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Keynes, poskeynesianos y keynesianos neoclásicos Apuntes de economía política [Keynes, Post Keynesians, and Neoclassic Keynesians. Some Notes on Political Economics] Rolando Astarita

Doce cuentos para leer en el tranvía

Politicidad, comunicación y territorios

Una antología de La Novela Semanal

Miradas desde América Latina

[Twelve Stories to Be Read on the Tram. An Anthology from La Novela Semanal]

[Politicalness, Communication, and Territories. Latin American Perspectives]

Preliminary study and selection by

Alfredo Alfonso Magalí Catino (eds.)

Margarita Pierini

isbn 978-987-558-185-2 2009 | 168 p. | 220 g $ 45 | usd 12,01

isbn 978-987-558-137-1 2008, 1st edition | 2009, 1st reprint 272 p. | 400 g $ 39 | usd 10,41

isbn 978-987-558-171-5 2009 | 328 p. | 460 g $ 55 | usd 14,68

This book provides an introduction to both John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money and Post Keynesian thought, while it offers an in-depth analysis of major differences between Keynesianism and Marxist theory. It also discusses current interpretation of Keynes’ ideas as shown in handbooks and undergraduate courses on macroeconomics.

This book gathers 12 short stories which have been carefully selected from over 500 small pocket-sized volumes that comprised a popular fiction series called La Novela Semanal, published in Buenos Aires from 1917 to 1927. The selected stories reveal a wide array of issues and genres, such as immigration, life in Patagonian lands, science fiction narrative, historical novel, and romance fiction.

Curious readers may walk into these pages uninvited if they intend to rethink our times through their density, their paths and narratives. New readings are suggested on the basis of cultural patterns, openly introducing different issues, crossings, redefinitions, and points of contact. Thus, readers will be left without chronologies, logics, or safety nets, facing an appealing night map of questions. This is the road we have chosen to introduce some critical reflections on politicalness and communication in Latin America’s symbolic territories.

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