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Home Security Right in Your Hands Can you ever imagine getting a phone message right when your kids get home after school? Or imagine watching your house 24/7 real time while you are on vacation? Home security today is no longer all wired up cameras. The innovation in technology of this era has enabled users to customize their home security systems and view almost whatever they want to view in real time. There are many iOS apps or android apps, specially designed to work with a home security system so that you can watch your home in real time just from a simple tap on your smartphone or tablet. The home security system that is connected wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet allows you to control your systems from a remote location. You can see your bedrooms on your phone. Some apps even allow you to zoom in and out or rotate the direction of the camera so that you can see exactly what you are wanting to see. Most of the applications have the feature of sending you a phone message when an alarm system is disabled, in case that an intruder stopped your alarm from working. You can, of course, also use the apps to know when someone gets home, especially to know whether your kids have been back from school yet. There are also other features that can be really convenient and energy saving. For example, if you are out on a vacation, you might still want to turn on your lights at night to give the impression to outsiders that someone is home. Without a modern home security system, you might need to ask your neighbor or a friend to do so. But with a home security system that’s connected to your phone and can be controlled from your phone, you can do so by simply tapping a button on your phone, and your light back in your house is lit up. Isn’t it wonderful? Another feature is to control your heater remotely. Instead of leaving the heater on 24 hours a day during winter, you can turn on the heater remotely 15 minutes before you get home. You will get into a warm home, but don’t need to run the heater for the whole day, saving you a lot of money on bills each month. When you install a security system, there should be a specific app that goes along with the system. The app is aimed at home automation, or smart home. However, you should always try to do your homework about a particular home security system or an alarm company. Many of these security companies would be really happy to help you out with any technical questions you may have or just help troubleshoot. After successfully installing a smart home system, you can just turn on the app on your phone and see what is happening at home 24/7.

Home Security Right in Your Hands