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nietzsche en Francia

Perspectiva sociológica

y otros estudios sobre historia intelectual

Una introducción a la sociología no obvia

[Nietzsche in France, and Other Essays on Intellectual History]

Original title: Sociological Insight. An Introduction to Non-Obvious Sociology

José Sazbón

Randall Collins

isbn 978-987-558-170-8 2009 | 440 p. | 510 g $ 65 | usd 17,35

Although he was an eminent publisher, José Sazbón never published his own work, as if he had intended his papers to be scattered to the four winds and later gathered by those lucky or wise enough to find them. In his work, he addresses a wide array of issues, including semiology, Marxism, structuralism, philosophy of history, modern and contemporary history, intellectual history, and Latin American thought.

Translated into Spanish by Lelia Gándara isbn 978-987-558-177-7 2009 | 240 p. | 300 g $ 65 | usd 17,35

The aim of any discipline ought to be two things: to be clear and to be non-obvious. Real knowledge ought to be communicable. It should be possible to say it so that it can be understood. And there should be something to say, something that makes a difference once you know it, something you didn’t already know before.

Los hermanos Wagner: entre ciencia, mito y poesía Arqueología, campo arqueológico nacional y construcción de identidad en Santiago del Estero, 1920-1940 [The Wagner Brothers: Science, Myth, and Poetry. Archeology and the National Identity Reserve in the Argentine Province of Santiago del Estero, 1920-1940] Ana Teresa Martínez Constanza Taboada Alejandro Auat This book provides an overview of the work by brothers Emilio and Duncan Wagner, two French archeologists who undertook several excavations in the province of Santiago del Estero over the 1930s and 40s, later publishing La civilización chacosantiagueña y sus correlaciones con las del Viejo y Nuevo Mundo, which proposed the existence of an ancient Chaco-santiagueña civilization. Although the brothers’ work was not acclaimed by the local scientific community at their time, the authors suggest that it served as a turning point for a crucial period in the history of Santiago del Estero.

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