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Hiatus Hernia Gerd

A hiatus hernia usually happens when the top part of your stomach slides upwards into your chest.

Many people with hiatal hernia have no symptoms, but others may have heartburn related to gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD.

Causes Of Hiatus Hernia In Hiatus Hernia most of the time the cause is unknown. It can be caused by : Injury to the area Being born with an unusually large hiatus during pregnancy smokers overweight

Symptoms Of Hiatus Hernia Larger hiatal hernias are big enough to allow undigested food and stomach acids to reflux into your esophagus. This means that you’re likely to display the standard symptoms of GERD. These include:



Abdominal pain

Dysphagia (trouble

Frequent burping


Sore throat

Hiatus Hernia Treatment : Three surgical procedural options are available for the repair of a hiatal hernia: Hill repair Nissen fundoplication Besley fundoplication

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Hiatus hernia happens when part of the stomach squeezes through an opening in the diaphragm called the hiatus, and into the chest. Hernia Ma...