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Hermitage Herald June 2011

"Honor to the Past, Service to the Present, Gailthe Braddock Commitment to Future" Regent 757-0035


Terry Nelson 1st Vice 396-4215 Regent 2nd Vice Regent

Abigail Braddock

Barbara Radant Chaplain 853-4564 Rec Sec. Mary Braddock

Flag Day Luncheon Speaker- Hermitage’s Own Prospective AMY WEIRICH Shelby County’s 1st Female District Attorney General

Cholee Poag Rec. Sec. Asst. 685-6518 Charlotte Potter Corr. 388-1021 Sec. Treasurer Deborah Kinler 753-8162

June 18, 2011 – 12:00 Noon Chickasaw Country Club

Mary Margaret Buck Registrar 388-9124

jaymarbuck@hotmail. com Historian Marcia Meisinger 378-2998 Librarian Dinny Costen 685-7013

Regent Gail Braddock, State Registrar Terry Nelson & Page Mary Braddock took time for a picture during Regents’ Night at Tennessee 2011 State Convention.

Hermitage DAR

June 2011

TN STATE Awards Imagine sitting at the Tennessee state conference and hearing the National President General speaking and you are thinking wow she is so involved an getting so much done for the good of all chapters I hope we can do the online Chapter Achievement Award! Then says that your chapter sponsored one of two winning TN Grants! Yes, our Hermitage Chapter sponsored Victorian Village getting the maximum $10,000. PG Wright asked me to stand in front of all 300 people! I was amazed! We Are Blessed! Also, two of our American History 6th and 7th grade essay writers won 1st Places were honored at Saturday Luncheon receiving $50 checks and certificates! Katie Davis and Matthew Scott. Junior American Citizenship Contest Creative Expression-Julia Harris, Riverdale, Gifted, 7th 1st Place Southeastern Division Winner-AND State Winner- 1st Place Short Story Division Nick Miller, Riverdale, General, 7th 1st Place State Participation Certificate-Creative Expression Contest Kendall Sewell, Woodland, General, 5th Grade-Short Story Division Southeastern - 3rd Place Winner AND State Winner- 1st Place Art-Stamp - Sarah Shepard, Riverdale, General, 7th Grade State Participation Certificate-Art Contest Banner - Satomi Fujii, Sloan Montesi, Alison Kim, Riverdale, General 7th 1st Place Southeastern Division 1st Place AND State Winners-Art Contest-1st Place* Banner Division

Volunteers Vietnam Memorial Thank you!

Thanks to: Chloee Poag, Bitsy Kasselberg, Kathryn Graehl, Terry Nelson, Marcie Meisinger & her husband, Barbara Radant, and Margaret Henry. Margaret Henry,

Chairmen of Hermitage Commemorative Events organized a great group of our ladies participating in the Vietnam Memorial Celebration this weekend! The read names around the lake from 12-4 on Saturday,

Lemonade Brigade Time Lemonade Brigade for Wednesdays in June at 1 PM June 1 Cholee Poag and Terry Nelson 396-4215 June 8 Gail Braddock, Abigail Braddock, & Terry Nelson June 15 Mary Braddock 240-9823 and Bitsy Kasselberg

Another Chapter switched with Hermitage so we could have June. So we are blessed to have a summer month! Please make arrangements to take part!

June 22 Margaret Henry 685-9761, Barbara Radant 853-4564 and Amy Crossley 240-8256 June 29 Mary Margaret Buck 388-9124 and ________________


Hermitage DAR

June 2011

John Sevier Society Children of the American Revolution

Dear C.A.R. Members and Families Flag Day, June 14, is our next event. We will be joining theGermantown Fire Department on Farmington in the heart of Germantown, to help them lower their flag at sunset. Please join us at 6:00 in front of the fire department where we will learn about flag etiquette and officially retire the flag for the day. Following that, we will have a tour of the fire department and then will go to the park for an ice cream social, in red, white and blue, of course. Family members are most welcome to join us and I hope all will get in the spirit by wearing their "colors" as we celebrate and honor our nation's flag and all it stands for. Please let me know how many will be joining us from your family so that we have plenty of ice cream for everybody!! Our next activity will be in the fall so be looking for more information in September or October. Sue Oehmen 756-5853 Hermitage DAR

SAVE THE DATE! TSDAR Fall Workshop First Baptist Church Jackson, TN Friday, August 26, 2011 2012 TN State Conference March 29-April 1, 2012 3

Did you Know? A portion of your annual dues goes to support the activities of the state DAR organization. The breakdown of the state contribution for each member is as follows: General Fund TSDAR Newsletter State Regent’s Fund Reserve Fund TSCAR TN Room TSDAR Awards TSDAR Scholarship Azalea Tea

$1.35 $1.60 $0.95 $0.03 $0.25 $0.02 $0.25 $0.30 $0.25



Hermitage NSDAR Newsletter - June 2011  

Hermitage NSDAR Newsletter - June 2011

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