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Welcome to Color Layering™ by Hero Arts. Color Layering uses the technique of stamping progressively, building color and detail, resulting in an elegant, dimensional layered look. Within these pages you will ďŹ nd cards made with many of our Color Layering stamps. We asked our talented group of artists to recommend their favorite colors to best highlight each Color Layering stamp set. The results have been developed into 4-cube color packs featuring the championing artist’s name.


Our artists each picked coordinating colors that are ideal for one specific Color Layering set (listed on the packaging), and yet each resulting ink pack offers wonderful and rich versatility; you’ll find they work well with most any set and often produce stunning and unexpected results. Take a look at these unique pineapples below!


For a color combination that’s a little less unusual, we chose colors that scream pineapple! We Used Forever Green and Green Apple for the leaves, while stamping Caramel and Butter Bar for the fruit. Add AF214 Cup O’ Joe and AF343 Moss Bold Ink along with our new Hero’s Pineapple cube pack to achieve an even more dimensional look. See the back of this catalog for our complete ink line.

Butter Bar


Green Apple

Forever Green

AF363 Hero’s Pineapple CL976 Color Layering Pineapple (4” x 6”)


DI189 Color Layering Pineapple Frame Cuts

Soft Vanilla

“I’m not usually a purple or yellow fan, but I was totally inspired to try the combo after browsing through Pinterest. Inspiration can really be found everywhere! Look at the colors around you - snap some pictures, write down notes - and you’ll find some great and unusual combos!”

Soft Lilac


Soft Granite

AF350 Clare’s Soft Flowers

CL865 Color Layering Let Love Grow (4” x 6”)


“Green is a go-to color for me and I had so much fun layering Lime Green and Green Hills. I finished off the orchids with Crimson, which gives the perfect amount of contrast.” Lime Green

Green Hills

Field Greens


AF359 Amy’s Shades of Green


CL947 Color Layering Large Orchid (4” x 6”)

DI178 Color Layering Orchid Frame Cuts

“If anyone asks me to choose colors, my first thought is always purple. It’s a controversial color - some love it and some hate it - but I am squarely in the LOVE column. My purples and greens pair fabulously with the Color Layering Orchid in a Pot.” Passion Flower




AF358 Libby’s Purple Garden

CL946 Color Layering Orchid In A Pot (4” x 6”)

DI177 Color Layering Orchid In A Pot Frame Cuts


“I created my own pattern using the solid layers to create a background to my card. To give a focal point I layered the center butterfly in shades of teal.” Mint Julep

Tide Pool

Emerald Green


AF352 May’s Shades of Teal


CL867 Color Layering Butterflies (4” x 6”)

DI135 Color Layering Butterflies Frame Cuts

“Nothing says SUMMER to me more than fresh cut flowers and freshly mown grass. To make the large flowers in my bouquet multitoned, I added two different inks to the stamp before stamping, starting with Butter Bar then adding soft touches of Fresh Peach ink on top.

Butter Bar

Soft Cantaloupe

I used CH198 Light Yellow Pearls to give my card that extra elegance.” Fresh Peach

Green Hills

AF355 Lucy’s Floral Favorites CL943 Color Layering Bouquet (4” x 6”)


“While you have your stamps and inks out, go ahead and stamp a sheet full of ice cream and cone images. Cut them out using the coordinating Frame Cuts and keep the pieces on hand for those times when you need to quickly pull together a last-minute card. The hardest part will be deciding on the flavor!” Mint Julep

Sea Glass

Soft Brown

Cup O Joe

AF362 Tami’s Mint Chip CL963 Color Layering Ice Cream (4” x 6”)


DI184 Color Layering Ice Cream Frame Cuts

Soft Pink

“As a pink lover this spectrum is my go-to for almost any occasion. I had so much fun stamping the images in shades of pink to create my own stamped background.

Bubble Gum

I used the message from CL911 Acts of Kindness.” Ultra Pink

Raspberry Jam

AF349 May’s Shades of Pink

CL864 Color Layering Happy Day Flowers (4” x 6”)


“If you feel you don’t have enough colors of ink try using white pigment ink to stretch the colors you have. Here I added a layer of Unicorn White in between Soft Cantaloupe and Ultra Pink to make the latter appear much softer and lighter.” Red Royal

Ultra Pink

Soft Cantaloupe


DI183 Color Layering Flamingo Frame Cut

AF361 Yana’s Sunset CL962 Color Layering Flamingo (4” x 6”)


“White pigment ink is a great way to mute the intensity of the colors used for stamping. Here I used Unicorn White over a mix of Dandelion and Strawberry to tone down some areas. I then heat embossed PW105 Sparkle Embossing Powder over the entire image to intensify the exposed sections.”



Green Apple


AF357 Yana’s Bolds CL945 Color Layering Goldfish (4” x 6”)

DI176 Color Layering Goldfish Frame Cuts


“Imagining the creatures that live in the ocean makes me think about fresh and light colors. I stamped this pretty seahorse with layers of Soft Pool and Soft Purple, with a final dash of a darker blue to tie the combo together.” Soft Purple

Soft Pool


Deep Ocean

AF360 Mariana’s Pool

CL956 Color Layering Seahorse (4” x 6”) DI185 Color Layering Seahorse Frame Cuts


“I chose blue tones for this little bird because they are peaceful and they remind me about the freedom of the sky. A hint of a darker color was just perfect to accentuate the bird and floral details.”

Dusty Blue


Stone Wash

Mulled Wine

AF351 Mariana’s Cornflower CL866 Color Layering Bird and Branch (4” x 6”) DI138 Color Layering Bird Frame Cuts


“I love the softer shades of reds, and when layered together, these four inks make lovely, delicate floral blooms. The toned colors combine beautifully to create flowers that work equally well in both vintage and modern designs. I added AF343 Moss Bold Ink with the Cocoa from my ink cube pack to stamp a few leaves.”

Fresh Peach

Pale Tomato

Red Royal


AF353 Jayne’s Blush


CL868 Color Layering Hibiscus (4” x 6”)

DI136 Color Layering Hibiscus Frame Cuts

“Experiment with different ink colors! You might be surprised at the colors you can create with layering. And if you need a coordinating darker shade of a certain color, try double or triple stamping. For the third layer on the flowers, I double stamped Raspberry Jam to create the darkest color.”

Ultra Pink

Raspberry Jam

Tide Pool

Emerald Green

AF356 Kelly’s Flowers

CL944 Color Layering For You Flowers (4” x 6”)

DI173 Color Layering For You Frame Cuts


“‘Live life happy!’ is my daily motto. Living in the bright sunny desert, it just MAKES you happy! The yellow is my sun, the orange and pink are my happy... and then you just HAVE to add some green!”


DI126 Graphic Flowers Frame Cuts




AF348 Sally’s Tropical Brights


CL862 Color Layering Graphic Flowers (4” x 6”)

LP408 Color Layering Daisies (3½” x 4”)

Lemon Yellow

“I chose these four warm colors to duplicate the vibrancy of autumn’s changing leaves. By altering the order of the inks and the stamp layers, you can create a spectrum of autumn trees that captures the variety of fall’s colorful splendor.”



Pumpkin Pie

AF354 Jayne’s Fall Colors CL886 Color Layering Fall Trees (4” x 6”)



Designed to optimize stamping creativity

Bright color • Hybrid blend of pigment and dye ink • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

AF331 Dandelion NK331 Reinker

AF332 Caramel NK332 Reinker

AF333 Tangerine NK333 Reinker

AF334 Strawberry NK334 Reinker

AF335 Crimson NK335 Reinker

AF336 Mulled Wine NK336 Reinker

AF338 Summer Sky NK338 Reinker

AF339 Aquatic NK339 Reinker

AF340 Deep Ocean NK340 Reinker

AF341 Indigo NK341 Reinker

AF342 Pine NK342 Reinker

AF343 Moss NK343 Reinker

Ombré Ink

AF337 Orchid NK337 Reinker

AF344 Green Apple NK344 Reinker

Ombré pads by Hero Arts offer a gradation of three complementary colors that blend across your image to create depth in your stamping. All of our dye inks, including our popular Ombré line, are North American-made, non-toxic, long-lasting, and quick-drying.

AF306 Pink to Red

AF307 Soft Granite to Black

AF308 Tide Pool to Navy

AF309 Butter Bar to Orange Soda

AF311 Soft Brown to Cup O' Joe

AF312 Light to Dark Peach

AF313 Light Purple to Grape Juice

AF319 Light to Red Royal

AF310 Mint Julep to Emerald Green

AF346 Vintage Metallic Rust

AF347 Vintage Metallic Steel

NEW Vintage Metallic Ombrés in rich pigment ink that gives a metallic sheen. For best results heat set.



AF330 Neon Red to Purple

AF328 Neon Yellow to Orange

AF329 Neon Chartreuse to Blue

AF320 Lime to Forever Green

Essential Ink

Water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

AF248 India Ink Black Dye, good with markers, fast-drying

AF101 Black NK024 Reinker Dye, crisp & flexible, fast-drying

Shadow Ink®

AF249 Unicorn White NK026 Reinker Pigment, rich, full coverage

AF136 White Dye, rich, full coverage

AF345 Intense Black NK345 Reinker Hybrid, ideal with alcohol markers, fast-drying

AF272 Chalkboard Dye, chalk-effect, lighter black

Soft and subtle; will dry to its true delicate color • Water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

AF134 Soft Lilac

AF167 Soft Purple

AF168 Soft Pink

AF242 Soft Cantaloupe

AF145 Soft Apricot

AF222 Soft Olive NK039 Reinker

AF226 Soft Granite NK040 Reinker

AF257 Silver

AF244 Soft Sky

AF146 Soft Pool

Shadow Ink® Mid-Tone

AF275 Soft Vanilla

AF170 Soft Brown

AF169 Soft Yellow

AF258 Gold

Gentle "mid-range" of color, revealing its full beauty once dried • Water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • 3.5" x 2.25"

AF263 Ultra Pink

AF208 Bubble Gum

AF247 Fresh Peach

AF260 Dark Quartz

AF233 Pale Tomato

AF256 Just Rust

AF224 Orange Soda NK034 Reinker

AF207 Butter Bar

AF261 Lemon Yellow

AF255 Pumpkin Pie

AF262 Lime Green

AF209 Green Hills

AF210 Field Greens

AF246 Mint Julep

AF223 Tide Pool NK033 Reinker

AF212 Pool

AF235 Cornflower

AF211 Stone Wash

AF243 Passion Flower

AF234 Navy

AF225 Red Royal NK035 Reinker

AF228 Raspberry Jam NK037 Reinker

AF227 Grape Juice NK036 Reinker

AF229 Forever Green NK038 Reinker

AF213 Wet Cement

AF214 Cup O’ Joe

AF236 Charcoal

AF314 Dusty Blue

AF315 Emerald Green

Cube Packs

A mix of Shadow Ink ®, hybrid & pigment ink colors. Acid-free and archival inks • 1.25" x 1.25" ink cubes • 4 ink cubes per pack

AF254 Christmas

Red Royal, Forever Green, Silver, Gold

AF253 Halloween

Orange Soda, Grape Juice, Green Hills, Black

AF238 Quiet Morning

Pale Tomato, Cup O’ Joe, Soft Pool, Field Greens

AF264 Early Spring

Dark Quartz, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Pastel Mint

AF239 Just Beachy

Soft Cantaloupe, Pool, Wet Cement, Soft Olive

AF296 Winter

Soft Pool, Cornflower, Navy, Unicorn

AF324 Kelly’s Outdoor Inks

AF240 Field Notes

Passion Flower, Cornflower, Green Hills, Charcoal

AF251 Blackboard Black, Soft Granite, Charcoal, Unicorn

AF325 Kelly’s Coffee & Donuts

AF237 Summer Splash

AF250 Garden

AF273 White Pastels

Pastel Peach, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green, Pastel Blue

Mint Julep, Fresh Peach, Soft Cantaloupe, Soft Granite

Tide Pool, Soft Granite, Butter Bar, Orange Soda

AF241 Neon

Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Blue

AF298 Cool

AF297 Sweet

Neon Red, Bubble Gum, Orange Soda, Butter Bar

AF326 Kelly’s Urban Inks

AF274 Neon II

Neon Red, Neon Purple, Neon Yellow, Neon Sunshine

Field Green, Tide Pool, Cornflower, Ultra Pink

AF327 Kelly’s Fashion Inks


AF321 HeroHues Metallic Cubes 4-Pack

Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver

AF323 Winter Reds by Lia AF322 Winter Greens by Lia Sugar Plum, Cranberry, Mulled Wine, Winter Berry

Frost Blue, Evergreen, Wintergreen, Mistletoe

AF316 Color Lights by Lia Aqua, Lemonade, Seafoam, Sorbet

AF317 Color Brights by Lia Strawberry, Peacock, Violet, Persimmon

AF318 Color Jewels by Lia Cranberry, Plum, Jade, Midnight



Neon Ink

Vibrant and bold color • Water-based, acid-free, archival, and fade-resistant • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

AF218 Neon Pink NK027 Reinker

AF232 Neon Purple NK031 Reinker

Just For Kids®

CS108 Rainbow

CS105 Hot Pink

Scented Just For Kids®

AD005 Neon Purple

CS110 Orange

CS111 Yellow

CS115 Scented Just for Kids Grape

CS114 Scented Just for Kids Lime

AD001 Neon Pink

CS102 Green

AD004 Neon Green

CS116 Scented Just for Kids Orange


1 oz. bottle with a “Dauber” head

4-Color Cubes

Black, Gold, White, Silver

Embossing Powder

WM116 Gold Shimmer

AD006 Neon Blue

AF300 Happy

Magenta, Turquoise, Orange, Fresh Green

AF301 Basics

CS104 Purple

CS109 Brown

CS100 Black

CS117 Scented Just for Kids Chocolate

WM117 Silver Shimmer

AF304 Spring

Cranberry, Emerald Green, Canary, Royal Blue

WM118 Unicorn White

WM120 Bubble Gum

WM121 Navy Blue

WM119 Cornflower

AF305 Baby

Pistachio, Rosebud, Robin's Egg, Sweet Melon

AF302 Cake & Coffee

Lemongrass, Lavender, Cupid, Cyan

Chestnut, Berry, Cocoa, Daffodil

Use embossing powder with pigment ink pads to turn stamped impressions into sparkling raised images. (1 oz. bottle)

PW105 Sparkle

PW100 Gold

PW101 Silver

VersaMark™ Ink


VC250 VersaMark (3" x 2") Create “watermark” or tone-on-tone impressions on colored paper.

SJ001 Jet Black (3" x 2") Permanent ink offering great detail

PW110 White

PW111 Ultra Fine

PD101 Watercolor Paint Wheel (24 colors)

(8" long, UL listed)


CS101 Blue

1 oz. bottle

PW200 Embossing Gun


CS106 Turquoise

Mini pops of vibrant pigment • 1.25" x 1.25" ink cubes • 4 colors per cube

AF303 Formal

PW104 Clear

AF231 Neon Blue NK032 Reinker

Water-based, non-toxic ingredients (FD&C approved) • Child safe • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

CS113 Scented Just for Kids Strawberry

Ink Daubers

AF221 Neon Green NK030 Reinker

Water-based, non-toxic ingredients (FD&C approved) • Child safe • 3.5" x 2.25" stamp pad

CS103 Red

CS112 Scented Just for Kids Licorice

AF220 Neon Yellow NK029 Reinker

AF219 Neon Orange NK028 Reinker

AF259 Neon Red NK041 Reinker

PW116 Copper

M1002 Sponge Daubers (3 pcs, with caps)

PW115 Brass

WM101 Water Mist Bottle (2 oz.)

CH114 Little Clothes Pins (25 natural)

PW117 Platinum

PW118 White Satin Pearl

SS100 Silky Stamping Sponge

TOOLS Clear Blocks & Stamp Cleaners

CL073 Acrylic Block (2" x 1.5")

CL033 Acrylic Block (3" x 2")

NK200 Memories™ Stamp Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) Best for use with rubber stamps.

NK201 StāzOn® Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) Also cleans VersaMark Ink.

NK202 Clear Design Ultra Clean Cleaner (2 fl. oz.) For both clear and rubber stamps.

NK301 Clear Design Scrubber Pad

NK205 Child Safe Stamp Cleaner (4 fl. oz.) Child safe. Non-toxic.

CL083 Acrylic Block (6" x 4.75")

CL074 Acrylic Block (3" x 3")

CL081 Acrylic Block (4" x 4.5")


A stylish range of Hero Hues ® for card making and stamping

Mixed Envelopes

PS613 Floral

• Pack of 12 envelopes • 4 each of 3 colors • Color outside, white inside • 5.75" x 4.5" (A2 size)

PS614 Blush

Mixed Folded Cards

PS567 Floral


PS615 Sunshine

PS569 Sunshine


PS638 Pool

PS618 Earth

PS617 Sea

PS699 Midnight

PS570 Foliage

PS639 Pool

PS571 Sea

PS572 Earth

PS698 Midnight

• Pack of 12 sheets • 4 each of 3 colors • Color on one side, white on other • 80# card stock • 8.5" x 11" (letter size)

PS621 Sunshine

PS620 Blush

Folded Cards

• Pack of 10 envelopes • Pack of 10 folded cards • White outside, white inside • Color outside, white inside • 5.75" x 4.5" (A2 size) • 80# card stock • 5.5" x 4.25"


PS616 Foliage

• Pack of 12 folded cards • 4 each of 3 colors • Color outside, white inside • 80# card stock • 5.5" x 4.25"

PS568 Blush

Mixed Layering Paper

PS619 Floral

(7.5" x 4.5")


PS622 Foliage

Acetate Cards


Layering Paper


PS697 Midnight

Recycled Paper • 100% recycled post consumer content • Made in USA


Snow PS454

PS624 Earth

PS623 Sea

• 5 sets • 10 Sheets • Acetate Cards with • 80# card stock White Cards and Envelopes • 8.5" x 11" • 4" x 5.25"



PS640 Pool


PS627 PS507 8.5" x 11" (letter size), 5.5" x 4.25" (A2 size), 80# cover, 65# kraft stock, 10 sheets per pack 8 folded cards with 8 envelopes

HERO ARTS ACCENTS Go to our Gems & Pearls section online for the full range of colors and varieties.


Mixed Accents

Sparkle Gemstones

Accent Pearls

Metallic Décor ACCESSORIES


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