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the perfect ESR system

Í SED • Results in 20 Seconds • No Disposables • Barcoded Primary EDTA Tubes • Closed Container Sampling • Fully Automated • Random Access • Continuous Feed • 100µL Sample • On-Board QC

Í SED Advanced Rheology Technology iSED’s micro-flow cell captures the critical kinetics of Red Blood Cells in a highly controlled testing environment. Utilizing a very small sample - 100 microliters - the iSED captures the impact of the most critical phase of the early-phase in the phenomenon of RBC sedimentation, the so-called Rouleaux formation, to produce ESR results that are unaffected by the variables commonly associated with traditional ESR testing, such as mixing of the sample and temperature. Most importantly, Í SED results are not affected by the HEMATOCRIT.

revolution not evolution

perfect ESR results in seconds Imagine performing an ESR test that does not require batching, sample splitting, special cuvettes, duplicate primary tubes or manual sample handling of any kind. For the first time ever, ESR testing is a continuous feed, “pass-through” workstation where sample tubes are processed as fast as they arrive and returned immediately for transport to the next laboratory workstation. iSED’s innovative technology ELIMINATES everything that historically made ESR one of your most difficult tests to perform and has transformed it into one of your most simple.

about alcor scientific inc. alcor scientific has dedicated significant research efforts to the improvement of the testing of erythrocyte sedimentation rate and other blood rheology phenomena. esr is “what we do.” working with partners around the world, alcor has consistently led the market with innovative solutions to automate esr testing and reduce the inherent variability of the test. alcor was one of the first esr providers to offer random access, multi-channel systems for high volume laboratories. alcor has taken the lead with dedicated human-based qc products and inter-laboratory data management. all of this past experience has resulted in iSED®, the most advanced esr analyzer ever designed.

one-step operation Simply insert the primary tube and walk away. SED

Ă? drastically changes the way ESR is performed. Once the most cumbersome test to perform, ESR is now the simplest.

No more duplicate tubes! No more sample splitting! No more expensive ESR tubes! No more QNS!

EXCLUSIVE Seditrol® On-Board Quality Control iSED takes the Quality Control of the ESR procedure to the next level. iSED utilizes barcoded, bi-level Seditrol human-based controls that remain on-board and ready for testing 24/7. Auto-QC parameters are user selectable for your convenience and are based on your laboratory’s unique requirements. Auto-QC is fully integrated into all aspects of iSED’s operation. The system tracks QC product stability, QC results and trending data. iSED is even intelligent enough to pause patient samples if QC results are out-of-range.

• 30 Day On-Board Controls • Automatic QC Daily

Seditrol® QC Data Management Program For comprehensive intra/inter laboratory QC data management, ALCOR’s web-based, real time QC Data Management program is offered to all customers at no additional charge.

on-board quality control

product specifications principle of measure

photometric rheoscope

results printed results (1-130mm/hr) sample requirements

100µL whole blood (500µL dead volume)

tube requirements

EDTA anti-coagulant (13x75mm) test tube, capped

quality control

Seditrol® On-Board Quality Control

barcode reader internal printer internal interface

serial RS232 DB9 port for LIS connection


programmed mixing; 5-1600 rotations

first result available

19 seconds from programmed mixing time

power requirements

100-240VAC; 50-60Hz; 160W

operating temperature

+10 to +30°C


15% to 85%; non-condensing


13.6 kgs; 30 lbs

dimensions (L x W x H)

13.4 x 10.5 x 14.3 in; 36 x 27 x 34 cm

order information Item#




iSED® ESR Analyzer with One Year Standard Warranty

1 each

112-02000 112-05000

Test Card, 2,000 tests

1 card

Test Card, 5,000 tests

1 card


Test Card, 10,000 tests

1 card


Test Card, 20,000 tests

1 card


Seditrol® ESR Control Kit

6 x 4.5mL Tubes


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