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Introducción a la geografía [An Introduction to Geography] Elena Margarita Chiozza Cristina Teresa Carballo isbn 978-987-558-066-4 2006, 1st edition | 2009, 1st reprint 160 p. | illus. | 220 g $ 25 | usd 6,67

Current geography is indeed an heir of the past, but it also focuses on space organization and resource valuation as required by contemporary societies. The world is changing under our eyes, as landscapes and territories undergo daily transformations, while old states die and new ones are born. In geography, studying space involves exploring most features of the social processes that create and re-create it, as well as the natural characteristics inherent in the land surface where said space is located, which does not act as passive support for society but as an agent that can react upon changes introduced by such society.

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Docencia y enseñanza. Una introducción a la didáctica

Notas de ciencia política

[Teaching and the Teaching Profession. An Introduction to Didactics]

[Notes on Political Science. An Outline for a Study of Politics from a Social System Perspective]

Sonia Araujo isbn 978-987-558-098-5 2006, 1st edition | 2008, 1st reprint 224 p. | 300 g $ 26 | usd 6,94

This book aims to provide readers with some knowledge that will enable them to analyze, support, organize, and restructure their teaching practices, whether they already belong to the teaching profession or seek to become part of it. In addition, it is intended as a contribution to the creation of classroom frameworks and principles grounded on theoretical, ethical, and practical standards. The author delves into the realm of didactics through an examination of its main issues, its relationship with other disciplines, and its research approaches from a critical standpoint, attaching great value to position-taking as a result of previous reflection on our teaching-practice decisions and their moral and political grounds and implications.

Esbozo de una sistemática social de la política

Marcelo Fabián Sain isbn 978-987-558-128-9 2007 | 328 p. | 460 g $ 26 | usd 6,94

In this book, political science is considered as a cognitive activity that seeks to build a social system framework for politics, which should contribute to empirical and theoretical research on political events. The realm of politics stands as a specific dimension of social life, involving production and reproduction of the ways and means of domination (i.e, government structures), as well as the ways and means of power that enable members of society to build and connect those structures. Therefore, politics cannot be studied and understood in scientific terms unless its specific nature as a dimension of social life is recognized.

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