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Packaging, Media Branding, Tatoo art, Teaching, Product and Fashion Design. This approach covers both productions from consecrated artists and agencies such as DesignBridge, FOX Network Group, West 8, Elena Chernysova and Jaime Serra, and a selection of New Talents, which will be as well part of the award “Stone and Wood “during the Festival Selected in Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao. “Selected Europe” is not a yearbook but a selection of artists and designers who form

Somehow, “Selected Europe” is a route

a European scenario as visual inspiration

that has been conceived, prepared and –at

referents. It is an invitation, that we have

the same time– left up to fate, chance,

been offering since the first day, to broaden

random. Then, “Selected Europe” is a

horizons; to explore what is going on in

search, an itinerary, a unique journey.

the world of design while trying to make a revision of referents. It is a transversal

We are interested on the discourse of

glance at all of the distinct disciplines of

design that places originality as a higher

design, and at the same time, a space

value above the equalising systematization

for the uncertainty, breeding ground for

–effective and advantageous– but clearly

inspiration, the ideal place for variety and

far away from any personal trace.

diversity of manifestos, standpoints and manners, from through every single artist

The book is a unique piece, an idea that

or designer erects his own imaginary.

has been reflected too on its cover: we have created 999 different covers, with

The main criterion used to select the

a mix of offset and letterpress’ systems,

participants of the book is the amount of

on special papers of different colours

inspiration that their works and philosophy

overpressed in silver inks (for the elegants)

can provide to the reader. Focusing our

and in gold (for the ones willing to attract

interest –through an intensive search and

the attention of the gods). Each copy is

an open call contest– on each and every

numered on a letterpress printer.

particular standpoint and on the way in which every artist understands and resolves

From Selected Europe, we hope that you

projects in his specific design discipline.

enjoy your journey.

With a transversal perspective, this edition


includes Graphic Design, Illustration,


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Creativity, Brand Strategy, Design, Advertising, Promotion, Media Branding Madrid, Spain.

FOX NETWORKS GROUP SPAIN We create brands and broadcasts, exciting

15 years in the first row of the Pay TV

stories that enable people to connect with

Spanish Market prove the constant

each other every day across an unparalleled

experimentation of our brands: Fox,

portfolio of media, products, and services.

Foxlife, National Geographic, Nat Geo

We combine global strength with local

Wild, and Viajar. A construction process

expertise to inspire and engage audiences

based on a solid visual proposal, a unique

across all platforms, making our brands

communication style, and the constant

more relevant and desired.

evolution of our positioning values.

With only 4 multitasking members, we

Achieving the ideas to grow and experiment

cover all the production and post-production

with different creative techniques has

phases, developing tailor-made creative

allowed us to win recognition with more

solutions for content-driven projects from

than 30 international awards (Promax, Clio,

the tv and entertainment industry.

New York Festival…)


_ 6

_ 7

_ 8

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL TURNS 15 An ideal moment to enhance the value of the brand and all the principles that National Geographic represents. In this case, an ID campaign through an imaginary journey full of details, designed to inspire and describe our raison d’être: exploration, science, knowledge, adventure, and storytelling to further the world. In collaboration with the bask designer Joseba Elorza, we did a collage of effort and hope that keeps the spirit of National Geographic alive. Campaign awarded with: 2 Bronze medals New York Festivals World’s Best TV & Films 2017. 1 Gold medal Promax BDA Global Excellence Promotion 2017. 1 Bronze medal Promax BDA Global Excellence Promotion 2017.

_ 9

Make up art Barcelona, Spain.

PATRICIA REYES The pursuit of beauty as a constant of

This constant search is what has lead her

internal motivation. Patricia Reyes is a

to evolve and open up to new goals and

makeup artist and hairdresser with a long

to experiment with new techniques, tools

career path. Since the beginning in 1988

and materials bringing her closer to the

of her training as a hairdresser, and a little

world of art, performance, special effects

later also as a self-taught makeup artist,

and the development of personal projects

Patricia has developed naturally in the field

combined with photography, in order to

of fashion and film industry indistinctly,

“explore the limits of conventional beauty

being several times nominated and

makeup and through my work create

awarded in different film festivals.

images of aesthetic and visual impact that

She has worked with directors such as

inspire people, that is my goal.�

Bigas Luna or Isabel Coixet among others, with the aim of project-to-project creation and help to create beauty and originality through each of the makeup and the characters she has designed.

_ 10

Personal project 2017

_ 11

_ 12

_ 13

_ 14

The photographs published in this book are part of a series of five different make-ups inspired by the repetition of patterns and figures that are constantly found in nature. The makeup has been made using different tools, brushes, sponges, vinyl insoles and airbrush. Black makeup on the model and color photography shot on black background also create a visual effect in which the silhouette of the model is outlined only by white circles. Photo shoot: Fernando GĂłmez Rosal Make up assistant: Rosa Matilla Model: Alba GuillĂŠn 2017

_ 15

Independent Brand Design Agency London, UK. Amsterdam, Netherlands. New York, USA. Singapore.

DESIGN BRIDGE We design for brands. We combine a healthy

Most great ideas rely on a healthy dose of

dose of intuition with intelligence to bring

intuition to see them through. Intuition. It’s

brands to life through great ideas that

a word we like and many people feel afraid

reach out and connect with people.

of. Why? Because it’s something that can’t be easily quantified or measured. That isn’t

Our creative philosophy is about digging

the case here.

deeper to discover what makes a brand unique. We aim to express this through

Our inspiration are those who champion

beautiful craftsmanship to create solutions

craft, originality and storytelling. We dig

which are a breakthrough in the category,

deep. We combine intelligence, intuition

engaging, simple, bold, enduring and

and cultural references to find, capture


and dramatise the powerful personality and truths in a brand. The ones that can

There are plenty of clichés about ‘Eureka!’

inspire, engage and emotionally connect

moments experienced in the bath (or on

with people. We aspire to do this in an

the bus). But we do think there’s some

unpredictable way but with rigour and

truth in the suggestion that the best ideas

inspiration. As a team, we explore cultural

often appear when your mind is at its

connections, we go out; eat the brand,

most relaxed. It’s why we’ve worked so

drink the brand, socialise with the brand.

hard to cultivate such a unique working

We live the brand. We challenge ourselves

environment. One that encourages curiosity,

to find insightful ways to really get under

imagination and open-mindedness.

the skin. We are looking for magic, that

Whatever the project, we always try to

creative spark, the things that make a brand

find as many ways as possible to help the

different and the things that will inspire and

people working on it to escape: from the

focus us on killer creative routes.

screen and the obvious Google search. Because, while research into a brand may be vital, we think it’s important to find a way to experience it, in order to discover its emotional connection with people. _ 16

_ 17

HELLMANN’S Hellmann’s was founded over 100 years ago when Richard Hellmann opened his first deli in New York. Sadly, through years of design iterations, the layers of heritage had been watered down to a point where the brand had lost its true identity. Our challenge was to give Hellmann’s a fresh look; one that was true to its roots and values. It was in the original deli that Richard tied a blue ribbon around his best mayonnaise, and this was what sparked our creative idea, ‘born in the deli’. We took inspiration from historical packaging and the original delicatessen, with its deli tickets, food crates and wrapping materials. Beautifully imperfect detailing captures the warm, welcoming realness of the deli and the pleasure that comes from enjoying good food. Our label echoes the shape of a counter service ticket torn from a paper reel, and features a texture inspired by the wrapping material used for freshly made deli sandwiches. The new handcrafted typeface is a nod to the in-line lettering seen on Richard’s original deli store windows. Refining the synthetic colours of old, our new palette is far more natural; the synthetic yellow has been replaced with Hellmann’s Ochre, and the bright blue is now Hellmann’s Blue, inspired by the colour of the Blue Ribbon. The new Hellmann’s identity and packaging reflects the authenticity, quality and humble roots of the brand. It’s a result that changes perceptions, helping move Hellmann’s from a mayonnaise range to a condiments and dressings brand. Client: Hellmann´s 2017

_ 18

_ 19

FORTNUM & MASON PICCADILLY BISCUITS Among Fortnum’s many products you will find a delectable array of classic English ‘Piccadilly biscuits’, made to the company’s very own, special recipes. Our task was to update the previous tins, which featured the Fortnum’s clock, and create unique packaging for this collection that was both eye-catching and gift worthy. Biscuits are the perfect partner to a cup of tea - a pairing which got us thinking about the beautifully decorated china tea sets of the Regency period, from which the store originates. With the start of an idea, we scoured F&M’s archives to find ceramics from the brand’s past. Combining vintage patterns with architectural details from around the store, and re-interpreting some of the distinctive ceramic design elements we came across, we created a bespoke, ownable plate design.

_ 20

To add pace and interest on shelf, each tin in the range features a different section of the plate in varying scales, bright colours, and F&M’s signature eau de nil. Offset watercolour patterns and sweeping colours give the whimsical design a worn, imperfect feel, as if handpainted. With meticulous detailing, we ensured that each illustrated section of the plate flows around the entire tin to form one seamlessly connected pattern. The striking result is unique to Fortnum’s, referencing the Georgian era of the store but with a modern twist. Client: Fortnum & Mason 2017

_ 21

DB 30TH ANNIVERSARY PRINT To mark Design Bridge’s 30th anniversary we decided to update the limited edition family tree print created to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. We used the annual growth rings of a tree as a way to represent the company’s 30 year history; a symbolic idea that is instantly understood. Delicate and beautiful, our typographic tree rings reveal a deeper meaning beyond what looks, at first glance, to be a simple linear formation. Made up of more than 1,300 names with the founders at its heart, the 30 tree rings represent each year of Design Bridge’s history. With meticulous detailing, and typsetting in collaboration with experts Counterpress, our illustration emulates the irregular rings found within a real tree trunk. We chose to highlight every tenth ring in a different metallic copper tone, signifying the changing decades of the business. It’s a keepsake for every member of the team that celebrates the success of one of the few remaining independent design agencies of our size. 2017

_ 22

_ 23

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Brussels, Belgium. New York, USA.

WEST 8 West 8 is an award-winning international

Second, we are part of a landscape tradition

office for urban design and landscape

that confers identity and, therefore,

architecture, founded in 1987 with offices

understand the need for creating symbols

in Rotterdam, New York and Belgium.

in the production of landscape. This method

Over the last three decades West 8 has

envisions a new nature, a ‘second nature’

established itself as a leading practice

of constructed landscapes that respond to

with an international team of 70 architects,

pragmatic demands (water management,

urban designers, landscape architects

population growth, traffic congestion) and

and industrial engineers. With a multi-

also reinforce the culture to which they

disciplinary approach to complex design

belong (identity, symbols, expression).

issues, West 8 has extensive experience in large-scale urban master planning and

In a departure from the old demolish and

design, landscape interventions, waterfront

install engineering methodology, or the

projects, parks, squares and gardens. We

current preserve and protect model, we

also develop concepts and visions for large-

are adding and expressing new natures.

scale planning issues that address global

The real future in today’s debate about

warming, urbanization and infrastructure.

sustainability lies not in a political or philosophical dialogue about what we

_ 24

West 8 approaches the production of nature

are protecting or how we are going to

in two different - but characteristically

‘sustain’ it, but rather how to actively

Dutch - ways. First, we take a classic civil

create new ecologies. Creating land and

engineering approach for creating landscape

then painting it: in many ways, this is the

- a logic based on utility and necessity.

soul of Dutch culture.

NEW HOLLAND The goal of the New Holland project is not only to restore this architectural landmark but to reinvent its role in the city. West 8’s master plan and design guidelines create accessible open spaces that support new program and showcase the island’s architectural and historical complexes to transform the site into a multi-functional public district that welcomes the citizens of Saint Petersburg and acts as a public draw car for intellectual and creative forces from all over the world. This playground is awarded “VII Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture Golden Certificate in category” Best Realised Object of Environmental Design in 2016. Images by Leonid Leontev Client: New Holland Development 2014 - ongoing

_ 25

Image courtesy Vrienden van Mรกximapark

Image by Jeroen Musch

Image courtesy Vrienden van Mรกximapark

_ 26

Image by Your Captain Luchtfotografie

PARK PERGOLA MÁXIMAPARK The Park pergola in the Leidsche Rijn Park is the place where nature and culture come together. This botanical and ecological pergola offers the park visitors esthetic delight in a cultural-historical context and provides a greater diversity in flora and fauna. The pergola is proposed to be 3,5 km long and 6m high and surrounds in an open and transparent way the green courtyard of the Máximapark, called “The Binnenhof”, a secluded, natural area. images by West 8 Client: Project Bureau Leidsche Rijn 2009 - 2013

_ 27

ROTTERDAM CENTRAL STATION With the advent of both the HST and RandstadRail, the number of daily travelers at Rotterdam Centraal is expected to increase to almost 325,000 per day by 2025. The design team created a station that can accommodate and evolve with this volume; it is not only larger, brighter and more orderly than the old station, but also has an international feel. The new station beautifully complements both the efficiency of the Hispeed stop and the City of Rotterdam’s bold ambitions for urban development and renewal. Rotterdam Central Station is by Team CS (a cooperation between Benthem Crouwel Architects, MVSA Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten, West 8). Image: Jannes Linders and Jeroen Musch Client: Prorail / Gemeente Rotterdam. 2004 - 2013

_ 28

_ 29

_ 30

PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE WENDUINE The Pedestrian Bridge at Wenduine provides a safe traverse over a busy provincial motorway and double tramlines. Literally forming a bridge between the polder and the dunes “Het Wrakhout” (The Wreckage) bridge and connects the local campsite to the beach. Images: Jereon Musch and West 8. Client: Maritieme Dienstverlening en Kust (MDK). 2006 - 2014

_ 31

Art, Journalism Barcelona, Spain.

JAIME SERRA “The media only talk about generalitsation:

At the same time he has developed a

what most people say, what most people

great activity of dissemination through the

do, what most people think. There is no

media that, using- also- data and computer

such a thing as “most people”.

graphics as visualization tools, portraits

We have to understang the thing for what

a particular subject facing the ordinary

a specific individual does infront of a

topics and issues about family, sexuality,

specific situation, at a specific given time.”

addictions and physical living space.

(William S. Burroughs).

This is how Serra undermines the standard use and sense of the data, applying them

This quote is from the writer who has

to “what does a particular person do in

overthrown the most the sense and the

front of a particular situation in a particular

use of the written word. It exemplifies,

moment”. A single person. All of us.

at least in somehow, Jaime Sierra’s work

(From the only conceivable objectivity: the

path on the last twenty five years. He has

subjectivity: “A general truth through a

worked on some of the most prestigious

particular lie” Fernando Pessoa).

mass media in Europe and Latin America, either as an assessor or as director, where he has been able to analyse and study the way in which all kinds of data related to this collective called “the majority” are represented; from the old fashioned and plain statistics to the most recent visualizations resulting from Big Data: ‘the majority of people’. Everyone. None. (From the assumed objectivity: a general lie through a particular truth).

_ 32

Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 0


Santiago CHILE



VISIBLE CITIES. EXPERIENTIAL ATLAS FROM LATIN AMERICA Eighteen silk-screen prints on paper Diverse dimensions


La Habana CUBA



16 pages report of the book “Ciudades Visibles” (also translated in English) and mural on the exposition with the same name presented on the encounter Habitat III of the United Nations. We asked to eighteen residents of great capitals or cities from Latin America


to trace “their own” city on a map, how long have they lived there and to choose a colour that represents the city to them. In the same way, they were asked to evaluate their regard towards the city on a scale from 0 (none) to 6 (unconditional). All of the maps are on the same scale.

Client: City of Quito, Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano 2016

_ 33

GIVE WISH TO YOUR TIME; GIVE TIME TO YOUR WISH With the purpose of creating an image on which every single graduated student could see himself depicted, I analysed the use of time from particular student since his freshman year to his last exam. Likewise, we asked him to imagine how he would wish to spend his time, ignoring even the most basic human needs as eating or sleeping. Both exercises: use and wish, are represented on the clock’s print using different colours, whose space reflects the amount of time dedicated to each activity. Client: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Gift for the ceremony of graduation. 2016/2017

Two pieces of 30 x 21 cm each one Felt-tip pen on paper 2017

_ 34

_ 35

Représentation graphique des liens au sein de mon noyau familial du lunedi 19 au samedi 24 octobre 2015

lundi 19 de octobre


+ fils cadet

Interactions L’épaisseur du trait varie en fonction de leur nombre

MOI mère


fils aîné Tamaño del círculo. Varia según la importancia que le otorgaba en ese día a cada persona




jeudi 22 octobre

Un diagrama familiar

Diariamente y durante el trimestre que abarca marzo, abril y mayo de los años 2011 al 2014 realicé un diagrama de dispersión cualificando las relaciones con las personas que forman el núcleo de mi familia: mardi 20 octobre mercredi 21 octobre mi esposa, mis dos hijos y mi madre. Diariamente y duranteabarcan el trimestre que abarca marzo, abril cambios: y mayo deel Los años registrados un periodo de importantes los años 2011 al 2014 realicé un la diagrama de dispersión cualificando nacimiento de uno de mis hijos, emancipación del otro, una grave las relaciones con las personas que forman el núcleo de mi enfermedad padecida por mi madre y una importante crisisfamilia: de mi esposa, mis dos hijos y mi madre. pareja. Los años registrados abarcan un periodo de importantes cambios: el nacimiento de uno de mis hijos, la emancipación del otro, una grave enfermedad padecida por mi madre y una importante crisis de Hijo menor pareja. Lucas Hijo con Francisca De la concepción a los tres años, edad en la que Hijo menor empieza a acudir diariamente a un Lucas centro educacional. Hijo con Francisca De la concepción a los tres años, edad en la que Hijo mayor empieza a acudir diariamente a un Benet centro educacional. Hijo con una pareja anterior De losmayor 16 a los 19 años Hijo El periodo registrado abarca desde la adolescencia, Benet época enuna la que compartimos Hijo con pareja anterior la vivienda tres días a la emancipación. Desemana, los 16 ahasta los 19su años El periodo registrado abarca desde la adolescencia, Pareja época en la que compartimos la vivienda tres días a Francisca la semana, hasta su emancipación. De los 45 a los 48 años vendredi 23 octobre samedi 24 octobre Pareja Parejadesde los treinta y cuatro años El diagrama refleja la madurez de la relación, varios Francisca intentos deaños fecundación in vitro, el duelo De los 45fallidos a los 48 por la incapacidad de procrear, inesperado Pareja desde los treinta y cuatroelaños embarazo natural, y losdeprimeros años El diagrama refleja el la parto madurez la relación, varios como madre. intentos fallidos de fecundación in vitro, el duelo por la incapacidad de procrear, el inesperado embarazo natural, el parto y los primeros años Madre como madre. Salomé De los 77 a los 80 años Madre Los cuatro diagramas recogen desde los primeros Salomé de alzheimer al diagnostico médico, el síntomas De los 77 los residencia 80 años de ancianos y el proceso ingreso enauna Loselcuatro diagramas recogen desde los primeros en que paulatinamente deja de reconocerme síntomas como alzheimer al diagnostico médico, el ingreso en una residencia de ancianos y el proceso en el que paulatinamente deja de reconocerme como hijo. El diámetro varía según la importancia que le concedía a cada persona en el día representado, independientemente de la la importancia interrelación. El diámetro varía según que

Un diagrama familiar

le concedía a cada persona en el día representado, independientemente de la interrelación. INTERRELACIÓN

El grosor de las líneas dibuja el volumen del tiempo compartido, Interrelationship. desde un mensaje de ‘whatsapp’ a un día entero en compañía. INTERRELACIÓN

The thickness of each line represents the amount of time

El grosor de las líneas dibuja eltelefónica, volumen tiempo compartido, spend with theConversación person, from a simpledel whatsapp message ‘whastapp’ o email to a desde mensaje de ‘whatsapp’ a un día entero en compañía. wholeun day together. Varios contactos virtuales o un breve encuentro real Conversación telefónica, ‘whastapp’ o email Phone call, whatsapp or email.

Un almuerzo o cena

A Varios few visual contacts or meeting by encuentro chance. real contactos virtuales o un breve Medioordía Lunch dinner (together) Un almuerzo o cena Un día

Medio día day. Half of the Unwhole día The day.

+ +

Relación emocional Relación emocional

A FAMILY’S DIAGRAM Daily, during the second semester, which means between March to May, of every year since 2011 until 2014 I drawn a dispersion diagram evaluating my relationships with my closest family members: my wife, my two sons and my mother. The years registered were a period of important changes: of my second´s son birth, my oldest emancipation, my mother’s illness and an important couple crisis. 2015

_ 36


The diameter of the circles varies according to the daily relevance of each particular person for me, regardless of the interrelationship.

Yo (media) Yo (media)

Relación intelectual Relación intelectual

+ +

Youngest son Lucas Francisca’ son From his conception until he is 3 years old, and starts attending daily to a kindergarden.

Eldest son Benet Son from a previous partner From 16 to 19 years old This period goes from his adolescence, a period when he lived with us three days per week, until his emancipation.

Partner Francisca From 45 to 48 years old My couple since I was 34. The diagram portraits the maturity of our relationship; at first the grief for not being capable to conceive, an unexpected natural pregnancy, the labour and Francisca’s first years as a mother.

SalomĂŠ From 77 to 80 years old The four diagrams gather since her first Alzheimer symptoms to the medical diagnosis, her entry on a residence for the elderly and the process where she gradually stops recognising me as her son.

_ 37

Documentary photography Moscow, Russia.

ELENA CHERNYSHOVA Elena Chernyshova is a Russian documentary

Her work aims to visualize the impact of

photographer, based in France. She was

human activity, ways of adaptation, and

born in 1981 in Moscow, USSR. Photography

diversity of lifestyles.

for her is a way of investigating the daily

Elena’s work has been published in

life of different groups and communities in

National Geographic, Geo, Stern, 6 Mois,

the context of environmental, political, and

Le Figaro, Le Monde, Neon, Internazionale,

economic change.

Days Japan, Courier International, Le Temps, Sunday Times and others.

_ 38

_ 39

DAYS OF NIGHT NIGHTS OF DAY The daily life of the city Norilsk in the North of the polar circle. The documentary was supported by the Lagardère foundation grant for photography. Norilsk, in northern Russia, is (after Murmansk) the second-largest city within the Arctic Circle, with a population of over 177,000 inhabitants.It is also one of the ten most polluted cities in the world. 2 million tones of gas are emitted every year, 100 000 ha of tundra in the radius of 30 km are dead, and the life expectancy in that region is 10 years lower than in other regions of Russia. Rich metals and mineral deposits make the region a primary global source of such commodities as nickel, cobalt, platinum and palladium, and Norilsk maintains the biggest metallurgical and mining complex in the world. Norilsk endures an extremely harsh climate, with temperatures dropping below -50°C in the winter, and rising until the high 20s or 30s in the brief summer months. The city is covered in snow for 250-270 days a year, has frequent violent snowstorms and experiences the polar night from November to midJanuary, when the sun does not rise above the horizon. Personal project 2012-2013

_ 40

_ 41

Graphic Design, Teaching Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hondarribia, Spain.


_ 42

I consider design as a projective and

easier to understand and apply those

cultural discipline that is inseparable from

elements into multimedia.

its context, a plan that includes matters

The main focus of the course is Graphic

such as strategy and technique combined

Design bearing in mind conceptual, aesthetic

with emotional aspects expressed in art

and functional aspects, balancing all three in

and experimentation. It is not an isolated

order to see it as the visual solution achieved

profession, but a multidisciplinary and

after a process of analysing, understanding

transversal attitude.

and organising information.

Regarding the teaching aspect, the aim of

The Master is divided into three modules:

my task has always been to create a space

Visual Arts, Information Design and Media

to analyze communication and information

Branding, focused in two major aspects:

in terms of design. Thinking about the future

Contents: Students build on their skills to

of Graphic Design, I came to the conclusion

conduct research with the aim of gathering,

that information is everywhere, in every

analysing and organising data in order to

single field and discipline, and that it needs

create specific contents for a piece of

to be processed and represented in a

communication or device.

way that guarantees both visual efficiency

Data Visualisation: Exploring layout

and attractiveness, and at the same time

architecture in order to provide visual

provides identity. This makes graphic

solutions for content, which is further

information design an essential tool.

enhanced by a good grasp of resources.

A few years ago I planned a design course

Students focus their efforts on developing

that aimed to work deeply on Information

layouts that are capable of communicating

Design applied in Media Branding projects

large amounts of data, visual impact,

as the main challenge for graphic designers:

non-sequential readings, directing the


readers’ attention and simplifying their


reading priorities. The final project is where

at IED Barcelona. The purpose of this course

everything the student has learnt is called

is to teach the students how to design visual

into play, working with media entertainment

communication layouts that make content

brands of Turner Broadcasting System.


PLAN B A platform created to promote independent cinema. Didactic information’s branding. Plan B is a didactic and informative campaign about everything that is on the backstage of an independent film, that has the aim of promoting the specialized TV channel I.Sat, that aims to spread the consume of this kind of movies. With the combination of an infographic work with new technologies an interactive exposition, where the attenders will be able to play with the pieces is obtained, so the viewer will be able to become a part of the game instead of being just a passive spectator, by taking part of the game that is showed. The exposition will also be available through a digital platform, which will become a space for the interaction of the users. The aim is to create a community of people interested in independent cinema, were they can share and discover independent works and directors and, at the same time, debate and discuss their opinions and curiosity about anything related with this world. Student: Carla Elías Torres 2017

_ 43

CHILLAX Behind the movies there is a universe of elements and different processes, from creation to projection: what is formal and what has to do with emotions. It seems that nowadays we are forgetting this part since many movies are offered without knowing who needs them and why. Hence the aim of this investigation, that studies feelings, emotions and needs. ÂżWhy do we watch movies? Chillax wants to offer a new approach to film-watching, oriented to the emotions and experiences from the audience to provoke a closer relationship and a personal identification with TNT. A new atmosphere that is attractive to its followers, without leaving behind its essence and position. To watch a movie is some kind of ritual that implies thousands of both physical and emotional decisions, a ritual to scape and share. We make decisions and choose according to our current mood: Chillax translates it in “The perfect movie: 24 memories per secondâ€?. The main concept is made of different situations that look for experiences of comfortability and relax, physical comfort, emotional connection, sense of humor, memories or scars (that come from our experiences) connecting the viewer with the world of the cinema. During and after the movie we, as spectators, face a few processes of analysis, learning, scape from routine, revive memories about people, places and feeling related with other movies or personal moments, making this way the movie itself something transcendent and organic, something that is emotional. All of this is what the Chillax ritual represents. Chillax applies facial recognition technology

_ 44

and pulse measuring to interpret the reactions from the viewer. It reacts at data interpretation and facial mapping, detecting emotions. It is a mass, a being that is able to react or change according to the state of mind of the person that is in front of it. This shape has a large amount of graphic representations to accomplish its diverse aims. Its transformation is the identity, the key point of the project since everything is reflected on its chromatic and morphologic changes. To make animation possible, I created a movement mesh that contained the points where the transformation takes place. That is, I created a map of the mass as if it was a human face. I split the audience into two main groups: the Learned and the Pop Corned. The Learned are the ones that know about the seventh art, they know about directors, actors, scenarios, framing. The Pop Corned are the ones that watch movies only for pleasure, to entertain themselves in their free time. Both groups share some feelings: for all of them watching a movie is a ritual full of choices that each one of them lives in their own way. Chillax, 24 memories per second/ The perfect movie. A translator that understands your own way of living every important moment of your life, creating a data base about your day to day with the aim to suggest the perfect movie for everyone in every particular moment. Student: Maricruz Rojas Felix 2017

NEXT Is a contribution to the community of series-lovers. The projects aims to communicate first-hand with series’ fans and to create a bond with TNT Series and among them through an open platform composed of an app that informs, organizes and enables them to interact with other fans; a website that has an on-line shop where the user can make and sell its designs and a fan tour in different cities and about different series. The aim is to understand the series as a new life-style, to spread the brand and enable it to have a stronger market. Student: Cristina Nosti 2017

_ 45

Product Design Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

ATELIER MATS Mats Horbach of Atelier Mats is fascinated

Whether hidden behind black glossy design

by the invisible elements around us. His

or invisible in the air, technology is all around

interest lies in visualizing the invisible and in

us. At the same time it is more and more

unravelling abstract themes.

out of sight, but technology itself perceives us better than ever before. With his projects

Horbach began at Eindhoven University

Mats aims to convey this fascination to other

of Technology, but left after his first year

people by showing them the beauty of the

in order to study at the Design Academy

everyday technology that is all around us.

Eindhoven, where he graduated in 2012 with

His work consists of installations and objects

honours. His varied educational background

that interact with the user.

is reflected in his work, he creates narrative

Mats Horbach believes that information

projects coloured by an informative slant in

is better obtained when someone can

his design studio in Eindhoven.Â

experience it instead of only reading about it. An experience puts the user inside the context and makes it easier to relate to the information and to let people question it. Visual and tactile information is critical when you want to reach many people. Therefore Mats’ works covers both the 3D and 2D fields with clear graphic design language inspired by the graphic language in physics and electronics.

_ 46

_ 47

ODE TO NOTHING The project ‘Ode to Nothing’ contains the nothing machines that catch signals from the air and convert them into a current to produce sound. The project started with Mats’ fascination of all the invisible networks that are all around and make sure that all our devices work. Based on the crystal radio, the nothing machines receive radio waves and use these waves as a power source. The installation shows the almost magical powers of the networks and the energy of the signals that are all around us. Photos: Kristof Vrancken Personal project 2013

_ 48

_ 49

Textile Design, Silkscreen Printing, Drawing, Teaching Head of the International Illustrated Book Festival of Barcelona “Como Pedro por mi casa” Paris, France. Barcelona, Spain. •

JULIA PELLETIER Julia has always loved light, colors, small

for adults, a carefully curated selection of

things, and trees. She observes and feels,

works that exhibit a lack of prejudice in

looks for beautiful and rich partnerships and

using drawing, painting or illustration in

aims to share any of her knowledge.

order to narrate a story.

In 2000, she left London after graduating with a BA in textile design from Central Saint

At the moment, as head of this project, she

Martins College where she specialised in

has been developing more exhibitions and

silk screen printing. She then decided to

pops-ups, in order to spread the knowledge

established herself in Barcelona, where she

and value of illustrated and art books in

found everything she could possibly love.

museums, libraries and cultural centers, to all. The inquisitiveness to discover different,

Since then, as a freelancer, she has

distant or unusual ways of explaining reality

moved from one practice to another.

and the desire to celebrate them together.

Multidisciplinary, she draws, prints onto paper and textiles, and makes books. She

Since 2004, she has been teaching

also organises artistic programmes in the

in Spanish at the Fashion School, IED

form of workshops for children, teenagers

Barcelona, teaching in English there from

and adults which she creates for museums,

2007 and in 2012 was promoted to BA Hons

bookshops and private organisations

Course Module Leader, where she is still

throughout Europe.

very involved and delighted to work with her wonderful students.

In 2006 she created the International

_ 50

Illustrated Book Festival “Como Pedro

Julia is a passionated person who tries to

por mi casa”, an event dedicated entirely

transmit her enthusiasm to others, and

to artist illustrated and auto-edited books

enjoys every moment of her work.

1 NATURAL OBJECT OF INSPIRATION Photo: fotografia©sylviagusan 2 FROM SCREEN TO PAPER Silk Screen Printing Workshop created by Julia Pelletier. Detail of a silk screen printed paper. 3 JULIA’S SCREEN Detail 4 FROM SCREEN TO PAPER Detail of a woven silk screen printed paper. Result. Client: Dhub 2016





_ 51

PANORAMIC PAPERS, A WINTER TRIP THROUGH THE LANDSCAPES OF THE MUSEUM Workshop by Julia Pelletier Photos: fotografia©sylviagusan Client: MNAC 2017

_ 52

_ 53

Graphic Design Utrecht, The Netherlands.

AUTOBAHN Autobahn is an award-winning creative agency, internationally known for its typographic and research-based approach that connects on a human level. We use design as a creative strategic tool to develop and evolve businesses. Every day, we are fully committed to create playful, intelligent and imaginative ideas with our clients. Regardless the size, nature or platform of the project.

_ 54

_ 55

_ 56

RHINOCEROS by Daan Paans & Autobahn Time: In his photographic projects, Daan Paans (1985, NL), investigates the concept of time. He is interested in the way time -past, present and futureshapes our interpretation of the world. Paans applies his artistic research to his topics by connecting several multi layered case studies to it. These cases reveal questions on the topic from different perspectives and time frames, using the three stages of past -presentfuture as a guideline. In this latest project Rhinoceros he states one main question: How do the ever more tangible representations of the past and future become part of our contemporary reality? He uses three case studies: the representation of the prehistory in the nineteenth century, bringing flashes of history alife in the present, and the representation of the future in science fiction. Ultimately, the project sets the basis on which we base our collective perception of past and future.

Alphabet: The history of our alphabet is one of creating, copying, reducing and altering in order to create a communication system. What started as a drawing of an Ox head in Syria/Iraq around 3000 B.C., we now recognize as a capital letter A. And most of our modern letters find its origin in representations of images. E: a lattice window S: a tooth C: a boomerang R: a human head In collaboration with Daan Paans we designed a typographic header for this exhibition. We used layers of transparent sheets to represent the change of our alphabet throughout time. Past and present of written communication methods come together in one image. Forming a Rรถntgenphoto of the core of our written communication. Object specifications: Wood, glass, print on transparent sheets, 103 x 39 cm.

_ 57

Graphic Design Bogotá, Colombia. Barcelona, Spain.

SANTIAGO RESTREPO ARIAS My name is Santiago Restrepo Arias.

I really love to carry an aesthetic and

I am the kind of person that likes to show

creative sense in everything I do.

you new music, play a good song on guitar

I find joy in the dialogue that takes place

and see your reaction, or just draw you to

between inspiration and outcome.

get a quick smile on you.

The process of choosing a path that leads

I am also the kind of guy who enjoys

to nowhere, or just to the next step.

drawing, and cherish the sturdy beauty of

The endless cycle of reaching creativity

every line I draw. Have fun with animals,

and inspiration makes me both excited

comment on a recently viewed film and

and frightened. Because you know,

struggle with the challenges of designing

creativity and inspiration love to play hide


and seek very well... and that’s what I live

My work is a reflection of who knows

for, to create and nothing more, cause like

what! The time I spend wandering in my

Sheriham Gamal said, “If you see beauty

mind, the inspiration that came from a

in something, do not wait for others to

trivial moment, or perhaps the judgment of


a client (always welcome!).

Canódromo Terrace Palace Torre Cervantes Terrace Palace

_ 58


Torre Cervantes

BONET Is a tribute to the Catalan architect Antonio Bonet. Six fragments that gather and modernize his legacy. Six fragments that project the kaleidoscope of Catalan rationalism A colorful tribute to the splendour of his work. Author of a vast work, which tweaks with his genius the geography of Spain and Latin America, which remains a great unknown. It is also the recovery of the dialogue between architecture and light. Between stone and soul. Personal project 2017

La Ricarda

_ 59

Tattoo Art Kiev, Ukraine. Barcelona, Spain. •


_ 60

I don’t make tattoos, I make designs

the feeling of holding hands with a child

for the body. The body is a canvas, it’s a

hugging and kissing him. I take this feeling

place for art and not for stickers. The ink

and express it through ink on the skin.

that lives on the skin plays with every

I feel I’m on the same level with my

movement of every muscle.

customers, nobody will ask me for

The tattoo and the body have to be in

tattoos with knights in horses demons

harmony. The lines should accentuate

or biomecanical tattoos. The people who

and complement the body by giving it

come to me are ones who have opened

expression. You have to remember that the

themselves to the world let themselves

body is not static and you should use its

feel free have filled themselves with

movement to give life to the tattoo. Look at

beauty and light, people who have found

it as a whole and not one part that you are

their on way through life. We give each

tattooing. Holistic perception is the most

other a piece of our experiences and create

important thing. That is what I try to do, I

something together on the same level.

want to combine the feeling of the person

It’s the only way to cooperate and work

and their body as a whole and catch it and

together, with openness and trust. I’ve

imprint it with my design. When we are

been tattooing for more than ten years;

discussing a concept with a customer I

it’s a long time in this profession but I

look inside of me for the same feeling that

still have a long way to go. My wish is

they are expressing to me. If the project is

not to lose my inspiration and interest in

the sea, I try to remember the color of the

what I do, and I believe that continuous

ocean, the smell of the salt, and the feeling

development and self interests are

of the sun on my skin. I try to capture the

important, always being curious about the

way that water crashes on the beach and

world and openness to feel and experience

incorporate all things associated together. If

more. Of course most of all it is the love

the project is about a family I try to imagine

and trust of my customers.

_ 61

_ 62

_ 63

Textile Design Amsterdam, Netherlands.

MAE ENGELGEER Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer attended the Amsterdam Fashion Instituut where she specialized in textile design, graduating in 2004. Later she was accepted to the prestigious Master Course in Applied Arts at the Sandberg Instituut and developed her first collection of textiles at TextielLab. In 2014 Engelgeer opened her own studio in Amsterdam, working on product design and development, installations, and international collaborations. Mae Engelgeer’s work is characterized by a typical use of colour, geometric shapes and linear elements which is unmistakably hers. An eye for detail and sense of composition are important in her designs when it comes to introducing balance throughout a design. Her style has an open character that could be described as minimalistic with a playful twist. She cleverly combines craft, new technology and materials into beautiful textiles that enrich any home, without losing ground on refinement or quality.

_ 64

_ 65

BLISS COLLECTION Inspiration for this project came from a sample that Mae Engelgeer created, shaping round curves and trying to create a 3D effect. After a period of using straight graphic lines, and feeling almost captured by it, she felt the need to use bold shapes again. Keeping the playfulness of the Memphis movement in mind and experimenting with shape and color was the start of the BLISS collection. Mixing elements like pattern and form with different production techniques giving life to the rugs. Using high quality materials like Himalayan wool with pure silk makes some parts literally glow. She refers to it as “jewellery� for your space. 2017

_ 66

_ 67

_ 68

MONO COLLECTION The new Mono collection is inspired by vintage kimono’s found during travels in Japan. Intrigued by the securely chosen colors, patterns and detailing seen on several fabrics and surroundings. The aesthetic of the woven fabrics in the mono collection are an ode to Japanese craftsmanship, translated into blankets, cushions and tea towels. The colors used for this collection are vivid peach and blush, beige, hues of a grey, lila and anthracite, accompanied by black and white. The collection consists out of 4 woven blankets with a signature dash, 2 tea towels with a lurex seam and 3 cushions with colors referring to metal. All pieces are developed and woven at the TextileLab in The Netherlands, using high quality yarns like mohair and merino wool. Images by Lonneke van der Palen Model Jeanne Cremers @touchemodels Hair and make-up by Kimm Bakkers for Ellis Faas Cosmetics & Kevin Mruphy@ angelique Hoorn Management 2017

_ 69

_ 70

_ 71

Art Direction, Graphic Design Barcelona, Spain.

INGRID PICANYOL Ingrid Picanyol is a non-conformist through

Each project is meticulously researched,

and through, a creative of conviction whose

every avenue explored, with a bespoke

minimalist projects show impressive

visual language being the end result.

intellectual integrity. A one-time punk

For her, graphic design is a kind of

rocker from the Pyrenees, she discovered

communication. It’s about the way an

her love for graphic design at the age of

object or idea speaks to its audience.

ten, when she composed a »threatening

Her aim in every project is to adopt an

letter« to a neighbour in words snipped

unconventional position and experiment

from newsprint. Today she remains as

with creativity up to the brink of a

unconventional as ever. Later the wide

revolutionary vision.

world beckoned, she left her “comfort zone” of her home city of Barcelona and

She is aware of the importance of creating

travelled widely, working in design studios

aspirational design with a business strategy

in New York and Mexico City.

that will strengthen the added value of the brand. The studio approaches its projects

The mantra of her apprentice years – never

from a strategic and creative view, taking

doubt your ability – remained a strength as

care of every detail through a coherent,

she set up her own studio and undertook

innovative and specific language, adapting

her first projects. She stands firmly

to the needs of each particular project.

against all temptation to play along and do the expected thing. That such resolutely different thinking can lead to different, distinctive solutions is compellingly illustrated by the packaging designs emanating from the Ingrid Picanyol studio. Based in the heart of the Gracia neighborhood, in Barcelona City, her studio works in constant collaboration with a wide range of creative people. _ 72

THE DALTON BROTHERS PACKAGING Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the comic ‘Lucky Luke’, the Callebaut chef pays tribute to this versatile sweet that has taken over the candy shop’s windows from all over the world. For that, he has been inspired by the four members of The Dalton Brothers, characterized by their gradually height, which is inversely proportional to their age, wickedness and intelligence. Packaging design and recipes are created simultaneously to represent as much as possible each one of the characters. Client: Josep Maria Ribé from Callebaut 2017

_ 73

Photography, Art Direction New York, USA. Moscow, Russia.

KRISTINA VARAKSINA Russian-born Kristina Varaksina has resided

clients are fashion designers and fashion

in the USA since 2010 and currently splits

magazines. Fashion photography is the

her time between New York and Moscow.

medium where Varaksina has been able to

Varaksina’s focus is to capture human

utilize her imagination and love for staged

emotions and the psychological

narratives. Commercial clients often allow

impressions of her subjects’ mind –

less freedom, which makes the task more

permitting the characters to project their

challenging, but even more exciting for

internal reality. Works undertaken are keen

Kristina and her crew.

to explore a female and child perspective, evoking their thoughts, dreams and hopes.

Currently Kristina Varaksina studio offers photography, video, art direction and set

Recently, Aesthetica magazine suggests

design services to their clients.

“Varaksina’s personal works are etherial, projecting the psyche onto the corners of

Kristina Varaksina is represented by Peter

a room... Through a conscientious attention

Bailey Productions in New York, by Eight

to light and a soft palette these allegories

Agency in Moscow. Her images are

come to life and absorb the viewer into

represented by Lumas Gallery, Berlin,

their microcosm”.

Brownie Gallery Shanghai, “Themes and Projects” San Francisco, CA and

Although she initially started her career as a fine art photographer, Kristina Varaksina has been working on editorial and commercial projects as well. Her regular

_ 74

Cumberland Gallery Nashville, TN.

SHE IS IN HIGH SCHOOL The project “She Is In High School� reveals the discrepancy between the image of fashion models we see in magazines and their actual place in life. The girls who participated in the project are all professional models and are only 15-17 years old. The goal of the project is to make a social commentary on the fact that there are very young models working in fashion and advertising industry, that are being seen as adults by the viewer. Misleading the viewer and sometimes setting unrealistic standards, they are being misled themselves. 2016

_ 75

The project “She is in high school” was shot in studio in sets, replicating retro classroom environment. I asked the set designer for a specific color palette so that the walls and furniture would match the model’s outfits, inspired by the 70’s. All the models were told the story behind the project and asked to pose as high school students. All the pictures were taken in one day.


_ 76

All the girls were shot with no makeup and post production included very small amount of skin retouching as the idea was to portray the girls as they are. To achieve the final vintage look of the images I applied local and global color grading. Set design: Espen Gjertzen Øydvin.

_ 77

YOU ARE MY TWIN A psychological study of the relationship between twins. Intertwined with surrealist props and metaphors, this photographic series charts the emotions and experiences between these inextricably linked individuals through four narrative based works. Often twins can be considered as a single entity, whereas certain twins choose different paths in order to develop an individual identity. It is through the exploration of these ideas I seek to illustrate aspects of this complex relationship. I started working on this project by putting my ideas on paper.


_ 78

I sketched out the sets, clothing and props and brought the sketches to a set designer and a clothing designer. From the sketches stage it took about three weeks until everything was ready. The props – the fish, two giant eggs, antlers and a pair of white wheels were made by a talented set designer Espen Øydvin. The costumes were made by fashion designer Elena Slivnyak. In one studio day we built two walls and were able to change four sets in them. Therefore I was able to shot all four images in one day. The models – two 7 years old twin sisters – had a lot

of fun on set playing with the props and costumes. I shot these with Hasselblad H3D digital camera, 120mm lens. After processing the raw files in Lightroom and applying global adjustments it took me about 25 hours to do retouching, lighting correction and color grading of all four images in Photoshop. The studio facilities and all possible help at the shoot was kindly offered by Photigy Playground and Alex Koloskov. Set design: Espen Gjertzen Øydvin. Models: Lilya and Sonya Koloskov. 2015

_ 79

Illustration, Fine Art Vienna, Austria.

ANA POPESCU I am a visual artist from France who

I am fascinated by the combination of

studied printmaking and drawing at the

simple forms and strong colours. It has

University of Applied Arts in Vienna,

something mysterious. I also like images

Austria. I graduated in June 2013 with

that suggest something realistic without

a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Some

being realistic. There is also the aspect of

examples of the latest exhibitions I took

summer that is present in my work. Since

part in were at the Griffin Gallery in

2015 I also work as a freelance Illustrator

London in 2015 and at the 21er Haus in

and am represented by the agency

Vienna in June 2016. Since 2013, I work in

Caroline Seidler in Vienna. I think I work

various forms with the theme of space and

somewhere between illustration and art, I

the perception of space. I am also very

don’t see myself as just one and I think my

interested in parallel universes and tried

work reflects this blurred line. Drawing is

to depict one in my work « Life of Mars »

also at the center of my work, everything

which was the inspiration for « Homes ».

I produce is somehow a hand-drawn picture. The Ideas I try to realize are usually a combination of previous works that gave me new ideas and some other visual impressions that I sometimes photograph and sometimes just remember. So my work has a continuity in that way.

_ 80

HOMES Is a series of acrylic paintings on paper illustrating a utopian view of the concept of home. The exaggerated colors, the distorted perspectives and the emptiness of the living spaces and their surroundings make the work distance itself from a known reality to depict a new one. The work dissolutes itself from the characteristic of a personal living environment. The new architectural excerpts like the inside/outside views are the assembly parts of new integral spaces. ÂŤHomesÂť is also inspired by midcentury villas and modernist homes from around the world and especially from Palm Springs. Personal project 2016/2017

_ 81

_ 82

_ 83

Graphic and Product Design Montreal, Canada.

COUPLE D’IDÉES Creative partners for many years,

sold in selected boutiques and museum

Diane Parenteau (graphic and product

shops in Canada, United States, Austria,

designer) and Arto Dokouzian (illustrator

France, United Kingdom and Japan

and photographer) co-founded Couple

where Couple d’Idees also participates in

d’Idees (Couple Of Ideas) in 2010 with

exhibitions and gives workshops.

a PAPER COLLECTION designed to

_ 84

encourage writing and stimulate creativity,

An out of the ordinary design and material

all printed in Canada on 100 percent


recycled paper. This creative stationery is

has recently been added to their catalogue.

URBAN BAG For us, urban nomads, our bag has to be more than just utilitarian, it has to fit our lifestyle. It is our home on the go, our luggage, our image. Scratch your own itch I was looking for a reliable, lightweight, water resistant, vegan AND stylish daily bag. Except for sport and outdoor equipments, I just couldn’t find all those criteria in one bag. As a graphic designer, I receive a lot of swatch books from paper suppliers and this is how I discovered the paper-like Tyvek material. A material with unique proprieties. Even if it looks and feels like paper, Tyvek is a non woven product made of 100 percent high density polyethylene (HDPE) fibres. Durable, light weight, water resistant, washable, non toxic, acid free and neutral pH are among Tyvek’s properties. It makes a terrific choice for this project. Form and function. From home to office and everything in between, the Urban Bag will follow everyone with style. Wave of heat, cold winter or rainy day, it is reliable under any weather. It is foldable and even crushable so it might also be use as a back-up bag. The berlingot shape will always gives some volume to the bag even though the material will get softer with usage. It can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. When not in use, the shoulder straps are aesthetically folded under the bag. A side sewn flap without seams on top protects the content from rain. Urban crowd and frequent traveler will be happy to learn that the black urban bag weighs less than 100 grams. Vegan will be happy too! Environmental notes. Tyvek can be mechanically recycled into durable products. This Urban Bag is made of 100 percent Tyvek. It has no zipper, button, snap fastener or hook. By only using rectangle shapes there is almost no material waste. 2016

_ 85

_ 86

The Urban Bag is a reliable, lightweight, water resistant, vegan AND stylish bag. 100 percent Tyvek by Dupont. Black 100 grams, silver 105 grams. 340 mm width (when flat) x 500 mm height. A side sewn flap without seams on top to protect from rain. Two small handles to carry the bag by hand. Two long straps for the shoulder that can be aesthetically folded under the bag when not in use.Sewn with spun-filament polyester threads. White Tyvek lining. Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, do not iron. Inspired by the World and made in Montreal, Canada. The project started in the summer of 2015 in Montreal, Canada and finished just in time to be presented at the Designboom Mart in Toronto, Canada, January 18-22, 2016.

_ 87

Graphic & Book Design, Photography Moscow, Russia.

KSENIA DUBROVSKAYA My creative philosophy is about creating a

All of my projects are filled with my soul,

powerful context and saving importance of

my energy and plenty of thoughts. Most

concept. I am proud of my principles which

of all I am crazy about typography and

are emotional connection, honesty and deep

photography. I like to combine them to

analysis. I see design as a platform for idea

new context and to experiment with

raising and transferring this idea to people.

both of them. I am sure that each good

I try to get inspiration from everything I do. I

typeface has its own emotion and it is very

use traveling as a source of new ideas. I mix

useful in design creating. You can show

all that I have seen with the hope to create

particular moods thanks to type. All of this

something unique thanks to my personal

is about the power of details.

perception. I have such passion as searching

A strong project should be perfect in all its

for meaning in everything around. On one

parts. I spend a lot of time on the details.

hand, it is a barrier to relax, but on the other

However, my goal is to create a design

one, it is a way to feel yourself as a part of

which is light and simple on the first sight.

all system and to notice what is hidden from

It shouldn’t be too difficult to understand,

the overview sight. Yes, nowadays I see

but when you start looking at it closer, you

the importance that curiosity has and don’t

should find more meanings or emotions.

understand people who are lazy to think and research. I like to compare, mix, create experiments and explore. I am sure that good design should be not only beautiful, but clever or, at least, calling to move some sort of emotion or thought to the viewer. In my opinion, love for business helps to achieve good project results. I try to constantly develop myself to create good interesting projects. I hate to stop and waste my time.

_ 88

BLAH BLAH DAY This publication reports interviews with local residents of Sibiu, Romania. Incredibly, me and my friend talked to 18 strangers without any special purpose during only one day. It was understood as an experiment only afterwards. Thereby it has become an overview of unplanned connections with unknown people that we will never see again. There is a color coding. Black and white are used to indicate the actions and words from us, two Russian tourists. Red is used for strangers. The conversations consist of a combination of 3 languages: Romanian, English and Russian. For clarity, it is pointed out which languages every person knows and uses. There are 10 parts with conversations. Each new meeting is presented by a page with a speaker’s portrait and language skills. The next spread includes an insert with a dialog. The size of the insert depends on duration of the talk. And the fourth page closes this part. Before and after such section there are photos of conversation place.  And between these bright red parts there are white pages which describe our actions and chatter when we were alone. This alternation of red and white spreads creates a general rhythm of the book. In the end, there are all photos of people with a further brief description of our connection with them. The structure of the book shows this “blah-blah-blah” with a special monotony and even begins with the first phrase on the cover and ends with the last phrase on the back cover. Personal project 2016

_ 89

LANDING FOR TYPEFACE BIGCITY GROTESQUE PRO The task was to research features of typeface and to tell an interactive story with them and about them. I chose stylistic of Broadway theatre to show elegance and difference of BigCity Grotesque roles. This typeface has 18 styles and can be used for various intentions. It can be compared with job of good actor. Static and animated illustrations show overview and details and then suggest to buy this font. Client: 2017

_ 90

HOARDER It is an art project about strange attitude to own things. I have a fear from thought about throwing away my things, even if they have not been used for years. Installation is 3D prototype of my real room. I saved an absolute compliance in calculations. All the real furniture has been shown with transparent material to make it more similar to a package. All things are shown as bright neon boxes meaning its value. And then there is a large head in which it’s all installed because all problems come from our head… 160 pages of additional booklet document plenty of collected things. There are broken mobile phones, stickers, tickets, packages, notebooks and other useless artifacts of everyday life, which change my shelves into museum of significant rubbish. Personal project 2016

_ 91

Higher School of Design Barcelona, Spain.

IED BARCELONA Since 1966, Istituto Europeo di Design has

The IED Barcelona campus is in the

been providing academic training in the

district of GrĂ cia. Since 2002 it became

disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts,

consolidated as one of the most important

Communication and Management at its

schools in design training and was

centres in Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin,

recognised as a School of Higher Studies

Venice, Cagliari, Como, Madrid, Barcelona,

in Design by the regional government

SĂŁo Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Since its

of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya),

opening, more than 130,000 students

offering Undergraduate Degrees in

have graduated and every year it attracts

Product Design, Interior Design, Fashion

more than 10,000 students from all over

Design and Graphic Design, in addition

the world. IED focuses on organising

to university diplomas (IED Diplomas)

teaching projects and traineeships linked

in Management for Creative Industries,

to corporate reality and has signed more

Bachelors of Arts (Honours) validated by

than 1,000 business agreements over its

the University of Westminster, masters

50 years of experience.

and postgraduates courses, continuing study programs and summer courses, that every year draw in nearly 1,000 students from more than 100 different countries, thanks to the school’s multicultural and interdisciplinary environment.

_ 92

_ 93

SERIAL SEEDS Is inspired by the ambience of industrial courtyards, environments where the remains and refuse of unused materials coexist with wild plants sprouting here and there. The first collection by Eric Mish, whose real name is Eric Solerdelcoll, uses unconventional materials to create clothing and accessories made of recycled elements, scrapped fine cotton knit material, silver insulation fabric or metal structures. Thanks to these innovative materials, the designer manages to create new forms and volumes by redefining the male silhouette and breathing new life into everyday elements. The colour palette is dominated by whites, pale blues, greys and intense touches of fluorescent green to represent artificial elements, which are a key feature in industrial estates. 2017

_ 94

ZERO Is a lighting system specially designed to light up the way to the entrance for the hotels’ guests, creating at the same time emotion and expectancy. As a part of the service’ strategy, the system comes with its corresponding application, which enables the user to programme and personalize the special effects and activities to make the experience unique by adapting it to every particular moment or occasion. 2017

_ 95

Fashion Design, Future of Fashion, Fashion Tech Barcelona, Spain.


_ 96

IED Barcelona Fashion Tech Show

Each of the student´s wearable tech looks

“ECOcyborg” is a new initiative promoted by

belonged to one of these categories:

IED Barcelona Design University and The Youth

Sustainable, Light & Sound and #SELFIE.

Mobile Festival (YoMo) that presents the future

Sustainable garments have been created

of fashion within the framework of the Mobile

using upcycled and bio-composite materials,

World Congress. For four days, an artistic

belonging to a new way of using off-cut

performance with the latest technology in

fabrics and natural resources to promote a

e-textiles and fashion can be seen at YoMo

circular economy in fashion production. For

Barcelona. The show presented ten looks

Light & Sound, the students researched

made with innovative and scientific material

extensively, creating breakthrough materials,

processes, new shapes and striking colors

including custom made e-textiles such as

all of which aimed at bringing a brand new

3D printed fabrics or using state of the art

perspective to the public to relate frontier

tooling to create on-body technologies, such

technology with their lives.

as laser cutting (all of them were produced

Alex Murray-Leslie, co-founder of Chicks on

in collaboration with Anastasia Pistofidou,

Speed and researcher in the field of wearable

Fab Textiles Founder at Fab Lab Barcelona).

technology at The University of Technology

The #SELFIE category of the show has

Sydney, was artistic director of ECOcyborg.

been directly inspired by Steve Mann’s

Julia Weems, designer and fashion director

extensive writing around the individual

of IED Barcelona initiated and produced the

and notions of surveillance vs veillance

project and together they have coordinated

(an interplay between surveillance

a one-week workshop with IED students

cameras affixed to large-entities such

and alumni. The students researched and

as buildings) and sousveillance cameras

experimented with new ecological materials,

(cameras affixed to small entities such as

bespoke circuits, software systems, reactive

individual people). The political themes

expressive lighting and machine learning

of surveillance and the obsession with

(Artificial Intelligence) techniques to express

the dissemination of the self via social

sound and light through physical gesture. The

media, are concepts that inform the live

result was ten wearable technology proposals

performance and choreographies of the

that were presented within the performance

student wearable technology garments

framework ECOcyborg at YoMo.

during ECOcyborg at YoMo.

FASHION TECH SHOW Student Roberto Rodríguez´s laser cut garment worn by Yago Canadell (Sugar Kids) with makeup/hair by Patricia Reyes and Dani Moon. Client: YoMo 2017

_ 97

FASHION TECH SHOW The show has been created for an intergenerational audience and amongst its aims, aside from creating and using fashionable technology in new and unexpected ways, is to inspire youth to put down their iPad’s and become part of the growing maker community in Barcelona, to shape the city that they live in. In addition, the models from the Sugar Kids and Barcino Management agencies will wear wearable technology designed by Canadian inventor, artist and researcher Steve Mann, MD in Media Arts (1997) by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and internationally known as the “father of wearables” thanks to his early research that merged technology and art in the eighties. Client: YoMo 2017

IED Barcelona is a design university reference in innovation that emerges as a pioneer in technological fashion, as it shows this proposal that presents numerous applications and functionalities of wearables and of new ways of dressing and acting in fashion´s world. Student designers: Anna Masclans, Carolina González, Roser Garcia, Luis De Javier, Gabriel Barros, Roberto Rodríguez, Anastasia Yakhimovich, Paolo Chulia, Saeunn Kjartansdóttir and Brenda González. Workshop Coordinator: Julia Weems.  Artistic Director: Alex Murray-Leslie Wearable Technology: Steve Mann & Alexandra Murray-Leslie Consulting: Pilar Pasamontes.  Hair and Makeup: Patricia Reyes, assistant Dani Moon.  Models: Sugar Kids and Barcino Management.

1. Versalume lighting trials on student Carolina González´s 3D printed garment. Students: 2. Roberto Rodríguez, Paolo Chulia, Anna Masclans, Carolina González, Anastasia Yakhimovich, Brenda González and Gabriel Barros with a selection of the workshop materials and garments “in process” including Roser Garcia´s mushroom leather and orange peel look, Anastasia´s HP Sprocket neoprene look, Brenda´s mylar leather and silicone look and Luis de Javier´s mylar look. 3. Gabriel Barros working on his look. 4. Roberto Rodríguez working on his laser cut garment. 5. Anna Masclans modelling student Paolo Chulia´s look made of bioplastic. Bioplastic made by Alex Murray-Leslie and Anastasia Pistofidou at Fab Lab Barcelona.



_ 98






FASHION TECH SHOW The #selfiedress, co-uthored by alumni Sæunn Kjartansdóttir and Alex Murray-Leslie. Worn by Amelie (Barcino Management) with makeup/hair by Patricia Reyes and Dani Moon. Also, Anastasia Yakhimovich´s HP Sprocket neoprene coat worn by Jacob Ian (Barcino Management) with makeup/hair by Patricia Reyes and Dani Moon.

6. Alex Murray-Leslie performing in a look created by student Luis de Javier and pants by Dinu Bodiciu. Alex Murray-Leslie wears “Computer enhanced Footwear / Holografic wedges” for sonification & visualisation. Alex researched, designed and fabricated the temporary foot appendages at AUTODESK, Pier 9, San Francisco, 2017. Alex also wears Steve Mann’s “open source Eyetap”,

7. Student Gabriel Barros performing in his own look with makeup/hair by Patricia Reyes and Dani Moon and wearing HeadDome wearable technology by Steve Mann.

_ 99

Creative Direction London, UK.

PHIL CLEAVER Phil Cleaver sees things differently. That

And that’s what he’s achieved, a

has singled him out since graduating

harmonious balance between the bigger

from the Central School of Art & Design.

corporate clients like Royal Mail, Visa

His talent ensured that early days at

(worldwide) and the more individual needs

Pentagram and Wolff Olins dropped him

of enterprises like The Type Museum,

straight into the deep end working for

Ingleby Gallery, Hidden Art and Phaidon.

clients 3i, Bestobell, Yellow Pages, and Mitchell Cotts.

Phil is a fellow of the Chartered Society

Allied International designers recruited

of Designers, a founding trustee of The

Phil as creative Director where he

Monotype Museum, a board member

designed and implemented corporate

of the International Type Academy and a

and brandidentities for global clients,

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He

Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Bank Duta of

lectures on corporate and brand identity

Indonesia, Ionian bank of Greece, Alstrom

and typography.

Corporation and TSB Bank. Phil, then, established his own company, Cleaver Landor. Its renown and success led to such rapid growth that Phil found himself increasingly paper pushing and decreasingly pencil pushing, so… he set up et al, a tight knit consortium of design professionals whose aim was to provide highly creative, but equally focused, intelligent design solutions.

_ 100

_ 101

_ 102

MY ART For many centuries books have been emblems of our culture and regarded as one of the defining characteristics of developed civilizations. They have been symbolically central to many religions. Using the age-old symbol of

the book as a canvas, these objects fuse cultural themes. The adorning collages form statements, stitching strands of visual culture, to transcend any single ethos. These works are created by folding the pages of

the book, following the slight misalignment of the grid on each page, lending a human element to the final sculpture. The book is disempowered by rendering it partially or wholly unreadable - though

this does not destroy the volume of information that can be read from it. Instead, information is merely transfigured as the simple words, images and objects create a wealth of intended and unintended meanings.

_ 103


_ 104


_ 105

Visual Design Athens, Greece. •

VIRGINIA CHRISTAKOS Virginia Christakos is a visual designer,

which truly reinforced her ability to develop

currently working for DKD, an award

an elegant, analytical, and yet critical

winning design studio based in Athens,

attitude, alongside great professors and

Greece and soon to attend LCC’s Graphic

private sector professionals.

Media Design MA. Her prior experience with design includes a short-term

Her objective is to be inventive in an

internship at 7indigo, as a Creative Graphic

elegant way, endeavour with originality,

Designer, a six-month internship at the

intensity and affection, to solve problems,

Greek National Opera as an Assistant

while delivering stimulative and

Set Designer and a volunteer Designer at

contemporary concepts, with the use of

Nostos NGO for Social Integration.

today’s resources.

Her educational background includes a

With the constant need for service design

BA in Interior Architecture, Decoration &

to be more effective and efficient than ever,

Design, at the TEI of Athens, consisting

she aims to envision solutions that do not

of a semester abroad, as part of the

yet exist for issues that will be affecting

Erasmus exchange program, at Politecnico

the world in the near future. Knowledge

di Milano, which both introduced her to

is constantly changing, since technology

an extensive theoretical background, deep

is evolving continuously, creating a gap

knowledge in design principles, creative

between the time frame when a solution is

research competence and multiple

needed and when it is given. Her goal is to

practical skills. She also holds a Minor

target this gap in order to provide valuable

degree in Graphic Design acquired from

and useful results.

Deree – The American College of Greece,

_ 106

THE DEADLIEST SEA The war which broke out in Syria four years ago continues to terrorize millions, escaping their homelands to find refuge in safer countries. This poster is about empathy. People are risking their lives trying to flee war, while been treated, by some, like they are the ones to blame for the migrating crisis Europe is facing. The ones who are lucky enough to make it on shore are facing difficulties everyday in their attempts to seek asylum in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Sweden etc. Client: International Poster Design Exhibition and Competition, for students of visual communication, held as part of Grafist20, the 20th Istanbul Graphic Design Week 2016

_ 107

Visual Arts, Graphic Design Valencia, Spain.

PEPE GIMENO “We like good projects, those which

Nowadays, the studio has a very wide

persist over time and that are born from

profile, which enables them to develop

a good relationship between customers

specialities from the creation of a brand

and designers, and from the idea-sharing

and its corporative identity until design of

of their aims.” Under this philosophy Pepe

exhibitions, packaging, editorial design,

Gimeno has been developing his career as

sign posts and environmental graphics and

a professional designer since 1986, when

editorial design.

he opened his own studio. Some of his works from this early stage have become

Among this variety of fields of work

nowadays renowned icons of the places

stand out the projects related with plastic

where they were created, like the symbol

research. These are their own research

of the tourism service of Valencia (the

projects, a particular instrument through

famous coconut tree) or the logo of the

which they try to broaden their creative

EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transportes

resources and expressive abilities. Their

de Valencia, the public transport service of

day by day is a balance of orders from


customers and own research, a tandem that is beneficial for both of them as they enrich,

Gimeno Gràfic, the new project leaded by

complement and inspire one another.

Pepe Gimeno and formed by the designers

_ 108

Suso Pérez, Mauro Gimeno and Ricardo

“The chance of exploring, experimenting

Cañizares, with the economist Maria

and, ultimately, playing, makes us intensely

Císter, maintains the same first spirit and

delighted with our job. This turns into well

values that led to the foundation of the

done works. And the thing is that creativity

first studio in 1986.

and innovation always go together.”

EL LARGO CAMINO HACIA LAS ESTRELLAS The green bag. Wire, marine rests and cement. 2014

_ 109

THE GREEN BAG At the end of 2013 I found a bag with pieces of wire that someone had given me a some years ago and that over time had been forgotten on a shelf. I opened it and spread the fragments on my table. When I saw that amount of different shapes lying in front of my eyes without any kind of correlation among them, I instantly associated their image with the pages of a dictionary. They were random shapes that, like words, seemed to be searching a sentence that could complete and give them meaning. This is how this collection was born. My aim was giving to each one of those wires a context that could give them meaning. Actually, it is an exercise similar to poetry. Poetry does not create the words but organizes and links them so they can express something. I do not create the shapes; I just place them on a surface and compose them with other elements to give them a meaning. 26 sculptures have been formed with the wires of the bag, and I have used each and every wire that it contained. Target achived. Personal project 2014

_ 110

YA ERES MĂ?A The green bag. Vegetal rests, rope, wire and cement. 2014

_ 111

Graphic Design Pamplona / Zaragoza, Spain.

BRONCE STUDIO We are an independent Pamplona & Zaragoza-based graphic design studio founded by GermĂĄn Ăšcar and Alicia Puebla. Our working process focuses on discussion for a good understanding of our clients needs and deals in all the steps of the production. We aim to work for a wide range of clients, from cultural institutions and publishers to brands and private companies. We love books.

_ 112

CHALK CIRCLE “Chalk Circle. Voices and Images that Question.” is an exposition about the difficulties, limitations and achievements from nowadays’ women. “Chalk Circle” is the metaphor for the mark that fades away with time but always leaves some trace. The neutral typography used, also vanishes and invites to reflect on traces and multiple voices. The catalogue gathers some artists that are questioned with the doubledealing of reporting and making unstable the system that excludes them. 2017

_ 113

Design Direction Berlin, Germany.

IL-HO JUNG Il-Ho Jung is a multidisciplinary Design Director based in Berlin. With passion for design, he has developed a broad knowledge of many different disciplines and is always eager to learn more with each new project. He considers every work individually and creates strong concepts from the right design. He is convinced that design should be experimental without losing its focus and that the joy for design shouldn’t be missed out.


_ 114

_ 115

_ 116

PROJECT K 2016 FESTIVAL It’s the 5th anniversary of Project K – The Korean Film Festival. The number five in Korean and is spelled pronounced as »Oh«. But »Oh« is not just the number five in Korean, it is also an expression of astonishment that you like to see in the faces of the audience when visiting the festival. Therefore, the design consists of a pattern of the Korean , the number 5 and of astonishing faces, which reflect the surprisingly good program of Project K – The Korean Film Festival. Client: Project K e.V. 2016

_ 117

_ 118

NIPPON CONNECTION 2016 FESTIVAL At the heart of the design are Joge-es - Japanese tipping pictures with bizarre figures. If you rotate it by 180 degrees you can see a different figure. This mechanics was also applied typographically. The information can be read either in German or Japanese depending on the orientation. Adjacent to each other, an infinitely expandable pattern is created. That surprising moment when you change the perspective and see a new image shall inspire the viewer to rediscover Japan and the Japanese film. Client: Nippon Connection e.V 2016

_ 119

Graphic Design Barcelona, Spain.


_ 120

Javier Jaén studied Graphic Design and

He has taught at Istituto Europeo di Design,

Fine Arts in Barcelona, New York and

IDEP, and frequently runs workshops and

Budapest. His professional activities focus

lectures. His work has been recognized

on editorial illustration, book covers creation,

by AGI Membership (2015), the Society of

and cultural communication. His language

Illustrators (Illustrators 55, 56), American

is symbolic and playful, and he looks for

Illustration (AI33, AI34) Print magazine

narrative scenarios and aesthetics in a close

(New Visual Artist 2013), Junceda Award

context, related to everyday experiences.

(2013), and the Gràffica Award (2010). He

He has worked for The New York Times, The

has participated in exhibitions in New York,

New Yorker, The Washington Post, Time,

London, El Salvador, Tallinn, Rome and

Harvard University, National Geographic,

Barcelona. He has still not written a child,

Greenpeace, Penguin Random House,

planted a book, or given birth to a tree.

Vueling Airlines, UNESCO, among others.

Everything is waiting to be done.

AFTER THE BLOW Whether Trump wins or loses, his campaign has brought developments to the surface that won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Art Direction: Koos Jeremiasse. Client: Volkskrant 2016

_ 121



_ 122





2 WHAT’S REALLY BEHIND TRUMP’S OBSESSION WITH CLINTON’S ‘STAMINA’? When a 70-year-old campaigns for the White House, it’s no surprise that questions of strength and vigor might be raised.

And when his opponent is a woman, it’s no surprise that she’s the one accused of lacking it. Text by Amanda Hess. Art Direction by Frank Augugliaro. Collaborator Yippiehey. Client: The New York Times Magazine 2016


3 THE UNDERGROUND ART OF THE INSULT Text by Anna Holmes. Art direction by Jason Sfetko. Client: The New York Times Magazine 2015

4 AMB V DE VOTAR CON V DE VOTAR WITH V FOR VOTE Art direction by Lamosca. Client: The New York Times Magazine 2014

5 THE PROBLEM WITH ‘SELF-INVESTIGATION’ IN A POST-TRUTH ERA The internet was supposed to democratize information, but instead it has democratized disinformation. Text by Jonathan Mahler. Art Direction by Frank Augugliaro. Client: The New York Times Magazine 2016

_ 123

Graphic Design, Creative Direction Bilbao, Spain.

ANGÉLICA BARCO Angélica Barco Studio is an independent

I explore all around me looking for beautiful

design consultancy focused on Brand

things. And I always find the same,

Building, Creative Strategy & Graphic

simplicity is one of the main rules. Nature,

Design with over 15 years of experience in

daily objects, ancient worlds, classic

branding and creative strategies.

movies, books, trends, childrens toys... For me every project has its own source

I surround myself with a flexible,

of inspiration, this is the reason why every

multidisciplinary and highly involved

project has its own personality.

team that allows me to easily adapt to the measure of each project. Regular

The main things are a pencil and a piece of

contributors: Brand strategists, Graphic

paper. This is always the begining. I read

designers, Web designers, Photographers,

as much as posible about concepts around

Illustrators and Copywriters.

the project. I first list some concepts and I start to work around them, mixing


and connecting them. Words, images,

that principle inspires all my multifarious

drawings, a song... You never know what

projects. Design is everything, but to obtain

you can find! And this is so exciting!

a good design you need a good idea. The idea is the solution for a design problem and without it, design does not work.

_ 124

REDESIGNING THE SHOES BRAND “EL NATURALISTA” El Naturalista is a shoe brand “made in Spain” that has spread in more than 40 countries all over the world. Since its foundation in 2001, its ecological and sociable responsible philosophy has been summarised on the three big “P”: people, planet and product. The starting point of the redesign project is the way in which amphibians were represented by the ancient civilizations, both formal and conceptual “return to the origins”. After an arduous analysis about the symbology that the animal represented, and about its different ways of representation throughout the history, we discovered that our most ancient antecesors had a great capability of abstraction, even though nowadays this result looks paradoxically modern. Client: El Naturalista 2015

_ 125

Motion graphics, Design Oslo, Norway.

RACECAR RACECAR is an award winning, creative,

as an effective means of communication.

motion graphics design studio. We create

We approach each new challenge through

animated content across all platforms, for

a collaborative process involving the

television, film, online and social media. We

whole team, drawing from our diverse

are passionate about telling engaging

backgrounds to deliver the best solution.

stories through thoughtful design, direction, illustration and animation.

A good story needs to be well told. This is why we work in collaboration with clients

Founded in 2000, Racecar now numbers

to refine script and story in order to deliver

eight employees covering a variety of

the message as clearly and concisely as

backgrounds spanning architecture,

possible. From idea to production right

animation, graphic design, illustration and

through to delivery, we work with all

music. We believe that our diversity is

aspects of a project, believing each stage

our strength, which gives us the ability to

an equally important and fun part of the

approach each and every new challenge


independently. We believe that less is more… but Regardless of technique, 3D, animation

sometimes more is more! So we treat

or illustration, and whether it be title

each project as a unique and individual

sequence, music video, or television

challenge, employing techniques and

commercial, our focus on and belief in the

media appropriately.

power of design has always been at the forefront as we approach each new project.

We firmly believe in the power of design

We take a conceptual approach to each

to amaze and amuse, compel and engage.

job, with a strong focus on storytelling

_ 126

ANTIBIOTICS What happens when antibiotics lose their effectiveness in the battle against infection? Dinamo tasked us with interpreting a script for helsedirektoratet (Norwegian Directorate of Health) to illustrate exactly this question. We conceptualised, designed, illustrated and animated this film to be shown as part of a larger campaign to inform and educate the public on the potential dangers of the over-use and overprescription of antibiotics. The resulting film aims to tackle a serious subject in as elegant and visually pleasing manner as possible. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of making this film, in which some bacteria may have been harmed! Client: Helsedirektoratet Agency: Dinamo Music: Sounds Apart Sound mix: BĂĽde Og 2017

_ 127

_ 128

BEATLES Main title sequence to the film “Beatles” based on the much loved book of the same name by Lars Saabye Christensen. A sixties inspired title sequence that sets the tone for the film, highlighting notable political and cultural events of the time. We also attempted to hint towards the the coming of age theme of the film by evolving the style from a more rigid, early sixties inspired design into a more psychedelic/ late sixties aesthetic over the course of the titles. We purposely kept the animation style simple so as to stay true to the era. beatles/ Direction, Artwork and Animation: Racecar Music: “She Loves You” by Lennon/McCartney Client: Storm Rosenberg

_ 129

Product Design Warsaw, Poland. •

KAMIL LASZUK MUSICON Musicon Club is a company started as

This love for music can encourage learning

an initiative of Kamil Laszuk who is a

across other subjects, from mathematics

designer graduated from the Academy

to coding. By nurturing the missing link

of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland and a

between music and mathematics, Musicon

professional musician – double bass player.

has the potential to enable an entire

The company has arisen with the thought

generation of kids to learn.

of the huge impact that music has on children education. In everyday life children

That is why Musicon is not just an

are surrounded with digital devices and

instrument but it comes with Musicon

they need a room for finding a balance by

Methodology. After working with skilled

using high quality, analog products.

teachers, therapists, music experts and hundreds of children, Musicon has

Musicon believes there is a genius within

developed the methodology to explain how

every kid – their potential has to be

to get the best out of Musicon. This will

unleashed through creative play. Musicon

help teachers to teach math, coding and

is an intuitive musical instrument that

physics by the interaction with Musicon in

actively encourages learning through

the most effective and fun way.

creative discovery. The way in which music has traditionally been taught is not the

Musicon has received many globally

ideal for all the learners. Many children

recognized design awards, including Red

may be put off of learning music by the

Dot Design Award, iF Design Award Core

complexities of learning to read musical

77, Polish Children Design Award and was

notation. Musicon nurtures a love for music

twice nominated to INDEX: Design to

by engaging tactile-kinesthetic, visual, and

improve life!

auditory learning modalities.

_ 136

_ 137

_ 138

MUSICON It is a creative interactive musical instrument, designed to promote psychophysical and cognitive development in children ages 3 and up. It allows the users to simultaneously compose and perform musical pieces. It works like barrel organs. The interaction with Musicon begins with the push of buttons. Musicon contains four instruments: mill, drum, xylophones and dodo, all of them held magnetically on an acoustic frame. The holding system is easy and enables the addition of other instruments in the future. 2011-2017

_ 139

Graphic Design, Branding, Packaging, Illustration Mexico City, Mexico.

PRESS FUTURA Futura was founded in 2008 by Ivan García

They belong to the old school of order,

and Vicky González. Currently based in

grids, taking care of fonts and the scales

Mexico City, Futura gets fully involved

among them, having a taste in mathematics

in the creative process of a brand, going

but remaining as curious individuals

beyond what’s obvious to explore areas

who’s main purpose is to reinterpret their

that go further than the product itself.

surroundings. To Futura, inspiration comes

Keeping in mind the culture and the

from life, what people see, hear, taste and

experience surrounding the subject, Futura

smell everyday, every trip, book, song or

understands what’s best for their clients

movie gives Futura information that will

and their projects; the success of a brand is

be later translated into a project. Therefore

their main goal.

they have created mezcal labels inspired on the biblical books that Ivan used to read

Futura has been following their own rules

as a child, Japanese restaurants inspired

since day one:

on a night talk held at a bar at Shinjuku or

1. Never work for politicians, religions or

color palettes that caught someone’s eye at

gambling institutions,

their latest trip to the Caribbean. Inspiration

2. Be firm, determined, persevering and

can come from every single corner of the

almost obstinate when it comes to good

planet, that’s why we should always keep


our eyes wide open.

3. Push the limits, propose more and exceed expectations. 4. Always choose nice people, great projects and experimentation above money.

_ 150

_ 151

MONCHOCO Mon Choco is a chocolate brand based in Ivory Coast. The main characteristic of the brief was that our client’s family had been working with cocoa for generations. She decided to formalize her grandfather’s company putting special attention in highlighting that every ingredient and process of every product will be crafted locally, an unusual characteristic of luxury products over there. We created an illustration that tells the story about the people of Ivory Coast and the way they harvest the cocoa, respecting the traditions in order to make delicious versions of chocolate. Later, that illustration was used as a texture in all the packaging versions. The rest of the branding solution represents the high quality of the products by giving the sensation of luxury. For us, it was an honor to be part of the creation of a brand that has such respect for values that we treasure as well: the respect of the land, the handmade work, the high quality ingredients, and the pursuit of perfection through taking care of every little detail. Client: Monchoco 2015

_ 152

_ 153

Illustration Imola, Italy.

PAOLO BEGHINI I grew up in Imola, an industrial city in

It hasn’t been a long time since I started

Emilia Romagna. Since the huge number

working as an illustrator and I liked to

of mechanical factories working around

consider myself, at least for a while, a

the packaging field, this region is also

‘young illustrator’, but soon I decided to

called the packaging valley. In this kind of

move towards editorials.

enviroment design, aesthetic beauty or main stream arts have no space. Yet, there’s

I love working with editorials because it

an art, an intellectual one specialized in

forces me keeping updated with a huge

solving problems by shaping iron, delaying

amount of news and because I often have to

springs and calculating the seal.

think about the best way to discover some tricky visual metaphor in order to illustrate

In this kind of wibe I built my own modus

some pretty difficult articles. The best thing

operandi, that’s nothing more than a service

about it, is making those articles more

of communication. I don’t like (want to

enjoyable and understandable to the readers,

think) thinking about myself as an artist,

avoiding any kind of visual cliché and adding

I don’t want to afford this kind of luxury.

some sort of personal perspective, too. The

I solve communication problems just like

more the article is boring, the more catchy

an engineer solves mechanical problems.

the illustration has to be.

So, I don’t have a personal style in my illustrations. My style depends on the target and on what I have to communicate. Perhaps there could be a personal touch, like a mechanical could have, but not a unique style.

EDITORIAL WEEKLY is a weekly based project: one illustration to represent one article from an international magazine. In this self promotion project I try to give a personal reading to daily international issues through conceptual illustrations. The interesting thing about making this illustration was how to represent the loss of freedom avoiding to use too much visual metaphors. To avoid falling into visual clichés, a good illustrator, as far as I am concerned, has to feed his brain with good meals: reading books, listening to music, walking outdoors. My father is a doctor and he always says ‘we are what we eat’… I think it’s true. Personal project 2017 The era of strategic patience is over

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_ 155

_ 156

Pentagon backs a $7.5 billion plan to boost US military presence in Asia-Pacific

Mercenary protesters

_ 157



CALL FOR ENTRY 2017 Selected European Visual Inspiration

The best works will be promoted in

from Bilbao offers through the pieces of

three different platforms: Selected the

renowned international artists a general

Expo, Selected the Book and Community

view of the newest tendencies on the

Selected. With these actions, Selected

visual expression of design. The attenders

seeks to present design works of

will be invited to learn, share, debate and

reference, pursuing the goal of being a

to get inspiration from different points

useful tool for the profession of design.

of view that will be presented, and at

With more than 700 submitted works,

the same time show their work. This

two expert juries formed by prestigious

is where the inspiration that Selected

professionals from all the fields of design

offers comes from, from discordant and

in the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in

contrasted conceptions about design and

Barcelona, and Bilbao Ekintza, selected the

its notions, from dissonant procedures

works to be presented and promoted on

and production ways from all over the

the previously mentioned platforms.

world. In this extraordinary theatre that the avant-garde city of Bilbao is.

There is still something else: the Selected Award ‘Stone and Wood’ created by the

_ 176

Selected opens its doors and invites

sculptress Kattalin Usoz using the typical

everyone interested to participate in

materials from de Basque Country. During

Selected Call for Entry. There are two

the two days of the festival the audience

categories: Professionals and New Talents

will vote which is their favourite work

(students), and the submitted works can be

among the finalists, and the most voted

from any area of design.

one will receive this award.



Ana Belén, Product Designer Daniel Domínguez, Marketing Director Diego Fernández, Creative Director Luciana Leveratto, Designer & Master Director Hernán Ordoñez, Book Manager, Master Director Julia Pelletier, Textil Designer, Serigraphy Elenio Eduardo Pico, Illustrator Patricia Reyes, Make up Artist Jürgen Salenbacher, Branding, Designer

Gabriel Alonso, Art Director Benicio Aguerrea Fuentes, Industrial Designer Angélica Barco, Graphic Designer David Carrillo García, Branding & Art Director Leyre Cerezal, Mezquita Graphic Designer José Manuel Chávez Muñoz, Teaching & Graphic Designer Projects Luis García Alamán, Graphic Designer Enola Morán Fernández, Graphic Designer Verónica Grech, Illustrator Marcelo Leslabay, Industrial Designer and Teacher Mel Mardaraz Amarika, Graphic Designer Teaching Samuel Magaña Aparicio, Product and Graphic Designer María Begoña Medel Bermejo, University Teaching Javier Muniozguren, Industrial Designer Yara Ottero Echazarreta, Graphic Designer Teacher Pablo Pagola Muteo, Manager and Art Director

IRATI FRÍAS ESDIR, Escuela Superior de Diseño de la Rioja Category: Product Design City: Logroño, Spain Work Name: Frÿmo Frÿmo is a multifunctional tray created to reinvent dinners for two. Thanks to his simple structure, transports all the elements that you need to enjoy that moment with whoever you want. This allows to carry two full plates, two glasses and six cutlery to wherever the user desire, so you can enjoy a breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner on balcony ... without having to go and come back from kitchen. Frÿmo is made in recycled plywood with a finish on natural wax that protects wood from dirt. 2016

_ 177

_ 178

CRISTIANA COSTIN University of Reading, Department of Typograhy & Graphic Communication Category: Information Design. City: Bucharest, Romania Work Name: Combinophy The project is a personal one, I did it for myself and from the bottom of my heart. It started as a game in which I tried to combine those old-school features of analog 35 mm photography with the new digital vibe, the minimal stroke, the line, the pure colour because, you know, opposites attract, right?! I used this rule to create a powerful contrast between the old and the new, between a realistic view of the reality (the photography) and a minimal, iconic one (the illustration). It evolved from my passion for analog photography, a hobby which I have been feeding for a few years now. What I love most about this kind of photography is the granulation and the overall vintage dreamy effect.  A picture tells a certain story, but, like a little God, I want to change that story, to mix it, to develop a new one and to make the viewer think and notice what was there before and after. Since 2014, ongoing.

_ 179

ALEXANDRA GAVONEL ARENAS Istituto Europeo di Design, IED Barcelona Category: Fashion Design City: Lima, PerĂş Work Name: Mish-Mosh Mish-Mosh, defined as a confused mess is a project that explores the state of confusion and is embodied through a textiles collection. Mixing and fusing different elements, complete loss of orientation, these were important factors explored throughout the creative process and as the concept itself. The techniques applied in this collection is collage and silk-screen printing. It is a fun and confusing collection that is composed of small pieces that manage to compose a single piece. 2017

_ 180

_ 181

CAROL DĂ?AZ ESDIR, Escuela Superior de DiseĂąo de La Rioja Category: Graphic Design and Photography City: Cascante, Spain Work Name: Invisible

_ 182

Branding creation for an association of Multiple Sclerosis, an illness that appears almost in an invisibly and silent way. Hence the naming and the concept of invisible. Giving an own essence, turning something bad in something good.

We experimented with superpositions in vegetable papers and photochromic ink, which is invisible unless exposed to sunlight. The result is a deconstructed trademark, superposing among them and having a positive meaning when separating it.

CAROL DÍAZ ESDIR, Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja Category: Graphic Design and Photography City: Cascante, Spain Work Name: Analogía

Analogía is a book about Multiple Sclerosis presented as a traveling guide. Is an analogy among the illness and the nature of Navarra. It offers a new point of view that the patient could have never imagine it.

The voyage begins in Bardenas Reales, dessert and lonely landscape, like the beginning of the illness, until it reaches the forests from the north. The content, the illness and the vegetation progress along the book. A trip inside the illness trip itself.

_ 183

ANTÓN GUERRERO ESI, Escuela Superior de Diseño de Valladolid Category: Graphic Design City: Ourense, España. Work Name: Yokisho I created a pattern with the geometric shapes that I could get from the typical landscapes of the places of origin of each tea, applying organic textures on the whole packaging. We can distinguish three kinds of infusion within this family: Agaragar tea (blue): This infusion comes from the depths of the ocean. Agaragar is the name of a jellied substance that can be obtained from certain seaweeds, the person that drinks it in the shape of infusion gets an obvious increase of elasticity on her skin that is much more effective than any anti-aging lotion. Pu-erh tea: (red): Is an exclusive infusion that has been consumed for ages among the noble Chinese families. It is obtained with the fermentation of a fungus and a few plants in bamboo barrels that lasts between 40 and 60 years. The attributes of this drink are exceptional. Thanks to its especial fermentation, the infusion is able to get rid of body fat, detox, purify he blood and prevent cardiorespiratory illnesses. Gunpowder tea: (green): an infusion that comes from the remote Chinese region of Zhejiang. The tea is known as gunpowder because of its close resemblance with gunpowder, this appearance can be explained by the way in which the leaves are stored once gathered, they are wrapped in rolls to keep their proprieties. This drink is beneficial for mouth’s health thanks to its high percentage of magnesium and fluoride.

_ 184

_ 185

PAU LOPEZ Istituto Europeo di Design, IED Madrid Category: Graphic Design, editorial City: Madrid, Spain Work Name: Written by him Captured by her By the pseudonym Him, Brent Colthrust, a British writer, shares brief lover and motivational poems on his social media profiles. His words contrast with the large amount of superficial posts found on these medias. My photos –by her–, showing landscape or city scenes, appear related to this images invasion we are involve in. Behind them, we would be able to find beauty if we get enough time to discover it. Readers should try to evade themselves from banal things, by breaking these pictures, to find Colhtrust’s poems. This metaphor of closing your eyes and breaking with the everyday things is illustrated by the pages structure, the book binding and its envelope. Collaboration with Brent Colthrust. 2017

_ 186

TANIA SĂ NCHEZ SIERRA EASD Josep Serra i Abella Category: Graphic Design City: Barcelona, Spain Work Name: Save The Montseny

Packaging project for a promotion product related with the natural park of the Montseny, a biosphere reserve. The target is to spread the work that the association CSM does to protect it. The product is created as a container for three different cloth patches,

the packaging is all decorated with illustrations of the pack and a leaflet in its back. This leaflet contains information about the pack and a big poster with the park theme too. The packaging was created with three overlays of 200 g kraft paper. 2017

_ 187

ANA NAN ESI, Escuela Superior de Diseño de Valladolid Category: Graphic Design and Illustration City: Valladolid, Spain Work Name: Bird

_ 188

Design for three Charlie Parker vinyl records, placed into a box with an independent cover. The conceptual proposal is related to the artist’s nickname: Bird. The three chosen albums are live records from different

periods that illustrate the artist’s evolution. That fact is essential to keep the harmony with the graphic design, which gives evidence of freshness and evolution though the flight. 2017

_ 189

JUSTYNA SIKORA School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw Category: Graphic Design City: Bolesławiec, Poland Work Name: Polish Public Space The project is a visualization of the transport situation in Poland. Polish roads are one of the most dangerous in the European Union, but knowledge about causes of it is marginal in polish society. “Polish Public Space” visualizes the data from governmental, police and European reports from year 2014 and 2015. The most important part of the project is the website polishpublic. space Information were presented also using posters, postcards and books. 2016

_ 190

_ 191

This book was binded by RAGA, binding books and magazines. Zaragoza, Spain

Selected Europe 17 (summary)  

"Selected Europe" propone ampliar horizontes, explorar qué está ocurriendo en el universo del Diseño, intentando hacer una revisión de refer...

Selected Europe 17 (summary)  

"Selected Europe" propone ampliar horizontes, explorar qué está ocurriendo en el universo del Diseño, intentando hacer una revisión de refer...