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Dunlop Aquacoustic速 Timber Cushion: less boom crash and definitely no splash

Dunlop Aquacoustic® Timber Cushion: meeting the Building Code standard for moisture and

Moisture control and noise levels are two of the major and recurring issues surrounding floating timber floors, impacting on their performance across many residential and commercial environments. As a response to these concerns, Dunlop has undergone extensive research and development to create Aquacoustic® – a specialist timber cushion combining moisture and sound control. Providing outstanding sound insulation performance, particularly on floors between residential apartments, Dunlop Aquacoustic® significantly improves the comfort and privacy levels experienced by occupants. And because Aquacoustic is treated with one of the world’s leading antimicrobial agents Ultra-Fresh, it offers them protection from mould, mildew, fungi and bacterial growth for a more hygienic environment. Dunlop Aquacoustic® is also easier to install. By incorporating a preapplied moisture barrier, it eliminates the hassle of laying a separate barrier, meaning improved productivity for installers. It also meets installers’ demands for a user-friendly cushion which offers a high slip laminate, lays flat and undulation free, and provides effective control of moisture intrusion. Its an investment which allows both specifiers and occupants to gain the most out of their timber and laminate flooring.

Dunlop Aquacoustic® Installation Method We delivered what the industry requires as referenced to the Australian Code of Practice for Installation of laminated floors Clause 9. UNDERLAYS. Combination Underlays. “In Australia, industry requires that a moisture barrier of 0.2mm (200 micron) be used, overlapped and continuously taped with a moisture resistant water proof tape and be installed up all walls and vertical finishes.”

Floating Tim Timber Floor


Dunlop Aquacoustic® Cushion

Moisture Barrier

SSub Floor

noise control in floating timber floors

The unique properties of Dunlop Aquacoustic® Made from 100% recyclable re-bonded polyurethane foam. Meets Australian Building Code regulations for impact sound isolation. Incorporates a moisture barrier that meets the Australian Code of Practice requiring a minimum 200 micron barrier for laminated floors, and meets AS 2780 (1996) Sec 5.3.3 (2) (c), Impact Resistance and Moisture Vapour Permanence. Water vapour transmission is 0.05g/hr.m.2 Provides excellent sound insulation performance of floors between sole occupancy units – particularly apartments. Is suitable for all types of sub-floors including heated slabs.

Aquacoustic: Technical Specifications Density

170kg/m3 Nominal


3.0mm ± 0.3

Roll Length


Roll Width

Cushion 1600mm

Incorporates Ultra-Fresh, one of the world’s leading anti-microbial agents, to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and protect against germs and allergies. CRI Green Label accredited, meeting the highest internationally accepted indoor air quality standards for carpet cushion.

Australian made.

Moisture Barrier Selvage 200mm Overall 1800mm ± 5

Clause 8.3. “It is recommended by most manufacturers that a moisture barrier of this type (minimum thickness of 0.2mm) and specifications be used on all sub-floors, irrespective of their moisture content.”

Dunlop Flooring: committed to an environmentally responsible approach

Dunlop Flooring has long pursued a commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as offering products that improve the health and quality of our work and living spaces. As a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing and product design, Dunlop is meeting the demands of industry and end-users alike for products that promote a healthier environment - both indoor and out. CRI Green Label accredited for indoor air quality Dunlop’s range of carpet cushion is the first in Australia to be CRI Green Label accredited by the Carpet and Rug Institute in the USA. The CRI Green Label testing programme identifies products that promote superior indoor air quality and requires that carpet cushion meets strict criteria on the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Importantly, it is the benchmark set by the Green Building Council Australia to meet its Green Star rating for building interiors.

Dunlop carpet cushion: recycled and recyclable Manufactured from 90% post-consumer and post-industrial polyurethane foam off-cuts, Dunlop carpet cushion is itself 100% recyclable, in that it can be reclaimed and re-manufactured into new product. As well as recycling 98% of its own manufacturing waste, Dunlop is Australia’s first manufacturer to introduce a carpet cushion recovery programme, enabling it to retrieve used product to source as raw material.

Ultra-Fresh: an important step towards a healthier interior environment Scientific evidence has established that interior environments can be a major contributor to health problems. Dunlop has addressed this important issue by incorporating the proven antimicrobial, Ultra-Fresh, into its carpet cushion to provide effective control of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi. Independent research confirms that by inhibiting bacteria and mould and reducing the availability of food for dust mites, Dunlop carpet cushion with Ultra-Fresh helps to control dust mites and may assist in the prevention of asthma and other allergies triggered by them. Ultra-Fresh also provides lasting hygienic freshness, effective odour protection and extends product life by resisting deterioration.

Dunlop Flooring is a Company For further information contact Customer Service on: AUS Tel: 1800 622 293 Fax: 1800 634 314 NZ Tel: 09 274 5789 Fax: 09 274 4721 Email: or visit:

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