she would soon begin at the Countess's country estate. After kissing Nicole deeply one more time, Luc continued the conversation. “Nicole, it was Kincaid who first sensed that you, even as a young girl, had always had a desire to push the envelope with the men in your life; however, until coming here and stepping of what you yourself described as a boring marriage, you never had the opportunity. What Kincaid and I want to offer you here in Paris is quite simply the opportunity to live a lifetime of daily erotic adventures, which I must be honest may sometimes be filled with danger. You see, Kincaid and I are one member short for us to effectively do our job as spies.” “After Ukiko's demise many years ago we quite simply had not found, until you arrived, such an incredibly beautiful and sexy open minded female candidate who had the either the desire or the potential to be a spy and be able to acquire certain pieces of information, which we as men can never hope to get. You are, to be very honest, the sexual tigress we desperately need to save France as well as America from economic subservience to the Arabs, Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans. However, as a young woman, there are certain situations, should you decide to become our ‘personal operative,’ that we would need to extensively prepare and train you for, so that you can be the best female spy there ever was. However, I must admit that the training will not be easy, and at times it will be very physically and mentally demanding.” As Nicole sat there, she was silent as she hung on every word that Luc said, while in her mind visions of erotic spy games danced in her head. ”In essence, what we are offering you Nicole is the chance to be reborn. Since you have come into our lives, and when I say 'our'' lives, I mean Kincaid and me, we have seen in you a talent for not just seduction, but also an ability to adapt to foreign surroundings and feel totally at home. You see Nicole, Kincaid loves you more than any woman he has loved before, and he wants you to forever be a part of our life. I say this as his closest friend and confidant. Another thing, if I may say so, the other reason why we think you are capable to be part of our team, is that you look French, and you, in just a few days, have learned the language well enough to know what people are saying privately. In essence, over the course of the last two weeks, you have become European, just like I knew you would when I first met you and saw you in action at Katya’s orgy.” Luc than looked deeply into Nicole’s eyes and said, “I want you to think our offer over. However, at 150

some point after Kincaid's return, which I suspect will be soon, you will receive a telephone call from me, in which I will give you explicit instructions regarding the beginning of your training to be a personal operative. However, should you say no, to either me or Kincaid, the offer to join us as a personal operative, which is what we call French female agents, will be withdrawn, and we will have to say goodbye, but if you say yes, I can assure you that it will be the start of a wondrous and adventurous new chapter in your life that you will someday be able to fill several volumes of memoirs.â&#x20AC;? That was all Luc said the remainder of the night about he and Kincaidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work as spies, for soon their dinner arrived and they shared a toast as Nicole smiled and licked her lips with the thought of the sexual adventures to come, especially on this warm night with Luc. After dinner Luc escorted Nicole to the theater, where the opening night of the English language production of Mata Hari was soon getting underway. For the next two hours, as Nicole instinctively held on tight to Luc's hardness, stroking it through the tight spandex compression pants that held his cock tight against his body, she was mesmerized with the live stage productions of the legendary seductress. By the time the play ended, Nicole's pussy was on fire, as she suggested to Luc that they go back to his place and "talk." To which Luc replied with a mischievous grin that she had yet to see the lights of Paris and suggested a ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower, the idea of which, as Nicole looked first into Luc's lustful eyes and then up to the top of the ancient tower, sounded to her like a wonderful idea. Upon their arrival Luc and Nicole entered the elevator first, so that they could standing the corner of the crowded car and face the doors on the ride to the observation deck. As the elevator headed, Luc's hand rested in the small of Nicole's back, idly stroking it through the fur coat that concealed her near naked body that was dressed in the barest and sheerest of dresses. His gaze traveled down from her long dark hair, to her long and dark mink coat, and down to her calves, as he nibbled on her ear. Eventually his right hand found its way into her coat as his hand slid lower, caressing, through the thin material of her dress, the curve of her buttocks. His thumb then slipped under the dress, touching her bare bottom, after which his hand tugged on her thong waist band, still caressing her bare buttocks, as he now stroked and kneaded her flesh and stealthily bunched her skirt, raising it to expose her buttocks to his roving hand, stroking, rubbing, and softly kneading them as he watched her face in the mirror of the steel door in front of them.. Meeting his gaze in the mirrored door, Nicole boldly met his stare, her brilliant blue eyes challenging his chocolate brown ones. He could tell by her dilated pupils and full lower lip that she was now at the peak of arousal, and he could feel his groin tighten as his erection grew. Then, after the elevator jolted to a stop, Nicole steadily held her gaze, silently daring him. To all outward appearances, Luc's hand was resting in the small of the Nicole's back beneath her mink coat. Only the two of them knew he was caressing her bare buttocks as they spoke softly, admiring the arches and whorls of the Eiffel Tower as they walked to an unoccupied corner of the observation deck. Once they reached the semi dark corner of the windy observation deck, Luc then removed the mink coat, tossing it to the ground. He then stood behind her and, holding her to him with one arm resting beneath her breasts, he slipped his other hand into his coat pocket. Like all of his clothes, his topcoat had been specially tailored. On the inside of either coat pocket, near the top, there was an opening in the lining which permitted him to reach through his coat into his pants pockets. As they looked out over the crazy quilt of Paris, the chilly wind raised Nicole's nipples and blew her hair around while Luc reached his hand through the opening in his coat pocket and began to raise the back of her skirt, and then with a rip tore off her thong and ordered Nicole to open her mouth, and then used the panty for a gag.


As Nicole was being force fed her wet thong, Luc's cock began to swell as he slowly brushed the thin fabric of the skirt over the skin of her buttocks, then, once he had completely bared her backside to him, he stepped even nearer and rested his erect and aching cock, which was still clothed, in the cleft of her buttocks. Looking over the city lights Luc whispered into Nicole's ear how he had always fantasized fucking a woman on the Eiffel Tower, as he continued to stroke and knead her ass, moving lower to the tops of her thighs. Using his cheek, he then brushed aside her hair and began to kiss and suck the back of her neck. As he paid particular attention to the place where her neck curved into her shoulder, licking it with his soft, warm tongue, he brought his hands around to her belly, threading his fingers through her trimmed pubic hair, after which he parted the outer lips of her cunt. When Luc brushed his fingertips across her clitoris, Nicole moaned softly, savoring the feeling as he ran a fingertip along the crest of her slick and engorged inner lips, while at the same time she began to grind her backside against him. Nicole instinctively responded to his gentle pressure on her inner thighs by spreading her legs apart, arching her back, tilting her hips, and pressing her buttocks firmly against his pelvis. Whereupon, having positioned herself for entry, Nicole grabbed the mesh of the chain-link “suicide fence” for balance and support, as Luc answered her not-so-subtle hint by inserting the middle finger of one hand into her vagina, squeezing her breast with his other hand, and sucking wetly on her neck. Noting that she was now ready for him, Luc withdrew his finger, which caused Nicole to whimper at the loss, and then moved his hand to the fly of his pants, trailing his fingers across her belly and hip. He then brought his thick, hard penis out of his pants and placed the tip against the moist lips of her vagina, slowly pushing the tip of his penis into her slippery vagina as she wiggled against him. At this point Luc resisted the temptation to drive swiftly and deeply into her and kept only the tip inside her. Kissing her neck, wetly tracing her pulse from her collarbone to her earlobe, he then distracted her as he moved his hand from his penis, over her hip and belly, to the lips of her vagina. Whereupon, after spreading the lips of her vagina with his thumb and middle finger, he began to tease her clitoris with his index finger. As he teased her clitoris, he allowed Nicole to wiggle against his penis and take it more deeply inside her. Feeling her wiggle herself against him caused his penis to swell even more. By now Luc was unable to bear the tension, as he began to slowly and steadily thrust into and out of Nicole, and with every thrust, he felt his scrotum tighten as the tip of his penis parted, then plunged past the lips of her vagina. For the next 15 minutes Luc fucked Nicole like a cheap whore, as he told her just how beautiful she was and how there on the tower was simply a taste of the things he had planned for Nicole that night in Paris. Growing more excited, Nicole turned her head and rested her cheek against the chain-link fence enclosing the observation deck. As she did, Luc's soft and rough smoky French accented voice whispered, “Yeah, you like that, don’t you!” To which Nicole replied, "I never want to it to stop!" Several more minutes later, Luc's thrusts became faster, harder, and deeper as Nicole's pussy became more and more moist. It soon however, became increasingly difficult to remember to rub her clitoris, for, just as he felt his cock begin to twitch and his scrotum tighten, Luc felt her tremble and release her own warm, sticky ejaculate, as well as a loud moan of ecstasy that attracted the attention of all those on the deck. Finally, as Nicole's moans peaked, and with one final plunge, Luc nipped her earlobe and released his thick, white spunk inside her, the force and amount of which spilled over and onto the wooden deck as the lovers held each other tight, until finally their moment of bliss was interrupted by a security guard who ordered them to stop, after which Nicole lowered her skirt and put on her mink.


Not too much later, back on the ground, Nicole and Luc found themselves at a same small cafĂŠ where days earlier, in a nearby alley, she had been raped. However, instead of remembering the experience as a frightening one, Nicole recalled how erotic the whole experience had been, first when she had been fucked in her pussy and ass on the dance floor by two muscle bound strangers, and then later out in the alley where she was fucked with a loaded pistol. As she thought back on all of her erotic experiences in Paris, she and Luc silently held hands as they spent the next hour drinking wine and listening to jazz standards, some of which Nicole noticed, seemed to make Luc cry; however she wasn't quite sure why until, after he had told her a story about how Kincaid's passion for the Kama Sutra led to his being allowed to study in Japan for a year, after he was released from his naval service. It was then that Luc suggested that they take a walk back to his apartment, during which, he told her the story of his lost love, the one for whom she had seen him crying over as he listened to the jazz band play 'Autumn Leaves'.


Chapter Eighteen Several minutes after leaving the club, Nicole, who was covered from neck to ankle in her mink coat, and Luc, dressed still in his elegant formal evening wear, slowly strolled down a cobble stoned street, hand in hand, as they headed toward his apartment. Once on their way, Luc said to Nicole, "By now I am betting that you are wondering why I was crying in the club?" To which Nicole replied, "Oui." "Well, since you may someday be part of our team, with Kincaid and I, I feel that it is only fair that I tell you why. You see, there are certain songs that, when they are played, make me remember Sandii, the one woman in my past whose image I will never forget, as well as the betrayal of the man I once called my brother, Fox. I remember almost like it was yesterday. The year was 2010 when I was a freelance headhunter contracted to a now defunct French pharmaceutical company, and, despite the nearly 20 years since, when I hear anyone play 'Autumn Leaves,' I find myself suddenly transported back to the time I spent seven rented nights of thinking about Sandii, in that coffin hotel- The New Rose Hotel. How I wanted her then. Sometimes, when I hear them playing it so slow, sweet and mean, I still can almost feel it. Sometimes, when I hear the melody, like I did earlier, I often find myself tempted to take her little automatic out of my holster,and run my thumb down its smooth, cheap chrome. The pistol, a Chinese .22, is all that I have left of her, its bore no wider than the dilated pupils of her vanished eyes. As for Fox is, well he is dead now, and as for Sandii, well that is a secret that I will never know." Then, as they walked through the park, Luc and Nicole found a bench, where they then took a seat, as she cuddled up to him and rubbed her hands all over his well dressed body as she listened to him tell his tale. "Fox told me to forget her." "I remember Fox leaning against the padded bar in the dark lounge of some Singapore hotel, Bencoolen Street, his hands describing different spheres of influence, internal rivalries, the arc of a particular career, a point of weakness he had discovered in the armor of some think tank. Fox was point man in the skull wars, a middleman for corporate crossovers. He was a soldier in the secret skirmishes of the zaibatsus, the Japanese multinational corporations that have for the last 30 years controlled entire economies." "So anyway, I see Fox grinning, talking fast, dismissing my ventures into intercorporate espionage with a shake of his head. The 'Edge', he said, have to find that Edge. He made you bear the capital E. The Edge was Fox's grail, that essential fraction of sheer human talent, nontransferable, locked in the skulls of the world's hottest research scientists." "You can't put Edge down on paper, Fox said, can't punch Edge into a diskette. The money was in corporate defectors. Fox was smooth, the severity of his dark French suits offset by a boyish forelock that wouldn't stay in place. I never liked the way the effect was ruined when he stepped back from the bar, his left shoulder skewed at an angle no Paris tailor could conceal. Someone had run him over with a taxi in Berne, and nobody quite knew how to put him together again." "I guess I went with him because he said he was after that Edge. And somewhere out there, on our way to find the Edge, I found her, Sandii. The New Rose Hotel is, or was, a capsule hotel on the ragged fringes of Narita International. For all I know, it may have been bulldozed to make way for a love hotel. The New Rose Hotel had plastic capsules a meter high and three long, stacked like surplus Godzilla teeth in a concrete lot off the main road to the airport. Each capsule had a television mounted 154

flush with the ceiling. I often would spend whole days watching Japanese game shows and old movies. Sometimes I had her gun in my hand." "At times in my head I can sometimes hear the jets, laced into holding patterns over Narita, while I close my eyes and imagine the sharp, white contrails fading, losing definition." "Sandii walked into a bar in Yokohama, the first time I saw her. Eurasian, half-gaijin, long-hipped and fluid in a Chinese knock-off of some Tokyo designer's original. Dark European eyes, Asian cheekbones. I remember her dumping her purse out on the bed, later, in some hotel room, pawing through her makeup. A crumpled wad of new yen, dilapidated address book held together with rubber bands, a Mitsubishi bank chip, Japanese passport with a gold chrysanthemum stamped on the cover, and the Chinese .22. She told me her story. Her father had been an executive in Tokyo, but now he was disgraced, disowned, cast down by Hosaka, which was back at that time the biggest zaibatsu of all. That night her mother was Dutch, and I listened as she spun out those tales of summers in Amsterdam for me, the pigeons in Dam Square like a soft, brown carpet. I never asked what her father might have done to earn his disgrace. I watched her dress; watched the swing of her dark, straight hair, how it cut the air." "The coffins of the New Rose were racked in recycled scaffolding, steel pipes under bright enamel. Paint flaked away when I climbed the ladder, falling with each step as I followed the catwalk. My left hand counted off the coffin hatches, their multilingual decals warning of fines levied for the loss of a key. I looked up as the jets rose out of Narita, passage home, distant then as any moon. Fox was quick to see how we could use her, but not sharp enough to credit her with ambition. But then he never laid all night with her on the beach at Kamakura, never listened to her nightmares, never heard an entire imagined childhood shift under those stars, shift and roll over, her child's mouth opening to reveal some fresh past, and always the one, she swore, that was really and finally the truth. I didn't care though, holding her hips while the sand cooled against her skin. Once she left me, and ran back to that beach saying she'd forgotten our key. I found it in the door and went after her, to find her ankle-deep in surf, her smooth back rigid, trembling; her eyes far away. She couldn't talk. Shivering. Gone. Shaking for different futures and better pasts. For you see it was then that Sandii, well let's just say she left me there." "She left me all her things, including this gun. Her makeup, all the shadows and blushes capped in plastic. Her Cray microcomputer, a gift from Fox, with the shopping list she entered. Sometimes still play that back, watching each item cross the little silver screen. A freezer. A fermenter. An incubator. An electrophoresis system with integrated agarose cell and transilluminator. A tissue embedder. A high-performance liquid chromatograph. A flow cytometer. A spectrophotometer. Four gross of borosilicate scintillation vials. A micro centrifuge, and one DNA synthesizer, with built-in computer. Plus software." "Expensive for sure, but then Hosaka was footing our bills. Later Sandii made them pay even more, but by then she was already gone. Hiroshi drew up that list for her. In bed, probably. Hiroshi Yomiuri. Maas Biolabs had him. Hosaka wanted him. He was hot. Edge and lots of it. Fox followed genetic engineers the way a fan follows players in a favorite game. Fox wanted Hiroshi so bad he could taste it. He'd sent me up to Frankfurt three times before Sandii turned up, just to have a look-see at Hiroshi. Not to make a pass or even to give him a wink and a nod. Just to watch." "Hiroshi showed all the signs of having settled in. He'd found a German girl with a taste for conservative loden and riding boots polished the shade of a fresh chestnut. He'd bought a renovated town house on just the right square. He'd taken up fencing and given up kendo. And everywhere the Maas security teams, smooth and heavy, a rich, clear syrup of surveillance. I came back and told Fox we'd never touch him." 155

"She touched him for us, Sandii. She touched him just right." "Our Hosaka contacts were like specialized cells protecting the parent organism. We were mutagens, Fox and I, dubious agents adrift on the dark side of the intercorporate sea. When we had her in place in Vienna, we offered them Hiroshi. They didn't even blink. Dead calm in an LA hotel room. They said they had to think about it. Fox spoke the name of Hosaka's primary competitor in the gene game, let it fall out naked, broke the protocol forbidding the use of proper names." "They had to think about it, they said." "Fox gave them three days." "I took her to Barcelona a week before I took her to Vienna. I remember her with her hair tucked back into a gray beret, her high Mongol cheekbones reflected in the windows of ancient shops. Strolling down the Ramblas to the Phoenician harbor, past the glass-roofed Mercado selling oranges out of Africa. The old Ritz, warm in our room, dark, with all the soft weight of Europe pulled over us like a quilt. I could enter her in your sleep. She was always ready. Seeing her lips in a soft, round circle of surprise, her face about to sink into the thick, white pillow -- archaic linen of the Ritz. Inside her I imagined all the neon, the crowds surging around Shinjuku Station, wired electric night. She moved that way, rhythm of a new age, dreamy and far from any nation's soil." "When we flew to Vienna, I installed her in Hiroshi's wife's favorite hotel. Quiet, solid, the lobby tiled like a marble chessboard, with brass elevators smelling of lemon oil and small cigars. It was easy to imagine her there, the highlights on her riding boots reflected in polished marble, but we knew she wouldn't be coming. along, not this trip." "She was off to some Rhineland spa, and Hiroshi was in Vienna for a conference. When Maas security flowed in to scan the hotel, she was out of sight. Hiroshi arrived an hour later, alone." "Imagine an alien, Fox once said, who's come here to identify the planet's dominant form of intelligence. The alien has a look, then chooses. What do you think he picks? I probably shrugged. The zaibatsus, Fox said, the multinationals. The blood of a zaibatsu is information, not people. The structure is independent of the individual lives that comprise it. Corporation as life form. Not the Edge lecture again, I said." "Maas isn't like that, he said, ignoring me." "Maas was small, fast, ruthless. An atavism. Maas was all Edge." "I remember Fox talking about the nature of Hiroshi's Edge. Radioactive nucleates, monoclonal antibodies, something to do with the linkage of proteins, nucleotides ... Hot, Fox called them, hot proteins. High-speed links. He said Hiroshi was a freak, the kind who shatters paradigms, inverts a whole field of science, brings on the violent revision of an entire body of knowledge. Basic patents, he said, his throat tight with the sheer wealth of it, with the high, thin smell of tax-free millions that clung to those two words. Hosaka wanted Hiroshi, but his Edge was radical enough to worry them. They wanted him to work in isolation. I went to Marrakesh, to the old city, the Medina. I found a heroin lab that had been converted to the extraction of pheromones. I bought it, with Hosaka's money." "I walked the marketplace at Djemaa-el-Fna with a sweating Portuguese businessman, discussing fluorescent lighting and the installation of ventilated specimen cages. Beyond the city walls, the high Atlas. Djemaa-el-Fna was thick with jugglers, dancers, storytellers, small boys turning lathes with their feet, legless beggars with wooden bowls under animated holograms advertising French software." "We strolled past bales of raw wool and plastic tubs of Chinese microchips." "I hinted that my employers planned to manufacture synthetic beta-endorphin." 156

"Always try to give them something they understand." "Sandii, I remember her in Harajuku sometimes. As I closed my eyes in that coffin I could see her there -- all the glitter, crystal maze of the boutiques, the smell of new clothes. I still often see her cheekbones ride past chrome racks of Paris leathers. Sometimes I still try to reach out and hold her hand." "We thought we'd found her, Sandii, but really she'd found us. Now I she was looking for us, or for someone like us. Fox was delighted, grinning over our find: such a pretty new tool, bright as any scalpel. Just the thing to help us sever a stubborn Edge, like Hiroshi's, from the jealous parent-body of Maas Biolabs. She must have been searching a long time, looking for a way out, all those nights down in Shinjuku. Nights she carefully cut from the scattered deck of her past. "At that time my own past had gone down years before, lost with nearly all hands, with the exception of me and your lover, with no trace. I understood Fox's late-night habit of emptying his wallet, shuffling through his identification. He'd lay the pieces out in different patterns, rearrange them, wait for a picture to form. I knew what he was looking for. She did the same thing with her childhoods. In New Rose, that night, I chose from her deck of pasts. I chose the original version, the famous Yokohama hotel room text, recited to me that first night in bed. I choose the disgraced father, Hosaka executive. Hosaka. How perfect. And the Dutch mother, the summers in Amsterdam, the soft blanket of pigeons in the Dam Square afternoon." "I came in out of the heat of Marrakesh into Hilton air conditioning. Wet shirt clinging cold to the small of my back while I read the message she'd relayed through Fox. She was in all the way; Hiroshi would leave his wife. It wasn't difficult for her to communicate with us, even through the clear, tight film of Maas security; she'd shown Hiroshi the perfect little place for coffee and kipferl. Her favorite waiter was white-haired, kindly, walked with a limp, and worked for us. She left her messages under the linen napkin." "All day that day, when I knew she was gone, I watched a small helicopter cut a tight grid above that country of mine, the land of my exile, the New Rose Hotel. Watched from my hatch as its patient shadow crossed the grease-stained concrete. Close. Very close. I left Marrakesh for Berlin. I met with a Welshman in a bar and began to arrange for Hiroshi's disappearance. It would be a complicated business, intricate as the brass gears and sliding mirrors of Victorian stage magic, but the desired effect was simple enough. Hiroshi would step behind a hydrogen-cell Mercedes and vanish. The dozen Maas agents who followed him constantly would swarm around the van like ants; the Maas security apparatus would harden around his point of departure like epoxy." "They know how to do business promptly in Berlin. I was even able to arrange a last night with her. I kept it secret from Fox; he might not have approved. Now I've forgotten the town's name. I knew it for an hour on the autobahn, under a gray Rhenish sky, and forgot it in her arms." "The rain began, sometime toward morning. Our room had a single window, high and narrow, where I stood and watched the rain fur the river with silver needles. Sound of her breathing. The river flowed beneath low, stone arches. The street was empty. Europe was a dead museum." "I'd already booked her flight to Marrakesh, out of Orly, under her newest name. She'd be on her way when I pulled the final string and dropped Hiroshi out of sight. She'd left her purse on the dark old bureau. While she slept I went through her things, removed anything that might clash with the new cover I'd bought for her in Berlin. I took the Chinese .22, her microcomputer, and her bank chip. I took a new passport, Dutch, from my bag, a Swiss bank chip in the same name, and tucked them into her purse."


"My hand brushed something flat, I drew it out, held the thing, a diskette. No labels." "It lay there in the palm of my hand, all that death. Latent, coded, waiting." "I stood there and watched her breathe, watched her breasts rise and fall. Saw her lips slightly parted, and in the jut and fullness of her lower lip, the faintest suggestion of bruising. I put the diskette back into her purse. When I laid down beside her, she rolled against me, waking, on her breath all the electric night of a new Asia, the future rising in her like a bright fluid, washing me of everything but the moment. That was her magic, that she lived outside of history, all now. And she knew how to take me there. For the last time, she took me. While I was shaving, I heard her empty her makeup into my bag. 'I'm Dutch now', she said, 'I'll want a new look'." "Dr. Hiroshi Yomiuri went missing in Vienna, in a quiet street off Singerstrasse, two blocks from his wife's favorite hotel. On a clear afternoon in October, in the presence of a dozen expert witnesses, Dr. Yomiuri vanished. He stepped through a looking glass. Somewhere, offstage, the oiled play of Victorian clockwork. I sat in a hotel room in Geneva and took the Welshman's call. It was done, Hiroshi down my rabbit hole and headed for Marrakesh I poured myself a drink and thought about her legs." "Fox and I met in Narita a day later, in a sushi bar in the JAL terminal." "He'd just stepped off an Air Maroc jet, exhausted and triumphant." "Loves it there, he said, meaning Hiroshi. Loves her, he said, meaning you." "I smiled. She'd promised to meet me in Shinjuku in a month." "Her cheap little gun in the New Rose Hotel with its amber colored chrome was starting to peel. The machining was clumsy, blurry Chinese stamped into rough steel. The grips were red plastic, molded with a dragon on either side. Like a child's toy." "Fox ate sushi in the JAL terminal, high on what we'd done. The shoulder had been giving him trouble, but he said he didn't care. Money now for better doctors. Money now for everything. Somehow it didn't seem very important to me, the money we'd gotten from Hosaka. Not that I doubted our new wealth, but that last night with her had left me convinced that it all came to us naturally, in the new order of things, as a function of who and what we were." "Poor Fox. With his blue oxford shirts crisper than ever, his Paris suits darker and richer. Sitting there in JAL, dabbing sushi into a little rectangular tray of green horseradish, he had less than a week to live. Dark then, and the coffin racks of New Rose were lit all night by floodlights, high on painted metal masts. Nothing there seemed to serve its original purpose. Everything was surplus, recycled, even the coffins. Years ago those plastic capsules were stacked in Tokyo or Yokohama, a modern convenience for traveling businessmen. Maybe her father slept in one. When the scaffolding was new, it rose around the shell of some mirrored tower on the Ginza, swarmed over by crews of builders." "The breeze always brought the rattle of a pachinko parlor, the smell of stewed vegetables from the pushcarts across the road. I spread crab-flavored krill paste on orange rice crackers. I could hear the planes. Those last few days in Tokyo, Fox and I had adjoining suites on the fifty-third floor of the Hyatt. No contact with Hosaka. They paid us, then erased us from official corporate memory. But Fox couldn't let go. Hiroshi was his baby, his pet project. He'd developed a proprietary, almost fatherly, interest in Hiroshi. He loved him for his Edge. So Fox had me keep in touch with my Portuguese businessman in the Medina, who was willing to keep a very partial eye on Hiroshi's lab for us." "When he phoned, he'd phone from a stall in Djemaa-el-Fna, with a background of wailing vendors and Atlas panpipes. Someone was moving security into Marrakesh, he told us. Fox nodded. Hosaka. 158

After less than a dozen calls, I saw the change in Fox, a tension, a look of abstraction. I'd find him at the window, staring down fifty-three floors into the Imperial Gardens, lost in something he wouldn't talk about. 'Ask him for a more detailed description', he said, after one particular call. He thought a man our contact had seen entering Hiroshi's lab might be Moenner, Hosaka's leading gene man." "That was Moenner, he said, after the next call. Another call and he thought he'd identified Chedanne, who headed Hosaka's protein team. Neither had been seen outside the corporate arcology in over two years. By then it was obvious that Hosaka's leading researchers were pooling quietly in the Medina, the black executive Lears whispering into the Marrakesh airport on carbon-fiber wings. Fox shook his head. He was a professional, a specialist, and he saw the sudden accumulation of all that prime Hosaka Edge in the Medina as a drastic failure in the zaibatsu's tradecraft." "Christ, he said, pouring himself a Black Label, they've got their whole bio section in there right now. One bomb. He shook his head. One grenade in the right place at the right time ... I reminded him of the saturation techniques Hosaka security was obviously employing. Hosaka had lines to the heart of the Japanese Diet, and their massive infiltration of agents into Marrakesh could only be taking place with the knowledge and cooperation of the Moroccan government." "Hang it up. I said. It's over. You've sold them Hiroshi. Now forget him." "I know what it is,' he said. I know. I saw it once before." "He said that there was a certain wild factor in lab work. The edge of Edge, he called it. When a researcher develops a breakthrough, others sometimes find it impossible to duplicate the first researcher's results. This was even more likely with Hiroshi, whose work went against the conceptual grain of his field. The answer, often, was to fly the breakthrough boy from lab to corporate lab for a ritual laying on of hands. A few pointless adjustments in the equipment, and the process would work. 'Crazy thing,' he said, 'nobody knows why it works that way, but it does.' He grinned." "But they're taking a chance, he said. Bastards told us they wanted to isolate Hiroshi, keep him away from their central research thrust. Balls. Bet your ass there's some kind of power struggle going on in Hosaka research. Somebody bigs flying his favorites in and rubbing them all over Hiroshi for luck. When Hiroshi shoots the legs out from under genetic engineering, the Medina crowd's going to be ready." "He drank his scotch and shrugged." "Go to bed, he said. You're right, it's over." "I did go to bed, but the phone woke me. Marrakesh again, the white static of a satellite link, a rush of frightened Portuguese." "Hosaka didn't freeze our credit, they caused it to evaporate. Fairy gold. One minute we were millionaires in the world's hardest currency, and the next we were paupers. I woke Fox." "Sandii, he said. She sold out. Maas security turned her in Vienna. Sweet Jesus." "I watched him slit his battered suitcase apart with a Swiss Army knife. He had three gold bars glued in there with contact cement. Soft plates, each one proofed and stamped by the treasury of some extinct African government. I should've seen it, he said, his voice flat." "I said no. I think I said her name. Forget her, he said. Hosaka wants us dead. They'll assume we crossed them. Get on the phone and check our credit." "Our credit was gone. They denied that either of us had ever had an account. Haul ass, Fox said."


"We ran. Out a service door, into Tokyo traffic, and down into Shinjuku. That was when I understood for the first time the real extent of Hosaka's reach." "Every door was closed. People we'd done business with for two years saw us coming, and I'd see steel shutters slam behind their eyes. We'd get out before they had a chance to reach for the phone. The surface tension of the underworld had been tripled, and everywhere we'd meet that same taut membrane and be thrown back. No chance to sink, to get out of sight. Hosaka let us run for most of that first day. Then they sent someone to break Fox's back a second time. I didn't see them do it, but I saw him fall. We were in a Ginza department store an hour before closing, and I saw him arc off that polished mezzanine, down into all the wares of the new Asia. They missed me somehow, and I just kept running. Fox took the gold with him, but I had a hundred new yen in my pocket. I ran. All the way to the New Rose Hotel." "It was time." "I begged for her to come with me. Once there I could hear the neon humming on the road to Narita International. A few late moths trace stop motion circles around the floodlights that shined on the New Rose. And the funny thing, Nicole. is how sometimes she just didn't seem real to me. Fox once said she was an ectoplasm, a ghost called up by the extremes of economics. Ghost of the new century, congealing on a thousand beds in the world's Hyatts, the world's Hiltons." "Now here I am, years later, with her gun in my hand, or should I say in my jacket pocket, and my life seems so far away. Disconnected. I remember my Portuguese business friend forgetting his English, trying to get it across in four languages I barely understood, and I thought he was telling me that the Medina was burning. Not the Medina. The brains of Hosaka's best research people. Plague, he was whispering, my businessman, plague and fever and death. Smart Fox, he put it together on the run. I didn't even have to mention finding the diskette in her bag in Germany." "You see, someone had reprogrammed the DNA synthesizer, he said. The thing was there for the overnight construction of just the right macromolecule. With its in-built computer and its custom software. Expensive. But not as expensive as she turned out to be for Hosaka." "I hope she got a good price from Maas." "So there I was, the diskette in my hand. Rain on the river. I knew, but I couldn't face it. I put the code for that meningeal virus back into her purse and laid down beside her." "So Moenner died, along with other Hosaka researchers. Including Hiroshi. Chedanne suffered permanent brain damage." "Hiroshi hadn't worried about contamination. The proteins he punched for were harmless. So the synthesizer hummed to itself all night long building a virus to the specifications of Maas Biolabs. Maas. Small, fast, ruthless' -- All Edge." "The airport road was a long, straight shot. So I kept to the shadows. And I was shouting at that Portuguese voice, I made him tell me what happened to the girl, to Hiroshi's woman. Vanished, he said. The whir of Victorian clockwork." "So Fox had to fall, fall with his three pathetic plates of gold, and snap his spine for the last time. On the floor of a Ginza department store, every shopper staring in the instant before they screamed. But I just can't hate her, you see, for often,, on warm nights like these, as I look toward the Eiffel Tower at night, I flashback, and I am back in Japan where I can still feel Hosaka's helicopter doubling back, no lights at all, hunting on infrared, feeling for body heat. A muffled whine as it turns, a kilometer away, swinging back toward me, toward New Rose. Too fast, a shadow, against the glow of Narita." 160

As Luc finished his story, he saw tears streaming down Nicole's cheeks, forcing himself to remember that it was she who was supposed to be the consoled one, as he whisper into her ear and said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t cry Nicole, it's all right. Please come here. Hold my hand." However, for Nicole, holding Luc's hand would now never again be enough, as she now wanted to make love to him right there on the bench and under the stars. As she listened, Lucâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tale of his only true love, Sandii, had gotten to Nicole, and as she turned to kiss him deep, she saw in his sad and aging eyes a broken hearted type of wisdom and longing that she had only read about in the best Danielle Steele novels. His was an incredibly sad story, but Nicole had to admit to herself, as she told Luc on the remaining walk to his apartment, that what Sandii did, with the exception of her betrayal, excited her very much. As Nicole said this to Luc, she was not in a position to see him smile. For Luc, his sadness had drawn Nicole deeper into his and Kincaid's erotic and danger filled world, while at the same time her growing dependence upon them only served to make her even more loyal to the men in her life she would soon come to know as simply 'the essence of her being', and her 'front' and 'back' door lovers. As they made their way into Luc's apartment, Nicole turned to him and asked if she could make love to him in a way that Sandii never could. Upon hearing her request, as he lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bed, Luc knew that Nicole, despite the danger in Japan that he knew was waiting ahead of her, now held in her heart a love and loyalty for not only Kincaid, but also the erotic world she now inhabited, that he was sure that, unlike Sandii, Nicole would never betray.


Chapter Nineteen After Nicole and Luc arrived back at his home, which was an old Victorian era mansion near the banks of the Seine, he then helped her take off her mink coat, offered her a glass of wine, kissed her deeply, and then gave her a tour of his home, which he said he inherited as a going away gift from one of his former lovers, the Countess. Holding Luc's hand, Nicole marveled at the ornate mansion as he showed her the kitchen, his library, and the formal dining room on the first floor, but when Nicole asked about the ornate oak door leading to another room, Luc smiled and said it was a special room used only for official DGSE purposes, but that, should she him and Kincaid, she would definitely be allowed to enter and savor all the pleasures that the secret room had to offer. Luc then led Nicole upstairs and showed her a few guest bedrooms, most of which were occupied by oil paintings of 18th Century couples in various states of undress. Soon he opened the door to the master bedroom and led her in, the contents of which contained a large four poster bed, an armoire, wide screen TV, as well as other expensive furniture. Then, as Luc closed the door, he held her to him as they kissed, while his hands roamed her body, as he felt her full breasts through the thin transparent material of her expensive micro dress, while simultaneously Nicole put her arms around Luc as her free hand traveled down to his crotch where his monstrous organ was straining against his trousers. As they passionately embraced, Luc led Nicole to the bed, whereupon they laid down side by side and kissed and explored each other some more. As they made out passionately on the bed, Nicole opened her eyes and was surprised to see that she and Luc were not alone, for there, on a giant oil painting in front of the bed were two native African tribesmen, both of whom were on impaled on opposite ends of a white female missionary girl. The sight of the erotic painting only served to heighten the sexual excitement in the room, as Luc and Nicole continued to kiss passionately as they each took turns removing his suit until finally he stood there in nothing but his socks and purple thong. Then, even though she herself still had her mink coat on, which she quickly shed as she pushed Luc down on the bed, freed his cock, and focused in on his semi-erect cock that still was still fresh with his cum from their earlier tryst on top of the Eiffel Tower. As for Nicole, Luc insisted that, at least for the moment, that she keep her dress and heels on, for he wanted to make love to her again in that expensive garment, the fabric of which clung to her body like a glove. Now that he was fully naked, underneath the bright moonlight that lit up the dark room, after she had turned off the lights, Nicole again looked down at Luc's cock, but this time in wonder. His cock was the same size as Kincaid's, the sight of which she could not resist putting her head down and kissing the tip of his cock, savoring their left over juices from their fuck on the tower. As he lifted her skirt, Luc fingered her wet cunt as they moved around into a 69 position until finally his cock was mostly in her mouth. However, little did Nicole realize just how big his massive prick was, as it was larger than she had earlier imagined as he fucked her on the tower. Thinking back to the previous week at the gym, she wondered if this cock, among the many that penetrated her in the men's locker room, had filled not only her cunt, but also her asshole, the fact of which Luc readily denied as he pushed her skirt over her hips, licked her clit and fingered her cunt, slowly working his towards her asshole. As Nicole licked the cock below her, she couldn't help but moan in appreciation at the sensation his tongue on her asshole and in her pussy. Then sliding her head up and down along his massive cock, Nicole squeezed his balls and felt his ass, all of which contained not an ounce of fat. By this time Nicole was hot as hell and ready for him to enter her again, as she, with her skirt now above above her waist, was soon on her back with Luc above her, with her knees pinned behind her ears as she awaited his entrance into her burning pussy. Surveying Nicole below, Luc knew that she 162

would be the perfect Mata Hari, as he proceeded to slowly insert his cock into her as she begged him to fuck her. The Mahala laced wine Nicole had drank earlier had now made her hornier and more vocal than usual, as she felt his cock tip go into her a little at a time while she silently wondered if she could handle his cock from such an angle. However all doubts were quickly erased as she felt his mammoth cock penetrate her even more fully and harder than it had on top of the Eiffel Tower. Thanks to a few blue pills that Luc had ingested on the way down from the tower, his cock had ballooned to three times its normal aroused size, which in turn now caused him to wonder if he might hurt her. Meanwhile, as Nicole looked down at his still growing cock, she was not sure if his cock could not fit in. However, the pain of his slow entry only added to her pleasure, when suddenly, after Luc was halfway in, she asked him to stop for a moment, gasped, and then looked into his eyes with tears of lust building up in her own eyes and said with a smile, "OK, now lets slam it in the rest of the way." Without so much as a hesitation, Luc pulled back a little and shoved his monster cock in all the way as Nicole screamed out "OOOOHHHHHH GOD, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!! My cunt needs that cock of yours, plunder my pussy! MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE!" For the next 25 minutes Luc continued fucking Nicole as she moaned and begged for him to pound her harder and faster, until finally she had the first of many orgasms she would have that night, even though, thanks to the drugs he took, Luc was able to hold out on cumming while she climaxed again and again, begging and yelling for him to "Fuck my cunt, fill me with your cum!" After nearly 45 minutes of hot and sweaty sex, Luc started to tire and told her that he wanted to switch positions. Luc then flipped Nicole over on her hands and knees and fucked her from the rear, while simultaneously he shoved a finger in her asshole as he pounded in and out of her wet pussy. Just like he had seen her do at Katya's and the gym, Nicole, as she was fucked, was wild and continued to moan and scream like she had done before. Meanwhile, strategically placed on the nightstand next to the bed was a tube of a sex lubricant. After reaching over to the night stand, Luc pulled his cock out of Nicole, who by now was crying tears of joy from the latest orgasm, and applied some lube to his cock and then to Nicole's luscious asshole. At this point, like every time before who had entered before, Nicole was ready for anything, and when Luc's cock was pressed against her asshole, she pushed back with a moan to allow him better entry, as she felt his cock almost split her in two. Unlike the other cocks that had fucked her ass the last few days, Luc's was so big that just getting the tip in took a long time. Despite her new found love in Paris of anal sex, and the numerous fuckings her rear had endured, thanks to her youth she was still as tight as she had been as an anal virgin. Even though Luc's cock was larger than any that had dared to enter her behind, Nicole desperately wanted him in her ass and tried to relax her anal muscles so he could get into her. As she rested her head on the pillow Nicole watched as she encouraged Luc by saying how much she needed his monster cock in her ass. "Fuck my asshole with that pole, fill me all the up!!" I want was much cock as I can get," she thought. Then, as Luc slid some more of his cock in, going past the sphincter muscle, Nicole gasped in pain, but the pleasure as also there. Finally, after Luc managed to get all of his monster cock into her ass, Nicole let out a moan to let him know that his cock felt wonderful, even though the pain was still great, for it only served to intensify the pleasure even more. By now Nicole couldn't stop cumming as Luc slowly and tenderly slid in and out of her asshole, as her moans of pleasure reverberated off the walls, all of which served to turn Luc on even more as he proceeded to spank her as he looked down and watched as her puckered asshole, which was tightly clenched around his hard cock, suck him in, even as he pulled out and slid back. The sight of fucking 163

Nicole's ass truly excited him; however, it was listening to Nicole's moans and cries of pleasure and pain that turned him on even more, all of which served to make him pound harder and faster, as she screamed out "Rip my asshole with your cock" My GOD, I can't stop cumming!!!" Harder and harder Luc's cock filled Nicole's ass, until nearly an hour and a half after their fucking had begun, Luc felt his balls finally tighten and put him on notice that he was going to cum soon. Finally after several long minutes, Luc felt his cock swell as he let out an animalistic cry and started to come in her asshole. For long seconds Luc held his cock deep in Nicole as he held her still as spurt after spurt of his spunk flooded Nicole's bowels, the pressure of which caused her body to twitch as the scalding semen shot into places no man had ever been. Eventually Nicole, who by now was covered with sweat, all of which was soaked up by the expensive dress that clung to her body, collapsed with Luc's cock still in her asshole, and then promptly passed out from the pain and pleasure that his wondrous ravaging of her asshole had caused. Nicole finally awoke as Luc's cock slipped out of her ass with a plop, as he savored the sight before him, that of her asshole gapping open as the cum oozed down onto the bed. As he watched his cum drip out of her, Nicole turned around and looked into Luc's eyes and said "That was the best ass fuck I have ever had, your cock is wonderful. I don't think I will never get enough of you being my 'back door' lover. The pleasure and pain you give me from behind makes it so much better." Luc then looked down at her and said that he hoped she like the pain and pleasure effect, and that, if she was willing to endure some greater pain as a spy in training, he could increase her pleasure immensely. He then hinted that his "special" room would definitely be used for her training, and that the room was often used by the DGSE to teach their new recruits a wonderful lesson on how to learn to experience the maximum level of pleasure when being inflicted with pain. Later, as Nicole lay there in Luc's arms, he told her, as they kissed and petted each other, how happy he was that she had entered his life. However, Luc said, "please remember that, no matter how strong our attraction is to one another, I can never love you like Kincaid can, for he and you are destined to be as one, under the sunshine. Whereas I can only be his shadow, and, if I may use the term, your 'backdoor man.' My role is to compliment the love and strength of Kincaid's, while at the same time watching out for the safety and well being of both of you." With that said, Luc then went on to explain, as both he and Nicole shared a cigarette, how he and Kincaid had come to form the spy team that they now were. Among the things he mentioned, as Nicole lazily drifted in and out of consciousness, was that he and Kincaid, both of who were originally competitors, bonded as friends in Tokyo, when they were forced to team up and bring down someone named Chrome. However, as he was about to begin to explain, Luc looked over at Nicole and suggested that he could tell her that story later, which Nicole readily agreed, after which Luc stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray on the nightstand, closed the curtains, got back into bed, and then held her tight as she promptly fell asleep in his strong arms. Soon after falling asleep, Nicole found herself awake, this time in a dream, in the same dress she wore to dinner with Luc. She was being driven by Luc to his house, but this time she was to, as promised, going to experience the most pleasurable pain she could stand. After they entered the house Luc then led her to the ornately carved oak door and said "This is my favorite room, I hope it will become yours also." Luc then opened the door with a flourish and let her gaze upon the room, which was done in oak and walnut paneling. Thee were various lounging chairs and couches placed throughout the large room, with chains hanging from the ceiling and metal bracelets and other items attached to the walls. It 164

looked like a room for torture, pain, and pleasure beyond belief. Additionally, five men were seated around the room, all of whom arose as Nicole entered. All of the men were in their 30s and 40s, handsome and virile looking, each of whom wore leather trousers, with some having satin shirts on, while others were bare chested. For Nicole, even in her dream, the handsome men looked simply like a buffet for a hungry and horny gal, even in her deepest of sleep. Luc then introduced Nicole to all the men and served her a drink, the taste of which was very strong and warmed her up. Luc then explained the room was sound proofed and that she was going to experience more pleasure than she thought possible. Then, with a nod of Luc's head, the men gathered around her and their hands started to roam over her luscious body. Just like in real life, Nicole loved the attention she was getting, especially knowing that she had all these gorgeous men to herself. After ordering the men to cease their pawing, Luc led her to a large couch in the center of the room. The couch was really a padded bed, and it was large enough for several people. Then, before she knew it, Nicole was slowly undressed by the men, as Luc explained to her that, as an apprentice female spy, in order to be able to gather information, she must learn how to serve the world's most powerful men in anyway they wanted. As Luc explained this, Nicole was busily helping to remove the shirts and other clothing from all the men, one at a time. Soon enough, the men around Nicole were naked, after which one of the men told her to lick his balls, which she did with relish for several minutes. Then, before she had time to savor the taste, another guy bent over and told her to rim out his asshole. As Nicole's tongue caressed the second man's hole for several minutes with her tongue, sliding it in and out, a large black African man called Mombasa told her to suck his cock, which, at least in her dream, was even larger than Luc's and, as a result, she couldn't fit it all in her mouth. As he looked down upon Nicole trying to deep throat him, Mombasa suggested to the men that, since she was unable to comply with his request, that she must be punished for not obeying him. It was at this point that Nicole felt the first pain of the evening as Mombasa grabbed her hair and pulled her up roughly from his cock, and then held her by the throat, as the other other men put her wrists into leather bracelets and attached them to the chains hanging from the ceiling, while another man pressed a button, which then hoisted her up until finally feet were about three inches off of the floor. The men then spread her legs and attached each ankle to leather cuffs and chained them to the floor hooks on either side of her, after which she hung there suspended, naked for all to see. Upon seeing her secure, Luke told Mombasa to start the punishment slowly, for they had, at least in Nicole's dream, all weekend to play with her. Nicole's eyes soon became wide in fear as Mombasa took a velvet whip, which was about six feet long with an ivory handle, from a cabinet on the wall, and then smiled an evil grin, as Nicole let out a cry of fear with the knowledge that her torture was about to begin. Hanging there helplessly, Nicole braced for the blow from the whip, which hit her back as she yelped and whimpered out in pain. However, even though the sting, in Nicole's mind, felt painful, it also felt incredibly exciting. The touch of the repeated blows quickly turned her on, as Mombasa whipped her back and her ass, leaving the faintest of red marks, about ten times. As she wiggled and cried out from the strokes and lashes, Luc asked her if her arms were tired from hanging from the ceiling, to which shook her head yes. Then, upon Luc's instruction, the whipping stopped and the men unhooked her and turned her upside down and reattached her to the restraints, so that now her long black hair was hanging down and her ankles were supporting her as she hung there. Then, as she hung helplessly upside down, one of the men put his cock in Nicole's mouth, which she sucked, as another man probed her cunt and asshole with his fingers. The men then took turns having her suck their cocks as they watched with pleasure as her face turned red from the blood flowing down as she hung upside down. The men soon stopped giving her their cocks, after which one of them took 165

the velvet whip and beat her breasts and ass a few times. After the whippings stopped, he then took the handle of the whip and slowly inserted it into her wet cunt, twisting it around inside her until finally she shuddered with an orgasm, as he continued to push the handle, moving it from side to side, in and out of her cunt. When the ivory handle was finally pulled out it was wet and dripping with her juices, after which Luc then took the whip and placed the handle against her asshole and asked if she wanted it, to which Nicole begged and pleaded for him to fill her ass. As the handle was plunged into her asshole in one violent motion, Nicole gasped at the pain, which to her was a wonderful sensation, as Nicole yelled out to the men "Fuck me harder, treat me as your whore." Hearing her plea, Luc then pulled the handle out with a flourish and told the other men to release her from the restraints, whereupon Nicole was placed on the large bed and allowed to rest for a few minutes. Minutes later Nicole was lifted up and led over to a sawhorse type device, which had a leather seat and two large rods that rose from the middle of the seat, as on the rods were placed rubber dildos. Nicole was then lifted up onto the seat and lowered onto the prelubricated dildos, after which her arms were then chained to the ceiling and her feet to the sides of the device. After she was securely seated in the device, Luc went to the wall and held his hand on a large switch. He then asked Nicole if she was ready for some more pain and pleasure, to which Nicole yelled out "Give me all you got." When Luc threw the switch and the device started to buck, for it was an electric bull, just like the ones she had seen in an old movie. Up on the bucking horse Nicole twisted and turned with the dildos bucking in and out of her, sideways, up and down, all of which she loved. As she rode the mechanical bull, Mombasa took a leather whip from the cabinet and whipped her as she rode, until quickly more red welts covered her body and drops of blood appeared where she was whipped. Soon, as she rode the bull hard, Nicole climaxed again and again until finally she passed out. When she finally awoke, in her dream, she was on the bed and soothing ointment was being rubbed into her cuts. As she laid there, Luc asked her how she liked her spy training, to which Nicole replied that it was everything she hoped for and was looking forward to some action. At that point, Luc told one of the men to lay on his back on the bed and for Nicole to mount him. After she was mounted, Luc had another guy fill her asshole up, while she sucked a third, after which Nicole went wild and bucked and wiggled as she fucked the three men, savoring the feeling as they slammed in and out of her ass and pussy, until finally the guy in her pussy came as she climaxed again, until soon the cum in her pussy was leaking out of her. Seeing this Luc ordered the men to dismount from Nicole, after which he said that it was now time for some serious fucking as he ordered Nicole to climb on top of Mombasa and insert his monster cock into her pussy, which of course, in Nicole's dream, was very hard to do, as it was so large and which made her feel like she was going to burst with his black monster in her. However, Nicole had plenty of help as Luc held her shoulders and pushed down as Mombasa held her hips and pushed down, as she screamed out in pain as her pussy was so tight that his cock barely managed to fit in. Because Mombasa was so large, the pain Nicole now felt was so immense, for it felt like a watermelon was inside her, and as she was held steady, trying desperately to relax and accommodate the python prick, Luc grabbed the whip and lashed her back and ass, thus causing her to flinch and move all over the place, which of course only served to make Mombasa's cock to slide in and out and around. To Nicole the pain was great, however the pleasure was the best ever, for the more Luc whipped her, the more Mombasa slammed into her tight cunt, all of which caused her to quickly climax in one gigantic orgasm. After her climax, Luc put the whip down, as Mombasa held Nicole tight to his chest, and then placed his big white cock against her once again tight asshole. However, this time Nicole feared that Luc's 166

cock would not be able to fit into her rear, since Mombasa's monster already occupied maximum space in her cunt. However, Luc was determined to make a fit as he bore down with all his weight until finally, after several attempts, his cock slowly entered her asshole, the force of which caused Nicole to almost pass out for a second as his cock drove past the sphincter muscle, until finally he bottomed out and she felt the tremendous force of both cocks fully in her, as the the pain from the whippings were more than made up for by the great pleasure she felt as the men in her shoved their lubricated cocks in and out of her with wild abandon. Meanwhile, as she was alternatively pistoned in her pussy and ass, the other three guys presented their cocks for Nicole to suck and jerk off. For what seemed like an eternity during the intense session fucking and sucking, Nicole was ecstatic with joy, for the pain and the pleasure were more than a person could imagine. In Nicole's dream cocks of all shapes and sizes soon were pounding all her openings and her hands full of more cock than one could ever imagine, until finally she screamed out as below her Mombasa started to cum in her cunt, as she felt the geyser force of it spurt deep inside her. Then, as Nicole herself climaxed, the effects of which she felt in her body that was now nuzzled against the body of Luc's, the imaginary cock of his in her ass spurted its cum deep into her bowels. Meanwhile, the faceless and nameless man in her mouth filled her throat with pint after pint of cum, which she swallowed, even as the other two guys she was jerking off violently shot their sticky cream all over her body. Soon thereafter Nicole, in her dream, passed out with the pleasure of knowing just how truly satisfied a woman, who was covered with welts and cum could be..... After her dream ended Nicole's brain shut down completely until she was awoken by the tender kisses and licks of Luc's tongue on her breasts, after which she told him her all about her erotic dream. To which Luc replied wordlessly by opening a drawer of the night stand and presenting to her a lifelike dildo cock, which she then proceeded to insert into her pussy as he laid next to her on his side and fucked her ass, while simultaneously pinching and kneading her breasts until nearly a half hour later they climaxed in unison. Minutes later, as they laid there in the sweaty and cum stained bed, with his cock still lodged in her ass, Luc whispered into her ear that he would forever treasure being her 'back door man', and that soon she would come to experience the pleasure of he and Kincaid's teamwork during what he could only describe as a 'test mission', after which they both got out of the bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. Meanwhile, high over the Atlantic Ocean, Kincaid was flying in a DGSE chartered Lear jet, enroute to Paris. For the last several days Kincaid had been forced to return to Chicago in order to meet face to face with the investigating agent in Nicole's husband's spy case. Since Barry's arrest nearly a week prior, word had filtered back to Kincaid that Barry had begun making the claim that he had been set up by the French, an accusation of which, according to paper, had some credibility, especially since right after Nicole got on board the Pan Am flight to Paris, a subsidiary of Motorola had been hacked by an infamous European computer hacker by the name of Neo. According to the FBI, Neo had utilized password information provided to him, by Barry in exchange for a large payment of cash. However, as for the claim that he had been set up and was neither a spy nor a traitor, well lets just say that the evidence planted by Kincaid, especially the incriminating e-mails and the millions in Barry's bank account, was of such a nature that, no matter what, Barry was going to be convicted. As for the FBI agent sent to interview Nicole, he was a long time adversary of Kincaid's, however, in France, the complaints of the FBI always fell on deaf ears, especially since, for the DGSE, Kincaid was officially a non person. The Paris FBI agent had tracked down Nicole only when his Chicago counterpart mentioned that a confidential informant had told him that the former Princess of Yorkshire knew how and where to get a hold of Nicole.


Thus, as a result of the suspicious way Nicole had left the country, she was now considered persona non grata in her homeland, and, should she have decided to return, she herself would be subjected to hours and hours of countless interviews by agents demanding to know the whereabouts of Kincaid. After having been explained all of this by Luc, as the two of them began making coffee and breakfast, Nicole suddenly asked Luc how she could possibly stay in Paris, to which he simply walked up to her, kissed her deeply, and then said "Trust me! It can all be taken care of. By the end of today Kincaid will be back, but I am afraid he will miss the party such as the one the Countess is hosting tonight. But I can assure you that by the end of the night, the three of us will celebrate our new found love, and partnership." Luc then handed her a cup of coffee as they went into the breakfast room, whereupon he handed her a photo album that contained pictures of him and Kincaid during their time in Japan, which is where, as Luc had said earlier- "we burned Chrome."


Chapter Twenty As Nicole and Luc sat there at the table, he reading his e-mails on his PDA, and she looking at the old yellowing photographs and newspaper clippings about a heist of information from a Japanese computer, she realized that, in order for her to feel truly comfortable with both Kincaid and her new 'back door' lover, she needed to know more about that first mission of his and Kincaid's, and what about it changed their lives. As Luc focused on reading his e-mail, Nicole got up and sauntered over to Luc, then sat herself down on his lap, facing him and forcing her bare breasts into his face and asked with a demanding tone, "So tell me,what is this bond that Kincaid said that the two of you formed in Tokyo? And who is Chrome?" Upon feeling Nicole's bare breasts on his face; Luc could not resist suckling on her bright pink nipples, as he said with a smile, "Well my dear, it is a long story, but one that I think will help you to understand the truth about the world in which Kincaid and I live." Then, as he kissed her neck, lips and then her nipples again, he motioned for her to get up of his spandex encased lap and follow him to his office, which until that time, she had never seen. Once inside, she marveled at the Japanese swords and erotic Geisha prints, the site of which caused her pussy to once again stir, as she sat her naked body down in a leather couch and began to casually sip her coffee as he handed an old framed picture off a shelf and handed it to her as he began his tale of the event that had led him to where he was today. As he told the story, Nicole thought back to a few nights prior when it seemed as if the people they had met, and places they had traveled, as young men, occurred only yesterday. Sitting down next to Nicole, on the spacious couch, Luc took a drink from his coffee, stroked her hair and breasts and said, "You see, it was hot that night we burned Chrome. The year was 2010 and the place was Tokyo, before the quake, where, out in the malls and plazas, moths were batting themselves to death against the neon, but in Kincaid's loft the only light came from a monitor screen and the green and red LEDs on the face of the matrix simulator. I knew every chip in Kincaid's simulator by heart; it looked like your workaday Ono-Sendai VII, the "Cyberspace Seven," but I'd rebuilt it so many times that you'd have had a hard time finding a square millimeter of factory circuitry in all that silicon." "We waited side by side in front of the simulator console, watching the time display in the screen's lower left corner." "Go for it," I said, when it was time, but Kincaid was already there, leaning forward to drive the Russian program into its slot with the heel of his hand. He did it with the tight grace of a kid slamming change into an arcade game, sure of winning and ready to pull down a string of free games." "A silver tide of phosphines boiled across my field of vision as the matrix began to unfold in my head, a 3-D chessboard, infinite and perfectly transparent. The Russian program seemed to lurch as we entered the grid." "If anyone else had been jacked into that part of the matrix, he might have seen a surf of flickering shadow roll out of the little yellow pyramid that represented our computer. The program was a mimetic weapon, designed to absorb local color and present itself as a crash-priority override in whatever context it encountered." "Congratulations," I heard Kincaid say. "We just became an Eastern Seaboard Fission Authority inspection probe...." That meant we were clearing fiber optic lines with the cybernetic equivalent of a fire siren, but in the simulation matrix we seemed to rush straight for Chrome's data base. I couldn't see it yet, but I already knew those walls were waiting. Walls of shadow, walls of ice."


"Chrome: her pretty child face smooth as steel, with eyes that would have been at home on the bottom of some deep Atlantic trench, cold gray eyes that lived under terrible pressure. They said she cooked her own cancers for people who crossed her, rococo custom variations that took years to kill you. They said a lot of things about Chrome, none of them at all reassuring. So I blotted her out with a picture of Rikki. Rikki kneeling in a shaft of dusty sunlight that slanted into the loft through a grid of steel and glass: her faded camouflage fatigues, her translucent rose sandals, the good line of her bare back as she rummaged through a nylon gear bag. She look up, and a half-blond curl falls to tickle her nose. Smiling, buttoning an old shirt of Kincaid's, frayed khaki cotton drawn across her breast." "She smiled. "Son of a bitch," said Kincaid, "we just told Chrome we're an IRS audit and three Supreme Court subpoenas.... Hang on to your ass, Jack...." â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jack was my code name then." "So long, Rikki. Maybe now I see you never." "And dark, so dark, in the halls of Chrome's ice." "Kincaid was, and still is, a cowboy, and back then ice was the nature of his game, ice from ICE, Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics. The matrix back then was more or less an abstract representation of the relationships between data systems. Legitimate programmers jack into their employees' sector of the matrix and find themselves surrounded by bright geometries representing the corporate data." "Towers and fields of it ranged in the colorless non space of the simulation matrix, the electronic consensus-hallucination that facilitates the handling and exchange of massive quantities of data. Legitimate programmers never seeing the walls of ice they worked behind, the walls of shadow that screen their operations from others, including industrial-espionage artists and hackers, like Kincaid." "Like I said, Kincaid was and is a cowboy. Back then Kincaid was also a cracks man, a burglar, casing mankind's extended electronic nervous system, rustling data and credit in the crowded matrix, monochrome nonspace where the only stars are dense concentrations of information, and high above it all burn corporate galaxies and the cold spiral arms of military systems." "Kincaid was another one of those young-old faces you see drinking in the Gentleman Loser, the chic bar for computer cowboys, rustlers, cybernetic second-story men. We were partners, and it was the beginning of a beautiful and profitable relationship." "Kincaid and Automatic Jack, that is what we called ourselves. Back then Kincaid was a thin and pale hacker with the dark glasses, while I was the mean-looking guy with the attitude and muscle. As the dealers on the street, which of course the DGSE also knew, was that, in the words of our handler, "Kincaid's software and Jack's hard; Kincaid punches console and Jack runs down all the little things that can give you an edge." Anyway, without that glowing report, that is also what the scene watchers in the Gentleman Loser would've told you, before Kincaid decided to burn Chrome. But they also might've told you that Kincaid was losing his edge, slowing down. He was twenty-eight, Kincaid, and back then, that was considered extremely old for a console cowboy." "Both of us were good at what we did, we were the DGSE's best, but somehow that one big score just wouldn't come down for us. I knew where to go for the right gear, and Kincaid had all his licks down pat. He'd sit back with a white terry sweatband across his forehead and whip moves on those keyboards faster than you could follow, punching his way through some of the fanciest ice in the business, but that was when something happened that managed to get him totally wired, and that didn't happen often. Not highly motivated, Kincaid, and I was the kind of guy who was happy to have the rent covered and a clean shirt." 170

"But Kincaid, back then, before Ukiko, had this thing for girls, like they were his private tarot or something, the way he'd get himself moving. we never talked about it, but when it started to look like he was losing his touch that summer, he started to spend more time in the Gentleman Loser. He'd sit at a table by the open doors and watch the crowd slide by, nights when the bugs were at the neon and the air smelled of perfume and fast food. You could see his sunglasses scanning those faces as they past, and he must have decided that Rikki's was the one he was waiting for, the wild card and the luck changer. The new one. I went to New York to check out the market, to see what was available in hot software." "Finn's place had a defective hologram in the window, METRO HOLOGRAFIX, over a display of dead flies wearing fur coats of gray dust. The scrap's waist high, inside, drifts of it rising to meet walls that were barely visible behind nameless junk, behind sagging press board shelves stacked with old skin magazines and yellow-spined years of National Geographic." "You need a gun," said the Finn. He looked like a recombo DNA project aimed at tailoring people for high-speed burrowing. "You're in luck. I got the new Smith and Wesson, the four-oh-eight Tactical. Got this xenon projector slung under the barrel, see, batteries in the grip, throw you a twelve-inch highnoon circle in the pitch dark at fifty yards. The light source is so narrow, it's almost impossible to spot. It's just like voodoo in a night fight." "I don't need any guns, Finn." "Okay," he said, "okay," and I quit drumming. "I only got this one item, and I don't even know what it is." He looked unhappy. "I got it off these bridge-and- tunnel kids from Jersey last week." "So when'd you ever buy anything you didn't know what it was, Finn?" "Wise ass." And he passed me a transparent mailer with something in it that looked like an audio cassette through the bubble padding. "They had a passport," he said. "They had credit cards and a watch. And that." "They had the contents of somebody's pockets, you mean." "He nodded. "The passport was Belgian. It was also bogus, looked to me, so I put it in the furnace. Put the cards in with it. The watch was okay, a Porsche, nice watch." "It was obviously some kind of plug-in military program. Out of the mailer, it looked like the magazine of a small assault rifle, coated with non reflective black plastic. The edges and corners showed bright metal; it had been knocking around for a while." "I'll give you a bargain on it, Jack. For old times' sake." "I had to smile at that. Getting a bargain from the Finn was like God repealing the law of gravity when you have to carry a heavy suitcase down ten blocks of airport corridor." "Looks Russian to me," I said. "Probably the emergency sewage controls for some Leningrad suburb. Just what I need." "You know," said the Finn. "I got a pair of shoes older than you are. Sometimes I think you got about as much class as those yahoos from Jersey. What do you want me to tell you, it's the keys to the Kremlin? You figure out what the goddamn thing is. Me, I just sell the stuff." "I bought it."


"Later Kincaid and I were bodiless, as we swerved into Chrome's castle of ice. We were so fast that it felt like we were surfing the crest of the invading program, hanging ten above the seething glitch systems as they mutated. In our minds we were sentient patches of oil swept along down corridors of shadow." "Somewhere outside of the matrix we had bodies, very far away, in a crowded loft roofer with steel and glass. Eventually we crashed her gates disguised as an audit and three subpoenas, but her defenses were specifically geared to cope with that kind of official intrusion. Her most sophisticated ice was structured to fend off warrants, writs, subpoenas. When we breached the first gate, the bulk of her data vanished behind core-command ice, these walls we had originally seen as leagues of corridor, mazes of shadow. Meanwhile, five separate landlines spurted May Day signals to law firms, but the virus had already taken over Parameter ice. The glitch systems then gobbled the distress calls as our mimetic subprograms scan for anything that hasn't been blanked by core command." "The Russian program then lifted a Tokyo number from the unscreened data, choosing it for frequency of calls, average length of calls, the speed with which Chrome returned those calls." "Okay," said Kincaid, " we're an incoming scrambler call from a pal of hers in Japan. That should help." Ride 'em, cowboy." "Just like he does now, back then Kincaid read his future in women; his girls were omens, changes in the weather, and he'd sit all night in the Gentleman Loser, waiting for the season to lay a new down in front of him like a card." "Later on I was working late in the loft one night, attempting to fix one Kincaid's laptops when he came in with a girl that I hadn't seen before. She then came right over and looked at the images on the screen, then glanced over at the printer, however, she didn't say anything, she just watched, and just like that, like when I met you, right away I had a good feeling about her; it's like that sometimes." "Automatic Jack, Rikki. My associate," which is what Kincaid said when he introduced us, as he laughed, and then put his arm around her waist. There was something in his tone that night which let me know that I'd be spending the rest of the night in a dingy hotel room." "Hi," she said. She was tall, nineteen or maybe twenty, and she definitely had the goods, especially with eyes of a color somewhere between dark amber and French coffee. Elsewhere her tight black jeans rolled to mid calf and a narrow plastic belt that matched the rose-colored sandals." "Even now, when I see her sometimes when I'm trying to sleep, I see her somewhere out on the edge of the European sprawl of cities and smoke, and it's like she's a hologram stuck behind my eyes, in a bright dress she must've worn once, when I knew her, with a skirt that doesn't quite reach her knees, and long and straight legs. Brown hair, streaked with blond, hides her face, as it is blown in a wind from somewhere, as I see her, in my dreams, wave goodbye." "Kincaid was making a show of rooting through a stack of audio cassettes. "I'm on my way, cowboy," I said, powering down the laptop terminal, as she watched attentively as I put my jacket on." "Can you fix things?" she asked." "Anything, anything you want, Automatic Jack'll fix it." I snapped my fingers for her. She took a little simstim deck from her belt and showed me the broken hinge on the cassette cover." "Tomorrow," I said, "no problem."


"And my oh my, I said to myself, as sleep pulled me down the six flights to the street, what'll Kincaid s luck be like with a fortune cookie like that? If his system had worked then I thought, we'd be striking it rich any night now. In the street I grinned and yawned and waved for a cab." "Days later the three of us watched Chrome's castle dissolving, with its sheets of ice shadow flickering and fading, eaten by the glitch systems that had spun out from the Russian program, tumbling away from our central logic thrust and infecting the fabric of the ice itself. At the time the glitch systems were cybernetic virus analogs, self-replicating and voracious that mutated constantly, in unison, subverting and absorbing Chrome's defenses." "Have we already paralyzed her, or is a bell ringing somewhere, a red light blinking? Does she know?" Kincaid wondered, as we proceeded to make our initial run." "As for the girl, her name was Ryoko, or Rikki Wildside, as Kincaid called her, and for those first few weeks it must have seemed to her that she had it all, the whole teeming show spread out for her, sharp and bright under the neon. She was new to the scene, and she had all the miles of malls and plazas to prowl, all the shops and clubs. Kincaid took it upon himself to explain the wild side, the tricky wiring on the dark underside of things, as well as all the players and their names and their games. He made her feel at home." "What happened to your cheek?" she asked me one night in the Gentleman Loser, looking at my scar, as the three of us found ourselves drinking at a small table in a corner." "Hang-gliding," I said, "accident." "Hang-gliding over a wheat field," said Kincaid, "place called Kiev. Our Jack's just hanging there in the dark, under a Nightwing parafoil, with fifty kilos of radar jammed between his legs, and some Russian asshole accidentally tries to burn his face off with a laser." "I don't remember how I changed the subject, but I did." "At the time I was still telling myself that it wasn't Rikki who getting to me, but what Kincaid was doing with her. I'd known him for a long time, since the end of the war, and I knew he had often used women as counters in his game, Kincaid versus fortune, versus time and the night of cities. And Rikki had turned up just when he needed something to get him going, something to aim for. So he'd set her up as a symbol for everything he wanted and couldn't have, everything he'd had and couldn't keep." "Unlike when he mention your name Nicole, with Rikki I didn't like having to listen to him tell me how much he loved her, and knowing he believed it only made it worse. He was a past master at the hard fall and the rapid recovery, and I'd seen it happen a dozen times before. He might as well have had 'next' printed across his sunglasses in green Day-Glo capitals, ready to flash out at the first interesting face that flowed past the tables in the Gentleman Loser." "I knew what he did to them. He turned them into emblems, signs on the map of his hustler' s life, navigation beacons he could follow through a sea of bars and neon. What else did he have to steer by? He didn't love money, in and of itself , not enough to follow its lights. He wouldn't work for power over other people; he hated the responsibility it brought. He had some basic pride in his skill, but that was never enough to keep him pushing." "So he made do with women."


It was at that point in the story that the telephone rang, which Luc answered on the first ring. The telephone call was obviously important as he walked over to his desk and began taking notes. Meanwhile, Nicole got up and walked around the room to observe and admire the erotic Japanese woodblock prints that adorned the walls, all of which were signed by the artist Akira Sensei. As she wandered nude around the office Nicole could not help but wonder the point of the story that Luc was telling her. Obviously, because of her near 30 age difference with Kincaid he likely had many past loves and affairs, but somehow, as Luc seemed to hint, there was something special about Rikki that, even to this day, Kincaid still was still unable to shake from his memory.


Chapter Twenty One fter Luc had ended his conversation on the telephone, he walked over to Nicole, as she sipped on her coffee and gazed at the painted scenes of feudal Oriental bondage, and whispered into her ear, "Do they turn you on?" To which Nicole replied by turning around and kissing Luc deep, after which he took her by the hand and sat back down on the couch with her as he continued his story. "So anyway, as I was saying, when Rikki showed up, Kincaid needed one in the worst way. He was fading fast, and the smart money was already whispering that the edge was off his game. He needed that one big score, and soon, because he didn't know any other kind of life, and all his clocks were set for hustler's time, calibrated in risk and adrenaline and that supernatural dawn calm that comes when every move's proved right and a sweet lump of someone else's credit clicks into your own account." "Eventually it was time for him to make his bundle and get out; so Rikki got set up higher and farther away than any of the others ever had, even though--and I felt like screaming it at him--she was right there, alive, totally real, human, hungry, resilient, bored, beautiful, excited, all the things she was..." "Then he went out one afternoon, about a week before I made the trip to New York to see Finn. Went out and left us, me and Rikki, there in the loft, waiting for a thunder storm. Half the skylight was shadowed by a dome they'd never finished, and the other half showed sky, looking up at that sky, stupid with the hot afternoon, the humidity, and she touched me, and touched my shoulder. Her nails were lacquered black, not pointed, but tapered oblongs, the lacquer only a shade darker than the carbon-fiber laminated pants sheathed my legs. She then went down my waist, her black nails tracing a weld in the crease, then down to my hand where her soft fingers spread out to lock over mine, with the palm of her other hand resting against my straining cock, whereupon we made love even as it rained all afternoon, raindrops drumming on the steel and soot-stained glass above Kincaid's bed." As Luc reminisced about making love to Rikki, he pulled from his desk two pictures of the beautiful Japanese woman, one of her in a traditional kimono, while the other was of her in a tight leather body suit and stiletto heals. As she gazed at the photographs, Nicole looked up to see Luc close his eyes in fond remembrance as he continued telling his tale. "Days later ice walls flicked away like supersonic butterflies made of shade. Beyond them, the matrix's illusion of infinite space. It was like watching a tape of a prefab building going up; only the tape's reversed and run at high speed, and these walls are torn wings. At the time I was trying to remind myself that this place and the gulfs beyond were only representations, that we aren't in Chrome's computer, but instead were simply interfaced with it, while the matrix simulator in Kincaid's loft generated the illusion ... Eventually the core data began to emerge, exposed, vulnerable.... This was the far side of ice, presenting me with the view of the matrix that I had never seen before, a view that fifteen million legitimate console operators now see daily and take for granted." "The core data tower around us was like vertical freight trains, color-coded for access. Bright primaries, impossibly bright in that transparent void, linked by countless horizontals in nursery blues and pinks, but ice still shadowed something at the center of it all: that being the heart of all Chrome's expensive darkness, the very heart â&#x20AC;Ś" "Two weeks later it was late afternoon when I got back from my shopping expedition to New York. Not much sun through the skylight, but an ice pattern allowed on Kincaid's monitor screen, a 2-D graphic representation of someone's computer defenses, lines of neon woven like an Art Deco prayer rug. I turned the console off, and the screen went completely dark. Rikki's things were spread across my workbench, including her passport, but I'd never tried to move in those nylon bags without ending up spilling her clothes and makeup, a pair of bright red cowboy boots, audio cassettes, glossy Japanese 175

magazines about simstim stars. I stacked it all under the bench and then took my jacket off, forgetting that the program I'd brought from the Finn was in the right-hand pocket of my jacket, so that I had to fumble it out left-handed and then get it into the padded jaws of the jeweler's vise." "The Waldo looked like an old audio turntable, the kind that played disc records, with the vise set up under a transparent dust cover. The arm itself was just over a centimeter long, swinging out on what would've been the tone arm on one of those turntables. But I don't look at that when I've clipped the leads to my oscillator. I then ran a tool check and picked up the laser. It felt a little heavy; so I scaled my weight-sensor input down to a quarter-kilo per gram and got to work. At 40 x the side of the program looked like a trailer truck. It took eight hours to crack: three hours with the Waldo and the laser and four dozen taps, two hours on the phone to a contact in Colorado, and three hours to run down a lexicon disc that could translate eight-year- old technical Russian. Then Cyrillic alphanumerics started reeling down the monitor, twisting themselves into English halfway down. There were a lot of gaps, where the lexicon ran up against specialized military acronyms in the readout I'd bought from my man in Colorado, but it did give me some idea of what I'd bought from the Finn." "At this point I felt like a punk who'd gone out to buy a switch blade and come home with a small neutron bomb. Screwed again, I thought. What good's a neutron bomb in a street fight? The thing under the dust cover was right out of my league. I didn't even know where to unload it, where to look for a buyer. Someone had, but he was dead, someone with a Porsche watch and a fake Belgian passport, but I'd never tried to move in those circles. The Finn's muggers from the 'burbs had knocked over someone who had some highly arcane connections. The program in the jeweler's vise was a Russian military icebreaker, a killer-virus program." "It was dawn when Kincaid finally came in alone. I'd fallen asleep with a bag of takeout sandwiches in my lap. "You want to eat?" I asked him, not really awake, holding out my sandwiches. I'd been dreaming of the Program, of its waves of hungry glitch systems and mimetic subprograms; in the dream it was an animal of some kind, shapeless and flowing. "No thanks," Kincaid said, as brushed the bag aside on his way to the console, punched a function key, after which the screen lit with the intricate pattern I'd seen that afternoon, as I rubbed sleep from my eyes. I'd fallen asleep earlier trying to decide whether to tell him about the program, or maybe I thought, I should instead try to sell it alone, keep the money, go somewhere new, asking Rikki to go with me." "Whose is it?" I asked." "However, instead of a quick reply, Kincaid just stood there in a black cotton jump suit, an old leather jacket thrown over his shoulders like a cape. He hadn't shaved for a few days, and his face looked thinner than usual." "It's Chrome's," he said." "You're stone crazy," I said. "No," he said, "you think she rumbled it? No way. We'd be dead already. I locked on to her through a triple-blind rental system in Mombasa and an Algerian comsat. She knew somebody was having a look-see, but she couldn't trace it." If Chrome had traced the pass Kincaid had made at her ice, we were good as dead, but he was probably right, or she'd have had me blown away on my way back from New York. "Why her, Kincaid? Just give me one reason.... " Chrome: I'd seen her maybe half a dozen times in the Gentleman Loser. Maybe she was slumming, or checking out the human condition, a condition she didn't exactly aspire to. A sweet little heart-shaped face framing the nastiest pair of eyes you ever saw. She'd looked fourteen for as long as anyone could remember, hyped out of anything like a normal 176

metabolism on some massive program of serums and hormones. She was as ugly a customer as the street ever produced, but she didn't belong to the street anymore. She was one of the Boys, Chrome, a member in good standing of the local Mob subsidiary. Word was, she'd gotten started as a dealer, back when synthetic pituitary hormones were still proscribed. But she hadn't had to move hormones for a long time. Now she owned the House of Blue Lights." "You're flat-out crazy, Kincaid. You give me one sane reason for having that shit on your screen. You ought to dump it, and I mean now...." "Talk in the Loser, " he said, shrugging out of the leather jacket. "Black Myron and Crow Jane. Jane, she's up on all the sex lines, claims she knows where the money goes. So she's arguing with Myron that Chrome's the controlling interest in the Blue Light, not just some figurehead for the Boys." " 'The Boys,' Kincaid," I said. "That's the operative word there. You're still capable of seeing that? We don't mess with the Boys, remember? That's why we're still walking around." "That's why we're still poor, partner," he said, after which settled back into the swivel chair in front of the console, unzipped his jump suit, and scratched his chest. "But maybe not for much longer." "I think maybe this partnership just got itself permanently dissolved." I yelled. "Then he grinned at me. The grin was truly crazy, feral and focused, and I knew that right then he really didn't give a shit about dying." "Look," I said, "I've got some money left, you know? Why don't you take it and get the tube to Miami, catch a hopper to Montego Bay. You need a rest, man. You've got to get your act together." "My act, my trusted friend," he said, punching something on the keyboard, "has never has been this together before." "As he spoke, the neon prayer rug on the screen shivered and woke as an animation program cut in, ice lines weaving with hypnotic frequency, a living mandala. Then, as Kincaid kept punching, the movement slowed; and the pattern resolved itself as it grew slightly less complex, and eventually became an alternation between two distant configurations. I had to admit that it was a first-class piece of work, but even then I really hadn't thought he was still that good." "Now." he said, "there, see it? Wait. There. There again. And there. Easy to miss. That's it. Cuts in every hour and twenty minutes with a squirt transmission to their comsat. We could live for a year on what she pays them in negative interest." "Whose Comsat?" I asked." "Z端rich. Her bankers. 'That's her bankbook. That's where the money goes. Crow Jane was right. So how'd you do in New York, partner? You get anything that'll help me cut ice? We're going to need whatever we can get." "I kept my eyes on his, forced myself not to look in the direction of the Waldo, the jeweler's vise. The Russian program was there, under the dust cover." "Wild cards, luck changers." "Where's Rikki?" I asked him, crossing to the console, pretending to study the alternating patterns on the screen." "Friends of hers," he shrugged, "kids, they're all into simstim. He smiled absently. I 'm going to do it for her, man."


"I'm going out to think about this, Kincaid. You want me to come back, you keep your hands off the board." "I'm doing it for her," he said as the door closed behind me. "You know I am." "And down now, down, the program a roller coaster through this fraying maze of shadow walls, gray cathedral spaces between the bright towers. Headlong speed." "Black ice. Don t think about it. Black ice." "Too many stories in the Gentleman Loser; black ice is a part of the mythology. Ice that kills. Illegal, but then aren't we all? Some kind of neural-feedback weapon, and you connect with it only once. Like some hideous worm that eats the mind from the inside out. Like an epileptic spasm that goes on and on until there's nothing left at all..." "And we're diving for the floor of Chrome's shadow, castle." I asked." "Trying to brace myself for the sudden stopping of breath, a sickness and final slackening of the nerves. Fear of that cold worm waiting, down there in the dark." "I went out and looked for Rikki, found her in a cafĂŠ with a boy with Sendai eyes, half-healed suture lines radiating from his bruised sockets. She had a glossy brochure spread open on the table, Tally Isham smiling Ikon Eyes." "Her little simstim deck was one of the things I'd stacked under by bench the night before, the one I'd fixed for her the day after I'd first seen her. She spent hours jacked into that unit, the contact band across her forehead like a gray plastic tiara. Ta!ly Isham was her favorite, and with the contact band on, she was gone, off somewhere in the recorded sensorium of simstim's biggest star. Simulated stimuli: the world--all the interesting parts, anyway--as perceived by Tally Isham. Tally raced a black Fokker ground-effect plane across Arizona mesa tops. Tally dived the Truk Island preserves. Tally partied with the super rich on private Greek islands, heartbreaking purity of those tiny white seaports at dawn." "Actually she looked a lot like Tally, same coloring and cheekbones. I thought Rikki's mouth was stronger. More sass. She didn't want to be Tally Isham, but she coveted the job. That was her ambition, to be in simstim. Kincaid just laughed it off. she talked to me about it, though. "How'd I look with a pair of these?" she'd ask, holding a full-page headshot, Tally Isham's blue Zeiss Ikons lined up with her own amber-brown. She'd had her corneas done twice, but she still wasn't 20-20; so she wanted Ikons. Brand of the stars. Very expensive." "You still window-shopping for eyes?" I asked as I sat down." "Tiger just got some," she said. She looked tired, I thought." "Tiger was so pleased with his Sendais that he couldn't help smiling, but I doubted whether he'd have smiled otherwise. he had the kind of uniform good looks you get after your seventh trip to the surgical boutique; he'd probably spend the rest of his life looking vaguely like each new season's media frontrunner; not too obviously a copy, but nothing too original, either." "Sendai, right?" I smiled back." "He nodded. I watched as he tried to take me in with his idea of a professional simstim glance. He was pretending that he was recording. I thought he spent too long on my arm, which I had injured in the war. "They'll be great on peripherals when the muscles heal," he said, and I saw how carefully he reached for his double espresso. Sendai eyes are notorious for depth-perception defects and warranty hassles, among other things." "Tiger's leaving for Hollywood tomorrow." 178

"Then maybe Chiba City, right?" I smiled at him. He didn't smile back. "Got an offer, Tiger? Know an agent?" "Just checking it out," he said quietly. Then he got up and left. He said a quick goodbye to Rikki, but not to me." "That kid's optic nerves may start to deteriorate inside six months. You know that, Rikki? Those Sendais are illegal in England, Denmark, lots of places. You can't replace nerves." "Hey, Jack, no lectures." She stole one of my croissants and nibbled at the top of one of its horns." "I thought I was your adviser, kid." "Yeah. Well, Tiger's not too swift, but everybody knows about Sendais. They're all he can afford. So he's taking a chance. If he gets work, he can replace them." "With these?" I tapped the Zeiss Ikon brochure." "Lot of money, Rikki. You know better than to take a gamble like that." "She nodded. "I want Ikons." "If you're going up to Kincaid's, tell him to sit tight until he hears from me." "Sure. It's business?" "Business," I said. But it was craziness." "I drank my coffee, and she ate both my croissants. Then I walked her down to Kincaid's. I made fifteen calls, each one from a different pay phone." "Business. Bad craziness." "All in all, it took us six weeks to set the burn up, six weeks of Kincaid telling how much he loved her. I worked even harder, trying to get away from that." "Most of it was it was phone calls. My fifteen initial and very oblique inquiries each seemed to breed fifteen more. I was looking for a certain service Kincaid and I both imagined as a requisite part of the world s clandestine economy, but which probably never had more than five customers at a time. It would be one that never advertised." "We were looking for the world's heaviest fence, for a non-aligned money laundry capable of drycleaning a megabuck online cash transfer and then forgetting about it." "All those calls were a waste, finally, because it was the Finn who put me on to what we needed. I'd gone up to New York to buy a new blackbox rig, because we were going broke paying for all those calls." "I put the problem to him as hypothetically as possible." "Macao," he said." "Macao?" "The Long Hum family. Stockbrokers." "He even had the number. You want a fence, ask another fence."


"The Long Hum people were so oblique that they made my idea of a subtle approach look like a tactical nuke-out. Kincaid had to make two shuttle runs to Hong Kong to get the deal straight. We were running out of capital, and fast. I still don't know why I decided to go along in the first place; I was scared of Chrome, and I'd never been all that hot to get rich." "I tried telling myself that it was good idea to burn the House of Blue lights because the place was a creep joint, but I couldn't buy it. I didn't like the Blue Lights, because I'd spent a supremely depressing evening there once, but that was no excuse for going after Chrome, Actually I halfway assumed we were going to die in the attempt. Even with that killer program, the odds weren't exactly in our favor." However, before Luc could finish his story the telephone rang again, and, as he looked down at the number, he suggested to Nicole that she go ahead of him and take her shower and get herself dressed in the outfit hanging in his closet, a special one that Luc had purchased for her day with him that, Luc knew, Nicole would definitely love to wear. The reason for this was that on the telephone was Kincaid's boss. Their boss had decided to approve Nicole's spy training at Roissy, which it was hoped would start as soon as possible. After hanging up the telephone, Luc called Kincaid and assured him that all was well with Nicole and that she seemed quite excited about being a member of their trio. Kincaid then asked Luc to fill him in on all the details of the Countess' Africa party, which the Countess was hosting at the Paris Zoo.


Chapter Twenty Two After leaving Luc to take his telephone call, Nicole went to the bathroom to shower after which she shaved her legs in the giant bathtub. After her she was out of the shower, Nicole put on a terry cloth robe and proceeded to brush and floss her teeth, after which she put a touch of make up on before stepping into the outfit that Luc had chosen for her to wear on their trip to the French countryside. The outfit was like many others that Nicole had worn before since her arrival in Paris, as it was a simple and nondescript outfit designed to accentuate her breasts and legs. As she dressed, Nicole saw that Luc had suited up in a pair of jeans and cowboy boots, as he announced that were going to visit several local wineries and enjoy the beautiful day. When she was finished dressing, and preparing herself for a relaxing day of wine tasting, Nicole went downstairs to the kitchen to pour herself some more coffee, whereupon she found Luc reading the newspaper, as he commented on how sexy she looked in her simple outfit, and how that, tonight, she would get her chance to say goodbye to Anjun and Atikur, at the party that the Countess was throwing at the zoo. Luc then asked Nicole to have a seat, on his lap, so that he could finish telling her the tale that, nearly an hour before, had been interrupted by the news that her training was only days away from starting.. "Well, as I was saying earlier, Kincaid was lost in writing the set of commands we were going to plug into the dead center of Chrome's computer. That was going to be my job, because Kincaid was going to have his hands full trying to keep the Russian program from going straight for the kill. It was too complex for us to rewrite, and so he was going to try to hold it back for the two seconds I needed." "I made a deal with a street fighter named Miles. He was going to follow Rikki the night of the burn, keep her in sight, and phone me at a certain time. If I wasn't there, or didn't answer in just a certain way, I'd told him to grab her and put her on the first tube out. I gave him an envelope to give her, money and a note." "Kincaid really hadn't thought about that, much, how things would go for her if we blew it. He just kept telling me he loved her, where they were going to go together, how they'd spend the money." "Buy her a pair of Ikons first, man. That's what she wants. She's serious about that simstim scene." "Hey," he said, looking up from the keyboard, "she won't need to work. We're going to make it, Jack. She's my luck. She won't ever have to work again." "Your luck," I said. I wasn't happy. I couldn't remember when I had been happy. "You seen your luck around lately?" "He hadn't, but neither had I. We'd both been too busy." "I missed her. Missing her reminded me of my one night in the House of Blue Lights, because I'd gone there out of missing someone else. I 'd gotten drunk to begin with, then I'd started hitting Vasopressin inhalers. If your main squeeze has just decided to walk out on, you, booze and Vasopressin are the ultimate in masochistic pharmacology; the juice makes you maudlin and the Vasopressin makes you remember, I mean really remember. Clinically they use the stuff to counter senile amnesia, but the street finds its own uses for things. So I 'd bought myself an ultra intense replay of a bad affair; trouble is, you get the bad with the good. Go gunning for transports of animal ecstasy and you get what you said, too, and what she said to that, how she walked away and never looked back."


"I don't remember deciding to go to the Blue Lights, or how I got there, hushed corridors and this really tacky decorative waterfall trickling somewhere, or maybe just a hologram of one. I had a lot of money that night; somebody had given Kincaid a big roll for opening a three-second window in someone else's ice." "I don't think the crew on the door liked my looks, but I guess my money was okay." "I had more to drink there when I'd done what I went there for. Then I made some crack to the barman about closet necrophiliacs, and that didn't go down too well. Then this very large character insisted on calling me War Hero, which I didn't like. I think I showed him some tricks with my gun, before the lights went out, and I woke up two days later in a basic sleeping module somewhere else. A cheap place, not even room to hang l yourself. And I sat there on that narrow foam slab and cried." "Some things are worse than being alone. But the thing they sell in the House of Blue Lights is so popular that it's almost legal." "At the heart of darkness, the still center, the glitch systems shred the dark with whirlwinds of light, translucent razors spinning away from us; we hang in the center of a silent slow-motion explosion, ice fragments falling away forever, and, despite that, I could hear Kincaid's voice coming in across lightyears of electronic void illusion-- " "Burn the bitch down. I can't hold the thing back--" "The Russian program, rising through towers of data, were now blotting out the playroom colors, as I rose up and plugged Kincaid's homemade command package into the center of Chrome's cold heart. The squirt transmission cut in, a pulse of condensed information that shot straight up, past the thickening tower of darkness, the Russian program, while Kincaid struggled to control that crucial second. An unformed arm of shadow twitches from the towering dark, too late." "We've done it." He said, as the matrix folded itself around me like an origami trick, leaving the loft smells of sweat and burning circuitry. It was then that I thought I heard Chrome scream, a raw metal sound, but I couldn't have." "Kincaid was laughing, tears in his eyes. The elapsed-time figure in the corner of the monitor read 07:24:05. The burn had taken a little under eight minutes." "And I saw that the Russian program had melted in its slot." "We'd given the bulk of Chrome's Z端rich account to a dozen world charities. There was too much there to move, and we knew we had to break her, burn her straight down, or she might come after us. We took less than ten percent for ourselves and shot it through the Long Hum setup in Macao. They took sixty percent of that for themselves and kicked what was left back to us through the most convoluted sector of the Hong Kong exchange. It took an hour before our money started to reach the two accounts we'd opened in Z端rich" "I watched zeros pile up behind a meaningless figure on the monitor. I was rich." "Then the phone rang. It was Miles. I almost blew the code phrase." "Hey, man, I dunno--what's it all about, with this girl of yours? Kinda funny thing here... " "What? Tell me." "I been on her, like you said, tight but out of sight. She goes to the Loser, hangs out, then she gets a tube. Goes to the House of Blue Lights--" "She what?" 182

"Side door. Employees only. No way I could get past their security." "Is she there now?" "No, I just lost her. It's insane down here, like the Blue Lights just shut down, looks like for good, seven kinds of alarms going off, everybody running, the heat out in riot gear.... Now there's all this stuff going on, insurance guys, real-estate types, vans with municipal plates...." "Miles, where'd she go?" "Lost her, Jack." "Look, Miles, you keep the money in the envelope, right?" "You serious? Hey, I'm real sorry. I--" "I hung up." "Wait'll we tell her," Kincaid was saying, rubbing a towel across his bare chest." "You tell her yourself, cowboy. I'm going for a walk." "So I went out into the night and the neon and let the crowd pull me along, walking blind, willing myself to be just a segment of that mass organism, just one more drifting chip of consciousness under the geodesics. I didn't think, just put one foot in front of another, but after a while I did think, and it all made sense. She'd needed the money." "I thought about Chrome, too. That we'd killed her, murdered her, as surely as if we'd slit her throat. The night that carried me along through the malls and plazas would be hunting her now, and she had nowhere to go. How many enemies would she have in this crowd alone? How many would move, now they weren't held back by fear of her money? We'd taken her for everything she had. She was back on the street again. I doubted she'd live till dawn." "Finally I remembered the cafe, the one where I'd met Tiger." "Her sunglasses told the whole story, huge black shades with a telltale smudge of flesh tone paint stick in the corner of one lens. "Hi, Rikki," I said, and I was ready when she took them off." "Blue, Tally Isham blue. The clear trademark blue they re famous for, ZEISS IKON ringing each iris in tiny capitals, the letters suspended there like flecks of gold." "They're beautiful," I said. Paint stick covered the bruising. No scars with work that good. "You made some money." "Yeah, I did." Then she shivered. "But I won't make any more, not that way. " "I think that place is out of business." "Oh. " Nothing moved in her face then. The new blue eyes were still and very deep. " "It doesn't matter. Kincaid's waiting for you. We just pulled down a big score." "No. I've got to go. I guess he won't understand, but I've got to go." "I nodded, watching the arm swing up to take her hand; it didn't seem to be part of me at all, but she held on to it like it was." "I've got a one-way ticket to Hollywood. Tiger knows some people I can stay with. Maybe I'll even get to Chiba City." She said."


"She was right about Kincaid. I went back with her. He didn't understand. But she'd already served her purpose, for Kincaid, and I wanted to tell her not to hunt for him, because I could see that she did. He wouldn't even come out into the hallway after she had packed her bags, I put the bags down and kissed her and messed up the paint stick, and something came up inside me the way the killer program had risen above Chrome's data. A sudden stopping of the breath, in a place where no word is. But she had a plane to catch." "Kincaid was slumped in the swivel chair in front of his monitor, looking at his string of zeros. He had his shades on, and I knew he'd be in the Gentleman Loser by nightfall, checking out the weather, anxious for a sign, someone to tell him what his new life would be like. I couldn't see it being very different. More comfortable, but he'd always be waiting for that next card to fall." "I tried not to imagine her in the House of Blue Lights, working three-hour shifts in an approximation of REM sleep, while her body and a bundle of conditioned reflexes took care of business. The customers never got to complain that she was faking it, because those were real orgasms. But she felt them, if she felt them at all, as faint silver flares somewhere out on the edge of sleep. yeah, it was so popular there that it's almost legal. Just like back then, the customers today are torn between needing someone and wanting to be alone at the same time, which has probably always been the name of that particular game, even before we had the neuroelectronics to enable them to have it both ways." "I picked up the phone and punched the number for her airline. I gave them her real name, her flight number. "She's changing that," I said, "to Chiba City. That's right. Japan. I thumbed my credit card into the slot and punched my ID code. "First class." Distant credit records. "Make that a return ticket." "But I guess she cashed the return fare, or else didn't need it, because she never came back. And sometimes late at night I'll pass a window with posters of simstim Japanese stars, all those beautiful, identical Asian eyes staring back at me out of faces that are nearly as identical, and sometimes the eyes are hers, but none of the faces are, none of them ever are, and then I'll close my eyes and see her far out on the edge of all the sprawl of night and cities as she waves goodbye." "The point of my story Nicole, is that Kincaid and I back then were a team, but that we nearly split up because of a woman. However, unlike Rikki and Ukiko, you came into Kincaid's life searching for something that was missing from your life, namely love, adventure, and sexual fulfillment, and thus, as a result we, meaning Kincaid and myself, know in our hearts that we can trust you with both our lives and hearts." By this time Nicole, who was listening intently to Luc's tale, was incredibly horny, as she looked into Luc's sad beautiful eyes and said to him, "My darling, I promise to never break your or Kincaid's trust, you two are the most wonderful men I have ever known, and I promise that I will make both of you proud as your personal operative, just like Mata Hari." The promise of which Nicole then sealed with a kiss, after which, after making love one more time, they both got into Luc's old Ford pickup and drove to several of the local wineries, enjoying each other's company, as they laughed and smiled the whole time until, finally, they headed back into Paris for the Countess' party at the zoo, where she would get a chance to say goodbye to Atikur and Anjun, who were both leaving the next day for Japan to study under Nicole's future mentor and Sempai, Akira Sensei...


Chapter Twenty Three As Nicole and Luc headed back into Paris, where soon they would be arriving at the zoo, where the Countess was going to be hosting a party unlike any other Nicole had ever been to, he handed the invitation to her. The invitation simply said, "Come to Zoophilia- and Live Out Your Most Primitive Desire,"; however on the back of the invitation was a note that said that, at the party would also be the performance of a special Mbuti sacrificial fertility ceremony, called the "Mating of the Okapi." to which Luc smiled as he too wondered, like Nicole, if the Countess was finally going to realize her long sought out fantasy of being fucked by a real stud. It was at this point in the conversation, after having drank too much heady wine that Nicole, who was already wet, told Luc about the bet she and the Countess had made the day before, at the spa. To which Luc simply replied with a raised brow and asked Nicole, after he finally figured out what type of party it was going to be, "are you seriously thinking that you want to fuck an animal?" However, instead of answering the question, Nicole simply closed her eyes and smiled, letting the wine in her head take control as she tried to visual the possibility. What Nicole saw, in her mind, was perverse, yet beautiful and erotic beyond belief, as she imagined the Countess and her splayed, under the African sun with their asses in the air, as Anjun and Atikur brought in the a Centaur for an ancient mating ritual. The sight of which neither woman could see, for both Nicole and the Countess were suddenly blinded by the strong sun that now beat down upon them, and which illuminated their sweat glistened bodies... Yet, before Nicole could proceed with imagining what was to come next, Luc's telephone rang, as he answered the telephone and, with a knowing grin handed it to Nicole, saying, "It's the Countess." As Nicole found herself blushing, knowing that Luc knew just exactly was now on her mind, Nicole said, with a lusty voice, "Well hello your Royal Highness." To which the Countess said mockingly, "Cut the Royal Highness crap you little wench! Did you say yes? Are you up for this spy business of ours?" To which Nicole responded by looking at Luc, licked her lips seductively, and said, "Well, let's just say that I hope to see what Luc has contained in the special room of his." "I knew he would convince you, and of course that juicy cock of his I am sure helped seal the deal. Speaking of which, can you guess what special ceremony I am going to help perform tonight?" "The Mating of the Okapi?" Nicole said with an apprehensive grin. "Droite vous ĂŞtes, mon amour. However, alas, there are is more than one male Okapi, and I don't think I can handle more than one all by myself. Would you be interested in helping me out?" "Well, I don't know," Nicole suddenly said apprehensively. "I mean, until just a few minutes ago, I hadn't seriously thought about it. Come on, fucking an animal, that's disgusting! I think. I mean, won't it hurt?" "Well, maybe, but from what the brothers have told me, the Africans have been performing such ceremonies for centuries. However, if that doesn't convince you, then maybe you will have to see these magnificent beasts yourself. But if the Okapi don't excite you, I am sure we can find some other creature, for the zoo is teaming with unexplored pleasures," The Countess said with a playful and sultry, yet stern voice.


The she said, "If I can't convince you though, I am going to dare you!!" The Countess said, finally throwing down the challenge. As the sultry voice began to seduce Nicole over the roar of the wind blowing in her hair, she said, "I'll tell you what, I won't say yes or no, until after I get there. Since I have never even seen an Okapi, I should at least have the chance to see one for myself, before committing my body. So I won't say no just yet, but don't get your hopes up." "Of course my love, I understand. Oh, by the way, before I forget, Kincaid will be late to the party, and, from what I gather, he may even miss it. Something came up regarding your poor jailed husband. I hate to break the news to you, but it seems like he is asking for a quick divorce. He wants to separate you and spare you any more pain from having to deal any further with the mess he has caused. I'm sorry, but unfortunately I have to go, the Kukuana military attache and his men, along with about fifty of their most beautiful prostitutes are going to be attending, and I need to go and meet them. Bye! (Click)" Suddenly the erotic and perverse thoughts of being ravaged by an animal were tempered when she realized that soon she would be not a Mrs., but a Ms. once again, the thought of which made her both happy and sad, as she took Luc's hand, looked out the window and began crying, telling Luc the news of her impending divorce. It was at this point, 50 kilometers out of Paris, that Luc knew it was best not to say anything. So instead he simply kissed Nicole's hand, told her he loved her, and then tuned to a romantic jazz station, the sweet and romantic sounds of which carried them back into the city and to his house, where Maurice had delivered for Nicole a the sexy sheer white dress she had worn on the fateful night she was raped in the alleyway. Elsewhere, back in Chicago, in his cell at the federal lock up, Barry was steaming mad, for he had now realized that he had been tricked by someone, probably Kincaid, into granting Nicole her freedom, after his attorney had advised him that the only way to let Nicole off the hook was for him to initiate divorce proceedings. According to Barry's attorney, the government had alluded to the fact that because Nicole was in Paris, in the company of a declared enemy of the state, her citizenship was likely going to be revoked soon and a warrant for her alleged involvement in his spying activity would be issued. Despite the fact that Kincaid had likely been the one who had set him up for the fall, Barry had no ill feelings for Nicole, for she too had been tricked. After witnessing her rape in the locker room, which was the last he had seen of her, he could only imagine what she had been forced to do since. No, he did not want her to have to endure the pain and humiliation of being branded a traitor, so, with a heavy heart, he signed the papers, copies of which had been faxed to both the FBI, as well as to the fax number of Kincaid's attorney friend, whom then handed them to Kincaid, who, resigning himself to the fact that he was going to miss the party at the zoo, was now hoping to catch the last flight out to Paris in order to, before the sun rose, finally be with the woman he called the love of his life. Several hours later, Luc and Nicole, looking every bit like a modern couple in love, arrived at the gate of the now closed zoo, which was home to most of Africa's endangered animals. The Countess had for months and months been planning and preparing for the giant gala charity event to raise money for the museum. As a museum devoted to erotic arts, the Paris Institute of Oriental Arts was one of the more unusual in all of Europe, and as such, it was not one that received a lot of large donations from famous corporations. Most of the museum's patrons were a niche community of free love and free speech advocates from all over the world.


However, despite the small numbers of Frenchmen and women, the museum was mainly supported by the expatriate community, of which, the Japanese were major contributors, especially Ambassador Mishima-san and the other European members of the legendary Tatenokai. Tonight's fund raiser expected to bring in at least a million dollars, especially since the Countess had promised the invited guest a demonstration of the Okapi mating ritual, an ancient sacrificial ritual that the Mbuti tribe of Kukuanaland believed would bring them a bountiful hunt. The Countess was hoping that the demonstration of the ancient ritual would help bring in the crowds, which it most definitely did, as Luc and Nicole quickly found out as they were forced to wait in line for nearly 30 minutes, as the long que of patrons and likely voyeurs made their way, as darkness fell on Paris, into the suburban zoo in Versailles. Most of the guests were dressed, as requested, in formal attire, for the Countess was still a member of high society, and she wanted to make sure that the news photographers had plenty of eye candy to choose from, especially with the arrival of her African patrons, many of whom were high level diplomats. Among the displays the Countess had arranged, were over a mile of informational and commercial booths on a variety of subjects, including ancient virility practices, the ongoing wars in Kukuanaland, the saving of the African rain forest, tantric African sex potions, African herbal sex stimulants, etc... After finally making their way through the entrance, Nicole, who was by now cheered up from the devastating earlier news of her impending divorce, took Luc by the hand and set about to explore the zoo, including most importantly, the Okapi, whom Nicole was still wary of letting touch her, despite the earlier assurances by the Countess. Sensing Nicole's apprehension, Luc and her went to the open bar and asked for a drink, with Luc ordering his usual beer, and for the lady, a nice sweet glass of Mahala wine. The way Luc had figured, if Nicole drank enough of the Mahala during their tour of the zoo, and their exploration of the many booths where a number of bestial surprises were sure to abound, then, by the time Nicole saw the Okapi she might be more open minded to helping the Countess at the end of the night. At the entrance of the zoo, a large podium had been set up, around which were table and chairs for the guests to sit and dine on the specially prepared traditional Kukuana meal of fish in banana-leaf, as well as exotic side dishes from all over the region. The meal was being specially prepared by members of the Kukuana army's cooking school who, along with about 100 other men, had been flown into Paris, by the president of Kukuanaland, to assist the Countess and provide security and domestic help for the event. Additionally, the Kukuana president, because of his memorable sexual encounter with the Countess, furring a royal visit to the region before the death of her husband, had also flown in over 50 of his most beautiful Eastern European and African consorts, all of whom were bare breasted and dressed in traditional native loincloths and tribal paint, to provide practical demonstration of many of the world's most unusual sexual practices. As Nicole and Luc made their way to their table, which was situated at the center, next to the podium, the couple found to their surprise that they would be sharing their evening meal with several familiar people, including the Russian ambassador, Katya Gorbachev, the Japanese ambassador, Mishima-san and his consort, who was dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono, as well as the Kukuana ambassador, his consort, and the Kukuana army officers whom she had been sandwiched in between at Katya's still infamous orgy. Also seated at the table were Atikur and Anjun, who had been assisting the Countess during the last several weeks in the final planning of the event. The brothers were also the ones who were supervising the actors in the Mbuti sacrificial ritual, which they truly hoped Nicole would agree to take part in, for in their minds, no other woman, other than maybe Katya, would be willing to be a willing participant.


On stage behind the podium was the famous band, 'Out of Africa', a Kukuana group in Paris, playing a mixture of jazz, tribal funk, and rhythm and blues. As Nicole and Luc conversed with their dinner companions, Nicole could feel both the wine and the music helping to relax her mind and take her worries off her husband, and instead as to the possibilities of what taboo adventures the night at the zoo might provide. Still, the thought of actually 'making it' with an animal was, in her mind, something that she could not quite yet picture. Maybe, Nicole thought, by the time the ceremony began, she would be more accepting of the possibility, but first she would need to see just what an Okapi was. Eventually, after all the guests had been seated, and another round of drinks had been served, the Countess appeared, from behind the stage, looking stunningly beautiful, sexy, and nearly 20 years younger in her glamorous see through, tight black one piece gown, and matching stilettos. The dress was just sheer enough to see, in the fading light of day, that the Countess was wearing a thong underneath and nothing more, just like Nicole was, as well as most of the other female guests on that hot summer night. After making her appearance and going from table to table welcoming her guests, the band finally stopped playing as the Countess approached the podium, after which she spoke into the microphone and began her hand written speech, "Bonsoir, et la bienvenue à ce que j'espère seront une partie passionnante et un temps instructif pour tous les patrons et invités du musée. As most of you may know, I am the Duchess of Yorkshire, the curator and main benefactor of our beloved museum, of which I am happy to boast, is one of the more popular ones in all of Paris. However, because of rising costs of operating a museum such as ours, I and the chairman of the board of directors, Gregoire Kincaid, whose significant other, Nicole Hudson, is present in his absence, decided about over a year ago to hold a special benefit in the hopes of not only raising money, both for us as well as the terrible civil war in the Eastern Congo, but also to allow our patrons to connect to the culture of the Mbuti, whom have been the most directly affected victims of the corporate greed to exploit the regions natural resources, thus destroying the precious rain forest, as well as the ancient ways and practices of that dark and mysterious land. Thus, in a spirit of cooperation, the outgoing Kukuana ambassador, General Mbeleke has graciously provided us tonight assistance in providing our patrons with a truly unique cultural experience (applause)." "Merci général, comme le gouvernement et le peuple aimables du Congo, de fournir au musée leur appui constant. Merci (more applause)." "For those of you unfamiliar with the Mbuti, as well as the region that formerly was called Zaire, imagine a land the size of Europe where there is a rain forest, the Ituri, that lies beyond the reaches of modern society. The people that currently live in this seemingly impenetrable forest are called the Pygmies. One tribe whose people would be considered 'pygmies,' are the Mbuti, whose culture we are celebrating her tonight. The Mbuti has a dwindling population of about 30,000 to 40,000 people. They live in bands or tribes of 15-60 people. These people have chosen to stay within the reaches of the rain forest for a long time. The first written history of the Mbuti is Egyptian. The Egyptians called the Mbuti the “pygmies” or the “people in the trees.” This was written around 2,500 B.C." "Since the Mbuti have occupied the Ituri rain forest for so long, they know the forest very well. The Ituri rain forest is 70,000 square kilometers, or about 43,496 square miles, but, because of war and greed the size is dwindling. The rain forest is their home, food provider and at times their antagonist. Therefore the forest is an extremely large part of their lives, some might even say the forest is their life. The Mbuti refer to the forest as “mother” or “father.” I have observed, during my late husband's royal visit to Kukuanaland many years ago, that the Mbuti, after having lived in the forest for so many centuries, have figured out how to utilize its gifts while keeping the antagonist in it as distant as possible. They and their ancestors have devised methods of gathering food. The men are the hunters and the women are food gatherers. Along with being gatherers they drive game animals into nets that 188

the men are holding, including the magnificent Okapi, the male and female specimens of which all of you shall see later, when the clock strikes midnight, tonight in a practical and authentic demonstration of an ancient ritual." "Since they hunt game, they have to move with the animals. Thus, the Mbuti homes are made of saplings with large leaves covering the round huts. This non-sedentary lifestyle takes less time but allows for a more balanced diet. The non-sedentary lifestyle gives more free time for stories and music. Along with stories and music, the Mbuti perform sacrificial animal rituals in order to keep the forest â&#x20AC;&#x153;spiritâ&#x20AC;? happy. One of these rituals, which is the one you shall all have a chance to witness tonight, is called the Molomo, the details of which you will have to wait for when our Mbuti guests perform for us the ancient ritual that I just mentioned. However, in the meantime, I invite all of our patrons and guests to observe many of the other ancient animal rituals that are on display in nearly every corner of the zoo." "As for the threat to the Mbuti, their native rain forest is one of filtered sunlight under a tall, dense canopy of trees, where deep quiet is punctuated by sounds of the many birds and animals who share the forest with the Mbuti, including the Okapi, the Hippo, the Elephant, to name just a few. For centuries their home had a constant, comfortably warm temperature, plentiful rainfall, moist air, and rich soil help to nourish the multitude of plants that grew there. In turn, this richness of flora sustained a broad range of animals, birds, and insects which became a food source for the Mbuti. As you see, the forest is the core element around which traditional Mbuti life flows. They sometimes refer to the forest as mother or father, acknowledging it as the source of their food, clothing, and materials for shelter. Mbuti reverence for the forest extends beyond being merely a source of supplies to viewing it as sacred, as a "deity" from which they ask for help and give thanks through their ritual ceremonies, including the molimo. They think of the forest as a place to return to for safety. However, thanks to war and corporate greed, the Mbuti's earthly mother and father are on life support." "Although the Ituri forest may seem dense and impenetrable to outsiders, the Mbuti are at home in the rain forest and know its paths, valleys, and rivers intimately. They have great endurance and are able to orient themselves and travel long distances quickly and easily. Their skills as quiet, stealthy hunters allow great success at killing animals and birds to provide the needed protein for their diets. They also are wise gatherers of mushrooms, roots, and other vegetation, who know which items are poisonous and should be avoided. Other food sources include termites and honey, and plantains obtained through trade with Bantu villagers. They live in small groups of families, building camp sites of small, round huts from pliable saplings covered with large leaves to shed the rain. These villages are temporary, and are abandoned when the group moves on to an area with more plentiful game and vegetation. Each new Mbuti camp site is close enough to the periphery of the forest to provide relatively easy access to the particular Bantu village with whom each Mbuti group has a political and economic relationship." "Yet, even though the Mbuti have lived in the Ituri Forest for many thousands of years, and it is even speculated that they might be the earliest inhabitants of Africa, their future as a distinct culture is now in real doubt. As I said earlier, the first recorded reference to "pygmies" was in the story of an expedition to the area by Egyptians around 2500 B.C. In that story they were referred to as the "people of the trees" and characterized by singing and dancing. By the time Homer and then Aristotle wrote about them, they were thought of more in mythical terms than as real people. In subsequent years, knowledge of the Mbuti decreased to the point of referring to them as subhuman monsters or creatures flying through the treetops. It was not until the 19th century, when explorers traveling in Kukuanaland encountered the Mbuti, that these myths were corrected." "Stanley's exploration of the region during this period resulted in Colonial exploitation, which created a ripple effect eventually felt by the Mbuti. Bantu villagers, who historically lived an agricultural 189

lifestyle in adjoining regions, were forced from their land and migrated to the areas along the edge of the Ituri Forest. Over the years of contact, the Mbuti and the villagers have developed an unusual relationship where they are somewhat interdependent, yet fiercely guarded what independence they do have. Even today, the 21st Century, despite all of our bases on the moon, these competing tribes still both view the other as inferior; the villagers have assumed a position of authority and view the Mbuti as heathens from the forest, but a good source for cheap labor. And, since the villagers are afraid to enter the forest to hunt, the Mbuti are also their source for meat. In turn, the Mbuti depend on trade with the villagers for plantains and other supplies grown on village plantations.” “From the Mbuti point of view, they have no obligation to the villagers. Instead, they acquiesce to their wishes only if it serves their purposes. Once that need is satisfied, they disappear back into the forest, regardless of any commitment they may have agreed to. This reciprocal relationship has punctuated by frequent highs and lows, depending on the situation. However, now, thanks to the continued desire of certain multinational companies, none of whom I will name here, the Mbuti face a new threat, corporate eviction from the Ituri forest. Even now, as we enjoy our dinner, there are airships encased with armor on their way to suck from the region all of its most precious natural resources, despite the civil war raging below where thousands of Mbuti have already been victimized by rebel forces." "Thus, it is my sincere hope, that tonight, we can raise the awareness of the Mbuti people, by seeing and experiencing what will forever be lost, should the rebels and corporate pirates continue to rape and kill the people, as well as continue to rape and pillage the beautiful rain forest Therefore, in a gesture of sincere friendship, I am asking that all of you find it in your hearts and pocket books to not only donate to the museum, but also make a matching contribution to the Mbuti relief fund on the way out tonight after the conclusion of our event." "Merci beau coup. Dieu vous bénissent tout, et Dieu bénissent l'Afrique!" After the conclusion of her speech, the Countess was met with a thunderous applause, which brought her to tears. The Countess truly loved the beauty of Africa, both in its human form and its natural state. Most of her former lovers were dark black African's, both male and female, when she was an MI-6 station chief in Kinshasa, where she first met the current leader of Kukuanaland, back when he was the chief of the country's intelligence service. The last the Countess saw of the man, she and her husband were being given an official state farewell, weeks before she became a widow. Since that time, she and the Kukuana president had remained close friends and confidants. The civil war in the Ituri region was heartbreaking to the Countess, for many of her former African lovers had been killed in the all to frequent skirmishes and battles. Thus, after the death of one of her favorites in the recent months, the Countess decided to honor his memory and raise money for the relief effort in the area where his family reportedly still lived. At the dinner table, as the band on stage played slow and soft African samba and reggae music, the discussion naturally turned toward what taboo delights and sights were awaiting the guests. The Countess simply smiled and said nothing as she gently turned the discussion towards Nicole, who, with the exception of the very handsome Kukuanaland ambassador, Mobuto Soko, and the lovely Japanese courtesan, all of those at the dinner table had made love to. The Countess regaled her dinner guests with a vivid description of her first encounter with the young lass, and how she tempting she looked in her skimpy and sexy white dress.


As Nicole listened, she felt herself blushing for all eyes were now on her now very hard nipples. The Countess, who sat next to Nicole, squeezed her hand under the table and then, just as quickly, asked the Kukuana ambassador to comment and expound on, for Nicole's benefit, on just how the Africans of his tribe, the Mbuti, viewed the spiritual and physical relationship between the Mbuti women and the beast known as the Okapi. Upon hearing the question, which he had been expecting, the ambassador gave a knowing smile and began to tell regale the table with a history lesson and a folk tale that had been handed down to him a long time ago about the legendary animal...


Chapter Twenty Four As the ambassador spoke, in response to the question posed by the Countess, the dinner table became silent as he explained that the first evidence that a fabled donkey-like creature existed in the heart of Kukuanaland appeared in Henry Morton Stanley's 1860 book 'In Darkest Africa'. According to the ambassador, Stanley wrote that the pygmies who lived in the Ituri forests, 'knew a donkey and called it 'atti.' They say that they sometimes catch them in pits. What they find to eat is a wonder.' They ate leaves, but no one had ever heard of such creatures in Kukuanaland. The only member of the horse family known from the region was the zebra, and zebras don't live in forests, especially the deep jungle where the pygmies hunted." "Intrigued by Stanley's report, Sir Harry Johnston, then Governor of Uganda, questioned some pygmies he met in 1899. 'They at once understood what I meant,' he wrote, 'and pointing to a zebra-skin and a live mule, they informed me that the creature in question . . . was like a mule with zebra stripes on it.' When they showed him the elusive creature's cloven-footed tracks, Johnston changed his mind. 'I disbelieved them,' he wrote, 'and imagined that we were merely following a forest-eland.' The eland is a large African antelope. Finally, when he got hold of a skin, Johnston changed his mind yet again: 'Upon receiving this skin, I saw at once what it wasâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;namely, a close relation to the giraffe.' This antelope - donkey - anteater - giraffe, is what we now know as the Okapi." "From that skin, a pair of skulls, and the pygmies' tales, Johnston was able to conceive what the mysterious animal must look like. It was a strange beast. As the zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans has noted, it reminded one of those mythical creatures comprised of the body parts of various animals. It was like a large antelope but with no visible horns; it had ears similar to but larger than a donkey's; its hindquarters were striped like those of a zebra; and it had an anteater's long tongue." "Could a more fantastical beast be imagined? They asked in Paris, Brussels and London? Few Europeans believed it existed, but Johnston's persistence paid off. In the early part of this century, the animal finally became known to science as the Okapi. Named for Johnston, Okapia johnstoni is a heavy-bodied animal with a coat of reddish chestnut, yellowish-white cheeks, and thighs ringed with alternating stripes of cream and purplish black. Johnston's last guess about this oddball creature was rightâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;it is related to the giraffe. To bring to light a huge, unknown mammal in that century astounded the world. As one scientist had written, 'we today have no idea of the romance surrounding the discovery of the Okapi, nor of the excitement caused in natural history circles, first by the vague reports of its presence, and later by its actual finding.' In the years following the war, political upheaval has continued to cause the Mbuti to adapt their traditional way of life. Later, pressure by the Zairean government caused some Mbuti to leave the forest and live among the villagers. The evergrowing population of villagers has enticed some Mbuti to over-hunt in the forest to meet the villager's need for protein, leading to depletion of the once-rich animal population. Large areas of the forest are also being opened by gold seekers" "However, despite the tragedy in Ituri, as well as in Virunga, the Okapi have survived. However, it seems that where ever there are Okapi, there are tales of bestial encounters in the wild with the animal, none of which have ever been proven to be true. Even just the other day, my cousin, a general in the army reported to me that recently two young white women, from Canada, nurses I believe, were rumored to have been raped by these magnificent creatures. Whether or not that story is true or not, I am not sure, but throughout the centuries there have been tales of such unions, between woman and beast, existing. Speaking as a man who has witnessed such controlled unions, during the ceremony in which our dear hostess is to take part, I can say that watching a woman and a beast such as the Okapi, is truly a very erotic site. I am sure, once you witness, or even participate, you will never look at such 192

an animal again in the same light, for in my village, when I was a young man, I used to hear stories of young women who, after having tasted the seed of the Okapi, could never again be pleasured and satisfied as they could with a man." With that said, the Countess was approached by one of the military men and told that all of the exhibits were now ready for the guests to enjoy. Upon hearing this news, the ambassador said no more as he leered at Nicole, and poured her some more Mahala wine, the heady effects of which were only now reaching her brain. The instructions for the tour of the zoo were simple, each table, of which there were 20, was assigned a Kukuana army soldier, each of whom would take the guests, for the next several hours, around the park, stopping at each of the special exhibits. The planning for such an unusual party had taken some time, as well as a great deal of secrecy, for the zoo administrators did not know that the Countess had intended on using their exhibits in such a way as the patrons and guests of the museum would soon witness. Thus, as a safety precaution, each exhibit was equipped with two Kukuana soldiers, armed with tranquilizer guns to protect the females that were locked in with the beasts. The soldiers had fed some of the more exited animals downers in order to lessen the risk to the women whom were in the cages with them. All along the paths were vendors who continued to fill and refill the alcoholic and non alcoholic refreshments of all the guests. The men were also given explicit instructions to serve the female guests Mahala laced wine, coke and water, so as to help them lose some of their inhibitions, especially when they were offered a "hands on" demonstration at the live exhibits. However, for the male guests, so as to keep their female companions in check, the men and women servers were ordered to secretly serve them non alcoholic beverages Among the rules the guests were asked to follow was that no pictures be taken, and that they only approach an animal after having been granted permission by one of the guards in the cage. The biggest fear of the Countess was that someone would do something stupid, but, after seeing the professionalism of the Kukuana soldiers providing the security, as well as the fact that none of the more dangerous animals, such as the big cats and the hyenas were to be used, she was able to relax a bit as they began the tour down a path that led to the first station, the snake pit, where a African witch doctor was about to meet his first skeptic. Upon their arrival, the guests were led into the hot and humid snake pit, where, behind the glass cages, semi naked Russian and African dancers were writhing to the sounds of a slow hypnotic tribal beat that played from a speaker. After they entered, Luc asked Nicole, "What do you think?", pointing to the women in the cases snake dancing. "A snake?" Nicole said, unimpressed, "This really isn't something new. I've seen snakes before, you know. I grew up with a few." "Ah, but not like this," the looking white faced semi-naked witch doctor said, tapping on a small glass case. The head of the snake suddenly moved and looked at them. "A baby two foot long King Python, I bet you've never seen anything quite like this thing before. Take a look at it." As Nicole looked, the Countess and Luc could not help but smile, for they knew what was soon to come, the witch doctor was a pro and an artist at his craft of mind control. "It is impressive," Nicole admitted as the snake suddenly turned to look at her causing a chill to go through her as she locked onto its beady eyes, which seemed to focus directly on her, "but, but... I'm glad I'm seeing it here and not in the jungle." "I know," the witch doctor agreed. "This is the kind of snake who loves to mesmerize its prey before eating. I can believe it too. I mean, look at those eyes. Really look at them. It's like you can feel his power going into you. Just keep looking at his eyes, look at his eyes, look into his eyes, mademoiselle, look into his eyes and you can feel his power, you can feel his hypnotic power. You look into the 193

python's eyes and you can feel his hypnotic power, you can feel it flowing into you, you can feel his power flowing into you and you can't help it. You can't help it, you feel his hypnotic power and you can't do anything to stop it. The python has ensnared you now, he has ensnared you in his eyes, his hypnotic eyes and you can't look away, you cannot look away, you can only continue to stare deeply into his hypnotic eyes." When she was in India working for MI-6, the Countess had learned almost by accident that the belief of snakes owning hypnotic powers could be utilized to an interrogator's advantage. However, she had been planning on seducing her female guests to the taboo wonders of bestiality, the idea of the enlisting the famed witch doctor had been a masterstroke. Of course, his choice in a snake to train had been good as well. There were few things so instantly captivating as the eyes of a python and his quick induction only served to ensnare Nicole more quickly. The ancient trick was obviously working, for the guests and patrons noticed that her face had suddenly slackened as she stared helplessly into the eyes of the python, her mind buzzing with fatigue as Luc's voice and the python's eyes began to lead her into a trance. "You cannot look away, mademoiselle, you cannot look away from the eyes, from the hypnotic eyes. You can feel the hypnotic power flowing into you, hypnotizing you, hypnotizing you, you cannot fight the hypnotic power, you cannot look away, you cannot fight, you don't want to fight, you cannot fight the hypnotic power, you can only give in. Give in, mademoiselle, give in to the hypnotic power of the python, give in to the power and be hypnotized, be hypnotized. You are now hypnotized, you are now hypnotized and you cannot fight back. You are hypnotized." "I am...hypnotized," Nicole heard herself murmur, as her eyes became fixated to the gaze of the python. "Yes, my beauty, you are hypnotized. That means you cannot fight any of the commands I give you. You cannot fight any of my commands. You are hypnotized now, which means you must obey me, you must obey me, you must obey me." "" "Yes, you must do everything I say." " say...." "Please mademoiselle, take off your dress. I command you to take it off." The Countess and her guests watched in amazement as Nicole slowly stood straight, her eyes still staring down at the python. She reached up and slowly began to undo her dress, letting the straps fall, revealing her beautiful that was now only clad in her white thong, garter belt, stockings, and stiletto heels. Suddenly, the witch doctor moved forward, with the snake in his hand, and then gently began wrapping it around her neck and breasts. As Nicole watched, powerless, she felt the cold rubbery skin of the small and thick snake, a creature that had always made her skin crawl, begin to wrap itself around her now sweaty body, for the snake pit was not only hot, but also very humid. After the python was coiled around her legs and breasts, the witch doctor ordered her to step forward and follow him to the python cage, where, the Countess whispered to the group that the witch doctor was going to perform a sacred ceremony the ancients called the 'purge.'


After she followed the witch doctor into the snake cage, she was ordered to lay down on a special table, similar to that of a gynecologist, as it had special stirrups, with hand shackles dangling from the ceiling. Once on the table, Nicole's legs were gently strapped in by two half naked beautiful Russian concubines, and her wrists were shackled tight. As she sat there on the table she could feel the snake's tongue licking her erect nipples, as she felt her breathing become increasingly constricted from the python's tightening coil. After she was secure, the witch doctor left the cage and asked the spectators to approach. Once the men and women were close to glass, the witch doctor said to them, "The ritual that you are about to witness is what my African ancestors called 'the purge.' The ceremony was designed to remove from a virgin what I have heard commonly referred to by Americans as a 'cherry.' The type of snake used for the ceremony usually varied widely, depending on the size of the girl, but, as the Countess has requested, for this ceremony we shall use the non-poisonous four foot long sand python, whose head and body, though wide, are by no means impossible for a woman, such as our mademoiselle, to accommodate. The python, as all snakes, are attracted by scent, and as you can see, our young lady in the cage is definitely secreting from her loins a strong and lovely essence." Inside of the cage, Nicole was immobile, under the hypnosis, and speechless, as she watched the serpent slink its way to the table. The python was, thanks to the Mahala wine, attracted to the scent of the juices that glistened on Nicole's exposed and vulnerable pussy lips. Inside of her, her juices had been flowing ever since she had heard the ambassador talk about the Okapi. Her skin now glistened even more inside the oppressive heat and humidity of the snake pit, as she suddenly felt several serpent tongues on her skin tasting her sweat, the pleasure of which Nicole could not help but notice, even as she was under the strange mind control of the witch doctor. Outside of the cage, the Countess assured the group that the lovely Nicole was in no danger, and that, according to the witch doctor, the pleasure that she was going to receive, was only a taste of what she and her other female guests could expect during their evening at the zoo. Meanwhile, inside the cage, the python had arrived at the entrance of Nicole's cunt and had begun tasting her juices. Watching and feeling the sand python lick the juices of her clit, Nicole could hear and feel her constricting breath, as her sweaty python coiled breasts rose and fall, as the lovely Russian girls watched on and waited for the serpent to begin its move. For what seemed like eternity, the sand python, which is a burrowing snake, nipped and licked at Nicole, the sensations of which betrayed her fear, for with every lick, her pussy dripped, as low guttural moans of pleasure poured from her throat. Soon, after about five minutes, the python made its move and pushed its bulbous head against the sticky entrance of Nicole's pussy, the sensation of which suddenly caused Nicole to cry out as her eyes rolled back in her head. From outside the cage, the group watched in stunned silence as the snake slowly slithered into Nicole, was they watched it writhe inside her now distended womb. However, instead of stopping short, the snake continued to burrow into her pussy, coiling itself as she watched in shock from above, when suddenly the python brought its head up and once again set about hypnotizing Nicole as she felt her growing inhibitions quickly dissipate. As the python burrowed, the Kukuana ambassador spoke in a slow and quiet tone, and told the group that, "In days of yore there is a talk of a hybrid of man and animal. The African literature and art of antiquity leaves no doubt about that. Pictures of winged beasts with human heads, mermaids, scorpion men, bird men, centaurs, and many-headed monsters are all vividly painted on the walls of the stone remains of ancient African cities.â&#x20AC;?


â&#x20AC;&#x153;My peoples have been taught that even in historical times these hybrid beings lived together in hordes, tribes, and even in larger units like peoples. They tell of specially bred hybrids who spent their existence as temple animals and seem to have been the spoiled darlings of the populace. Even the Sumerian kings and later the Assyrians reportedly hunted half men and half animals.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mysterious African texts refer to half humans and hybrids, whose remarkable existence constantly evaporates into the uncheckable realms of the mythical. Even the Jewish Talmud recounts that Eve coupled with a snake. This idea inspired many artists. A woman with well-developed breasts and a snake's tail is depicted on potsherds found at Nippur - a representation, incidentally, that is not unlike what is happening before our eyes. As I watch young Nicole, I cannot help but think that, distressing as it is, the sinful side of our our past cannot be wiped out. According to present-day biological knowledge a cross between man and animals is impossible, because the chromosome count of the partners does not tally, for such mating, as we shall see later, has never produced a viable being. Yet despite the futility of such efforts and rituals, I cannot help but be turned on by the thought of watching a lovely woman, such as Nicole, allow nature to attempt the impossible." Inside the cage, the python's length shortened, as Nicole's belly grew, but despite the girth now slithering inside of her, all Nicole could feel was pleasure, for the snake's movements were slow and gentle. However, before the serpent could disappear, the Russian girls approached Nicole, took hold of the last remaining foot, and then slowly and gently began extracting the now slippery beast, the sensations of which caused Nicole to tremble as a slow continuous orgasm ripped through her body as her breasts and breath heaved until finally, after nearly two minutes, the python's head appeared from between Nicole's legs, after which the witch doctor knelt down and tasted Nicole's essence. As was expected, the python had not hurt Nicole, for it was a sterile and safe animal, and its coiled girth was now where as large as it could have been had the witch doctor used a fully grown python. After the Russian girls had removed Nicole from the stirrups and shackles, the witch doctor removed the python that was still wrapped tightly around her neck and chest, continuously eying Nicole, keeping her in a deep trance. Once the python was removed, the witch doctor handed Nicole's dress to the Russian women, after which they draped it over her head and smoothed over her now very sweaty body and led her by the hand back toward the waiting group and witch doctor, whereupon the witch doctor snapped his fingers, bringing Nicole back to reality. After Nicole's eyes blinked several times, the witch doctor asked her, "so mademoiselle, do you fear snakes now?" To which Nicole replied, as she eyed a large python in another cage, "why should I be afraid of them?" The answer of which caused all of the group to laugh and breath a sigh of relief. After which the Countess thanked the witch doctor for his demonstration, while around her the group was served more drinks as they savored the sight of the Russian and African women dancing to the tribal music that bled low through the zoo's overhead speakers. On the way out of the snake pit, Nicole whispered to Luc, "What demonstration?" To which simply Luc simply smiled and then wordlessly kissed Nicole deep, after which he said mischievously said, "It was nothing, he just pulled a snake out of a tight wet hole it had burrowed into...." After which they followed the group a stable, where a group of other guests was walking away laughing and smiling.


The hypnotic spell that Nicole had been under, once broken, caused her to instantly forget what had just happened to her in the snake cage. However, the hypnosis was actually designed for lowering the most immediate inhibitions and fears of an individual over a long period of time. For Nicole, at the time she was hypnotized, her greatest fear was becoming sexually attracted to something more than human flesh. Now that her fear was tempered, the Countess and Luc knew that Nicole would be more than willing to enjoy the rest of the exhibits and pleasures that the zoo would soon have to offer her.


Chapter Twenty Five As her head cleared, Nicole held Luc's hand as he led her to the next station, where the group had already made their way. Upon their arrival at the stables, the Countess introduced to her guests the world famous horse, Geronimo, a three time Kentucky Derby winner, who had recently arrived at the zoo, as part of their new exhibit on horse breeding. When the Countess had heard about Geronimo's arrival, only weeks before, she knew that the mighty stud would be the perfect specimen for her stable display. As the group walked along, the remaining female members of the party, with the exception of the Countess and Nicole, the Russian ambassador, Katya Kincaid, and the Japanese consort of Mishimasan, Bokuko, or 'Bo' for short, suddenly began to feel the ultra suggestive effects of the Mahala laced wine. Unlike the other women, young and petite Bo, spoke no other language than Japanese. Other than her escort, Mishima-san, she had no one to speak verbally to, but when she caught sight of Atikur undressing her with his eyes, she realized, after the spectacle in the snake pit, that there was a universal language now being spoken, that of animal lust. Once at the stable's the group looked through the window to see an African woman brushing Geronimo's hair, who upon seeing them motioned for the group to enter, after which she asked for two volunteers, a man and a woman, to see for themselves why the last group had gasped. However, as Bo could not understand why Atikur had directed to the center, she looked down to the stable floor as she knelt next to him on the soft hay. It wasn't until she noticed the shadow on the ground that she looked up again at its cock that was sticking out of his underside. She was shocked to see the size of it, for it was at least two feet long and as thick as her arm, the sight of which was surreal to her. Upon seeing the horse cock Bo knew she wanted to learn more about it, but was leary touching it, until she heard her master order her to crawl closer to Geronimo's hindquarters. As she did so, Mishima-san nodded his approval for Atikur to proceed with fucking his young concubine. With quick eagerness, Atikur disrobed the Asian beauty of her expensive kimono, and then disrobed himself. The African woman who had been brushing the stallion then took her cue and took Bo's hands and led them to Geronimo, and made made her touch the massive cock with her fingers. However, despite the erotic site earlier in the snake pit, Bo suddenly became fearful and pulled her hands back almost as fast, for the heat that was generated from the horse's cock felt almost scalding, in comparison to a man's. Her cry of fear was quickly quelled by Mishima-san, as he slapped her hard on the ass and ordered her to continue. After which, despite her fear, as Atikur got behind her and caressed her bare ass, Bo's quickly regained her courage as she reached up to grasp Geronimo's cock again. As she did so, the rest of the group watched in silence as Atikur encouraged her to continue by fondling her small breasts and hairless pussy. Yet, despite the attention now being paid to her young body by Atikur, it was not him that the others were watching in this bestiality scenario as Bo stroked her hands along the immense length of horse cock. As she stroked it, she was amazed how sturdy the horse was along its full length, especially since, from her past experience, the longer the cock, the harder it was for it to maintain rigidity along the length, as it often took too much blood to hold such stiffness. From behind, Atikur slowly inserted his cock inside her pussy, which brought Bo's attention from front to back, as she pushed her ass back to the cock that was now fucking her slowly. As she savored the Indian cock humping her from behind, Bo never released Geronimo's mighty shaft. Being so close to the equine cock, even her human nose could pick up the distinct smell of sex emanating from it. Now, thanks to the four glasses of Mahala wine she had savored earlier, Bo's mind had now relinquished control to her libido as she pulled on the giant shaft above her, in the hopes of trying to lower the stallion to her kneeling position so that she could get a closer look at it. 198

The horse's shaft was so stiff, it felt like trying to bend a metal rod, rather than one of flesh, yet slowly and inexorably, the giant cock was bending to her will. With a bit more effort young Bo finally managed to get the cock-head down in front of her face, for she, as well as the others watching, were now fascinated at its strange shape, including the flatness of the head and the thickness of the veins that ran along its sides. Even the urethra was different from what she expected of a cock, as it looked like a straw. "The easier to drink out of," Bo thought amusingly. "I guess." As soon as the thought entered her mind, Bo began wondering how a horse would taste differently from a man. She didn't have to think about it for too long, for she was long past considering the taboo of what she was contemplating. With Atikur now fucking blissfully and slowly away at her cunt, Bo moved closer to her stallion and began licking the length of its cock, causing Geronimo to snort loudly as he felt the strange sensation of the human's tongue sliding along his penis, the texture of which Bo loved. The skin of the horse cock was so different that she definitely knew now that she wanted to suck on it as quickly as possible. With that in mind Bo began running her tongue towards the cockhead and licked around that its tip, squashing her tongue on it and licking its entire surface. From Nicole's vantage point, the site of the lithe Oriental sucking on the giant cock of the massive stallion was, thanks to her earlier hypnosis, far from repulsive, for she now felt her pussy melting with every lick by Bo of the stallion's prick. For the Countess, watching the beautiful Japanese concubine kneeling in worship to the cock of the magnificent stallion before her was all the confirmation that she needed to reassure her that her first 'Zoophilia' gala party was definitely not going to be her last. As for the lovely Bo-san's male escort, Ambassador Mishima-san, he had selected the young 20 year old specifically because she was an insatiable lover and had few, if any, sexual hang ups, as the sight before him now confirmed. With one hand holding onto Geronimo's cock, Bo found that she didn't have to support Atikur, whose name she did not know nor cared, and herself from the ground with her other arm, for the sturdiness of the equine cock was sufficient to accomplish this. This allowed her to start using her now free hand to explore other pleasures. Such as rubbing her clit or tweaking her stiff and sensitive nipples. This unlikely threesome continued for a good fifteen minutes before Bo felt Atikur shoot a thick stream of cum into her cunt. By this time she had miraculously stuffed the stallion's cock-head past her lips and was sucking on it feverishly. With her hand on Geronimo's shaft, stroking along its length trying to make him cum as well, she desperately wanted to taste horse semen, at least once, before deciding how far she should go. Behind her, Atikur continued to fuck Bo while she remained vigilantly attached to Geronimo's cock, sucking hard and stroking it desperately. However, the one thing that she hadn't been counting on was the horse acting on instinct as his hindquarters unexpectedly humped forward. With such movement forcing another few inches into her mouth, yet, even though Bo was willing to take in the cock-head, to have even a few inches stuffed past her lips was beyond reason. With the giant member in her small mouth, Bo's jaw ached at this sudden mass as she tried to keep her teeth away from the stallion's cock, a feat that seemed almost impossible considering its girth. Just about then Bo felt Atikur pull out, only to be replaced by his brother's, as he continued to fuck her from behind, the sensation of which helped her only encouraged her to take more of the horse cock in her mouth. After several long minutes, Bo looked over her shoulder at the incredibly large audience that had gathered. Unlike the last group of guests who had visited Geronimo's stable, the Countess's group was the first that had gone beyond mere admiration of the 1,000 pound champion stud. As Bo marveled at crowd that had gathered around her, she suddenly tasted a trickle of horse cum escaping its straw like hole. Now exhausted and desiring to rest, for she was had now been in the same kneeling 199

position for nearly 15 minutes, Bo intensified her efforts at getting the stallion off, while at the same time she sought out her own climax with Anjun, concentrating her efforts at humping and sucking in unison. The crowd around her continued to marvel at the taboo spectacle, when suddenly they saw the stallion's hind quarters lunge. Unable to comprehend the reason for the crowd's sudden gasp, the stallion's bridle was suddenly held tight by one of the soldier's, as Bo heard a loud snort from Geronimo who bucked and then humped forward once more, as it tried to sink deeper into the petite woman's mouth. Yet, even though it was physically impossible to go any further inside her mouth or throat, Bo sensed that the horse's added excitement was a sure sign that he was fast approaching his own climax. Then, with only a split second of warning, and before she was ready, for the second time, Bo felt hot fluids of Indian spunk shooting in her pussy, while at the same instant the first powerful jet of horse cum flooded her mouth and throat. That single ejaculation was so powerful that it filled her mouth and overflowed out down her face, throat and chest. The force of Geronimo's ejaculation forced Bo to spit out the horse cock, gagging, while below her a large puddle formed from the cum that escaped from her mouth. Then, as she gagged momentarily as she tried desperately to catch her breath, a second and even more powerful splash of horse jism shot over her face and body and onto the brick stable floor. Then, with the horse cum being sprayed on to, and dripping from all over, her now sweaty body, Bo herself also climaxed. After which, once she recovered from the initial shock of the amount of cum that poured forth from the stallion, Bo returned her lips to the horse cock and resumed sucking on it. Yet, despite the taboo nature of sucking a horse cock, and the gagging effect that it inflicted on her, she found that she loved the flavor of Geronimo's spunk and sucked and swallowed his seed as fast as she could. But, despite her reputation in Japan as a master cock-sucker, Bo simply could not keep up with the huge beast, for she soon found herself literally drowning in cum. Finally, after what seemed like gallons of cum being shot in her distended stomach, the flow of cum from the stallion slowed. Yet, even as the horse's cum subsided, Bo sucked for long few minutes more before releasing the giant cock from her lips. By this time, Anjun had also finished with his business and had dismounted her a few minutes earlier. After which Bo collapsed in a heap on the straw covered floor, as the crowd let out an applause with shouts of "bravo". Bo was now covered completely in covered in horse jism, despite her best efforts to suck it all down, while on her other end, Anjun and Atikur's leaked from her wasted vagina. After a few minutes, the brothers helped the now sated and tousled haired Japanese beauty to her feet, after which two African women collected samples of Geronimo's cum, cleaned her body off with warm towels and then helped her put back on her kimono. As the group was waiting for Bo to clean up and compose herself, a male African soldier came out with a serving plate that contained several flute champagne glasses filled with what he said was â&#x20AC;&#x153;l'essence et des semences de Geronimoâ&#x20AC;? and offered them to the six women whom he had approached, including Nicole and the Countess. As the women picked up their glasses they all giggled and then with curiosity inhaled the stud's ambiance, which had an intoxicating aroma. With the urging of Luc and several other of the men, the Countess offered a toast and slowly drank the horse's salty and tangy spunk. Watching the Countess ingest her glass of cum, Nicole threw off her inhibition and slowly gulped the steeds semen down. The thick taste of which, she thought to herself, was even better then any of her lovers, including Luc and Kincaid. After she handed the flute back to one of the servants, the Countess cornered Nicole and asked with a coy smile, "So my dear, did that little display change your mind. It did mine. That cum was wonderfully and jolly tasty. Now I want to fuck the horse myself. I mean, that cock!! I wonder how it would feel in another warm and moist place." To which Nicole replied, also with a wicked smile, "How soon before we can find out?" 200

"Oh don't you worry my dear, there are plenty more stallions to choose from, but first we need to go to the next exhibit at the aquarium. I hear that the legendary giant octopus is an insatiable lover." As the group walked to the place where a group of Russian and African women were displaying to the guests the wonders of the beast's male anatomy, Luc asked Nicole if she had made a decision. To which she replied that she had not, for she wanted to see more before committing her body. Of course Luc knew that Nicole would not disappoint, but despite his desire to see he and Kincaid's lover savor some bestial pleasures, he was also worried for her safety as he had no idea just how powerful the Okapi's were. However, instead of showing his concern, he asked Nicole if she wanted more Mahala wine, to which she readily said "oui". For Nicole, imagining the bestial pleasures she might receive was enough to convince her to eventually agree to fully participate in the quickly approaching Okapi mating ritual, at the African Center's stage in the round, which is where all of the guests would soon be heading, but not before Nicole was to witness several more acts of bestial pleasure, including a woman in the marine tank who was penetrated by a bottle nosed dolphin, another who was pleasured by an octopus, as well as countless other women being pleasured by other exotic hot and cold blooded creatures...


Chapter Twenty Six By the time had come for the final event of the evening, Nicole had yet to tell the Countess â&#x20AC;&#x153;for sureâ&#x20AC;? as whether or not she intended to be a part of the mating ceremony. However, that problem was easily solved, when the frustrated Countess, after hours of awaiting for an answer and less than 30 minutes before the ceremony was set to begin, grabbed Nicole by her hand and asked her to follow a short way to a stable where the Okapi were being held and prepared for the ceremony. Once inside the stable, the Countess kissed Nicole deeply, then turned her around so she faced the male Okapis as its meaty member was cleaned, stroked her breasts, and in a stern but whispered voice, "Now enough of this guessing, I need to know now, will you let these beautiful animals fuck you?" At this time of the evening Nicole was feeling no pain, and her inhibitions, while severely impaired by the hypnosis and the Mahala wine, had yet to ease her fear of being on the receiving end of such a large animal cock, such as the ones the two male Okapis were packing. However, Nicole, as she looked in awe as one of the African female handler's stroked the animal's cock to hardness to clean it, she knew that she had to give an answer. For several long minutes, the Countess, from behind Nicole, stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress, and told her to focus in on the Okapi's cock. As Nicole gazed at it, she wondered if she could really handle such an impressive tool. The Okapi's cock looked to be nearly 24 inches long and three inches wide inch wide. The images of the evening, such as Bo sucking the stallion, as well as the taste of his cum, slowly had pushed Nicole toward the idea to take up the challenge of the brown monster that was now before her As the Countess continued to whisper dirty thoughts and reminders into her ear, the idea of fucking an animal, Nicole knew, was for her an inevitability. Though it had been, up to that evening taboo, her clouded mind now, thanks in large part to her earlier hypnosis and continued drinking of the Mahala, had become accepting. As her mind flashed back to the sight of the young Bo drowning in Geronimo's cum, her pussy suddenly flared with desire to be not only invaded by the beast, but also a slave to it. Yet, once she crossed that line, Nicole knew that, after that, nothing for her would ever be off limits or taboo for her. During her time at the zoo, Nicole had seen so many taboo couplings, but, with the Countess now pushing her to her fateful decision, as she continued to stroke her breast, and kiss her neck, the last of her resistance relented as she suddenly broke their embrace, turned around, and then said to the Countess, in a husky and breathless voice, "I'll do it!" With those three words said, she and the Countess kissed deeply for several long minutes, after which the African female assistants led the women to a special room where they began their preparation for the ceremony. Thirty minutes later, the guests had all gathered at the zoo's theater in the round, which was at the center of the park, and which was now packed with more than 500 people, all of whom the Countess had invited especially for the event. As the people entered the theater, they were handed a pamphlet from the Zoophilia Society of Paris, which is the organization that the Countess had recently established as a charity. The society itself was a means to an end for the Countess, for through her work with the charity, she would hopefully have more access to those in Europe devoted to exploring a Zoophilia lifestyle, such as the one she planned on embarking on, after her deflowering at the hands of the male Okapis she and Nicole were eying as their skin was painted in tribal paint.


After the guests were all seated, and the Kukuana guards had closed and locked the doors, Nicole and the Countess were mounted up on bareback stallions and rode from the nearby stables to the theater, in a long ritualistic procession that consisted of drums beating from inside the theater, which symbolically called to the women that the ambassador, in his speech inside, had simply referred to as "the vessels". According to ancient Mbuti legend, the women vessels represented the Earth, while the Okapi represented those who came from the heavens, whom the ancient texts referred to as "the guardians". In Mbuti culture and superstition, all animals were the gifts from the gods in heaven, of which the Okapi was the most special, for it was considered to be the 'giver of life', for which this ancient ceremony, which was called the Molimo, now celebrated. However, unlike in Africa, where traditionally a virgin would be used, in Paris, at the request of the Countess, she volunteered her services, and those of Nicole, in demonstrating to all her guests just how beautiful and pleasurable such a mating and coupling could be. For the Countess, she had approached her entry into bestiality with great care. Ever since she was a young teenager at Oxford the pictures and stories had intoxicated her greatly. Yet, like Nicole, she too had for years and years had never given thought to experiment with such a taboo act. In fact, it was not until she had met and befriended General Mbeleke, who was also her lover, the previous year, that her interest had gone from mere curiosity, to that of a full blown obsession. However, instead of simply being deflowered in a dirty stable, the Countess had wanted to make it an event with which would not only be controversial, but would also help to help bring attention to the war in Kukuanaland. The women, who were dressed in tribal robes, underneath of which they were painted with tribal virgin markings, quietly approached the gate on the bare backs of two stud stallions, in a long procession of nude black male and female dancers, as well as the participating male and female Okapis. As they approached, the ambassador explained to the attentive audience that in ancient Mbuti mythology, the Okapi god Baal was said to have impregnated a human female to sire a young bull god. In nearby Virunga, there are tales that an African god Zinj appeared to Seda, an African princess, in the form of a Centaur like creature, and that her children the Okapi resulted from that sexual union. Zinj also seduced Tiara, another black princess, in the form of a bull, and carried off the youth Virung in the form of an zebra. The half-human/half-bull Exosaur was the offspring of Queen Sheera and a white bull. King Peleus continued to seduce the nymph called Sharla despite her transforming into (among other forms) a lion, a bird, and a snake. The god Pan, often depicted with goat-like features, has also been frequently associated with animal sex. As with other subjects of classical mythology, some of these have been depicted over the centuries since in western painting and sculpture. It was from these legends, the ambassador explained, over centuries, that the Mbuti traditional ceremony of trying to mate an Okapi and a virgin, was born. It was said that, though all attempts to mate Okapi and human had failed, and the ceremony represented the altruistic ambition of trying to maintain a harmony in nature, so that one day when an offspring was sired, the human/beast child would someday come, like the Christian Messiah, to save the Mbuti and their homeland in the forest, called Zinjha by many, thereby reclaiming the birth right it had inherited from the gods of the heavens the Mbuti called 'The Guardians'. It was then that the ambassador enlightened the crowd, as the lights were turned low, that in the western world, fantasy literature has included a variety of seemingly zoophilic examples, often involving human characters enchanted into animal forms, such as: Beauty and the Beast (a young woman falls in love with a physically beast-like man), William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (Queen Titania falls in love with a character transformed into a donkey), The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (a princess champions a man enchanted into ape form), the Roman Lucius 203

Apuleius's The Golden Ass (explicit sexuality between a man transformed into a donkey and a woman), and Balzac's A Passion in the Desert (a love affair between a soldier and a panther). In more modern times, inter-specie sex of a sort has been a theme in science fiction and horror fiction, with the giant ape King Kong fixating on a human woman, alien monsters groping human females in pulp novels and comics, and depictions of tentacle rape in Japanese manga and anime. The ambassador then went on to say, as the drums of the Mbuti, that surrounded the center of the stage, picked up their pace, that modern erotic furry fantasy art and stories were also associated with zoophilia. It was then that he said that "Morality is something one cannot take for granted, for today, we grow up in a culture with certain mass assumptions, certain given taboos, and we accept them. But when one begins to question, when one learns that a certain taboo, such as homosexuality, is in fact a sound practice, it becomes necessary to examine more and more assumptions until you may evaluate a practice on it’s own grounds, and not the grounds that society has assigned to it.” “Thus it is the same with bestiality, which is the practice of having sex with a non-human animal. It is assumed that this practice is animal abuse, that it is an issue of power much like rape or pedophilia, that the humans who engage in it are psychologically unsound. This I have questioned. Of course, when considering the ethically if any action, one must outline what would qualify or disqualify an act. Bestiality would most certainly be immoral should the animal be raped, and it is entirely possible to rape an animal.” “But just as it is possible to violate consent, it is also possible to obtain it. Bestiality may be considered immoral on other grounds, such as setting back the best interests of the participants or by the mere act displaying a psychological deficiency in the human. It would also be immoral should the human merely use the animal for his/her selfish interests, if you will, as a means to an end; however, many bestialists - or zoophytes, as we prefer to call ourselves - maintain a deep and caring emotional bond with their non-human partners." "However, despite our emotional bond, there is a common conception is that the humans who engage in bestiality could only be interested in the animal as a sex toy; in other words, no one who really cared about animals would have sex with them. Stated in those terms, it seems very odd. Is not sex a tantamount means of expressing caring, love, and affection, especially considering that sex is as enjoyable to animals as it is to us? That aside, some humans obviously do practice bestiality not because they love the animals, but because the animal is a non-speaking yet living object that they can treat as a sex toy. And of course there is always the lonely shepherd or curious farm boy, where the animals they accompany are the only outlet for sexual energy.” “But these are not the only participants in bestiality. Bestialists - perhaps in this context more accurately labeled 'zoophytes' - are often people who not only claim to deeply love and care about their animals, but whose behavior supports this claim. They are experts in animal behavior, knowing exactly what signs to look for to be able to tell when the animal is annoyed or uncomfortable with their advances (and vice versa); they take good care of their animal partners, and are conscientious pet owners; many are fierce animal-rights advocates and detest animal cruelty in all it’s forms. With all this, it would be ignoring the evidence to then say that they are objectifying the animals as toys or even rationalizing their practice in the face of contrary evidence, as practicing pedophiles do. As much as any chaste animal owner, they deeply care for the emotional and physical well being of their companions." "In the western world, the common approach is that by having sex with an animal, the human is degrading herself. This viewpoint is often derived from the notion that humans are eminently superior to animals; often this has a religious basis. Religiously, animals have been regarded as under Man’s rule, for us to use and even destroy as we please (though this has considerably softened in 204

contemporary environmental-conscious times); though sex could be considered just another use, it would be absolutely taboo for a human to actually relate to an animal on it’s own grounds. Especially as sex is regarded as existing solely for procreation, and perhaps for the expression of love, sex with an animal is absolutely forbidden.” “The concept that one might love or relate to an animal is highly threatening to the Church’s anthropocentric world-view. This argument, like most arguments with religious basis, is compounded with problems, the foremost being that homocentrism is little more than a Western excuse for human dominance and rationalizing atrocities such as the meat industry and animal abuse and neglect. That being the case, I will address the non-religious issue: that bestiality is degrading relative to what humans should be and should do in their relationships and sexual activity. This argument is not without appeal; for surely, a partner with whom you can relate to on the same intellectual level, and with whom you can share activities of human nature is to be sought. Of course, this point has merit.” “However, it is also not to be denied that deep emotional bonds with animals are possible, and they do share aspects of our lives in a different fashion. True, one cannot discuss philosophy with them, but even the chaste pet owner can relate to them on a deep emotional and physical level. Zoophytes extend that to the sexual realm. It may, perhaps, be considered immoral for a zoophyte to substitute human relationships for animal ones; however, not all zoophytes are animal-exclusive, and even if that situation would be considered immoral, it would not make the practice of bestiality itself immoral." "Many argue that sex should only occur in relationships where you can relate to the person on a human level; but sex can be an expression of many things, not merely a completely egalitarian relationship. It is the embodiment of the flesh; it can express so many things, from pure physicality to romantic love to mutual friendship. Though a relationship where a meeting of minds does occur may be ideal, that does not condemn anything less as being immoral. This would devalue the relationships of those humans who simply do not choose to (or who are even not interested in) intellectual issues, negating the tremendous value of their emotional, physical, and (if you will) spiritual connection.” “It would indeed be asking too much to ask all persons to seek the ideal or nothing. Moreover, people who engage in bestiality for more than pure physical pleasure profess that they truly feel a sexual and emotional attraction to animals parallel to or even beyond that which they feel for humans. If one can indeed relate to another being across the species barrier so intimately, as reading accounts of zoophytes has convinced me, then that relationship does not fall so very short of the ideal after all. It is a huge step for the typical anthropocentric mind to accept, that a human could relate on such grounds to an animal; however, after reading the writings of zoophytes with an open mind, one must accept that it is so.” “This is further supported by the fact that many zoophytes simply take pleasure in masturbating the animal to orgasm, and not merely using it as a tool towards their own gratification. They derive pleasure from giving the animal pleasure; it would be hard to find a truer point towards the proof of love. There is as much sincerity and feeling in their accounts as there is for accounts of human love, and if one is to believe in love at all and treat the evidence fairly, human-animal love is undeniable." It was at this point in his speech that the ambassador asked the silent crowd, "What about animalhuman love though? Can animals reciprocate the feelings?” “Love is a terribly difficult emotion to prove, especially in the absence of language. However, animals are affectionate and loyal; and as much as is possible through the species barrier, they display all evidence of being capable of love. There is always the problem of communications, and of course of what sex means to the animal; however, given intimacy and close observation, no person who lives or works with animals can deny with a clean conscience that animals do not love. The evidence, though 205

much of it is anecdotal and personal, is there. Is the human-animal attraction a sickness? A pathology to be cured?” “As of today bestiality is still on the psychologist’s list of mental disorders, much like homosexuality was a few decades ago. In the case of homosexuality, psychologists were simply unaware of the committed and happy relationships that were possible within homosexuality. Out of plain and simple ignorance, they condemned an entire sexual orientation as a mental sickness. I would make a similar analogy to bestiality - psychologists are simply unaware of the relationships that are possible with animals. Of course not all of those practicing bestiality even consider connecting with an animal so deeply; remember the lonely shepherd.” “However, there is a considerable community of individuals who find themselves much happier when loving and consummating animal relationships than when restricting themselves to humans; and, barring a concrete wrong (such as animal abuse), I for one will not condemn that happiness. To all appearances, it is fulfilling and complete; it is not indicative of any psychological shortcoming; and when abstaining from internally accepting or practicing bestiality, many zoophytes experience the same symptoms that homosexuals do while still in the closet - most notably extreme loneliness, isolation, and depression. Bestiality cannot be cured, and at least one psychologist has expressed the view that there is no need to change it. Thus, Zoophilia is not a sickness, not a perversion, and not in and of itself a tangible detriment to happiness. It is indeed deeply and internally rooted in the psyche and it is nothing short of cruel to deny a zoophyte the legitimacy of their feelings." "As you can hear and see, the drums inside of the theater are beating a song, which the ancients called 'the Guardian's march', the sound of which legend says reaches out to the stars and lets our gods know that a new sacrifice is about to occur, the name of which we call the Molomo. The Molomo is one of the most important ritual in Mbuti life, inspired by their belief that the forest is the center of their existence, the source of all that is good in their lives. It is also celebrated to give thanks to the forest or, after a bad event such as a death, to put their lives back in order, to find balance by becoming more centered. The term 'Molomo' refers to the ritual and to the cock of the Okapi.” “As you can see, the Okapi's cock is very long and thick, but fear not, for its thickness will not not bring harm to our beautiful maidens, who are now approaching the theater on bare horse back. Keep in mind that it is not the Okapi that it sacred, for what makes the ritual sacred to the Mbuti are their beliefs in the goodness of the forest that inspire the ritual." At this point the ambassador ended his speech, as he and the other guests watched in silence as the sacred ceremony began. According to the ancient tradition, as the guests of the Countess watched in silence, over a dozen naked and muscular army men gathered around a central fire to take part in the dancing and singing, after which the Okapis, both the male and females were escorted in. Once inside the animals were hosed down with water, and rubbed with dry leaves as a symbol of water, earth, and air, after which the cocks of the male animals were rubbed clean with a special non alcohol sterilizing solution. When the men arrived back at the center of the stage with the Okapi, they circled the periphery of the stage and then entered as the singing and dancing around the central fire subsided. It was then that the witch doctor entered and began to dance around and scream in an attempt to ward off the evil spirits. Then, after silence filled the air, there was suddenly the sound of a animal trumpet trumpet to signal the arrival of the sacrificial virgins, Nicole and the Countess. The theater in the round was equipped with a multitude of high tech video screens, the purpose of which was to provide the audience with extreme closeups of the action that would soon be taking place upon the stage. On stage were numerous cameramen who would provide for the audience closeup 206

images of the spectacle that they were all about to witness. The Countess intended to sell the video of the evening to raise funds for Kukuana civil war relief efforts, and thus had requested that both she and Nicole's faces be masked during the entire ceremony. The props on the stage consisted of a large artificial palm tree, and two large logs. When the trumpet played the audience was saw that the faces of both Nicole and the Countess were covered in tribal masks, and that they wore traditional Mbuti tribal clothing, while underneath they were completely nude, with tribal masks covering their faces and vibrant rainbow colors of painted tribal streaks on the exposed parts of their breasts, abdomens and buttocks. Prior to their arrival, at the stable, the witch doctor, who hours earlier had hypnotized Nicole, offered both the Countess and Nicole a chalice of red Mahala laced wine, the contents of which also included a mind control drug. The effects of this drug was that they were now powerless to resist any suggestion that the witch doctor would give them. After the women entered, several naked black men helped them off the horses and led them to the stage, whereupon they were instructed to disrobe and to turn face one another. The witch doctor then explained to the audience that, for this demonstration, the white women before them represented not only virgins to be deflowered, but more importantly they each represented the essence of the white African goddess of Ayesha, the mythical guardian of King Solomon's Mines. The witch doctor then explained that there is a legend that one day the white goddess will one day return to rule her kingdom of Zinj, and that it will be the Okapi who will lure her back to her kingdom, so that she may reclaim her throne over both her realms above and below the water. It was then that the witch doctor claimed that this would be the first time in recorded history that a woman not of African descent would undergo the mating ritual, the statement of which caused the two women to smile with a thrill of anticipation at each other, for they were, at that moment in time, truly virgin white. Because of the darkness of the theater, and the glare of the bright footlights upon the stage, neither the Countess nor Nicole could see any of the guests in the audience. Standing and sweating under the tree, which in Kukuanaland would have protected them from the blazing sun, but not the spotlights of the theater, the girls watched the graceful and strong male Okapis greedily eat the leaves of the plants that their handlers fed them. "Well, they look harmless enough," said the Countess, as her eyes tried to pierce the glare of the footlights to see the hidden audience. The witch doctor then instructed the women to walk over to the tree trunks, which each had bare branches extended at odd angles. As they made their way on stage over to where the witch doctor had ordered, the women soon lost sight of the males, as they walked toward the fallen trees. By the time the girls were standing where they had been instructed, they realized that the animals had now formed a circle around them, as they faced them, with their backs to the tree trunks, and proceeded to stand very still. The female Okapis, unlike their male counterparts, were small creatures, and their heads barely reached the bottom of the girls breasts, as the first Okapi, a female, walked slowly to Nicole and began to sniff her navel, while another moved toward the Countess and began to nibble at the loin cloth around her hips. Soon, all six females began to nibble at their clothes, taking small pieces of cloth into their mouths and swallowing the flimsy African cotton.


As a result, it wasn't long until both girls were all but naked, with only strips of cloth hanging from their semi-nude bodies. Once the girls bodies were exposed, both Nicole and the Countess closed their eyes to the strong light from above that now beat down upon them, and which illuminated their sweat and saliva glistened bodies, the female Okapi proceeded to use their 18 inch tongues on their skin and pleasure both of them, especially their breasts and shaved pussies, as they were held up on either side by a strong and naked soldier. As the Okapi licked, the nearby video cameras caught every sound and facial expression of pleasure made by Nicole and the Countess. The animal tongues slathered their bodies with copious amounts of saliva that soon dripped off their skin and onto the ground. The tongue bath was only the warm up for what the female Okapi tongue was especially good for, burrowing deep into moist areas. For the women, the erotic and taboo feeling of the animals was simply a prelude of what was to soon come. For this demonstration was simply a way for relax both Nicole and the Countess and make themselves comfortable. For ten long minutes the animals pleasured their skin, focusing primarily on their breasts and exposed slits. The sensation of which quickly caused both women to moan and writhe in pleasure and beg the witch doctor for more. Knowing now that the females, both the women and the Okapi, were ready for more, the witch doctor instructed the women to be laid on the large tree trunks that lay on the ground. The Africans who were tending to the animals took them as others led the Countess and Nicole over to the large fake plastic dead trees. The witch doctor then instructed them to lay down on their backs and to spread their legs wide. As they took their positions, Nicole and the Countess were suddenly blinded by the overhead lights, the heat of which radiated onto their sweaty skin. After the two of them laid back, two soldiers on either side grabbed their ankles and spread their legs wide, so as to expose their now fully shaved and moist slits. Once the women were in position, as silence fell over the auditorium, the handlers of the female Okapi took them by the reins and led them over to the women, whereupon each of the female Okapi continued their exploration of Nicole's and the Countess' bodies with their rough tongues. by licking their spit and the human sweat from their bodies. Soon, all 18 inches of their tongues were making circles over their skin, with one feasting upon their breasts, by licking the nipples, encircling the entire breast, and then pulling and tightening its grip until it actually pulled the nipple into its mouth with a sucking sound. The second female who worked Nicole's other breast did so with similar actions, the result of which caused her to feel yet another erotic stupor coming on. Sensing her need to quench her newly discovered beastly lust, the witch doctor ordered that Nicole's body be positioned so that the Okapi could reach deep within her most intimate place, to which the men responded by spreading her legs higher and wider, so as to allow a third Okapi tongue to enter her pussy. With 18 inches to work with, the Okapi's tongue folded over and onto itself, and undulated to slide, over both the top and bottom of her now wet cunt, while it simultaneously glided over her clitoris. For Nicole, the eroticism was almost too much to imagine as she let out a small moan of pleasure as the creature's tongue found its way into her cunt, while a fourth now pressed up and began to enter her ass. The rough tongues felt like 18 inch serpents as they worked their way deep into Nicole, and discovered places in her bowels and womb that no human organ had ever explored. It was at that point that Nicole ripped off her mask and looked straight into one of the nearby cameras, her eyes now glazed over with lust. Nicole was now a hostage to the pleasure as she begged for more. As the crowd looked on in silent awe, it was clear that the animal tongues now in her pussy and ass would soon break her and bring upon a massive orgasmic release.


Just a few feet away, the Countess, who was also now unmasked, was getting much of the same treatment as Nicole, as the Okapi seemed to waste no time and positioned her so that she could have both holes violated while she, too, was bent over the trunk. However, the tongues working the Countess were more intense, as these animals were more aggressive than the ones on Nicole, and mouthed her ass and clits, while their tongues twirled deep within her. This action went on for what seemed an eternity, yet, each time the girls seemed to be ready to cum, the action slowed, as if the animals were waiting for them to calm back down. As the tongue fucking continued on for nearly an hour, the sweat soaked women were desperate to cum, as they had been tongue fucked better than any man or woman could possibly match. The massive animal tongues were so wet and long, that both women now knew that no human tongue could hope to touch the parts of their insides that the soft and nimble Okapi ones had reached. Fortunately, for both women, though their bodies were being subjected to extreme sexual exertion, their African friends were keeping them well hydrated, as the spotlights and the fucking had caused them to sweat out of their pours a massive amount of liquid. As the audience silently continued to look on, underneath the bright spot lights, the video cameras captured the shocking event for eventual broadcast over the Internet. By the end of the first hour, Nicole and the Countess, who were both in fine athletic shape, were now reaching the point of exhaustion. With their sweaty bodies now reduced to being the sexual toys of these animal tongues, the pleasure of which they could not get enough, the tempo quickened on both of them, until finally they exploded, almost simultaneously, with intense orgasms. The intensity of their release caused their backs to arch sharply, while at the same time their hips bucked and shuddered over and over, until finally they surrendered with sobs of joy and pure sexual release, while from their mouths drool poured down and onto the now dirty stage floor. As the Okapi tongues slowly retreated out of their orifices, Nicole and the Countess continued to shake and shudder as more water was brought to their lips. After they drank, the girls managed to rest only briefly before they were lifted and made to lay on their stomachs. As they laid there, the men who were their attendants gently spread their now sweat covered ass cheeks so that the female attendants could apply copious amounts of a special Mahala laced lubricant, the effect of which would heighten the pleasure tenfold that they would soon receive. As the women looked at each other with lust filled eyes, while at the same time keeping a watchful eye on the what was happening behind them, Nicole and the Countess reached their trembling hands out to each other and held each other tightly. Though no words were spoken between them, Nicole and the Countess now knew that they were true sisters and now had a deep bond between them. After their bottoms were tended to, the witch doctor ordered that the mating now begin, to which the creatures were freed from their harnesses and instinctively approached the prone and vulnerable women. Neither the Countess or Nicole could see any of the faces in the crowd as the snouts of the two males sniffed them, though from the sounds Nicole guessed correctly that there were literally hundreds of spectators around them. Sensing the new presence of the now freed creatures, both women turned their eyes from each other, then looked downward toward their asses and saw that the male Okapis were now both ready for action. It was then that the men and women on stage moved far away to leave both of them alone with their new mates. Weak from her own pleasure, Nicole watched helplessly as the Countess suddenly showed fear and tried to move away, but was trapped as the male's front hooves straddled her and were placed on either side of her. Wordlessly Nicole reached over and held her friend's hand tight, and smiled at her in encouragement, as the Countess spread her legs wider to grant entrance to the stiff Okapi cock that now attempted to enter her. The animal's cock wasn't all that huge,but the powerful hips and legs of the Okapi were several times as strong as any man, and its thrusts pounded her with incredible force that 209

caused her to scream and moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Thanks to the Mahala lubricant the pain however quickly subsided, leaving the Countess to whimper and moan in animal pleasure as the horse like beast raped her and fucked her harder that she had ever before in her life. As the beast pounded her, the Countess was not sure whether or not she was helpless because of the strength of the animal, or from her enjoying the rape she had willing chosen to endure. Meanwhile, Nicole did not have time to gaze long at the fucking the Countess was receiving, for the other male Okapi was now upon her, and, as she felt the beast mount her, Nicole relaxed, for she desperately wanted to experience the force and perverse pleasure that the Countess was now enjoying. As she felt the beastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hot breath on her neck, Nicole tilted her pelvis back, and spread her taught legs as wide as possible; however, this Okapi was larger than she thought, and it also was positioned higher than she had estimated. Because of this higher position, when the beast entered Nicole, it missed its intended target and pressed its thick cock up against her well lubricated ass, which caused her to wince and yelp in pain as the beast mindlessly entered her at the same time her asshole tightened involuntarily. It was all Nicole could do to focus, as the stiff hardness moved deeper and deeper, forcing from her tears and cries of both pain and pleasure. As Nicole struggled to accommodate the massively thick cock, she quickly realized, as the cock hit bottom, that the animal was about to violently sodomize her the same way the other beast was raping the Countess. However, had it not been for the female Okapi lubricating her asshole inside and out, as well as the Mahala lubricant and her own natural elasticity, the experience probably would have been bloody and painful. Instead, thanks to the thick coating of lubricant, the Okapi felt like a nicely hung man was in her; however, that is where the similarity ended, as Nicole quickly learned the difference between a 200 pound man and a quarter ton animal. As the Okapi began to thrust in and out of her with incredible power and speed, Nicole realized, in between strokes, that she now had gone over completely to the dark side, and that it was now longer her mind that controlled her actions, but rather it was her own insatiable and perverse sexual needs. As her eyes looked into the camera in front of her, Nicole suddenly realized that her bestial fuck was not only being recorded, but also broadcast all over the world on-line, the thought of which made her even wetter and her screams of pleasure louder. Yet, despite her screams of pleasure, Nicole's ass was pummeled mercilessly as she tried to relax her muscles so that she could take all of the animal's thick cock, which of course didn't matter though, as the powerful beast drove its cock into the hilt for a full 20 minutes in desperate race to release its seed. When the Okapi finally came, the creature let out a large whine and filled Nicole's bowels with literally a full liter of his salty deposit. With that initial filling, which soon overflowed out of her stretched bottom, Nicole was rewarded with a thick and hot lubrication, the sensation of which made her experience a mind blowing anal orgasm, even as the animal remained in her and continued to pound away. For the Okapi was capable of multiple orgasms and had at least two more gallons of cum welling up in its genetically modified testicles that now slapped Nicole's bottom even harder. As Nicole gasped for air and the inhuman humping and rape of her ass, she continued to watch as the Countess was also fucked with super speed and inhuman strength. Though it was clear that both she and the animal had cum several times, based upon the amount of cum which was dripping from her cunt, neither the Okapi or the Countess was ready to quit as she taunted the animal and begged it to fuck her even hard and longer. Which it did, until nearly 20 minutes later when it pulled out and with the force of a geyser, covered the Countess with nearly three gallons of its thick and creamy love juice. Meanwhile, Nicole, who by this time was on the verge of her fourth orgasm tried to prepare for her mount to exit, but it was too late, as after one final thrust, her Okapi pulled out and spewed its gigantic load all over her sweaty body, the sensation of which caused her to emit a final shriek of pleasure as 210

she convulsed and felt her heart, for a brief moment, nearly stop from exhaustion as the energy her body was generating had now brought her to death's door. However, instead of feeling fear, Nicole realized at that moment just how perfect and pleasurable such a death could be. The sudden emptiness made both the Countess and Nicole cry out in a simultaneous and final orgasm as they passed out from the pleasure. As the crowd looked on in awe and stunned silence, the witch doctor ordered that the female Okapis tend to both Nicole and the Countess. Moments later, the exhausted women began to stir from their orgasmic induced coma, as they felt themselves being licked, nuzzled, and cleaned of the gallons of cum that dripped from and out of their bungholes and pussies. As the female creatures continued their oral assault, Nicole slowly returned to consciousness, as she felt herself cum several times more, as her body limply jerked with each spasm. However, each time Nicole's legs tried to close or turn her hips, the femalesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; muzzles and hoofs repositioned her until her body reopened to accommodate their tongues again and again As the tonguing continued, Nicole, who was by now on the verge of completely passing out under the heat of the spot light, sensed that she was dreaming when she saw the Countess, still face down, being sodomized by a third male Okapi, the image of which was the final one that Nicole saw before she lapsed into total and complete unconsciousness. As he reflected on what he had just seen, from his nearby seat, Luc realized that in all his life he had never seen anything quite as erotic as watching two beautiful women enjoy being fucked by the massive cocks of such an impressive animal. Originally, when the Countess had proposed the idea, both Luc and Kincaid dismissed it as too dangerous. Yet, after much convincing and the promise of watching the Countess herself be fucked by the Okapi, Luc now had to admit that what he had just witnessed was by far the most perverse and erotic sexual act he had ever witnessed. In watching Nicole not only being fucked by the Okapi, but also enjoying it, he knew that she was going to be the perfect woman for the job they needed in Japan. However, before she would be able to embark upon her first mission, she would need to be thoroughly trained. For Nicole the training would not only be hard, difficult and strenuous, but it would also test her physical, mental, and sexual limits. However, once that training was finished, especially under the tutelage of Akira Sensei, she would become what the Japanese called a Neon Geisha, or more appropriately a modern geisha spy and assassin! As the women were quickly carried off the stage, and the lights of the theater were turned on, Luc's phone rang just as he was beginning to reach the theater exit. On the other end was Kincaid, who, Luc promised, was now at the airport after having finally arrived back in Paris from America. Kincaid informed Luc that Nicole's husband Barry had confessed to being a Russian spy, but that, instead of absolving responsibility for Nicole, had suddenly decided to implicate her, the end result of which that she was now a wanted fugitive. As a result of Barry's decision to implicate Nicole, Kincaid's attorney friend had filed divorce papers on behalf of Nicole, which, in less than 24 hours, resulted in the judge, who was also a friend of Kincaid's to issue a no fault divorce decision, thus effectively cutting Nicole's ties to her now former husband. Additionally, just as he promised, Kincaid had managed to collect and bring back with him all of Nicole's personal belongings, including her x-rated diaries. It was then, after Kincaid had explained to Luc why he had been late on returning to France, that Luc told him what he and over a hundred other men and women had just witnessed there at the zoo. To which Kincaid simply replied, as he started the ignition of his car, "I can't wait to see it, I'll be seeing you both soon. I hope she is ready for more love making..." Hours later, upon returning to Paris, Luc and Nicole sped through the narrow streets until finally they were back at his mansion. After parking the truck, Luc led Nicole by the hand up the stairs to his 211

bedroom apartment, whereupon she was greeted by the other man she loved. Upon seeing Kincaid for the first time in many days, Nicole broke down and began sobbing uncontrollably as Kincaid wordlessly took her into his arms and the two of them kissed deeply, while behind them Luc proceeded to strip out of his clothes. After a few moments Nicole looked around to see that she was the only one dressed, after which her twin lovers wordlessly helped her out of her white dress and then took her by her hands and led her to the jacuzzi, whereupon, for the first time her lover and backdoor man, whose tender and choreographed movements made it seem as they were one man, made love to her in ways so countless and numerous that the orgasms and sensations all became a blur. For the next several days Luc and Kincaid's simultaneously Viagra enhanced lovemaking to Nicole's oversexed body carried them through hours upon hours of marathon love making sessions that tested the sexual stamina of all three members of the spy team the world would eventually know as 'La Femme'...


Chapter Twenty Seven At the same time Kincaid, and Luc made endless love, for days on end, to Nicole, their new young protege, half a world away, in Japan, deep within the bowels of the GENOM Tower, a new species was awakening, the world's first truly artificially created conscious sexual being.

"Macchine." Inside the large conference room, the leaders of GENOM sat, including the CEO's adopted daughter and chief of internal security, the scared faced woman known simply as 'Kabuki', mesmerized at the pictures on the wall as they listened to Dr. Hiro Hitashi proceed to describe and show a video demonstration of the company's newest Boomer prototype, "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dr. Hiro Hitashi, I am the chief researcher on the prototype interrogation robot we have code named simply- Macchine." "A tapping ring: a small, precise hammer striking a perfectly milled steel cotter pin. The smell of shaved steel and machine oil, a dark, musty but sharp scent. Brilliant platinum halogen lights try to penetrate the thick darkness of the cavernous room, but light is sucked away; the room's corners are invisible. The lights seem lonely, frightened, by the immensity of the cold, hangar-sized space. They huddle around the workspace, where a small, elderly, balding man hunches over a tiny mechanical assembly, his eyes obscured by a gray metal magnifying visor. Above the man, the great beast slumbers, menacing, dominating, drawing his gaze, sucking the light into itself as if its gunmetal-steel hide is made of shadow." "For sixteen months it has grown from a base skeleton, to flesh and organ and carapace, ultimately growing into a dark consciousness in this concrete and steel cavern. If I am its father, the little man below is its mother, crafting it lovingly, gear and bone and sinew. He is Havel, a master machinist and a genius of industrial design. He is unique in the world." "Men must have obsessions; men are, in many ways, defined by their obsessions. It determines their self, their style, their character, their color. Havel's obsession was perfect machines: machines that interlock and fit without play or squeak, gears that lock with a solid *snap*, perfect-folding hinges and tensioned springs. My father's obsession was money, a bland and boring habit but one which left me wealthy beyond care. My own obsessions were sex and power. Our obsessions have now been smelted together in this entity: a blending of wealth, mechanical craft, and raw sexual power." Macchine. "Starting at first as a typical small-minded idea, a seed of lust, it has now grown to something beyond art, beyond industrial craft, beyond function. No longer purely machine, it had begun to form its own personality: dark, brooding, single-minded and more obsessive than its creators. Macchine has but one purpose, which I am sure you will find entertaining to watch, as on the screen you see it empty, waiting for its prey." "Macchine is a mecha created from obsession, art, craft, and lust: all directed and focused, but at what? For me, the missing ingredient was the muse. The inspiration. The prey. Which I soon found. Her name was Yoko, and she, like Macchine, was a force of nature, a creature beyond mortal. They were two halves of a whole."


"For me, Yoko was the perfect submissive. Like a raging fire demanding to be quenched, she burned in perfection, challenging all she saw. I had lasted longer than any of her previous lovers, probably because she saw my obsession and its possibilities. But I was mortal, and would eventually fail to meet her need, and be consumed in the flames." "I remember times, wielding the whip, lashing across her back and bottom with all my strength, leaving welts deeper and deeper until the blood flowed. I would finally crack, frightened of what she could drive me to; stop without saying a word, amazed that only the barest whimpers escaped from her lips. She would turn those bottomless eyes to me, pleading for something no human being could ever give. To Yoko, a safe word was simply an insult, accepted by her as a favor to her current top. I could scream insults, filthy cunt, selfish bitch, worthless slut, they were absorbed and burned in her dark fire. She became all those things, as ordered, and transcended them all. I would have her ride the escalator at the mall, order her to hike up her skirt and fuck herself with a large dildo for the viewing pleasure of the following shoppers. She would do it without complaint, bringing herself to orgasm in front of those shocked and titillated eyes, without ever blushing." "And always she needed more." "The idea of a machine to top her, to beat her, to bind and twist her body more powerfully than any man could do, was an idea born as much of desperation than lust. But the idea swelled, sprouted, grew roots that locked deep in my soul, with a speed that terrified me. I could not sleep; my painting and music came to be trivial distractions. Even Yoko herself became secondary to my new obsession. It had to be tried." "Thanks to the generosity of my GENOM benefactors, money was no obstacle at all; however, my first attempts to hire a machinist and artisan were disappointing; some laughed, some hid greed under politeness, others tried to cheapen or commercialize the vision. It was not until I found Havel that the seed was truly planted. And then, what grew from that seed was far beyond my original vision. It was not a machine at all. "It was Macchine." "When my project first started, Yoko expressed only a mild curiosity when I starting making plaster casts of her body parts. Her body was mine to do with as I pleased, for so long as the idea pleased her. When she became bored, she would vanish, change her identity, as she had done so often before. But perhaps the curiosity helped me to hold her a little longer. What did I have in mind? We had played corsets and stays, rubber suits and other wrappings. But she saw the fire, the intensity in my eyes, my aura of excitement -- she would not leave, even though our play sessions became less frequent and intense. The casting itself became our play sometimes: shaving and wrapping a perfect limb with the warm cheesecloths, the dusty smell of plaster, the heat of drying turning her skin bright red; and later, licking the sweat off her flesh as the mold cured beside the bed. I never told her my purpose, of course, but she knew it was something special." "Crafting the flexible model of her body took three months by itself. It was quite realistic; I found myself, at times, stroking its pliable rubber surface and actually feeling Yoko's skin. Later, when Macchine's early clumsiness would break a limb or punch an inappropriate hole, I would cringe inside, feeling nausea and terror." "Around the model, Macchine began to take shape. First the hinged beams and custom metal clasps, then the support frames and bearings, then the complex probes and pumps, sexual organs for a creature of pure lust and fantasy. Macchine was *big*, bigger than I'd ever imagined. Havel would have no thin rods, sagging supports, or underpowered mechanics; he used earth-mover technology and absurd amounts of torque capacity. Macchine could have manipulated a dummy made of hardened 214

steel as easily as our plastic and rubber model. But Havel was equally masterful working with 10-inch thick steel beams as he was with Swiss watch components. In his hands, a steel pipe became bone, a hydraulic shock sinew, a giant electric motor a pulsing heart. And his combinations of tiny stepper motors, scale hinges and miniature elastic belts could turn several hundred hard steel parts into a sinuous, curved, living organ -- with eighty to a hundred horsepower of torque behind it." "We discussed motions, watching computer simulations for hours; Macchine would not be a jerky, pumping, spastic machine, but a creature of slow, inexorable, sensuous strength. It would be completely unyielding, totally in control, bristling with untapped power. Yoko would be always poised on the edge of death and mutilation by a beast that could snap her body into nine or ten parts in an instant; but it would also be a trained beast, slowly performing my ritual of dominance and intense alien mating." "We discussed appearance. For a time, we worked with E. R. Giger of Alien fame, but his visions were too insectile and impractical. We found another, less known, sculptor and artist to assist. Macchine became reptilian, rounded and sleek, but never using soft materials. Always, we used thick gunmetal plates, hammered, beveled, and burnished. It came alive, gradually rousing from deep slumber. Even without the motors running, without the strange, obscene hunching and stretching motions of the practice programs, Macchine seemed to breathe softly, waiting." "And finally, the artist was dismissed, his visions having become part of ours. It was just Havel and myself, now, and the computer that was Macchine's rudimentary brain, and the final polishing. Havel's dream was coming to an end. His masterpiece completed, he had no real desire to watch the final ravishment. Sex vaguely disgusted Havel, its mechanics always imperfect, the motions too variable. Someday, perhaps, Macchine would slumber in an art museum in some wing devoted to sex and horror, and Havel would come worship at his creation's riveted feet. But for now, his dream was ending, and mine was beginning." "And today, as I stand in this space, listening to Havel repair the tiny imperfection (undetectable to me, I'm certain) in the third phallic probe, I see the whole Macchine, and it sees me. I think of Yoko, on her way here to the preparation room, and project my lustful thoughts to Macchine. Macchine's industrial brain awakens with a spark of lust like a welding torch, and projects a frightening thought back to me: 'I was not created for Her. She was born for Me.'" "Havel cried when he left, as I knew he would. I wanted to weep for him, but I must save my tears for Yoko. Just as I had taken Macchine from Havel, I knew Macchine would take Yoko from me. And Yoko, who would perhaps find an answer to her deepest cravings from Macchine, would still find no great love in those cruel steel arms. I suspected the only real winner in this crazy game would be Macchine. He was, of course, born only to win." "Yoko arrived at the research laboratory in the early evening. I supervised her preparation but did not touch her. She obediently followed all my instructions, from the careful shaving and oiling of her genitals, to the three high enemas to cleanse her inside, to the careful pinning back of her long hair and the long series of yoga stretches, loosening up her already supple body. We finally touched, in a deep kiss, and I began spreading the slippery oil over her body. Finally, I clasped the heavy manacles around her wrists and ankles, and looked again at the vision of perfect submission." "I thought to fuck her then, but it would be a sad and unsatisfying experience. We were upon the edge of something truly climactic, and we both knew this. I would masturbate as I watched my creation take Yoko. After she recovered, perhaps long after, we would see what had changed." "As I watched the robot lead her from the room, I walked the edge of my own deepest fear. Would my creation be enough to master her? Was there truly anything in this world that could push her enough, 215

that would give her what her dark eyes always asked for, pleaded for, demanded? Or would Macchine be just another sex toy, a distraction, to be sampled and tossed into her flames?" "I shouldn't have worried. The guard led her, manacled, into the room where the lights had been arranged to show Macchine in its perfect meld of green light and shadow. Its purpose, hidden at first, took about fifteen long seconds to reveal itself fully. Yoko made a sound I had never heard before, a whimper or high moan, but not of pain. Of fear. She turned to the camera, offering me the highest gift she had to give: the sight of honest fear, even terror, in her eyes. Her trembling, at first a bare shiver, increased as we walked the long blood-red carpet runner up to Macchine. It loomed, menacing, the metal clamps open like teeth. Yoko's chain was snapped onto Macchine's throat, and as I flicked the warm-up switch to start the deep growling rumble in its belly, Yoko sank to her knees and shook." "Her tears were real, like her fear. But with this was a deeper lust and excitement than I had ever seen in those eyes." "Yoko-san, this is Macchine. He is your Master. Do you accept him and offer him your body, completely, without reservation?" I said through the speaker." "Yoko looked again at Macchine. While the probes were hidden, retracted into flush metal sleeves, there was still a sense of infinite danger. Macchine appeared to be built to crush, to rend, to impale; its power rumbled, waiting, heedless of all flesh. I was asking Yoko to trust that this giant tractor would somehow spare her life, although it did not seem capable of motion without killing. A very deliberate effect." "Yoko never even looked back at the robot who had escorted her into the room. Mesmerized by Macchine, she knelt transfixed, nearly a minute, weeping, shaking, and taking deep, long breaths. Finally something in her released, and she bowed her head, pressed her lips to the cold metal, and said directly to Macchine: "Your will." "Her body was actually trembling less when the robot removed the manacles and helped her up into the belly of Macchine. I can't know what decision she made inside, but she seemed to be radiating love and power as well as terror. Her body was positioned face down in the steel harness, about four feet off the floor so that her oiled flesh would be visible from below and the side, except where obscured by the thick steel bars which would run along her limbs, hinged at her joints." "Havel had designed Macchine with three factors: rigidity, steel-on-flesh, and comfort. Her body would be held absolutely rigid to the frame, with no possibility of struggle; part of the machine. All the bonds would be pure steel, no padding, leather, cloth, or rope. And comfort was achieved by absolute attention to body shape; the steel milled, rounded and burnished to fit the female body." "Each steel restraint went *snap* *thunk* as the shaped cuff closed around a limb, and the precise, heavy latches were thrown. Three for each arm, with the wrist-cuffs shaped into a hand grip Three for each leg. Two for the hips, grasping her pelvis. The oil on her body allowed for very slight motion within the cuffs as the beams moved. The steel hands gripping her, massaging her, forcing her into Macchine's desired mating stance. Her breasts fit into a strange rounded steel "bra" that forced them into conical shapes. Two concave steel plates on thick rods fit onto her forehead, and another cupped her chin, holding her mouth, which at the moment was closed. I then turned the dials, adjusting tiny calipers in Macchine to account for differences between the model we used and Yoko's body. I then told her to struggle, which she tried; however her body was only able to shift less than an inch any direction." "For a moment I debated giving Yoko the off-switch, the ability to kill Macchine once it begins. But I knew the insult to her pride that this would give, as well as I knew her body and its limits. She knew 216

that when she submitted to Macchine, there would be no turning back. Havel and I ran the program a hundred times, and thus I knew every danger spot. And if the program failed, if a part collapsed, if Macchine went insane, no switch was going to be able to prevent tragedy. But Havel had built and tested well. Now it was time for testing." "I then typed the "begin" command and brought Macchine out of its warming rest. the motor's sound thrums, deepens, and the beams begin to compress, bending Yoko's legs downward. Yoko then started to cry again, feeling the complete helplessness of knowing her body now belonged to the metal beast. Her arms were then brought up as her legs folded to her body, arching her back. This was a fairly rapid motion, not quite a snap, but enough to let Yoko feel the full power; for another foot of motion and her spine would crack like a twig. The head restraints forced Yoko to look downward as her arms were held up and back." "The front of the metal "bra" was now visible, along with the clear tubing that ran from the cut-out tips. An air-pump then whirred to life, gently drawing air through the tubes, making a vacuum in the cups. Yoko's breasts were then sealed against the metal, as the air sucked her breasts into the cones, compressing them further and further as she let out a shriek, just as her red, swollen nipples emerged from the ends of the cups. Around each nipple, two gently serrated metal rods snap closed, pinching the nipples flat at the base. The suction then released with a soft sigh, as Yoko's breasts were now extended by the nipples alone while at the same time her long, drawn "Aaaaaaauuuuuu" faded to ragged breaths." "Next the metal bars shaping her legs and thighs began to part...slowly, so slowly. It took a full minute before her thighs were forced wide, knees and hips still bent at 45 degree angles. At the same time, her arms were lowered and her head was raised, until she was in the classic female mating posture. The thigh-bars then continued to spread, even more slowly, stretching her muscles, showing Yoko how impossible it was to resist. I then told Yoko to relax her thigh-muscles more and more over the next minute, until finally, at the end, she was spread almost flat, her sex and anus thrust out, open, accessible, and completely vulnerable." "But Macchine was designed to play before it would mate. To be a suitable receptacle for its lust, Yoko had to broken mentally to its will, her body moved beyond fear into total submission, for Macchine was programed to know the female body well." "New gears then silently engaged and slowly the whip wheels began to turn. From six perfectly recessed thin slots in Macchine's body, meter-long wires were drawn, attached to the edges of the whip wheels The wheels then began their pivot inward towards Yoko's body, as wires made a thin swish through the air. Two were arranged to strike her inner thighs from below at an angle; two more were arranged to strike downward at her upturned ass; the last two were arranged to strike her upper back. But for now, the wheels spun free, faster and faster, the whipping sound of metal wires growing higher and louder, until the sound was a dangerous sizzling. Yoko now heard, and understood what was soon to occur, and began to sob in fear." "However, Macchine's touch was gentle, though, for all its ferocity. The carefully rounded ends of the wires barely touched Yoko's skin, and precise servos felt the touch, and kept the ends of the wires barely grazing her flesh on each pass. However, when she tensed a muscle in her ass or thigh or back, raising her flesh, the next pass brought a *snap* and a welt. As a result Yoko realized that she had to go completely limp to avoid the metal scarring her body. As the wheels drifted over her, Macchine changed its angles slightly, like a dangerous metal tongue caressing her skin." "Once they had traced, memorized and recorded her contours, these tongues of steel retraced their steps; but this time, the whip wheels began slowing down, to a devastating effect. As the wheels 217

revolved more slowly, the wires moved outward, beginning all at once to drive into her flesh and muscle. The servos reacted more slowly, drawing the wheels gradually away, but only quickly enough to avoid her skin being torn as Yoko was now dealt a barrage of rapid-fire whippings, raising welts all over her back, ass and thighs within seconds. The assault brought an uncontrolled shriek and a long, drawn-out scream of pain from her, as I saw her every muscle tense as she tried to twist, buck, kick; all to no avail as she was bolted to solid iron. The only motion left to her was the ability to hunch her back slightly; but this pulled her clamped and aching nipples harder against the tips of the steel bra. Yoko's only release now was through sound, and her wail was that of a mating cat." "Eventually the wires finally slowed and stopped, with the final pass closing in for a long, slow lick of each wire against Yoko's tortured flesh, then receding back to their home-slots, their work complete. They were cruel but precise; for Yoko's back was now completely covered with red welts, but no blood had been drawn. The endorphins were beginning to flow in her body now, her breathing growing heavy as her mind reeled in terror." "Yoko's body had a brief respite while the heavy whips extended slowly, out of her vision. The two flexible graphite and fiberglass shafts rose from below her like twin phalluses, one on each side of her. Unlike the wires, these were heavy shafts, like a riding crop or fishing rod, and no simple wheels were used to move these whips. The offset gearing and counterweights used to simulate whipping were one of Havel's greatest challenges, and as in everything, Havel did not stop until he had achieved perfection." "The first of the five-foot whips stopped in position in front of Yoko's ass, then, with a sudden twitch of gears, the whip's body jerked backwards, bending the whip into a graceful arc. Just before the tip caught up to the new position, the gear reversed, bringing the whip even more violently forward. The tip yanked backwards, in a whistling figure-eight, and then forward to slam into both of her buttocks with a force that rocked her entire frame. Yoko was unprepared, of course; for it took nearly a halfsecond for her overloaded nerves to register the strike, and translate the pain into a the start of a long scream." "However, there was little time for thought, because the second whip had begun its strike as the first whipped back to original position for a second blow. The second whip aimed just below the first, just above the entrance to Yoko's sex. The long cycle of the whips was mesmerizing, each keeping precisely out of the way of the other, as they beat her with deep strokes that she could feel inside her belly. The screams coming from Yoko's throat did not sound human, but gradually, as her endorphin levels reached higher and higher, the sounds deepened to groaned, and I heard Yoko's breath being sucked in, deep and slow." "The whips finally stopped, as suddenly as they began. As they retracted, I heard Yoko's voice, soft, deep, moaning from her belly, in a tone that sounds like distilled bliss. She was saying, in a rhythm that echoed the whip-strokes: "Master. Master. Master." "Deep in her submission, with her eyes closed, her body limp and soft, Yoko's soul opened to Macchine as it never did to me. I could not feel jealous or angry -- for Yoko and Macchine were elemental, polar, bonded, nature and science, interlocking halves. As Macchine became more machine, Yoko became more human, the contrast touching something deep inside me. However, I felt no pride, strangely, in creating this; just a sense of dark, rich joy in the watching that overwhelmed my senses. As Yoko recited her soft litany, over and over, I began to sense satisfaction and poised readiness from Macchine. Then, with soft, small movements: the final program began." "Like a pair of pincers closing on the space behind Yoko's ass, the two heavy probe-sheaths slowly swung into place; one lowering from above, a larger rising from below. The third sheath lowered down 218

in front of her vision as circular vents opened with a hiss of steam. The probes emerged ever so slowly from their sheaths, as steam rose around them. Yoko's eyes, open now, were mesmerized, and locked on the phallic shape that slowly revealed itself before her face. Behind her, a large probe emerged downward towards her ass, and two probes, one small and one nearly arm-sized, rose from the lower sheath." "Each probe's intricate joints, tubes, and motion-belts were hidden within a tapered, scaled-metal hide, capable of delicate motion but completely unyielding to flesh. Each was a powerful, sinuous steel tentacle. Around the metal hide was a thick skin of latex, and another, somewhat thinner, looser skin, coated with oil, blue-black in color, looking something like a foreskin. They extended to nearly touch Yoko's mouth, her pink sex, and her anus. Then, in a move designed purely to show off and intimidate, all four probes did a sinuous dance, a corkscrew ripple starting at the base and moving to the tip, with a curling, spiral motion. All Yoko could do now was watch the hypnotic motion of the mouth-probe as she felt the other three caress her thighs and bottom, smearing them with hot oil. Eventually more oil dripped down along the dark, slick shafts as her tongue obediently extended to try to catch a drop of oil; however the mouth probe stayed just out of reach." "Yoko's anus was to be penetrated first as slowly and smoothly the slender tip pressed outward, touching and parting her ring, and then entered her ass. The probe cared nothing for resistance, but moved slowly, millimeter at a time, as Yoko moaned and accept this inexorable invasion. The probe continued, its gentle taper finally reaching its maximum inch-and-a-half diameter, and then slowly slid up inside her colon, after which, with a gentle squirm inside, Macchine showed Yoko just how deeply she has been penetrated, and how a part of Macchine now lived and moved deep inside her as she gasped in both pain and pleasure." "Meanwhile, the smaller of the vaginal probes extended upward. Only a half-inch thick, the probe had been designed for flexibility. Sliding past Yoko's clitoris, it curled and enters her sex, as her gasps now turned to cries of passion, frustration and need. I could not see the curl continuing, but I knew it was wrapping around her pubic bone, holding it like a curled finger, finally pressing her G-spot with its tip and her clit with its smooth, oiled shaft. After which I saw and heard Yoko's dramatic, intense reaction when the probe tightened around her pubic bone and -pulled- down!" "Yoko's screams and renewed attempts to thrash and pull away showed the effectiveness of the technique called "wishbone," as the anal probe pulled upwards, pressing her tail bone higher, as the pubic bone was pulled downward. The probes were strong enough to pull Yoko apart, but they applied just enough pressure for her to feel her bones being separated as the mouth of her sex was stretched wide. Stretched in preparation, of course, for Macchine's real penis." "Macchine's real cock began moving now, its blunt head nudging between the other probes, until it is pressed against Yoko's open sex. The head seemed impossibly large, the size of an apple, but I knew Yoko's limits well. The probe was about the diameter of my closed hand, which she had learned to accept over time. The probe then started to squirm, gently moving her inner lips out of the way, parting, spreading, and finally penetrating her. Once again, her body could accept this, but her mind would not, for nothing had prepared her for the intensity of this invasion, this splitting open of her body by steel and rubber. Yoko screamed again, the sounds becoming strangled, gasping, until she suddenly pass another threshold of submission as some final part of her mind clicked off, and she felt no need to scream; just to accept, to let Macchine use her, force her, mate her. As the mouth-probe extended and the head clasps forced her jaw apart, her tongue lovingly accepted this final part of Macchine into her remaining opening." "The motions of the other probes were slow, delicate, sinuous now. The wishbone probed relaxed, for her sex was now stretched to its widest ever. The mouth probe required her final, most intimate 219

submission, as it slid past her tongue and down her throat. At this point Yoko cannot breathe, and her gag reflex could not be completely turned off, though she tried as involuntary spasms wracked her body as the long probe slithered into her esophagus, widening her throat. The fifteen seconds of penetration must have seem like an eternity, but at last the probe withdrew, leaving her gasping, retching, sputtering, and crying. I then held the pause switch this time, letting my intuition aid Macchine in making sure Yoko's was safe. When her coughing subsided and she had taken two deep breaths, I released the switch and let Macchine penetrate her again." "This continued until Macchine finally owned Yoko's throat as surely as her other passages. The penetrations now were smooth, with no gagging or thrashing, and she now breathed deeply in between. Thin streams of saliva mixed with oil that ran from the corners of her mouth, as, with her eyes now closed, she appeared to be in total peace, tears streaming, as she accepted it all as Macchine now moved as a single organism, mating with her entire body as no animal could do. Perfectly synchronized, the hinged bars began to thrust and shape her body in the slow, hunching motion of the build to ecstasy Gradually, the speed increased, almost imperceptibly, as the anal probe swelled further, as hot water was pumped between the latex membranes. Inside of her ass, a balloon of warm liquid added to the intense pressure. From below, slowly, the small vaginal grip-probe started to thrum with slow vibrations, as if a violin string was being plucked." "The vibrations increased in intensity as Macchine pumped faster. The mouth-probe now penetrated only to the back of her throat, but its tip, too, also began to swell with warm liquid. Yoko's body is now flush and foretold of her impending orgasm as her mouth and jaw were stretched to their limit, as her body rammed back against the probes, her flesh rippling. As she came, I signaled the end to Macchine, as tubes throughout the probes filled with the warm, creamy, drugged mixture that formed Macchine's sperm until finally the pumps began to force it into her openings, first in jets, then a slow, languorous flow. As Machine came, Yoko swallowed rhythmically, greedily, but soon a thick stream flowed out beside the swollen mouth-probe, the white cream contrasting with the dark skin of the probe and her own red, flushed complexion. The flow into, and therefore out of, her sex was slow, filling her but not forcing. However, from behind, the anal probe pumped steadily, with no leakage, filling her bowels and colon as the probe in your throat filled her stomach until she could no longer swallow. Only when Yoko's belly was distended, stretched full with Macchine's seed, does the flow finally stop, after which the probes' swelling receded, as the slow withdrawal began." "As the probes finally exited, the cream drained from all of Yoko's openings, her body overwhelmed, expelling the huge burden, while at the same time Macchine relaxed into a gentle slumber, allowing her limbs to collapse inward to a fetal position. Even so, Yoko suddenly began to choke, at which time I panicked, ran over, and then released her nipples and head, so as to help her clear her lungs. After the last clasp was released, Yoko's limp body fell into my arms, her face showing no comprehension, no emotion; for all of her humanity had now been drained and given to Macchine. Yoko's belly continued to ripple with cramps as her body forced more cream from her bowels, but the pain never touched her, for her mind was now somewhere deep inside, deep underground, at the very heart of her deep caverns of submission." "As you can see gentlemen and Kabuki-san, the gentle drugs worked their effect, and she slid off to a deep slumber, joining with Macchine once more in unconsciousness. However, unlike other prototypes, I hope that the board sees fit to continue our tests of Macchine, and I have oiled it and polished it in preparation for another demonstration; however, as you can see on the screen it is doubtful that Yoko's lithe body will be able to withstand a second test. Therefore I am requesting the GENOM board of directors to grant me additional funds so that I can recruit several more subjects to use in my requested further tests." 220

The video demonstration had left all the members of the board in quite a state of shock, for the robotic rapist had nearly fucked the young female test subject to death, and, as was later discovered permanently sterilized from the force of the robotic cocks that pummeled her unmercifully Hours later, well after the presentation had ended, Dr. Hitashi, who was by now back in his laboratory, received an urgent e-mail from the director of internal security that thanked for his time, and ordered him to return to his laboratory and to prepare Macchine for more tests...


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