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There are a number of advantages to using a keypad lock service. Whether you're interested in protecting your car, your home, or some specific valuables in a secret compartment, it gives you an extra layer of security that a key alone cannot provide. To get into one of these systems, you need to know the number that unlocks the door. Of course, just as you can lose a key, a code can always fall into the wrong hands. Even if it hasn't, even the whiff of suspicion can be enough reason to recode your pad. Here's how you can do it.

What Is Keypad Lock

Your first step will be to figure out who your device was made by. They will be your primary source for information as it pertains to working with the device. Get both the manufacturer's name and the specific model number. With just this information, you should be able to call the manufacturer and get the

information you're after. If they've since gone out of business, are too busy to answer the phone, or don't have information on their website, take another tact. Try calling the keypad lock service that installed your security device and see if they can help you with recoding. Sometimes you overlook the simplest ideas. One such case is consulting the owner's manual. If you're the type of person who throws their owner's manual in the trash the minute the keypad lock service has installed the device, you may be wondering what to do now. Many manufacturers put PDF versions of their owner's manuals on their websites, so check there first. There are some secondhand websites that collect these files as well, so you may still have a chance even if the manufacturer's website doesn't have it. If you can get a copy of the manual, it should have instructions on how to recode the device.

Don't just recode and call it done. Any keypad lock service will tell you that you need to test and re-test your device to ensure that it is working properly. When you've programmed in your new code, give it a test. Punch in the code and make sure the door now opens. Do this a couple of times and you'll know the recoding has been successful. To avoid this predicament in the future, keep the instructions you used to recode in a safe place. Digital technology can help tremendously when it comes to security, but only if you know how to use it.

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