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Herning – where the sky is the limit



ith its more than 86,000 inhabitants, Herning is not one of Denmark’s biggest cities, but as a power centre, Herning’s influence is felt far beyond the municipal borders. Resourceful politicians, enterprising business-people and hard-working citizens have ensured over the years that Herning is now a centre of growth, education ( universitycity ) and experiences for the entire central and west Jutland area. A spirit of entrepreneurship, dynamism and energy have always characterised the Herning area, which was far from well endowed by

nature. In a mere hundred or so years, Herning has grown up on what was originally a hostile flat heathland. This historic beginning has compelled the area’s citizens and decision makers to assume responsibility, work hard and see opportunities where others saw only limitations. The city is now harvesting the fruits of this, and to a high degree. In the last decade alone, development in the city has been explosive, with a large number of imposing new buildings, new educational programs, while Herning has also established itself as a leading venue for major events.



he City of Herning will create a favourable and dynamic framework for growth and earnings for businesses and citizens on a sustainable basis. We will do this among other ways by focusing on the following sectors :

• Climate, energy, and the foods of the future •

Health and care

The experience economy

The municipality is focused on providing all businesses with good, fast and quality service, for example in connection with a wish for local contact, the purchase of land, new employees/ residents, environmental approvals, and education. Together with Ikast-Brande municipality, the City of Herning was recognised as the most business-oriented area in both 2010 and 2011.


e are known in Herning for attitudes and actions with an international vision. We are playing an active role in the internationalisation of our area. Citizens, businesses and the municipality’s employees are ready and geared for the challenges posed by an increasingly globalised world. We have an international strategy with four tracks – reputation, citizens, business, and employees.

International The business track has these qualities : •

We are export-oriented

We attract and hold international events

We innovate internationally

We cooperate internationally

We employ internationally


or the last quarter of a century the City of Herning has been focused on reducing its CO2 emissions, which today are significantly below the national average. Now the municipality has set itself new and ambitious targets, including one to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases by 35 % by 2030.

Innovative energy technology and energy saving projects, sustainable energy and the involvement of the local population and companies are just some of the areas in which, over the years, the City of Herning has reinforced its position as one of Denmark’s strongest municipalities. These initiatives have not only reduced CO2 emissions to 50 % of the nationals average, but also helped achieve for Herning the title of EcoCity.

Clima Today, the City of Herning’s work is defined within a comprehensive climate plan covering both the municipality as a geographical entity and the companies operating there. The plan, among the first of its kind in Denmark, includes mapping of CO2 emissions, scenario and action plans. 1. 2015 : 2  5 % reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2007 2. 2015 : 15 % reduction in all greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2007 3. 2030 : 35 % reduction in all greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2007

Active leisure


erning and the surrounding areas are known both in Denmark and abroad as a highly active sports area. Herning and the nearby town of Ikast have some of the top clubs in the best Danish series within football, handball and ice hockey, and thus they also play at a high international level.

The area also distinguish itself within a large number of other sports at elite level. You will thus always be able to watch stunning matches and major sporting events. But you can also participate yourself and enjoy an active leisure time in Herning


t the end of a days work you can also enjoy one of Herning’s many cultural attractions. For example the various museums have displays of internationally recognised pictorial art, textile history, Danish cultural history and photographic art, while the galleries display interesting works by new painters and sculptors. There are also an ultramodern cinema, flourishing choral societies, dancing venues for every age group, and various venues which organize concerts within practically all musical genres.

Cultural life Herning’s theatres also arrange performances of both traditional and experimental theatre all year – as well as ballet, opera and musicals. Downtown Herning offers fine shopping opportunities. There is also a major shopping complex at the edge of the central business district. Both downtown and in the shopping complex you can find big and small shops, from small speciaized shops to branches of big international chains.



he clean air and the wide open spaces of the moorlands provide an excellent environment for walking or running, or perhaps an afternoon where you pick heather, collect mushrooms or enjoy a picnic in peace and quiet. The many lakes and streams of the area offer swimming, fishing, sailing in canoe, kayak or boat.

If you want to sit and look out over the sea or feel a good strong wind, Herning is only an hour’s drive from the North Sea, where there are attractive sandy beaches with good swimming water and fine sunbathing and windsurfing opportunities – or have a quiet hour in the sheltered area behind a dune.



hen you work in Herning, you also need a place to live. Whether you need to stay here a few days a week, a few weeks or several months, there are numerous options. You can stay in a youth hostel, a camping ground, a hotel, in private accommodation, or at a Bed and Breakfast house or farm. You can live in a flat or buy a house.

Contact the tourist information office ( ) if you would like more information on accommodation options. The tourist information office can help you find a temporary place to stay which will suit you and your needs in the short term.


ll children can receive free education in the public primary and lower secondary school ( Folkeskolen ), and there are no admission requirements. Folkeskolen is the goverments schooling for all children aged 6 to 16. Children who do not speak Danish can be placed in a special class where they are

Schooling taught Danish. It is also possible to give supplementary Danish classes while the children follew the ordinary classes. Denmark has a number of international schools where classes are taught in a language other than Danish. Please contract the deparktment of schooling, for futher information.



erning – The place to study.

In Herning the educational institutions offer a lot of exciting educations.

You will for example find global further and higher educations, vocational educations and caretaking educations. The educational institutions are known for their cooperation with companies and the supplementary training can be tailormade for the companies requirements.


Herning - where the sky is the limit  

Herning - where the sky is the limit

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