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HAPPY ENDINGS [I]t’s been one year since I brought Peppermint home from The Hermitage. Every day of this past year, she has been a joy in my life. Our very special time together comes every night when I go to bed. She crawls into my arms, tucks into me as close as she can, kisses my face, gently strokes my cheek with her paw and begins to purr. I softly stroke her fur and whisper to her how blessed I am to have her in my life, my sweet, sweet little girl. She and 3-year-old Sam love to chase each other through the apartment, sunbathe together, and fixate on the mourning doves eating bird seed just off the patio. This little sweetheart has brought such happiness to me and Sam. I am grateful to The Hermitage for her. Thank you! I am blessed! Marilyn

I just wanted to thank you again for remembering us and allowing us to adopt Venice. She immediately came out of the box and onto my lap and when my daughter got home she immediately cuddled up with her. She’s a purr machine that absolutely loves being petted and has no hesitation pressing her face to yours. So to wrap it up, our hearts are overflowing and the first night went really well. Thank you so much! I’ve only ever adopted kittens (6 weeks) but man... thankfully this sweet little kitty chose my daughter and changed my thoughts about adopting older than a baby. You can tell all she wants is love and security and has so much love and trust to give back! Heather

I first met Walter on a visit to The Hermitage with my Veterinary Assisting class from Pima Medical Institute. I have always had a soft spot for orange tabbies and when I saw a feisty looking orange kitty hanging out on the catwalk, I had to play with him. [I] could not stop laughing because Walter was being so silly. [I] immediately understood he was a “spicy” boy and loved him all the more. Two of my fellow instructors told me Walter was not doing well in the General Population Room because he was becoming so easily over-stimulated. I decided to bring my husband in to meet Walter. We knew at that point that Walter would be coming home to live with us. Walter now lives a great life with us and his four canine brothers. Walter can be himself without the stress of being over-stimulated. Walter is a wonderful addition to our family. I cannot imagine my day without Walter greeting me with his chirps and rubbing his nose across my hand. Many people are scared of cats that are considered “bad” because they don’t understand them. If you take the time to understand them, you will be amazed at the love these cats can show. Natalie

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October 2019 Tabby Tabloid  

October 2019 Tabby Tabloid